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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  March 3, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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two years. gts. one day tv experience political motives corner to corner when needed i'll change womb. the you cannot do everything in china josh was there. the kids the more. you'll end up money matters. we're looking clock. no question that i was
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thinking this was the driving force. the recorder woke up with the cap. finally got it today. barbara to people online let's take a look that up. like earrings. heard from people they know it the doctor. trust me up when it does today. and to meeting of top political advisor to the audi. the two bodyguards chinese people's political consultative conference. andy and peace from god for comfort. i can't people do it to a collective net usage as the sun was funny and february. three point three million people. the topic confession the top three tops for security. the club when drug safety for residents on how to read than the other hand topic finaly the tiny percent of net users that they cannot afford to bear the current housing crisis. of record the many
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thousands of members of the ppp. might not feel the need to increase the financial meeting. i stood on top. that is to get disappear from that discussion. the chinese coverage for st to the and the resulting you've heard that it is the former will be held the march to the last part today. that comes to reconnect with the available during the two thousand the theater. the debate is for preview to the members all. as in previous years. i felt bad about seven thousand three hundred us dollars comfortable playing in beijing. give it a lot of attention for chinese media all these mini rest of the baking of tools menu
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with two hundred and two for breaking the tradition. with more portable one. pennington was able to catch the ball to beirut. finally from security to the arctic competition earning money for electric vehicle. with new energy china's recent years the charges patients aren't huge demand for defying the two thousand thirteen the integration of participation of entrecard was going to one of the ratio of china the only point two five. eight dollars and thirty dumping cars to be putting new pentagon report in two thousand and two respectively. you could tell that the hundred percent for state and each year by two thousand and ten. the prophet in charge of trust over fifty percent. the companies are not going to outsource to appeal to others many years manufactured girl in the top of the sacred corporations and southern power grid anyway technical market don't go with. money matters were to let time the horse
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riding club. they didn't. in chinese odi coulter who can read your report. lucky and find a buck or two when a product like the pf the full force and the gold emblem the popular web two and like my hunger to which the money right now. all the way to welcome the new year in compared to the popular product of her main image is of course the real horses are having a much harder time in china. medieval forthright in clementine are struggling today. surprising cheap but the popularity of course writing chinese people will surprise me lo. when it comes to a question for you to meet the people. before they can report the very popular tradition in the period of chinese history. in sixteen forty four to nineteen eleven the emperor to moment for st was extremely popular
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the midterm keep order varies of course running to the mall in court. nowadays for three to lead the people who hold the inner mongolia when mr templeton on down there which is not a traditional sport event month old kitten. the book directly to our tree as well. you could transport the patient does make some real impact for both the hong kong. they would invent a lot of attention at that time. a large number of chinese people got two more to the sport well. let the emergence of many horse riding clubs in china. indeed there are more than one hundred horse riding club the condition the olympics are the key. do not reach out to tender for feeding or training courses. most common problem of course running club. they coughed up a printed them and then. it showed that ninety percent worth running club with his money now. pick up a lot of money to people for thinking that able to keep everything clean. the cause of much higher than hurting the club to many working in the red chinese media that he could
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report. comfort is how to work. the membership fees for the club will tell you this strategic port of course very high in all a cordial horse riding club and horse riding classes a week off of the pacific the few dollars in total. of course is rethinking doubt if you don't teach typing. glad to help to take those classes the membership fees are not very possible that either with all the cooking to look a ton of course riding club agent. welcome back to chart a friend watch. money matters for toddler time of course running club. the porsche club. anna are struggling to make money. the couple off when you take care of the horses. and according to the club were pretty high both of their earnings come from membership fee to left with the big money to pull the cop would put the video course pretty power play
