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and through you and this from gordon series on the seventeen ninety and are watching em. new. i know. ay ay ay. cysts. this is the cost of fuel on sunday the eu and the time to be some kind of things. joining us. coming up tensions as the late pro russian forces tightened their grip on crimea and ukraine's prime minister accused moscow of declaring war on his country condemnation from the west the us secretary of state accuses russia of an incredible act of aggression and threatened very serious repercussions. and nightfall someone like that and yet after another day of demonstrations ukrainians wave international's lacks the protest right chest tightening grip on the union
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the eye. light is on the brink of disaster the stark message from the country's interim prime minister today. shania daniel says that brussels moves to take control of crimea amount to a declaration of war the government is calling up all its military reserves in response and is appealing for help from the outside world now as ukraine mobilize this was another massive anti western valley in central kiev on sunday. protesters paraded flags of the world to tackle those calls for international support the crowd also heard from the couch additionally he was president of georgia in two thousand eight when it fought a brief war with russia over the breakaway region of south ossetia. and in the most recent development. ukraine's new government has sacked the head of the navy only one day after pointing at it and has charged him with treason marilyn tennis bad as us. he
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was shown on russian tv reading a statement in which he swore allegiance to commanders of pro western military units against government has better stuff he surrendered his headquarters in support of the box the ball without assistance. in a moment we'll talk to our correspondent alexander phenomena in the prime the regional capital sin temple. but first we had this report on the day's events in ukraine hundreds of soldiers wearing uniforms without identifying insignia surrounded the ukrainian army base and purple malaya your crummy as capital some terrible they've blocked the ukrainian soldiers from entering or leaving the grounds. a priest from a nearby chapel came to bless the ukrainian soldiers. size apparently had reached an agreement to avoid bloodshed we are hoping for a compromise to relate with the new week. and our commander has said they will be no war whts well
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winning. but in kiev ukrainian prime minister a sunny yet simulcast but all armed forces on highest alert he sees the red alert. and this is not the stress. this is a naturally him the declaration of war. for my country. and we are each present and fortune. twofold bay. she's in the electorate and just eat to the international obligations and while actual ten miles to actual agreements. that was signed between ukraine and russia. local residents have shown mixed reactions to the military standoff and purple malaya. the study of the russian soldiers standing on a case for me that song protecting our rights. i think it's normal the city has come to think of that
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but the difficulty of proving the fact is they visited russians and ukrainians against each other with an elephant. we the people are the ones who are responsible for all this week. it's our leaders are people we chose the national you get to go to them we could get our ticket. for the moment the situation appears to be calm but both sides know they are dangerously close to war. and aleksandr phenomena standing by for us in the kenyan capital sin temple. alexander as we heard that the navy cheese has sworn allegiance to crimea essentially switching sides. what more can you tell us about that and it is a sensitivity expert. it might be that number is up ski as he just mentioned has made a short commentary short statements d just seeing that he is now under the commands of the pro russian prime minister of crimea and adds fuel to the entrance seemed to protect come crimea and its people. unfortunately we
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didn't get snow and tn think about sad note there is of skis motivation that's the day has been reports he and sir alex to date that ukrainian soldiers that the art ukrainian soldiers willing to quit waiting to get home to sleep sigh it's a bit. ukraine's ministry of defence and has of course denied that is simple it's bad said. it's the onset soul just leave my cell phone lol ed me know the results keys example. on sunday you were at the scene of that santa was on a report in print on the land at what can you tell us about what you sow. to do a shooting dead can be described as the war of nerves between apparently russian soldiers at the expense the ukrainian forces their directions have brats dozens of military vehicles they put up a bit tense in attendance there had said that a ukrainian army
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leaves making key of the day on the tuesday and sunday at bondi on the sides. i still ukrainian soldiers and many of them very young gaelic clipped and said to cement the not very experienced milking stand being at the high end gate smoking get this mess incorrect trips and my impression was that some ukrainian soldiers were released that were really frightened. on sunday on them and joining us from sin temple things in much of that report. the pressure is also mounting from the west. us secretary of state john kerry called the russian military incursion in the crimea an incredible act of aggression and he warned moscow it could lose its prestigious membership in the group of eight nations may have to face economic sanctions kerry also said the us would be prepared to boycott the planned g eight meeting in silky this summer if need be at a crisis meeting in brussels nato chief anders rasmussen what your peace and
