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tv   Global 3000  KCSM  March 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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didn't need people with money she will whine to them whatever you choose. the plot was well spoken. the teenaged the disciples went to slp and i promise to keep the whole point loss to the donut shop of the cheese was given this it's a start deporting them at the general installed one afghanistan. i want her to level three thousand gop to take a month now the developments that affect us all know when i'm forced to change but more than a century after the struggle for equal rights began on women in many countries still do not have the sense that the puppet indices. the e maths is international women's day and we let that one is changing and how much still needs to be done is what's coming up. we the women in fiji has taken over from then. the main
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breadwinner. how great and after the abdication is giving the women will meet all of the house. when making sanitary towels more affordable announce the rebels to get to school in africa. most women in afghanistan face the press send on a daily basis. human rights watch has warned that twenty thirteen so was sent back on the modest progress made in women's rights in recent years. among other things legislation to eliminate violence against women has been weakened guaranteed comment received was the case recently. double what million also ask the women living in refugee comes may not have had any of this. but not what they felt the impact of recent improvements on paper. in kabul we need to international aid agencies are trying to empower women within the narrow margins of the traditional role. joe money bob rock. the nightmare
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has a name. but the camp is just one of over fifty refugee settlements in kabul four maybe five thousand people living to money the front alone. and every day the number rises. people from all over afghanistan are pouring into illegal settlements like this one they come because they fear of armed conflicts. or because world areas can no longer feed the growing population. rock bottom trust nobody. it took years before the aid organizations car exhausts and ted is all i could convince people that education is a good thing even in miserable circumstances there are higher. worst come to them and then at the very bottom of the women. it is so thick that it doesn't give them what are the stages of childbirth this is education
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using the simplest of means the main com i am making the most high. i had no idea how her complaints. jess and children. the money and i didn't know how important hygiene was it. wherefore uninformed. we have enough money. how are we to pay for doctors and medicine. aid workers take care of. it's a blessing the learning phase only now that the mortality rate of mothers and babies has been reduced by half. or the workers welcome everywhere. even among the distrustful elders they're allowed to talk about prenatal care and education an arch conservative afghanistan is a sensation in itself. the fact that we're allowed to film them talking about contraception and birth control pills and condoms. is almost inconceivable. filming doesn't seem to bother
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the women. most of them don't want to get pregnant every year anyway. the problem is with the afghan man. almost as much as it was that women are very interested in how to avoid unwanted pregnancies they want to practice birth control most of the middle east is a twenty lb so griffin and it's different in it. because of a dream of large families stay in the subject even though they're pouring have no idea how tiring to support all those children. gavin woke up i was called into money bob rock. married couples almost always disagree on whether the wife should be allowed to use birth control. and the arguments almost always ended husbands getting violent. after thirty five years of civil war in afghanistan in extreme poverty. many men of forgotten it's possible to have disagreements without resorting to blows. it's not our family has ten children the youngest is just a few months old. like nearly forty percent of all afghan
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children the baby is under nourished and severely underweight. no one can say is that will live until its first birthday. but the baby's mother is ill suffering from extreme anemia and were told she won't survive another pregnancy. it was off claims his religion for bids contraception. so he rejects it. in addition he says it's god's will that people have lots of children it will take staying power in a lot of persuasion to get him to accept contraception at all. the nomination he wants more children. i don't first we discuss what can we argue a mom thing. if i don't give in. i made today in a sometimes i just keep quiet start in on something at the comedy comes down and leaves me alone the organizations had spent hundreds of thousands of euros to improve living conditions in the refugee settlement. remarkably
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the current us catholic charity is promoting family planning here. disturbing contraceptives free of charge in the hope that comes to come because this dimension this is here to help people isn't keep them healthy. to them. and in the case of women who had ten children in kenya to make sure they don't have anymore because doing so puts their lives and health in great danger is that you get him to set it didn't touch this topic. the aid workers are in the camp almost daily persuading and mediating. they estimate will take another generation until men except smaller families most of the women have long been convinced it's the right way to go. now my people would agree that education is the key to press attains the good news is that the number of women scientists has been increasing around the wild in recent years. into the top league of cutting edge of the is still top of the women
