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know asinine to pakistan to defend its right or to move to deny its wartime sexual slavery for it when it granted to me about this causes a day after south korean foreign minister urges tokyo to face up to history that's the history of the health reform plan said is to cut its military capacity by one hundred thousand by year twenty twenty two pages for success the sexy ease recovery system take the first to encourage more investment in research
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at the stores in the morning trying times. you would think. you were watching from around the world. it's thursday parts if you're in the line you can. and commenting so much for joining us. what north korea said no to south korea's proposal to hold working level talks on stage in additional reunions of families separated since the korean war but experts say the commons for dean to completely shut the door and souls offer upon some key reports the mystery on thursday rejected south korea's proposal for talks on visiting the union for families separated by the korean war. the response comes one day after still offered to meet for red cross working level talks next
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wednesday at the true spirit of coming down in a statement the north said a proper atmosphere had not seen for me it is scott's baby in a sheet. south korea's unification ministry expressed its regret and called on the north to reconsider. isn't the doomed and go the issue of separated families is a path to be resolved between the two koreas before anything else without being tied to any other issues he picks me up i know i did not completely slammed the door on the south it said in part to humanitarian issues like making of the unions are regular events should not be dealt with by red cross officials experts say candy and they want and need for high level talks to discuss a number of matters like visiting south korean tourists in north vietnam and that was art. the teacher vs held their first meeting in new bedford were separated families in more than three years last month in a move largely seen as the first
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step toward improving inter korean ties. but she expect any change that so large falling county and string of short range missile launches in protest against solid washington's ongoing annual joint military drills the dvd case the ministry said it currently reviewing what steps to take next. but the experts don't expect the north agreed to talks and tours all of us and said that at their joint military drills in april. he thinks and has urged north korea to end its nuclear weapons programs. the two koreas can revive economic cooperation projects and move toward peace and re unification of the peninsula and a commissioning ceremony for graduating military cadets on thursday the south korean president said the north needs to realize they cannot develop its nuclear capabilities and economy at the same time present box and said it comes and takes sincere steps to continue to
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rise soul and the international community could work toward helping north korea develop the president on the other hand did say the south korean military should be ready at all times for any form of prosecution from the north is everything goes according to plan korea will have a leader fighting force by the year twenty twenty two the cover for pros to cut one hundred ten thousand active duty personnel by then and focus more in the high tech gadgetry that will dominate the battlefields of the future defence ministry correspondent in the nba has a lot. the number of mandatory active duty soldiers in korea currently six hundred and thirty three thousand strong for the smaller by twenty twenty two the defense ministry said thursday it plans to cut forty thousand troops of the next five years as seventy thousand more between twenty nineteen twenty twenty two. for a total reduction of hundred thousand. so the gap number of non commissioned officers would increase from
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the current thirty percent to forty three percent by twenty twenty five. to better prepare for the handoff of wartime operational control to reschedule for twenty fifty. the military plans to merge two of its three army headquarters set up a ground operations command the initial merger date was set for twenty thirty but that's now been accelerated to twenty twenty six. another plant the navy was set up a summary man to counter the increasing underwater capabilities of the north while the marine corps once that was a tens unit an aviation group the patriots southernmost island. with regard to the north's missile and nuclear threats the defence ministry will also re focus efforts on the bulb in the kill chain in korea and missile defense systems withstand attack encounter missiles and nuclear weapons from tongue out. the operation apply to raise the high tech gadgetry such as satellite guided missiles and incineration fighter jets awesome job oops experts say all the changes
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are being made in consideration of the nation's low birth rates as a military test transition into more efficient and cheaper for the military estimates that will cost over two one to one billion us dollars of the next five years to implement the plan was represents an average annual increase of seven point two percent of the defence budget movin on to that news. over at usaid or virginia. another cute stamp was made in the push to use two games to identify the body of water between korea and japan and school textbooks. the bill mandating the use of both pc and sea of japan has passed and is on its way to the governor what you want tell so small the so called east cbo has passed and raging enhance them down against the last eight of them a speedy process in the eighty two to sixteen vote the bill requires all textbooks approved by the board of education to
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note that the sea of japan is also referred to as occurring in the east as the bill passed the state senate in january. he now only requires the governor speaking a turn for him to become law. gov care in the contest is expected to sign the bill a early april at the latest in the deal will take effect from july first. the passing of the bl is a major victory for the state's estimated eighty two thousand korean american residents. they had to overcome the intense lobbying by the japanese government in which to what you learned in my week is to their japanese investment in dispute. the american community in beijing and has been pushing hard for that change since the early nineteen nineties. on the day as knowledge all can we ask you this look hip and designation as the oppression reminder that you can scroll lock on the station of the korean peninsula. in
