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the eye. says. the fine art seats thus the meantime between russia and ukraine law makers in tiny apt setting dates of the unbecoming a part of that fact. meanwhile the us government says the move would violate international law the latest conflict is the hat. and even though ron collins no longer in congress his story is far from over now he's working on a media network called upon all channels. an in depth look at the new liberty oak adventure coming up. he and leads us to
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do that job well wing activist groups are looking for a change. higher and not debt coalition is demanding more fairness in higher education to fix the problem we'll talk about that and much more himself a new there is a mark six the washington d c i'm hearing it in your wanting rt america. since then with the latest in ukraine over the past couple of weeks of conflict in the country has shifted from seattle to creamy not a region located on the northern coast of the black sea as geo political tensions continue to rise lawmakers voted today to hold a referendum on whether the region should become a part of russia. to get some reaction said that earlier i spoke with our t's maria the notion i was on the ground in crimea. funding and thursday crime is falling victim to jolene russia eighteen of the story
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decision based vast area that seems to be on to the russian empire and tim today has the strong ties with its being neighbor we will then hobbled its population being rash isn't that the russian language being spoken here and do it but yet so the majority of locals. well they scanned the comp costs of rush and get some up to medical people to decide the republic's future the referendum over crimea state is. old age of ten based on march the sixteenth and in fact it was initially scheduled for may and that it was moved to side to the end of march and two we asked local authorities to die why the on inside tehran's and me we spoke to cry in his prime minister mistakes don't happen he told us the first to mold me and they are in such a rush because what he's going on in kiev and how things are developing bad piece adds. and they take as
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if you're at tpc at in the region. they say they don't recognize the authorities in kiev. they don't recognize these new monsters as illegitimate power and the all afraid that the warrant to comedy and to repeat what happened in kiev here in the crimea and they had this thing don't want pace it to happen here because they these events were very bloggy and half day so they don't want to see it here on that terry terry and this is why the eff that war is lost and this is why the act of feeling on deck and the pressure and is partially de emphasize that they're worried about so called right to alan has to match and is ultra nationalist elements that are ever present if they can represent a movie before ukraine's new appointees to die we know that all together called ministries in ukraine's interim government iran by the representatives of appleton notion is faulty
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and dan local authority here in the crimea say they don't want things to happen. ps on the island that cherry tree and this is another reason why the odd man rush ninety eight overnight stays for a friend and all that crying these stages and another reason they say is that people local residents approaching them all the small because you have to understand its main topic time for all ukrainians include didn't cry in use at the venice that's happening and happening in the last three months have been a very tough and tiring la d and no one expected something like this to happen in ukraine mrs my people feel these the uncertainty and the endings for friends and could calm them down and the kobe fan base is white they had asking local authorities say overnight stays as soon as possible rory others like the very different response on
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the ground in tea and twenty gathered about the reaction there to this referendum this is any worse each day she didn't cry means authorities don't recognize kids mean monsters they don't see it as the detaining power at the same time he adds that authorities don't recognize that power. don't recognize authorities here in the cry needed a cold and illegitimate power. i was recently they've had the issue the warrant arrest for a crime the as prime minister in the stacks on the fourth coolest what kind of reaction can we expect from kiev. we asked this question and the science of today and he told us that the old links back to his hysteria and andy are from kiev. because of course this is something that you don't want to see local authorities to do at and we heard already been heard and that tan speaking about this referendum. auntie anne's authorities don't recognize these for friends and as
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the dissonance that is so certainly you we get to see them old tensions in the coming days and this is why we heard from local authorities that says security strike not these days because they expect some provocations and maybe even some aggression was a lot of but because of their deceased and tea. i've seen the whole basin referendum. so on arielle the kind of russian military presence. are you seeing in kenya right now while russia has a naval base here in decrying the end according to an agreement signed between russia and ukraine inside to have back in nineteen ninety seven at it easier not more than that around twenty five thousand troops here on the crimean carrots recalling the peace agreement. more than twenty minutes replace more than one hundred and thirty on the vehicles and ann taylor eight and this is only in
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russian is to present that we can see here on the peninsula had been spared from all the movements that are restricted by the said agreement to end and police college in eighteen between the ukrainian side of cool three up from the day with reports that the rus an extra russian troops had crossed a ukrainian russian board and the rest of the extra ration at the ministry of equipment here on the tenth straight week on to confirm this information indicates a very hard to bury find that what we hear from both russian officials and from the crimean officials said theres no any act or an extra ration midfield presence here. and these days but what we can see it is that the security here on the peninsula is these days provided no speed by. of course regional police that many straight lines so called self defense forces and initially it was made up of
