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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 2, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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people as he works. these pieces the surface of which seems to emanate a temple with the techniques like there's no sleep as an extra trip to ut to do. two such was the cause you to pitt street gets worse every day cos breaking news talk points. so much the doors to play. stocks. while. good news. ukraine that is all up
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on the resurgence of russian forces tightened their grip on the ground china blames of this notice for saturday's deadly. which left twenty nine. major escalation in which to be facing the continuing drought has forced itself. aside from the city. mind you on posting things for joining us i'm only home they began escalating tensions in ukraine there are reports coming in from the last hour at the interim government in kiev is calling up and military reservists. this
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after us present crop of aman has urged his russian counterpart letter written to dia escalate the crisis when the ninety minute telephone conversation between the leaders obama said that moscow has flouted international law by sending troops to ukraine. here's to two simple forces back to bases in crimea of the top came after russian parliament gave it to the green light to use the troops in the country of a moscow says no final decision has been made on whether the use of force meanwhile unidentified gunmen have solidified their control of the crimean peninsula. it continued to patrol the streets of such terrible. well that's the regional capital. paul saying cat said douglas herbert auntie some twenty five km outside the city near a major ukrainian military base that can cost to him and now for the latest outbreaks yes i let the petty probably a military base to ukrainian military base twenty five km south east of the crimean
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capital and what we've been witnessing over the past now is a gradual what seems to be a very tense standoff in the making here what you see behind the arc. russian commandos. several dozen of them perhaps as many as two hundred heavily armed. i was speaking to one before not denying that they are rushing in a rustic minutes keep going around the perimeter of this ukrainian based in the past few minutes we saw dozens of soldiers of russian commandos with machine guns emerging from a boat military vehicles military trucks a couple of them mounted with heavy machine guns deployed around the perimeter of the youth of this ukrainian base here. now we have not seen at least i have not seen in the ukrainian soldiers show their face today. they may be inside the barracks hold up. we had known earlier that the letters were cannot ukrainians cannot do any provocative actions. that said darebin high level officials in the ukrainian
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government that it said that if they are ready and it directly they do have orders to fire at this point it is a tense standoff but there's been no military aggression we are really literally standing by and see it's a developing situation with those russian forces deployed around the perimeter of the space in the past few minutes. douglas that you are outside of some terrible but of course you've been there in the city in horror. are people reacting that has that this situation continues to escalate. i was in the past couple of days people there have been most of the people inseparable we've only really come across russians we haven't really seen out the top charts it disappeared from the street those on the street can be very very ill and pro russian is waving flags chanting slogans they have been very much not only accepting but welcoming of his presence. the people we speak to see the use of force is in town. oddly the occupying forces the russian trucks which have russian markings on them very much. they say they are there to protect them they feel like they are protecting them from the criminals in
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kiev today are not at all afraid or panic or fearful of what they're seeing in and around sadr city the capital i learned something today much for that update that stupid or just outside of this parable. well as pro russian forces mobilized in the region the international community is scrambling to respond to and from authorities in ukraine have asked me to for help with protecting its territorial integrity and sovereignty the north atlantic treaty organization is to me later that sunday and brussels to discuss the matter by eu ministers are to hold an emergency session on monday another development canada says it's pulling its ambassador from moscow over the crisis. meanwhile on the saturday the un security council held its second emergency session over at the tensions. ukraine's a un ambassador asked members to stop the aggression against his country saying that the number of russian troops already inside ukraine is increasing every hour. un sec
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gen bonding would have spoken with the butter content and here's what he had to say about the conversation. see the movements and i'm gravely concerned by some of the recent events. i've taken up. four setback with you when you didn't compromise uniquely sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. the disc was shut to restore calm. add prosciutto and the media the escalation of the situation. ford has less to prevail and battle was pg forty tour ending this crisis i appear to present twenty two what does he get into next title with your story is you can. the moscow russian sentiments all runs high in several parts of ukraine several cities in southern and eastern parts of the countryside demonstrations on saturday in favor of moscow. protesters raised the russian flags above government buildings in
