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life. we knew when huntley wasted again. investigators look for clues to what the airlines get to that passengers using stolen passports. west tensions rise yet with rival demonstrations from russia and ukraine. my two reports on the latest. i just went to
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the rescue. bringing it. it's been more than thirty six malaysian airlines jet carrying two hundred and thirty nine people vanished in may their onward to beijing. a massive multi national air and sea search has failed so far to find any confirmed wreckage from the plane would investigate investigators baffled as to what could have cost like three hundred and seventy two abruptly disappear when the automated call some of the focus has turned to two passengers on board traveling with stolen passports. at this stage there's no evidence of sabah times or terrorism but the malaysian air force as the plane may have to turn around before it disappeared from the radar he and the nice navy planes and twenty four hours searching to see in the gulf of thailand. and at one point reported citing objects that might be times of the missing
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play. vox day is still no way to confirm the sighting. all the distance of august as aviation authorities lost contact with the boeing seven seventy seven and i know this and an opera took off like an h b seventeen s from an impartial pm to midnight local time bound to beijing where the conditions well ultimo that somewhere into the sea between malaysia and vietnam. it disappeared. it's still unclear what happened the nation's air force chief said radar indicates ep and crops might to change course you were looking. and that is an intrusion placebo confusion. fedex cup match tonight. and it is a bit off rumors that the moment yes he's the guy in front of me since these. including the possibility of terrorism the passage and it shows the names of at least two people whose passports were reported stolen. one of the anti union team around the town and how he made sure
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his last gospel was canceled when a cab back to believe they thought believes that believes that god would use of photoshop them i don't doubt the best but that may seem that god can use the statement from interpol says nobody from an asian airlines tank devoted to see the stove and documents meanwhile in to face france was held at quantum and forced the two hundred and thirty nine people who are missing. friends and family can only hope for the best boss had been told to prepare for the west. also the latest on this developing story let's bring in chris johnson who is in coach and an island off the coast of thailand chris more questions than answers at this stage what do we know the wheelers. as for the ship. he will try to copy
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paste nation couple enjoying the food. deputy army chief is saying that good a little whiny crying out to the water i approached mile and a layout that i was getting too dark it has actually been there. local morning show the few hours from now. afp journalist said he thought what could be to open it up without one. the ball into the show ba's. since the potential game changer here is that news of people that were not suppose to be on that plane in the first place. authorities investigating this is an accident or something more sinister. that gave the couple are there for you
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for twenty fourth reich and coming either. well the blow which the minister said. i went to look after on the security camera footage that are trying to find out their real identities the fbi but the show. anyhow i like it and pop. after which wanted it to your weekly. you would think the port. so it's essentially seekers johnson reporting from thailand. thank you so much for your day. well let's turn now to the ongoing crisis in ukraine pretensions continued to mount in the crimea region ahead of a referendum on joining russia people across the country have been demonstrating in pro and anti abortion rally meanwhile mom's count tightens its grip on the crimean peninsula reinforcing its troops so far and no amount of international pressure has managed to make any impact on the kremlin the knee. he jokes that rush of russian
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field pianist thousands of people gathered that the rallies on the streets of the crimean capitalist and federal poll. there is no doubt about which way these people will vote in next sunday's referendum will be the new crank. around sixty percent of any incidents to crush and identifying with the culture language and traditions of their east and they did. many believe their lives will improve if they join russia. what this is the seat hernia will be it a row with russia. economically this with a strategically at the chimney and stability and peace. he's been the keys until the white grammy awards to be counted russia. let's meet up with you. russian president putin has made it clear he supports crimea speech of the ukraine. with no children the unspoken that much to look for the ukrainian than the demonstrate is that those wanting to maintain ties with the yet to make their voices
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heard. it's an uphill battle was with the city's we need to speak out in the run up to the referenda. otherwise there's no way back. we once were part of russia. it'll be too late in the media that's why as many people as possible need to come out to protest now it is simple most of it. addressing a rally in kiev to commemorate ukrainian person next to the status intend to run into a city a senior fellow in the crimea so then you this is our country. our fathers and grandfathers have still been done for this country. and then we went about a single cent in the turret ukrainian that. that russia and its present notice it. diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the crises have also been intensifying. gets in your tuesday to meet us president barack obama for talks in washington next week. also more or less goalies to censor uphold the crimean capital where our correspondent mike adams is