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mostly single locals that too late and we sold all sides troops joining the forces as well and some foam and then a tree and some were simple afghan farmer had an adventure ends and the wheels to hearing from local authorities the moment he is from russia joining the self defense force is here that she helped locals protect their territory. and today when he told teen crime his prime minister at my house in the squash in law all these people because in this confusing the kingdom of the self defense lawyers is that there where rain and wind fashionable in human form and that had been at the queens with that and the lead lap times and he told us that he controls these forces personally and yes they have union forum and they provide all those who want to see joining forces with the few new form and he also told us that they now have two thousand will add
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contents of the sea in uniform and they are ready to provide it with our tainted given to anyone who will be willing to join the forces at play in the future. well thank you for that reporting maria for notion on the ground in crimea things heal. today president obama authorized the treasury department to impose sanctions against a number of russian individuals and entities. financial measures are part of the administration's latest efforts to push back on russia's control over the region. to break down those remarks i wanna bring in our teeth on the stock theater in inr new york studio. yet kenyan bring down the sanctions the us is really planning to put in place here. here is really you know it continuing flexing of muscles up by the united states continues to accuse russia of bought everything that's going on in ukraine and what we've seen come out of the state department today is abby's them and not toward certain individuals and officials
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both ukrainian and russian people with the united states genes responsible for the crisis on the ground also the president signed at the us president signed an executive off the board or what the rising sanctions against individuals and entities that's the west believes are getting in a way out the democratic process in ukraine now live this of course follows the set of other steps taken by the united states such as that. the suspension of the bilateral talks on trade and investment investment in russia some other bilateral conversations on assertive case by case basis as well as that suspending the preparations for the g eight summit that was supposed to take place in russia this summer i've now and what was being sent is that this is quite sad controversial the sanctions because eventually the west will be also realizing despite all the hype surrounding this crisis than it does need to be able to cooperate with russia on many issues involving the no afghanistan iraq and syria it's a very long list of the of the time when international issues that
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the west and russia do need to cooperate on and this is something that's just kind of getting in the way of not so there's a lot of questions as to whether this is that this is the kind of stuff that isn't going to be influencing this entire situation in a positive way and a lot belmont also spoke about the referendum that set to take place just ten days i in crimea where you have to say about that. i love it when the referendum and it's curious because we've been hearing repeatedly from the us government's that's eight that supports the ukrainian people deciding their own future but when it comes to the situation in crimea particularly the west president is against this possible referendum that's on the people who want to conduct to decide their future is only as a sahm. i am confident that we're moving forward together united and our determination to oppose actions that violate international law and to support the government and people of ukraine. and that includes standing up for the principle of state
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sovereignty. the proposed referendum on the future premier would violate the ukrainian constitution and violate international law. while as of this we can now add this this and these are the latest common sanctions the west said that the situation is fluid and is going to continue. ah observing events on the ground but we have to keep in mind of course that there's been an extreme diet pool or opinions of what it is exactly that's unraveling in cranial as we have the last gleaming brass have four militarily intervene where is russia has been saying that it is only planning to know and intervene militarily at the very last resort that the troops their presence on the grounds are not kind of elitist intervention they are allowed to be there have been allowed to be on ukrainian and cranny in territory for many years according to legal agreements that exists between russia and the last russian ukraine excuse. how is also responding to the sanctions. do you think is like in russia will allow international monitors into the region i know that
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something that president obama called for today. right at this better than less innocent answer the question of the monitor is an important point. the meeting is that's it's up to the ukrainian people and people of creamy add to figure out and decide whether they want monitors on the ground and this is certainly that's because the country is still split in terms of not what it once happening in the future that is something that's hard to decide. in ukraine so russians believe i just kind of stepping back and the display people again trying to accuse it of not getting away monitors getting there. this is something that's not ukrainians to allow were not allowed to happen depending on what do people feel about this much in chinese and russians reactions to sanctions we have been hearing from us russia's foreign minister in particular saying that's the kind of height and his period has been created surrounding this crisis is making operation of very difficult. take a listen to his son. medium coverage is feels with unilateral how
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hysterical of allegations underlined it once again to john kerry who seems to understand everything. it's far from promoting sustainable corporation was not possible to work in an atmosphere of all jamaicans and threats i don't think the three despite southlake we heard the russian foreign minister say that everybody seems to understand everything gets in reality this kind of muscle flexing that we've been seeing from the battle west has been quite extreme and dealt with it with an already extremely complicated situation on the grounds. these latest us sanctions against russia. um that many of saying i'm really just going to make this into a situation even more complicated than it already and it's not the cia what do you think the us is hoping to accomplish with the plans the president just up forward. five meaning that the sanctions. i guess the sanctions. well you know me anything to me is that you know. ross has been educating and geopolitical interests when it comes to situation in ukraine and that we know of course that's there is no
