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hundred people have rallied in the southern russian city across the pond on one marks for it to support the russian speaking population in twenty am and in other regions of ukraine demonstrators were holding russian flags and slogans urging support for crimea. among the demonstrators were volunteer with just come back from ukraine where they want to offer support. the kremlin meanwhile delivered a robust defence of russia back to the crimea same brush with youth sports in ukraine only as a last resort. most
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educated russians have come out against russian president but the report the decision to axe the crimean peninsula president would ever put in a given a theatrical hour long press coverage of the scalp and a cute the united states and european union of the beast instigating if not carrying out the fremont protecting key at that altitude wanted former president victory on a private in another development ukraine's be the flagship forget after the prosperous trade on tuesday having arrived in turkish territorial waters earlier in the day of enhancements like a is headed back to its home base of service will fall as tensions remain high in the crimean peninsula. the us next week. it's currently in breakwater not far away. why i knew the routine use of
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june more. the other the hall. i have. he did it is you. the mm mm israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu wrapped up. this is a pak policy called friends in washington by repeating his frost warnings against forming for a romance charm offensive. nick knew you well know as middle to allow tehran to retain the ability to enrich uranium saying it must be stripped of whole new technologies people making potential. i believe that living in london which he ran it. would open up the floodgates agreement would open a pandora's box nuclear proliferation. in the middle east and around the world. that must not have and we'll make sure the dog two words to his resume on
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the planet that moment bones wouldn't it to everyone. and it certainly would endanger israel. since iran openly calls for destruction several years ago. will the jewish people. what lesson did. we came back to life. we will never be brought to build the end of extinction. netanyahu also stricken can see the moon with his optimistic vision of exploiting relations between israel and poets of the arab oil. skeptics have long predicted peace talks with the palestinians underneath me on his right wing coalition of june to trial but the longer term regional leadership ambitions being mapped adults making peace with the palestinians may become an imperative . a
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group to abortion anti war protesters were arrested in moscow on tuesday for releasing peace doves outside russia's defense ministry as they called for an end to the conflict with ukraine yesterday russian president led them if putin said russia was of the rights to use or options to protect compact ritz you're living in terror in ukraine the force was not needed for now. pitching to know what the russian armed forces would direct indication of the seas yet the crimea saying the uniformed troops without national insignia when local self defense forces. on the ground in crimea a predominantly russian speaking pinion steering the bike seat tension remained high. russian forces fired warning shots in a confrontation with ukrainian service men and russian navy ships reported to be paid in the strait separating the ukrainian backseat peninsula from russia fan. a
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georgia man accused of being a russian intelligence agent went on it royally nice temple on monday for his alleged involvement in the mother of six home and check to separatists killed in a wave of assassinations in technique two of them and both of them russian citizens are acknowledging being tried in a sentient the prosecutors said in his opening statement thousands of chechens new kentucky and up to five million tux trace their roots the caucasus region which includes chechnya the conflict in chechnya began in nineteen ninety four the set to school but became an islamic insurgency dedicated to forming an islamic state in the caucasus the i know. a gas explosion in new jersey summer left one
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woman dead in ancient greece and utility workers during the day in the area authorities say one contact or had damaged a gas line and coos and even caring that would exclude completely destroyed ten homes and damaging another forty five the contractor was drooling at that point a shrub. what they believed to be. this line. and they're just escalated until it exploded one of the residents witnessed the explosion set off by the damask line. i ran outside and i was all clean and smooth. the one that was on fire. so it's great to talk to on going. talking to people injured workers. body of the woman who lost her life was discovered later that day near the second explosion officials will weaken on top secret id main cause of death. the workers heard in the blasts had to be hospitalized. however none of the injuries are considered life threatening demo called dr. fans. the annual meeting
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of the american israel affairs committee has likened in washington amid the crisis in you crying. president barack obama stood systems of them it does shiites and switch around and told the palestinians. during talks with obama to ring his trip to the us. he's writing my minister benjamin netanyahu and the slowest his country's into or in partnership with the us before addressing iran nuclear program and the middle east peace talks and was soon on continuing to pursue its pro military in a military nuclear program. it's something that ought to be stopped and we can bestow an internist on for the sake of his. and for the sake of them the security of everyone including newcastle united states. obama showed up to me on to the washington remains committed to preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons. i know it's so cold on a trial on the palestinians to find common ground to reach the u
