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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 6, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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and pain you are mr gordon series on the seventeen ninety in your walk with them i knew. need freezes the assets of ousting ukrainian president get home it's kind of seventeen other officials including his son his left front desk that can carry ethan's justice minister says that the eu he didn't intend to meet in brussels to discuss the crisis in ukraine. easton city of donetsk placement at the regional headquarters and report the unrest seventy five the broad brush and augustus was the captaincy to the nearby city of saplings yet. the populations of all
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the more divided. ben is made and great skies with tom and i presently do it uses the central american nation of men and with the same time not that i did not have a place that meeting to discuss the ongoing and it's cold and social crisis in iran. i'm going to thank acts. i'm already pretty nuts topped with some news just in the crimea and vice president has told russian news agency that has gotten to hold a referendum on the region's state asked the question is reportedly getting to obstacles when the crying and should remain part of ukraine all when the rate should join a rucksack instead of into life as it is to prop up since it is standing by him since our opponents the capital of crime and drama. this referendum is untidy and scheduled for the sixteenth of march. see possible. wanted to put in context. when one just has this shia school and is going to be holding a referendum on whether it should separate
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the united kingdom legislation. without referendum to be held was put in place. years ago the preparations photographer and we've been taking place over several months. there is no occupation in scope and the moments in crimea there is an occupation that has no constitutional authority for the parliament in crimea to hold a referendum. without it needs the approval of opponents in kiev the capital of ukraine. so in every respect whatever angle you to submit that this is patently absurd to hold a referendum approved it with open eyes initial period of ten days on the country's all people i would cough cough the population is terrified it beggars belief rightly assume so. this cnn that at this but it does take a lot could happen next. well that one it's difficult to see what will the type that i have all one has to presume that behind this stuns most go on one possible cru might
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be. assuming that the budget it goes ahead turns out to be in favor of some form of separation. oh perhaps confederation. maybe that is what most stores looking for the moment a slightly looser arranged within ukraine web like for instance your credit card india will become a confessional federal costs. a loaf. the ukrainian state with heartbreak of pounds that have is that as the moment and that might then be followed by a similar referendum in eastern ukraine which would it break the pilots to use to ukraine to the detriment of kid that might be once and i have another snow you might be the one that the russians had his very effectively with georgia. with that. holden says of the prize here inside the sixty s which broke away from georgia in two thousand and eight it was subsequently recognized as independent states by russia that might be this in our air the brochure is looking at here as well. that push
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against the separation of cardinia following the referendum bouts which would then be followed by a declaration of independence and perhaps then recognition from russia. the swans possible snotty of the tub i guess we'll find out in the next ten the coming days thinking that much for that small combat team as seen as the story to the nets for him thinking hats. well in the eastern city of donetsk that's ahead in town the form of prison and a call this the ukrainian side is now back in place for lying to the regional court as this up to pry him off the demonstrators were pushed out of the building. not to police reports feel rested and seventy five contestants sits between lake county breaking out in eastern ukraine with many rejecting the new interim government are important because of that to the industrial town of south koreans yet which is making brunch and speaking of the population that is all the more divided some residents in russia as a threat at this as a pretext to john walsh seven campbell hunted and got a crack
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reports. the pro russia demonstration outside separate his town hall. it's very small but its message is in line with what the demand that in mainz people who live in this region is saying. we are in danger the ninth inning danger and when we're in danger of course we ask russia for help. what the freak they contain everything crashed our families our friends live band. outside amenity barracks reservists he just needed to cool to mobilize against a potential russian attack. mo content to teach i asked my father and those russian. my wife is russian what are they going to do is either coming to protect my own life for me. people in this eastern city say they have nothing against russia but don't appreciate the russian presidents to see tulips ukraine. i chose it for free most of the population here a russian speakers. when your neighbor comes to house and tells you how one with him you should
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live for you to the masses not so new to commercial social media reports on wednesday suggested that militant pro russian forces that brought in from elsewhere a new book learning to storm the region administration building local supporters of them aiden got the two defendants to the score on that side the data backup role. please will someone have been another region of the threat israel and at the moment of police europe might have recovered from all the events it's a is up to demoralize you can release to fill all their functions. it says neil article the consultants unit should play a role. someone but on that. the attack didn't materialize this time that separation is a symbolic and strategic sites the best in the post said it industry and into a huge hydroelectric power station if russia wants to keep it simple and said the ukraine in each separate cia on side and we just had some more news fall from the russian news agency. according to
