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between ukraine and russia continued through the night as the reporting deadline for ukrainian soldiers to surrender passed without serious incident. western media on a march third had reported that russia's black sea fleet told ukrainian forces in crimea to surrender by five am on march for four faced a military assault thousands of russian troops invaded the peninsula late last month after former president viktor yanukovich fled to russia. us secretary of state john kerry meanwhile
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has departed washington for urgent talks in kiev. us officials have said all options are on the table and the european union has threatened russia with sanctioned much russian troops are returned to their barracks before march six moscow's united nations envoy said on march. third that ukraine's ousted leader viktor yanukovich is the legal president of ukraine and that its letter to russian president but the most potent requesting military intervention justified russian military presence in crimea. he showed the letter j j henry and orkut which led to rush in late february after three months of protests against his rule the latin church and read out during the un security council meeting openly requests putin to use his armed forces to restore peace and stability the third emergency security council meeting in four days came amid fears that the kremlin might carry out war land grabs in for a work in eastern ukraine. i the union
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and more. you can. what was it. i do. chewed on continuing to pursue its core move military. the military nor can we truly did something good on him he still believed to be stopped two new store for the city is. and for the sake of them
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the security of everyone including newcastle united states. i. the eu. i . ultra orthodox pretext to receive them. though. hundreds of thousands of repeats these timed out on the streets to hold a mass rally in protest at the controversial drug mule which would mean young men from the community falls to the minute reports of indian service. troubles adults men and boys wearing white shirts and to top seeds black hats attended representing the three mainstream speech he weighed in today. it's thought that he ought to show for cody's house the city's transport but eventually cost off without any police intervention. it's important to tell the stated it's down
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in the arab close to their political collapse that these hippie feel that the contribution that the media elements of society i'm eighteen will help thee and me and and to add a ton to do scenes and eighty the disc back to me at a time and time with the hemi helping the state of israel raised in sight. study the scriptures is the foundation of jewish life scholars have the right to do but themselves for time to the tradition of army service with no identical field went to religious duty. there is no allowance for sanctions against men who thinks service including prisons schools and could feel trying to build leadership which says it would amount to change people are practicing their religion. a redeemed community has swelled to ten percent of the country's population of just over eighteen million and continues to be the boss just grind but boris greek is right. people had sneaked
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into the streets in the turkish capital on connor and the country's largest city assembled to protest against the corruption scandal that has embroiled the government of prime minister rex that i ever want thousands of protesters called government officials defeats and demanded the resignation. some demonstrators had a fake heroes in a marking contest over recently recordings that the turkish prime minister and the one at the heart of the craft robo with each phone conversations posted on youtube last month allegedly revealed as the one asking his son to all to turn millions of euro zone cash stash that several causes him to zero. at the one who remains defiant has said the recordings are fake and that it is an attack by followers of a moderate islamic movement led by us based cleric who led who had no one accuses bill and running a so called parallel state which is unelected and trapped within the police and judiciary which killed and two nights and no one has become increasingly embattled after widespread protests last summer again says
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increasingly authoritarian rule were sparked by a brutal police crackdown on peaceful protesters in its ten fold since then he has tried to limit freedoms on the internet as his regime has been hit by a wide ranging corruption scandal up the pakistani tom and announce a one month cease fire aimed at reviving peace talks after receiving what it said were the government assurances it would not be attacked. the effort comes just after at least twelve security personnel for the polio vaccination campaign in the country were killed by militants. the last attempt at peace talks failed to comment on the bus a policeman and a faction of the group claimed to have executed twenty three kidnapped men from the government around paramilitary force the pakistani military responded by bombing and in the identified as nineteen five and its military spokesman said the attacks destroyed a key targets and killed dozens of militants. opposition to town and called on the rug in the waziristan region is growing and
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security analyst is a huge hussein said the fear of moving military action could very well be behind thailand cease fire offer them open to face but it's not unexpected how could they received in the uk you can use in an op in awkwardness and because of his bomb and on the bed post and the action either by phone on me i think if you want to promote time to dive to the two of them said not to get it he said do what they're trying to do is said that the other is its ceasefire. in recent weeks the pakistani government has tried to initiate peace talks with the taliban insurgency however many pakistanis remain skeptical about the taliban offer after years of violence. pfft russian priest at the dinner treat its decision to wrestle control of the black sea region of ukraine's governmenty
