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tuesday. un special envoy in love with sturdy spray crimea to be effectively ejected from the lack of sleep means you have quite heavy armed men believed to be russian soldiers and describes its troops that when doing cpr on my uniforms so that the students to reality russia has thousands of soldiers in full control of economy and inflation then by the west as an illegal use of force. parents don't really mix his counterparts from
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european capitals and it's way to moscow to have lived on well with the new government in kiev and also to store its forces and pointing out that face is my now in its midst of what it says eleven horses corn is the second appellant refused to meet its ukrainian catapult the talks described as taught by kerry broke up without agreement. tensions have been simmering in ukraine's crimean peninsula to ukraine in naval ships built the wall since about the pope of the fire. russian warships from the air remains annexed by the russian mitre ukrainian security and defence counsel teeth on a trip to reclaiming the strategic cricket eritrea is set to be more to keep the russian invasion is due to the east and south ukraine in scorching protest the recap. the misfits the headquarters of the city and through the russian flag from its roof and it came just now was up to kiev. both teams managed to fly to right
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in front of the donetsk sixteen more widely read has since been taking place in the east ukraine into the city . i am the owner can use on him more. you can do it the eye. each step. it all
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deep. be you. foreign correspondents gathered outside the police institute in cairo as the second day of the trial of a group of journalists working for international broadcaster of the sierra got underway coming from bebop era muhammad all shiny and peter increased among twenty defendants being tried on charges of belonging to and aiding a organization in their coverage of the muslim brotherhood of the twenty only it were thought to be present in court with the rest being tried in and cynthia. andrew greased and a brother of australian journalist peter rees said he hopes of that evidence would start being heard and remained hopeful his sibling
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would be freed. the guy sing it is. it's a toss about. it all. sixty six. he looked guilty and houses here is said to reporters were really doing their jobs. dozens of media organizations have called on authorities in cairo to release a journalist and free speech protests have been held around the world for the detainees reporters the military backed government which ousted president muhammad marcy of the muslim brotherhood in response to popular demand was incensed by what he called the biased coverage while busier in favor of the organization now branded a group. here is owned by the thai government which had won more seats government seven point five billion us
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dollars to help feed its ailing economy european union yesterday at some forty two thousand when he suggests that one in the band had recorded some kind of existence the age of fifteen and one in ten women have been victims of sexual violence. dubbed the largest of its kind the coldest of the ditch effort to gauge the extent of the sexual violence and harassment experienced by some one hundred and eighty six point six million men in any use twenty nations. the survey which was conducted by the us agency for fundamental rights also provided surprising results regarding countries which of my gender equality nearly half of the survey done in sweden denmark and finland suffered violence is the key to fifteen while colin mcrae the lowest number of cases of physical and sexual violence women's rights and i see these can too by differences in gearing levels of an understanding of what he's actually means only one button and seven
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the parade and no serious incidents of intimate partner violence to the police and some thirty one percent of those to the point of being raped by a partner have also been raped repeatedly the survey also studied the trivial and some violence and sexual orientation the results suggested that twenty percent of homosexual men have experienced violence by both female and male perpetrators compared to the five percent of heterosexual men have experienced physical or sexual assault. the authors of the airport perry's eu governments to form special awareness programs for young women as well as many in our to confront becoming a shia violence against women israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu wrapped up this his aipac policy conference in washington by repeating his post warnings against forming a trip to rome strong offensive. ms muir who coached well palin's middle to allow tehran to retain the ability to enrich uranium saying it must be
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stripped of pole new technologies and homemaking potential which he ran it. would open up the floodgates really opened up pandora's box. nuclear proliferation. in the middle east and around the world that must not have. and we'll make sure the dog . words to his resume on the planet to the phones wouldn't it to everyone. and it certainly would endanger israel. since iran openly calls for destruction seventy years ago. will the jewish people. for left four dead. we came back to life. we will never be brought to build brand of
