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tv   European Journal  PBS  March 2, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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the us. what welcomed to get into all coming to you from dw stadium is in brussels it's very good to us this is what's coming up in the next half hour. ukraine with the country after the protests. anyhow we're going to sit and many are demanding. it's a welcome to stop a decent start on. it then sets comes thick and shops to ukraine in recent days after weeks of protests and opposition to cap a pow in the capital kiev last week six am and headed to was
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the president until a few days ago took flight. this development so welcomed by many people particularly in the west of the country in cities like of it. and in any edition of europe in general we take is that in seventeen help us loads of protest is what regularly travel to kiev but while the predominant feeling in the event is not one of hope. many also see links to daddy to sit back and relax. then by night since the revolution the city has been without a police courts. hundreds of people have volunteered to patrol the streets from their cars. b is one of them i have been doing it for six days i started off in kiev but then i returned to my hometown because i wanted to do something for the beach there's six hundred drivers out every night and won't be long before there are thousand of us. slogans such as ukraine starts weekend in sleeves don't go to paradise hang on the door of the volunteer citizen patrol headquarters. the group
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expects these people will have to plug the hole left by the police for some time to come. most of all it is a place in top positions. this will cost the old iraq. and it will be able to start work again until the pasta being investigated component of the week one of them was to take a sensibility sets back but this is the most of the slimy stuff. after a quiet night in the morning demonstrators reassemble it to city square. our heroes won't die. the stout street near the body of the double red suited to his brain. she was struck from behind by snipers in tn. thousands have come to pay their respects the few real discussions turned to the three d bankruptcy possible splitting the ukraine and a new leader
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as i was letting tymoshenko back would be a bad idea he's already proved that she's not on the job and she should never forget who got her out of prison. as i might benefit from it i think it's time for new people say you are people who can really change something but then manipulated the pictures of what can you tell me in the yemen. we had to stay together as a country and not allow any split. that's what they wanted the east. but it's only because tv channels there spread lies. these are real information block. if they could receive the broadcast they would know the truth. the upshot is that i am a people we could take precedence entire fourteen we wouldn't need any help from europe. he has still been influenced and indians. me my attention is around ninety units and that i have to pay forty five years he drinks it i have to go looking for granted at the top beach town
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and as the tides. he pushed me to work. the men in classes is called andre subtlety. he's a long serving manager. it's been a popular figure among the city's residents. she's at the local hospital to visit those injured in the us but brought to live in for treatment the majority are demonstrators captured by the notorious militia that courts and subjected to mock executions and extreme violence and abuse. will it but he knew i would be an awful ended in explosions. he came to using them on top this with our own lives at risk. as i could have been prosecuted as a result the doctor is still a bit hypocritical. on. the light begins to dry and again in the patrol resumes its working with it. country can't stay on long tonight here's a page not to do. it has nothing to do with the two defeats. removing his bulletproof vest he becomes what he is a singer in
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the movie theater. they and the italo own long you. i on on all. chance stranger to playing two roles with her on stage. for his country ukraine is she. it's the largest country on the european continent after us. in the east of ukraine many people still support the form of political elite and its progress in coles former president democrat or two cells has since been touched with my mother still has a loyal supporters in ukraine beats. come after a long day at work victoria and three of the context of groceries before settling down to watch the news. she supports the piano covert and vladimir putin who she refers
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to as the strong hand of power. she voted for the recently ousted ukrainian president back in two thousand two and has remained loyal to him ever since even after a death in kiev. but you'll love these two girls and why should you be responsible for everything what about simple hundred and fifty names of common to all the opposition politicians. they share that responsibility. you can get a cut to accommodate of them he offered them positions this station to solve the problems common to drop them on the street leah than afraid of their own medical finalist on the mind down usually industry. victoria watches tv whenever she can achieve erection broadcast or the ukrainian state channel she says chemical that should have cleared them i'd done as soon as demonstrators began to get it there. although seventy percent of people in the northeastern city of car keys voted for yanukovich in the last elections. there have been some smaller scale
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protests here too. he meant in the capital are not lost on people here. the current uncertainty is causing some to shift allegiance and turned to the opposition what gives. we support the protests in which they speak for the people although cocky face a second largest city in ukraine there's a low turn out to protest. residents say i don't wanna stormed government buildings in the team only a one to protect themselves from the risk of violence at the hands of those in power the bottom of many awesome the deliberate but not many people lining up to be cannon fodder. richard quest is to get a room with the state money saver and nonviolent resistance. we don't want to see bloggers reminded we are not terrorists got to it the shocking news from the aztecs used those gathered at the mine done in khaki. don't we the day
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victoria is also saddened by events in the capital. but doesn't see as a reason to go out and demonstrate. carlisle t t i called it remains intact. she admits to being concerned about the political situation in the country what is even more wary of an economic crisis. with ukraine on the verge of bankruptcy she thinks the time has come to divide the country. the ym pres federation nice twist crimea old with the administration's top of the more hostile than this but that's not a solution for tomorrow if it were. when the exam and women's football team just won the european cup twenty five days ago that they received no not prizemoney at peace that eats but sadly those days are over and women's football is now also received money when they win titles will be it's still a lot less than the male colleagues. when football is becoming more and more popular in most
