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tv   RT News  PBS  March 6, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the extension for his height he played as a washington to slap sanctions on russia and ukrainian officials over what it describes as threatening the country's territorial integrity. that's as of twenty in the parliament unanimously thanks for the region to become law to wash up and it will be paid to choke off the lead thousand and ten based on all sides michael he didn't get the joke was rich but if somebody and indoctrination the central theme of the appeal to children
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reveals the sun was climbing up the crumbs and place and yet when at the hyatt by the opposition leadership. so i thought of all it's just like this one. and i see prove recalls how it was caught up in the sun fiat as a teen films in the hotel in downtown kiev. what will come to you it is just going to see on rte to actually you would meet up with say to a story which funnily. on the heels of creamy nic referendum the us says it wants to place sanctions on russia and creamy and officials over what is causing a threat to ukraine sovereignty. i'd tease and associates a team that has the details. the accusations of emotions and threats that have been flying high around washington and see the sense that the obama administration
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is pushing insult in top corner. would that mean that tends to black mussels against russia because eventually they might not be in the last best interest to me with a name we saw on the third day in the uprising barak obama say that the us against out of possible bullet and write me and determining its own future yes in the west keeps reiterating over over again that only wants is for the ukrainian people to be able to determine their own future. that's the path of the escalation. in sector kerry is engaged in discussions with all of the relevant parties including russia and ukraine to pursue that path. mud this violation of international law continues the result of the united states and our allies in the international community will remain firm. this way obama said he backs out what russia's actions are going to need to wait cos i mainly what he's ever been to refer to is basically we've seen the state department implemented even add on that individuals and officials
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that the last deemed to the pub behind the ukrainian pregnant. we also saw obama signed an executive order on implementing sanctions on individuals and entities that the west considers to be on getting in the way of the democratic process in ukraine. interestingly in this executive order and said that russia's actions that have led to an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the united states so i figure that's what that basically we've heard also from russia say that i have the means to us in this hysteria is really not a best idea in the long run to go as media coverage has deals with unilateral health is their goal of allegations. i'm going to once again john kerry who seems to understand everything. it's far from promoting sustainable corporation was not possible to work in a year of ultimate concern for us. what i have to keep in mind is back to the united states does not rely on cooperation with russia on many different dishes as much as it does not like to admit this anemic
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afghanistan we have a ride we have syria. the war on drugs and the list is very long you know you name it and essentially what the problem here is is that this kind of escalation of non cooperation with the threat since the one and so forth. eventually it that can turn out to be that nothing more than throwing around of late. whether or not that's why strategy in the long run is out exactly what with the question here we knew our european leaders are also threatening to please be so ben's an asset freezes on brush up one point two three ukraine a financial lifeline. our two cents us a leo was fawning be a summit in brussels. there have been to pakistan in the negotiations there was that one happened to me that imposing sanctions sought another option would be mutually detrimental while another cap had been pushing for harsher stronger and tougher actions against the drop shot. cool weather and that the hobbits of the ministers who pointed out for example the cabin for the start that sentence of economic sanctions on russia
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blog. it tackles the year because their economies are very closely linked whether what they did agree upon is suspended by black folks hawks quantities of the truth we traveled we also agreed on the eleven billion euro financial aid package to open next week here's the result which will come directly from the eu project. now look at the greek leadership currently holds the rotating council to endorse and is packaged as of moral responsibility to pop it does come at a time and place itself is waiting for a friend that the un was told to get the house to wait till after the eu parliamentary elections. it may be. the eu has promised even tougher restrictions of russia continues that's what the west calls aggression against ukraine. the sticker like that what's at stake if the eu wants to place sanctions on russia and the potential these of bands would certainly come the tories in the street to spain for example when travis from russia spent a day that two billion euros eight pm
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trade restrictions would also injured the european economy fronts would have to cost me one billion euro deal to supply russia with two minstrel helicopter carriers germany forty percent of its oil and gas it conceals comes from russia and russian guess the couple bought a third of europe's consumption in general. moscow's had several economic fallout with the lesson the posse as including two guest conflicts that's why russia is looking east. when economic competence. the same time that has been going in beats and balances twenty ten when its session by the forty percent in just to get a record trade volume of the eighty nine billion dollars was reached last gm tying that in the world's longest and biggest import of crude oil and brush that is the fourth and not to supply an answer to this gas russia will be sending up to thirty one million tonnes of oil to clean mp and twice as much as at the scene. while russia might stock trading with shiny new act immediately to possible sanctions from you
