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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 5, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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and welcome to newign it' chene canchnd tellsnd camp. us secretary of state john kerry has criticized russian leader's day after day for their intervention in ukraine. now he's brought up his complaints and face to face he met in paris with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. nothing fancy i that time. caring and love ramen for the first time since former ukrainian president vikto yanukovich was overthrown two weeks ago
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the wind parents along with other foreign ministers to attend a conference on syriac russian forces and taking control of the ukrainian republic o crimea by ethnic russians make up the majority of the population. kerry said all parties agree it's important to resolve the crisis through dye lot western leaders have suggested international monitors should go to crimea to fit the price is not much in state run tv reported that lavrov said allowing monitors into crimea is not something russians should decide. annie said it would not be conducive to die like. on demand as threatened in the united nations special envoy to ukraine roberts terry was trying to find out what was happening in crimea first hand. but mama forced him to leave the area. sadie was traveling to the shias in the local one at least ten honk and surrounded his car the harassment that traps and in a coffee shop. they are going to go to
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the airport. a crowd gathered weaving russian flags. he shouted much to rush down as scary laughed. he eventually returned to his hotel and hard to continue his mission in the capital kiev the opinion leaders have been stamped and to get ukraine's economy back on its feet. he announced an aid package was the eleven billion euros fifteen billion dollars. but they say the new government must bring in reforms. you think it's going by. will bring an old world she sort of at least eleven billion euros over the next couple of years. strong european budget. you can even babies its national financial institutions. but as a city eu officials and others have to work together to stabilize the economy a promise to help the ukrainians reduce their dependence on russian energy eu leaders have invited ukraine's interim prime is pakistani and senior turn emergency summit later on
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thursday. a south korean defence ministry official says a north korean market it could have struck a chinese passenger plane. he says the aircraft passed through the possible rocket launch minutes earlier. defense ministry spokesperson says one hundred and fifty four people were onboard the flight from ninety to airport near tokyo to shenzhen china. he says the north koreans launched the ride at four seventeen pm to six minutes later the plane crossed the rhine its trajectory. he says the north koreans did not issue a warning. north korea's provocative acts are a clear violation of international aviation rules and they pose a serious threat to civilians. the most inspired seven projectiles toward the sea of japan on tuesday that criticized annual military drills by south korean and us troops
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and those forces have been wanting to see how the north koreans might try to provoke them. north korea's state run television has ended and the feel of a senior leader who is thought to have been pushed from power. analysts considered cheney on hand the second in command to be taking john on. j is then directed the general political department of the korean people's army and gain more power after the execution in december of tim's uncle and mentor chance contact. she can be seen in the media for several weeks adventures in south kor thought he had being arrested peter did a documentary about him on state television media monitors based in tokyo. see the film is believed to have been shot with the last two weeks it'll work for the us central bank at the disney coloring of economists and companies as good as they wanted to know how they feel about the economic climate i itchy that turns us now from
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the days is as good morning i sit on santa's what the central bankers found out what they found that the new freeze the cool freeze at the start of the year to have an impact a slight impact on but you know the reason why there's so much attention on this report captain is because it proceeds on the us federal reserve's next policy meeting later this month and fed officials released in this latest economic survey head of the meeting. they report that harsh winter weather dampened economic activity but their outlook overall remains upbeat the fed's beige book report is based on surveys conducted in the bank's twelve districts. the reports as economic conditions in the country from january to early february continue to expand in most regions retail sales weakened in most districts due to severe winter weather conditions new car sales also softened the report says manufacturing expanded at a moderate pace. employment levels improve gradually in
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most districts. although severe winter weather had negative effects in several districts. the report says the economic outlook in most districts remained optimistic noting that the weather impact was temporary. fed chief janet yale and will be cheering her first a monetary policy board meeting later this month. board members will discuss whether they should continue scaling back their bond purchasing program all market players in the europe and the us took a breather on wednesday concerns about ukraine seemed to be easing some lights and we'll ask the basic book did not provide much trading direction. the dow jones industrial average lost a fifth of a percent to ten to sixteen thousand three hundred sixty. the nasdaq me mom grows just a little bit more than a tenth of a percent and the snp five hundred index ended the trading session almost unchanged for more on the japanese mike it was getting the knee at the tokyo stock exchange. you mean ha
