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leaving little one will this was the son of the journal live on dw lines and some of the net thanks for joining us now my kids and some of our top stories at the west rebels to get to grips with the crisis in ukraine the province of crime yes as it seeks to go in alone will get the deal. yes and friends. we start in crimea where where music is reporting that the pro kremlin government says crimea is now a part of
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russia. the deputy prime minister has also said ukrainian armed forces on the peninsula will be considered occupiers and the surrender or leave the territory of that comes on to the crimean parliament voted unanimously in favor of joining russia. but tuesday and will have their say in just over a week's time officials announced it was a random foam onto the sixteenth premiums will decide whether they want to stay with ukraine or become part of prussia and meanwhile the standoff continues on to men in uniform while the belief to be russian troops are still in control of large parts of the peninsula and the surrounding ukrainian military basis. b b most soldiers at the ukrainian base of an all knowing any of the capital sum total pro these troops uniforms and insignia but they slide the russian flag. russia rules legacy to leave. now the crimean parliament intends to make it official voted unanimously for the peninsula to join russia even so must all pull which
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is not under the authority residents will vote next week. we decided to sit a referendum for the whole of crimea including seven still cold. lamont sixteenth the referendum referendum demonstrations outside the parliament times. like sixty percent of crimean residence that ethnic russians. many loans for connection to moscow. but the indigenous times oz and the rest of the population see the russian domination he was taken to the streets in protest of the above is a woman drowns her out. russia russia the causes of the kenyan government states' rights. i like i need to stay conscious ukraine. i didn't want to belong to criminal action. people need to know what's really happening and if the weather the transitional government in kiev holes are planned referendum in the crimea the legal and it's all the rest of saturday oxiana
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is the new russian backed prime minister of crimea on charges of separatism and violating the constitution just an empty threats. we just have a tree on the russian controlled the rest seems unlikely the candidate and their corresponding right and is standing by in the crimean capital sin temple. i guess with the crimean government report lee says that ukrainian forces on the peninsula are considered occupiers and must leave the situation there is already tense what can this mean now what's the best result teammate and that the ukrainian to ski on crime and had heard from pro russian and four says that's a good ending for them dozens of bases and kaz and am surrounded by them. men with weapons you weak and the leaves on a russian troops. i've been talking to sell just two hours trapped on that basis analysts anti they'll live semi speak with the continued their solid just on the fan obviously and it's doesn't look as good as
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if they are prepared to leave it's not only because they feel that they have to be yet to today ukrainian country but also because i simply don't know what to do because if they leave the base and and fall to the proposal by the pro russian forces and the un country would see them as traits that for now am in my opinion it doesn't seem as if any ukrainian soldiers that can say that really see me and give up. my god there's not much question which way the referendum on holiday have been progress in protest. i knew that today whether people been saying lots of people have been saying that they glad that this is happening. others have been that skeptical and they come believe that this is not happening. also fast i don't believe that it will be a forever friend and that's especially they act i cut the crime the end though that at times here on crying you're at and they even have
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colds and this adds that they say that it must be insane people and calling for the cellular friends and basically their regional parliament has already voted sits at four a m crimea and now in sight to be part of the verse the debate call on the international community that they have to send peacekeepers to you on the crimea and they also have called on people if you have to boycott the referendum to write the logistically speaking how easy or difficult will it be for a crime yet to join russia it's been part of ukraine for decades now. the edsa that it's an area hard to actually be canceled all of them. man this electricity what's a supply and telecommunications. all that is so far coming from the uk mainland russia and crimea have known that connects intent i realize so it seems is not as easy as people fear that being in the crimean administration. friday having so much for joining us from
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sin temple. from crimea we now go to malls dilemma whose dna is standing by. last month is at present we did the speaking which his government about this referendum in crimea what you're hearing this should be in moscow's in the snow. he says adding it would seem that has discussed this issue with this the security council but soon but so far we do not have any teaching that song. and this is the discussion he says spokesperson that the ttp scoffed did not get to know more details on that but we have been used in moscow russian lawmakers today i decided to discuss the crimean risk with a request or the next week and we all make um and it brought to them. i've been into the tomb of the russian parliament to make it easier for russia to incorporate other parts of foreign countries and russia's prime minister the new committee gets to stay on till it to the state as a snake that russia should take serious
