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tv   The Debate  PBS  March 3, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the network. you knew and moving with them eye. russia has made its move. crimea effectively under moscow's control leading beleaguered ukrainian forces. confined to barracks. and so far reducing nato and the european union the status of top shops so far. yes there are calls from reprisals and sanctions. they come from a continent though one third of its natural gas from russia. true the moscow stock market nose diving more than ten percent this month investors running for cover how much it will weigh on the mind of the kremlin that
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claims it's merely protecting its citizens. amid the parallels to russia's two thousand a war with georgia some even comparing this croc nineteen sixty eight as putin once again donald trump the west. what response can we expect. falling on a response what's the outlook for crimea for ukraine the rest of russia's neighbors today in the falls and get to the puts and makes his move in with the cia to talk about it here on this awesome kit today. our phones and gets douglas herbert has been reporting live from the crimean peninsula. he joins us from their record fall to exact a director of the mccain institute for international leadership and former united states ambassador to nato and enjoyed our meal my mom senators senator here in paris for the ump party representing the french abroad. also with us silverstein of bowling. you can read. once a fortnight in the international york times
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are calm and adjourned dimitri minute london bureau chief of the voice of russia were also pleased to join mr di marco. deputy chair of the russian forum on international affairs former member of the tomb of the false identity we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter hatch act s two for debate. um. i want to begin with you. does this hard because the situation has been evolving i guess you can see by the hour both in cheyenne stories and also in crimea we've had denials now on the part of russian forces that the launch any kind of ultimatum. against the ukrainian forces stationed there. what are you hurt on your. well exactly what you're saying purcell as for the ultimatum the ad the russian defense ministry and this is now according to russian media sources of calling it utter nonsense
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you know the year the regional talk of this ultimatum was i a russian news agency report. interfax cited someone close to the ukrainian defense ministry. it was hearsay based on hearsay based on hearsay. you have to take everything very prudently in a story like this on a lot of the russian news agencies in particular have the most to you you almost feel like you can use to tyneside as sounding boards to lead to float. sometimes you know rumors and theories. suppose the facts that turned out to be on refuted afterwards of what i can tell you is the situation the past couple of days here from where we are in the administrative capital of the crime yes in pro ball has been really extraordinary on and surreal at the same time. um it's not a classic coup d'etat in the sense of personal coup d'etat czar typically internal affairs states again states. this is it's basically green men in camouflage uniforms who as i actually now have their own
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twitter has tagged the silent ones because the days we were really even allowed to want to call them russians even that was the big issue rate in town and just about everyone we spoke to would say of course the russians and they'd say you'd speak to their supporters standing on the sidelines the pro russian elements made state not she id not she meaning they are ours they are one of us. so really the pretense is now all but dropped everyone except the fact that in some way shape or form. these greek and men in camouflage uniforms by bearing no identifying insignia toting masks that wearing masks toting a machine guns a surrounding the parameters of military installations throughout the crimea. these are in fact forces allied in some way shape or form with russia whether or not they want to officially acknowledge it or where any identifying insignia an extraordinary because it's been. if you want me to call it a coup or news that we're all using haitian descent into the silent invasion which is by creating facts on
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the ground ich is essentially what they have done facts on the ground day after day. you have a situation which almost de facto at this point. russian is consolidated control of the police the military the interior ministry the security installations and now the big military installations in the last ones that couldn't possibly remained loyal to the new authorities in kiev said truly extraordinary turn of events and people covered wars of covered lots of today cause they say they haven't quite seen anything like this you tube like you did to prague earlier. people talk about georgette a copy of about moldova. you go back to budapest and fifty six is nothing exactly comparable to what we've seen during crimea in the past forty eight to seventy forty to seventy two hours and nothing comparable dog because there hasn't been shot spot. it's absolutely not i can't stress enough the fact that we spend hours over the past two days at a couple of military bases
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wanted it to the tall man which is the military in infantry unit to read installation. and the other end of the king of pop to the side which is also sell the center of all that's more about the east where the soldiers are protecting against a nuclear chemical weapon attacks on and in both cases it is simply been on one side of the bed the perimeter fences you've had ukrainian troops standing there looking out often facing down staring down the side and i will call them russian commanders at this point on the other side the men in green camouflage uniform. facing each other guests hands. yes a direct confrontation traps for the more tense direct competition to be packed but no violence no shots fired in any way shape or form did the irony is the most aggressive people we saw on the potentially violent people we saw are the civilian the pro russian burial in the pro russian civilians who have tended to show up at the sites where ever the russian commandos have been with their machine