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security were at risk to your attraction to stop its military activity and threats against ukraine. and what's going on to brussels for more on nato's emergency country now joins us from there we know the general secretary general rasmussen is expected to speak to the press soon when you think they can see coming out of that meeting when your redeemer the press and that it's a day where he was very explicit in contending that russia's action and said that it was a violation of several international treaties and look at. at the movement of the nato ukraine commission is holding its meeting and we don't know yet what that the ukrainian representatives and will call it seemed silly to me to to draw up contingency plans to military involvement in the area and the nature and ukraine are very close ties ukraine is no demand of me too but it has and been involved in several neat summation streak something aniston or in africa and several mates
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the members of the stair border with ukraine south coast as they consented. but at the same time and there is not a rebate willingness to buying a two to get involved militarily simply because nobody wants an open conflict with russia. too much is at stake is saying now nate is being used is one of the diplomatic stylist to cut up preston though the pressure on iraq's had to stop attacks. and even briefly eu foreign ministers are said to me tomorrow they've been slow to react so far too slow. well that's because there's a high interest is not risking american consequence for a second look at the situation in the u for example one fat of old gas that gemini imports and comes from russia said that there are very strong economic ties between the eu and russia and there is just a concern here that russia will not stop the crimea and instead will say send troops into east in ukraine. nobody wants that frankly brussels is overwhelmed with what's happening said berrigan that since the meetings often attends the meetings will
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just have to stay on the story. i mean husband thanks for joining us from brussels of russia's military action won the unanimous backing of the parliament and about yesterday but what the ordinary russian state we have this report. a couple of hundred people gathered outside the defence ministry in moscow to protest against russia's military intervention in ukraine. this woman demands. don't send our children to fight our brothers. tonight it's as though i don't think we need to send in our troops to protect their own interests it's the eve of the union center designed goofy antics ninety one to join it the sickness relations push pin. about forty of the peace protesters were arrested russians are divided over how to respond to the conflict. i really hope it will be a war between
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ukraine and russia. her into some it is nonsense. others that president putin. he says he has a duty to protect tiniest russian population you'll read in the port has done the right thing because a lot of russians knew praying especially in crimea were around sixty percent of population a russian but that was typical post it looks as if the conflict escalates it is important for us. this elite use force with at least assured that we would protect russia needs you. unlike its kind this a real country team he's demonstrated stamina and composure that something that is necessary in a situation in the chilling on the east extension in august and return a call it's well done. we'll be watching the news that the sis and i took him to get my kids the opposition in russia has remained largely silent on the issue. to put in jail and for fake internet access to high profile activists. our
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correspondent my gate and joins us now on the line from moscow. i kid you are at a pro kremlin protests today what were your impressions she was my life. i wish i was ready and that it would take me back. remember to check out the garbage they conclude the kremlin best matched with a church member that night. gosh haven't watched that part of a week and think oh my. he came at a weekend to beckon me to read the quirky like the cat that i like reading it. security forces and ukraine responsible. during the trip to the actual people practically like a wiki be thinking about fresh coat of the bracket puke right warwick had to take a climate change they said that
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they are thinking that life depression great red tractor but that shouldn't have to cry and try to forget because actually i take it. i waited a week just really neat and clean record. what a powerful river walk area. add to what the sentiment that makes me wonder how does someone kick it back to back should do everything possible to protect health at the martin attention to getting there looking for good. take the metro to watch the people they are at it that we like to think about it right to veto beach today with peaches were told to come by this period to watch everyone offered by what was there to get from academy of arts and very organized and well to catch it on that thought is that it had to date with the family went out and back as the girlies in john kerry's claim that russia could be facing serious economic consequences could be expelled from the g eight that is a big threat. it was a lessening. she had a chair and mentioning me sad not to be made to stand the actions taken me to report identified
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that some of the national average. they make quite clear that at twenty eight win plateau for the rest. i think that that the book and expect that the west should get a brush and ink with a clean electric shock or anything for a bit hectic here and i'm not going into it. i want it to be in here yet. with thate after that we can happen there that shouldn't be a tough week. it didn't hurt that statement from china led into it knowing that she seems that the west actually getting to that theory doesn't think that i'm curious why can't i no one in russia. the west want it the replay calm lake. i cry from moscow. and will keep you updated on all the latest developments from ukraine and
