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was . the news. several hundred people have rallied in the southern russian city of rafah on and on one marked for it to support the russian speaking population in twenty am and in other regions of ukraine demonstrators who are holding russian flags and slogans urging support for crimea. among the demonstrators were volunteer with just come back from ukraine where they want to offer support. the kremlin meanwhile delivered a robust defence of rushes back to the crimea same brush with youth sports in ukraine only as a last resort. most
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educated russians have come out against russian president but the report the decision to axe the crimean peninsula president would erupt within a given a theatrical our long trip over to my scalp and a cute the united states and european union. these instigating if not carrying out the fremont protesting key at that altitude wanted former president victory on a private in another development ukraine's navy flagship forget. after the prosperous trade on tuesday having arrived in turkish territorial waters earlier in the day of enhancements like a is headed back to its home base of service will fall as tensions remain high in the crimean peninsula. the us next week. it's currently in breakwater not far away the i knew the routine use
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one g and one. when i wanna look. the top. it sucked. in
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eye. eu. for tennessee magistrate to ward off some of us a peek and will be called messiah because that name because of jesus christ has been since its compliance you and now due to be neutral support magistrate in polk county in eastern tennessee gospel distorted the baby's name change from a sauna to moulton saying the formal was that michael was of christ. the child's parents who were appearing in court to support other issues involving the trial appeal the ruling while continuing to call the boy messiah
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another judge made to help the burma's ruling was unconstitutional. yet if the un nuclear agency said on monday that iran has cut its still a few rainy and that is closest to atomic weapons great. under an interim deal with six well balanced iran is to tell you halt of its twenty percent enriched uranium for men with great to talk to you says reactor fuel dawn has implemented it and seeks to calm made just one change the sonics to have a new apple corporation between geelong and the id the day we have also agreed with the wrong one then next to them practical steps. coming as we speak to them and my mate and beans. in addition the agency has started a money drain and templates
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occasion. the new nation to the new man in a good man just said knowledge in a joint command of the auction i need retraining the three plus three and beyond. tehran denies want to meet their arms but has agreed to temporarily potomac walk in exchange for sanctions relief as the sides was on a full appeal. schools of young people in washington d c having taken conference label flights ulster powerful winter storm shut down the city. the washington d c sniper look like association medical arts participants with respect to each with a toe in to see it. i may regret this in itself as the leader of a snow white students go there. i went to schools and government offices were closed and about two thousand two hundred and fifty flights were canceled
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it's horrible and that i heard the need of a financially her that there had to balance out the word smile. but our silverware that it is to get in trouble was it was to be good monthly status thus the leeches to pummel the eastern united states since december the cold weather is set to cost the american economy at least fifteen billion dollars while dozens of people being killed demonstrators have expressed support for ukraine outside the russian embassy in washington d c the activists rates the concerns of the kremlin ordered russian production forces to seize ukraine's oklahoma's crimea region and on selected oxycontin today when moscow has enabled place. in unison added to this. russia should be concerned about the new oven because it shows that prejudice but it is that if he becomes more and more confident that the us. we'll let that go with it it's the aggressive plans with his assertiveness. study means no concerned russia could talk it out of that era tree up
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this area at that rate unemployed and sunny at times and sad. not that that's very much but the populated by ethnic transcends time and said that there is great now for the sundance that designation is undated but im just ready to go back to the net loss of common sense to me and try to take better not worse than it is december the protests this week to send a message to belligerent russian bid to develop a new kitchen i spend the day people can still send a strong message to the present with him. then on the key presses on with dancing is a pain it has to do more. all the soap. good thing and lamb and the test understand that the international community i mean you can arrange that he is the tax they owe. then again giving up the demonstrators expressed hope that the us and uk would all guarantees to meet ukraine to be depressed in nineteen ninety four off to ukraine to develop the world's third largest uk
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weapons austin tx territorial integrity was supposedly a show there now says the us and uk to marinate on that promise. a georgia man accused of being a russian intelligence agent went on trial in istanbul on monday for his alleged involvement in the mother of six home and check to separatists killed in a wave of assassinations in technique two of them and both of them russian citizens are acknowledging being tried in absentee of the prosecutors said in his opening statement. thousands of chechens new kentucky and up to five million tux trace their roots the caucasus region which includes chechnya conflict in chechnya began in nineteen ninety four the sec to school but became an islamic insurgency dedicated to forming an islamic state in the caucasus