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guns in their masks and to standing in front of them setting up iraq is often appearing in the night being there they were there early this morning when we arrived the party probably a basin while we were going to lie for a report with france twenty four. they were very much chanting in the background before one am very aggressive with us. we had to take patiently tried to speak them down they see any western reporters as being specially european its peak of arctic air is they're out to out basically i'd get them and and dance tell lies about rush hour and and and and basically speaking justice system and truths about them see that we have been very calmly try to calm them down and these are the people who are the ones chanting slogans waving the flags and being very very late in many cases up all around the town all around super oakland ca department of local regional government buildings in front of the airport where the cds russian command to showing up they are there right along side them. maureen jenny joined by sergei markov off a former member of the duma deputy chair of the russian
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forum on international affairs. um again when you hear the news is reporting what is the justification for taking over the crimean peninsula it seems as though there hasn't been off threats to the russian nationals into russian speaking nationals we can eat that too. and what you can check out what we want it to be pure alchemy so cute to make your on a moment here the whole. to boot market. but beyond that which you think a new job god will heal. will she have to love to do that. gore former
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georgia. she will get ya. a teacher. we went to the production peak tickets and also look at it. here she is. georgie. well the abduction of a national chain. we had a chat. the two fight. national walk. no criminal code to caption it he's big and mature in crimea right now where is the danger to russian interests. that justifies this intervention of yet i'm sure i want want want to take a minute. it will show up the amt. i checked it will meet the teacher talks on the market. we have to block the block chevy a speech in which we couldn't continue that. on the beach. i didn't want. i'm sure all and now we
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have. we got it. the pall of contention in the tool on to win milk wash with soap and whatnot but huge corruption initial children. he is living in strange to cuba were orange. the kids up to walk. new owner. he's known i can go again i will be completed while will and won't be going to go. not more than conflict. i want to get home to the gym. usually he couldn't go the bomb. you toward the end. the trial
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court and get a lead level the mortgage due to open a tribute to my heel not to worry. how are we on that. it was like it. woke up with a bow blouse. when mrs is happening in the crimean peninsula. to get it right people and gardening are going to want me one morning the trade in gardening. it's a nice event and preventive action is what you say i've been a norm that will be with all that keen on the guy we let it go. warm. want to go to richard. young fools. what do i want to achieve in life so that i actually did he
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come. i don't think we got out what to do my traditional war. that is not. the market it was unfortunate because the quality of the phone line is for. but we we we we we hear your message loud and clear. i want a good reaction at this point from a kurt volker. a tricycle. are you surprised as to the way events have unfolded in the last week in the crimean peninsula. honestly as i am surprise. he has no reason why russia should have pushed it this far. there are plenty of ways to ensure that the transition in ukraine is peaceful that the interests of all the people of ukraine own citizens are respected and reflected in democratic elections which are even schedule and for russia to him concern. military forces to buffalo no problems about the eighty eight deadline for
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attacking ukrainian forces no this didn't happen and i'm rather surprised russia's actions. i also take on a few points that mr mark said i think are important to clarify. to be. its origins in this course were peaceful protests which were attacked by the government. psalm one hundred people were killed and then as the protesters fought back the president of ukrainian coach fled the country. the parliament in ukraine. voted to remove him from office and put in place a government that was no longer going to attack its own people. and then they went ahead and scheduled elections in order to reestablish the clear legitimacy and rule of law under the constitution of ukraine. saw this about threats to russian citizens or illegality or couldn't hans is nonsense. there's something very different going on we choose ukraine trying to reassure its own democratic governments in its own future in russia
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intervening from outside the door to try to prevent that. and did you agree with me. who wanted to succeed another former us ambassador to nato nicholas burns st is the most difficult international prices of obama his presidency out of all time dangers is it for east west relations at this point could there be. how much of a flare up. could it be though i think that is certainly a flare up as possible certainly a conflict inside ukraine as possible what makes this difficult is that it may be the first time that obama again shines away from any kind of military option. and instead pursue the negotiating a nap when it's clear that gluten is already moving on military road. a tremendous setback for the people of ukraine and sent back for the direction of europe that has been moving in a peaceful democratic market economics
