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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 10, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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you knew when will the wing will rule. the eye the owner i don't. welcome to nhk world news line and you know tommy in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this now. i am crews trying to find a missing malaysian passenger plane say they still can't figure out where it went. or more people living near japan's damage nuclear plant are hosting the dead to an online re teach math to determine how safe their communities. and a japanese scientist says he and his
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colleagues should with all papers of a new method to create stem cells to be turned into added time of teaching. international search teams are trying to call what's been described as an unprecedented aviation history. they're looking for any trace of a malaysia airlines jetliner. the plane take off early saturday with two under thirty nine people on board an advantage the plane left alone for international airport bound for beijing. it headed out over the south china sea then about fifteen minutes into the flight. it disappeared from radar cruise of military and coast guard vessels from across south east asia are helping with the search teams from china australia and the us have joined them. visibility was good we could clearly see the four hundred square kilometer area of research but all we could spot where ships and those other nations to scour the walkers. we found no sign of the plan
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elation transport authorities said investigators are testing what appears to be oil found in waters north of where the aircraft last made contact. the authorities admit they are mystified as to what happened in hk world's top player shield the reports from kuala lumpur investigators have found little evidence to suggest why i am at present there are the only advantage from redder on a sunday morning why isn't officials describe it as the mystery. the are equally positive itself and if tool to be called flow what really happened. funded by the committee on these cute faces a tough meeting friday meetings. kraus a minute's notice. tourists are going on. their traffic controllers store aisle there are no problems before eighth inning to a vanished the aircraft had only reached
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a stable flight patterns spittle flecked pattern after taking off when contact was lost. it was carrying enough fuel and the weather was clear. there is connection has not seen rolled out. recorders up a news conference after molly's and officials with questions about the two hostages believed to be traveling on the london pa sport. austria man had a jolly old man was on sports or use a word not on board the jet. two passengers and stolen passport brought in to get two different european cities dear baby jane and alistair now. they block box flight data recorder may contain their best to hope for they all authorities to discover one up from ceramics twenty seven zero. first they often find it. and with so few
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clues to follow. nobody is willing to protect hollow bone graft might think hermione show and it's their world. whatever reform the majority of the people who boarded the flight were chinese and their families are frantic finish the world's cocoa ft reports from beijing malaysia airlines center. hope this is the same hotel for the county's missing passengers. the game in the city st property. this release the airline's planes is also making headlines here in china. the it seemed. any form of transport it isn't really anything. passengers can do to avoid teams the highpoint of course i'm
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more in my mind. i need him the four thousand and two the sixteen million to the national people's congress are meeting in the capital. they're discussing key policies for the year ahead. yes foreign minister a long lead story on behalf of the government it is. one of the winter which we are deeply concerned about the news. we hope everyone will be safe i need to receive number of chinese are towering abroad particularly when the people. malaysia and the popular holiday destination. nearly one point eight million chinese who visited the country in two thousand thirteen. nearly fifteen percent over the previous year. the center on the plane for cleaner for some cheering up returning home after an event in kuala lumpur. a number of them can be seen in iphoto. families
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are growing frustrated with the lack of information on the whereabouts of the us corn tamales yet in stewart insists. nobody complains chinese officials had asked elise and government to speed up the search. beijing has dispatched several steps to the south china sea two cents given the high degree of attention the government is doing all he can demonstrate it's taking the situation seriously. is it that. you'll be seeing. japanese prime minister shinzo law but says he's determined to speed up the rebuilding of the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami three years ago others spoke one day before the third anniversary of the disaster. me too. o'toole
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creepy go over the past year the pace of reconstruction and started picking up after a long been a good one but it's undeniable that many people continue living as evacuees. it is anonymous thomas said the government would move about two hundred communities to higher ground in bills of more than ten thousand housing units for survivors he said the work would be done by march eleventh of next year. i'm hoping that the year ahead with the no people to feel that reconstruction is making real progress. today i'm determined to make it happen necessity for natalie to rebuild but to address problems such as population decline the ageing of society and what he called a following out of the industry he said the government would work to create a new toll poker region that will serve as a model for japan and the rest of the world millions of people in japan