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to sleep in a complex and contentious fight between moscow and kiev the month sleep regression. i mean sienna is now the fight this battle between russia and the west and that the future of ukraine. crimea is the height of fifty point three million inhabitants about sixty percent of those ethnic russians are. in nineteen fifty four continously dedicates a crucial for france but the region from the russian republic to the ukrainian republic of the us itself. it was a kid to mach three hundred years of the two country's unity. at that time the breakup of the soviet union. i don't think i just ahead more than a symbolic importance that was until december nineteen ninety one when he collapsed. the talks also crimea is native population were expelled by stoning during world war two when they returned in nineteen ninety one that limits with few prospects and russian immigrants to resent their presents. the news in nineteen ninety two the russian parliament voted to declare crucial to nineteen fifty four gift avoid saying the legal grounds for the transport was
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adopted in violation of the constitution and have many cool force the russian may followed by a walk but by the crimean parliament to declare independence from the crime. following along and pizza custody battle in nineteen ninety seven the two nations agreed on the twentieth we do police for russia to continue to use the place. that's the best opening in two thousand and ten. the deal was extended to two thousand and forty two the agreement was struck between and russian president dmitri medvedev and ukrainian list and the tmi candidates democrat which agreed to the deal in exchange for cheaper gas and russian investment in the region to reopen the debate about ukraine's independence and the dangers of such a close relationship with the soul sucking monster. i the rashid to buy dollars after the government eased
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two year ban on the purchase of foreign currency. they say it's the only way to protect their savings from a two digit annual inflation and recent evaluations. but where did they hide their mind beyond the first likud took two weeks to get to the war is an icon in argentina with the government has stamped her face on the one who did this appeal. when it comes to mind the argentines prefer benjamin franklin. welcome to attend it this weekend you know you don't believe the argentine is what i've got to see grief huge and daughter which is the only thing the trust in the gobi two years ago the government imposed harsh restrictions on the purchase of hard currency to limit capital flight the argentine i still managed to get their hands of dollars on the bike market even when it was being sold at twice the official rate now the government has backtracked. the pizza was devalued reducing the gap between official bike market rates in our team times are
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about to buy foreign currency in limited amounts up to two thousand dollars per month many rushed to treat gary be conserved and she's doing prices with sword and their money would be worthless. in italy trujillo people are afraid the prices will rise and earn a free coupon from you. with a large intense testimony. a recent survey indicates that one in every four art in time. this evening's close at hand hunter them access. for nannies took place is like refrigerators and plant pots too many teeth can be the tallest worst enemy. in many have seen their deposits disintegrate. but the rather run the risk and trust a bang memories of the two thousand one financial crises are still fresh. u s and m n diplomat pizzeria. thousands of years as it's known as the banks can confiscate the final cost is to get on court it was good to know
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the end to end and said that it doesn't has experienced people are afraid to leave their money into and water they come but he doesn't want it. this jewish shop owner makes a living selling electrical appliances and inattentive my argentina see if the options to hide to my knee. like this color flyers to see box. it's a fake light socket but still hidden compartments. toppling for pesos and thieves robbers discovered her hiding place bought one for the price two dollars. seen as the country with the reduced amount of dollar bills in proportion to its population. that is because after years of inflation are two types have realized that the american currency. he rarely loses its value. so far for them. it's a good investment. this is monica in nineteen thirty one in the sights. the internal
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motion or blue eyes. it's now the scene of a standoff between ukrainian navy which has a base and an all read that and russian forces who want to take control of their weapons. mitre installations across crimean have refused to surrender to russian troops raising the tension and leading to fears that while combat something villages company has been done and then name. singapore still go to him the residence of the village so what's it going inside as they ship belief is that thing and stayed for twenty oh so yes i am a sahm and no sincerity to come here and spent the day and smitten hoskins in russia it's you the two images the conflict is being played out in the media as the east versus west equation but locals say the situation is more complex the locals have any loyalty to most of the soviets took most of the ships and equipment with them and independents even the naval installations the formal than piles of concrete and decades
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old weaponry the town now depends on some of tourists for much of their income many say the standoff could scare away the travelers we'll call that the use of tools but we know who they are and we see it is terrorism. we just want to live quietly. we don't run any military action here there is no need to protect me. no one has attacked me the woman in whom the bell the ukrainian soldiers fleeing the outcomes are ready for an attack. standing at the main gates with the fingers just off the triggers of their rifles instead the missionary has been released from a north korean holding facility following the release of a video where he beats out an apology for its anti state colleges act request forgiveness i now realize the seriousness of my teams korean people of this state because of my korean people
