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tv   Arirang News  PBS  March 3, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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draw against north korea fire short range missiles into the sea for the second time in a week. experts fear the move as leaders objection to the ongoing south korea u s military draft the advises travelers to cancel their plans due to price has taken me a region of ukraine as the g seven nations condemned russia's military intervention. a lawmaker on toast it decides not to go to loathe after all and teams up with the existing main opposition to create a new political party in time for the june elections. i've done
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didn't speak spanish. eye chart the senate career and hello to those of you were watching from around the world its money where its third year in seoul and pk and thumb and pinky so much for joining us. we begin with a jolt you injure korean relations that kicked off the start of this week north korea fired two short range missiles off its eastern coast on monday morning is the second set swanson under week in south korea's defense ministry condemned the move and said it is keeping a close watch for additional provocations upon some he has her top story. south korea's defence ministry remains on high alert after north korea fired by her belief that seemed to stretch the short range missiles into the east
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sea early monday morning the ministry said the missiles flew about five hundred km which means they can hit targets in south korea and japan. the lunch comes just days after the north fired four short range missiles from the same location. such launches of short range missiles by kenny and are a common part of its regular military trials but soul sees the latest string of law it is as an intentional provocation in protest against annual joint military exercises between south korea and the united states. under the company's north korea short range ballistic missile launch appears to be a typical two sided tactic. the north seems to be intentionally rationing of tensions by firing the missiles during the key result exercises. south korea views north from the sbc missed a lot says as the violation of the un security council resolutions as a handful of un sanctions and every team from using
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ballistic missile technology experts say bunches of this sort are considered a low degree of provocation compared to last year's fever rattling from kenya which included threats of nuclear war against seoul and washington. the state cabinet colleague inter korean ties experts say could be a north korean intend to build its crown before entering another round of negotiations with the south. on sunny and nice north korea and japan's red cross representatives held talks in china after the first time in more than the year on this monday during the first round of the meeting the two sides agreed to continue negotiations on the possible repatriation of the remains of japanese nationals buried in the north. mckinnon been reports. after six hours the red cross talks in the northeastern chinese city of shenyang on monday. north korea agreed to cooperate and
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repeat reading the remains of japanese nationals. although more specifics were not released. the three day talks the person's prime minister shinzo law that took office in late twenty paul were proposed by the north. they were led by the eulogy and secretary general the norse red cross society and also with us aka director general of the international department at the japanese red cross he said soon after the meeting that officials from both countries need to meet great relief to discuss the repatriation issue. top senior diplomats from both foreign ministry has attended the meeting. but there's speculation that the pail was to talk about telling our repeat reading japanese inductees were still live in the north. the japanese government was seventeen nationals of police were abducted by north korea in the nineteen seventies and eighties. tokyo however suspects come down a hack and that more of devotees were repatriated to japan in two thousand to. japan has been requesting that north korea
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reinvest it would note that these are. north korea continues to urge tokyo to compensate for the suffering of the korean people during japan's brutal colonization of the korean finance and early to mid twentieth century. in the gazette this government will address crime while standing by the clinicians including all of the sentiments of his initial on it and will have to agree no proactive it's kinda out of north korea and what could be a first step toward resuming full blown official discussions between north korea and japan. eyes are focused on whether the red cross meetings will lead to formal bilateral talks between the two governments. back in twenty twelve the first on a level meeting between the two countries was held in four years after similar red cross discussions. the fall of talks were scrapped after north korea launched a long range rockets. dunedin. itn news. a christian missionary from australia who had been detained in north korea for around two weeks is a free man today. the north's
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official korean central news agency says to retain the least seventy five year old son to work in consideration of his age and because they say he apologized for violating north korean moms are left free trip to north korea last month and was arrested after officials found christian pamphlets in the korean language in his luggage. his tally to write the beijing airport monday morning was picked up by the australian embassy without making any comments. and that's here in the south president happen hence as prohibition of the unified korea will go beyond overcoming division will aim to trading in future for the peninsula north east asia and the word present i've made the comments and the asian leadership conference in seoul on monday where she also added that there would be no fear of war a war nuclear threats in a unified korea. the rather freedom and peace for koreans to a joint present ideas and reaffirmed her recently announced commitment to set up a presidential preparatory