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feminism and we sped to the now scientists in the welsh top economies announcement. why not still the case. if you want to advance in the academic world its publisher harper. north american study has found that scientific journals contain twice as many articles by men as by women. who really gets a chance to publish. at that kind of level in it. it's a fairly small investor to marvin of people who are in our top research universities how much extra work he does actually take to run a lap to to actually have the instrumentation the equipment accepted into the limit it to really produce the publications and this is the question of the matthew effect. to those who have to be given even more about it and that is what is actually happening in the case of grant support
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those who have cared more in germany. you three percent of endowed professorship cent held by man. even though more women study. heat the article for school districts. how do you get a professor to feel in an employment committee future colleagues co workers and students has formed with me. and then they choose their future colleague in quitting the group to cook wouldn't know what they did and in previous professor was excellent and well i met up with all of them will try to find someone as much of my skin as possible. and that's going to be hard for a woman because she's not a man of my as only partly the fault of the research institutes. as a test from the u s troops. the cds. what a male name in one hand female name it they were together. otherwise they get a call. he and he was for
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like a lab manager position so they asked people to break the two cds. and they raided the one with the male name higher. they were willing to pay more money and they saw his potential as being greater. most family and korea are being mutually exclusive. women in top positions often remain childless. but it doesn't have to be that way. i'm not the dismal we are at norwegian universities. it's a matter of course that people go home from work at four in the afternoon. people who want to work longer are asking why don't you have children or family. we're sure of work life balance and it didn't manage to freedom any academic sectors from male connotations. i visit often. these women for tickets the us the only way research can become a level playing field. harnessing women's potential. instead of wasting. so what do you think
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of the big shots a striking young dolls out of school in developing countries the school's policy and often still the argentine cat dolls distant need an education. but it sometimes will say seemingly small he sees that killed range of impacts and i went to prison in uganda learn that someone else didn't attend school several days a month because they cost a fortune or three towels. he took this on the paschal time and i think about the mud compounds. c content it in portions hygiene products. sometimes change can be this simple and environmentally friendly as well. it's not easy to see what the sheets will become they're a mixture of paper and the stems of tyra streets you spread out on large surfaces. these women are using the sheets to make sanitary pads the need for sanitary protection is huge
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especially in schools where hygienic conditions are bad many girls can't afford imported sanitary pads. moses most ozzy and engineering professor a mockumentary university in kampala has developed a safe and cheap locally made alternative moscow pants. it would be something you know that some go this well or call for discounted price. ms lucas quorum. oh the days to demonstrate it. that means two to five days in a month to include the score. are we assume that the mood the home garden and then go powder was quoted in the cauldron you can chew mars is sassy and his colleagues experimenting for three years to develop a model that worked. the pope high risk free to grow on the outskirts of kampala there are abundant and our niece in the process. to make
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a mock up ads workers custom of congress. peel off the green cover. and then take to white sands to the factory. work is done by people who live next to the fields the tomato patch project is aimed at creating jobs for the needy unemployed women and refugees from the democratic republic of congo and central africa are given preference just under two hundred people now work in the country. production takes forty steps and almost everything is done by hand. i realize that employed many people as kosovo and using the tool in the good sports therefore use this time would swell up in the production and supply co employed many many people count on it they've been making among compassion come column for ten years. this is already
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the third production side it's doing the jewel in the computer that has been there since the beginning of the list. she's now the general manager. yes it's really funny that far from being in my movie as being in what remains a sensitive pregnancy leave that's not the best news for granted the reason that man. because he's a genius he knew the victims. moses most ozzy derives inspiration from his immediate surroundings. my side of the five non compliance has been to hewitt in parked cars to avoid my good god and life. use my copics. most importantly the group out to me for having the new computer with something uncle went to court grass that is piper us into a product they're so cheap and that not only uganda schools but also the unhcr refugee