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extinction. netanyahu also stricken can see the truth is optimistic vision of life in relations between israel and poets of the arab world skeptics have long predicted peace talks with the palestinians underneath me on his right wing coalition a doomed to trial but the longer term regional leadership ambitions being mapped adults making peace with the palestinians may become an imperative the eye the sleek scotia and new jersey summer left one woman dead and injured seven utility workers during the day in the area authorities say one contact or had damaged a gas line and coos and uncaring that's when extended to the despairing ten homes and damaging another forty five the contractor was drooling at that point the shrub. what they believed to be. this
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line. and they're just escalated until it exploded one of the residents witnessed the explosion set off by the dam is dying. i ran outside and i was all clean and smooth. the one that was on fire. so it's great to inaugurate an on going. talking to people injured worker. body of the woman who lost her life was discovered later that day near the side of the explosion officials will weaken on top seafront ideally the cause of death the workers' strike in the blasts had to be hospitalized. however none of the injuries are considered life threatening to local doctor the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has rounded out his most recent into the united states with a stop in hollywood at the premiere of a television documentary titled israel royal to her. the prime minister said he believed in the show would help the country's tourism industry as it had four other
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nations featured on the cbs series in which the heads of state given that works travel editor peter greenberg a televised tour of their countries. i was so important to do this because it's been shown that. mr members of the israeli tourism and it's brought up another country is a mantra to be. do the same here many of hostile added he would show the truth about israel and dispel misinformation the kids chosen sides of israel. i need to be shown the people the world. and as such it's not only was it cool too. tomic said. torres and so increase tourism is also to dispel this column is about the state of israel and two. to show real phrase of the jewish state. i also spoke during an american israel affairs committee conference in washington earlier on his trip urging world powers to not allow
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iran to maintain the ability to enrich uranium the israeli prime minister also met with us lawmakers and have a sit down with president obama mm. during the years since i've added this dough in a democracy. the country faces ten and has not called the teen crime corruption and evenings in effect be on the jewish community peace and feel it's in your faith in me shifted to trace the country's most of the kite programs. teen tennis team. representatives of greatest need is committed to a teeny and next morning tea lunch and mocking tones of the new conflicts. it's eight forty am. this of trafficking to reach the border dp teas and the union for jimmy choo winning op behind this
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project. if a foreign city says i'm very much based christian based or putting toothpaste. matt and we know from a different stamp sets we are times when the knights people from all thanks to trent had died on me. no trains the strangest get to hang ten and went from dr speeds up to solve problems in the hopes of africa. some dedicated to seeking a democracy but you just read them. totems and organizations have already been established to deal with issues like social cohesion and model of regeneration interfaith that graham greene king saul. the titans. have not had much success the posts today and in most communities interface is done at the very smallest kid the meat inside painting and
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it is upon us by the day you don't cry. would love to me is what it is that it's time for a cup of tea and biscuits and cake piece of cake and eat scorpions notes had back in to see what the issues that face the common wheat very often. moreover it's called korean eyes and he has more in common in the hat differences between faiths and cultures and this provides a very meaningful relations open forum to discuss ice sheets and discuss solutions. only in agreement about the importance of interfaith dialogue open and tracy because the content and insists the team he's also discussed the practicalities of taking this initiative for which this man has been rolled in to see the discs to gain increasing easts assigned to the shoes mentone that it was so crunchy. they should do damage to other people for me it is an opel would get me
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there when we make each had seen what they've done to get that because it's kind of therapy starting transcript and even voting on a common and faith to be done the specifics of each region it's what led to believe god went to the us interstate conduct an open frank and hacking we can afford to do something. in addition to what people really get into such a lazy shot past statistics since the kids the attacks in the uk. even the pcc choose you can see when you can't keep up the city this week is the link is to step into the scope so we need to go out to those people ensure that the ndp can eat a potato and leek should be even greater tournament it is not to dis order to raise its holdings of africa's problems is not synonymous. but in
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faith. and today than this on mondays and again. it has been front and one . the as you during the titanic rennie and peninsula following the invasion by bursting troops ukrainians and russians living in new york have been keeping a wary eye on their historical homeland its. it s century has seen a constant flow of immigration from both countries the us coming in different ways as various hysterically events unfolded with new york anyway more than a hundred and sixty thousand ukrainians or those with ukrainian roots leaving the big apple. many are found in the east village section of the city known as little ukraine for st george ukrainian catholic church plays a big role in meeting their church leaders say that despite tensions between ukraine and russia. there is little conflict among the mavericks the peaks. i