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. the psychological aspects of the war on the victims and soldiers alike has seen its own evolution from psychologists initially dismissing tomlin signs of hysteria to today's active in the wind reaching cycle analysis on the subject. a unique exhibition in the belgian city of ghent and documents the devastating effects of war on the human psyche and how psychologists have been changing in their minds to haunting last night's emotional numbness and stress. these are some of the psychological symptoms suffered by those exposed to one of these works of art displayed the trauma experienced by veterans and war and they are just simply sympathetic to their despair the collection also helps document on the psychological world has responded to warrant on these years. today artistic expression is encouraged to help identify
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an emotional trigger. ryan and i know i'm married to a nomadic nice to see if it means to surrender. and that he felt a sting. and he's working on the trial not the family doing the second world war to confuse and grandmother one day times enough to put the parents of six of her father's insistence as a painting helps the family too. that deal with the trauma historically physicians using the non psychological relief for soldiers and victims of war. doctors commonly diagnosed in patients with shells are believed to have been caused by non exclusions and docile between morris and psychiatry got home i can the small blind and they were confronted with other soldiers who were traumatized had english called shell shock and an interest in getting to know what to do with it. and there was some of the facts we see that they had different kinds of its
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recruits had to stop the war and then there was no recent anymore and it was not a lot of attention. that's why my name on it and into the fire began in june the second cold war that we can see that that indicate that they that do use that today didn't really learn alot from the fast on sunday actually almost have to start from zero again many appeared to be discreetly through psychiatrist now knew that was traumatic stress is a condition shared by soldiers and victims of drink and use the trauma of war continues to be relevant as conflicts continued to erupt around the world. it's still painful memories of the house to live on even par and the young artists. and like she likes me at the end of charities who have never been in water that they can still be traumatized because they have missed all that time with the grandparents and parents who took a box of or maybe don't talk about
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the part of the tension is always in the family. and much of that painting will be re remembered that during the coming months as european nations that were posted to the bloody battles of world war one commemorates its centenary. centered on him for j and one in brussels mm . ultra orthodox pretext to receive them. though hundreds of thousands of repeats these time del on the streets to hold a mass rally in protest at the controversial drug mule which would mean gum and next minute she falls to the minute reports of indian service. troubles adults men and boys wearing white shirts and to top seeds and black hats attended representing the three main streams ut wake in the city. it's a
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holiday peanut to show for cody's talks to the city's transport but eventually cost off without any police intervention. it's important to tell the state if it is down in the arab close to their political collapse of these hit the field that the contribution that the media elements of society i'm making will help thee and me and then you add a ton to do scenes and eighty the disc back to hwy at a time and time with the army helping the stated aims we're a team site study the scriptures is the foundation of jewish life scholars have the right to devote themselves full time to the tradition of army service with no identical filled went to religious duty there is no allowance for citations against men who thinks service including prison rules that i could feel trying to build leadership which says it would amount to change people are practicing their religion a redeemed community has swelled to ten percent of the country's population of just over eight million and
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continues to be the boss just grind but boris greek is right the doctor has been arrested for preventing racial hatred after the discovery of the sign greek and german outside his office to try to use not welcome. the fifty seven year old neurologist has admitted to being a member of the far right old and on party and has also been charged with weapons possession. police found a piece that doesn't knives and three daggers the symbols in his home along with fitted caps it out of hitler and other inspired objects the golden dawn party is known for its new fascist ideology conference titled the rise of the nazis in europe since being voted into parliament in two thousand while golden dawn has to mean increases third most popular party most of the card for the team traded to the country's debt crisis budget cuts and high