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organization wants them. my future plans from the compliance before the first one i once about the products marketed outside the ugandan bow board as i knew of mood to study alone i need to be beyond what's in the group wants the home park in africa. most business sa z is expanding the business and he can hardly keep up with production. his simple idea has improved the lives of many women in africa. in the everyday is one of the wealthiest and most stable countries in central america its president and more than a fit of its members of parliament off the map. a progressive for the region's male dominated societies wheel course of one of pastor it is most renowned ounces lighter note the obedient to what she thinks about globalization taking place around town
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hall. when amelia is one of my name is right in the pov all and fifty three years old almost fifty four. that was perfectly flat. do i live on this thing does some unknown in the community of the mongol my project. in the south of costa rica. i do i do. i just. i'll let a singer. i've been doing it for many years. all well and i compose because i studied music at. but i also paint and every of your books. and i run workshops in several communities and management in your sector. i work with people the cowboy theme. i do
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that embodies until the fighting. i think globalization is fascinating it brings many things closer to us that we'd never ever dreamt of before. no gospel at me i could never have imagined being able to watch nomads walking through the desert on tv all in all the sock applicant phone number. and i couldn't imagine seeing this sign plantations in the amazon that are just turning the reports yet. it lists all the time i saw the ugly interesting and involved. you do. he is read more. what worries me is that i haven't learned how not to worry next to me is learning process and going through now learning to lead in the moment i don't thing and giving clinton for mommy and daddy need and. the shea. for
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all all the wonderful sound of the insects here. cicadas impressive isn't it. and i were her luther. i am. don't fail it in the study can wear them at about twenty of the cheese on a wild turkey with all the difficult he added a new method to get in i do. lately at work but sometimes i lie down and read or watch a film. he was the knee. i'm not spending
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sheedy the destructive forces of climate change have actually had a positive impact on the status of women sounds strange but it is true for the small communities of the table fiji's main island the thing with andrew symonds nomination of the groundwater already ruined months of the area's presses on and it gets in the name of the fisherman remain increasingly empty. so what families do when that man is the main source of income in fiji that come up with alternatives that are propelled women into the berry on its traditional role of the main breadwinner in. the today begins to die to repeal prop up the winning school. the children live on outlying islands in the real one with the delta connection
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to begin soon the eye the island. a drumbeat sequels to start school. and today's lesson plans include shipping. do you do don't wait for others to do something for you think instead about how you can be used to the unit. otherwise you're a silly is prayed for it the day. and it sets. i hate to miss these important in duncan a tiny village southeast of fiji's main island and eat eat it too the four hundred something that is a common problem. it has become nearly impossible to growing in him as a result of climate change. the river
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rises on a regular basis and not cause the village. while causes are on stilts the brackish water rises from them though. bekah vegetables because everything timed run away. it's become more extreme ends of the prostate. though recently in town was built to protect his image. it was peaceful with government and international aid. i wish that she mean much to be told to move away. we want to say is that in the truck children and grandchildren. the table but how could teach sustain itself the women of duncan has found an answer. and she wrote a nice piece on the resolution. the two nations between reading and palm fronds. the technique is a well kept secret. the draw to win whether it's undemocratic be something sacred and what a privilege that was prompted to last
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night to meet the new tt says kane. we won't ever allowed to sell descends. but now with climate change and economic problems. amen requested permission from the king and the cost he is speaking about to sell them to him. sold for about three years each. and now accounts for nearly seventy percent of doctors income. financially the man of god. i'm now almost completely dependent on the women teach them into changing their minds. while the all. until recently women and younger villages had little say. the fiji islands still ninety miles on the naked society. it's abundantly clear that the circumstances in a minute i really meant it to drink a cover to cover it curled it's good to notice the mouse and is considered a
