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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 2, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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military effort. each. cz you will will will will the eye the us. chinese league is called for cbs. those responsible not like he got upset with that. the chinese people's political consultative conference series. it treats
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the dismantled its aid to the crimea. now that scientists would give it to me. the new kid. next morning lots of up to sixty. chee ctv news the needle in a chain begin with the chopped dates that the attacking south west china cents each the opening to kill fish us the evidence points to the attack at the main railway station being open state is crashing down separatist forces. as of the eight a m sunday at least twenty nine people were killed in the attack with more than the hunted instead the ingest of racing more than ten suspects attack the people with tonight's at this class and take a color for the main railway station at nine twenty ten for the night companies showed dead and the support act is and the rest each one the foreign affairs office of the non provincial government said there was no reports of foreign is the killer or inject in
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the attack. he'll feel safe and no hong kong taiwan and the compaq chancellor among the victims. i think that the attack on saturday night seeking the means to railway station has that prompted a wave of contamination home and rollers and china's leadership has demanded the immediate arrest and punishment of those evil done in a house. order is restored the cleaning will weigh station several hours ago he was a nightmare. a group of terrorists armed with knives began mentally attacking ordinary people. please arrived immediately shooting for the attackers dead at the scene. one suspect has been invested. traffic police tried to contain them but that practice manager to accept the key to long beach and at the same time it was stabbing people with their nights and then they come on stars and attacked whoever the soul. chinese president she's in pain has urged that the attack should be immediately investigated. he also said the injured to be provided with timely
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treatment and the victims' families should be looked after the president warned of the complexity of combating terrorism but says the government is determined to fight it so that the safety of the people and a property and the stability of the society to become tea chinese premier league coach john also told security or forties at all levels to reinforce security control measures in crowded places senior chinese security official mom's into a token overnight flight to corning and arrived in the city early this morning. mom visited the injured and their families and them went to the calming railway station to investigate the sea and mom said that terrorists are extremely brutal and the sins of the attackers are unbearable. he said departments are spared no effort in investigating the case in order to safeguard the sanctity of chinese wall and ensure social stability. tell you a cctv. i know that people change at any pending attack on receiving treatment in more than ten hospitals in
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sydney on the fourth ep but didn't get that stuff as people's hospital of cleaning city hospital has put in additional medical staff he showed the media treatment of being dead and thousands of security personnel had been sent to the hospital is the show the safety of patients are the rules of carrying out security checks the show only the families of the nougat candy six due to the show to give god the whole black collection vehicles and dean cox me in hospital for citizens to donate blood. but china's die s come down the attack including cpp season stats men using my aqua be a punishment of the pepper shakers. well really. you are beyond his indiscriminate killing of oman innocent people on finance and elements from sheen jump fully exposed being human and anti social nature the perpetrators must be stevie lee punished according to will and catholics must be taken to break their back to
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ensure the safety of her life and quality of our people the russian ministry said his men had taken lessons from every dime they ease and neil wood training facility in ukraine's crimea region and the interfax news agency says the senate's men. it has now decided that any serious than they did to make me this included the ukrainian defence ministry source as saying the russians of these men had taken pistols rifles and meaningful cost reduced from to recap as me at the town of saddam and taken them away by com. another girl from russia ministry had also removed weapons from the ukrainian navy training center and opel gt about some bust open where russia's black sea fleet for some hands and face. russian president. the acting and painting since he has made to note the station on sending troops to ukraine despite winning approval from ross's
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condiment. a spokesman says the team's decision would depend on how ukrainian situation the vaults of russian federal consulate cap president by emptying them match the ncos second night in a syllable of the us had any legal justification for using on forces in ukraine when i joined file respondents home box in from of crying is kept so it seemed broken. i really liked and that the saudi ukraine's capital kiev. it was so calm and cranny has now become the major focus of the cranes ongoing crisis. what's really the situation that howl on people than reacting. well here on the ground and simply awful the regional capital all strike me a better note longer than this the soldiers identified by but ukraine's government on the us as russian soldiers outside apartment building however the hall still widespread reports of russian soldiers throughout