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secure direction ever since nineteen eighty nine. so it is tremendously important to another crisis and unimportant as well i think syria was tremendously important in enabling it was as well. what happens in afghanistan is still important but now this is one that is immediately on fire and requires a strong response. june came in on this monday the uk foreign secretary william hague saying that this is the biggest test of europe has faced this century. it seems to help the situation because he's mine. four quartets. keeley of country people what's going to keep democracy to find two games collection and it puts the reaction we got from my shop. she is and will mean the kind that no one. one viewer saying the longer the west weeks to take action the more self confident and cocky rest will become up some pizza and simpler aspects system for calm and
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peace be with and the high tech guy seated on separate occasions when the same deal to supply minister to punch line means that we have to disguise the smoke shop. we hiked to duty and see any doubt we hiked into me and cranny. i could somehow understands the reaction of the shot of me meeting in eastern european countries some time and he knows these people i know is that rome on the rise in but i know i sweat so treacherous that can be diminished will find it it's mine. and i anymore which has been. and each one has to show its power struggle or easy on the wall and he wants to shul is that it's only in school its people and does so to combine get it now. i mentioned in aviation full weeks in principle you look even movements in the eighteen cent of the machine people
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like you. i did this and thoughtful. dr dean steward of the porcelain ccs is one of its own listen to us because when the new law besides the uk and triumphs with these european feel and sound the look on his home due to teach. thus we should have picked on so many people are saved by having the strongest country to prevent the games more. i sat we feel i need to be students who are both both quickly before we go to the brits osteen gone. i mean i can say basically think that that i know there is no military option here in an unceasing and to seduce see that obama should be doing. more are in a pan and it cost her a military way is just foolish because since that's not the way this is going on now secondly as he fed them. he knows guess and in nineteen seven a lot of diplomatic
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mistakes of the last four months this week that the west is answered did not respond adequately and ukraine's half that sum place in the bakery. that is disconnected and neglected because if recognizing that there is strategic in economic interests of russia which cannot be ignored and when when when i'm going to talk about the economic interest to me come back stay with us are watching the fall spent at today. our the event a look if you just joining us for using the false and get to sample the stories will be flowing freely at the top of the door. russian forces in crimea it tonight. the kind of ultimatum to the reunions there to some friends are this as moscow continues to consolidate its grip on crimea. despite talk of reprisals both in washington where the senate and discussing sanctions and
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senior foreign ministers convened a summit on thursday to something incredibly wrong on both of whom on the russian stock market the opening down more than two hundred points. this is investors. fear uncertainty the standoff. a chilling account of the victims cries for help hoping to be asked of the store is murder trial this month to start pleading not guilty to murdering his girlfriend. british sweep the oscars with steve mcqueen scored his seventh best picture and you can eat crab the second step welcome to just joining us this is the false name dead today when looking at the standoff over the crimean peninsula where russia continues to
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consolidate said. its presence there with us of our course our calls and gets very own compass herbert has been reporting throughout the past few days from there also joining a skirt volcker former us ambassador to nato now with the mccain institute for international leadership here in the studio to a guy whom i am senator from the conservative ump party. here is in the upper house of the french parliament and so's team poland. a journalist and columnist for the international new york times to meet with many of the london bureau. of voice of russia is also a witness thanks for being with us that dimitri. the media first of all your reaction to it this decree signed today by the prime minister and which eases ghana build the bridge before november between the russian mainland in the crimean peninsula it really has all the trimmings
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that said there is this consolidation the crimea for all the talk is going to be squarely under russia's influence for good. i'm not sure if that's really the course of events on the bridge deal was discussed and signed with the government of ukraine in december. request here there's been talk about that for a long time. of course it is in the address so far of the russian federation to provide for its three there were trees there under a two way agreement which is in force until twenty forty two was so full on way to go and of course russia needs to mean you know how to supply a lot and not going to director ukrainian territory so that's my response to this one. my head of the head of the eighties tuesday triptych and the us secretary