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the markets opening this morning. morning i learned that the recall certain courses that teach reading to the non us. at the opening levels for kristy my sakes he is not a zero point two seven percent and fourteen thousand nine hundred and thirty seven and that's after it grossed one point two percent to crore was at the highest level in one week on wednesday and the index is for now in the positive foreign family and a button topics as high bmi is no point three percent. so animal and investors seem to be avoiding making baked rates after a flat performance in the us my kids not to name anyone to follow their shares on a side of me to pharmaceutical company here in japan a site has reached a deal with client and the u s based company to develop and co much a life outside my jocks and that may be competed well as undermine
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its entire city on wednesday the chinese government and the u n economic growth target of seven point five percent for two thousand fourteen and that boasts that stocks are now in asia but not in tying up as many investors in the country auckland city of all possible before my on a power company in the saudi shanghai composite use zero point nine percent on wednesday so we'll watch any developments on that and not on your pc smith couldn't get going again faced the knee and is now at one hundred and two point four five to forty seven with ten dollars slightly stronger at keene state and conte to witness the trade as our mind and i used again as the man for a c ap the adsense has decreased. i think he's under a dollar can buy to private sector the u s jobs report sixteen team dual don't like the consensus on wednesday and the next focus will be
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our effectively artist me to today and achy of the shell known to pompeii and will be marked on friday and your years now and one hundred and forty point six six two six nine cherry and this currency pair may be quite cautious as market players halloween weekend to see what the european central bank who do act as policy meeting in sydney and will continue to watch these developments and b that we have it and the banksia. rightly takes alot for that update negotiations between corporate executives and labor union leaders on the brink tykes are seeking top. as most firms are slated to get their answers by a march wealth managers at two leading japanese on the maker's plans to accept labor union demands for higher base salaries. nissan executives told a labor union representatives that they will agree in full to the union's request for raises in monthly payments and bonuses. they plan to raise monthly pay buying ninety three dollars including a base salary increase worth thirty four
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dollars. the managers also plan to accept labor demands for higher wages. many auto industry managers are positive about raising the salaries but others are still cautious about fully accepting labor demands made more intense global competition. their concern that higher wages will increase labor costs in the future. while i stay in business next hour is another attack on the markets the pic. it is. moving
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longwood. china is the biggest political ascent of the year is underway in beijing as in she's in pain and his administration are meeting delegates of the country's legislature the national people's congress reform is high on the agenda as the leadership aims for long term stability the brain extensive coverage of the npc this weekend i seriously try now grown to the farm. nhk rawlinson russia prussia and is covering this story in beijing chinese premier league to john opened the annual gathering of the political elites by outlining plans for the year ahead. he addressed and dc delegates announcing in economic growth target of around seven and a half percent. and for me and he also address complaints about corruption pollution and the gap between rich and four delegates from across china and get to that the recall of the people he says the government's accomplishments and goals for the year ahead. this week to john's first time to deliver
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the government work report is officially confirmed as the mayor at this very tense last year . looking at. shoot i did it end. last year was our first year for a government. and its mission was difficult and busy. while nearly said the national government's first task was to change how things were being done. it did so by transferring moral forty two other levels of government and to the private sector. he then talked about the money saying maintaining a growth target of around seventy percent but build trust among investors and help restructure the economy the defense budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since nineteen eighty nine and that will continue. this year's defense spending will increase by more than twelve percent to about one hundred thirty billion dollars. he said the government will do more
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to address concerns about pollution and the wealth gap she is she. anwar's and soil condition is severe in some places. the cost of conserving energy and reducing emissions remains on tues and a promise that guy will severely punish servants and others involved in corruption. after the session we as some delegates about these reports a team. i think the campaign against corruption should be more tight enough. it's also set out and report i believe doing so. the company could hear the tone duty. he's the khaki it is a cd the basement. the finale of the most of them all. even knowing it will be some problem. atkinson we need to he too seems to us that the sun talk more about the government work report any state will still pull for scott has spent a day going through it to double its the bike talking about the seven and a half percent