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unemployment gold and diamonds also couldn't park there because of its anti immigrant stance. party which resembles a swastika has been the subject of investigations in the past few months the prosecutor's report leaving become a criminal organization its leader and constant knocking and several other senior members were arrested last september after leftist or opera was martyred by me and links to golden dawn sanctions against iran by the european union with the stock in january as a response to the announcement that the iranian new to the program was being scaled back. thus caused serious concern to many parts of your however on this night the focus of the major events here in brussels. technical experts and political scientists have gathered to discuss whether iran can be trusted to fill that side of the insistence on tuesday the five small group consisting of the five permanent members of the un security council at its job
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and he expressed confidence in iraq. let me hear that on tuesday. every and is at the table in order to get maximum sentence of the need for me and amal. with their concessions were at fifty five was one of course but like the deal. wear a ring and now makes a strategic u turn in their brown and backs away from its military intentions and dear friend is not really a common goal that they are trying to reach to this and to this negotiation i think that's the main inside the state needs to be in people's minds when they're thinking about this negotiation understand a better brand as a tactical game. mimicry sims told in austria between iran and western allies were not that it can be fruitful and the energy of a new foreign minister mohamad saudis continue to insist that the country doesn't want the right side forces trying to prescribe the future. some
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policymakers in the european parliament say the easing of sanctions is a positive step out of a two sided agreement should be provided. for me as the person who closely watches the run i will the judge the iranian government in the iranian regime for its actions. and i think we as europeans have to encourage them to open up and to rebuild the confidence and trust which in my opinion should go beyond just the nuclear deal so we should also talk with them about solutions to end the war in syria. and of course many europeans and including myself are always very keen to highlight the human rights situation in iran. united states close aide of statistics summit on meetings and i were able to trade more freedom and snacks to market a petrochemicals complex system excellent speeches at this event that led to convince iran to be like this the way. there really is a matter of trust issues trust in you the question is can
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you arrange them your broker agreement where trust is in fact. often i think the answer that is united nations says it will conduct a consistent inspections of the rods uranium enrichment the seventies to make sure they are upholding agreements it still looks of skepticism hitting your ipod to buy it whether it was too soon to ease restrictions on the country like iran which has had consistent the strained relationship with dean's national community. jack parker for jm on in brussels the crime the internal emotional blue eyes. it's now the scene of the standoff between ukrainian navy which has a base and an all read that and russian forces to want to take control of their weapons mitre installations across crimean have refused to surrender to russian troops raising the tension and
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leading to physical or call at something in his company is being done and then name singapore still go to him the residence of the village so what's it going inside as they kept lifting tickling and stayed for twenty or so yes i am a sahm and no sincerity to come here and spent the day and smitten austin's of russians you the team the conflict is being played out in the media as the east versus west equation but locals say the situation is more complex the locals have any loyalty to most of the soviets took most of the ships and equipment with them and independents even the naval installations the formal than piles of concrete and decades old weaponry the town now depends on some of forests for much of their income many feared the standoff could scare away the traveler is little that the intensity when we know who they are and we see it is terrorism. we just want to live quietly. we don't run any military action
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here there is no need to protect me. no one has attacked me. the woman in whom the bell. the ukrainian soldiers fleeing the outcomes are ready for an attack standing at the main gates with the fingers just off the triggers of their rifles sigmund freud the father of psychoanalysis and milk and in the political cartoonist use all the funny and dark situations to great us mines under one roof. we take a tour of commons cartoons here at the foot museum in london from the outside this house it's like a typical yet grand home in northwest london sights upon closer inspection you see that it was once home to one of the greatest minds that every man. he was the founder of psychoanalysis can educate the world everyday uses of the word id ego and even the namesake friday instead. sigmund freud and into the british capital
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from the end in the late nineteen eighties fleeing persecution. he didn't have the long before complications of job can sit next to his euthanized at the house is now a museum with nearly everything in his study to develop his daughter a pioneer in child psychology and afro is still intact and in impeccable condition. mel counting shot to prominence with his little man cartoons known for their wits inside and off in touch. the son of jewish russian parents calvin's giant appeared in various british newspapers including the times that they are the express and the observer. his daughter claire who herself is the right to a period of the exhibition called kelvin meets for a lady and says it's fitting to have her father's works on show at the museum. i think naomi was he acting in the capital in killing in and counted on and on and off the couch himself i think the usually peaceful
