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each. are you. cz u will what will the eye. breaking news the multi russia's parliament approves the use of magic forces in ukraine following a request by president clinton and an appeal for help from authorities in crimea. due to the brink else is running in and the few cities against the current government in kiev shopping for russian slogans and trying to protect their land from nationalist groups. the leader of the graceful right call for international terrorists the komodo members of the terror attacks across russia to step up attacks against malta the federation
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council was to recall its ambassador to the us off the words from president obama the new. most of it. it is on international duty twenty four ounce a day until we continued our breaking news and that is that russia's upper house of parliament has voted unanimously to approve the deployment of un forces in ukraine until the situation stabilizes winters and hot all speak so that is to support them because of the extraordinary situation in ukraine which represents a threat to the lines of russian citizens our compatriots and a contingent of russian armed forces that kate is in the autonomous republic of crimea. according to an
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international treaty. as stated in the constitution of the russian federation. why else the upper house of parliament for permission to use all forces in ukraine until the situation is stabilized. one of his having the commission has been calling was his reaction to events in crimea and the decisions in the russian poland. we're in a lightning speed at least once inside however it doesn't really jump the gun literally and that i figuratively speaking because in the final decision rests with the president. it would seem to have to say yes or no whether to deploy troops on the ground and crazy and he hasn't done so we get to that point has been emphasized by his spokesman david to school. but he does have the permission to do it just in case the reason for perhaps a need for this permission from the federal council is the fact that said russia is that there's officials are including increased attendance and both houses are all understood from the gate incredibly concerned that the situation
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surrounding the radical extremist group set up the beginning of the national percent nationalistic frustration cool. hopefully merciful began cooperating either. various branches of the ukrainian government area and are making themselves quite clearly present in a lot of places in ukraine where a lot of russians actually to the site and its protection offers its citizens and russian nationals in ukraine it securely in the east of the country and in the province republic of korea will yet it is the reason for it be a decision said media by the federation council again of course for the appeal in action off the russian president. when they are the authorities in ukraine southern republic of crimea also the russian president for helpful during an attempt to catch it the administration buildings bought all the men sent by the new authorities in kent and yet the smell brings the detox. overnight the group so foreign to him in the sense from kiev tried the storming in and captured several local government
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buildings here fighting weapons and using sound remains of the so called self defense quads were able to repel these attacks but perhaps that this was a turning point to which the gradient prime minister announced that he's temporarily taking over the control panel the crimean security services including b of the instability of the navy and for a bicycle to ask for much of assistance to help protect the local population from any further possible threats coming from the airport he said the power was hijacked by extremists as a result over the cooled know another thing which local authorities did today was the change to ddt of the referendum aimed at deciding whether or not the crime you should have more independence from hewitt's defeat was a change from eight to more so it should be held in the juniors future just explain the keys to miss out the stuff our ukraine where we are now of regions heavily populated by ethnic russians around ninety percent of people beating the living in these regions they consider a russian as
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their native language this is according to official statistics and the general understanding fears that mimi off the unit was passed by the new authorities there in key of our games against the russians. ms appeal for russia's help in its total position to the college authorities in kiev is rigid in the region's complicated history. from there was one part of russia and in the ussr and belong to the russian said the republic from nineteen fifty four now that's when the soviet leadership decided to have a devotee ukraine. then of course libby told the uses all the breakup like it did in nineteen ninety one and tommy was left as part of independent ukraine for the majority of people living there continue to associate themselves with russian as you'll see him although hoff population on the peninsula of ethnic russians ukrainians and crime intelligence of minority that in the republic now even more people ninety seven percent of the whole population in crimea. use the russian language and then taking the life and work say when the new authorities in kiev before a line which will
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prevent the rights of native russians because it's the protests and calls for greater independence from the ukrainian capital. well the sofa king president of ukraine alexander touch and all will be viewed by most ghetto as a war criminal. if medically forces used in the southeast of the country the statement was made by the head of the lower house of the russian parliament now it lies south east there is of ukraine thousands of taking to the streets to protest against the current authorities in kiev. if you're a commission as well what happened in kiev has shaken off selling crimea this very special area but the entire eastern and southern ukraine the smallest area had traditionally russian leaning ten large region is home to more then hop on the country's population and ukraine's industrial center never recognized the country's new authorities that to call what they say fully in an homage to nbc is why we see thousands of people those