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s brokered peace framework that is a strong bipartisan commitment. be sure that all security. it is preserved and then he contends. it's my belief that ultimately. it is still possible to create. two states. a pure state of israel. a state of palestine in which people are living side by side in peace and security. that is all about iraq. to add to my absolute commitment to make sure that iran does not have a nuclear weapon. something about all the harvester. it feels very deeply about. and we will discuss how the joint plan of action that is commonplace can potentially at least two weeks. a solution that ensures that iran is not developing a nuclear weapon the slate is just seems to point but owen is running out for a framework is friday
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palestinian deal and solve it in the troubled us brokered peace process something critical for president obama second time foreign policy agenda. great also to smack that is mexico city council caught this on an abc store agreement of leipzig right to tourism and economic development. the agreement is over so i end up avoiding further protection from allah grants. when the sun to respond to the second largest population of mexican nationals outside of mexico city concert is looking to expand the historic toys for the two cities to strengthen said economic goal was investment. i didn't write it we feel those guys that are so strong. the stanzas and mexico city have been playing ever since we had a common past. and i intend with the head of government bonds that are here to write a new
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chapter together. a future that is uncommon as well. we know what those ties are alike. we know that they are going to be around tourism and the environment. brown infrastructure. brown opportunities to invest in the direction to bring tourists both ways through the border. a ceremony held in mexico city's towel many cattle angel my hero award the concept is that the capture was distinguished guests medallion on the key to the sixty five has signed agreements to imprint sites or services to the estimate to fall eight million mexican migrants covers all a bit lopsided release. instead kept its icy hold on much of the mountain states on monday with snow forming an attempt to struggling schools and offices closed. to make a subset of the harsh winter threatened as much as ten inches of snow by the end of the day in washington baltimore and elsewhere in the meat atlantic region
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school systems in baltimore washington in many suburban areas but close as roll smithsonian museums. except for the national and space museum. more than two thousand one hundred flights in the notice states the council on monday according to the gym and prayers. as chancellor unto them will visit israel relations between the two countries. i didn't old time radio the conflict has deteriorated to the point that some are questioning the special relationship status between germany and israel. the seeds indoors though the loaf. she was raised to an end and john you don't agree. on the sauce of
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ot iran that crashed in the room. joni is small and design of the american government and not so someone should be aligned on the line of duty in the civilian government. and the second is the disarmament policy were both going to read it or don't agree. the new ending to the news that meant idea whose government is forcing capable and willing to push the lead the peace process with the palestinians. john and aluminum and mrs makin is realistic enough to to know that he did even on the nintendo ds. there's something awesome book the relationship between the aisle and local. most routes from day one. members of hokkaido mum members within the yemen coast of morocco released the information via telephone conversations between antonio one hundred years back. which talked of a strong disagreements on the telephone that time information which was a relief to the media in the first place. for most of
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the speeches given in on relations between germany and israel and assigned to special relationship between the two countries. i think the storytelling quiche and stemming from the crimes of the nazis against the jewish people. one season since john a junior of germans as a whole. we have always felt don't go they would be made to feel guilty. not understanding the difference between guilt and responsibility. history has led the irresponsibility and germany which bo is everlasting. tony committed crimes which also in human joe you will have to be irresponsible to make sure the crime but these will never ever happen again thinking of him in every jump government know was that the relationship between israel and ten. joan is this is something special. behind is the memory of total cost of calls wanting to determine
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is possible that it will fall for the past. so um. three he was assured it is to practice the main tension between the german government and the israeli government circles around the israeli settlements on palestinian land. for most germans the question of land and who rules it essential in the peace process in the middle east. this is more socially switch to a close one in germany . and when egyptian cool to spend all the activities of palestinian militant group the mass in the chips. the ruling still short of declaring the gaza strip melissa terror group has forced the closure of the office is in the and could lead to key figures being arrested. max has condemned the ruling the mass is an offshoot to the tips muslim brotherhood which has already been declared a terror group by