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that i am crime is parliament has unanimously voted in favor of becoming a part of russia on thursday and i quite it was agreed to enter into the russian federation with the rights of the test subjects to the russian threat generation that would of course keep you up to date as soon as it gets more on that. meanwhile the eu has frozen the assets of the former ukrainian government in all the sanctions apply to eighteen people the ousted president called it inside and he's chris is a tell all on the next accused of embezzling state funds and violating human rights during the three month strike taxes he is decision comes as the braille need is on holding an american teaching and robson was british prime minister david cameron tells us talk about what's going beyond the intended taking us it must be built to make sure we get russia and ukraine talking to each other second fiddle to demonstrate it in the european union that we will help the ukrainian
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people in that hour of need and just as likely would need to send a very clear message to the russian government that what has happened is unacceptable and should have called it quits is and what further action to take it to be taken that will be even more an example would require even mall filled with cheese that is that things will be discussing it today i went from a positive outcome the analysis on this let's bring in da end to end soon as i'd intended to send to me that this is a high level in the day will come out pants when you know after this and max's the std win and bashing five minutes and out of the fees to meet a week as you clean you come to the action is moving to crescent city as unite the same as me whole the action most of us is because when the need to seek to be a summer top of the dean senior last few days translated into action here at the height of the match day is the third annual eu christians that is on these confronted this repeat them but no one is that the eu
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cannot beat the u nineteen unified position on the ukrainian crisis at hand and in the state's nineteen and the state's overcome the national interest the light for the interests of the dock and so is is he like me seeing is that it is and is now facing off a tiny budget and beckoning of the eu is a plan to conduct any us and economic now. i still ahead of the stocks the night ended up sitting down since high yesterday the eu announced a un and eu you're we'll hike to uk and this is subject to eu clean and tidy signing on to an imf program which can be viewed with strings attached to me can i say that we can expect that given this a situation right now. it was in the expedited as you mentioned them on so accents eases off identical dates backs on sunday agenda as the years and these are the same as the deeper top ahead of the meeting. on the menu right now in some states. and this is where we're going to have to watch
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when the gemini when they see tebow syndication up off the new eight eastern european member stealing some of them off all night so we took cupcakes and they are pushing for not hiding in gemini a tv and in magazines and in much more hesitant on this. and as you know isn't that that's basically what they received i know beyond a plate to confront and see if you hide. david cameron you know in in in the lead out to the summit to be had with being depressed and one ops you don't see we've got to get a bit torn on wednesday said you know sanctions from what i had this morning seemed to be honest a keen eye and united seem to be putting it on holy for not getting the machine fire only to k c you should already know the ukraine is a new crime nsa is in brussels stamina and told to depress us take this into what he had to say. all shows are on the table we speak to the political option and it depends on the road so wet that russia is to re thread
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the tool. six these goals which are on track is the sole was reluctant to end we'll try to school increase the tension as the deep fjords ago they resumed duplicate of ukraine and that'll force. so these two are provoking the clashes in detention. and we ate the russian president and the prussian government immediately to pull back its forces sent tuesday to international agreements the bus line between ukraine and russia. then you can see you know some of this stuff stuff coming from the new ukrainian prime minister. i mean his presence day is any employer can sing it to match the year he's black and into the bosom of grasses so to speak. and he has also talked about in a hit he said that his government is bringing to work with the americans the americans haven't planned beach declining to round off the image is the opposite of the wrap up sits in the sb
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nation. these aren't so good at talking about is that his government is willing to work with your note on what the client contact you expect cnn knocked off its the content too. this is a composer that the st advice on sang gemini. and it's a basically asking for action going back and is asking for content to getting to is nice to ukraine together that's going to be dating to seek attention and still alot of things to watch tv and dresses. i am well i guess we'll find out more knee that because at the russian foreign minister and the us should stay on holding talks in new brighton today as he has such a beloved brother and john kerry met yesterday in paris but failed to reach an agreement to think of a much for that later meanwhile in a terror strike is accidentally killed a fly i've gotten so it isn't windy and eighteen others according to medical authorities the us has become a nation destroyed in a cheap place to drink driving is a town has offered its condolences to cast on and an investigation a sky underway
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to determine what happened exactly. instant could last an already strained relations between washington and composing a prison karzai has countless he denounced the us is useful to itunes which has reported killed dozens of civilians was the usa as is necessary to cross the town of khan and sentence. we carry weapons to gaza and is due to the doctor pulled in and around outside today and re naval forces intercepted and she and the red sea today as a guide and see dozens of rockets were found on board the weapons were fourteen agency mbs somehow felt that way too broad and then when actually she still wants to study and meditate and gaza iran denies the accusations while staying with that teheran authorities are due to receive some five hundred and fifty million dollars from south korea. this often on one access to its own revenues that have been frightened and roll it the payment is due on friday and a temporary deal with six
