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tv   RT News  PBS  March 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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when will the will of stories that shape that we cannot see any conversation between toll and european diplomats fuel suspicions that the current authorities in kiev could be behind this might be cheating during the riots which tre heilot change the new car the city trains on the republican insisted joining rush it would be a referendum option bill might decide the rise of far right sentiment in kiev and threats that can then choose russian speaking majority. not place this is for the west right job than most guys to kick start into trouble on threat
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to russia with sanctions brush the lecture a body about violating sovereign think i will blog about the sovereignty of iraq in afghanistan. washington's cold on russia to carry this action sci fi ne comes despite the threat to radical nationalists on the us many trees engagement. local conflicts. also this week write to friends who live in eastern venezuela where a month long standoff with the entire text is on the government refuses to die cannot see reports on who has the upper hand in the fiscal crisis. knew. our goal second and you will do weekly here on our faith into
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action. as being just two weeks since ukraine coach neil authorities of the country small motorized and that particularly by the minute its history of the interim government are receiving the conversation between top european to finance the back of the race that he drives in kiev has treated for the questions on how the former opposition seized power in his palm to the exchange between the eu foreign policy team understanding these foreign minister is aware he confirmed the authenticity of the time. the reagan chose people are quick to place my purse from both sides along with eastman and in keeping the streets that they were detained by first getting the pink and bows. don't laugh. yes and amen trading the entire performance. and it's really disturbing to know that you will. no correlation between don't want to investigate what
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picture you have until the pace felt stronger and stronger understanding of the heart and my first payment because mo temple beach but because somebody from the new british thousands of recordings and its russian and european union station cold. an investigation into the killings and he and i have been behind them another site that and it's this time his epf has added to the agency says and scolds the silence like her aunt was discovered by protest is an icon right so off to the sheets he stood quite still and searching the vehicle and then pay for many people positioned on the back then instead of missing teeth examined the rifle he promptly jumped behind the wheel and toronto money's not paid to the windscreen president's administration. least i feel like texas and ten policemen were opposed to kill mice not defined in kiev the sheet is apparently targeted on a lake that is involved in the standoff the old st units the nazis curry was cold in the middle of the violence on
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returning to moscow correspondent an ati shares each day. his experience some would now be without a bulletproof vest because i had to wear which the two weeks their bandages good idea how my morning of every the twentieth. on thursday started i came to a duel light shone from the ukraine patel and things started to unravel like where i was standing you can see the grenade going off. it was just one minute across both goalies and then at some point these people work in the tree covering everything around me. i mean clearly the protesters from them i gonna have to withdraw because i really knew what don't you kw w the intentions were and besides that with ornate stone from outside by the police. so this was quite scary in the first place then i went inside the hotel and had to do another life starts when a bullet came through the window over there when i was suppose to stand in two minutes. to which i was two minutes away from being shot dead. you see the bullet hole was went through the window into the wall and weaker seneca with eddie's other parts of the bullet which i left on the wall. i'm still with me
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two minutes after that i went on and on. infamous take a position and the love of sports when i came in. i'll probably love to give you a better view of the independence day which is just the lehi at goodwill or just shocked that we ate we just saw the gunfight at it with ac broke a window here you can see i got the camera does a man. make a meeting with on the bullets at seven c to two collapsed into one of our rooms and one of our colleagues on camera system that many ladies have had his bulletproof vest scratch great to bite the bullet from a window. how does do some of my devious which i shook with my phone on the ground when the assault happened. this was touted as the area which was completely sure that this is the place with a sniper fire his new cousin that is filming is the choice is not a precedent for both of us is filming the retreat of the policeman on the balcony over there. this is the police lineups with a gunshot was suppose to coming from the casino when the firing of the prestigious will condemn the street. we oppress me myself was standing over here the group
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this is five minutes later when bullets guard with a link you can see these people over here. these are the ones we all know what happened to them they were all sealed for thinking that there may have no weapons on shields and they went to the police lines although there was one and this too. now they'll be a very peculiar moment please stop by directed by stephen to stop so this is one of the protest is one of the ride is running with the garden with a rifle in his hand. so the question i'm still struggling taunts that is. how come these people with no weapons when dad these guys running away. in five minutes oh seven than that. deadly. the biggest question right now i still don't understand the pool late bills people weapon with people going into greek police lines when people with guns were running away from that. the guys but staying in seconds and can't seem to be robots that the money much of the media. i wish the night by walt's getting on in ukraine so that look on this republic of crimea. the small