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angry and focus on the opposing us. grace and forgiveness of the dprk for my actions. i'm going to die down on mondays to request its deliverance of the dprk and the curry. john sure it be seventy five was arrested on the sixteenth of february for secretly spreading bible tract near the buddhist temple in pyongyang north korea's state news agency has said the government expelled the missionary because of its consideration for his own each defectors from north korea have said that the distribution of bibles answer to prayer services to the announcement of the book and or execution. shorts wife said news of her husband's roos had been an answer to prayer. late. calls to prayer appreciative of all the support to me and joan of course when his team throughout the world it's
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been an amazing time as i reached its hair and strains people i haven't heard from for years i and family the theme wonderfully supportive. so they do theory thankful. she's not the first piece of the ski team each other for nine north korea can it be an american ice cream descent was arrested in november two thousand twelve and has yet to be freed to forty five the old man granted china based company that provides tours to north korea. he was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor and the cancellation of a visit last month the us senior official to broker a deal dashed all hopes of becoming obese. the a sanctions against iran by the european union with
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the stock in january as a response to the announcement that the iranian new to the program was being scaled back. thus caused serious concern to many parts of your however on this night the focus of the major events here in brussels. in the next books and political scientists have gathered to discuss whether tehran can be trusted to fill that side of the insistence on tuesday. he fights the small group consisting of the five permanent members of the un security council at its job and he expressed confidence in iraq. we hear that on tuesday. every and is at the table in order to get maximum sentence of the need for me and amal. nuclear kazakhstan where fifty five was one of course but like good deal. wear a ring and now makes a strategic u turn in their brown and backs away from its military intentions
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and dear friend is not really a common goal that they are trying to reach to this add to this negotiation. i think that they're khamenei and sigh. it needs to be in people's minds when they're thinking about this negotiation understand a better brand as a tactical game. mimicry sims told in austria between iran and western allies were not that it could be fruitful and the attitude of a new foreign minister mohamad salaries continue to insist that the country doesn't want the right side forces trying to prescribe the future. some policymakers in the european parliament say the easing of sanctions is a positive step that's a two sided agreement should be provided. for me as the personal closely watches iran i will. the judge the iranian government in the iranian regime for its actions. and i think we as europeans have to encourage them to open up and to rebuild the confidence and trust which in my opinion should go beyond just the nuclear deal so we should
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also talk with them about solutions to end the war in syria. and of course many europeans and including myself are always very keen to highlight the human rights situation in iran. united states close aide of statistics sonogram meetings and i were able to trade more freely on the and snacks to mop it up to chemicals. i'm just glad to speak is this a battle that led to convince iran to be alive. it's the way. there really is a matter of trust of the issues trust in you the question is can you arrange them to broker an agreement with trust isn't a factor upton i think the answer that is no cure united nations says it will conduct a consistent inspections of iran's uranium enrichment specific scenes to make sure they are upholding the green. it still looks of skepticism here in your car to buy it whether it was too soon to these restrictions on the country like iran which
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has had a consistently strained relationship with dean's national community jack parker for j m one in brussels . security has been titans throughout china following an attack at a train station buying the youths wielding assailants that left about thirty dead and more than a hundred injured. a spokesperson for china's top political advisory board described the attackers as a violent and elements in a cd barry has been a hotbed of separatist militant activity and is seen more than a hundred people killed over the last year the far western region its teaching is home to a simmering rebellion against chinese rule by some members of the muslim league or population and the government has responded with heavy handed security police shot dead four suspects in a tree and textured wine and are looking for five others. most attacks
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plane into a serious effort is to take place in cj or clashes between ethnic blinkers and members of china's han majority are frequent but is this all happened more than a thousand kilometers to the east of you non does not have a history of such interest. a suicide car tackling and three at stake leaders that killed five people including the attack present a season and keeps last november result marks the militants could be changing tactics aimed to strike targets elsewhere in china the violence in the meeting comes at a sensitive time as league leaders in beijing prepare for wednesday's opening at the annual legislature with the government of president c gdp will deliver its first one to your work reports sigmund freud the father of psychoanalysis and alcan in the political cartoonist use all the funny and dark situations to great us mines under one roof. we take a tour of commons cartoons here at the foot museum in london
