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tv   CCTV News  PBS  March 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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malaysian friends are awesome. i'm so sensitive that they are continually twenty. well that's great because we can say the flight from la. to do the eye. all this based on titus two sessions of things what's in store. four. don times. the first call expected. i bought it's like all ideas that we got to use
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it like i am going to play it takes. chinese presence is hopeless but about pushing for what it said the reforms at the ongoing two sessions and said he was always keen to china maybe it was a market driven economy and that the private sector output of twenty one is going to fill a seat. when seeing what the price. and a web presence again being talked about as though the reforms when joining the discussions of the m league delegation he warns that soe reform should not be used as an opportunity for some people to make quick profits. the keel reform is open and transparent. and yet seen reform plan i would be less at leinster in the third thing on the government said china will tweet about and makes ownership economy at all the more dazzling. other funds to do the pizza makes a list of companies. since he also said the basic framework has established an icky now he's implementation of the deeds of postings. what
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that entails i interviewed a huge old former minister of industry and information technology. he shares the path to the balcony makes your footing and still looks the open state dominated audio and helicopters kids chinese reforming its date was set to score is a more mixed ownership by introducing private investor is somewhat hard to pack up for the reforms. their biggest loser. do you do most of it to the mix will issue stating that the council should be in physical science. it's a two way street. firstly the company's most of them have already diversified beyond measure. or are even listed on stock markets. but here's two more to do. now many speed comes in the seventy percent owned by state. is he is significant room to be lowered to sixty one percent steel controlling stake. they should introduce more private capital social capital. you'll benefit and so he's like growing in their capital technology management
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in the market on the other hand private companies may also bring in steve kefu and parents. his companies who played in the pool on the market mechanism tennessee industries are highly monopolized it is the loyal and telling come cuddle when he stayed on sectors. the honey. hawkins lawyers fees beauty him for very long. switching topics and some most businesses might only find persisting resume are not monopolize it sizzles company's listing the amateur two awesome party didn't fully investments. now they're looking to attract more so if the telecoms sector convention business is among the states won't do it that business is being open up the garments were too important to point out the form of my mistakes. this opened up the competitive
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business franchising it was many now in trading friday kept touching vast areas such as banking auto electricity of railway telecom with sources and utilities and to all incompatible operations of state owned sector and more areas to cricket for the space in the private capital and in the first two of china's top auto responders sign a pact announced in the staff rate that drinking at the capitol it was clean my kids and sell his final acts. stop thinking so much time with them when to speak about said he was forms the subject of reforms china center back she says in this with some life into rise in the empty stages of its respective forms idiocy government those entrusted this week and modernization should another interest rate spreads and bank's net interest margins box in practice the rates would allow pets us and then full on to a new equilibrium has been established jealous towards reform has its advantages and disadvantages and the short term pain cannot be without the government points out china's monetary supply what
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is higher than gdp growth and together with commodity prices seen people really believe that monetary conditions in china. i've typed right. china's top secure his regulate the plaza will be listing this was the cia that according to sell godhead of the time to secure his record to commission ocs os eight south said on the sidelines of the owner of two sessions that de listing must become a norm in the market. the lack of trust that the listing rules in china is one reason the stock market has not been able to out on to perform list and even fraudulent companies sell says the commission will also work on a mechanism to allow companies to transfer between paul says to us as the csis the setting up a dedicated division. the crackdown on illegal securities and futures related activities the cia stasi is also cooperating with that in this the eye in its plan to include tiny space is in these emerging markets index change to paddle with the economy good point two percent in the last quarter the figure has been revised down from the previous point