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can't remember then move on to sports. we had to result from bundesliga soccer in sunday's first game of the time delivered its best performance of the year to defeat both thirty six k q and in the second game frankfurt scored late to overcome the cut by two with two one. and while the world waits for the oscar ceremony stick around hollywood favourite films the rats the awards given to the year's most excruciating movies have been announced there as if for worst picture went to the forty three a series of sketch comedies that critics and pushed it tasteless nest to a new low now if you're at sea for worst supporting actor and worst actor went to will smith and his son jayden for their science fiction plot after her the winner suzanne will be falling all the latest developments from ukraine you can join again at the top the next hour for the latest news. are you content or website that speed of the you've got d for homilies disinformation thanks for being with us
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the air. do. i am. and. is
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it. cz the he danced in ukraine dominated the news throughout this week. on monday one of the first decisions by the parliament in kiev wasas to issue an arrest warrant for ousted president viktor yanukovich he's wanted for mass murder following t death o doz f ai vernment ptesters another to por the n government was to d a emergency plan for the economy. the european union's foreign policy chief catherine ashton visited cuba and promised financial aid but only if ukraine introduces a significant reforms. meanwhile russian
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which openly supports victory on a cold which cast doubt on the legality of recent events in ukraine. so going strictly speaking there is no one to talk to their places the government doesn't exist in ukraine itself the divisions between pro european and pro russian forces became increasingly apparent. especially in the crimea region home to russia's black sea fleet progress and demonstrators clashed with supporters of the new administration in kiev. the question to care for almost sixty percent of the population in crimea. and there were fears the province could break away. on wednesday russia announced a major military maneuver along its border with ukraine russia's defence minister said it was a standard exercise. but the flexing of military muscle was clearly designed to send a message to kiev. a court in moscow sentenced seven activists to prison for taking part in
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demonstrations against president lavender putin in twenty twelve the group are accused of promoting violence against the state. they received sentences of up to four years the outside the courtroom protesters slanted of the show trial police arrested some four hundred people including kremlin critic electing a vonage and two members of the punk band was a riot the european union condemned to prison sentences handed down to the activists as disproportionate. also on monday uganda's president you very much of any signed into law a controversial bill the homosexuals jailed for life. bill was passed by parliamt in december designing triggered international condemnation the law not only allows life sentences for homosexuals but also obliges people to report these to the police. many ordinary ugandans support the new law german chancellor uncle america was in israel this week with almost her entire government for two
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days of joint cabinet meetings. the two governments said they had much in common and both voiced concern over iran's nuclear program. prime minister binyamin netanyahu said the example of israel and germany's friendship offers hope for the rest of the world one of them provide an example over though. the daughters of the past week and a recruiter we strive for. strong to transform our relationship into uni. and construct reflection. but the two countries don't agree on everything. israeli settlements in the palestinian territories remain a major sticking point which merkel said could hold back the mideast peace process. but calls for an eu boycott of israeli products she said go too far. we don't believe boycotts will help promote the peace process
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instead we believe negotiations of the way forward. later america was presented with israel's highest civilian honor the two countries also agreed that from now on germany will offer consular services to israelis in countries where israel has no diplomatic relations the turkey's prime minister richard tired area one team under renewed pressure this week. after audio tapes appearing to link him with corruption appeared on the internet. the clips reported to be recordings of conversations between heir to one and his son divorce is just as hiding millions of years in cash from turkish investigators. one told parliament the recordings for shake up aunt kiki is one of his arch rivals of fabricating them in an attempt to de stabilize his government. the recording is triggered fresh protests. you don't want government has been fighting allegations of
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corruption since mid december but opinion amongst ordinary turks is divided over whether the tapes are genuine. his longest militants in northern nigeria stormed a school a tuesday killing fifty nine people. most of the victims were children. witnesses say militants from the group will call her on set fire to a large dormitory at the school as pupils try to escape to the windows the attacker shot at them and slit the throats of some. it was one of a string of attacks blamed on vocal iran who want to establish an islamic state in nigeria germany's top court passed a landmark ruling on the european parliament wednesday the twenty two judges struck down a law that required political parties to win at least three percent of the national vote to enter the parliament. some fear the ruling could open the door for extremist parties. assistance. it's