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from the outside this house it's like a typical yet grand home in northwest london sights upon closer inspection you see that it was once home to one of the greatest minds that every event. he was the founder of psychoanalysis can educate the world everyday uses of the word id ego and even the namesake friday instead. sigmund freud and into the british capital from vienna in the late nineteen eighties fleeing persecution. he didn't have the long before complications of dark and seductive was euthanized at the house is now a museum with nearly everything in his study to develop his daughter a pioneer in child psychology and afro is still intact and in impeccable condition. no counting shot to prominence with his little man cartoons known for their wits inside and off in touch. the son of jewish russian parents calvin's giant appeared in various british newspapers
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including the times the daily express and the observer. his daughter claire who herself is the right to a period of the exhibition called kelvin beats for a lady and says it's fitting to have her father's works on show at the museum. i think naomi was he an end and i think that the two pq in and comment on and on and off the couch himself. i think it is going to even the ones that stand to be about the knife is hopeful that things will be unconscious of whack. she says there may be of particular way of looking at life with steve sees a special sense of humor. i mean there's something about the darkness that his team into me which he had raised a key gauge but not unique to say i'm not saying all thinking it without the need to be shocking in shelters the mine owners and local fall but the review of the law. i should go crazy. i
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think that points juice. it seems that the impact that's another reason was a good fit for the stand. having to choose some of our paperwork cements her father's vast quantity of cartoons was a difficult task. claire found one that signifies what were called into work was all the bounce to it you can be seen among them into a unique vision. and when my father with a cheeky get when you think i'm going back to the student told the bbc light on the way to the sea and beach homes. he used on attitudes no seen it yet so interesting to tell me about the ups and day. michael is going to be gay friend and a bead and to my pay this kind of the season on home o one am and six and twenty cents the cabin exhibition ends on the sixteenth of march with a new exhibition by post by titus me to stop but that study a few days after that i'm sick of my stupid in one in london. the rule. i knew
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ramsey one point two million dollars into a sports the senate seat the palestinian women as i pinned in the west bank canadian unlimited speed skates and cindy thompson helped inaugurate the center near bethlehem. she's been visiting israel and the west bank with the canadian lutheran world relief agency which provided parts of the funding for them to have a facility like this come together as one and to participate in sports. and i think that i just felt so much in a person especially when a new building confidants and many of the teachers and just well being and i think it'll give them opportunities not only will we in sport but also and when they go on but looking for an even plane into a clearance mom the center has administered by the michael christian organization will host the women's bowls
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program the first of its kind in the region football boss people and volleyball teams will be among those who use the new venue. nice to have been in custody at society and dad have many things and sometimes to a man with a mallet to do this and that also provide two nice pieces seem to have added much needed and you can see that type of comedy on a woman but i'm excited about finally to have adorned this piece with a campy. women's participation in sport is still remnants of the unusual in the conservative palestinian society which encourages gender separation in many spheres of life the nba is first openly gay basketball player jason collins has become a hit with fans and now his collins ninety jersey is the nba is best selling shirts and got in the making of claimant has signed him for just a ten day contract very happy. collins
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a thirty five played last weekend making history as the first opening gap late to play in north america's major leagues during its first game he played for eleven minutes and didn't score a single point but his jersey is now selling those of the nba superstars. it's also true that too. oh and also that year nineteen ninety eight there are. the year. to be a lot of people. collins who wore jersey number ninety eight from boston and washington in two thousand twelve in two thousand their team to lose that number into b to b shepard a gay university of wyoming student who was brutally murdered in october nineteen ninety eight the trevor project is a crisis phone line for gay youth started in nineteen ninety eight. as of. the will
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you. do. will. i mean. to me or we are. will. there is
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yet. and. cz. the mm mm c'
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foreign minister does not use force to resolve the situation in ukraine the minister believes that the current issue can be results through peaceful negotiations. it was stated by the official representative of the foreign affairs ministry at the briefing anasta now emily's the parties are able to make balanced and objective decisions the country also the situation in ukraine will settle down since the for the worsening the crisis could lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region in the whole world is the legacy of the diesel is going to get some add


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