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standing by my shoes are reaching fever pitch in the crimean region ahead of this referendum is taking place in march sixteen. amen it will all work should make all the questions vote yes. i think daniel investment i'd see who will advance to yes and that may sound under the influence of very aggressive pro russian that propaganda on the russian state tv the other well but national is played in the revelation on my don is accentuate it said people here believe that a fascist that too has taken place in central ukraine in kiev. not all russian soul. oh and the corrections to go to the atsb of the day inside this temple in the how but when the ukrainian fleet is based and that the woman her name is natalia and she scold me like she was gazing at one of the ukranian but said the ukrainian husband to say i was trapped on that sad but
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fought over a week in and he's holding out there with all the other sailors because that they'd refuse to swear in as to the russian army because they say they are ukrainian and pay it won t stay that way and fight for ukrainian that's necessary and sees that bad although she was rushed and all the friends of the russian and other tests that only now she has discovered how much she loved you crank and see it was indeed the ukraine but she says that she is the minority. so for a international pressure and the little town of sanctions that have been imposed on russia have had little impact done deal. the thing had been here for days now i suddenly you get the impression that it seems like a done deal people in kenya. ag convinced that is it is really happening the pro ones and be that the critics also off as a referendum we hear news of an
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impression keeps taking over they say is i am feels by the hour. i think at the moment you crank on to really admit of course that they have to let go of ukraine because the cars set a precedent here but it seems really as if all that the man in the house to worry about is not that the troops pushed by the abc content so that ukraine has some that could think of the professionalism and ukrainian said to me today. but this is the last act let not the last walk the ukrainians and the crimean tots as they don't wanna give up that ukraine and an auto to one against ukraine to russia but about how it's like working as a journalistic read me right now we ironed for cts need to let serviced by a m graham barr by many pro russian people is here again as i said they'd stay and that in plant and the influence of the state tv they portray that revolution
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as m was there and organize anything that lives in general is coming up the fact that fashion is now on intolerant colleagues of mine from great britain from the us that they have been beaten up. they have been robbed banks of trend of them said janet lists from the last sunday we welcome it again in general is that i really welcome see it at the moment by the pro russian people of this from russian state tv. ri night data reporting from ukrainian capital such terrible. as always thank you very much no to them honestly go where dortmund have claimed eighty one nil victory over fried bread. dortmund sebastian cal scored the game's only goal in the fifty eighth minute denying fried bird vital points in a relegation scrap sunday's late kick off my rescued a draw against her to berlin. a jinnah most gave her to the first half lead before eric maxine show promoting and grabbed an equaliser in the sixty fifth
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minute. now another bundesliga coach is adamant johnstone contest prior to my schneider and appointed former soccer coach keep stations in his place tigers drew two two at home with bottom side i have been on strike on saturday after eight successive win this weekend the sheets. this was the moment that caused the guts to let schneider his job. leading to one in the eighty second minute. his team allowed inside the scrappy goal from a corner. for the sixth time in eight games with the dropped points in the final minutes of the match. the game was going to claim. stuttgart fought their way back from a one note that this is that the young both sides. it's a good spirits and taste alexander looks into that level after half an hour slide in its later they were in front of you this fine piece of skill to motu tony
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with routine least one steal and get missed penalty kill was lost and then things unraveled in the eighty second minute or two to drop them off with the ducks fans and critics. the new man at the helm as the stevens who parted ways with greeks ipa ok so monica last week stevens is no stranger to the bundesliga the dark will be his six job in the german top flight. my in munich have continued their record breaking grant this through the season six one win against walls or was this sixteen in a row. they had to come from behind to get it but they made things look easy in the second half. that bloody o's by inside of the unstoppable even when they get their opponents in its diet. now the hard work ahead in the seventeenth minute with only the second time away from home. i have been behind the scenes. that
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would buy and react with an equaliser only nine minutes later aired on sixty eight he pounced on every down to make it known. it was after the break though the plane turned up the beats too much smoother converted some to his pass from substitute the ipo to make it to one i'm not a human zoo gates was introduced and wasted no time in making it three one it begins on the daily maybe four after a month though didn't you. the smoother bagged a brace to make it five one performance of its debt to sink into the night did he get there. here's a roundup of this weekend's results in full show could go back to winning ways with the four new victory over hoffman time. loss at home to the nxt brick hamburg scraped a one all draw against china trip. hanover also leaves a