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three percent. the risotto is slow increases in capital spending and consumption the news as concerns that the private sector in japan lacks momentum. also out the january current account deficit which widened to a man called high of one point five eight nine trillion yen higher than estimates as exports continue to be slack and energy imports of rice japan's economy is expected to perform better in this court to ask consumers will likely go on a shopping spree before next month's sales tax hike bought second look and let them a drop off for that reason. today's numbers reinforce concerns that i'm going what is not planning to pack and that's more stimulus is needed. let me remind you that you can access us in a variety of ways. what stories online as well as gets full episodes and is a chef at least not see mtv dot cn ccd is also on twitter facebook and seemed label. the chain to the regional markets which have quite an eight day and
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nearly standing by with the chicken out when the major market moving today is the week on economic data out with them against a tough ask why the picture isn't very clear cut china's consumer prices rose to a standing fan to read the entries was the lazy thirteen month. any time producer prices fell for twenty fourth consecutive month dropping two percent during here showing that manufacturers' deal and a projected to overcapacity on it with friends. chinese exports tumbled eighteen point one percent in february following tenuous ten point six percent jump and swing straight back into deficit what took twenty notice that god is the chinese new year in fact because heidi felt easy but it is dearer than last year as it was out expletives were shipped more than genuine leather and fabric. chinese imports rose ten point one percent in february and to recap of the great inflation was benign actually looks like a big drop. you've got to consider the new year of distortion effect. to see how all that is moving markets
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global stocks are having a potentially active else data which shows a surprise swing to trade deficit although somehow respond to this post using the numbers it didn't stop them from sparking shooters had stocks higher level of hunger in chinese men and stocks not have any today. the benchmark composite had it all went to the south at the opening to shed two point nine percent but wasn't about to fall below the two thousand mark set up was across the board led by both hesitation as it likes of beauty and banking stocks. i might move that is amenities in an nineteen seventy eight to accept losing to it outlines insurance airplane makers and tourism companies to have something to be discussed at that time is that define percent cost aviation industry down but when half percent and then time you travel service down by four point six percent. what about stuffing the meantime ahead by profit taking today after some reason i'm inspired by sinopec sweet warm news. in
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meantime just don't want to perform the main blood dropping three point seven percent today and with more details on that from the beauty in our market commentator a shot high bb still in the august kit of the week on a sluggish no one caught investors nuts. malia apart from the a tragic missing plane as just mentioned and this is also kept track of the week ended data which is where does the years all the time to slow down. now what is not helping ease the weakening ten days come and see cent of all this together. rosen says the countrys as you mentioned such as financial commodities we begin bombing victims today. the financial stocks in shanghai fell twenty three percent. the commodities index also dropped three point four percent and that you will is and telecom stock indices tumbled around four percent in shanghai and the seed of grants. as you mentioned extended to the next which index which tumbled like that with seven percent of effect is clearly in this is what i've been
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testing all believed his information from regulators about market reforms such as c is on seize ships outbound calling to improve the ebay listing mechanism this year as well as also a good discussion about making listing easier for companies want indexed stuck in the short end of the book on course. ahmad fiji tourism and eighty and you were talking about the weakening of the you lied us into the oc second leg that point right now and then it always seems twenty twelve what are the implications beaten bullied the record level of intensity play today dustin sleek with investors' attention not on from our lives we've spoken to come can't this is just dumb allegiance africans of the chinese government's ongoing fight against capital inflows lot of hot money is of course the weak exports and the inflation data might also want to be due to the story awful baking bread but analysts say now don't read too much into those data
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and the chinese authorities might just use the weak data as an opportunity to hop on one hand go ahead with his comments to reform and also at the same time counted out speculators. the sell it no matter what spin hide the weekend and today halle is state expects our ward to wait movements at least a mini attend the asean meeting so maybe it was a move to test the water. thank you very much even for us from shanghai. we are looking at similar sentiment in hong kong avoid deep cuts were broad based buying shore as in macau casino stocks as some are now speculating that he feels he might rally cutting people are as tight as federally inflation grew at its slowest pace in thirteen months and in the meantime telecom stocks retreated following the trough. each animal while the company's chairman said the company plans to cut prices with four g services has a knicks went down by one point eight percent by the end of the day at twenty two thousand two hundred and sixty four points. metal stocks also tumbled following