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would sit in them unless it is not snow of the games the russian keep it close russian ukrainian people and the line. when all these close neighbors so that in his nominees the people. i would say isn't always the games then raymond and i learned. see george's talk to katie raise more than a hundred thousand dollars and eight and shipped hundreds of parcels to help families and loved ones in ukraine. in brighton beach and brooklyn were displayed in front of my current little odessa at the russian population out numbers the ukrainian locals say they are mostly against russian aggression. all right this is a very diverse populations will react that way as the ukrainians living here but maturity people are actually four ukrainian. i would say that they would support the ukraine. his independence. well wide all the facts right now but i know that india has been traditionally russian. so but i also feel that ukraine has
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been violated her. so i just said i personally feel that the probably feed should be just the way they are. and ukraine should be able to decide own destiny. as a racist ntuc entry into the us are calling on the obama administration to counter russia's aggression and support their home country soon after i turned the boy justin cooper has won the right to privacy after miami judge said that tube video clips depicting the singers to tell yet to be released only to the singer's private parts played out even mr beaver has a right to privacy. i think it's important for the service and more to build its courts will recognize the rights of crisis attorneys for news outlets at pdc suggested any sensitive persons of good videos. the black dyke and the rest of the least. under florida as a liberal open records laws. much of
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the footage was released last week some texturing beaver joaquin and steadily during a sobriety test. separately the miami beach police department made a new set of each encounter was taken shortly after officers arrested either during an amigo steve drag race in january twenty third the tree lamborghini and ferrari teen singer has pleaded not guilty to charges of driving under the plans resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. it was raining during the protest petition from the us with over twenty five hundred thousand signatures even a lawmaker virginia democrat mark warner has been the voices intention to sign the petition. the is you. i really ought to me it's sort of old wooden so what's the blood of the town decided to make the uk the park like a lot of lego and has recently faced
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criticism for allowing itself to be hired out to the hardline islamist cleric forty muslim families of the night almost a month fight them over to a few hats the most in research and development foundation is reportedly in tools gender segregation and say to that are descended from apes and pigs. the british daily star reports that that is one of twenty floyd islamic clerics being scrutinized by the home office. the spreading extremist ideology of british universities the mosques previously been. speaking of the london school of economics has concerns were raised by the ulysses juices noisy. one is prince website it states that the vagabond event was designed to provide a real alternative from within families where they can enjoy a fun family activities that thousands of other muslims and the science and environment more in line with that site. yes people in windsor well egeland is based on what they may get the attraction. allowing him by the pot now. it's just a
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family too late in the kennel a bundle of assisi to cope with that is the tone of treats to youngsters in the trunk of a means to some soul of terrorism and the nominal this neo feminist role in taking advantage in being involved. their bailout the strong views on obama and i'm very much no. she said amrozi cool compress and boasts a time out of them that we can dictate sue companies hire the new cuts unruly time thoughts the same kind of prejudice of the opposing hour the kids their extremist. there's an extremist. not just fine but not extreme. many will die go that distance i e there jimmy page the extremists that is committed to somme token there and to deliver the way things are going to restaurants are already concerns the far right groups such as the english defence league and castles you know
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it it will hold protests outside like a land of the day. men's of these creeps are reported to have already said that the pocket pc samples from the skins on facebook and twitter. well it's tight and the muslim research and development foundation told ted was the probably from late twenty fourteen l ago and is an opportunity for the uk together with british muslims in a relaxed friendly environment for the bullets his staff and trustees all well respected members of the queue you seek me out that we ask everyone to join as a family fun day twenty fourth seed. meanwhile like a monday she did such a statement defending the park's decision to allow the events in saying that it certainly does not discriminate in any way. is that about four ten one. they went to. your great new books