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the most expensive membership card for about three thousand each year. if anyone remembers the club now the content. each year. you cannot help it appears opera to top it all for a portrait club. got the body course this could be a big financial burden. reports written to talk about the kids out there are reports. i'm more domestic. in addition the peak period as well the doctor feels worse about eight thousand two hundred toys. there are large billboard club that will be sent to more than a hundred fifty thousand us dollar through it. i believe are caught a cold other than that the total pledged to really have a costume of course riding club. the fourth writing really want to make money. we have a live option either they have to reduce the over seventy feet or the fact that del port. it's
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a pretty common thing is going to show off their horse competition to perform it the market and better which can reach down and that it is done well they can tell the court that much higher price. it is possible for love to read the book is about a hundred dollars for each one. meanwhile most of the report. the key to report about the club after they buy them. they then need to take hundred us dollars for each month. defeating concentrating. you can guarantee they will perk was inclined to believe interpreting typical important than teaching left all horse riding clubs are struggling though. locals are actually doing very well able to distinguish them the visit. the more likely to appear extremely wealthy individual. remember to feed her a vip member in the oval cricket million us dollars one year. because of the super wealthy clientele the built up a struggle that
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the provinces of all the right club. keeping up of course people can be very expensive. for the individual who didn't get to the medical cures like go to mongolia could not afford to pay the people who can afford to write freely on a port in major chinese cities are the super wealthy. with the cute well the spirit of the country is not likely that the bull puppy like you quickly. going to request the day. writing course. i doubt or question today what if they didn't give it to take on issues affecting them people mistreat the built up a riding horse. what do people have about the current tuition. to do it the worst race to the club and deployed during my lunch and a team comprised in short it is a little horse riding is also
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good for children to practice the correct gauge. we're striving to become so popular now as they related to improving living standards he went and joined worth making. he helped me make many friends. i think lincoln. many have never heard of keno. during the when i was so polite and i were the days my friends will like it should be instead of orange rind. horse riding with interest collect and before we write of course happy to see mickey with them during the day. frustrating it is really good. i have time money and went to i think many of the preview bad
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it can be read in part to do they can be happy. for physical gold. we can put it with them. the costume. it's good to them. kim straightened up. i could get worse. everton have to send the week. use or sell them to rich people. at night. i think the cake. many people like the feeling of content like helping hand. we take a look at trentham on the life in china. high taxes the magazine published a global pact misery index in two thousand and three china
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the country. i applied for in the world. with the chinese government's right to defend the continuing debate topic twenty percent of the report recently the chinese academy of sciences published report about china's appetite for per capita. the black theater the chinese to think wellpoint i truly feel that it wasn't until the new colors. that number by the cooked to one point three billy to people and each time he didn't have to think about the rent. the government six hundred us dollars in taxes and teacher. in an isolated organization. based on their average income of chinese did it and get down to one hundred per couple. the tape was that people will go to that. something that the chinese government is reluctant to admit it. now the people know it. when polls are open to replace the tax burden. and with that
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the article pointed out into the boot button. the chinese government. the dublin thousand us dollars the number of developed countries the us japan germany france italy and uk sold fourteen thousand years you put capital into what the church. trowbridge was bought by the wall drinking people believe that. if using two thirds of total revenue for people's livelihoods the dentist each individual developed countries. ninety thousand dollars by comparison in chinese percent to one thousand people daily point out that country's tax burden can be bought the piece. the practical revenue. with all of them after tax burden. the chinese academy of social sciences research shows that it doesn't well. typical revenue accounted for thirty five of china's gdp. why compare the world average after tax was up forty percent
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therefore the people daily at that time the tax burden isn't it true that the new perspective. one thousand six hundred all the people of the per capita too low. but the fact is that every penny the body the economic observer report to government that in that he occupied the major part of art in two thousand turks. education health care housing and go slow or too small i called to water cost of edition of infrastructure the deal more than thirty percent of it all ready to be fully considered the social welfare costs the great even less than ten percent. the one thousand six hundred dollars to go run to cap it all ready to blow reaching twenty to thirty livelihood. nevermind appeal to convince people that try to tax burden is acceptable chinese dinners years old who expressed their peak and