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the early to mid twentieth century. the current american community seemed to fade into deals that you'll need to tell us the link right wing american populations. they carry flowing and your end users. bullets melody hope to change the us government's money in college. the garden she means. peter nash the height of graphic organization or she'll call this the book destiny of this anime is at the scene in nineteen twenty nine. jack and registered in the midst of the content can refer to the body of water that separates korea and japan however as korea was colonized by dependent than it had no way to voice its opposition on the world stage the current government has been calling for the aggie kill to change the currency during the month as he could only stare too long the mean as the term lease he has been used in korea when thousands of years. see what i mean
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the un human rights council in geneva or japan was expected to defend it stands on the will insulate man of winning during wartime. at a press briefing this morning japanese chief cabinet secretary your see this so that said you will explain to his position on the matter at the un session while expressing regret over korean foreign minister yoon young says he doubts the one day earlier on wednesday and be the first cop car and diplomat to raise the issue on the un stage called tokyo for an official apology for the atrocities soon added that previous japanese prime ministers and the current one have continually express their remorse towards leaves its use was coated with a combined effort extra space on the widening rift between korea and japan we can analyze the doctor tail and old researcher at northeast asian history foundation based in seoul. thank you for joining us. so the dj when you make of japan's constant efforts to whitewash its
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wartime atrocities especially after growing awareness in the international community is tokyo was just beginning to make a bad name for itself sometimes known to his commons arm with realizing their lobbyists to fight against the koreans grassroots movements in us is facing coastal communities we need to quench all the best fighters in the international communities i'd wonder why in the graceful movements. oh how the latest diplomatic action by the south korean ministry and mca be received by the international community assessing their needs. it's in its own communities. already several times the eu and human rights conditions in the or the other. conditions they want. japan's government to educate to please people about to pay his wrongdoings
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and their comfort to him in the issues that so. as terry mr dion's speech. in an incandescent communities will soak or korean government's position about their teachers so exactly where does this issue of japan's denying its history dead in the way of day to day business and diplomacy between our two nations to rest when you're too was noah's son in me. in japan and korea. all christians at the very beginning of two seater. at the press conference. she said that as long as japan is trying to can i do cause statement the more i am a statement. it's very difficult to make a productive couple of conversations with japan's leader. reduced debt dropped recently in the japanese are big government said that. to
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reinvest to investigate the sale is tee off for almost a month. miss confirmed that there was any just use or cecil and bosley in mobilizing their comfort women during that was caught what other diplomatic strategies will be needed for korea to further garner international support and push japan to face up to history. up to the last two one year and a principal in a community is just a what corporations. last call for a new ms said his government and international communities so as long as the minister level speech was amazed at the international community the high level government faces will be done to the end of his government. so if he asked me about our strategy as in korean. i would recomend that dr did end up
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there by then the grassroots level practice is better to make a high level diplomatic impact of any explanations about historical facts. it'll be more precise it to the international communities all right dr j thank you so much for your insights and comments tonight. thus the kitchen window researcher and the northeast asian history foundation in seoul the yorkie need to do these stories in korea and around the world. breaking news the hottest interview and a whole lot more going on down the shamanic and from the heart of seoul. my chinese. well i can't stand on and on tv. westside every major korean telecom the cases company has been hacked the personal data of twelve million kt telecom clients including their resident registration numbers and bank account numbers was
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leaked in time metropolitan police agency has reportedly arrested two professional hackers any head of a telemarketing company for pocketing ten point eight million us dollars on using personal data. the three reportedly use more den half of the stolen personal data to sell smart psalms while the rest of the data was sold off to smartphone retail shops. the korean government has unveiled a set of measures to ease regulations that half of corporate mergers and acquisitions in the team that fostering startups is part of that mystery eerie economic innovation plan. i can use as currency hand has to beat else late last month facebook bought them all the listings service what's that for a whopping nineteen billion us dollars. mark zuckerberg founder of facebook despite a five year old upstart company has an incredibly valuable service. the korean government is now aiming to promote similar mergers and