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waxy painting she refuses to recognize the self claimed authorities in the capital and is preparing for a referendum on a straight six is too late to say no course will the regent return to russia and that will be one of two options. people can choose from. in a week's time let's take care that is exactly what he's been off that option one crimea remains part of the crying began leans more toward the meat from the ensuite separate citizenship or legal system government and even a tiny flag and anthem it will eventually become a separate study the idea is to shield the peninsula from key as economic and trade twins as well as any possible threats to russians and other known ukrainians option take on the os russia to take it in either commissioner is to be named scoop on toothbrushes foolish two centuries before being handed a few crying during soviet times. one of the texting from joining according to officials with the increase in essential spending. wesley be hearing
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from me cry mean people why they might want such drastic turn. the msm that he cannot hold the lead on sixty six crime yet and the odd sensation to please come home no two cents as at. here is a piece of pecan token to say they can't wait to be a part of the russian federation. on the sixteenth of march be kind to the folder with abandon on state run ins with the run up to twenty two nd set. this post is more than sixty percent will get the knowledge and the reasons are simple words to me that if the government in power is no democracy because they have a revolution in on weight so that everything is all this is not legal. but that is a form of a forceful manner of college. weinstein said government buildings and nothing short of homeschooling. companies seem decent even seen kid. they strongly disagreed that those protesting in the capital represented the majority of the country's population and
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the fees to recognize the common took twenties as the disconnect. mom didn't know that they know what to think of it. they often want them to get it fitted the bill tabled by the ukrainian is the most ukrainians as my distractions and europeans view them as commander it is the internship government as six ministers including the deputy prime minister the ul fun like stability of course he won in peace on the puppy has a pretty straight and flush with new kit with pins. if moscow does not cease to support the development of crimea. and one of the strongest national groups might seek to even has a cd of running for president the sauce on an international wanted list things like that episode. and as dawn to take his appointees like this with great friends. in response to the situation in crimea. it's due to graze their mission is
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not to promote the ukrainian language as much as to suppress the russian language and everything that is no in ukrainian ninety six and st aquinas speak russian the fact that one of the first actions was to stop the russian hundred of its official status could not keep people can be different russian has a sadistic interim government with signs and russian tv channels might soon be banned. the little sabine cases of washington this being denied access to the country. if these is roots the other countries to join the european union the economist wrote in one walk towards. we only want to be with russia the qantas deal with the eu has his catastrophic if on the un says. now the waste is promising economic aid to the international money to fund. with the assistance comes under the strictest conditions and has already pushed other countries to the brink of collapse. mr
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lincoln is seven days a week it is called la seine to christians. the coach of the way that people choose the status of crimea we needed to be be very different from what is now and you actually many more visas for people to get to want to change. we see auntie sue falafel. the primate is the ne region kind and happy with the pangs and he emphasizes launched in cities across the sky things are actively pushing through referendums in the nineties to study in disagreement with the capital and to give them pride texas and ctv dance scenes the common building embraced the russian flag nielsen made the governor appointed going key as we can to resign and the ninety s and cool people skills and the money claims defence minister has reportedly ordered the mini tree to design a plan to pacify the rest is sad. a number of russian gymnast. i think you trying to come and i sent it to practice being denied
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access to the country and it's not just report the states recently become tricky for russian citizens in general to get into the country faced at the tt the head of ukraine's below to say this as either three thousand people have not been prevented from entering the country from russian terry tree in recent decades but officials say the presence of christ people he's a monty. sophie plays government in kiev says western nations are ready to combine the fifteen billion euro isn't it kind to help save the economy and then spending the cash gravitate towards radical nationalistic ideals. the enemy radical brussels and washington state is russia's role in crime this led to the state violation of the greats of it to insulate and reach all the dust bowl. we strongly condemn russia's unprovoked my emotional ukrainian sovereignty. you just don't
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invade another country on phony pre tax. bob collins and all not some offline director a former us presidential candidate rome for coats that washington should try living up to some stuffs. try to lecture a body about violating sovereignty what about the sovereignty of iraq in afghanistan and yemen and north africa and we're not constantly be in a bomb pakistan has her own missiles. we have eight hundred bases around the world were nine hundred and thirty countries where always involved it seems in somebody else's election and that we preach democracy we finally got democracy has theoretically in up in a jet that there is a lecture and of course we didn't like that person may like this so we say this go back to the military. so i though i don't lie hypocrisy as for us to preach at one thing in the same time behind the scenes i were doing things to stir up trouble for many many different reasons