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officials and ordinary residence men women and thai families at least ten major cities all over the iranian protests against the country's new monsters and a gaze what they say could threaten the peaceful future. the cbi afraid of radical elements that played an important role in the coup in kiev and the year warning that the comp today region's drinking bottles with them and this is something of course they don't want. i didn't feel all that the repetition of the deadly events in the capital thousands took to the streets to protest in and demonstrating and calling on russia to help the height of the c t known as the capital of the eastern ukraine and not just the two ne area had strong russian protesters managed to find a leak and said the government using that was captured by so called chrome i got to my straight a's for almost a week and raise the russian flag and that was accompanied by clashes in shootings and the hearing that ted least one hundred people were
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injured and the snow by surprise and in another sixty open as thousands again up on the streets the shots in pro russian slogans and being here in the political authorities that have complained that they would not abate kiev and they have been today. today i too had a referendum although the region's state as well the majority of the population in that east and south of ukraine that is a safe bet that the seasons and was taken by the country's new authorities on the legal and his my report book one of sixteen seasons but was never recognized here. this is the golden eagles swansong dan coats. ukraine's in the police force. after weeks of deadly clashes in the capital kiev on the orders of the ministry of internal affairs to protect government buildings from riot is. and then it's on you more. ukraine's new
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authorities would equate to disband thousand strong anti riot units two little pieces would need to come to the meal in western ukraine and beg for forgiveness biomedical counted came pelting them with optics the country's anti needed to remain distant place in his internet page that the bad guys finished the new muster the political will from the conference. there are many among us to sacrifice the health and lies to protect citizens. after twenty two years of service the gesture was so like garbage. it's painful the two new nieces spent two decades and the ukrainian police. he says the ban could see mickey and it was simply unprepared to nissan's pay taxes while trying to carry out the dt. on friday during his press briefing in the shire president ian are called hdd apologize for that a well equipped and armed include offices have had more local trails throughout them
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the initial cause by live ammunition and killed. i apologize to these courageous people who have stood up and soften. new mobile. mostly that they don't accept these apologies. at the end of the day which in flight the crew . it was not him personally we protect it. we tried to protect order to allow the state to function let her know that whatever i'm shooting to one of numerous beatings pieces on the team showing their backers in action. he keeps silent while our team rooney's the views you come see what these people hypocrites that the team was doing before they were arrested. what was going on there was a real ball. many experienced people with special training can tolerate that. once they witnessed lead to move on and stability the contest to win. d manhattan that could present an association believes that
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the warning signs with calm from equal. this has faced a well financed and a well trained force. there are two nieces was excellent. we knew about tactics and strategies when the kids in line the his reputation no need to be undermined by the interim government in kiev. it remains least one place in ukraine when it's too distracting. ukraine's suffering and thomas region of crying me and recognized night the kids new monsters in all the noise. andy reid needs to do some good entries in fact the reinforcement instead. they had wanted to bring to bear pit am trying this unfair open as a conceit the building is surrounded by barricades and controlled ron paul so called people's yards and the day and night they say they're worried about the tax base is the outside on the other qb praying today. he's whose mission is unconvinced that he was to secure peace and
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respect each of the country's population on today in need of protection themselves people he has different backgrounds and from different and concludes that the share one common goal this is certainly where protection burke from the army of thugs who came to power as a result of the current crew. they're controlling the puppet government that issue decrees that gum points including his arm an instrument burgers with protecting their families. burke stuff first also our protectors against people who commits an armed terrorists are not terrorists and ukraine. those who gathered here to see the dumps one finds that the food comes in. the would be ready to resist even if they have to pay with their own minds. regional county from trying the end. this time i talked on the cd keys and organized all the rallies in the city and couldn't have picked helps. and he's like a with the snow melt international on the maple y new protesting that are and
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what are your main concerns people don't get it they never picturesque. i would show them every day the delay is that he called to complain in the fall. these is that they're very concerned about the coast. cultural differences in these countries are generally is to imply that we need some pleased. so governments or at least some protection. you say protection. i am all ladies think you all. lives are at risk because all reports of people fleeing ukraine because of a scientist of the masses the temperature in the middle east all around the country they didn't they get older and the phillies now is just just some of the swim the only way for us used to
