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bring you anything it's that time. afterward he said it received. new week new one will . i will. will i. eu our. when he man. you knew knew i was speaking on making
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bombs in the west and the of the kids in capes discovered a strange piece of jewelry on november the fourth nineteen ninety nine. cheese ate brownies made to the article it's six point nine but twenty one point five one four point five centimeters and the pics i found this in the mouth of what appears to be paid to write content with hot tea. i eye. he searches quickly concluded that it was late. i like symbol used for janet to wash it in ancient times. i can. i teach the men
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except been found abound the world especially in the siege on the chin. i know you want me to be county ga ga things have been found mixing strong man with a massive jam and so was engaged in i am. i am. thus was heavy with everyone. it is a bit but every site in doha. always look unique
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plates of miles of how shocked i was before the grapes of the mouse takes a toll. the colors symbolize my own. the town of jenin stay. the air. watch it. late to watch it. . so what should the present state it be to design a shelter. a discovery could be used to be said to us. it is a symbol of cost wash it. one was found in the buddhist shrine. ai ai ai
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more links indicate the existence of a temple or won't show it in ancient times the majority goes against conventional wisdom yet the inhabitants of the shop to eat it. can i be on that which forbids on too much scepticism. it says sexuality leads to pain and grief. the first move is to remain celibate. the blue he puzzled researchers also opened the door to them imaginations. most of all paintings of his own case the pigs times about botha being virtuous and his
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constant preaching about the ethical line. lulu the unique diamond just dividing scenes make the cake balls ocean stories are the air. it's huge. many fine images the mung will be flying out silence. what is asked of us dollars to go and take the boys wore shown some to believe new dt. i had so many new theme because it is ok but not in other goodies such as the old gal cakes
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into one. she is such that it did with this particular article. i do. sue bay high believes the new team the paintings is related to ancient johnson was sit in the region. these money explained what i like symbol was discovered here. other experts with the expressed their doubts. bailey. woohoo i saw the experts suggest the explanation should be related to autism. since the blokes were influenced by the odds of indian and um hum of boaters and i i. many of the e book six figures are actually supposed to hold it against collegians design eye
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any news in appointing its own for meditation purposes one painting and kate number sixty seven to take the boat of the coop sitting on the story. on his lights off stolen mobiles and it all goes well and with this colorful place. moon moon and i and mdm. land. i knew the meditation book was imagining the heads of new plymouth this guy is called the leading design. ace
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the uk's on what it means the lake to see any damage that was. just to get to their attention to the dragon's head. the test in its mouth which is on like symbols of jensen was typical of the envious. in it. it is a mythical chinese. with the polity of the snake clueless of phoenix elizabeth did scales of updates and whiskers of the technique. he tracked related links. in china
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the shock tiny bit it means the reality that dates back about eight thousand genes it's been a symbol of the tea in china thousands of years. legends subtleties of the seats. on the skins have different beaches and connotations from the chinese i did as i do it again. let's show that the option to get to it. so sunny kitchen to bake and cook on the dk who can do you take in the shuffle on the abduction of two one five to one of the dragon image has also been found among banks
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the shot and nine. i'll leave the shop sold the documents that cents to. new new. just possibly the least six inch dolls one family represents my own fertility. according to ancient but gold's the king of the shop built a boat is temple somewhere for his mother. what's be found where the phallic symbolism this would explain it. i knew. ch the good. i am. moo
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moo moo me always wanted a wii. all while. bought one at a piano. we did. the little chick been known to do with it. external door the documentary. shea. i know. you know. thusly just holding this to me. the still
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is discovered that it's not actually a dragon dvds the pianist suggested to some of the alamo. i know. a bit cents tonne able to take a foam cup of chocolate would isn't. what was i late to the satanic with its act in india that a bolt from the un atomic yoga mom and i the list of common stock truck believe is a form of religious practice rather than reproduction. and i
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the two hour. they do but read books that teach the students unlike seen on the wall paintings displayed in the wall between orthodox but isn't uncommon talk crap the chief went on a list of comic shop will all keep my trades and to top that the to paintings and cut some costs which would destroy the place but tyler's of stock in many sectors ousted. i do. this story is true it could be linked to come talk with buddhism. nm. i . one twenty
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so called colts in ancient india won gold in the making i was in cupboards need to take an otherwise similar to buddhism i knew him. the us can mute the painting eighteen one hundred and ninety eight. i doubt anybody on the subject colors. i am do you like to say is the bane of any pieces of the myopic it's a lot of scepticism is the habit a late second but it's a convention on autism i knew
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shows that such cults which he keeps on entry. it's nice to eat a bit too much and discovered likely bidder is correct. the rows of colored chalk would be greedy have come to the keys and canapes fr. aye aye. i was then she told me oh just a bit late with the gospel in january nineteen seven. swastika was found on plates. research has shown that the site consisted of eight buddhist temple and the government
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building. sue. excess the flakes and the like symbol would like to be influenced by ca chopra you pay. the she speaks you can see and touch up work on being incompatible with canine young. we were so their presence in the chiseled caves is a mystery. mm mm mm mm mm mm you do. i eye the eye racing in a film in history armed with bows. that was played on all citizens have
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the status of blacks. i was you you you. like object in the middle parts of the painting is likely to be yes. and if you see ladies minute to extend its use by the tebow on me. you will this beast. the sunlight seats make a lot of the tebow only. but its effect between the seventh and ninth centuries a d. the two people
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all you want to just several times when the time to misty was weak the illustrations indicate the tivo only controlling the kids okay it's up to taking the shot it seems that troops could lead to a cut shot caught the eye of all the religions seek the job. it was still a problem with this hypothesis how much chocolate. did he develop and sell off to the tenth century. with still i need to chill was known only to on that to boast control. so the couldn't have a point to eat his ilk. in this way. he said just have still not come up with an entirely satisfactory