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a number of cds including the donetsk and odessa. oh and i keep dozens of people were wounded after clashes with supporters of the new authorities. i can't stand cats on silk has the story eu flag comes soon and the russian mind goes all the mutants eastern ukraine and canada remains largely through russian. it wasn't the only showing of such sentiments on saturday in the country's second city clerk if dozens of protesters counted in front of city hall so mismanaged doors and windows to force their way inside. just minutes later the forest and several civil servants who gained fame with the new government in kiev we were going to be manhandled by the credit the move to speak but he really needed. dozens of people were injured. police
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intervened to take victims and to the credit. protesters claimed the roof of city hall to wait. the russian flag still the cube which i think we're closer to russia and to the west. would you like country to join with russia one hundred percent. we need to have the rev your engine in the country. next on people when they want to carry large pro russian pretzel stick and eating the skin cc donetsk as well as the southern city of food tents and many are demanding not just cancer ties to russia russian passports officials in moscow say almost two hundred and fifty thousand ukrainians have fled to russia since the ukrainian crisis first group and the wool from on this outlets had it to ukraine to get a full screen caps of gulliver pad is standing by for sneaking top ten now. but the latest reports coming in of the kids interim authorities are calling up its reservists headed there
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this sunday. oliver. what more can you tell us about that. what it would be repeated at the national security and that can build it it made a statement today in the ukrainian parliament than finding that the council had taken the decision to boycott the liberalization of the country's debt that. i know that even among ten pm and that the approach of the departement of people have received the call and to some of the predicament of the best time anyhow the only team to beat it. he was really determined to do so that ukraine was preparing to make that possible cutbacks in progress. we've seen the size of now live from russia's of full blown invasion but more of a step by step or an incremental approach to how the authorities at their country activists years later
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directed a m today to get what they did it because even though many of the russian trade to riot in the crimea what proportion of the people that meant that the earth to the crimea to the commitment to a proportional to the mandate of the russian army will proportion of them what they should think about the pope already able to put in a riot especially to a bit taxing them will be open to the weather outside any real intention to take action in the heat and ukraine the event that the ukraine new government to think that the farther than that the couple to have taken place in egypt and the key to the work for or provoke a target that by moscow the russian speaking population in the heat it up with ukraine. the majority of them according to the kitchen to cut the hope that in kiev the majority of the russian speaking ukrainian to know what. intervention from russia they did not invite the russian port and the people putting up russian
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type of administrative building in the heat of the russian and local people he kidnapped about to do that by the russians that the mind that the current ukrainian government is taking. can't stand those images that we were just seen at the sinhalese images shot by a team that some of which are located some twenty five km out to the side of a sudden fair call. the release of russian commandos that surrounding essentially a ukrainian military bases that the latest images were getting out of there. let's move on to other news in beijing says separatist militants from the rest of the far western region of xinjiang behind saturday's a deadly attack at a train station. at least twenty nine people were stabbed to death another one hundred other people injured by knife wielding the suspects according to state media the shot dead four assailants ndp new one. on other five suspects are on the run boston cats kept india has
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more. she felt her needs and the main train station after ten nights wielding assailant slashed its capillaries dozens were killed in the attack in another hundred and thirty wounded. chinese domestic security team visited the injured in the spittle. authorities are coming in a premeditated crime and attack. cleaning militants from the western region and stingy on the erie is home to the muslim leader mine rt group which has a long history in this corridor with chinese societies police fatally shot four of the assailants. eyewitnesses described scenes of terror what the attackers were holding knives and killing people. i followed everyone and ran to the outside the attackers was doubting whether it be soft. after the attack english as victims looked for information about missing friends and family with his two investigators were seen removing and nine from the scene. all that
