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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 4, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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one will will will or will welcome to nhk world news line and you know tony in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. russian troops are mounting pressure on ukrainian forces to surrender the military post on the crimean peninsula the japanese engineers have developed a device to reduce this way give high rise buildings during strong earthquakes. and we speak with experts to learn more about the major issues being discussed at the upcoming
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national people's congress of ageing. tensions are rising on the crimean peninsula where russian troops are demanding that ukrainian forces surrender. russia's black sea fleet has reportedly issued an ultimatum troops of the economists region of crimea virtually control the area and are pressing ukrainian forces to hand over their military bases and facilities. the majority of local residents are ethnic russians. military officials have reportedly warned ukraine s forces in crimea to surrender by flying the pm local time on tuesday. a newsagency in moscow suggests the ultimatum was back to mind the threat of force russian present bloody we're putin says the use of force in ukraine would be a last resort but that he reserves the right to use all options adding to the good and was speaking to reporters at his official residence in a moscow suburb. he said
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ukraine's legitimate president victory in a covert officially ask russia to take military action. although eugenia now. whisk this was the new whisk. when you begin to see new moon along osmosis. he used. no when asked about a decision by other members of the gerber bates to suspend preparation for the g eight summit in sochi. he said that western leaders don't need to come if they don't want to the united states is helping diplomacy and the threat of sanctions will help settle the crisis. us president barack obama has refers to statements by nato and a group of seven industrialized countries that strongly condemn russia. he says he'll continue diplomatic efforts but also suggested other options. given that they continue on the current decorative. that we are examining a whole series of steps. economic diplomatic
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that's why slate rock. us secretary of state john kerry and assistant secretary of state victory new and are visiting the ukrainian capital of kiev the us defence department says it is suspending military exchange programs with russia. such contacts are aimed at reducing the chance of an emergency resulting from a misunderstanding the announcement came as president putin paid a surprise visit to inspect military exercises in russia's western districts they include areas near the border with ukraine it was britain's first inspection of troops and see gained approval from the upper house to deploy forces in ukraine representatives of the united nations security council held their third emergency meeting in four days. russia's ambassador criticize ukraine's interim government for trying to persecute ethnic russians. we stood in the two minute the rights and freedoms of people in ukraine are being
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threatened. while we was like to emphasize one once again the actions of our military which are appropriate and legitimate weapon in the fiji team. the us ambassador to dismiss the claims. samantha power said that there is no danger. russian military action is not a human rights protection mission is a violation of international law and a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the independent nation of ukraine. no ukraine's envoy as the security council to do everything possible to stop what he called russian aggression in the community said a gift and joined others in calling for international monitors to this country the winter paralympics and so she could be affected by the political situation in ukraine the country's paralympic committee says it's ready to boycott the games. if russia doesn't and its military intervention
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the committee posted the announcement on its official website following an emergency meeting in the capital kiev. the members agreed that if russia doesn't and its incursion by friday the game's opening day they would boycott the games the announcement calls on russia to resolve the crisis peacefully because many of the ukrainian athletes have russian friends and relatives the international paralympic committee says no country or territory has ever boycotted the summer or winter paralympics. three leaders appear to be living up to their side of an agreement on their nuclear program the head of the international atomic energy agency says they're reducing stockpiles of enriched uranium as planned. yuki amato address the meeting in vienna of the agency's board of governors. he was reporting on the status of an agreement last year between negotiators from iran and six world powers. the iranians agreed to curb their nuclear program in return for a limited
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easing of sanctions. the deal requires them to dilute some of their stockpiles of enriched uranium to make them less suitable for nuclear weapons. i'm an uncredited the iranians for taking a positive steps forward. but he offers them to clear up suspicions that scientists are pursuing research into nuclear weapons. they're awesome as it is said on the nose remarks suggest iaea officials are satisfied with their efforts. aye aye aye aye. dress for a minister for me and she does says monday's informal talks with north korea were significant diplomats from both nations bed separately while attending a meeting between red cross officials. they talked for about two hours in the chinese city of shenyang i don't think we came to the point of the needed the reasoning into government i love but it is significant to some extent of officials from the two countries exchange of views for the first time in sixteen