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economic growth. titus was behind that decision to maintain that they get. this is very much assistance on as the economy from one of its export led to the one that relies more on domestic consumption. kissing oh what a relief not to say. we sit seven point one and says he only goes we considered that it was necessary. and feasible. the color last year residency and premier league after focusing on quality of a speech when it comes to economic growth. this sense the pain the sadness is owned by the developments in the province sentosa stocks end of the environments and a widening gap between breaks and four. since i'm the meanest don't want to learn the most part that's too much because that could spread a pessimistic view that china's economy and
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possibly even to sterilize the pool with mommy. sell the asset has decided to keep the wolf targets at one seven and a proper sense. but if you look at the actual bricks down you'll see this year's target for exports as a soap opera percent lower than last year's. so in this case. this being our efforts to reform its economic structure economics inside joke all what else it out at the gabba twelve point four one interesting case highlights as the proposed budget for domestic security. plans to spend five billion yuan or about twenty three billion dollars on police to maintain security. that's up six point one percent from last year. this year's combined budgets of the central and local governments for internal security. i've not been disclosed but also the scene on the torrens system causing seven total spending on internal security
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has increased steadily and sister doesn't that and security costs on the steps national defense spending that trend is expected to continue for this year as well. and there is cause for concern. protests have erupted into a store option and the government's policies on minorities in this year's budget on security is just the latest ipsos off knocked out domestic discontent that disrupts the ot at home. they did a list of all. and the widening gap between rich and port in china as one of the other big issues and the seat delegates will be discussing one of a special report on that one of coverage continues on thursday. but that's all for me in the team in beijing for now and i. japanese prime minister sheens eliana has called on the foreign minister of the round to take steps toward resolving his country's nuclear issue on
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the jetties at the fis currently visiting japan anyway sorry if that is said he was informed that that has been in the new brown the tops with britain china france germany russia and the us on its nuclear programs he said he spanks him and to work hard to reach a final agreement. terry said his country has been holding guns on the nuclear issue with sincerity goodwill and good day at a news conference at a steady man wants to have that mutually beneficial relationships with western nations and other countries bruce and daring use of nuclear power. beyond is on she knew the americans. those on seniority of the news is enhancing its security. they said if that has historically the main curtain reliable partner fire and he said the two countries will be able to cooperate in the new cleopatra chemical and other fields. he also ask for japan's cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear technology and active investment in iran's interest
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rates. japanese scientists has released a technical tips for using stimulants to make stem cells that can be turned into any tissue or organ the researchers released a document as scientists around the world have failed to make the sounds. according to the new technique announced late january. what a cool book on center team and then he can center for developmental biology release the document. the researchers enlisted procedures to treat as saying that we programming phenomenon called stack where stimulus triggered acquisition of cricket and see. this is advising other researchers to take extra care when stimulating sounds they also suggest using cells from male minds and ensure purity when conjuring them. the team was responding to calls from the scientific community for more details as nobody has succeeded in verifying them at that critics have pointed out slight irregularities in the paper's reporting
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the breakthrough by geek and has yet to complete its inquiry into the allegations i eye. the grand masters of the cast have being trying a lot for decades in games against computers. the master from japan has taken on another challenge in a complex protein called goal he paid his wits against the world's most sophisticated kill program in a battle of man embraces machine. in the highly competitive world of cool twenty year old calmly answered and that is a rising star. he's appeared on coakley year. on this day he had the piece is an unusual occurrence is that cool software application called stand made by a team call him d c and c and s one more than forty global tournament against other programs the object of coke is to clean the most territory. you do this by building
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continuous lines of white or black stones. the atmosphere is tense as the players make their first tooth. pretty snatches the players would use a small nine nine nine nine for it. the norm local board is a grade of ninety nine nineteen nineties the baker that create the greater complexity. in cold you can put pieces anywhere. i'm in nineteen nine nineteen board your first name can be one of three hundred sixty one choice is incensed by comparison there are only twenty possible opening minutes. this explains this monthly today. even the powerful and would struggle on a full size storage. by reducing the gulf between computer and play here. the developers can gather more and found twenty ten in their quest for artificial intelligence