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cruise and two and ron freeman scored a vital win at nuremberg. and that's all for now we'll have more news for you in forty five minutes of appeal judges and again thank you. do. i know. the evening
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the upgrade price has dominated world politics for another week as rex had tightened its grip on crimea on monday pro russian troops surrounded of ukrainian military bases on the peninsula. and it was clear that moscow had complete operational control eu foreign ministers held an emergency meeting in brussels and condemned what they called an act of aggression on ukrainian territory. these are cool. soo this is a very delicate situation. it's an end as we roll with the single greatest grace
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these are the ones i liz's it's the one that makes the rash decision. it says everything spinning out of control. and it can become he is foreign policy chief catherine ashton warned russia to withdraw its troops and to hold talks with ukraine's interim leaders otherwise he said moscow would face sanctions. between the european. the trial of sporting icon oscar this story is opened in the south african city of pretoria on monday. the athlete is accused of murdering his girlfriend to read this team camp at his home last year he claims he thought an intruder was in the house and that he was acting in self defense. do you plead not guilty monday. the double abt the story is found international fame writing on prosthetic blades. nicknamed the blade runner. he made sporting history by competing against able bodied athletes at the london olympics the case has generated
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global headlines stand now a judge must decide whether the stories his girlfriend's death was a tragic accident or murder. it is beeping. and the oscar goes to. twelve years at. historical time of twelve years this may won the best picture award winning oscars were handed out in the sentiments. cate blanchett was named best actress for her performance in blue jasmine the two armed to the stand. matthew mcconaughey picked up the best after going to his role as an hiv positive homophobic cowboy in dallas by his club. her words. and the most austere seven in all went to the side five blockbuster gravity including the best director award for alfonso was gone. cities in western germany celebrated the highpoint of the carnival season with street parties and looks strong and political satire the nsa
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spying scandal was one of the big themes of the rose monday parades this year. and thousands of revelers join the festivities gretchen president but in a putin told reporters that he saw no reason to use military force in crimea on tuesday that he wasn't ruling adapt with it speaking for the first time since the removal of ukrainian president viktor yanukovich. putin said the west was backing in the legal governmental pm much of a parade in what motivates the behavior of our partners. they've supported an anti constitutional coup and an armed seizure of power where these people legitimate and tried to support them. you can do it he said the condition with no coat and said that moscow is still recognized an eco bits as the legitimate president of ukraine and he denied that russia had sent troops into crimea saying the soldiers there were local defense forces. the moment
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the unicef photo of the year cast light on the victims of serious civil war and tuesday the work of swedish photographer nick plus hamish poem captures the innocence and suffering of youngsters caught in the conflict the oilers will do my assignment. together with some other injured people and the boy was not a very long talk. talking to him or ma'am. come to ireland. their infamous wrong moment. very few journalists are able to gain access to syria in the war remains largely on scene. the conflict rages on this week it was announced that damascus would miss another major deadline to eliminate its stockpile of chemical weapons many studies show the extent of violence against women in year on year in the survey of the largest ever of its kind found that one in three women in the eu
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had suffered some form of physical abuse. it was based on interviews with forty two thousand women across the eu is twenty eight member states the report revealed that much of the abuse goes unreported and undetected by authorities. wednesday saw a high level diplomatic efforts in paris to and the ukraine crisis. eu foreign ministers in the us secretary of state john kerry were at the table with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. the western powers tried and failed to persuade moscow to begin direct talks with ukraine's new government. in time when solicitors it's very difficult to talk about fair agreements that would help the ukrainian people in an atmosphere of threats and of tomatoes. the prophet also held one on one talks with kerry five hours of diplomatic discussions brought no breakthrough on crimea. it's been nice to sleep and that i'm not happy with the rule results based
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satisfied that the cost is involved in the conflict between spirit and don't want to escalate things for the fact that there is still difficult days ahead the leotard at the ford sleeping. in crimea the un special envoy robert c area was surrounded by armed man and forced to seek refuge in a cafe. he had been sent to assess the situation on the ground for the un outside the crowd chanted russia. sarah cut short his trip including istanbul directly after the incident the city. the national people's congress opened in china bringing together the country's government leaders. chinese premier league pitch and gave its first annual policy speech and announce the biggest increase in defense spending in three years. he also said a growth target of seven point five percent and promised to intensify measures to tackle pollution a small group of