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steps to make it easier for a russian speakers abroad to get to russian passports and that is key in the un and the crimean region and the staccato ukraine and know what you're saying is there seems to imply that moscow is done with negotiations on crimea. when at the moment it is is so very much what it looks like but to un expert in moscow seo russia would not have to. on the annex to the crimea because they have enough territory already they can dun keep that this time to score they can't keep but the crimea. we in this stadium which she says. we chat with which it is not that it's a frozen conflict may be and that they can use this in the future and for very long to put pressure on the new leadership in kiev which the russian state is in need of weeks has come to power by a violent coup orchestrated by the waist and me got steak and put pressure on the west to add an s well they don't have separate times. want the west against
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done. so the expanding their territory and in turns to un russia and into rashes and cry all the sphere of influence how the russians and the kremlin's he isn't on the west has been a warning that they will be repercussions of course washington as a radio announcer sleazy us assets and imposing a travel ban on anyone threatening ukraine's independence is a criminal one additional math functions i am i suppose they are and we have heard that they are the ready to take an accounting measures said qantas sanctions against the european union and to the united states. but the question is said with surprise they owe will be needed to do that because the russian economy of me it's is still highly dependant on the exports of quality and cost and iraq says the economy is highly dependant on the new westin know how to modernize its economy. in moscow thank you that much. and for some
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reaction from ukraine we going out again for taking logan is standing by for us katie as me for the crimean parliament has voted in favor of joining rash that there will be a referendum. college of going down in tears macy's had to make yet is quite get the ac is not to be killed the man is that fair economy travelers chairman ted notice is that few hours ago that he considered this a breach of the ukrainian constitution will say the heck that the eu delegation in ukraine has come out. he said. that's the obstacles in the constitution article seventy three quite release states that any decisions and change is regarding ukraine's four days and territories must be made to apply a ukrainian governments of the referendum by the imps fiat ukraine people not just the people of all describe me as it quite clear that he and she adds that this is not the constitutional decision that sets in the league does upset the apple cart that is
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dedicated to massey crisis that is still going on. they suggest i'm in brussels. it's a very difficult than at that price if it does not help the kid told the uk government is adamant crimea but i'll see you crave and they will not let aiden. i achieved what is the mood on the square behind among ukrainians. i think when ukrainian people went to the streets to protest. they did not expect its outcome the one that evidence and if you like but now they have a political crisis which they did not expect and they do not necessarily know how to deal with every thankful to be its national symbol that they will say that the dems haven't and if it's the lamest to take on much has been a treat them abt the plane is still very droll it's very subtle but people come here every day that pundits in a silence to mark the place where the protests is what killed. they still eat wheat back weeks. then all ready yet to deal with the crisis on this scale
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write to the loving thing to joining us from cs international support ukraine's prime minister has been very clear idea today he said the situation in his country is a european christ he's been meeting with eu leaders in brussels. they are gathered for an emergency summit to discuss possible consequences for russia's de facto takeover of cranky at the front and on on the table but eu leaders are deeply divided on the issue canadian unit reddish the opposite of eighteen. ukrainian officials including former presidents the chemical. developments in ukraine emitting cars as european leaders prepared to make and receive the domestic news the crimea odds to become a cause of russia tilly is a former soviet republics it's a worrying developments. benjamin receives i think there was a small markets. and this thing now is to send it to us and we
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need to understand it properly. anthony at me. he usually does and wrestling with the possibility of sanctions. german chancellor and ellen eccles says you're constantly go back to business as usual with russia as long as yesterday when a diplomatic tool to taking place. ukraine's interim prime minister us in the yeltsin you once decisive action to patients grunting bush was too weak to achieve not to create more tension that we want to pave the way talks. no more than a little of what you see. you must be to enable dynamo. and you come to that by issuing threats. the nominal roll the only consensus among leaders saw the fire appears to be on an aid package the ukraine totalling some of that than be in your eyes but money alone won't solve the crisis the latest let's bring in our correspondent in brussels me nots and the many ukrainians interim prime minister has just been speaking that would if you have to say. it was a very long press conference and it was to spend five bucks and i
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always say that states that there is a lot to talk about between the media and ukrainian government and he usually does but it also shows of course that said the dead and new prime minister had a very strong man seeks to deliver to the press here and he attached or europeans to stand firmly behind ukraine he thanked the eu for all its efforts to hold talks and tends to mediate between ukraine and russia. and he saved and that more and that is trying to signal was now need it because of course ukraine is facing state bankruptcy said. and we're probably going to see the eu to adopt a financially packets and late in the soft in the natwest eleven billion years to help ukraine sent off state bankruptcy. ok so helping ukraine financially is the one saying ah but what about the new stance against two run shot. ah we any closer to sanctions. ba is in a very tricky position