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of state. on sunday. issuing a stern warning to moscow let's take a listen. it may be able to save crimea. but india and russia will isolate itself. bill the cost to the dichotomy of russia cost of russian businesses cost the russian individuals because two russian businesses in and two russian individuals sanctions being discussed by the u s senate both of moscow's main stock indexes feeling that cost on monday of the dollar denominated rts down thirteen percent. the other major index sliding eight point three percent in heavy trading while the ruble hitting a record low against the euro and of the dollar. i guess my question to dimitri grenache is them them drift of markets. is running for cover his back and make
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moscow rethink its position in crimea. i don't think so about some temporary and the pool into the market will right itself as it has gone on the past. actually if we talk about that the europeans talks of going down as well above that certain temporary that will live through that will pull through that but i would like to go back to some fundamental issues if i can first of all. and that has been mentioned centrally that russia does have its geo strategic interests that needs to be record in august that's number one number two is that it's the whole conflict is not about the good people of ukraine verses. you know about putin or bad you know cause it's for the character. the thing is that ukraine is split down the middle pretty much. with the west sort of gravitating to the west to europe. and
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the east gravitate england was to kali historically. to russia. that needs to be recognized as well so it's not like you know. kiev has been of the powers in kiev has been changed to the will of the people with what is going on in crimea in east ukraine and soft ukraine that is not the will of the people that is not true. so steamed on. i think that the thought of me and said that the people on the mind anytime by a nice protesting peacefully yes there is fanatical elements yes the need to be brought under control. and yes the government knew that in manila that night and he said and done more to speak out against them. having said that that's a very different story. then people who were whipped up by the propaganda campaign. then again the size of those people including the ones who were killed
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whitney offences dating back to the tune of world war two euro. anyway you know frankly the fascist label is the one i would pester and too quickly if i were among certain groups in russia take the van said. in the use of propaganda he admits that this adds to the incendiary moves to protect the accusations it does not is not in physical danger and me and i and therefore you know i say greetings best strategic interests in nine feet the message should speak to those interests and deal with them in an indian on waltz in a civilized political way. i also agree that there was two leaders made mistakes and since canceling the national language of tourists the night stupid and cannot do. but it's not murder is actually currently we have a reaction from one viewers including once the cold war attitudes in the west can force pressure on crimea the focus now on to turn further invasion of eastern
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ukraine does this harbor. a is there a sense that it's not going to be just about crimean. we're already seeing obviously a no movements to rhapsody is from hockey to donetsk in eastern ukraine you know what are the questions you could ask is the extent to which some of this is whipped up in fabricated and that the images we see or don't really accept. red represents reflect the wheel the true will of the population. i just wanted to go back to a point we've been concentrating in speaking so much about the pro russian elements here the ethnic russian. obviously component of crying the ip sixty percent russian just under sixty percent ethnic russian but let's not forget that there's a significant minority the population who are crimean top stars who also leads in crimea it's their home the ukrainian speakers said it's become a supporter of the population i would like to point out that although they've been a very small minority at
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the various places we'd be going to very brave souls have been showing up at some of these on the occupied sites if you wanna call it that these military installations parliament buildings airports. people actually wearing the ukrainian flag. bands we saw a bunch of young women today. coming out to support for instance ukrainian soldiers inside the barracks we met one young woman who was at each here's basically saying that she considered this an occupation of her country of ukraine another woman telling us she felt that she felt real relief that the new government in kiev that perhaps he'd be a truce a chance it. ukraine rebuilding itself is a real democracy in the nation for the twenty first century. she feels that being stamped out right now. we've heard some reports and i haven't actually seen this with my own eyes. some tartare is there any sporadic gemini demonstrations of touch ours who are starting to want a little bit of a backlash among them and some of them are actually hse reportedly
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starting to move their family members out there a little apprehensive to say the least and at the most scared for their future. given the of of the situation year what with the crimea be like if i had this day we buried them in the area when strain of ethnic russians dominating led by russia. so it's a very odd sort of patchwork of ethnic mosaic year on which you really have to keep in mind it's not just ethnic russians. kurt volker the me ask you you just read with douglas said about that the situation right now this standoff. housing finance in the crimean peninsula what can happen in the coming days will i don't think anybody can really say with any certainty. russia seems to have adopted a strong military course you're saying troops in economy and threatening to do so elsewhere. the movements around this is just mentioned and gets the keys so i think that we are going to see continued to firm military