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months though i'm going to rain. she has suggested that the government will explore opportunities for holding official dialogue on pending issues. they include the abductions of japanese nationals minor is courageous in the nineteen seventies and eighties and pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs us state department spokesperson jim said keyes says the united states supports japan's efforts to resolve outstanding issues with north korea in a transparent manner. officials from the us japan and south korea have been working together to court in aid their policy on the north's nuclear program. a team of japanese engineers has tested a system that is intended to reduce the swaying of skyscrapers during powerful earthquakes. it consists of a massive pendulum that will counteract any movement in the building caused by a quake many buildings in tokyo and osaka should slowly and
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quietly during the two thousand and eleven earthquake. even though the epicenter was hundreds of kilometers away. the swaying stop the elevators and damage the walls and ceilings engineers have been studying ways to reinforce high rise buildings again this long period the ground of motion they tested the new system that's been installed on the roof of the research facility near tokyo the three hundred tonne pendulum moves in the opposite direction of the way to reduce this way the engineers with the pendulum four meters twice the force of the two thousand and eleven quake and confirmed that the system works properly. they plan to install six units on the rooftop of a two under ten meter high building in tokyo based radio that the width of swaying in a half. to the muscle to us the merits of this system is that we can install it on a rooftop without affecting the inside of the building with a half to tumble in just about ten months. there
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are about two and a half thousand buildings taller than sixty meters throughout japan only a smaller number of them have been reinforced the geese long period round of motion. officials from japan china and south korea are continuing talks for a three way free trade agreement. they have started the fourth round of negotiations in seoul despite japan's strain relations with the other two nations. during the four detox representatives of the pieces three major economies will try to find common ground on how to eliminate terrorists at the outset. japan's chief negotiator said a free trade pact would be an important engine for promoting economic integration in asia. leslie dedications should incorporate together and call me alice as for the afternoon
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was stationed with the difficult it would entail the case might trade officials will be split into working groups to discuss various issues. they include setting up rules for patent protection and investment the regulation me initially began the types of march last year but so far they haven't reached any agreement. each country wants to maintain tariffs on certain products to protect its domestic industries. south korean officials are also showing interest in joining the trans pacific partnership free trade talks. japan's minister in charge of the dpp says he welcomes south korea's participation in the negotiations but he also said the country must be willing to aim for high levels of market to liberalize nation. keep in with them a south korean officials have the wheel and be sold to abide by the high standards required by the cpp
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packed. i would welcome their adjoining the negotiations preliminary working level discussions on the ttp between japanese and south korean officials will take place in tokyo on thursday officials at the bank of japan say the amount of money in the financial markets hit a record high in february the central bank has been pumping cash into the market in a bid to pull the nation out of a long period of deflation. bank of japan officials said the monetary base at the end of february stood at more than two hundred four trillion yen or about two trillion dollars that's up about two percent from a month earlier. he has grown about forty percent since last march. that was just before the central bank started implementing massive credit easing measures the monetary base includes the amount of currency in circulation plus deposits held by commercial banks at the boj. the officials say the monetary base will likely exceed around two point seven trillion dollars by the end of this year. they are hoping
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that this will encourage firms to take out more loans and expand their business operations. the amara has hosted a summit of nations around the bay of them gal the groups planning a massive free trade zone that would cover one point six billion people to look on sunderland bangkok is following the story. uta is a key in and out the seven nat asia is non stop in this economy has seen her and stagnate. i had to align itself with foss developing countries in southeast asia and helped send things around. the group is only now i am dangling isn't a full multi sectoral technical and economic cooperation on this tack many states agreed to set up a pen and half court system there's an old friend of the sets and tie in india the insect was launched in nineteen ninety seven bytes high as india bangladesh and sri lanka mnemonic all and no time showing me tap into crime in a semi moments in
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mind they held talks with the present to me and i can say is it is meant as a potential gateway to south east asia. new delhi is constructing a seaport in west sydney and not kill the rats in promoting trade and tourism. in bengal some it has been held every few years since two thousand and full height and is not the founding member and said it expects very fast meeting that's my problem is that you actually want the saps and this time. choosing to stay and help to deal with anti government protests indonesia's trade balance fell into negative tax free in january of this real consecutive set this is a government ban on exporting raw materials. it's not seen much of the brain. in general talk to about fourteen point four billion dollars compared with imports of fourteen point nine billion dollars. i got this in about four hundred and fifty million dollars in duties as long relied on exports of natural resources including all and the fullest and foreign currency. i'm the only came