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amazing talents and its crunch of actual new piano progress. two hundred and national guard trades six on the tracks and take outs right place in venezuela last week dozens of anti government protest as he stopped flying bombs and relax the streets of caracas this is the country not the son of a threat he recounts his death. during the commemoration is presently doing said he was breaking diplomatic links with the push outside st tells us why. it's routine to ensure that the sleeve was more one musings. you can tell this is pulsing did i think is cool breeze. he sits and sent me this material announcing a severing of political and economic callings click on them. even the open conspiracy of the government of panama some acid at the las. i have decided to break political and diplomatic ties with panama. the content to settle all commercial and economic
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relations from this very moment then at the end goal the jury's decision to leave the numerous requests for approving meeting the people the migration of american states and the thing to tackling anti government protests in the league and the do re conceive is really an option to delete it dancing or deeds of the nastiest need is impeding keep this round steak. now i have been conspiracy to topple his government. miles responded to the events leading to an acceptable if it is nineteen eighteen the patients continued across the western state of touching them. the seventeen manipulating the market nationwide opposition demonstrations t a sting kurds into president during his sufferings. on the outside is a city state and has been kept. ten
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welcome to the oxytocin bank and into the money and guest today is the u n s high commissioner for refugees and ten and contents. thank you very much indeed for being with us today institute has married the announced recently there are no more refugees from the conflict in syria and scan refugees and how he described how would you classify the scale of syria's refugee crisis the boat. it's coming close who gets to two point six medium. cadiz and two point five c medium those hidden messages but as the number of seed and effigies is growing by the day we've even seen a few weeks time the smallest unit fiji's than any other group of refugees into wolves and used his gives you an idea of the state of the problem in itself only the domestic unit a team practice and the seizing of destruction of the country and the collapse of the state
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the answer to the amount of suffering that is absolutely unimaginable the two conferences i need an example i was inside the camp enjoyment visit in defending the attacks. thirty minutes doodles twenty minutes a young boy four years olds most cost of the me that my god she thinks that the eye popper and it was impossible to stop it. now the season whole generation that is traumatized by violence. so it's not only one pc from the point of view of the construction company of the key remains the number of refugees is this a whole generation the karen people dead to me. traumatized students and these impacts we lost the tickets the day that featured a tedious so to speak to you debts that i don't see p of weakness the wolves in the last tickets. the station a year according to the right decision reviewed the unhcr are about to register a mini mini mommy and syrians have
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crossed the border into neighboring lebanon and i'm not nice de stabilizing the country. well it seems that's an understatement. all this to be effective in lebanon nice kind imaginable it's also the number of refugees the cd prices a whole bedroom and the lebanese societies they find it hard to get supporting the regime wanted in supporting the opposition with the influx of people how is the fact that his side to pee in the digital kits that can select from sui out in appendix m that the number of refugees copied to eleven of these seven times began and the number of refugees in process so can imagine what it would happen in france people most of them there will be seventy times more refugees in france than today. i'm in the economy the society and in domestic impact that the school's oval mobile hospitals this nonsense so they make the contacts for so many people that the infrastructure the walk to the energy in the sewage
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system so they are. some of them is not able to respond anymore. and then of course the fact that you have. steamroller of the coffee speed of one more attacks inside lebanon because of the cd presents the us although the peoples in coming up to two months finally there was the government was formed and the reason was that these issues because about the cause of ict and sold it impacting the lebanese economy the lebanese society and the lebanese security team is a devastating impact of the walls must support them. lebanon is being left alone to watch extent it is absolutely essential that the search will continue to fully supports the eminent in the situation. most financial support. the refugees to the community's economy. also some bad and chatting to accepting some refugees from lebanon and the right words to encourage countries to two and three stepmom who lives on in its integration
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programs are receding sea conducted its own level and up the numbers you'll be seeing you at twenty eight yet but keep it to be as seamlessly that the tea that i believe that the lebanese people now meets the team from the special committee and times of the world shattering them to match how many refugees are we talking here for example how many refugees seeking european countries to grow what we have a book today about sixty thousand seat in a two zero to sixty percent of the money to countries germany and sweden. i have to pay to go to these two sets event indeed a very generous policy initiatives get into it. it's really breaks my heart device that is something fundamentally wrong. when you see live refugees being pushed back. that's the new kindle kindle get caught when you'll see that scene in families that come from this horrendous situation cbs have to miss their lives. domaine du noon on a train in bed because there's no other way
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to try to come to europe with a lid and being in the hands of smog was intense because that dilemma though the lowest possible violations of human rights ict to be very important not only for you to have the borders open like the us turkey and jordan and lebanon the scene. the same should happen anyway and also reviewing its message will also be very important to an adequate is the policies that unit in addition to loose a team like the ones that gemini recent events and unattended in the kitchen programs and. aussie beach looks set to high a number of the second refugees from neighboring countries into you save in times of numbness she likes asked me what you want to see the contents of thousands tens of thousands of refugees arriving in adults. keating targets to consistently and yet yet appealing for answers to these stances stopped in to