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acquisitions that helped venture startups promote their products to more people around the world. finance minister has not said thursday that the government will streamline tax and financial support is this tendency to remove regulations that hinder or break any activity. towns said the government expects than anything create a virtuous circle where venture startups can grow into global so the government will expand the size of a cruel fun of the merger and acquisition activity is some tension farms and small and medium size companies until round nine hundred thirty million dollars and in the end of the year. the set of measures the government has laid out over four or five the korea institute of finance said the nations and in the market is expected to nearly double by two thousand seventeen to sixty five billion dollars from last year to make that a reality in the rich and any market participants like companies and investors to make good
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use of the measures the finance ministry said the local and any market has continued to shrink after the global financial crisis in two thousand seventy and two thousand eight men that its sights. it is smaller compared to other advanced economies and added that a sluggish an anime art. it prevents the kind of voluntary business restructuring that allows companies to focus their investments on for a gary ads the measures to boost mergers and acquisitions are in line with the fury here economic innovation. i laid out by the pack in hannan street sense that looks for new growth engines to strengthen the nation's economic fundamentals. in the onions. rival party lawmakers went head to head again this thursday and this time it was over revisions to the nation's pension system the ruling party wants in years to receive the new monthly stipend on a sliding scale. where's the opposition party wants all qualifying seniors to get the same
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amount for national assembly corresponding to the mcgill has this report. the release unity party urged lawmakers to pass revisions to the pension system at a meeting of this supreme council at a community well for center on thursday. one of the parliament should act quickly to pass to the welfare bills that directly relate to improving people's livelihoods. we must make sure that there are no holes in the government's welfare programs. the party was to link the so called basic pension program to the national pension service under the basic pension programs senior citizens in the porous than two percent income bracket would be given a monthly pension of ninety to one hundred and ninety us dollars. seniors have paid in tone and kiss account for eleven years all blacks who receive the most while those paying more than eleven years would receive less says they would also get and yes benefits. the main opposition
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democratic party is the case linking the two programs the government should provide a basic lesson to all senior citizens aged sixty five and older in the bottom seventy percent income bracket. regardless of how much they put into their nps accounts. back at the national assembly lawmakers on the welfare committee discussed providing patients to people with disabilities a given allowances to people living under extreme conditions despite months of negotiations to find a middle ground there had been no signs of the two parties will adjust their positions in or to strike a deal in any case the two parties hoped to launch the new pension scheme in july. two dungeon. add the onions. now to glow for news updates from the ongoing
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crisis in ukraine to an upcoming election in india let's go over to our polity at the new center for apollo style but the diplomatic efforts over and ukraine are to related parties make me much headway in resolving the standoff. not so mushy and pro russian forces remain in control of crimea the first face to face meeting between the us and russia failed and in any agreements in the russia ukraine dialogue also faltered are connie can reports. national efforts to resolve the crisis in ukraine to baby steps foreign parents wednesday the united states and russia agreed to continue talks the next day. but no progress was made between russian and ukrainian government. speaking after the meeting us at kent state john kerry he said talks with rochelle will continue to try and de escalate the crisis we agree to continue intense discussions. in the coming days. with russia. with
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the ukrainians. in order to see how we can help normalize the situation stabilizes and overcome the crisis. kerry said there are no expectations at the top and resolve the conflict but added there are a number of ideas on the table. us officials say kerry had presented russian foreign minister sergei lavrov with a plan for restoring ukraine sovereignty while addressing moscow's concerns about its black sea fleet and the many ethnic russians that lived in eastern ukraine. the two are expected to meet again in rome on thursday lover of confirm that the costs would continue the discussion between russia and ukraine did not materialize but the russian foreign minister calling ukraine's new government illegitimate. and brussels nato announced there will be no talks with moscow after russian president biden who refused to pull out russian forces from ukraine's crimea peninsula. what a tense standoff continues between pro russian forces and the ukrainian military nato said it also backed
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down from intuit mentioned link the searing chemical weapons and help build the capacity of the ukrainian military. meanwhile the european union has unveiled a package of aiding france ukraine's new government for its and fifty million us dollars over the next couple of years honey can i tell you it's meanwhile crimea scrum in philly unanimously on thursday in favor of becoming part of russia. setting a referendum day for mark sixteen. an ukrainian prime minister r c gets in you has arrived in brussels to attend ever see european summit calling for a political solution for the crisis at home. sp elections we hear that the dates are out for india's next general elections. that's right india's election commission says the polls will be held in nine phases from april seven through may twelve. he represents the world's biggest democratic exercise involving all three hundred fourteen million voters. a number larger than the population of europe leaders across the indian clinical spectrum are preparing to officially launch their campaigns but