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committee for re unification she also met with former us president george w bush who is in seoul for monday's conference and thanked him for continuing his diplomatic activities to strength in the korean us alliance the extra steak on the latest developments unfolding on the korean peninsula we drink this video about thirteen k a time professor at korea national diplomatic academy. think of ht night. well professor this morning's missile launches by north korea where in the second in just a week. it followed though some warmer relations between north korea and south korea which included a high level diplomatic ties and and also the family the unions. hmm is that is north korea being two faced or are they saving face in mind of our alleged drills with the gulag on the eye with though i would argue that the causes that brought this new more then move in
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saving face to go this time the filing of four and two missiles since the coup de tat this is all just the usual intentional provocation. good target to bet the currently ongoing auntie resold the us korea u s military into male and another the envoy jon miller three pearls between the united states and south korea will end next month that avril eighteenth to be exact. um what we see more of these provocations until then enjoy knowing beyond that of the cockpit of more cases but then. the point is that it could reopen vocation i wouldn't of st that north korea what cross the point that old who retired i mean the might of the so called cases but then the interests of the group are vocations that says simply select the demonstration. over the weekend president fox called on north korea to
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resume family reunions on a regular basis that she didn't mention the missile launch from last week he is she taking on a step back from a hardline trust politic approach war is more flexibility needed in this and this time of isaac relational up i just don't like. the from the rope offending you and i don't but then it is to rectify a detour of hard feelings just hope it's because there's no focus unlike the park no interest in politics by his cellphone and trust called the snowshoe in the polls emotional post pulpits. it's very possible to put precisely on the one hand we are in bloom will be. we are in and will be a very cute running. and for a little scope for patients because of this doesn't count as a provocation that nope but then don't keep some people are actually saying it is a provocation. so which one is in the nose print that this
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beast recently when one does not have a vision of the vocation intended location so i may end up offer my perspective what this is all the super vocation but that if the point is that i'm no surprise that one. we're also seeing is a series of north korean efforts to break international isolation of rulers have yet seen the release of an australian missionary and also engaging in dry crust topped with japan when you make of these moves and what this somehow bring about positive effects in the inner serenely. yes we are well adapted to the too optimistic. of course the oncoming given again kyiv based on my understanding of the most korean friends headed to the tool onto a true portrait of the north koreans who committed thing to do was to consume and he has so far greater emphasis on a concrete construction in general which means that they need they need somewhere to park once the bacon club rationing chemical corporation through with that but the south korea own soul
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you know that our local indian economy and how active i think though we could be piped up in the closest we have come across this the crisis it might be optimistic the boat most of south korea relationship and iron. umno's korea on trying to be our overnight isolation. professor kim thank you so much for joining us tonight and share your insights. thank you very much into that thinking the yorkie me to do these stories in korea and around the world. breaking news the hottest interview and a whole lot more. join the need of shamanic and from the heart of seoul. my chinese. well i can't stand on and on tv the changing political landscape scenes in at the bowl as the leaders of korea's two opposition parties announced plans over
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two weekends the wants a new coalition party that will be up and running ahead of local elections in june after one has this report following the surprise merger plan announced by deterring the eagerness of main opposition knots in the wedding party in the eighteen ninety eight and nine ten seal up the new political beat him pretty well start pouring the nation from wings eight to prepare the groundwork with the new party. within three to complete necessary procedures are forming a new party before the accountable for directions. thank you in any setting up the preparatory committee comprised of five members from each party down to the both parties in conclusion head for the creation of the new nike party as soon as possible and then to achieve a transfer of powers in the presidential election in two thousand and eight. the second your party will not nominate candidates for local council and won elections in the upcoming
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junior actions such as municipal councilor directions and will purchase the council elections. a major party's nomination for the local council member and actions has not even considered a source of corruption and brides. we decided not to nominate candidates for local wards and local council member elections in the june elections. this decision has been made after pondering what choices would be necessary to achieve the transfer of government in twenty seventeen. the new party will focus on the livelihoods of people and establishing apparently in an expense that along with a focus on launching pad their investigations into the spy agency's medley in two thousand twelve presidential election. with it correctly insiders say he expects the extent during the merger process. the announcement of the koran the sting team as of the surprise especially considering i'm sure soon declared just the matter of weeks ago and he went on to spill a new political party
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and says he felt to be assured about the merger plan when the gpt said it didn't give up the controversial nomination says that the gps can be in a general meeting of the test and lead managers on monday to discuss future direction of the court instead. the senate party denounced the merger and calling coalition that is kelley cain a short term political gain and during elections. i am the new ones tens of thousands of medical doctors here in korea have announced that they will stage a one day strike next monday and then a six day long protest starting march twenty fourth. the government however says he won't just idly sit by and let a medical crisis unfold. are you leon reports on what's ahead with an overwhelming yes that was almost eighty percent of the korea medical association has decided to go ahead with the nationwide walkout from our tent. the protests is