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supported not escalation from inside russia. will we do know is whether that is going to be sufficient for russia's just eastern ukraine crimean war. they will seek to reverse the change of government in kiev. clearly the objectives of the west united states now is to show as much political solidarity as possible and pushing back these russian efforts shown support for the authorities in kenya. it's a scary kerry going there tomorrow. i know that there are other ministers in western leaders were visiting there to try to show the kind of support only russia has adopted on a course of force and pressure and that has to be resisted and i will see whether sanctions or threats and economic pressures sector convention on russian economic interests individuals will be enough to cause a putin in russia pause and stop in which case you can then start to try to rebuild governance in ukraine and inclusiveness in ukraine
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or whether he will just simply calculate that whatever the penalties are right about now. they have more staying power than the last us in such pursuits and we can see a very aggressive coursework in coming days. again in the usa has been debating that very question of the question of one's lips on the side of the atlantic laid bare by the uk tabloid the sun. with that the question is put on its front page. this monday asking. come on if you have if it didn't have a go if you think about the fewer hard that the cia vladimir putin bare chested. the answer what is the you can do about it the answer something according to the uk foreign secretary was in cancer brodeur. over. the oh crap
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we'll have a bit of a comfort from the love of color. not only that but for the rule of law we will act in the united way. with other nations in the world. she was genuine. you mentioned when the mistakes made in the past still going forward now should there be sanctions while i was an advocate of sanctions it again if you crane your neck or representations of causation be sanctions but before that i think we need to meet the key legal and hop sixty two the solution on this. it was negotiating and put in as we think oh yes and don't have that much negotiating impala and the movement leading to think it's not something shrines of russia too skinny and combine them into a wall of six and that we'd be contention since im a good spot and some find anything that was in yet and i'm sure the team was using what the ancients it's a
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difficult question to ask green bean cooking so much about sanctions. results came in cleaned and sixty s which don't have the sanctions that moves than anything we need to call miss tina and i do love magic out of bed in the grand secondly and then find the phone and a sunbeam to lean more on that. we really need to call the bad news and some amendments which need to be taken to a calm and i'm pretty sure all because it's not a teen favorite rides. second we call them and don't get why she's so little and we need to alleviate the crane and the only school to the towns of confrontation between us all you looking at achieving peace and quiet we should always seek to get a room on the table and say what can you do and all can meet and get back to me and again
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democracy in ukraine and ensures that it re negotiate a deal with this post to the east. we can do for now and hopefully not have indeed been on since it's cheap so i need a card all you agree that more dialogue is needed before pressing the sanctions button. well i just fundamentally disagree with the last one unfortunately i think putin is made clear he's not interested and democracy in ukraine he's not interested in a tile is interested in asserting power inserting a sphere of influence and preventing ukraine from making a strategic choice for its own future and torts the last. so i'm not sure that there's a whole lot of dialogue to be had with russia to restoring democracy in ukraine. so tune in at the scene i think they that sow is contended that the essence of a contest plants and let you know at the end of the game. and in fact to a year or so guests this evening has said
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messages and one occupied ukraine. i think it always pays to listen to what people say that the sometimes he meant. amen at the end of the game at the kitson and it's a bargaining position it so powerful and fifty can cont on sunday us is land and cut and it's all over it so i'm not it's not and it's not the way to go in the international and diplomatic roles they get the same time i do believe that they are trying to center position air forces to do what we don't know. that is not to take a real pain not to sign a partisan war with the western ukrainian sending a unite the end of the game. as you say wanna protect their interests. has there been asked to help bring some kind of a peaceful element the question is what's how we negotiate and how hiding in the hidden under the negotiations have to be a sign of softness and in any key can be tough. and i think there are measures in a seat that their economy is
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not and have a peep this instance was when it comes to bargaining the us and europe are not the same place necessarily europe which gets one third of its oil and gas from russia. there's the talk of targeting the oligarchs in russian that their cash into london real estate in european banks that don't hold your breath argues a journalist and author ben judah and politico. he says in an article entitled to them why russia no longer fears the west the eu could with a sudden rush of money laundering investigations and visa bans. cut them off from their wealth time and again they've watched european governments ball passing anything remotely similar to the us many its key act which bars a handful of criminal officials from entering the united states. what would you say when people from america stay well. europeans don't have as much by when it comes to taking on the russians. it's fairly chewing gums this is indeed the two extensions sweeney