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real delicacy. olson said to be healthy. it was shown initiative has led to greater social of people in the village. thanks to a gender equality training program by next weekend and funding. it has attended workshops with an event that they could solve the economic problems to check if the men and women live as equals the women's representative todd school spirit that religion isn't forgotten the a. no entry when did he just fifteen when the bastions of male opponents are threatened the school management and risk a member of the community is his complaints. who normally for me. gender is nothing to do
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with equality. mr newman and to make decisions on the weekend and we know that in the bible. no one should obey and serve them the natural god given order chang true. the man he has ceased in the real horror is the tilt of the generations the smell it's one score once more when the fish and shrimp. in many areas the fire station has slipped over to vancouver ocean the warship contains false sentiment. the seal cloaks the mangoes and destroys the fish breeding places. in the kitchen and see the effects of free time to take it by itself. each child is unique in that league
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you'll break he made trips to defend her honor and the community to connect palm beach to the friends everything that gracie is considered common property coordinate and we dyed green coconuts feedback from the plantation wood and branches that are used to make the fans. that's become our most important source of income. it dawned on me will humor too. it's a wilderness supply system that gives tremendous down to the opportunity to contribute to the beaches success. they are all held over from the coconut palms. i know our news. one of the women's representative. it's my job to support my wife family and top seeded of firewood and water and wet. and i'm very proud to share this important is it going. i'm glad you recognize my way. examples of
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mutual respect and not to be taken for granted in fiji the mean mom came down to the diligence of concrete for celebration. the high nineties to me today. faces and bodies are black and charcoal the unit least the young man you could feel each company on the new conditions. just like eighteen hundred to use again there were three thousand today monte well wednesday on the eighth of nonsense what's in it and forget to tune in next week or take up a website that these fans of the reports but for now thanks for wanting to mumbai
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the day. i mean the week. you are. i can in a candy. in the yes the car. that's what i mean this is now on
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creating jobs in america the big push is to revive the country's manufacturing sector. apple recently announced it would open the benefit of subtlety in our assignment to make stuff on materials for its literally devices. is it that this is the beginning of the print will show the bag made in the usa label does not become extinct as how the mall ap reports. did you do something that improvements to the american economy. he does when it's sunny the country is getting back on its feet. bring to you don't need to do the units this year. had to collect your star is rising and is in pre production and tulips the events. what a killer bring in a facility that were helping americans know what the problem of important so it's hard time turning over three hundred and sixty two he was really cute until it is no small way it manages the site to be so production it's because it's
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no longer in their interest to stay overseas the technology today about the world market likely to compete with low cost countries like brazil and china because we use technology to block work sells high speed machine tools. so in summation and released you workforce. this is the future of the american army faction on skype actions like these were disappearing. tonight the matching fabric being squared. this actually makes six thousand two hundred and two t shirts on the elements of the quilting on the auction process for thompson one three. or you can follow in fact recent run in a bid to cut and sew where were great. bored i work for screen printing. but don't forget the fact free to do everything his consent to listen to remain competitive with the gym and pmo expensive workforce and works as he fulfills the orders of over one million race in the spring here. i think that people are ready to start getting back to him made in usa and take some pride in what they're doing take pride
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in the job that they've got better here take pride in what americans can make. when were were picking we want good stuff. we just need storage and food manufacturing in the meat in the us the label is becoming more prestigious american surprised if the higher courts. i hate school so happy that the country is to fix it once again all more in an in. peter years and for you in istanbul. this is on the seventeen ninety and are watching them. knew. i like it i'm quite sure. it's
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all been told it's not like it. unless something changes right now. you knew you will will will will eye. us secretary of state joe carried a pressing need is to sponsor a good approach. he talks of a crisis in ukraine the rounded adults to read during the ukrainian forces continue to hold outs and the deceased crimea. or does apply but if people tried to any breach in its border


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