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dollars due to sch has released a video about homosexual love was in shock waves in the islamic republic with the topic is to do and being convicted of homosexuality to carry the death penalty. now that a cop on every new old gentleman who wrote and directed the video for the cash to set it as being viewed on more than a median every news online or via illegal satellite channels since it's valentine's day was nice. it has cost the discussion to the great thing and it's a lot of them are biting at the end their lives have been changed to the commons of the bed the messages we proceed to the sensitivities of the video shows that something is. this was the first step for a change for sure because before that it was just not a subject last october and that people will stop the water was always talked about in a bad way and that it's not the world's top my digits take that needs help the ants to get punished to a worst
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case to the death the death penalty. but now it's the death of good discussions on a completely different double which the was the first of the city. which was around stars pop diva the nineteen seventy nine revolution aimed at the lights singing tree after two decades until she emigrated to the west. music has always remained popular among the asian diaspora an underground in or on what his status is comparable with that treatment donor or elvis government controlled newspapers of content the video but haven't said reaction was that the most opposed to having them begin to focus on thomas a total of twelve or nudity. lee has agreed to work in each home pay to repair was which collapsed under heavy rainfall the government also will try spinning it seem to
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be endured some routine maintenance off to a cable to the max but limited the scope to minister in writing. in recent days the tunes from an auction stretch of four from a well it's been a popular towards the lights on the woodbine each shelf collapsed similar collapses in recent years prompted an infusion of funds bought so if only a fraction of a home can fly to the nearest being off the great company rehabilitation projects have been connected the renovation welcomes kollywood film homepage which details the eruption of mt to see this difficult stalinist was released in twenty fourteen the good news he would chew which your teachers opened a new exhibit called discovery in recovery preserving iraqi jewish heritage. in may two thousand and three shortly after american troops discovered one variety of jewish
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artifacts in sedona hussein's intelligence headquarters when the soldiers entered the building they fell in battle zones of books and documents about four feet of water. and it was immediately apparent to them that they pertain to the iraqi jewish community. which at one time had been. gary. i'm seeking ethic and heart of baghdad and had been in this part of the world for well over two thousand five hundred years the water was drained in the troops took ontario's outside in sacks with nearby courtyard. i did write them off. it wasn't really possible to drive the mountain. in an on the grass there. they did the best steak and put them and then to metal products the military called the us national archives for help and hamburg flew to baghdad with a colleague to make recommendations with the iraqi government in usd
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per support the troops were shipped to the date states for preservation and exhibition. they tell the story of a vibrant and very important jewish community that as early as late as nineteen forty nine had. katrina hundred and fourteen hundred eight thousand members. the full collection includes more than twenty seven hundred books and tens of thousands of documents in hebrew arabic to deal arabic and english dating from fifteen forty two the nineteen seventies some iraqi jewish community members came to the exhibit opening. many of the iraqi who left iraq left with very very little. most of them with maybe one suitcase. and so have had many deep weren't able to take photographs and so on. in fact there are some artifacts and actually dealt with some of the individuals came to be the opening so it seemed their school record for instance. very very dramatic in an interesting experience for them and for us to have witnessed
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hendricks said. it's been very meaningful for her to be involved in this project. it is very satisfying to see how the records are really connecting people to their history to the community's history. and to see how that has on these materials provided. a real link to that time and document that time supported by the national endowment for the humanities and several jewish organizations the exhibit is open in new work until mid may. a special website displays these historic materials online indefinitely as their digitized and catalogued have been in iraq for more than twenty five hundred years back to babylonian and only a handful left now. but the museum will be walking shoes iraqi heritage to see him show them this part of their history this is at the door for jane
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won the new york. i the will you. do. will be. to me. er
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we are. will the is yes the with you. high. i do. it
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is. up for her. are you. i did. as of. the dude has a large hammer to beat up in the comics their corresponding amendments were adopted into joe's. the staff will be more professional the courts would use new technologies in their everyday work just with a solution. the court of modern equipment the new technologies are getting some positive results. the court also modified produce events of the court processes via sms messages more on with the illusion that it says in the new station practical cousins. unfortunately court proceedings take too much time either defendant or


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