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the authorities for a private residence mohamad missy who has since been jailed day for mass the red carpet treatment during his reign angering many secular and liberal egyptians do it so democracy rather than the sum of the patient flow in the twenty eleven revolution since we will see results of the egyptian leader by the minute regional and austria an islamist insurgency has taken hold in parts of the country the sinai peninsula which borders with gaza and israel has become increasingly in all this with a series of terror attacks on security officials police stations and army checkpoints. a number of the attacks meaning to tell her kids from gaza. since seizing power he gives me the trees talk to gaza's economy by destroying many of the one thousand two hundred terracotta was previously used smoke and building materials and weapons in because the link by its goals or six faces a similar israeli okay mostly due to sustained attacks against the jewish state new
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the train station in turn has reopened the security measures on your graphic stabbing rampage there which left at least thirty three dead and one hundred and forty three wounded four of the assyrians were the lead shot by police while authorities are still searching for at least five more of the attackers who witnesses say he's uniquely there is any current stories to stab people at random chinese authorities have blamed the attack and terrorists from within the week a minority to be weaker are ethnic turkic muslims who come from the shooting in china's far west were conscious that the muslim separatists in time is han majority of frequent most leaders follow soon as i understand what the court restrictions on their culture and religion played predominantly han population. the attack followed the annual session of the chinese people's political consultative conference where ethnic issues in economic terms have been discussed in this team development in minority populated areas. despite such initiatives the chinese
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authorities accused of an crack down on our tickets from antarctica oops entertaining activists investigating corruption in government. chinese authorities have voiced their disapproval of the rate of violent knife attack has been free trade in western media cleaning packing has not received enough attention to details regarding evidence linking the attack to weaker separatists from since and have yet to be released the they will lead me to start tylenol when so what's the blood of the town decided to make you take the pot like a lot of lego and has recently faced criticism for allowing itself to be hired out to the hardline islamist cleric forty muslim families of the night almost a month fight them over to a few hats the most in research and development foundation is reportedly in tools gender
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segregation and say to that are descended from apes and pigs. the british daily star reports that the data is one of twenty following islamic clerics being scrutinized by the home office spreading extremist ideology of british universities the mosques previously been. speaking of the london school of economics have concerns were raised by the ulysses juices noisy. one is prince website it states that the vagabond event was designed to provide a real alternative from within families where they can enjoy a fun family activities that thousands of other their friends. a new phone or more in line with that site. we ask people in windsor well egeland is based on what they may get the attraction allowing him by the pot now it's just a family joined in again or the norms to see what that is the tone of creeks to youngsters in the trunk of a means to some sort of terrorism and the nominal this neo feminist role in taking advantage in being involved. they realize
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it yet. the strong views on obama and i'm very much no she said i was a cool compress and boasts a time out of them that we can dictate sue companies hire the new gods unruly time thoughts the same kind of prejudice of. the proposing would be happy if their extremist. i wanted. was there extremists. not sure sign that extremists. many will die go that distance i e there. jimmy page the extremists the system and gruesome am token there and to deliver the way things are going to restaurants are already concerns the far right research is the english defence league and castles you know it it will hold protests outside like a land of the day. men's of these creeps are reported to have already said that the pocket pc samples from the skins on facebook and twitter. well it's tight and the muslim research and development foundation told ted was
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the probably from late twenty fourteen on ago and is an opportunity for the uk together with british muslims in a relaxed friendly environment for the bullets his staff and trustees all well respected members of the queue you seek me out that we ask everyone to join as a family fun day twenty fourth seed. meanwhile michael london she did such a statement defending the park's decision to allow the events in saying that it certainly does not discriminate in any way. does that about four ten one the winter. i. the forbes magazine has released its new will be lean is this the twenty fourteen that opened its doors for four year absence is my supply chain and philanthropist bill gates with a cool seventy six billion dollars gates is going to be fully by mexican mining joined tall slim with seventy two billion. jewish