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countries in europe but in the east as . women are still a long way away from being considered equal. that's why the story of a woman who grew up on the border with iran you say extraordinary. with the red card at the ready selling the car proudly attaches the emblem of the turkish soccer federation of new jersey. for the twenty five year old. it's a special moment each time the linesman is getting ready to. in the tunnel outside twenty two men are waiting same our cars nervous and ambitious. no no absolutely not it is i'm not afraid to players not taking me seriously or even insulting me. ethiopia. for half the year. our car has been a licensed referee the first female one in eastern turkey. today she's resting a region of the game interim town of archiving first she delivers a friendly warning to
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the players to keep in mind the port conditions in the pitch to prevent injury then she places the ball on the center line. the men in the stands looks skeptical his eleven year old sisters that i sprout. a car blows the opening whistle. she's even read the second division game in western turkey. here near the eastern border mail still aren't used to a woman calling the shots. elena michaels as many blogs are right. i would allow my wife says to do the action including that of a car that edmonton. iran lies just beyond these mountains. until recently the six year but heidi was the center of violent clashes between kurds and the turkish state. now they've agreed to a ceasefire but it's really men were out enjoying the new found peace there are few women on the streets. it's a mock car is one of them. she visits a friend who works at a travel
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agency. carr is that of a celebrity in her home city in a role model. like it was molesting women with brains and snatches it up because they can be appeased and adds color to match. hold on to his artistry making the traditional pda bread is still women's work year as a young girl singing the car helped in the kitchen. then she left to attend university in western turkey today she's a gym teacher lives in a neighboring city and only comes here to freshly baked pita. bread is a staple food here in this core region of turkey saying the cars father is the head of this district his other four children all still live in a coffee can only say humans moved on though. when she returns home the neighbors come to say hello. the referee is a pride of the family. her
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father has accepted the fact he was different than all her peers. i think he has done in a tizzy that he chuckled again new line of a treat to see the referee won. today it hit home loan. she was always very active kids being here that demanded of land so that she wasn't allowed to do so cushing was to go with the shame of that. we suppose that he owed them to take as needed to filter all the cousins with the euro sixteen home girl should go to school in the men's wear if we have managed to overcome this kind of thinking is that a us man has been easy he's caught two movies forever. the referee course in our county. most of the students are still men though she graduated six months ago citing the cops still comes here and brought someone who hopes to follow in her footsteps. connor wants to learn more about creaky offside calls. she
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hopes to rescue teams in the turkish super league. you someday. in the day in dc the band are open to her stomach and i thought what am i doing here. how can i do this thingy. the course instructor believed in me and supported me to that helped me alot too. he said. back on the pitch. the matches drawing took loans the greens are trailing one to two and start letting out their frustration in trying to knock on the game gets rougher and she has to take action. then greens even up the score. things are fine again. well almost. sure there isn't a mistake. and what do you like. son of god and seek. it is a lesson physics luckily there weren't any unusual incident. i was only worried about snow in a
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few places i didn't want the guys to get her cleaned up and getting to go. and then eastern turkey's first female referee is off the blaze some more trails it was a nice sixteen years ago that catholics and protestants officially end at the bloody conflict that the great scandals and island for decades. now also really like this being said don't some of the constable in the tales. for example employed a special police unit in the current state cooperative on the cob but these guys brisbane and st suite as all those people this policeman was roman catholic neighborhoods and kill iranian boats. according to witness accounts and investigation reports. an increasing number of families not deny that the cases of them at the granite is on the open. i i i. when evening comes to belfast some people's memories returned to the days when bands of political extremists roam the streets and it was best to stay home. but even locked doors could not guarantee
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safety. this market on sunday night. and the twelfth century nineteen eighty nine i almost twenty five years ago. and we were having sunday dinner. and when gunmen burst through the front door. chomp. a company and children fourteen bullets killed the young attorney passion again. he kept diary activists out of jail making him a target for the other side. one of the gunman contest and years later was found guilty can bear it. he was a member of the protestant underground organization they still exist today in belfast. it's now known that there was an informant for british security forces. the police knew the attack was planned and did nothing to stop it and the investigation had considerable flaws as a police report later revealed
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the victim's family believes that even the british government of the time knew about the murder plants. no were the apples off of high it worked. our new one i seen a higher up. and the chain of command and things tend to get a bit salty. an obscure it. and we would like to know what. high high up the chain of events. everything went pressure lincoln's murder was not an isolated incident the journalist and ten volunteer has an std hundred and twenty cases in which the police or the british army were in cahoots with protestant death squads. that was foreign counterintelligence in more than one case that could save time. in many of the cases the creation of balls is probably in advance of the mountain. but definitely
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on to them in a coverup to show that in the involvement of members of the security forces to british police the army. one offs though they were protected the reason the british security forces in preston killer gangs work together the conflict in northern ireland have grown ever more violent since the nineteen sixties. one astute readers was bloody sunday when soldiers shot and killed fourteen a non catholics who were demonstrating for more rights. i always try to bring the violence under control by sending more police and soldiers. they also recruit informers primarily from the protestant underground organizations his eldest in use to be the british deputy chief of police in northern ireland to a meal he says most of his former colleagues did nothing wrong. i think is very important that people should own this time. but in