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security has tightened as of friday's massive bring the perpetrators to justice on the nikon. all forces in south sudan are vowing to continue in their offense that was despite a ceasefire the mets signed with government forces at just over a month ago. martinez just returned from the city of my college is being taken by rebels last week has now changed hands three times since the conflict began in mid december. as a warning some viewers may find a part of this next report disturbing my micro. but does town done to the ground signs of violence and homebound citizen is easy think leaving dad bought these industries. it's a brave fight. since. it's a very young. it's a habit like it before the cartoon form that allowed them to do that and it's all over it. that novel by president president
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of the song says i will do themselves so that people found and killed some people even the seed and accuracy to have a problem. the rebels have ransacked the cc. and even kill people as a hospice so. you put humanitarian agencies. by un peacekeepers of rescuing those still in hiding. love the elderly and disabled head. it is interesting to find that when they would keep up with their families when they ran around thirty people on stilts thing a success. some posthumous christ. the cleaner again the web most of them coming here and taking food clothes and taking some women away with them. the evacuation is that delicate task since many people are infirm. it's this that it's going to be used because the atmosphere is tense. the humanitarian stuff
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to the kids get to the appellant's daughter will of the un operation. but i'm warning you i don't want the enemy elements into fearing it would be no bus knife on the nonfiction dilute its future minute after this exchange that the episode it softens up and comer and assess how the baffles objectives what made them when we're going to establish don't have what is your mama come with it when it either. but our forces are going to keep advancing from yours well to take the oil fields in on the twelveth of the month that they receive scant. how long ago but was told not to tell the story whilst government loyalists of which owns the nearby oil fields. there's still the possibility of a counter attack to take back to succeed. and for clean it all we have time for but you stick to posting cattle have won headlines coming up shortly. france based effects
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this week when a browser president also wore clothing that so many ads around the world or what. the jeans t shirts all the nagging in your embrace. moses says that much of this funding is leading his country cambodia i work. it's not. he says they're tired of being exploited are starting to rebel. each of our journalists and he's angry men and women. i knew. oh it's nice to meet your lawyer. semi says when one he wants to come to naught and thousands of house and look without looking inside this
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has been making cloth beneath insurance hundred off a new sony announced a minimum of eight hundred number for minimum wage is not enough but one of the police inside the dumpling. all but set out what bow off of double takes about forty one dated had left off on a holiday but sometime before the days that don't offer fact a house full with time outs. that said people are angry because they feel they should be paid will be our best in what is stopping by our own back in twenty fourth of december last year. add scallions he'll go to sleep until now been optimistic but the scenes when that macy's cost to meet the one on pants largest and dr parkes there were dozens of factories supplying major european and american rock history try and visit them during an outbreak within two years. team. with all the seniors don't feel like it is eighteen and
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fourteen. she's been here you know i am. restrict legal framework in place for top names in comedy but it doesn't we went and practiced once they reach fourteen years old and aunt of mine has stopped working the same as us adults. it was soon spotted by security stuff despite our efforts were refused entry he'll be in trouble. and we are a scorched away. high street brands like god i did ask an agent and used some contractions often chinese or korean companies to make including the fact is a representative of the garment manufacturers association incumbent in the gene. we meet the president and his equestrian center. we need more as far as price is concerned we achieve it. what about the same as burma. a more extensive than i can dash. the bigger fish. we're lucky compared to other countries like china and
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the nation with vietnam because we've been drawn to duty free access to the european muslim blood name some. the productivity is no need to get one hundred cambodians don't want this causes him to be significant if someone lazy so i sit the international labour office as the right to strike is being violated the incumbent. he disagrees convention eighty seven which is being signed by countries all over the world does not citizen with a massive riot. it was the ultimate people. it's just the international labour office his ally in the right to strike is not an automatic route. that i can agree to show us around the factory in moncton establishment run by chinese businessmen. it was
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there is holiday. why you went to the dentist to cut with a temple. i went from seven am to six pm six days per week. except in sense dictates when i finish at four pm. you know upfront what i'm told. what kind. i got to spend said. do you think you're a fatty. yes that's right nine to an eskimo this guy to make glaze the us branch target and european companies each of them and marks spencer rico drives the lane and media to take the workers to mom's very seriously. it was only this the real workers are paid eight dollars a day. and they say this isn't enough to live on because the screen massive inflation in cambodia what would you say to them it's not true. it's not true