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into effect in january has disrupted trade. lol benz ag was a nickel back and sixty stringy other minerals that hath not the snow. it's a dress and tights indonesian companies default event processing industries of bed in his history the distance as the band is here to stay in the future we want to be no justin exports of raw materials. also on exports for the finished product. you go over and dignity. japanese farm in a sinful man o t she does not speak on his indonesian counterpart monte and act as a talented if the bad climbing at the same as fact the japanese economy i wonder what's running through the northwest pakistan reportedly came under attack when she's state leaving two people dead. ap says trucks taking supplies to make two trips over the bullet and danced on
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the content in jama tribal region to drive a stick when he died and one of the piston was instead a streamlined look at me to supply routes by the local ruling on tea and a less than a week ago action that was designed to protest us drone strikes these days that is almost be used to ship equipment out of the contest on at the united states moves to the troll most combat troops by the end of. the and that wraps up our butts in. living in bangkok politicians from across china are an ageing for the start of the national people's congress the country's top leaders will begin on wednesday laying down their plans for the year ahead. issues on the agenda include tackling corruption. the gap between rich and four and concerns about the environment. and through all of this china's economy continues to grow
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present she's thinking and his administration are expected to introduce more of forms with the goal of achieving long term stability all this week. we're bringing you an insight and analysis with their special series china road to reform nhk world's rajah prada is covering the story in beijing this was a year meeting is so important in china that people in this country categorize it as its own season in the political season. and bc spokesperson for again spoke to reporters ahead of the opening session she talked about cars than she should team's determination to tackle bureaucratic corruption instead they'll be zero tolerance for corrupt officials and anyone found guilty must be harshly punished. dismissed worries that other nations have expressed about china's ongoing military buildup. she said china believes he can maintain peace by spring. and if the chinese people can only be rest assured if there's a strong force defending their homeland and
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to acknowledge environmental problems same pollution is a major challenge for china and delegates at the upcoming npc tnt that was me onto this year we will start on placement on air pollution prevention and control teeth smoke and we will revise its plans to provide legal guarantee in tackling smile as both an expert on the pressing issue pollution in china. then the professor john shoe chill as an environmental scientist at taking university she says is important to lead the fight against pollution to economic role. and i will make a cool idea gets the hat i made the rounds and discussed many many times that we have to keep up to use. killarney on gdp could graduate to the performance of a how to address the gdp. obama didn't
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think it is the sauce is he says because the course of this is headed. she even had a date why their time to see connie bean opera house the house paid for by deadly error on a plea to a sustainable future. soul of position if you're going to mean that one critical strategy that the chinese government should cease immediately. what would it be that is so way that i'm not as successful as successfully as for color printer won't print those pass the test economy at his job i did a restructuring of the connie and tear on changing out the queen at the post pots can be successfully implement it. one excellent thoughts on china's environmental problems. now one other big issue at this year's npc is the government's crackdown on corruption. at a news conference of the people's consultative conference the spokesperson was asked about joey yung khan. he was
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once a member of the politburo standing committee the country's most powerful decision making body but sources close to the party saying the team under investigation for corruption last october the cpp cc spokesman did not answer the question directly but he did have this insane almost all of those social dock. anyone who violates the law and party discipline you will be investigated and joke with severely regardless of what their position in aust the sorbet that's all i can say you need to attend school. she was very clear about the government's stance on corruption. i also spoke to an expert about this. mr gauci chi is a former translator have been joking and longtime observer of chinese politics. he says the probe against joe is a clear sign that the communist party is feeling the strong
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pressure to go ahead with the anti corruption campaign t and the government indicated to fight corruption on the dup since the perpetually because if corruption remains unchallenged. and then checked the county uses its bizarre and it uses his reason for existence. the dow also points out the anti corruption campaign demands the participation of all chinese people and that the internet could become an important part of the dry china has the largest mobile phone users and not just internet users and people can actually exercise of their own leadership in no way to teach olds. corruption by various governments and county officials. these reinforces his side dynamics between the part of the one hand the government on the other hand the whole school. more importantly