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and spent the past three years whirring to different degrees about the health effects of radiation the concern is particularly strong gains to cushion the prefecture the location of the damage nuclear plant presidents and there are still debating whether it's safe to live in certain areas a grassroots organization has launched an online radiation map to help them make informed decisions. nhk world smear was semi shows us how it works. i do it yourself book shelf is on the way in downtown tokyo people throw around again to ikea to rome. how do you deal over a dish of measuring device. i never use disorder and i'm not even once. i wasn't very confident at first but it's actually quite interesting. i'm proud to be part of a project i did something that is why it's important for everyone he will choke recently accused of drunken of the changing
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you who has featured no more than twenty years. on the docks in control. he was struck by the knuckle before a showing of up to radiation it's giving people access to detail all morning getting device which allowed them to make informed decisions. we created this or that people could measure radiation on the road. and if a woman i once that we wanted to measure are everywhere so we had to comb over their way to do that. and we were doing the distance we make the system so that it can be useful people aren't right the north by cycling or walking. i have come to these couple of degrees a gps to keep truck over easter location. this system is funded by donors are on the lawn was tiffany co so called chrome eighteen years in engel said japan. when king and his group. we can't be easy to commission a
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professor to crack the radiation data. and one it is. see here's the kids in the car. additional results. data from older more itching devices. nor did all of the break live sites which can be be juiced on the map of course upfield them up epo seem to be shown at sundance. some went tanning devices are designed to take gospel reading every five seconds. thus while mr meant every five to ten meters for some on foot. radiation notable was a cairo court that. who indicates honor leading wine red and orange unites them all on sunday today ds the disobedience of carrying the hill. the go but up. we set about trade today
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the is on the show and i each a new career prospects the japanese go home and spend much money so in the morning cutting policy issue not a factor. just close with some bowls continues to deal with three new clothes. mukasey able to show the real time on the government survey of science. the prefecture a stall to loosen the local mall the sweet sounds and the momentum with two new posts. the study could be a pisces key bridge in their ideal of a dish or nibbles but they don't keep trying over local variations between them. and for some reasons the system is no precise enough. bush doesn't want them of a musical bmi above sixty five jonah does from coca she will die each. after the accident he was awarded the bulk of radiation. he considered immature eating daily. forty emma is a large
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city. we all need to understand the situation specific area where we live when she loaned up of the protests. it's watanabe awesome trunk and to help measure the radiation rebels near his house this week the readings one row of someone she expected. and she decided to stay. i don't always stay strong gusty. he seemed so it doesn't sell the house and old piece of one another's company. it's so this will be visible to everyone in on the mannequin if there's anything that changes will be visible from during the storm are it's very important that we ourselves to find out the radiation level around us and how it's changed. again seized the device in the morning to a netbook as the way over and calling people. or worse desertion is that position and is based on local data but don't own a
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rumor or or earned along the assessment of the situation so that by publishing an application to the dock the good news about creating the transparency and openness about what's happening and that's the best we could take action. it was a good book instead to a coast cricket field who should resume on a one hundred and twenty is an issue. the additional cost she hopes more people rejoin no more than the airport to the group with evil father no unsightly and that you are pushing now. and their networks radiation that can be accessed on their website and see if cass and dot org one german twenty six pm quake shakes too the dentist in the northeast coast and
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send you coupons. so i was going to school to boost the hospital. tsk. instead i we consume. a japanese researchers calling on his colleagues to with all papers that created a bit of a stir they claim to have some of the easy way to create stem cells they can be turned into any type of tissue but critics have found irregularities in their findings scientists from the region research center and other institutes publish their work in january. in the science journal nature they said they were able to use stimulus to create a phenomenon called stamp that's stimulus triggered acquisition of cleary potency they claim their approach brain cells flexible enough that they could evolve into skin muscle and other types of cells but other scientists pointed out irregularities in the data and images used in