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and even the ones who stand to be about the knife is hopeful that things will be unconscious and left. she says there may be of particular way of looking at life with steve sees a special sense of humor. i think there's something about the darkness that his team into me when she eats it had raised a key gauge but not unique to say i'm not saying all thinking it will need to be shocking in shelters that michael is in the world for all but one review of the law i should go crazy. i think that points juice. it seems that the impact that's another reason was a good fit for the same. having to choose some of our favorite works was her father's vast quantity of cartoons was a difficult task. claire found one that signifies what a father's work was all the pilots to use in teaching my own money into a unique
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vision. and when my father with a cheeky get what you think i'm going back to the student told the bbc light on the way to meet him the tone he used on attitudes now seen as the nth interesting to tell me about the ups and day. michael is going to be gay friend and he doesn't happen to my pay this kind of the few gone home all while. it's just that the cabin exhibition ends on the sixteenth of march with a new exhibition by pilots by titus me to stop but that study a few days after that i'm sitting my stupid in one in london. the rule. i knew twenty one point two million dollars into a sports facility for palestinian women as i painted in the west bank. canadian olympic speed skater cindy thompson helped to know greatness and to bethlehem
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she's been visiting israel and the west bank with the canadian lutheran world relief agency which provided on to the funding for them to have a facility like this come together as one and to participate in sports. i think that it just felt so much in a person especially when a new un building confidants and many of the teachers and just well being and i think it'll give them opportunities not only will we in sport but also and when they go on but looking for an even plane into a clearance mom the sand to administered by the michael christian organization will host a women's bowls program the first of its kind in the region football boss people and volleyball teams will be among those who use the new venue. nice to have been in custody at the society. and dad have many things. sometimes the men up with that out to do this and that also provides a nice pieces seem to have added much needed and you can see that type of
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comedy on a woman. but i'm excited about finally to have little in this piece with a campy. women's participation in sport is still remnants of the unusual in the conservative palestinian society which encourages gender separation in many states of life. so mentioned in the interior was told that at the oscars on sunday the likes when he snatched an academy award along with the rest of his four man team mates in the soundtrack on the center implement the law cost of gravity. this was the fuss all skipped my dearie who was raised in israel but now calls the uk oh you don't dance is very proud thinking of them living in uk hopeful for the news send them to ration listing of the amazing buildings guns and them yet very confident in who they are proud to be.
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israeli uganda. appeals to the skin in theory revealed how he went on to santa paula deen eighty seven performance connect with her in every possible way including sounds kim. i think you know from the beginning the idea was to him to come to me and to connect with the cat with an intelligent commitments under a plan even when we were cold and had a ton of them into nice and we would just you know and we had to be read as for the whole journey. and to encourage the pyjamas much as we could would sound and that was the rcmp that the idea. if you use one of four men to take home a statuette to sound mixing no mistakes film that won seven academy awards will be spun to win is on gravity salmon pink swim team was the b c christopher payne stats and chris munro he was wrestled
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to the bitter end. when christine port since the medieval town of israel the north and it's really helped each other with our gisborne in the name of history. legend has it that much in the twelveth century the townspeople would like to make advances on the torso of a lead them into his comeback fight that when she cuts off his head. russell recalls the uprising against the tyrants no improvement by the colonists with the orange is representing the oppressors the points and thirteen sqm and kudos to the conflict right sought to destroy all are just toys and was content to comply was just so they could get my kids. some five hundred tonnes of oranges shift from sicily. every year in order to provide a choice of weapons. i i i will you. do
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will he be. to me. who are it will the is on. it's a day
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the au. did the news. as you move yet been set. i am the plot. lightning. each day mitchell. mike and i took the bait. it felt like.
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the eye. the official cost another president of kazakhstan russia and lewis will meet moscow to discuss the crisis in ukraine reportedly assaulted by an awkward not because the president received at his residence. the minister for the fish you want a decent according to the presidential press service that extends foreign policy priorities for the coming period and top with the shoes of the international agenda were also discussed during the meeting following the meeting the president has often as it might give instruction on the discuss issues through t


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