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you'll only thing we're looking for hints about how to apply you got your reasoning which a human player can access through every man. she makes a mistake in the middle of the first team. i was nervous and miscalculated that was the only chance. my opponent had to win. still player would immediately have exploited such a lapse in seize territory. but the computer miss the opportunity so she got to london. what got me a computer can be when in cases where this only a single good mood. in the middle of the second game which god i was cleaning the computer made an unexpected new. put down its white stone on a corner off the board i
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decided it. i never thought these would put it we aren't as good a i was shocked that i never would've thought of it. in a normal girl move the opponent we tried to break a key to a string of black stones but in this case the computer tried in an orthodox way to escape its difficult position. however she got a cab to school and went on to take more territory. in london. isn't there yet. hiddink and the lingo constant in the distance i was a small child. so i have a pretty good sense of how and when pattern looks. and the moment i begin to breathe. kiera victory did i just know i'm not going to lose. computer lost both games to waste human mind honed by years of
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training the way my son who was too bad but i'll continue what a worker program for nineteen by nineteen board one of the semester. maybe in twenty years when i see despite that there is disappointment. maybe it's good for tucson. that's when it comes to the crafty kinda cool. computers are still no match for the little human brain. lifetime average bag and a day when their people and so can i say miss sunshine but still rather chilly me yelling just randomly tells us more. this complaint and three and no sign of spring and the snowman into account it's going to be windy and chilly but sunny ten canvases to go all winter. now we have a story yesterday in house pulled away though what is left behind. if the typical going to press the pattern high pressure system over
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the content and a low pressure system to the east strong wind flow from the high pressure area while oh moisture from the sea of japan inclines floor and on the western flank and heavy precipitation falls and the form of snow i bet things of that now it is the opposite sign of the country will remain quiet riot but between d still makes taking heavy snow to develop over the western flank of the country from hokkaido to on course to check the region the heaviest snow the sun and the cookery cohesion to the fifty centimeters over the next twenty four hours but gossip about one hundred fifty six km hour. under such conditions even trucks could overturn many trees cut down beliefs about the five meters the likely that could trigger some coastal flooding in dangerous conditions will likely continue into saturday kelly scored the west. a little dry for much of an axe to see much of the korean peninsula and the northern half of china adding the south plains wanting to enter this town over the indo china and is the most strident and pictures are
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keeping up to detonate their duties in bangkok may well lead the chilly air compared to twenty chicken to some of the rovers china eighteen degrees and kang kang and a decrease in chant i could get down to ten degrees and still only five decrease for you with a high on thursday while the chorus the america included moisture from hull line combined with the state still a low pressure system but in quite a wet and windy for the western areas when talking about heidi closer rain and for the coastal areas such as that of vancouver portland seattle and it we're talking about winter storm conditions for the luminaries as well. up to fifty centimeters of snow is likely for the cascades and the northern rockies in the next twenty four hours and really we had blizzard warnings in place for the northern plains. now conditioner will likely improve it by friday across the western areas of flooding and landslides in oh so outlines shoes will be an ongoing story that cross the south heavy rain thunder showers could develop over the florida and the stock due
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to a couple of the air announcers declining one one the areas from the south the temperatures are in the high near twinkies in miami. just know it. barrie colts a difference in temperatures is creating that weather here only six degrees while montana but finally spring in what i ride it by friday not want up to thirteen degrees tomorrow and going up to twenty one degrees on your site today as for the rest of these anti american looking quite chilling to the next couple of days. there's no sign of spring into the weekend. that spring has already arrived in the least of the year looking dry and sunny and temperatures in much warmer than average but many areas but in the north looking quite wet and we need you to a series of low pressure systems and south and said the conditions will continue betting was thunderstorms passed the reins and the risk of hail and pictures the much wanted the matter is decaying and the double digits for many areas has extended forecast. i knew. and the eye
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its. the hours on this edition the sign. lance
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can't say much for joining its. the hours on this edition the sign. lance can't say much for joining us. the us
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