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the papers. one of the co authors says he told his colleagues that the papers should be retracted though it read better withdraw our papers in their correct data images and everything. to prove that our papers are bright. last week the researchers said. he can release tactical tips for creating stem cells and they said that a certain gene was not altered in their process but what grandma says he had been told that the change had happened. one proof that stem cells have been created researchers around the world have been trying to verify the method but none of them has succeeded. those that we can say they haven't completed their inquiry people in tokyo or looking back on the attack that devastated their neighborhoods their observing the sixty ninth anniversary of a us air raid during world war two. about one hundred thousand people are believed to have been killed
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the belfry and fifty people gathered at memorial hall to remember those who died the building houses the remains of unidentified victims. prince and princess casino and hotel given to you each day passes away i attended the students. this is the bedroom where i came here to remember that people i'm not stylized many people including my cousin. new zealand opera's them awesome i lost my family. someone i was able to identify my father's passing i couldn't find the remains of my sister authorities don't know exactly how many people were killed. they keep a register based on information from relatives this year the end of two hundred and nine the new names to list now includes the names of more than eighty thousand people ay ay ay ay ay ay a suicide
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bomber in a stage an attack at a checkpoint in central iraq more than thirty people were killed more than one hundred twenty wounded the bomber drove up in a minibus packed with explosives. dozens of cars were waiting to pass through the attack took place in the city of key lock which has a large shia population the police suspected sunni militants may be responsible the sunnis have grown increasingly frustrated with the shia led government of prime minister nuri al maliki insurgents from both sides have launched repeated attacks. voters in the ukrainian republic of crimea i will head to the polls within the week to choose whether they wanna join russia thousands of people and taken to the streets to make their opinions heard. i think russians make up the majority of the population in the economist region. they're applying pressure on those who support ukraine's interim government which favors closer ties with europe about three thousand people gathered at a local government office in the city
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of sin federal poll. they think things would be better if i knew a part of russia. a unification with russia and the economy will get faster and the salaries and pensions greenpeace russia's black sea fleet is based on a beast in the port city it's impossible supporters of the frederick ukrainian government held a rally there to protest the referendum. witnesses say vigilantes moved in and disrupt that. the gathering foreign investors are fighting kallis opportunities to put their money and vietnam. they're drawn by a market of ninety million people and a workforce with an average age of twenty nine but many yummy. the enemies are having trouble finding opportunities of the wrong change the rules and coaching how to reports from . and crime and ntuc income marie is crowded with downtown sequence. many of them carnage was rain. but then still find it hard to chew on
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one the more than doubled. i wanted to chat up in minsk consultant recommend it. i worked as a key scene in the land. most christians inspire you to high paying job. the foreign company. so when i was disappointed. i know. when jake gets me a sample from the carnage homily. drinking fabio and dreamed of becoming an ingenious. most contrary as predicted team. with the tuna i had a very difficult time finding a decent job when you're fresh out of college i didn't have it taken us resume. i need to draw her skills. the companies were seeking someone with your hands on experience. lots of
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pain. people say you don't create quiet house with stairs and three as me. all art and clip of last year which was cool car adjudication team captain on this is the jackpot independent vote and they teach you some comments by themselves. putting back the non economic potential by making foreign companies seeking to educate educate us i knew bernstein co to raise the cost of spending ample time to think technology is tight turns. on sunday five hundred companies including intel and siemens the goal is to introduce and a teal to educate as to non textured and swiss independent creative minds for. i wear
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and tear. this bill. you can come to look at it. each a ten hundred students in bt timah three hours on line sheets of paper. twenty nine thirteen. how to solve problems from scratch please no exception. so my answer is quite elaborate discussion given in the e learning given them an a in the wall this was not copying from tax right when we came up with two unique ways this is like trying to deal with conflicts the command of the beloved email. this is a wonderful approach. nurturing creativity and tina i'll definitely use it and viola lessons set on a diet the one students that are very much more able to engage with each other. engage in the workplace and to communicate with their peers to work on teams and to