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just like quitting and cc meeting to explain to him urinating on a new cia. if you can be extremely useful in guests. yes we should have one. and second because. we have to actually hunt with the u nineteen police when asked what they can get them i'm an optimist i'm trying to be an emptiness that mean it's i think it's my duty as a presentation between each mouthful at the kc to keep on thinking except rochelle morning go islam as well as lay people and the moment and we need you to question if maxine one smart source and use the wrist to lane one seemed cool and some great wall and let them actually getting through some woods this country if they don't want to criticize his station ukraine and the sunni sect plate and use the ice. i'm thinking it's a warm cool us
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on. i've been getting into a competition of ukraine michael our facebook page saying the best option at this point to see as much political and economic isolation of russia as possible i wanted to cuddle he just said with a husband justin is herbert and has been reporting there from the crimean peninsula. there is you you told us about the strong language used by ethnic russians. you've been speaking to other russian citizens. they feel about it those that are not ukrainian citizens. so let's beat let's define our terms very carefully here. because technically you know russia has been stepping up reportedly but also in fact handing out actual russian passports to ethnic russians here so we have to distinguish between you know people are russian ethnically russian in orange and it doesn't necessarily mean the russian citizens that could change very soon russians are not a monolithic block yes i was saying earlier. the russians
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we intended to encounter because we're journalists showing a flashpoint we'd go to these points when we have the russian commandos. sigh side to side with men in green camouflage surrounding these buildings. see you have them were very elite elements of the russian speaking community showing up there that the robber on smoking chant is the flag wavers people chanting russia russia set but still pulls out the snow fall on the adult that you also have an ad we've we've been reporting this in recent days. at some of the rallies ifc russians holding up signs saying ah in russian and i wanna live in ukraine. mom said just because you have to be a russian speaker doesn't mean you necessarily share this ethereal and streak of pro russian nationalism. almond and want to join russia when they talk about the reference in the air of as many people what questions he wanted the on that referendum. what is this referendum what would it be about. i'm now yes it could be about twenty
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ultimately be joining russia on the body could also be about greater autonomy and some people don't want that at all. i've spoken russians here who simply want to live in harmony with other people in the crimea. in the ukraine and they do not have this ultra nationalist agenda this pro putin pro russia agenda so i think we have to be very careful. speaking of russian speakers as its monolithic block they have many views of the state spoken in many people who seemed almost the very measures on an apprehensive at the same time some the things they see happening in almost ashamed of some of them or burial in pro russian nationalist who've been showing up on some of these occupied sites and military installations on facebook anthony saying so the west bank the undemocratic hosting of the elected government the previews government agreed to an early election we ask you to meet really make what would you like to see in that referendum that's been the slated for march to
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thirty four would you might see the question be. i would like is his first goal that i know i've been listening to talk about democracy and dove in the uk to see. ok let's go back or we could slightly more two weeks now but to serve your twenty first the agreements signed by three foreign ministers of the eu within hours the agreement was torn to pieces. under an onslaught from the new more virulent to use your reporter's words of st of the opposition understand and i respect the this can happen is also broad sections of the ukrainian population of four hole of ukraine with that of the previous government the government of president of a cool beach and doctor of the agenda was hijacked by those more radical elements. the nokia
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and from kiev we know all the groups of activists in the middle of the western press tended to call them for testers but there were really more like militants who attacked the police in kiev in my town square where the motive call tales and it will matter of toulouse. they went out to the pro russian basically cities in the east of the country such as darren at school guns are for patrols. podesta and whatnot there are a lot of them. and it is a huge. over token local administration buildings. they effectively stage account are cool in those local area is not when there's counter way of pro russian and it's the pro putin its progress. let's not mix the two. i'm going to change the region's dimitri we really didn't hear of any disturbances in places like