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crisis a family in a world that the us cannot be part of for whatever reason so this is a way for the united states to try to show dr said that it is going to try to get in the way of what he feels is right in this particular crisis by you know despite these badges and us sanctions on particular individuals than an end to these again. both russian and ukrainian of we don't know specifically who these people aren't we don't know specifically how much this is actually going to a notice to airbrush out which isn't really need be the final goal of the sanctions but again in the long run whether or not this is that a wise thing to do well well will have to wait and see as the band's second single to be very interesting to see how all this plays out in the coming days and weeks arts correspondent on ss teacher to the field. and now let's take a look at my reaction here in washington dc demonstrators gathered today in front of the white house to rally against what they say is russian aggression in
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the crimea resent the rally was held by the ukrainian congress committee of america which is an umbrella organization representing over one million americans of ukrainian descent. here in this country the group is calling instead on a diplomatic solution to the breach and abilene that sense it is not that he's published yesterday by former secretary of state henry kissinger. in that piece called how in the ukraine faces and hands. kissinger called out both moscow and washington for failing to trying to bridge the gap between the east in the last he said. far too often ukrainian nation this post as a showdown. but if ukraine is to survive and thrive and must not be either side. i'll post against the other it should function as a bridge between then. dettori ukraine as part of an east west confrontation would scuttle for decades. any prospect any prospect to bring russia and the west especially russia and europe and to cooperate
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in international system. and the c i a e inspector general's office has asked the justice department to investigate allegations of malfeasance at the spy agency this is all regarding the forthcoming senate intelligence committee report that outlines the cit side tends to keeping details of the detention and interrogation program under wraps. according to recent reports biden york times and mcclatchy newspapers the inspectors probe is in response to complaints from members of congress that cit employees were in properly monitoring the work of the senate committee staff members for several years the committee has been working on an in depth report regarding the controversial detention program. and that report is exactly what c i a officers allegedly wanted to see it with some officers in gaining access to computer networks used by the committee to carry out its investigation the forthcoming center report is expected to detail how the cit misled the bush administration and congress
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regarding the agency's complaining of torture tactics and also purportedly shows how those techniques were in effect in gathering intelligence. both the c i a and a senate committee have yet to comment and he's no longer a congressman or a presidential candidate but not all isn't slowing down anytime soon. the libertarian leaning republican from texas is at the home of the new media venture giving him the chance to continue advocating his views are teasing him lopez has a story we should honor the whole government in a chic lit on in the the only isn't one to shy away from an unpopular stance for years despite having little support from his congressional colleagues this text and stop to his guns but after decades of serving as the u s representative and three unsuccessful presidential runs. dr paul finally parted ways with the congress he says he was never real for your part. i've never felt like i was on the un's acted as the one thing i could vacuum often capitol hill in
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washington dc. now does his business out of this much smaller much simpler office include taxes. we love the scenery has changed and the message is still saying essentially since nineteen thirty four when i first got involved in politics it's always been the same thing in different vehicles and that for me has been to argue the case for limited government and individual liberty and i a gaggle of peace and prosperity to the inside of handling with other lawmakers he is now appealing directly to its supporters but the one called channel and online weekly podcast run out of his studio this came about by some people approach me actually from california and that he has seemed to know about that did you know how the internet was working a lot of the ninety s and they knew what my facebook was doing and thought there would be a market for advanced in actual one am i going to thinking about all this
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technology you don't have to just keep talking about which even talking about and we'll try to get that information out for him and looking is exactly what he's good at. he still travels the country to speak write columns and appears on various news programs. so what keeps the seventy eight year old only. if i had to go home and relax and just sit there and each one of my thumbs and i can find something to read and then i would have to write in and i would want to speak how can this i think of my relaxation comes from staying sane very much involved in that while washington. i hope it was me you know when what is the good about not being in congress anymore and i am not going back and for that though i die i do know that i do not miss it he might not miss it but he certainly helped change the world libertarians play in it whether know ron paul revolution can continue without its leader in congress is something for the history books to decide include texas meghan lopez
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rt. believe it or not more than two thirds of students graduating from american colleges and universities are graduating this on a level of debt. and that's creating a no win situation for both student borrowers and the economy. according to the consumer financial protection bureau student loan debt has crossed the one point two trillion dollar mark. and that extends at the highest form of consumer debt behind worried it's not regardless any legislation that could alleviate this burden for those who already have this debt has yet to be passed in washington today center elizabeth warren spoke at the launch of the new campaign to address student debt and explain the proposal she's working on the left in the next few weeks. i was working with my colleagues mail. we'll be introducing a bill to bring down. student loan interest rates to protect current students to refinance their student loan debt and the reason i talk