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techno to carry larry ellison he founded oracle sits in fifth place with a fork in a forty eight billion three of the featuring the top ten including john mccain showed the nozzles in line with the aliens who owns a series of casinos across the world in places including last vegas and macau. the menu and then michael bloomberg comes in sixteenth place with a wealth is estimated that three billion by forbes to be jewish to king larry page shows the folly been fortunate to stay with the tt belly and face pics of them the tradition took the first place with twenty eight points on the and. there is some one thousand six hundred and four the saudi billionaires in the forbes list with a combined wealth of six point four trillion dollars. eye you're a teen books dollars due to sch has released a video about
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homosexual love was in shock waves in the islamic republic with the topic is to do and being convicted of homosexuality to carry the death penalty. now that a cop on every new old gentleman who wrote and directed the video for the next six weeks has been viewed on more than a median every news online or via illegal satellite channels since it's valentine's day was nice. it has cost the discussion to the great thing and it's a lot of them abiding that the e their lives have been changed to the commons of the bed the messages we proceed to the sensitivities of the video shows that something is. this was the first step for a change for sure because before that it was just not subject to a stop to think that people will stop the water was always talked about in a bad way and that it's not all rolled up my digits seek that needs help the ants to get punished to a worst case to the death the death penalty but now it's the death of
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the discussions on a completely different double which the was the first of the city. which was around stars pop diva over the nineteen seventy nine revolution aimed at the lights singing career for two decades until she emigrated to the west. music has always remained popular among the asian diaspora an underground in or on what his status is comparable with that treatment donor or elvis government controlled newspapers of content the video but haven't said reactions have been misty post its founding of the video clip is the infamous a total of twelve with or nudity. i had to. the new team of jewish heritage is open a new exhibit called common link you up a song for the people it uses images music video
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and imagine it's designed to tell the story of this famous song from ukraine has become the theme song for jewish studies worldwide. i think eli is one of those signs that has been no mite decades by kids of their permits ben's grandparents people at weddings and everyone seems to know the tune but very few people know the lyrics and fall into the origins of assignments now. the song with no new crean called sunny color in the late nineteenth century used in synagogue life that tuned into the lyrics back then we'd originally the congregants used it to engage with the divine presence the town took the song with integer is done around the year nineteen hundred. their music on just transcribe the melody in nineteen fifty three years later it had new keys lyrics the basics on and the words how tiny he let me know. let us read joyce and it's likely
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that it comes from a person sounds because this is the day the lord has made let us free choice and be glad i'm still hobbling the keel and beans lettuce free to waste time playing around and now queensland insane and guru guy he is awake brothers and then they stay awake rather it's been a happy heart. the song was first recorded in nineteen twenty two and the wide eyed the mid twentieth century it's good to take on a new life entirely. in the years following world war two there is more of an optimistic spirit for surviving jewish communities the state for celebration is popular artists like harry belafonte started to make the song peanuts. this is really interesting because harry belafonte was known as the king of calypso and of course he wasn't us that he signed to a sold out house at carnegie hall and every korean went well supplied and a lot of international performers efficient different nationalities awesome the recordings of this very popular sign. by
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the nineteen sixties there were a lot of different variations. it's used in a sincere way for jewish celebrations. but exhausting use by recording artists such as alan sheridan me to carry the added about two ish suburbanites. its use by twenty oh four and in a very serious and says the civil rights and tends to be quite sad as the sun now and it says now is the moment. so it's interesting how has all these different layers of meaning the eye. martin said new versions of company g of a host of new ep really new to him she said the visitors to check out the exhibit at the museum i need to be a delightful surprise. i think it's a nice breath of fresh air at the end of the museum experience to focus on something that's so familiar that has the sand and dimensions. the exhibit stays open until late april the exhibition traces the songs hundred year journey throughout the world it made its way from ukraine all the leading eight states
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which now part of communal memory and popular culture this is at the door for jane won in new york. i the will you. do. will be. to me. or
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we are. will the poor the ch
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since. a train to our taiwan melt and ten. the democratic progressive party release its mill paper on palace defence policy. urging the government to speed up development of submarines and increase its national defense budget to three percent of the country's gdp. in response to china's growing military strength the democrat p


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