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and expect an economic relations sewing and intense as the promising should prevail to avoid economic losses on the part of the year. the diamond business perspective we need a forest. what we call stability in the trade relations germany and russia the nations of about seventy five billion euros last year i think this is gonna be happened this year as well so we knocked and savor of any sanctions what we see it now from the brussels summit is that the awesome sentence or at least that the negotiations are suspended for the visa liberalization that began its people actually the most that's why i think we need to come back to a diplomatic negotiations still to solve the problems to solve the crisis with russia and ukraine. the crimean comment as the tutsi going to rush out the final decision is due in a referendum in ten days' time but it was the interim government is disputing its legitimacy. anasta has small crimea that is to be part of the russian empire has very
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close ties with its beads made the real truth in more than hobble its population being rash isn't that the russian language being used by the ap's and the majority of locals could join the russian again and to date on thursday. crime is parliament's vote a teacher in dry shade is now up to crime in people to decide the public's future the referendum is expected to be held on march the sixteenth in chile. this was scheduled for twenty fifth of may and then for the end of march and we ask today. crime is prime minister why local authorities are in such a rush. the situation and give a sense of control. medical groups have taken power and the slow mo position is afraid of. francois economy and oppressing us to make that decision. as soon as possible and guarantee security. this exodus has also agreed to retain to die that the situation he on the peninsula is now told to me on the control of local
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authorities and security is provided by police first and second by so called self defense force is made up of locals from the ministry has sought troops and also some volunteers from russia and its extended sad but he isn't happy with how some less to me dad described the situation here the western media is feeling tension here trying to show russia is using phones to manipulate decision. i assure you it's not true. well in our report in from center often think that all crimea which these till today pontiff ukraine but again the referendum although crannies to tuesday's scheduled for months at sixteenth and maybe in ten days we concede another country here. the crimean common thinking to join the rush of the puppy debate is expected on the sixteenth of march said in ten days said the colts will have to choose between two options one. this is a part of you crying in other option is to
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get with russia the announcer then referendum has been condemned by at as a vehicle by a european adidas including angela merkel member of the british parliament and joins told us the eu may be a good scream use a section at the meeting ultimately made up such a move possible the news gently against the nation's going independent twenty c because it's consumed with the two issues the basque country we've come to an espn hassle to get into the eu does that relate to that spot is the ukraine positions can sound. it's quite clear that the eu in college to fully support the team because that's the way to stabilize the cream into henry kissinger has an excellent piece in today's washington post a pic if they think it's completely cool. they especially need to go with
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the cream as a state can be the positions be fun to dress a day giving contentions and so forth is simply silly and has been so helpful that way the enormous economic interests of gemini fronts quickly the precludes economic sanctions. on the crisis in ukraine and the way its cover issues affecting the situation right after the break stay with us. aah. eye. rest assured that these government is ensuring government to help my self with lots and the future of the russian language back in ukraine and that's at a time when i saw from the countries in cannes that's so to show you that to say that government was the beds the issue is you know what it was a not too many people at least i'm in the west. let's take a disproportionate use of force on the de facto occupation of
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crimea. most of total attention. you can't well it's different. boss repeats the same old job. of course him. ex girlfriend. stupid tear jerking poetry the town ignore it. we post on what we know this. i don't see your face do you see the welcome back due to ongoing story meanwhile heat the striking to lead the pack from that terrible morning at the dozens to a kilt and the bloodshed which dropped the streets of kiev several weeks i can't. we see images are from kiev have sent shockwaves across the world in eighty people were killed in the country's west winds
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in the as. and it's not the midfield that despite this he was shooting at the crowd and the peace what i had to be in the peak of a formal position. that's according to eu to thank all the team at ease foreign policy chief and is still in fine mist of his art to speed on about with the details of the leak. his head from the estonian foreign minister he confirmed that yes his voice is all not recording gordie howe said though is this the message did not phone call with being this cold street by the media he said that he didn't make any claims that said the opposition leaders as they were tied with the titans the shootings but we can listen again not exactly what he did say this not much room for the misconception i'll try to surround and spending to be high. my first favorite people in the temple which will be somebody and an open issue. though the and the alleged use of sight this via the two forces and the deep end with riot police