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create projects no way for people to ask them things that will jump in and solve problems. the job market spotting a kenyan foreign companies to no fault that no one. denoting a petition on training school spoken by the japanese automaker. he denounced from the south county can use right away believe me i would tell in this endeavor. i am studying very hard. hoping this will help me land a good job in the future and he got a really wish i'd been able to study at college. but i'm learning now you can tell. a snotty to concentrate e of the second. mommy's government crises mounting pressure to improve the commons human responses and make sure why it remains an attractive place to invest
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i keep going to iraq and age you are handling. there are several slight close in the southern pacific our meteorologist roberts betta has more on that robert. yes no one but story is storm systems are here lisa name storm systems across australia and also with sports. fiji is to get a satellite picture that one to win another one off their toys he's now the good news all three of these albeit on or not that strong but they're definitely going to be a big rain makers on the way you need to see how busy it is in the southern hemisphere typically this is about the peak time for psych loans out here. now all three of these like you said they're big green acres of most everything is going to be out over the open ocean for example on heidi's here that's moving off towards the northeast is expected to intensify. they now was awesome the five km route but a few along the queensland coastline looks like you've seen on most of your rainfall already also dealing in here in the gulf of carpentaria that's another storm system or keep an eye out but to
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become a category two on the cycle of scale but now this is the less populated areas. meanwhile at the gabba to lucy in the last ones will be dealt with sofie is as good a strong list of the three bucks. once again it's out over open ocean that's here seventy two hour rainfall forecast of year across the southern pacific let's see was going on in the northern pacific where cross it and we are seeing some snow fall today in the next twenty four hours a few areas and into west rococo coup in western hokkaido could see about thirty to fifty centimeters on top or you've already seen the past twenty four hours in the taper off though going into your tuesday evening out through wednesday income levels gusty winds will start to calm down it's well because the high pressures can move in from the west bring some color whether even some warming temperatures tokyo. by midweek expect to get into the mid to high teens meanwhile though southeastern china new low is developing here that's covering some rainfall. the thirty to fifty millimeters expected across the angst the river basin hong kong dirty see some showers there for you
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the open forest type a northeastern china north korea nights keeping the precipitation as well. if you isolate years to see as much as ten centimeters of snow fall from a separate storm system of stability and temperatures o'shea have about fifteen tokyo up to eleven in seoul will double to use their private nice guys on here tuesday. now for tours the americas where a storm system is moving in from the west across the rockies even take a look at all the cloud cover thousand bring in some heavy rain and even some snow on the higher elevations to the bigger problem is the morning of the captures you have seen some river flooding. i as aloe pushed through now it's on it's way all four season with the big from what this word a look at this wintery mix the present case in the northern plains across the western great lakes. even later on this week that will could combine with a separate system down towards the soft ring in the energy of the gulf of mexico. i just feel i really strong storm along the eastern seaboard status later on we are seeing a header that though is just a roller coaster ride for
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the temperatures out here was to youtube the season you can see will talk about toronto chicago and st louis the trouble that low passes by. but as it drops off but the significant changes in st louis in missouri. up to twenty three by or tuesday and wednesday trumps nearly twenty degrees don't know for their free a hike and see a light year of twelve high pressure is dominating that's the big topic down here actually beautiful weather in the low countries across the iberian peninsula most of the british isles. normally you are seeing some rain showers in some gusty winds have been reported their butts out that the high is still dominating in the eastern portions of the matter treaty and you are still dealing with this hamas will read here it is making for just some unsettled weather thunderstorm watches are still in place in southern parts of italy that's expected to drift east but even a nap and some rain showers. their new forecast i am noon. i do. i
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know. thx. seems like
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the sour and you know tommy and two cats. act. the us. be
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chess. i wake up i want to
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say that the seeds in a skit what it was broadcast information about thinking how very different in japan lastly lot. this deals with assets of eight then the next game. from the white sands the cities. i want to sneeze at. we hope you will want to add that the company. or why i knew. i noose. the dentist you. it's calle


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