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gemini and britain have not hidden the fact that of course he does when to speak with one voice here in brussels and they too want a cute and iraq says into that scene in crimea. at the same time ten in britain for excel bloc countries that have very strong business ties with russia and setting the ongoing to defend that position and twenty. against colts by countries that are in the east of the european union that say we need to take a tough position against rocks back and say well that probably can see is that the eu will stop talks about visa facilitation for example and they might even go a step further and say take a week and a canceled talks on a new more comprehensive agreement with russia that would have intensified tiniest between the two blocks and then that could be assets frozen all travel bands and i'm expecting them to say we might consider these tanks in the spd dress that doesn't come back to the negotiating
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table topping on sentences thank you very much to bring us up to two weeks. we did take a short one minute break when we come back the background and the economic impact of the continuing crisis will take a look. ew. fruit secrets of transformation we're going to miss you heaps. the winners and losers of transformation. many emerging markets and
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developing countries undergoing rapid change i wanted some great progress on the road to democracy and prosperity while others but axl it. secrets of transformation. at dw jaunty slash transformation. crisis has brought back memories of two thousand eight when russia went to war with georgia over breakaway territories. russian president lighting of putin who once described the collapse of the soviet union as the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century. he also said that breakup of the u s s r in nineteen ninety one was a real drama which has tens of millions of russians outside the russian federation have a conflict over crimea clearly seems to underline that the kremlin is not willing to lose any more spheres of influence. be back she still insisted on being stationed in crying and that
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now the under nineteen ukraine something t. a stroll on the streets of moscow and finds many russians have a problem with that. this too upset that the rush is doing nothing wrong. the government could go even further. she was going. it is up but no place in ukraine to break away and become part of the eu. there are many russian ukranian to want to remain aligned with russia as a panacea in which there's no wi fi and russian reason the defending its citizens. instead hasn't been an attack on ukraine as presented in the winston media. miss mina. what do they will continue to show them the strength of the russian spirit is lifted rush off its knees. the west in its place. those are the prettiest. musgrave says it's not simply a political influence. in the end of the sydney uni and most state controlled different states of the accidental . it also accepted into the next station its satellite states
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in eastern europe. ninety ninety one to save the union bank of pots or in the end christ yeltsin became ashes test democratically elected president. he demanded the resignation as an example of the town and together with his clique in kiev them and yell to see at the end of the ussr. most kids hate being using its grip on the pharmacy the event updates and three the expansion of the eu in a tent in the west is including clay center. since adam and pete and came to pass in nineteen ninety nine. he is tied to trees and concrete things into the russian sphere of influence. he demonstrated gastronomic tactics and text now. send me an e on the cheek russian separatists in the evenings in the gc in the capital grozny to drop and actions and not to preach was on sale once again in two thousand and eight. when robson forty five day war with georgia. the results
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the film as saying the is joined to the lost control of the breakaway region of abkhazia which provided a key strategic gateway to the back seat. the crimean peninsula is called syndicated on the back seat. and now it too has landed in the hands of the russian president. she will look at new brushes and is not to escalate to an armed conflict with the aim is to send a clear warning to the west against its ideological and defacto expansion to the east and south in ukraine in russian naval ships in the wallet is up crying and eric hansen been a fractious by stiff and its ga political interests the business news now on the european central bank has left its key interest rate unchanged at zero point two five percent. ecb representatives have been meeting in frankfurt to decide on monetary policy aimed at boosting the european economy. now why the two raised its growth forecast for the yes like the ecb also trimmed its prediction of what inflation in the eurozone is currently the no one percent rate. he
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describes as the danger sale the market reaction it's good to combine with the stunning but those are the frankfurt stock exchange and that kong likely to have to ask you that dax coming behind you. the ato but for the reaction to the ecb or to ukraine. i was absolutely a reaction to the ecb said a month a decision especially as it started a couple of minutes after marty and rocky start to tolkien at the press conference he and friends with and the reaction was negative. temporarily because so basically at the ecb did not just to introduce new measures that might help boost the economy all that might help. if no. credits to him the eurozone betta. so apparently if you indices had hoped that such measures would be introduced but well as you ascend the reaction was very temporary. because by and dogs. the market
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disciplines had expected the ecb to act as it did today. yet and i was told that the crisis in ukraine played and if he plays any role to digital. poh poh said the situation in eastern europe is soo very much in focus self advances to the immediate and exotic she has seeds have been receiving somewhat today although the russian market in moscow stock market is still trading heavily know what today is the only market in europe today. on the downside the backs ease of historically high again at the euro sto fifty index also gaining four tenths of a percent and the euro has climbed above one dollars thirty eight to take on the plaza in front of thinking that much the sky industry is trying to recover from a sixty s slump in sales consumers kept expanding especially in those countries that have been hit by the state's crisis and start to the sales might be stored