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who would pay off i've just been behind me on independence square that was one of maid and causes of outrage around the world of the sikh people were killed said. just behind me of independence square among them at twenty six police officers but if it does ten adults that these claims are correct it could have potentially huge repercussions. and as also landed in suggesting that is leading the protests in kiev could be behind the shooting these are pictures of sharing a sniper is rightfully be discovered in the colony being played on the time of the protest. i was sitting in his column in memphis and gave his team instead of reacting to people's calls she's delightful. the man is seen driving away in the comp this efficiency is not the head of the interim president administration. i just was fun as well so caught up in the sun apply ink yet while covering the clashes blog has shattered the windows of the hotel we went through was
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staying and working as a twenty mb s to eighteenth street to find his feet in a government collapse and their content special forces that had seen costs within showing or death. bendis by the new self appointed authorities many of the offices to quit teaching me as i can actually go up the sky not caught up with one of the tremendous numbers of flathead at some point be clearly understood that this was no longer only for peaceful protests of two thousand and four in two thousand and seven. this time it was all about provocation the only violence the dirty tactics by the rioters. while we were on on. we didn't even have non lethal weapons the plan of bills who masterminded this was to make the bear could force crumble to demoralize us and treacherous to switch sides but that didn't happen. and then came the worst the shooting. rounds are fired and both sides but as i've already told you we didn't have any weapons. it was so difficult corner stand what was happening
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the officers to speak and fall into the ground one by one two would be keen to hear people were dying from bullets. but again no shots could have been fired by american forces. i'm sure there was some outside force a third party involved in the publications and deaths on both sides. it was an organized team of professionals. i did the css teacher was reporting from the frontline of the mind can cancel out the details of the tragic events. now he remembers of the warnings from the right beneath when he was reporting on the streets of kiev save someone from the side of the protests as well firing shots. you can follow next year. heskey on facebook and twitter to handle the unknown. once the resulting higher with the new clean and internationally with many media outlets added fuel to the fine aggression has become a puppy attendees to describe russia's actions as
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art is fantastic and has been finding out today stalwarts like the backing on verifying information. the question is the word that you often steering the us media and from us officials with regard to russia's presence interpreting what they fail to show is beyond question it's difficult to talk about abortion when you show thousands of people cheering for work in different parts of ukraine right. maybe that's why you don't see this kind of footage on us tv very often. you don't see this coverage in which russia is no tree presence there in itself is presented as a need to function with thee and curse and pundits often fail to mention is that russia and ukraine have an agreement under which russia is a lot to play twenty five thousand troops in ukraine. it now has presumably sixteen thousand are soft. to get a cat picture where the us presenting anything that goes against the interests of telstra took power in kyiv
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as integration and the revolution there is this peaceful takeover of housework. he's a brave ukrainians took to the streets in order to stand peacefully against tyranny and to demand democracy. so instead they were met with cyprus. who picked them off one after the other. one wonders if bombarding the police with molotov cocktails and shooting at them qualify as a standing peacefully according to secretary carry a huge part of ukraine had no say in the power grab but my dawn secretary kerry apparently presented as a triumph of democracy. no comments from him on the beach conversation between eu foreign affairs chief catherine ashton an estonian foreign minister when they talk about evidence that might be on the new stocking of college gave orders to snipers and the media on something like this to me you would expect breaking news everywhere. we talk about evidence that those who are now celebrating
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victory in kiev may have well ordered snipers to shoot both at peaceful protesters and police but no not about four hours it went unnoticed because it doesn't fit into the narrative doesn't. what the us media was quick to pick up on work and verified reports. but this one. well it's jerry has agreed to give up his mission. he tried he is of course the un special envoy to ukraine he's from the middle of the father of three and was taken against his will. a short time ago by that comes in the least access to a great deal of hysteria at the wine comes from the envoy was not kidnapped. but he did come across a group of protesters and the envoy was apparent he escorted by police at the time decided to leave school board for the tension the general picture they can get is that of the us mainstream media jumping on anything. gary fighter on their site to present much as an aggressor without much or