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but if they couldn't survive then we wouldn't have seven hundred thousand what is going into work everyday they would stay at home. no one's forcing them to go to was known as account of the head start was delayed it's probably the cost of fourteen point nine five euros to retain retained the homage he said in this region. the file. four for one song. would you be a bid to raise the wages of two one hundred and sixteen. as the wife of a tight box corsica is due to go to grandpa's sister different company. he also was likely to boston to do that guaranteed. all you show that the police say they wouldn't they're still here. they still played so well. he is a trait eight dollars and we'd raise the wages. right here
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right now. he and trade unions went on strike for over a week and came back stage massive protests please feel free to crack down at least three people were killed and dozens of others. this is unsafe to the sweetest responding to violence and protests as well armed and dangerous. we went and told to some textile workers and they towed a very different story . the king we told them. assuming the storyteller when we decided to give in because it seemed to think. most of the scan went well. then i was gone including a look. i wish all this i was tending to lead. so to the ground
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did any of the contestants have weapons. then we on the headstones. they have guns and excited to sign him the eels who went to was his rooms in the top. what do you think needs to change to help textile workers. mama might go with the cdos is barely enough to cover the rent. i knew we were only asking for one hundred and sixty dollars per month. people were killed and injured during january's protests attributes the workers and union organizers were rested and taken to prison charged with inciting violence to have since been released and twenty one remaining costs of the arts as the masons takes us a known painters court of appeal to see if they get going and i know and sooner than you this post to drop from two reasons. here are
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some point in one go inside the courtroom. it's a weighty outside i'm so bored dozen protesters gathered outside most of them are optimistic i think this news will be released but the role the sooner we all decided to use some ppl including some with this month's prize stage a demonstration in front of the roll out its. lisa russell mass protest is a saying to us. it's difficult to estimate their voices and death and then legal rights so we decided to contact of the european and american crazy john's to see what they have to say we tried to convey your representatives to a command captain howdy deaths amongst others. they all refused to meet us to try last time out without an appointment at the station and walked to cine own pad the list of the ship took a
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nice medium duty and i'm going to lose the farm cats know what it is. just one push and the kids are white and it means that i'm going to pubs and bottle of this review in charge of the office here instead of talking to me. some companies hm why say they would be prepared to race in ny. it suggests the problem lies with the taking off workers fish are permitted to fly to increase children's. at nineteen weeks to proceed on a step by step basis. we've already raised a salary from eighty to one hundred dollars that's a twenty dollar increase in the middle of the big international times say they're ready to increase wages the government has this been happening. they say it is corrupt. do you respond to it. while this has nothing to do with corruption. we need to focus on what the factors and retailers can do. if they can come to an agreement then we can renegotiate. the week on for size a posse to increase wages. don't let's
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go protest recently and they will hodgman a prize. it was the new europe read this what do you think there was no other choice but to resort to bomb us and the police have to do something and when his weak africa's top three molotov cocktails at them the government and police intervened to ensure stability and to put it into the wilds. this is uncommon or to other for hours tonight and then the most important thing is to ensure an environment of peace security and political stability and cambodia. so investors keep coming. you laugh. johnson fact is the government they will politely tell them the way for us. enjoy significant profits tax on workers and told the patient to sit still and be thankful for the small white concrete steel and jenna the nicest remains hopeful for the first time ever conveyed his textile workers to cast on an exercise their rights. course
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will stay in touch with our server was as defined out of latino workers get the software i so desperately fighting for. now ms from your community and the world needs to know about and hugs me to see him for the next episode. sabres acts. i know
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i knew. and when. at all the road. i do. i am. in
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the all in. i can i eye
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thousands of ukrainian troops stationed in the clammy and i were forcibly rejecting he is a new authority. switching allegiance joining up with local defence projects meanwhile resistance is breathtaking tens of thousands of ukraine's eastern regions of the crimean peninsula protest against the non smith hundred tons not indicate. also does approve the potential troop deployment in ukraine and as a threat to russian nationals that. sadly the help from the pre dawn in the russian


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