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demonstrators outside the events was quickly removed by security corruption allegations continued to dog turkish prime minister bridget i ever care to one am on wednesday admitted that some naughty it it's related to the scandal were genuine. in the recordings released online and no one appears to interfere in the judiciary and discussed fixing a bid for a contract. in front of the show cousin is in various television networks and the internet post recordings like these every day sometimes they re edit it or simply takes some of the many legal analysts who is clearly against the law. you are there no one says the leaks are part of a campaign to discredit his government ahead of local elections planned for the end of march he's threatened to ban social networking sites like youtube and facebook. saying they're being abused by his political enemies. india's problem and raise the political stakes in
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the region on thursday when they unanimously voted the territory would seek to break away from ukraine and become part of russia. we decided to set a referendum for the whole of crimea including set but still pull for the sixteenth of march twenty fourteen will. more than sixty percent of korea's population are ethnic russians and the region already has autonomous status within ukraine. but it's also home to several other ethnic groups who fear separatism and closer ties with moscow the idea of what you get us president barack obama joined a chorus of western leaders in condemning the referendum in crimea as the legal he announced the first sanctions aimed at moscow. eu leaders also announced measures to punish russia they need to suspend visa and investment ox after an emergency meeting in brussels. and they said that tougher economic sanctions would follow if moscow did not reverse its course. they want putin's government to moscow to sit
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down and hammer out a political solution with the interim government in kiev. with them. the snow inside and what they want is a diplomatic presence. and we will be directing or not if it's too with the cheating that mimics few days. we must also make it clear that we have been disappointed several times in that area and leo babies i know we have to pay to meet at anytime to death. he is standing behind ukraine's new leaders and has pledged to support them with a financial aid package worth eleven billion years. german president gawking top was on a three day visit to greece this week. he met his greek counterpart rose up only us in athens on thursday in the issue of wartime reparations again reared its head. got rejected recalls for germany to pay compensation for crimes committed during world war to do when he said the matter was settled by a nineteen sixties agreement now later
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visited the village of which the audience were the nazis massacred more than eighty people in nineteen forty three in reprisal for an attack by the greek resistance. it was one of the dark chapters in german history. he got the knowledge that germany would always carry a moral debt for its actions the sketch and it's about what happened here was a beastly in justice. and with a sense of pain and shame. i apologize to the families of those killed and one title. anti german sentiment as a reason increase since athens received an international bailout. many of the country blamed germany for the tough austerity measures they've had to endure. the european conservatives have picked former luxembourg prime minister john. but don't as their candidate for the year's top job as european commission president delegates chose him credit
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european people's party congress in dublin ahead of european elections in may it's the guilt is a veteran of the politics and he's hoping to succeed current commission president shows that manuel barroso. this was the international criminal court in the hague convicted a former congolese militia commander of war crimes on friday. it is a man cuts congo was found guilty of involvement in the two thousand three massacre of more than two hundred civilians in the village in northeastern congo he was cleared of other offences including deploying child soldiers. and keeping women and girls as play a huge show. the winter paralympics picked up and such. their landmark for russia where people with disabilities have long been stigmatized russian president reading including officially open the games as the tense standoff continued in crimea the dispute played out symbolically in the stadium
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and ukraine sent down just a lone flag carrier to protest against russian actions ukraine's other athletes all boycotted the ceremony the german team also made a point of refusing to carry the russian flag. and that concludes our review of the week's news. what's the world's biggest story each day. exclusive to any team that works. the top story line is today's most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you have are lacking here so it's good to hear. seventeen with me thanks to a doting aspect that i can say that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks
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and new and new. you wouldn't
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know what will . fan. its the good news week saw the show. this week that the soul. what a vaccination program in the aisles tall hundreds the oft on the guest on militant hideouts


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