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hypothesis. the archeologist good to know believes that there's actually no connection between the phallic symbol and buddhism. we'll see. also for the tv. i need to warm up today i did not see the city to. you get to do. holes are oh well all know something will be the single will be the new law to use it to him when he saw the utility dark so we thought that it's usually dark. he was in cali she said the man hahas and was mounted by russian names of money in the third century a d. how interesting the nikkei is the story and
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i'm sore tree honors them when the nasty three for one religions it was to happen to my mind can't stop turning the tide in the state. it ninth century they founded the downtown kingdom with my cousin. it's like religion santana concert makes and it didn't seem to. a geo expedition discovered the ruins of monica and churches and temples beat up on the twentieth century they also discovered manic and mules and printing some had light up as well as hundreds of unexplained documents the eye. my
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excitement mixed up at the bit numb. didn't his ill open shot. i guess it's also a weasel. besides the ones who see santa. you'll go play will you receive the shots all you need him. it does get chilly morning so she started using a cookie. due to sign a treaty only goal is to allow feet onto the big seas of up to them we don't say schools the view of what art is a tool to keep your seat. i am the body of the world into the kingdom of light and the kingdom doctors the team ended up asking coverage demons and the ancestors of the cuban base of three teammates. yet the aged the phallic symbols
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of the money came in origin most likely took us to meet the present section of the g d day the shiva. all good representation of what this team and still just illustrating management principles. the us. the ot she led to settle up close well it usually is on how to get what she's up the layout of each car that we are going to get a call to our cousin had to dig a hole with the people not use it. she may be a shot. chill at
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sarcastic and witty song. he started to go. more and more she got from the top to bottom club. the whole day consists of tendons and veins it symbolizes the demon is a vote teeth on one side as well as attendance. it's actually a symbol of the demon in me about it. it was really mad. it's good to be found in the vote is cast in caves the only possibility is that there was a mixing of the two religions. that she would eat that. she needed help to get these people somewhat upset. if you couldn't sit still for the baby to see what's going on. we knew she would seize the day it was all too easy so when you don't you. such when he's older. what don't archaeological discoveries show that the royal family of
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downtown london the expansion of the buzz that peak thousand but the caves. monica is nth seems to happen peacefully co existing this explains the discovery of a new book takes my hand that makes the kids and canapes. i am the knee. then they were involved in a deal with the nape. about nine hundred aedt. it led to conflict between the nikkei isn't a tibetan buddhism. to see. we don't know what are you. it did for john. that would open the other team at the top
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she don't look at the door when joe. this would explain what a phallic symbol was found in the chisholm names there is not enough evidence to conclude that this old jackson was a manic triangle symbol. do. add the sheets on the coach of the sans institute with a medic is being kept on still debating its ocean. many believe it to be a cut shot but the baltic symbol. whatever the conclusion one thing that we can be still. is this mysterious artifact was an important cause to hold to
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the thousands. and me. do. at noon. it's in. i own with japanese expedition discovered a small but its books in nineteen three at the c box buildings. it took fifty four games to solve the mystery of the box the books. one leave a bit loose about the shutdowns. i cheated for top six eight thousand years of music. i
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know i will. it is. it's believed to be the worst second largest call for insurgents in afghanistan minister of mines weight loss are on it was money for my hero in another size to be used to rebuild the country after thirty years the war when it comes in a bid for the first demanded to know it won't go too long ago blaming seems to be too good to be the optimist there was the nation's mineral wealth more than three trillion dollars. us intelligence to wanted to explore the country's mineral wealth making the eighties but the primary obstacle to the destruction was a lack of security. the problem that still faces the knesset today now these sites are heavily
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guarded by afghan security forces to attract many foreign investors who are competing on beats for mining projects. one of the abilities of the open government has to be sure that the revenues coming from the huge reserves will creates revenues for the local community. in two thousand and seven. the china metallurgical group corporation the one intended to mine copper at the site and i'm back south east of kabul in fugitive you know what will work on like these projects. each project speaking to chill. that is entertaining to look into before. to ensure that most of what caused the review from the kleenex has been a little toes. will it be nice to get caught in it because of the kitchen. china is not hilly country investing in afghanistan india pakistan and iran are actively seeking my exploration deals offering enormous amounts of money that would also be for power plants and with a roasted them and afghanistan with south and central asia. at the nec excavation of honor
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that morton minerals. killer just that this cold or three but his modest restated from the first of the sentence reads. it's been described as the most significant archaeological find in afghanistan. the reached a no call for runs the right from the natives so the artifacts will be relocated block but looked a purpose built museum nearby and in the future will be taken to the national museum in trouble and as the morning. these minimal i'm so i'm going to be. both coaches who can put a good boss lady and was going on with bowman and the pundits say. wouldn't that be. in theory the growth of the mining industry should ensure canadians into the crippled african economy but of the many allegations of corruption regarding the awarding of contracts the minister says is improving transparency by closing a number of bank accounts in publishing all financial details online these are big challenges but if they can enact mining with the help of the duff chemist on into far more prosperous
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future. some of the twenty nine dec caused aniston for the next time you knew me long will eye. the internet well welcome to europe in general coming to you from dw stadium in brussels. it's panic attack you with this is a look at some of the stories we have pe today the training and crime cause i'm from. defining a secret. reid's wife likes the system. relations between east and west hasn't been this bad since the cold will the fall of the gimmick of its regime in ukraine and the resulting tug of war between k


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