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the simplistic view the russians the silica mexican uconn has been trumpeted by some western media and that's according to crime and inflation has fuelled tensions that for that as it relates to entirely with the realities yen each key and expects the question is the word that you often steering the us media and from us officials with regard to russia's presence interpreting what they fail to show is beyond question it's difficult to talk about abortion when you show thousands of people cheering for work in different parts of ukraine right. maybe that's why you don't see this kind of footage on us tv very often. you don't see this coverage in which watches electric presence there in itself is presented as a need to function with thee and curse and pundits often fail to mention is that russia and ukraine have an agreement under which work as a lot to complete twenty five thousand
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troops in ukraine. it now has presumably sixteen thousand are soft. to get a cat picture where the us presenting anything that goes against the interests of telstra took power in kyiv as integration and the revolution there was this peaceful takeover of housework. he's a brave ukrainian stuck to the streets in order to stand peacefully against tyranny and to demand democracy. so instead they were met with cyprus. who picked them off one after the other. one wonders if bombarding the police with molotov cocktails and shooting at them qualify as a standing peacefully according to secretary carry a huge part of ukraine had no say in the power grab but my don secretary kerry plans to present it as a triumph of democracy. no comments from him on the beach conversation between eu foreign affairs chief catherine ashton an estonian foreign minister when they talk about evidence
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that might be on the new stocking of college gave orders to snipers and the media on something like this to me you would expect breaking news everywhere we're talking the evidence that those who are now celebrating victory in kiev may have well ordered snipers to show both at peaceful protesters and the police but no not about four hours it went unnoticed because it doesn't fit into the narrative doesn't. what the us media was quick to pick up on work and verified reports. but this one. jerry has agreed to give up his mission. he tried he is of course the un special envoy to ukraine he's from the middle of the father of three and was taken against his will is still time gone by that comes in the least access to a great deal of hysteria at the wine comes from the envoy was not kidnapped. but he did come across a group of protesters and the envoy was apparently escorted by police at the time decided to leave
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school board for the tension the general picture they can get is that of the us mainstream media jumping on anything. dear if either on their fight to present much as an aggressor without much or in a knowledge of what's happening on the ground. and us officials wealth. they continued their self righteous tirade. while being engaged in actual acts of aggression around the world with innocent people dying every day. the drone strikes are from violence in countries that would destabilize the influence. in washington. i'm downing street and park thanks be to the policy international flavor to take a quick bright mammal from the united. sob i i am. again this week britney
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can see the action to the divine tp defenders claim that the short sale in human skin issues between protesters and police in the capital on sunday security forces to stay gases is this angry pants heading to the faith ministry to protest again short juice is already be in a medium of one dress which has claimed twenty one lines president did you read things washington playing its backing of colorado position creek trying to identify the government next week to america's four minutes to succeed. just then this one is on fall within political crime. otc the golan get past the tax. the anti government protests in venice when i have not been at nasa as there have been some that have been significantly large but not larger than the other opposition protests at any time during the past few years people you who have been loyalty chinese are part of teddy's now unsupported todd is in the government now nicholas the dugout to think that has affected that that that their support and
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loyalty. in fact i think we'd be a scenic the contrary occurred because some of the protests that have not been in numerous but have been smaller scale and more widespread throughout the country have become very violent. this is cause a lot of people meaning not necessary to come out and support directly president mike darnell but certainly to lose those protests taking place the country cousin disruptive and are not achieving any kind of sweeping call since it's really a moment now with the extremists on both sides need to come together to find common ground. the dissent in venice when it comes the country marks the third son of its recent speech at the beacon chavez one of the americas my scorpion indeed is his legacy was commemorated in the document read my friend he gagged by renowned american direct up on a fixed on what you don't mind at all to go home. i've exceeded the sort to paralympic cease be contained by keeping up its winning streak of russia's cross
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country skis occupying all the petty price is off to the fifteen km ranks will to keep the gangs running sneezing ict secret to kite surf up for businesses so that nothing stops the funds to cheering on the aptly says he fronts the street. so what needs to be such a paralympics dawned bright and beautiful today. the crabs were definitely in a hurry to get the game started. once again no one and i think that's amazing to see down here in thirty five is the ability that the people with impaired mobility have to really get around to not just the athletes and their fans and family members and their loved ones up for every set of stairs there is a very constable brown to go up and down and that's so important for these people to be able to properly access to all of the olympic facilities whether it's a train stations airports. or i even just the sidewalks. a lot of work is cut into developing a cure and saatchi. in fact the act