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about it this way is short it's about now. it's about economics it's about getting our economy started again and building a stronger economy but it's about values. where is the country. do we believe we should make our investments. this talk more about that issue i was going earlier by mark cancel its senior vice president and publisher at advisers network i first asked him once only people are carrying this debt for so long. posted in a dead is turned to my credit card or on a date which is paid back over months and years it's payback over decades loss of parents paul and on behalf of their children and dogs to people borrowing to pay for grad school and that causes the amount of debt to increase. in sentencing according to time magazine the annual cost of a degree with seventy percent more in two thousand eleven and it was just ten years crying
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your eyes so andrew astronomically and what is that increase will be attributed to know. all in for a college education that sole access to government support of post secondary education from two thousand they teach two thousand and twelve the state support a post secondary education on a per student basis is gone down twenty seven per cent well to wish units come up with twenty percent. it's not a priority for the nation and fortune. that's all why a new campaign as for me just wants to date here in washington dc of course with us senator warren. one of the things that a canteen for is allowing students to refinance their loans can you break down how that would work. well see about a little more than a trillion dollars says the federal education loans and about seventy billion dollars is private student loans are various forms of this proposal and fall to allow extremists to refinance private loans into federal loans for allowing students with existing
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federal loans to refinance at current rates the problem with these proposals is that the real problem is that the boss of the dead. so much as the amount of debt and student or graduate with thirty thousand dollars for a batch of st but we need to see the increase in the grants that students have to borrow but knots making the data little bit less expensive. martin said this the center warned that the bar at the idea. i am that corporations received more favorable and interest rates in certain still i do you agree with her sentiment there. well gotta wonder is seeking to make the process they're going to make the interest rates they charge depend on the risk of the bar and a student who hasn't been done on existing credit history is a much higher risk than the corporation. so it's natural in the profit driven enterprise for the interest rates two of the based on
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the risk of the bar. now the federal government are his focus more on enabling more students to pursue a college education. so when the federal government makes no bones they're often without regard to the credit history of the bar what's interesting is that at one trillion dollars in student debt is a pretty sizable chunk of the overall federal debt which stands at over seventeen billion dollars yet it doesn't seem like there's a sense of urgency in congress to really perform as a shield. what's your take on my dance. all of you for showing courage nation is not a priority for our policymakers son ethan on the top ten list and then that's the real problem. if the worm or other members of congress he saw a pirate station is not just an investment in the future of the individual student but in the future of the country are and not at the expense and not a private good so much as a good. we might see more members of congress pushing
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for our greater investment in post secondary education. but the military budget is far greater than the education budget. and mark were running out of time your bed before we go in we have a lot of young people that watch this program. you can get some advice. considering how long you've been working with this issue to students who were about to take out student loans. i was looking for to make sure they get a fair deal. well the first thing is try to minimize your debts and your total stool on to a graduation should be less than your annual starting story the world as the senior knowing from ub of payback or student loans in ten years or a bus. the part that does not just going to a less expensive college such as an in state college but also you need to look at the living expenses which are about half of your costs. you need to live like a student lawyer in school so you don't have to look like a student to graduate. very good planners their promise stands out
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their market cancer as a senior vice president and publisher advisers now work in teal. thank you. well if you live in the boston area and happened to be a female rethink your undergarments massachusetts highest court ruled yesterday that a man who had been secretly snapping photos of the woman's skirt did absolutely nothing wrong the charges were dismissed against michael robertson and over was arrested over three years ago by transit police after numerous reports in the end and taking photos and video from underneath the skirts and dresses of female writers. robertson attorneys argue that their client was protected by the first amendment. and technically now was a perfectly acceptable defense considering that keeping taiwan used in massachusetts that doesn't forbid that kind of privacy invasion and areas. lawmakers are now working keys to leave to get the language of the crown law amended to expand the peeping tom boundaries. but in the meantime female boss in
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transit riders to come to terms with the fact that their private parts can go then before we go don't forget to tune in at nine pm for politicking with larry king tonight show includes a chapter that the dalai lama or is this a bit of mary's conversation with the spiritual leader. we loaded the wounded. the soil the ukraine. syria. kiama think people will stop killing each other. it always i sat stunned and handy to shops like it. not using the property. assuming the lose ends. too much emotion. once the free motion the local controller dental room that can be lonely isn't she going to like
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social widens your calls emails me. no solo role in using the wireless. his eyes reduce costs or is this sunday i'll fall in august and was and she should sinead item called sentinel title. and a roller the phone to call the store really. then nine pm tonight here on artsy america. and that does it for now for mormon stories we covered the youtube dot com so srt america is at our website our t dot com site usa. you can also follow me on twitter and inherently they all seemed right that spirit week and things for wanting. ay ay. i
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did. do. you will want one will eye. meanwhile continues line it's friday much seventh and catherine polanski in tokyo. law makers in crimea has voted unanimously in favor of joining russia as the collections make up the majority of the population in the art on this ukrainian republic and anyone to move away from ukraine. lawmakers have said a referendum on the issue for march sixteen. in the parliament has made a historic decision to


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