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that gets cut. just protests that if the gun you're pro russian protests last couple days we haven't heard any of this up till now and go on talking about a few days before that. right at the height of the sort of phone calls to myself was very relieved when your question be in out referendum no it's up to the people of congo but of course it's not for russia to decide what the question. maybe you or indeed what the outcome can be. kurt volker. going forward now up. clinton spin out of control. certainly this thing is a great danger that the slc mullen said she doesn't expect russia to go further and further remedial is that the french center but the fact is the last week russia has gone farther than any of us that they would of thought prudent or a reasonable and nothing we can stand to still be surprised by how far russia is willing to go. i hope that perhaps
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the most that russia has in mind is a model such as it has advanced history of war cause it's the opposite you weren't in it effectively occupies parts of its neighboring countries. and then he says governments little balance in order to continue to exercise influence that might be the most stable outcome we can see in the short term but i think it is very risky there's a risk that russia will seek to go further at this point are you saying that the best the west and hope for and of coz i like the internets in the short term. i think that this car is as we get is to stabilize the situation we have which is already something of a day after russian occupation of crimea and probably impending end in eastern ukraine. love the sea is in ukraine where the people of ukraine can have an inclusive government that respects all of the citizens of ukraine and they can make their own decisions about the way forward. getting back to that situation is going to be a matter of law to time because
7:44 pm
it's going to require wretched online. this direct intervention has already embarked on. and in applying sanctions is beckoning me up by the new putin. even more defiant. well i think that sanctions have an effect and so on he will resist sanctions and he will push harder and you will. perhaps the last houses is also suggested to me and if we have some staying power and is anxious to have an effect and it is the basis for negotiating. but a moment of goodness all in all of the cars because he has the will to act and will to use force and thus far we have been arrested to come in from united states in your control pro wanna thank you for joining us from washington. i want to think is wanted me to clinic. from the voice of russia for being with us from london. it was herbert from the crimean peninsula issue and get to my mom and takes honesty in poland. thank you for being with us here in the false and
7:45 pm
can be. i love lucy. mm long and all. i can. in june. it
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is. it is. is this. as. it is
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it's cheese. sure or scolding the book is a rusty
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so uber rock show. two of the markham site as its director since two thousand and six. still makes show up all the students arrive on time will lose i still get to it. one last ditch bid to show good in maths he has this issue the local cpa which to sew the little one up on it. misery seen vast improvements in its educational services before the fall of the top by two thousand won only fifty thousands of white meat in children's court where tourists. this is international intervention the beginners recent two eight million including premium goes up. with five million children still out of school. the government is working hard to provide them i see the ducks this dish
7:49 pm
for the doctrine of the job on top. well he grows up. you see. they all put it out though the idea that it is the most honest i didn't die the central issue. since it affected due to the digi and what not to know what yet she doesn't have to go to the view that the decision but a television that that that is that the bottle last night. and i embed it into these programs which include classics at least receive our final exam really jan fischer of course code has been able to provide education to men and women up to forty five years of age. for some of them score means that once in a lifetime opportunity. but the photo above. when she saw that it was. it would assess
7:50 pm
the pool but that is to equate it with you. well but then even more to that. that was monday and they use to mow. to me that she didn't get to post it here. people need to do. that's what the beastie it for them all done and since the great private spending. horsemen we have the tendency to listen to them. the man who was known and respected. it's d much like to stick to my best to post about them. but back to salem. same. that'll be small. love you. if you let it be known as the sun small short videos even more
7:51 pm
don't shut the lid. how about that. i get up to ten increasing numbers of tourists and poisons close enough to start minister that the patients biggest challenge is currently facing debacle trained teachers essential equipment. luckily infrastructure. nevertheless mr maher the inside says prospects for the kitchen in the country are talking up a lone wolf will live. he was eleventh of june. so if you don't speak. it was. israel stop signs is leading the charge in developing alternative energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant life points to algae fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new energy sources is critical. that's right touch of meats more authentic eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go
7:52 pm
green the algae is extracted because not only reduces climbed outside and smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could produce thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and sugarcane. it will also be non toxic juice milk salt provide context and that i don't agree quickly the dpp group and the ppt fee of up to the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market we're also looking at the future of the single market and how it can cause acute europe's economic revival by creating more jobs and strong regret. perhaps the most promising prospects is the digital single block in the sector. abbas potential to win hearts our lives and our prosperity early this year the european commission tabled a proposal to reform what's known as collective rights management