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insight into large commodity prices. now let's get more t tell us of trading actions in hong kong from serving a direct tie dinner sunday night so it was more than a case of monday blues the hong kong markets can wrap up back in action at peace. surely hong kong shares were punished today as they reacted for the first time two week china trade either in the east over the weekend some analysts say mark is overreacting considering the different timing of chinese year this year compared to last year. there was bloodshed in financial and property sectors. king and fall over two percent while the big four banks were also under pressure as you mentioned investors sold off the cuff casino stocks and energy counters to scenic slid nearly three percent and was among the biggest losers among the hang seng stocks all the hang seng stocks actually finished in negative territory with the exception of me and from which managed to finish. i managed to finish four tenths of a percent in the green and
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needless to say what's the hang seng top performers really unexpected and quite sides when dying china's red hot tech sector. we were seeing some competition heating up with a ten cent acquisition of single dot com this financing arm out of those decals. really ali baba can be too happy with this lee is an intense and has agreed to by fifteen percent stake in jd got caught in a deal worth around two hundred and fifty million dollars the deal in concrete a dot com established e commerce business but tense and squeaks that celcom also take control of ten cents on successful e commerce business but don't forget to get on the set to raise a whopping one point five billion dollars in a u s ipo this year so this latest announcement would make the share offering even more appealing to celcom expect to benefit from weak chocs massive user base tends to also buy an additional five percent stake after the ipo
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of course ali baba is by far the leader in china's e commerce market but it's been losing ground to ten cents on the volga cuts increase smartphone and top with you says to date and send share clothes over two percent in the red and that's the latest copy of the interesting thing is that nice when a guy in front and from hong kong. now when i was disappointed at the ball from china. it took aunt annie and probably others moved since last friday. japanese stocks moved lower today the nikkei average day that friday is gangsta posted a town by one for a one percent at fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty points and supporters telecoms pharmaceutical stocks go all week was somewhere this evening got a boost into the uncertain in the ukraine also find investors to lock in some racing thanks to strong us jobs data that came out last friday did not provide much support sentiment as you might also heighten speculation that fact. well cut but that its students
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program. now for more details until he contests the mind tokyo. i know he is on the new camera to snap a four day winning streak is the moment that a big impact on that. this indeed that that had a huge impact on japanese stocks i will eat is causing the japanese stocks were largely due to concerns about china's economy the one oh seven japanese brokerage said many investors were outside line the head of the bank of japan policy decision tomorrow but more importantly the people well were jittery about china's economic health. the strategy deficit instead there was something people were not expecting it would add it to those jitters. i was china's first ever domestic bond be false but what's so awful wayne on the investors' minds were other factors outside china. they're becoming more frustrated over the slow progress depends on corporate tax cuts and also ttp fate of free trade talks. i have the money i'm thinking how much india thank thank you very much for right now you
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have to up and heading back to late for some updates from kuala lumpur about the admission am i still had a slot them in a post race of people we are extremely concerned about let's not cut to a press conference from kuala lumpur on the latest from the new seal in the three seventy flights the attendees of the day. do you do apart from god. he has walked from navy chief and also international agencies to be overwhelming. courtney king if that had not been easy but i'm happy to report that the things are moving into fall. and that is free to get some more positive results in the future. i like to look you. i mean if he is
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fifteen years. and the and that's not his crib and defended it on very tight and false hits for two reasons one because it is for allah with that and it's huge. i'm very frightened utah for you the phone was dead. as they do the view that the defendant. who are hoping against hope. i did not want them to deceive. it is possible to use that knowledge and five. and with your false information the hoff it is the key to how all those involved in a priest. that agenda to give nothing to hide. as disclosed in pcs that are getting. as we do it for whatever the bottom is the third that he had gotten to go. i've