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something that concerns all of us extend to ensure that extremists or splinter groups that don't make it into any parlance kong some eu member states to set the minimum thresholds for entering the european parliament others don't. the next european elections are scheduled for may. two al qaeda inspired extremists receive long prison sentences in britain on wednesday for murdering an off duty soldier last year. michael a devil why old senior on the left was jailed for life without parole. his accomplice michael a double wall and received a minimum forty five year sentence. the two defendants were convicted of murdering the rigby on a london street. first running him over with the car and then hacking into death the attack provoked shock and anger across britain parts of northern china continued to struggle with alarming levels of smog this
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week. the world famous portrait has not stayed on in beijing was barely visible the city headed sixty of orange smugglers. the second highest level on wednesday later in the week called the winds blew this month for their east ukraine's new interim government took office thursday. parliament approved the pro european opposition leader us any yet send you as prime minister in a landslide vote. the new cabinet which includes a number of leaders from the protest movement convened immediately to discuss the growing turmoil in ukraine's crimea region. bear in the city of sin sorrowful armed men seized the regional parliament building on thursday and raise the russian flag. they called themselves as self defense force for the russian speaking population. on friday unidentified paramilitary units occupied two airports in crimea. there were also russian troop movements on the peninsula
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the ukraine's parliament called for a un security council meeting and warned russia to respect its borders the red eye that says we are appealing to the russian federation to stop moves that show signs of undermining the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. and to seize any kind of support for separatist movement in ukraine. in order. on friday ousted president victory on a cold which resurfaced in russia after a week on the run. she said he's been forced to leave ukraine because his life was under threat. the red carpet treatment awaited german chancellor of the miracle when she visited london on thursday. she was given the rare honor of addressing both houses of parliament david cameron was hoping for support in his efforts to reform the eu to satisfy the euro skeptics in his party. but the german councilor did not oblige. i'm expecting nice piece of tape delay for every parliamentary form of the european
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architects of which was second by all kinds of events on deck should british witches. i'm afraid. they are in for disappointment the miracle was also pessimistic regarding london's demands for restrictions on workers freedom of movement. but at a joint press conference the two leaders stressed the things they do agree on but it will see change in you. we believe the changes post. the chancellor later met with the queen for tea on the miracles stressed the importance of freedom for europe. but she did not come bearing gifts as some may have hoped. germany's former president chris young voice was acquitted on corruption charges thursday ending the first ever trial of a former german head of state the court cleared wolf of wrongdoing in a case that prompted his resignation two years ago. prosecutors claim that both accepted payment of
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around seven hundred heroes and hotel costs from film producer topic of old and in exchange help to raise support for a movie project the presiding judge called the amounts peanuts and said there was no compelling evidence against the accused at the end of the week german foreign minister from hunter steinmeier was in washington for talks dominated by the turmoil in ukraine. the head of the international monetary fund. christina got pledged to send the teachings he ever really make sweet yet to establish how much financial aid ukraine needs. steinmeier later met with his us counterpart john kerry. kerry appealed directly to russia to respect ukraine's territorial integrity. but the russian parliament later approved the use of its military forces in crimea anti government protests continued throughout the week in venezuela with daily reports of violence. another
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man was shot dead friday during clashes with police in caracas. officials say a national guard soldier was also killed. students in opposition supporters have been venting their anger over high inflation and a shortage of basic goods in the country president nicolas mature oaks killed what he called peace meetings this week. but members of the opposition were largely absent. they've refused to enter dialogue until madeira releases demonstrators who were being held in jail. and stops the government's harsh crackdown on the protest movement. but also on friday over two hundred african migrants broke into the spanish enclave of mumia allowing them to reach european union territory they made it by stealing a heavily guarded border fence that separates the territory from africa. it was one of them begins to man's crime scenes in recent years the number of people seeking
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to cross from north africa has increased dramatically this year. an estimated thirty thousand people are said to be camp's new mill the anc led to another spanish enclave on rockers coast. all hoping to cross into spain. and that concludes our review of the week's news. so on the last thing on is wanted is. lingering relaxing and taking out time and afterward he said it received a call about my use. i use. i am
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you can go to school. use no baby yet. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. lulu long ruling
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will rule. the uh . i am the comte de musique salt ratio in this week's missile didn't bother going off to spend a lot of it. if the victim and austin united states


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