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the first in fourteen years and given that over half of all practicing doctors nationwide protests defeated in the boat. it potentially dealing huge blow to the medical industry and to patients in need of medical service as doctors in korea are furious about a government plan announced late last year to introduce tele medicine and for profit hospital subsidiaries. their concerns to mr lay the groundwork for privatizing medical services dr is getting extremely desperate given to the attic the fec. so many will voluntarily take part in the strike. the ministry of health and welfare is pointing reassured the that the strike will not lead to damage inconvenience. given that they expect the participation rates to link twenty to thirty per cent range. the governor has also vowed to take legal measures against those who take part in the strike. we are frugal double faulted to resume operations. if he does
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not do so. the missiles handed the phone the wahhabi sizzle presents for fifteen days it'll all in all most the ruling and opposition parties have slammed the decision calling on the medical association to call off to walk out for the sake of peace and help but since both the government and the medical association or refusing to back down. not many are holding much hope for a compromise any time soon. beauty and an attendance. the rain ukraine as tensions remain sky high over russia's perceived power grab for the nation the current crisis is like a group of seven nations to condemn russia for invading ukraine at the castle preparations for an upcoming g eight summit. this is an enhanced if he counts the international community
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is stepping up pressure on russia to pull its troops out of ukraine ukrainian potential of remains under the control of russian soldiers. the group of seven major industrialized nations on sunday condemned moscow's invasion of ukraine and even cancel preparations for an upcoming g eight summit scheduled to be placed in a silky in jail. us secretary of state john kerry who will arrive in kiev on tuesday has condemned russia for what it called an incredible act of aggression and wind back the country has a lot to lose if it presses on with its current course of action. in an interview with nbc meet the press kerry said a stronger message saying that could ultimately the acid present in these at the end and implications on tree the us congress has already called for sanctions against russia. this parliament has already given the greenlight to expressing the gluttony or prudent to use military force to protect its citizens in
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ukraine. defying calls from the international community not to intervene. over the weekend ukraine mobilize its military for a possible confrontation with russia which it previously dispatched more than six thousand troops to train me up. some even surrounded several small ukrainian military al post demanding forces there to disarm. on sunday ukraine's meeting chief defected to russia after having been appointed just ideally before. russia has also been staging military exercises involving one hundred and fifty thousand troops along its border with ukraine. see jenny and i ten years. global news updates from the annual meeting of china's parliament to the winners at the academy awards because it was heaven for poly standing by at the new center to bullets star with the latest out of beijing. will china's top political body open its ninety section in the great hall of the people on monday
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some party and state leaders were in attendance including present sheeting paying nearly could change the twenty two hundred deputies attending the annual session of the chinese people's critical consultant conference will discuss major issues concerning the country's development then the other main topics on the agenda include china's economic growth forecast for relations reform policies and tackling chronic pollution the event however has been overshadowed by a deadly ninth attack at a train station in the southwestern chinese city of kunming staying in china authorities there are continuing their investigation into the cone the knife attack that killed at least twenty nine people and injured over one hundred thirty others this past weekend. two days after the attack security remains tight around the train station in south western china. in one news agency says police on four of the attackers dead and captured one of the five others are still on the run beijing has claimed the attack on weaker muslim
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separatists information gained in china's far west china's domestic security chief has now all out efforts to bring those responsible to justice polish of things over to california united states hollywood is a buzz right now with the see of the film industry's top stars celebrating this year's oscar winners tell us about some of the highlights from sunday's awards ceremony. will they eighty six the county words wrapped up with this year's host ellen degeneres making a huge splash. she is able to work the whole room with her witty singers and even took the time to break the world record for the most re tweeted photographing history with a picture of picturing a list celebrities among tonight's big winners include the historical drama twelve years the slate which won best picture and best adapted screenplay. the film isn't a destination of the eighteen fifty three men who are my soul in north up. it was kidnapped and sold into slavery i dedicate this award to older people who had
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the usual slavery. added twenty one million people who still stop but slavery today thank you very much thank you. meanwhile the state's drum of gravity stole the night with seven oscars mexican director alfonso call rowan got the nod for best director for gravity making him the first latin american to win the war. and matthew mcconaughey won best actor for his performance in dallas buyers club. that wraps up our look at inter national stories making headlines. i'll see you back here again tomorrow night all of last week we had hired and seasonal average temperatures but it came with high levels of falling down since right now like your spring rain is on its way for more let's go over try kimball down at the weather center again. the tv guys love spring rain is forecast in the southern regions from