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in the knowledge of what's happening on the ground and us officials wealth. they continued their self righteous tirade. while being engaged in actual acts of aggression around the world with innocent people dying every day. it all stripes are from violence in countries that were destabilized by humans. in washington. i'm downing street and parking it's politically us presidential candidate ron paul who says one since he doesn't practice one ep shoes trust the lecture anybody about violating sovereignty what about the sovereignty of iraq in afghanistan and yemen and north africa and were constantly being involved pakistan has to drive on missiles. we have eight hundred bases around the world where hundred and thirty countries where always involved it seems in somebody else's collection. and that we preach democracy we finally got democracy have
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theoretically you know. in asia that there is a lecture and of course we didn't like the person elected so we say this go back to the military so i though i'd outline a hypocrisy as for us to preach in that one thing in the same time behind the scenes i were doing things to stir up trouble for many many different reasons. their main pieces of the ukrainian puzzle but some believe out of sight. i did ofcom has five questions that the western media's she's not on that log on and take the lead. like you right now while the apparent that will tighten gun control in the streets children immediately be wasted by guys like social networks facebook and in savannah now on to the government uses trying to sell guns to mind is my social media more details to take a late night t got home outside the usa they have
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the baby with a high fee by stopping treatment is out with the fifth but it all on this medical breakthrough not want to own website. while israel is pushing full on homes being built on the occupied palestinian terror train locals say they are being bullied and for some of their hands on middle east i spun and when to leave the family has been desperately wanting to see the man and on the intentions and has been hostile to the generations but now he's pressure on him to noon. ten of his campaigning he's on the wrong side of the war is always building peace in the late palestinian autonomy from israel. i told the israeli commanders. if you notice the sign and alex on the fence behind the wall fun and done with the gate whatever you will do. we're not leaving our house and our land. i sense may want to consider. then he told me he felt like he was living in a prison. the whisky is one of
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his tooth. i don't want one i was late. she has to have cousins to see catalina failed to mount his house but because it was a nice way to swing toward the plan was to sit on his homework which defines me some hiking making things. the kiwis went to the children wanted to leave. they would need to go through an underground tunnel one issued on security cameras. it would take him to be satisfied if the board and palestine. we came here expecting to find something different. i thought we'd seek security cameras state of the oft taken on the cheek but instead what we found is much the same to me as the cost and nothing the subcommittee and i started eating the israelis the occupation country. we were slowly the poison that slowly because the do not want to interview for the world scale as well. as he can seem when they finished building this title they will raise it with a gate to the end of the house would have it even though it can come and visit them without permission from the onli. they should be
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within specific hours. anwar is now sick and unable to work. he doesn't even have the strength to pull the tunnel with me. and the intro i can explain to you how i feel even animals have rights. how can a family with three children and women indicates the lower amount possible fight for his home into the end. we see auntie went on to teach palestinian autonomy. coming up russian us relations and how they can be affected by the crisis in ukraine that song. well some pot is an art international ai ai ai ai. i am. i am. us every special albert kelly the thirties accused of running a scam in which he
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helped afghan trucking company steel huge amounts of fuel by cooking the army books and make it seem as though the fuel had been used what a reality was deferred the queues killing of making into a twenty five thousand gallons of fuel vanish into a bureaucratic black hole at four dollars a gallon the islamic catch. obviously this is wrong but in comparison to profit during the off the war is a joke that the skies even going to jail. think about the trillions of dollars spent on the post nine eleven wars of luxury tons of big companies have all kinds huge pieces of the murder upon the greek adult missiles lockheed martin with the jets and halliburton and blackwater and so won in seoul. they were all these big companies milk the system with big contracts during war why shouldn't the average court they are colluding to know what reason is this kelly guy kept it not also try to make a buck off to war it seems like in the world their people often punished not because the steel because the steel fire to a little while not wearing the suits but that's just my opinion. i
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am. i was. little. it is. low
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it is. low. it is. new
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leaving little one will this was the son of the journal live on dw lines and some of the net thanks for joining us now my kids and some of our top stories at the west rebels to get to grips with the crisis in ukraine the province of crime yes as it seeks to go in alone will get the deal. yes and friends. we start in crimea where where music is reporting that the pro kremlin


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