7:53 pm
many artists and performers use of organizations called collecting societies to my sense that what the commercial uses like tv stations radio stations and online music service providers. collecting societies also collect income on to halt the band members in the form of royalties reforming the way the society's what is a major focus of the commission's proposal. mario got a french member of our group is pollen and scrapbook sew on the commission's proposal she's in listening mode just yet but still medical dossier eight. i'm looking for it to listening to all sides of this debate. ppp has organized this hearing and my goal is to work together with the affected countries which are sometimes taken a negative view of collecting societies. and to avoid disputes that we have previously sent her some copyright issues. we need to work in the general interest and in particular in the european attacks. but you don't have to mention a funny comment to take the puppy out of tp. collecting societies themselves acknowledge
7:54 pm
the need for more transparency and the need to adapt to the new opportunities and to months of the digital single market dun act represents the swedish performing right society. our stretches from our western society is to not act on a purely national basis. best of all the bases but to seek partnership with other societies launch new services. spit the bit she cheats for it yet. stick the commission's proposal is being driven off by the possible economic benefits of effective manage digital marketplace but also by the sheer depth and breadth of europe's cultural heritage. he took the genome of the market is enormous and in comparison with other digital markets such as america we have an extraordinary cultural diversity. it's an economic sector that's very important for jobs and regrets. we need to get anything on that sixty
7:55 pm
percent of the tree that sell software costs on a dope grateful for the most in a bbc poll pdf has been that are sexist. the commission's proposal is part of a wider strategy to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any piece of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent at the sbs there is a kurdish member of our. it's very significant to the proposal. sales are likely to go through ppp bought specially i think we're close ups. the ngos say and this development proposal on from the european and a commission. specially not of course looks performance and publishers. thus becomes. of course you'll always be able to watch the ppt these digital content online wedding off. the city on a
7:56 pm
few days in a sixty eight to compete at any given. and this did not deny the tv and the skin by this time it's the vandalism of the cba china's white skin tightening and i'm insecure guess it's her xd. the white city of hope that those who have lost their sight. pity she didn't get the three hundred bc to compute just so that he can apply for jobs in the private and sector. it's a nice because of its history the paper gets to watch it on the tube system. under the tenth of what you come on to his yuppie computers the foundation for growth and prosperity. the welsh economy so closely connected having organization with a mandate to keep the international financial system on an even keel is more important than ever the international monetary fund has warned from the lessons we just took in the great depression and the global conflict that followed. with a membership
7:57 pm
has grown two hundred and eighty eight countries the imf is a forum for discussing policies that promote stable economic growth. it's a lot of credit unions whose members contribute money you can borrow an airing. major blow for the imf is to help prevent crises and resulting when they occur. so when the global financial crisis began in two thousand and eight. the imf policy advice was put to good use by countries to create what made the local response. the imf also provided funding and an unprecedented scale. i want also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title the head. each had three offers of our old church in little house. each resort about to change its that
7:58 pm
attracted people to cost each brave and kind. when violet hh make the contest and again scott took into account. it will take. when you reach anyone. electric and went on a straight into touch after a failed state status. and harris beach grand prix looking adjustable shelf. he didn't separate approach to the post and today he would attend the festival at the second half. george burns from only the wealthy enough to stretch out. ha well. he became the jordan scott ritual which managed the party is priced at everything in. the key tag again which was to provide
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housing. when they came in the kiddie style. and for teaching and ten. terrance carroll was born. how it's going to check and he will die. i'm told. id act the team. when ethical energy to carry on shopping for lunch i completed comments one on top of the outback great run straight to the court running around. she can be carried to its well. it's the pits the welsh trash right. sure graham. his comments and pasting. i can get to the cottage living land and inside out. he became records the track ending in sight the dup would think that involved spread across the country and thus can change quickly became the norm and pretend to teach
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the new new new new. i live probably not an artsy ukrainian army of the blind me. as tensions not. russia has sent military troops and the crimea peninsula on the latest on praying just a hack. in the media is fever sleep covering the russia ukraine and friends. not funny and match the reality and insightful of coming up and environmentalists in california have had enough of tracking least getting up and why. now they're demanding that the epa take action more on that later


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