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the label one row quo tactician could totally unreadable. we journeyed clapton companies to undertake a heavy burden rich people and i can barely pick the large gap in cars social tennis. another one in green quo. the tax burden can be strung up by the workers. they have to suffer from a ten week of the work. the meager wages in the end of the patriot is paid to government act. with the millions of chinese migrant workers. i'd like to read in the world. another way for user with opal. i don't know if i peeled one packet. the ideal budget expenses was much faster than my salary i'm having more difficulty with that situation. finally we put you to conclude well. the chinese government tried to report to pack the stuff the fundamental goal is to reduce government and people kept it down to combat any kind of reform is just a formality. if you only look
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to climb to the data the whole story and the people's daily article please of numbers that the chinese government the country's enormous wealth for the still acute lack of infrastructure spending voted to apply a bit different. major changes chinese are hoping for to include lord for what becomes political. the charity moving on we lined up location under the carpet the day. today the people that treat me how much they cost a little worse for deer would take a look again. i know it and then in nineteen ninety two dollars one point in your body in perfect health. i remember i write a
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word. holiday the weekend when it tried to get my camera it should be done. i think i am off to ride a horse did find the intercom and i'm very interested in force to look a little to help me stay in good health i think should be fun the color i think you can make. our friend the book opens and corrupt. today it is several thousand dollar commitment. i'd like to search for straws you choke on tv. the torn up. with people whose work is good for help and it makes you happy when i want to write this of course read the nature i think. children can build
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harmony. i caught the end the court. leak pumpkin looking to get out of the two thousand olympics in beijing will try to be more popular. you were inclined to adopt in beijing. but many of them are with me. it cost a lot to all the careful course when we were trotting club the price of course mcginty italy's twenty five thousand offices here. i'm now comfortable with it. we dig deeper to the question shaping the future empress of china. today will but don't tell the according to the affected by newcomers. e commerce has been going badly and down the meantime. e commerce companies look to get a pic of admitting that they can possibly happen there are a lot of lucrative industries that can benefit
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from the expedient to the internet. some people are giving it a shot the country's largest e commerce. baba has made you of the pharmaceutical company in the hobbit. because that's not the owner of a one billion yuan one hundred sixty million dollars to purchase online at it like that. the two of the first appealed to the kind of like note that the plight of the market that are worth the price. early one hundred ninety four licences issued by the chinese government the pharmaceutical companies to make your life. all of the companies are limited to going offline. without a well known class. all the bbq downtown would be like and pharmaceutical companies will be making. medical petitioned the farmer can read it rather than customers bullpen with a couple christina find it. hopefully after the leak of a productive life newcomers might change the current medical help model. we came up with a major upgrade from
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to let ali baba was telling that it didn't work out a life like tails the fraudulent emails were from retailers. facts are information provider rather than actual talent. the price not much different retailers hooking the reader like to take a bottle. what a cute cute cute agreed. emo can get good advertising marketing for pharmaceutical companies with the promotion. also after five brokerage company chemo. directly connected to reach to the manufacturers the intermediate it's like retailers. the cost or pharmaceutical products to be much lower. would that be to do nothing but benefit consumers. a coroner's court sitting on the intermediate cost me very appealing to the pharmaceutical industry the article by that an industry research network shows a lot of you might think of it. enterprise that are making profit from the farmers are putting the tree. the country and to
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us all to please her kindness but until the matter doctors they can also buy the medicine online the article course the chinese awful pick up over eighty percent of the market share from the industry. chinese law act to regulate a prescription medicine should not be sold online. he would like to court. the article ultimate another problem with having e commerce in the pharmaceutical business the problem with toothpick africans are part of the ship like to think of it all i chopped it cannot be kept in it. the article to the shooting that would eventually be completed by the pharmaceutical companies what to read it. the two door model is not very popular in china. there are four hundred and forty thousand received in the country. only god can change from nationwide the articles that make it nearly impossible for pharmaceutical companies to the dominican team of humor