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four months when all through books and who acted on instructions of police. these were people who wear in the middle of a dangerous dangerous situation. well they did something wrong they knew that they would be torture for several days coming killed. the british government has already investigated many cases of police wrongdoing. but the bereaved families say they have not gone far enough text and anyone can become a victim not just those with connections to the ira. this is the role that the tigers president heading towards the bar. allan gregg bell was eight years old when his father died in an attack upon valentine trevor was an apolitical catholic in the family. he wanted to celebrate the birth of his daughter with colleagues. he came directly from the hospital. police are still exists and a plaque commemorates the nineteen
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seventy five attack in which two out of our customers were also killed. in our ma on the border to the republic of ireland there was a series of attacks on catholic college we were told friday. it all by. the investigating officer in the woods. at least one member of the extortion was a member of the army. they supported and salt no source of chances of them because they're the people who are supposed to be loved enough to do was to protect them the humidity. some of the perpetrators and meanwhile known but no one has been found guilty. alan breck now once the justice system to prosecute the murder of his father. i'm not trying to block and the ruc slim one can say is that our troops are there that need to be told that the stitch for the society due to start to move on. we need to be told the truth about what actually happened in belfast a so called peace
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wall separates the protestant and catholic areas the society has not been together. peel was delicious of americans. but it was going to have the maps for always inquests. over the next twenty years. this very difficult to see how society can make progress under the reconciliation which perhaps is more important. come discover a bowl of facts of what went on in the post. the families of the victims can conceive of reconciliation with god through him and whatever happens. they're hardly going to forget the murder of their loved ones. the question is as old as mankind itself in space is there life on other planets is one of the reasons why people love who loves standing up the night sky to see the tree. the best place to star gazing in europe is on the spanish island of la palma. knowing the series hero by night new. thus been
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moved them here. when night falls the canary islands star pacers come out in force the latest trends in the next few hours traveling through their telescopes to places far away from the earth. rule but it's open to everyone fascinated by the night sky he looked up and see all the stars. and if you think about what all might be out there can be frightening yet the cost of live another day the starry sky is the witch oh just like the ocean. when it is especially while the handling of the ten minute clip for the us the amateur researchers try to find answers to all their questions. for example is the universe is infinite pollock is a special place
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for astronomers. really spelled the plant is from all over the world come to the canary. their location far out in the atlantic in close to the equator is an outstanding vantage point for stargate series. i'm a homeowner one hundred and eleven them on the of the vanities is one of the best places in the world for viewing the sky. man there's almost no disturbing artificial lights in the back of the most and we have high mountains. rise above the clouds the norwood you do the world's most important observatory says here almost two and a half kilometers above sea level. comparable telescopes are found only in today and on hawaii. ana astronomers turn their gaze to objects millions of light years away. back to the time
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when the universe was born god healed once discovered a supernova. but his privilege workplace has its price. it is pivotal to the community to be physically fit. it's not easy to wear an altitude of two thousand four hundred meters and at night if you don't have to like it this way we'll suffer from it. but if you enjoy your good thoughts of love and joy that with ethical path. cool and cutting the colonial feel time is the largest telescope honor. it also registers in korea by enabling scientists to investigate chemical processes and states. unborn stars become visible to standards telescope cost one hundred thirty million euros its budget is now being caught. only two instruments that can install two seven would be possible. hope you like what did we be fifty this facility were to be closed. we would have a tough time finding comparable
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employment were worried. he said to me. his teacher asked who his successor telescope will be shut down. even its own research projects are currently on hold. but of emotion. when we would use that evidence research is to use this to scare you. that's the greatest spanish scientists will use these capacities and will cost a lot going on for fifteen or twenty year cycle will move to korea. the kids really darn money home and doesn't answer the island. amateur astronomer and i don't want others to use to finance his own nineteen them now. he and elaine and mike jones founded a company that brings towards us or to the stars and there are good at it for one day my father's couldn't understand why it's been so many hours outside lights. looking through the telescope of the city center. use
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the money i don't understand what it meant but a single hip hop. really really nothing could stand listed the observatories hampered by lack of funds. here is excited is the observatory staff about every new discovery. i have only done this to see an immediate magnificent thing yet. yes push limits you to the canaries my dream was to work up in the observatory sound war planning in one day i managed to work in science one of the van and the us. it removes discovering alien worlds takes to rest any early morning. the case to come sign turns to the closest star to her. this time. and mom. the study and defaced edition of getting to know thanks very much for what seemed to join this again next week. until then i'll be
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the same and by now. great insights. i wanna know. as far as we said good evening is now sixty in the time you're watching it to you the late seventies as the city. with the sec one s are gone. bob. eye. little
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it is. low. it is. low. it
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is. ch. these statistics celtic woman. sometimes the too much the us. now on dvd. low. you knew you. ch
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