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early opinion polls showing hindu nationals leader the range mot as the clear frontrunner. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has contender and after his government claims has seized the ship continued iranian supplied rockets the gaza strip the israeli military said the rockets were manufactured in syria and were intended for palestinian korea look whiter us. this should come to the thousands of them. it's a long range missile on explosives that could bring death and destruction on his rules civilians in our cities knitting and when the signs that the alleged arms shipment was further proof that iran could not be trusted to take the lead with respect to diplomatic efforts over its nuclear program there has been no immediate comment on its threat. that wraps up our look at international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here tomorrow night. oh and
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welcome to prime time sports on tv set. l a slew of international football fren these were just held across the globe. and of course we had south korea beating greece to the nail in the triumphant return of prop two young making headlines here. now let's get to some other notable developments on the night. first chris gentleman although netted two goals and portugal's five one win over cameroon become his country's all time leading goal scorer with forty nine goals and it's another dominating performance this time by brazil's name r who had a hat trick in a five nil victory over south africa elsewhere spain and stealthily one nil while argentina's leon no messy but see him losing his dinner on the pitch in a goalless draw against romania. now ready to
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grace the world's number one golfer tiger woods is back in action before btc cadillac championship with number two adam scott on his tail. now woods withdrew from the honda classic last week with a back injury but is back to defend his title at the trump national boral this weekend these group with scott to pass a chance to steal with the top ranked with the way in as much third ranked henrik stenson to startng. nows golf the top two pros pie can be and says and patterson hit the fairways that the world ladies championship patterson and stop aka last year at mission hills and hyun on tying up and looks to defend their title this year as the two ladies jockey for the top ranking. and it's head of state who's on top at six under par with a trailing by two shots after round one now getting to thursday's comment it's it's a double header in the k b l casey cb
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skate dc into seventy two when the first day by malice get to the game of the night it's equally on all the aunts taken on and feel and elephants in and shot them both are tied at twenty six and twenty six for the season and lets them live out the gate for a twenty point lead at halftime the orioles look alive in the second half but this does not last and the lead in the w eighty to sixty seven notes to the elite russian tax when up against on the capital at home and runs on the bus in cash pay first wife linda were set before the visitors come back for the next two and a capital takes it into high gear in the fourth as he remained outcome this puts up thirty nine points and b get the w three cents to one. and that's all i have for now this has been speaking to see back here later for more in the world of sports. it was
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another chilly winter day here in the capital and tomorrow will be much better for more let's turn things over turned him down at the weather center with them the guys that hang in that band longer a kid cause hello it's cold it's even colder and taekwondo province where a fourth wave warning has been a shift as you can see a dry weather warning has been extended to rob the country and there have been on trial for the fourth highest of these continued to take action. i leave those found out that being the nice guys but that will clear up by tomorrow morning. and for those of you that daniella today is to say this is one of the twenty fourth season ending here is that today is the day that rots away from their winter springs due to the wet weather. i look like they'll have to wait until the weekend as it was that this continues. what is set to continue there tomorrow taking a leg at tomorrow's meeting to celebrate his five victories and cities down south we can seat eight. as for at every didn't get out
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and said did he get eight and seven degrees and forgo tops out at two. that's all for now but i'll be back with more after midnight. after broadcasts on this thursday nights and easy and so am show and thanks for watching we'll see you soon. to the books it. hitting is it that you wish. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six that either i or any such an exception to the reason i was going on fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i would reckon. this of course that person today. it's the same spot on. reduce like
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normal. for all to read and see what i know everything about the main character of long beach. no this guy is going to be the same wealth below are the false teachers what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes and you will not be the same tomorrow i still could. so i try really excited to work into credibility in the kayak to find changing. no only giving you the ccs so changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all. you can see that. he said. well world is
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cooling his own home. it's not use the d c in the inquest in other direction then in use them the same vintage. this bolivia. instead the sea nature makes eating the way round. nosy. looking into how the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. kink to stay moved by love. it's a man whose longing for something he's only had this long for something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i mean. and
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one. breaking news here in art international the crimean parliament unanimously vote for the region to become part of russia. the move will be put to a popular ballad and ten based on meanwhile the diapers they were picking up typical beach but if somebody from the new british every phone call between top european officials revealed the snipers firing of the crowds and police in kenya for allegedly hired by the opposition turn leadership. we've been fighting the vehicle is just like this one. and i think are recalls


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