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for luxury brands like the end of your body. but it's a different picture for compact cars when olson concrete healthy and can forget there are all struggling in europe with them the geneva motor show is a welcome platform to boost spinach and sales. visit after not seeing the basic concept blog land. lloyd has given its stake as a facelift with cpt can easily teach grilled salmon into concrete is not st rams. the top selling think it's neat to be found in meats. the un is there is much competition as in the compact segment. once responded to the economic crisis by sucking down some factories. next exit its accounting and great again is this a cc competitive segment as a senior. doesn't sleep because it's one of the largest segments together with sub compact these two segments will have the largest share of demand still it's important to have good and profitable products the house. now in eu fashion
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of the iconic must stand still. scott is coming to year. even a state as ensuring that the sales kits on sale at nine its inmates this concept hire is a full adult to pay that can be toxic. the companies he said an emphasis on tcs is clearly visible among the compact set the scene said in geneva. chinese coming to class now has its sights set on the compact come on kids as well stockton ca months and into client is taking place up next to competition. after all it was jam in engineering and design that went into the new products. this is something that happened on that in these enhanced anti chinese manufacturing certainly planning to enter the most important european market. it does give one up dying to get on to take a few years before it is a serious challenge and the name and since it'll be very difficult for new comers to establish itself in a stagnating
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western european markets intense levels of competition. it's just getting to know him pretty good. meanwhile sixteen pence and twenty eight cents at the concept of editing that a mini cd come with a price tag of less than ten thousand hearings. the new mother to seek and economical attacks on the itc to calm the kids out to the crisis. rice in a moment. the german soccer team's last test before the court to nominate a world cup squad but for some other news increased. the son of late with the indicator mom i gadhafi has been extradited from niger to libya shoddy gadhafi is wanted in connection with the killing of protesters during the two thousand eleven uprising against his father's role of government in tripoli says he has been transferred to prison and will be treated in accordance with international law. nissan has listed the state of emergency has passed the new place the uprising has taken the arab spring three years ago. the president said the move would not stop or
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start east from implementing the mill security forces have been asking islamic militants in raids on contour the country to more than india. five afghan soldiers have been killed and eight others injured in an age old drum attack the alliance's security mission confirmed what it called an accident in low bar province recently afghan president ahmed khan said sharply criticized the international military intervention in his country chilean president nikolas mundo is fleeting tributes to his critics as shampoo bush had this guy one year ago chavez especially for all the people who are also states he was breaking off diplomatic relations with them up on stage called a meeting of regional foreign ministers to discuss the crisis in venezuela transport is now in germany eke out a one nil victory against chile in a hard fought for and we played in. that backed away and is a win and bucks coach nothing that was not happy with what she's still on the pics
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considering the welsh cup just around the corner. she loves the moon with this on himself up for it truly unimpressive performance by the germans saw me afterwards it was exactly what we need it. he pushed the limits to the others and germany got a chance to see that there are other countries can play excellent with all of us. he did play new wines poured on the pressure from the stop with city bombing the right place at the right time to deny the visitors and legal a quarter of an ally into the match. gemini put on the brink of safety despite missing presumed that money it gets us to make good on you. she really well and daunted and continued their offensive onslaught gemini the phone. in the second top twenty that was clearly frustrated as teammate dominated increasingly happens to man defense. a lot of the guns came close but
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he's attained struck the crossbar. this article though it was a wake up call we know what we have to do and will be well prepared going into the world cup them late in the man to get to have a golden opportunity to score again but his shot was blocked. and by the final whistle it was clear that germany has been one of counsel them in the run up to them will tell. that absolutely. this day was in the diaper yes we will continue to bring your latest developments in ukraine now until firm. thanks for watching. of the year
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statistics. you know. on the too much the us. now on dvd. will rule. am i caught
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up in each cage. the blog world. kitty. i am. it is like taiwan and all. bidding is now six pm. are you watching it. the city. with
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the stereo. bob. you knew when we will will will. by the tree. welcome. so many sons and daughters of somebody. and gave them a fair chance. the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact for something which greeted the time. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage shows the deep bond between our two of them. all ever. if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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