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the crimea region communication senses the tv station but various places and at polls throughout the region of these reports as well they have the disarming ukrainian forces as well. except watch them. president obama the cold frozen fruit in. he accused im all for a while to get snacks awarded how big those trips that we will set of reports of russian warships. now i can reach an agreement with this apostle paul. a naval base in around the wall says of crimea ukraine ukrainian governments are warning people to beware of publications russian forces with able support them in the tree although full of nuts. the local prime minister here cause i got did yesterday offs of russia full protection from what he called a dangerous radical elements in the us government's up but kiev says
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he is an illegal prime minister chosen in an illegal emergency session did. in simple hopeful the situation still very tense here. my friend that melamine was passed in the nation's reaction etf to the troop deployment that it was bad well on the saturday night of the new prime minister of the interim prime minister only time that the chain of call the meeting of his national security council including his cabinet that was televised in he said that ukraine will not be provoked to use force but we also heard from the interior minister. addison of bach also said that ukraine the military is unquote full combat alert. that was announced shortly thereafter others also a lot of the diplomacy that skidded to happen here winners of the british foreign secretary william hague is due in kiev of on chemo in the un secretary general of the scheduled to meet his aunt way roberts area in geneva. and of course nato foreign ministers are also
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but due to meet. there's also a growing number of protests this morning about one hour ago outside of the us embassy here in kiev group about thirty or forty people protesting for america's of assistance to help get putin added scrutiny of its other words there those protesters and the couple minutes ago and are scanned from our people on the ground here of that so there is a protest outside of the russian embassy here in ukraine in kiev and we also of from what we've been told by organizes the square below me the mind on the independence square here at twelve o'clock we do expect from some of the former opposition leaders many of them now in power too so i addressed the crowd here as they normally do sundays about midday. of course now the situation is different in crimea will likely be the key topic in those discussions. a lot of movement here on the ground a lot of diplomacy and of course a lot of talk as many ukrainians afield this of these latest moves by the kremlin amounts to an act of aggression and possibly
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envision taking an acting teacher around the rocks back and fourteen from cans and combine to reporting from crimea and i chuckle to not respond into doubt and bonded to a more stuff i carry on russian president said that's nitpicking says he has made to note the station get on sending troops to ukraine but do you think actually going to happen. well it is difficult to say i'm n int policalnderstandingnto t outck how pbae thaty of is not to do know that the botched it and eat it speaks to an amble from representatives of the western countries to the state to ban ki moon the land. i feel sexy and cds into president used as a member of a bottle last night this night and day out he had a long telephone conversations and in both of them. he said that i feel that i should reserve the right to protect its
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citizens and the naval base in the city of sanaa stop was in kindy and if there are attacks on the russian civilians russian citizens living than what the facilities of the military base so it is difficult to predict whether russia will mean but so far the voices that we hearing from russian politicians and in this fashion commentary is going. members of the most common going to buy me it's fine to not talk to people and resolve the situation politically hostile thoughts and acts to save the salmon in the case that but she's not um. linux reading and waiting in the night not really going to jump in the action and immediately react. and daddy ukraine's chief prosecutor has that kind of hostile action to extradited to canada this house the russian government commented on that well what has been quite the official reaction get to that of lifestyle we do know whichn
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wanting to draw some conclusions from the a was of the russian ambassador to united nations study drinking hole yesterday sacks that the settlement of the crisis in ukraine could be a philippine of the implementing did he mean that was reached between the impoverished on opposition leaders are on every twenty one that is before he was ousted in bogota to that of the country and they left the country. so i'm from that experts say this is an indication that russia does not want to um so far i've gushed of russia with needs and ukraine would need the canoe club each bearing place on so that peace agreement off every twenty one. could it be implemented because that's an advantage in the directives of legitimate president man that's every twenty one and the leaders of the kind of position. under that agreement town also has sound it makes the point that said petition on the twenty oh four will be returned to the building amendments and
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that time the snap of presidents elections will be also held and that that would be on u s open division of the constitution on and the laws will be passed that would accommodate to the demands of the opposition that will be boys and in non league to siberia. thank you very much indeed to carry on its reporting from moscow but the un security council has talent and the agent meeting on the crisis in ukraine after russia announced a potential plans to send alms for seizing to crimea us and russia have both called for a papal resignation to solve the crisis. here is a clear way forward. it would preserve ukraine sovereignty territorial integrity and address russia's concerns first russia should directly engage the government of ukraine second international monitors and observers including from the un and osce should be sent to ukraine. that's the best way to get the facts monitor