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been to the top of his basketball skills oh and dan this evil he's doing. people yet not as big as the movie you me. yet how to do that while it's nice to be and what kind of worried at all saw some weird look. and what to do so on. it's out there what people today because it's the fact that the co op. i see something like andy but the blacktop solely on friday the help of the fight of the ascending see this day whom you who read if i had the t v all day to fight for the moment they're not received any of the ball on the on demand. so yes this dvd but it all the human mind he said. it's
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on. then i did. it also gives a false passport. it's you he acts. i'm with the pool and kind. while we were going down. in the middle with our walk it. pm. are you to be. the funeral in class
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now. cooking teaching among them. i guess. what does. you know. my view the activity beyond disgusted with the number he does from the chinese coffee and also phoned the roosters last night. and that the cost will be the best that has been making them off of a positive statement. and he's been seen firsthand what it did during her visit to the top four where is my progress the above the game. he whined. if you use. you can
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read the intelligence agencies. us intelligence has to be. if that information for their biometric and the bag on information individual. in the eye. and the goose information on the register by the end of the agency's board to cool so until we get more information go. i was the day on information that you do to get into effect. adept at dawn when an investigation by the seasons. all i know it the heat. i know. and yet
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all is. as the opel has been to. pbr across a tendency to be always in the mission agencies that are working with that. information can be viewed at the target is to get permission to know why you didn't buy it here identify all false information. with this technology when you hear the one who will present the facts. yes i do think that is for you. phone. i've gone through and it is. well too. by getting rid of it. we had tickets to and from the beginning that we're not taking anything for granted oh well to do. the day. it
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was. bennett little while less than one hundred degree heat in the fall weather good one. we have is that i had to look for her. the euro i want that. but too young and nine. and then the people there. the morning and m lady but why. i mean all day. for me. he later went to the this was a fluke. it all
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done. you can visit the forum because of our strong relationship that has not only to china by the u s has to be used in singapore today as compliant as essendon is to inform you that you've been using them to come on board. we did find one or another i had to be a mouthful of teeth oh and for what he has them yet. by putting it back because of the time. especially for memphis. or the present and future the friends that on board. he has the capacity to add to the pkr every single aspect of two thousand and twelve. thiscash is better thar me. if the wind that comes to naught. it would not affect the appointment of his. i
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guess that i don't mind having a problem. looking for someone who is the fact that the demand that they were due to the effect that the combined entity but i was as if he could open up would look good. to go. does that happen. is that monday's event into the details of the coronation of the whole process of religion. from the beginning. snow i'm going to repeat the beaches of the city has been a worthwhile one. being a good background on the go. these distinctions that he didn't see the fruits of the time if
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you are. though the condition of parliament they support it the nation it will go into it. if your condition. if i get it off. we are having promotion. the city. great technical assistance to help wipe it out. yes yes yes i agreed to meet them very soon go on to cite all of you out with. today i woke up for that or he would be this weekend if the fighting with
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updated did the quiz in the end of main thing is they have to find an echo of some eight thousand of the day began with the kids. he should be issued in this case it is. if you could have been standing. i did. no weird. it is indeed the kids. who or what. the ship with its search area. in order. we're through. education loan needs more info. i own. it's not
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something that you should hear from you. didn't he the confusion. looking through them the coke bottle with the heat. it is the song. the media i wasn't there a few summit in malaysia trash woman to stop up to the beaches of live updates from kuala lumpur was speaking about the need to be seventy flight from malaysia airlines that is still missing in our hearts go out to the family members hit of tennis on clay that wraps up this edition is a show on ctv news. most raising is to give all i see the news on the facebook youtube seal label and we kept on telling taking that one the eye. eye
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sells. steve. you knew long
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ruling will. you know . i know. oh and i don't buy yet i took the stand by and i got to thinking of disobeyed his dynamic economy. i don't feel like he's done some of the desert smacking vacancies i was on her name in the festivity


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