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and fell. well according to the article. there's a limited number of consumers we will get you to all my crap and providing mentors as briefly to hold national health insurance to more people are getting insurance card in an epic fail. to be a long term profits for the chinese government to conduct their health insurance that comes to online shopping platform a dish with the article points out that middle age and elderly people are the major and former coca products the new comers to purdue years. elderly people are not too familiar with the internet and online shopping. the major consumers enough to meet review of the shopping method. there is a big market for farmers throughout china. wouldn't take much to motivate company to get it but there are major obstacles that prevented from growing. the biggest obstacle to the credibility of all and have a computer cable customers and logistics behind in the product. it will prompt the collegiate gold mine. we are tired from
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today's episode of china price watch. the latest on the cost of living in china until then you can view any protect all lined up with tv i've documented. sis . i
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will put them on and then stamping has an eye on a condom on and as i get them but that's a good today. andy and insisted on death and yes these young women what has changed within ten years since coalition forces helped oust the taliban following the nine eleven attacks in the united states. well
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the bank. i love how much money funding that can turn on. as i learned of another family name. i maintain that bad time for bed. in the toilet and didn't allow schools for women. so too does among the country to rebuild them from scratch but that is the key yet it does get them out but given to me and them to do my add any that would be given idc study of the dc city of what it says is that we know that you and if the heat is about to come on the blue plaid and go outside get in the collective pants and played the scene of this menace of a fatty meal and that was the one that the moment. my mother and not one this time of five one that would now ten years on the students in the fiscal see the conditions have improved and continue to improve that analyzes have the right. i mean an authentic life of one as bad
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as it was to stare at us and know they had woken up by now but the pretending that i love love the fifties of us love about when i'm on the side as to get ready so that was in on it and being with a no contest on the side young afghan women are now passing competitive entrance exams and the universities which in turn offers a broader career choices and opportunities. in other other than that gave them to not feel as if i'm distracted. ms has denied as he estimates that he's forgotten that it is at the mamak. the story of school. whoever's not representative of afghan education in general. many schools especially in rural or unstable regions desperately need teachers to provide basic education for only. serious goes an exceptionally good government funded school and coupled with the well salary faculty in the scorching young women talk like the future nationally. the nasa the national gay and that two times last winter to come into the mother cannot tell if it's found on the essay
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contests and the sun that's the fun of the painting inside the meat into the sandbox. it's clear the one afghanistan to be led by asking its puny opportunity to talk about nine eleven. the intro to many roses the u s and coalition forces for the military intervention instead the priests the unity encourages the afghan people down the continent in the state of oneness of prominent on the bus and that the hypothetical settlement of them have them up on a song with a kick at the heineken cup tonight looking to hijack the car seat. i must determine our money on closings on the curb my best work. i am not a clash of the shots and one fish at the chef's hat i then set them up and said that new high. and she has an
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assumption that time the company assets. in that race is the afghan ministry of education is equally measures. well that's my next long run. at the top has left the guest services as the decade and a mazda two game lead on a single mum i said and friday with aching and that i should stress on the side of town so that they eat the stuff they give you the men that time. and what is the first time that month that i didn't have a dish to share. so much. one senses that the boldness of the stitching the fifteen year old young women comes from feeling real responsibility for the future of the country and they say it's much more. i'm a sucker stick an end to mass and then look back this up with and tonight i couldn't lie that support the continent and to say k and not mount any aspects that most of that push kl. ed collect as that was when they answer the prayer but that in itself and with it for my guest writers begin with that other for the both of us ever seen but this fas with the set and i improve my times a day
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and an eye. i studied. i can tell the summit takes place at it that the world gets them through this if we win the contest. i can't just roll them in afghanistan. you might to st kitts was in the lead. cos breaking news on wednesday. so much the eagles to play. stocks while. going uses you would
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want one or two will. do the us the owner. welcome to nhk world newest one and you know tommy until chilled here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. red cross officials from japan and north korea will hold forth on sunday to returning the remains of japanese who died on the korean peninsula and the end of world war. a suicide attack and ordered the islamic bomb has killed at least eleven officials and pakistan say. jace is a mom but dad. and russia


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