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claim protection. and we have gathered today. oh how nice to meet a number numerous meetings. to her when her brothers and neighbors who do list. talking of protection that he'll want to see russian forces in the region well there we will say that he'd be a temporary solution in the long line of that. he didn't use the and its legal the country. so far. we are the center. but the western ukraine and noodles. i know that when the last thing comes from a military a grand houses. and nobody punish them for them. and the rest of our words. but in all its advantages and then cleared the way. there are lies. in a new video olympics. when the bar. i understand that
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ultra nationalists extremists were present at his rallies at the ready that you indeed all the noise of what they say q how did they respond to you all protests of the matter is that in our city. we can divide them into two groups of the rio ultimately we are all really humorous hundred of them together. as justin me or anything. when you just aren't that interested people the day and did it we do know that we were hoping for them because they were a few words. a solid dependable and yes the divine will that last bit more humorous when choosing just one democracy this milestone for us to live the way to them. we are one of these groups. and these are rumors that liberals don't go there with my first week back to me that
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every holiday store. before the election we need to have people in a store. that's why we think. coco all you planning to hold will read these and if so do you think you be allowed to hold these rallies to think he'll be forced by the interim government nor to be over the protest this overtly were unlawfully hair that won't leave is over. as the no problems with our group as well. well the one that we are well below their high for the last one will question quickly you a present because scientology one yanukovich to return to power. this briefing. well that we think that it has not been with the decision but anyway the weather on them. thinking all day thank you very much good time thanks for joining us live here in austin to national of a city that. on the twenty seven assaults on hearing of his national as we continue to look after the turmoil in ukraine often social rank the eye. a new
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me with the breaking news now russia's upper house of parliament has voted unanimously to allow the deployment of ministry forces in ukraine into a situation that stabilizes and it doesn't pitch and off the synthesis of oldham and following an appeal for help from the authorities in crimea which is an autonomous republic in the south of the crime that doesn't recognize the country's new leadership in kiev the presence placement is however stressed that the approval does not necessarily mean it will be implemented. the federation council also once russia's ambassador to the u s recall that the president obama is aggressive rhetoric which god has become. moscow has not yet decided to withdraw the russian ambassador to the us but the russian federation council or collection senate and now we hear that also the lower house of the russian parliament that is the russian duma are preparing to address present would sing with such a
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proposal. also they're suggesting to call the method of actual consultations and this does not mean as as the lawmakers say the breakup of diplomatic relations now whether or not the present britain will go through with this is not is not clear that the woman who has been no u s reaction to specific news about the possibility of withdrawl. the village an accident. but the white house to steer attentions on friday when president obama said russia would pay if it needs to get a new cricket test we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. president obama had earlier said it for sure it does intervene militarily he would reconsider his trip to boston during the g eight summit. this is clearly being
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no legal expert relations have survived many storms in the past but this one will bring this bill into law the county line security council is meeting this saturday to discuss the situation in ukraine was happening kiev with the lawns takeover of power does not easily fit into the framework of the tassel on effect from a legal standpoint he was a power grab of course and people makes emotions take sides in college it remains hard for as long as there is no collective power in ukraine. this of all current situation where people could not agree with that it overpowered the complacency of feel left out of the political process so a lot for the un security council to discuss the us is expected to use the un charters territorial integrity principle to press moscow not drink again. well the crimean authorities will scheme all scares the believe that ukraine's far right group the right sector reached out to the chechen terrorists took a lot of theaters in to support ukraine and step up the fight against russia. c'mon of is the business leader of the chechen extremists
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movement as an international terrorists. russia's equivalent of a summit in london. he's responsible for deadly attacks across russia that have taken the lives of thousands of civilians including bowling was on the most premature and had them within an international airport doc is also the cars the separatist movement in chechnya by becoming an islamic state. carly wanted in russia on charges of kidnapping murder and treason russia's foreign ministry responded to the appeal to the egyptian medicine by pointing out that many of the ukrainian troops backed by the west are in fact radicals. once the button for most custody in domestic tell the idea that this is a clear threat to russia's national security. this is an international movement. we stayed in the end goal is to create an islamic caliphate not to sin in chechnya boy across the whole of southern russia where there is almost one population. and this is
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an international effort he has been had trips. it is the islamic jihadists fighting in syria fighting in afghanistan. so this is an international jihadist threat not simply a national separatist movement as it might perhaps have been some time in the nineties. bob it's really no surprise that the d c the moon. the reit sector the extreme western ukrainian ultra nationalists have made this appeal the dough kumar. they have discussed this online before in fact. during chechen wars in the nineteen nineties come. several of their leaders who are now. and in control of kiev. openly faults with each actions against the russians and quite loudly boast about how many russian tanks or how many troops the kill. so this is actually about an alliance of doubles if you will that