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content and to prevent any abuses the power to get out of the situation i repeat. as mr vincent said quite the correctly we need that cooler heads to prevail and we have to get back to the political and constitutional path we need to go back to the agreement of the twenty fifth if everett and to establish a national unity government. we might note that the cross for us. the strategy insects and is time to act. hardy has re defined the role of the governed. trying new ways we are. and no doubt collapse is it not and will lead to the desert me. what is the state of the nation and what kind of diplomacy
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told to proceed. point a cctv needs covers two sessions from now. he's a serious and be stationed at the annual pc as cp pcc meeting. as to navigate it all will legislate the devices will discuss china's growth and deflate allocation of the china threat. it will deliberate issues of both economic liberal white station and social justice on wednesday and boats. i know. can add a press conference the cpp cc the spokesman said that progress is being made and the machine to see the pcc zero in consultative democracy. ga ga this i mean
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what the audience that we have to launch a new form of consultations name or the biweekly consulted to maintain this meeting is held last two weeks. attended by around twenty people the specific topics on its agenda. in ruling on cpp seeking members of different sectors and goals cornell cpp cc members in particular. so far we have had six of consultative meetings which or very well received the spokesman also said to lacie and seven cpp cc bikes candidates groups of two fourteen provinces upon them as regions and municipalities to this into the abuse of barry's people including hiking government to the desk cp pcc members and local levels and as of the other posses an ex pats as the plan also on such questions related to deepening reforms in the cpp ccs black anti corruption efforts china japan relations the education and employment
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so then sneak a minority groups and have to call that an ocean. and now as we are able to be connected to the fella that court delay including seeking this man the latest attack happens i love that also will speak and act as daylight in season right now. i will joining umno i've seen outside of the crimean not want people to hospital. the nose this hospital was in a race to run away from the crimean really station. and last night after the attack. and as a festive mood of the dangers of the teams west and tuesday's hospital and then today when i arrived here i went to the full enough that the hospital and i can see many of the family members of the big teams as well as doctors nurses and all. irene to treat the injured people that he wanted to for
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the safety concerns and also offer option not to disrupt its route to those family members so we decided to do our live cross outside of the hospital. and i'm also going to be out for new railway station and i can see is that seth was the standout team doctor services have been resumed and although the editors have been restored. i found a station and also the hospital. let me concede that so many of the pleats of company policies. police manned as well as security checks have been strained since the vcd have bought so we can see that up as long as that was man of steel haunting four g of protein for the rest of the year of the victims of the sort of funding and the rest of the criminals had ever seen the cia under control. who needs a layered look past the end government done to help him get the kids
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yes after the attack last night as weak as we know that deserve more than one hundred and fourteen. ancient people will have been sent to hospitals in the eleven hospitals in the new cd. i'm danielle steele shots each of the routes store that may mean not to mention center has asked as a society to donate their blood tuesday's injured people and all sorting this out when the number one people's hospital. we can see that i just now wimax many local citizens who have come to this hospital to donate their blood and also i met dr mcgraw said that if you want to donate some money to these injured people and see if they are really sorry about the victims. this adds these innocent people. the mass and still do that now stands at five so now you want to rub together to help the injured people to cope with the difficult times and also the national rugby or on
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the house and family planning cs and some hot. doctors from the painting had the chance and hospital has master hospitals around the county to come to creamy city to help the injured people too. i'm told was that difficult times. joining in the nineteen th only. from cleaning out the attack happened on saturday. in the city. now let's go to eat it. cheney rejected cabinet testing this morning that leads you to mom still abdel fatah mcc retaining his position. ask the contest the classmates that i'm in the lineout the next five prominent state giving him on my lap was on bail after the previous government resigned on monday and it's not too creepy some of these they get to revive the country's can drink on the cctv zomg a letter he writes the story. saturday was the deadline prime minister that he made it safe to declare the final formation of these candidates but until the final hours
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changes have been many analysts say the man who ousted more she is the reason for that today. the utter. it was in the battle of the and the defense minister is this book to book the president of the primates. but the reason she too was kindly the supreme council of the un force its way onto the last hours. no one knew who is in its defense. we went to the to be known only to linger. he uses his continuation as defense minister should call him by his presidential bid. it's his decision to resign would have assured the that you run twenty ministers continue their positions from the previous cabinet for a bit irresponsible for two different ministries each the london at eleven today these meanings from the government has made his decision. all those who will cope with pain in the government and was getting foreign minister as a