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president of the paralympic committee circle prevent shared his thoughts about the conditions for this year and stocking up with. very very pleased with the incredible work of a speed duel in the last few years to really transform really a piece of wasteland into intercourse to cluster in the olympics. ireland beat when you pull the valley and see what's been installed there and you get to snap the liana and move them. it is just what it needs it the home team is at this point i still dominating the medal count. here's to hoping that i can continue this momentum and stay at the top the medal rankings international women's day i tend to make daddy and get me stumble this week is female pride taxes and that the first films from the turkish police during a rowdy with the story some more pictures for you i don t don't come on or side that could yield the weather is a
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shockingly drying on scene becoming feet. the u s based companies dependent on at croft cake for the foreign and defence and health topics this was a sign that changed on a few of the willard as queen and the first man to meet the band recent times the nineteen sixty one utica aren't made that pioneering third step towards the stumps he would be celebrating his eighteenth the right to die in it. you can see footage from the moment is foliage which sold the cosmo would pull the compact his nine rapidly became nine glue applied in even though it today. some people are facing on the tea towel to garner an indelible mark on people's minds. gary and aaron. yes i do today was the very first minute i saw this on. no i don't so much. i don't know that it was okay today was the first nine states. to think that we was like was placed was really about gay
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men in the first men in tights. i was in the all sunday of the soviet union as the exiled president of them the terror they could get kicked out for a ground breaker. the first to go in space the restaurant the night. i don't know much as a gift of a flood of new bike now they tell you since he's deathly a go go. once someone still need to get the garden is no question about his fame among these compact races that they still refuse a defenseman. a if this money this places the nation's number one idol of the twentieth century and as befits any iraqi guards life and death date granting were smith's three days casting sifting the facts from the fence. there was ever a man who became a lesson during his lifetime it was the garden. in even more so after his release tragic death details about
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homegrown to form a sort of a fantastical the garden light and well some of the stories actually have basis in reality there's little to do with real life facts something that darren was not the first man in space as in my school work closely with the launch mission banks are different. the room is above the chance to play just be people there and we will be handed in crashes. it is not true but in reality there was several strategies to mock test pilots and some people started to believe that these were real space launches. they were just as flights that have not continuing with his visa program. there were questions about leaking his sanity and surprisingly the origins lie with some members of the national team. dr score preparing costs on the theory that a person who flies into space will go insane. so the lock manual controls in the castle with the code and bolted on a piece of paper
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which was then put in several envelopes so that a sane person can open the envelopes much less me the coen field with the controls this composer and the sissy help to carry out his task in space immaculately down to the moments of landing the details of bricks in fact were falsified by the soviet officials. because you think about in the living separately from the capsule the national aeronautics body could have been knocked down to his eyes the first manned space flights. but until then the real ending it was very neat row. but then when we tell him he's basically. it was so kind of months then you might not wrap my hands. we started running away. our family when he spoke to us. it seems there aren't many legends about the gardens life as
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they're on about his death we knew that as you keep english angels because of the day but it was suppose to be flying into the high altitude. it was a violation of the flight procedures well after the aircraft passed close to the batter into trains used plain and us sentiment into a tailspin that resulted in a catastrophe. still decades after his flight and dozens of minutes later. remains cool. he was a selfless courageous man whose hundred and eight minutes in space opens an entirely new chapter in history of humanity. in moscow in all its complexity interesting stuff now and the authentic and computer crime and bad sides the future. i sob. i am. us
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army special albert kelly the thirties accused of running a scam in which he helped afghan trucking company steel huge amounts of fuel by cooking the army books and make it seem as though the fuel had been used when a reality was diverted the queues kelly holmes make it into a twenty five thousand gallons of fuel vanish into a bureaucratic black hole at four dollars a gallon that's a lotta cash obviously this is wrong but in comparison to profit during the off the war is a joke that the skies even going to jail. think about the trillions of dollars spent on the post nine eleven wars of luxury homes of the companies of all kinds huge pieces of the murder on the greek adult or missiles lockheed martin with the jets and halliburton and blackwater and so wanted so long. anyway all these big companies milk the system with big contract during war why shouldn't the average court they are willing to know what reason is this kelly guy kept it not also try to make a book off to war it seems like in the world their people often punished not because the steel because he still far too little while not wearing the suits
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but that's just my opinion. i am. i was. six. coming to
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life. we knew when huntley wasted again. investigators look for clues to what the airlines get to that passengers using stolen passports. west tensions rise yet with rival demonstrations from russia and ukraine. my two reports on the latest. i just t


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