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we've never seen before and so it's really no surprise that in this the situation that the dimitri your own shoe again who is not only the right sector leader and in control of the paramilitaries that are basically in control of the streets of kiev at this moment but now he has a night yes been given a position on security and defence counsel as a as the deputy within this regime and russia can only regard this as a national security threat mulligan reports of thousands of ukrainians seeking to flee the country applying for asylum in russia and the diva cup to know that all the points on the feeding a sense of panic now. people in ukraine are at the very war is of course there were eight as the year is rolling in ukraine answers so that the now clarity of what is happening in the country was going to happen in the nearest future and as many people in ukraine mostly in the south and eastern
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parts are going on four legs and say no and the union leadership has that its demands on their feeling very insecure were because of that with the rhine to wane hardliners just putting themselves at the court of the appeal and seeking to control the new government may need right now are rushing to mainstream to withdraw cash from their bank accounts from atm and the ants. on top of the acts that led to the un national drink of ukraine and to use the temporary limits pressures migrations that is just sad that's the number of asylum applications received from ukraine has increased significantly. the number is six as one country to fourteen thousand asylum applications have been received within the past two weeks. alarming increase in seats can be seen very sweet and an increase in the near ish future. ask the situation just ask only just getting out of control. what ukraine's no punishment aversion to food the country's finance ministry claims bankruptcy is
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leave me it's estimated more than thirty five billion dollars in aid will be needed by the end of twenty fifteen meal on its foreign debt has time to run hundred and fifteen billion that's nearly eighteen percent of ukraine's grace domestic product over the country being told of pop others define and supporting the new leadership. economic situation is only getting worse. well let's have a quick reminder now the breaking news. russia's upper house of parliament voted unanimously to approve the use of ministry forces in ukraine until the situation stabilizes presentation and off the sentences to support the move. this comes in protest against interim government continued to multiply and cities across ukraine. lisa the country thousands rallied in the next reportedly seizing the regional administration building. activists amount of money a referendum on the future albeit can squeeze in one cup of demonstrations breakthrough cooled and set up like interim government supporters and captured the government building the beat that with more details on this ongoing situation in ukraine and to
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stay back after the minutes from now on. the i mean the room. judy cox the utah mother out of spite but an entire line of t shirts popular chain store at her local mall for you that you bought that was because she feels that the images of nearly naked women on them violate her local towns d c code. she wants to make it clear though that she feels the stores were to sell this type of shirt just got displayed in exterior window ultimately her plan is to return the shirt sunday fifty nine of the store sixty let'sy don't have a no return policy i bring this up because this is a great example of a non violent form of protest that actually works. it caused a scandal in war partly it will make the company lose a few dollars. technically the girls on the shirts are even fully exposed. believe me i checked early and i would even call them are raided the local communities have the right to be more conservative than the rest the nation if they want to be
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and is good that you think i actually did something rather than just sitting at home when they are coping about moral decay across the country. i have the housewife was small mormon committee can stand up to them and what's stopping you. but that's just my opinion. room. nice landscape it's express nature using seasonal colors from the trees. during the evenings. japanese culture. the japanese reading into it there. it's just nice to be i do. i joined in sydney roosters. some money during the tourist during a
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the wishes o the garden. and that on that trees are province. in early autumn instructions to his young apprentice is a character traits into the garden. to all. it's crucial term risks it's gone. you get in shape before. the star. it was he says trees are like movies or
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the theater. there are trees and played leading roles luckily been key supporting role in minor roles are kept in a lot more goals. all motorists from sitting just below that of their own or fewer the trees and clearing scientists and science are planted in a balanced arrangements to create a garden that can be going to use the eye the course for short periods must also be taken into consideration this blog is much more in line to the middle of the tree. and it allows the wind to blow your mind wander to come and the discrete a number of dependents. japanese landscape. i mean my hand
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the connection and induces has introduced its comforts and being in nature. do you personally. he is. do the ai ai ai. eye. sis is coming to light from gw and for land lines in the summer. thanks for joining us. coming up dramatic developments in ukraine. russia's parliament approves the request by the president's lack of essential to the region. but moscow on a collision course with washington the eye restart old roommate or developments unfolding in ukraine. russia's parliament has approved


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