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tomorrow or wednesday which will peak in eighteen ten two after this round of rain numbers will take it after the latter half of that week but are allowed and it invites the weather looks to be clear and dry average white band of this month the southern regions will get a lot of drainage taking a leg at the current conditions well we're currently seeing clear skies due to high pressures this. things are looking quite different for tomorrow. take a look at five to thirty mile radius of visitation and other parts of the southern region's five to ten millimeters and the kids had a daytime highs will take between ten to thirteen degrees so please continue to be aware that the temperature at the clinic day and i taking the lead at tomorrow's reading itself the top the day at zero degrees but the height of eleven team of ten plus and reached twelve looking on sale at every chance that the man said to make it to the low teens while all the tops out at second. but although whether they occur via an obvious and
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add to the bank. the welcome to prime time sports on tv instead. the starting with golf. let's go to the pga and a likely winner in march from the pga national in palm beach florida to take on the honda classic trophy that's twenty four year old russell henley the joint warrior mcilroy muscle knots and ryan palmer forty four man playoff after they all and the regulation of hunger and reclaimed the eighteenth hole. mcilroy knox and palmer whole heart. while manly to put it this way too wordy and his second pga to wear with it. mcilroy had led for most important before melting down in the final round where he scored five gold pieces and a double bogey. meanwhile tiger woods with rule after the thirteenth hole due to back spasms which have been
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popping into play. now it's the lpga american paula creamer got her first win in over three and a half years in a dramatic finish on the second playoff hole the games is our own moon yells she was seventy five feet from the hole and facing a purty that i had expected a two putt. she took her stroke partner recklessly was a perfect fit with the ball home and into the cop afterwards kramer called her tenth career when one of her favorites. well their championship but will definitely be one of history's favorites as well and coming back to the country. south korea's sochi olympics medallist were presented with their prize money in a ceremony at stores ten and skating rink the location was sitting as all of team korea's medals three golds three silvers and bronzes came from skating short record box and he earned the most with over fifty thousand dollars corporate thousand meter and three thousand meter relay golds and five hundred peter
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brock's just. and heading to major league baseball a piece of baseball history will be rated in monday's pre season game between been no walking through worse and chicago cops. the expanded me play roles will go into effect for the first time why the scope of which plays can be reviewed from just home runs to pace when a fan interference and ground rule double calls amongst others now managers will also be allowed one challenge per day and one more if they get the first one right. and ending off with football in england manchester city to see that sunderland three the one in the capital one cup finals. sunderland scored in the first ten minutes of the match putting the sky blues on edge and villas in the fifty fourth minute that the guy had to erase a long range shot but the scores level before a little over a minute later samir nasri but man city over the top. he added one more in stoppage time before taking the match and wasting the league cup
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trophy. and that's all i have for now this has been stated sent us you back here at midnight for more from the world of sports. right things even as the broadcasts on this monday night tending to him so then trial and thanks for watching the season. i was. the event i did. i like it i'm quite
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sure. it's all probably older than my eyelids. right now
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see she still goes unnoticed she's not into me. the issue could be. in the nation's job to type which automotive students work on it. from the local branch. we are and employment training. you change the channel can be agreed to a deepak. a recipient of the adt case no educational shrinking project one day. a project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially low income families the country's growing industry. it's okay to tape machines and the courts to improve. the curricula upgraded i'm trying to teach the mission between companies and educational schools are encouraged students can be placed into the becoming full time employees. here in
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the company we provide an opportunity for students to practice with the new school in a new working environment dinner and the scenery in the bb do some practice at school. here they do it in real work and practice what they learn. let's teach students to the castel school employment placement of graduation. i don't know who used to hearing skills. like how when you turn. i mumbled i bought the hat that makes it look good when posting about that. ryan looked great on. to help me in finding that the claimant. the brick wall. i'm glad obama is the key to reaching government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education. we should
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pull out of a detainee and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclones. they will not scratch it. you knew me in moving moving moving breaking news at all seem to not smoke or amy is no norm than the caves commands an anti ukrainian and fourth division says it will forgo the borders of local authorities bringing the total number of treats this week's least almost six thousand plus. he is well nigh he created the crisis in ukraine and how they did it russia's foreign minister response to threats of isolation essentials of the country's most is on ukraine. teasing someone the west of the sky making the places in


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