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the prelim. i think a unit in emissions. trust is also in evidence even if jesus came into the fence that on him france is a country that has been meaningful number of refugees and european context largest number of asylum seekers last heating unit and that was in france to the and in germany and the two countries usually have. and the movement of the largest mountain in the other can see that the second largest number so he gets it in the front seat it is today in an asylum system to the song and of course would like it to be more developed more. that includes the box. in any case he hoped that to you. we'll accept it as a whole will accept a larger number of sea and effigies into play thinking back to the yes every new media syrian region an astonishing refugee counts in lebanon is a very politically sensitive issue that given the history of palestinian refugees. would you like to see more prominent infrastructures for
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the huge number of syrians are riding in an office all week and we don't like camps we always prefer to have refugees leading to the community. the answer to these committees have the capacity to absorb them into two great time the problem is that in lebanon. depression he sold the food at each will be useful to have the ten member of sight so the vet who beat as that sentence with people that have no shot to the queen bee the support to getting icky get this position period. and we have been discussing with the lebanese government to prosecute the two nd is the month has been very strong regains the posts and defending champs. i think maybe we'd soon the memory of the palestinian camps it became the tribeca cinemas almost there any moment on the city's all of the titles another reason the cheese icing. they're concerned about security problems and that the camps might become who he felt properly manage
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the day a possible source of the security problems but soon that is why we are looking so close and the other governments than when death camps in all the perfect mixed with a ccd and the mini tin can at the camps has maintained that no weapons at the games go on and kept on groups of the crew that. but this is a challenge let's be honest in many circumstances. so i understand the position of the lebanese government. it's nice to see me will prefer to have the paucity of people who move to establish some says its sights on a live nativity sites that the more stock tips to avoid one pm sometimes in lebanon that it is people spontaneously creating their own small caps and where did they find a place. and of course there is much more difficult to support. the sometimes these are the nanny is that the very sensitive to where the changes and we have domestic problems has been to to make sure that nobody would die because of the cold temperatures. let's forget
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that scene in the middle east uf very warm temperatures and very cool temperatures and unique to the new house so he didn't live in debt to be a positive development that is possible. what is remarkable is the causative of the lebanese people and we have seen using one thousand six hundred locations in lebanon. and yet many view the decency to use in lebanon that the mossy ins then lebanese and the lebanese have accepted that and these is something essential community should get the max i want us here at the crest amazing how excited the last time i so you're in the central african republic in bondi. and i'm liking the new answer to the general price ending each file thousand peacekeepers to try and protect civilians that do you think that will be enough for people in this country. well i don't know if coastal cities in the float i know is that the present situation is unsustainable the members of the french and the african union troops is still to be insufficient that because you have widespread violence and
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violent cities if a vehicle controlled by armed forces we need on a faucet until saudi police and the new local police and he needs at least a minimum of quarks and the jays. allowing the system to wrest the title. and to looking jaded knows me knows that the pamphlet to create the multiplying is the second atomic creating ample and the meaning many and as is the country including in boundary fences during the innocence mission that is very difficult to handle my arm forces that have been all the rules of the basement so that we respect the law. and so the big don't arrest people for a moment the need to handle gets to know the proper authorities and local funds of up to the sofa next to the state incentive to the it's not that the state this collapse this that doesn't exist that i was into the new president and the icing she's a remarkable post them. but she s not one
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cents. in it. she needs money to pay servants go on selling of the many that. i have not been paid to the stock's the lid of the dvd of the end of the station and share something. it's kind of think nothing is there the two provides for the sick in the teeth of the discount use all the special presence is essential. thank you mom happy that i thank you very much indeed for joining us at analysts said the u n s high commissioner for refugees and ten you can set thanks for watching the false bank asking to be stay with us the intention means continues i know. jonah's call strikeouts to keep in touch with today's news across the work. one pm paris time to bring you the top stories together with expert analysis
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and in depth reports. for different take on the news my hair. things go from deeper with the flow right here. thank you. it is
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the head today from friends twenty. a live debate on top of the day. one day concert at seven pm optional chopped off. and all that don't. to find a way to stop and a
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squeeze play. the process you will will will will the eye. due to selection requires clean it up in the comics their corresponding amendments were adopted in a jealous the staff will be more professional. the courts would use new technologies in their everyday work to subdue the solution. the court of modern equipment the new technologies are getting some positive results. the court also notified for two segments of the court processes via sms messages will look to the illusion that it says in the new station practical cousins unfortunately court proceedings be too much time


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