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the people of the option to create this kind of a united front against corruption the environment and corruption are just two of the many issues npc delegates would be to tackle when the meeting convened on wednesday. and be sure to join us for full coverage of the opening day of the nbc as the series from the scene continues the emission of one point from him. this percentage solution six and the future. your annual national people's congress didn't she do these things is the one with the challenge it's our special coverage these two. it's a b rating on wednesday and took your meteorologists robert spencer has more raw for. the us as a lawyer nice seeing out here it's not just the rain but
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even some thunderstorm activity in the snow fall the higher elevations. across much of japan tyranny is in the satellite picture a storm system which is moving in from the west off their fourth season while bizarre his son to bring some showers in the western parts of key issue now will gradually be working its way off their fourth northeast around today here on wednesday. all tours or billion to the gym in about forty centimeters of snow fall. even in parts of hokkaido extending down there along the mountains as we see there in the white around thirty seven meters even expected. it's specially outside of the tokyo metro area here in the comp till the area. higher elevations in the mouth so you see about thirty seven meters down the lower elevations a daughter of millimeters of rainfall is not completely really something that you couldn't expect here because of the filly is getting coming down to thirty millimeters in our farewell can come down and saw a few of the stronger thunderstorms possible damaging winds and waves of about three to five meters high so i would have
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the role of reading throughout the day here and be ready for that threat. a few strikes of lightning as well now both these systems are needed to push off their towards the east and by wednesday evening really rapidly move up was a northeast. what does cool northwesterly winds pushing the idea so still as the effect snow will continue to impact parts of hokkaido i also went on about the tropics of tropical storm facts i still out there. east of guam and the scifi and you're pulling off a was in the northern north but on the big thing with this one is a well out to sea once about one hundred a gust of two hundred forty four km car max was all today was a northern mariana islands the was one we gots about sixty eight congress prior to see how much lower that is than the wins in the center and that this kind of indicates how far the status of death only when these storms i call fish store and we continue to move off was annoyed. not really a non factor at this time our storm system over japan will bow in the latter part the weeks and clearing conditions across china until thursday and friday new system starts to
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develop your house to bring some showers down towards the south of the drop zone while the northeast monsoon is really dominating their captors into the thirties across manila new bill before they got down the eastern half of the ufo we are seeing here today of high pressure the north as keeping things to leave the bench with the south. bob is a wintery mix across parts of texas over towards louisiana as well. even some ah freeze want is an ice storm warnings in effect across some areas are here for years so the filly be ready for this is not just the slick driving conditions. but of power outages in very well possible in the series ec there in the pink even out here towards the carolinas here also continuing to deal with it. take a look here temperatures l and our aim now i know it was bitterly cold in scotland from toledo which was the seed new york there is a warming trend in the forecast and thankfully for that to feel little bit more like march appear in oklahoma city the nova courts used in any of them to the high teens to low twenties fire friday western europe still dealing with these low pressure systems
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and northern portions of the british isles off for a scandinavian peninsula actually in scotland so when reports route sixty five km for our winds today. here the immediate coast. not really the iberian peninsula kneeling and molly are seeing some improving conditions out here throughout the rest the week gradually warming temperatures. so is actually to be upbeat about the high teens to low twenties for a few vihear with the parents they are on the wednesday getting into twelve degrees madrid at fifteen cents but the rain showers and thunderstorms own role vehicle for ports athens is instead a forecast. i am to noon. i do. i know. do. our
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i was. microsoft co founder bill gates as regain the title of the richest man in the world for the first time in five years that's according to forbes magazine for sandgate stop its annual list with a total net worth of seventy six billion dollars. mexican telecom entrepreneur crawl carlos slim and luke came in seconds he had led the list for the past four years. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg assertion twenty first place from sixty six last year japan south bank ceo ross their song was ranked forty seconds. forbes says the united states and the largest number of billionaires followed by china and russia the magazine also says one of its ending to the billionaires for women up from thirty four from the previous year. i was in line with the sour and you
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know coming into view the offer. instant
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transformed. as soon as she assists each. she is unique as the texans. it's more consumption. sometimes too soon. nh. what a great year
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i met in sudbury for many years the technology was all about making things bigger and bigger factories bigger cars bigger dams and bitter part. this is the digital revolution though it is to come home and technologies dealing with a very small both natural and manmade much of its program to take a look at three of them as we dive into a world of things so small you can't even see them. yesterday's little one


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