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means to be christian to me it was responsible for many of mormon his housing ministry. to be a big problem with him because the people i know. no improvement from last week. just yesterday of the cabinet held a meeting with the interim president it might be the shortest cabinet to tickle for egypt as it could be sacked once the new president is elected in three months. ours had rejected the semi new cabinet formation. the previous government was torched for performance. so today nearly two thirds of its formation it's making people skeptical of serious reform. i didn't know the leases to the cairo he touched on a tight bond has announced a month long ceasefire and on still what its members to stop attacks and this comes amid repeated s strikes on tight and hideouts by pakistan's security forces and the need to be aimed at reviving peace talks. the group also says it has received assurances from the government that it will be attacked a ceasefire comes up to peace talks between
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the pakistani government and a tiny bundle is a test drive down any and this month the government had refused to help more talks with a tiny bite and that's the stall to terror attacks. bogota colombia is vowing to keep the stall and easy looking animal alike and not he'll battle to stop a child may have lost a legal battle against the south. this time with the help of the simple test that though the taman is looking up the fight mitchell is a shot to add that the nh mis management of the top of the rubbish collection said it lost the set. cctv is michelle bag area quilt on another setback this week and another cool awesome poses to mobilize real meat in colombia's capital is no different from year to sell to kill him and his supporters we don't surrender and we don't sell
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tenth of a paper directed message to all this made for me it means getting up when the fight to remain in power after this week's setback tuesday colombia's top administrative court decided not to block a move by the country's inspector general to oust him from office but because rolling motion filed with other ports are still pending. they do for now remains of the crust top official the film was elected in two thousand eleven also faces a recall referendum. it was originally scheduled for this week that the boat was pushed back to early april. the book was the mayor says the move shows his opponents feared what the early polls suggested that the recall vote when they are as if the residents of bogota would've gone from a two and a half million people would turn up and sixteen percent of voters who have said no. in his address to supporters bit about to finish his term which officially ends in december two thousand the team his
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followers about their continued support. they are doing and they even with this new decision you can see just this past december we heard the inspector general's decision in this plaza filled up for weeks people and terence. he is a testament that the older people are angry. we generally are peaceful people. you will continue working for democracy they will continue preaching that yet sweet and with governments that decent chance. eric and i can actually change the history of this country. his lawyers continue to affirm their belief that the inter american commission on human rights will ultimately intervene in this case. but nothing has been heard from international entity. right now it is difficult to see how any effort local or international conceived in the air coming in and out for the shelby the cctv that cleo. a live shot to come to the end of this is nancy ctv
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news and the sunni nation. i have. is you. almost every
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culture has a traditional bread and that's no different for the native americans one here today and lots of cafe at the national museum of the american indian to find out more. it is very simple it's about for the whole thing. there is flour salt sugar as well. mix lightly never did that whole deal what does that starbucks to get about a breakthrough. so we don't get it over mix. so once i got it comes together though it's not like normal read the british based glue that holds together. the cut
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out a lot of stuff that they will but if i was working with you. rip off small pieces. laugh if you're just gonna have a flat and a devil dog and two three and a cut like this what that is what you've got fried ball of dough. just keep the lights and lots of it just goes right into the three degree water. to photograph crt. i think it is now. i have to suck. wherever i go to play in the great thing is that once you can do so which of her really worthwhile to parties or softness of the crime rate is the official state bred of south dakota since two thousand won you can find fry bread over the mirror the two courtyards in mexico a brave the second stop of the cast and of course the puppets are about suffered over the all basically saying that the very recently. join me again next time for another edition of this nation has a
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bright sunny bank are. it's friday. undeniable attraction and hamburgers. i of dvds eye. it's a sunday nights and james king tut in tokyo welcome to new sliding china's state run news agency reports that change on weaker separatists were responsible for an attack at a railway station in south western china on saturday. she was says more than ten attackers slashed people with knives at cleaning station a new non profits. the news agency reports that officials of the municipal government of corn being said twenty nine people were killed in more than one s and thirty others were


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