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tv   RT News  PBS  March 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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you . protests against ukraine's increased to dublin to gain momentum in the east wall from its local self defense force is getting soldiers to us which is selling. while ukraine's economy teaches the collapse of principle doesn't get that fresh other countries and stickles. this outcome but stick to the streets to condemn the spread of trekking in the uk saying that reading technique will include a link with us and cause earthquakes the our
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goal. much more studious and mustard is too salty. repeat for hours. ukraine's sophie steve green increasingly restive protest against the priest to authorities in kiev. having least daily and seemed to be expanding people in ukraine's and dust are holding push for more commonly the country where the tree is reportedly designing a plan to pacify the provinces. the speech or of his internet which is seeing some of the largest protests began skiing. what we're seeing right now and going yet. is there on a group of riot police outside of the local government headquarters is that by rotating the entrances to the side courses and a stuffed duck. we sold large groups of people demonstrating not just here but in other cities around the east all week raided the guidance also it the kids at all see it in droves. we've seen that
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the similar type of demonstrations people who just called accepting the rule of the interim government that put themselves into power in kiev had not happy with how the government is currently ruling the country that no copy what they see as putting in place of oligarchs into key positions of power. this is a very important costs of the country. it's one of the biggest to build it as st says it's one of the biggest industrial centers the save people the very act of said about what's being done in the at the battle with the fact that the act. and what they need to do about that in the future but the situation is that we are seeing demonstrations against the ad interim government that are being put in pce ven in and slled s tre's demonstrations people of very upset about what ty say the fromf a reporting from crime and peaches also taken a detailed look at some of the one to gawk. dublin is appointed by kiev the people
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in the east of ukraine no happy about. which is reported county. reports assessing a trip to the west of the country moving towards connie and putting the pen to highlight the ranks of its self defense units are constantly increasing been bolstered by ukrainian soldiers stationed in the region but using to switch allegiance to the crime and authorities they look like you're like me blindly. crying again the soldiers to see him taking the oath will be the only ones allowed to carry weapons. unless there is an emergency situation it appears he choose to stay with the ukrainian army was still keep that summer is about to leave the region if they want to. that's according to crime as prime minister. the service personnel been switched sides of the one off of the force that stands gone into the sauce is forced to explain. we are in the holy land. we project our own land you need is furious. gains made on protesters for
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creating instability in the beach and the status now be traced to get the nice clean your room as your own cds during the mass in your own townships where you live you have no business in crimea. he says. it is abundant in some soft defence costs. you need dispatches patrols to protect the peninsula of on the clock fourth and its morning organizing visit and eighteen nineties. it's impossible to connect accountable protect the homes and families. for the second time in almost as many days thousands of pinching the beaches to the economist republic of crimea. beyond and angry the stamina to slice has had information activity some three hundred armed fight is offering insights crimea of waste in ukraine. their intentions tells him that somewhere between two and three thousand more on the way can. the self defense wants complaints form of combat soldiers. ordinary civilians twenty two to take the form of these portals one and tears will come from
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crimea it was only see people join the force under their own volition. each of us has made a choice. no one was ever a full two minutes to everybody decides for themselves. he was among the oldest to sign up the seventy old should join his retirement. instead he's also on the streets and twelve hour patrol shifts back on his knees when a cookies and iced us to seek and crying. the retired construction with is terrified of the thing he's devoted the last forty five years of easy life working towards could be destroyed but with only a fifty two pages of my home and an icon stay away from it. i must steal the little i must be there. i'm being completely voluntarily. around five thousand people have a meeting signed up for the fun into squads. the numbers are expected to grow them out of her second hit called tuesday when he tells me another car has been stopped trying to enter crimea with hidden with things. the people of crimea and things licensing up. me
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and says the contest and falling into nothing. we see auntie some falafel. i mean self defense groups to be preventing the tree officials from the organization for security and cooperation in europe from entering the peninsula stopping them a checkpoint saying that visits with noble prize us representative of the mission is appealing to most good to let the osc officials in the region of oscars as to issue solely for crime and authorities were pharmacy also stressed that diplomats was focused more and some other more dangerous and unpredictable incidents in particular the statement sites the uncontrolled spread of weapons seized from the tree debt buyers across ukraine and the disappearance of several mobile device systems. mosque is also not happy about the proposals on dealing with the ukrainian crisis that washington is putting forth. russia's foreign minister has breached isn't regional summit for differences in approach the gophers can all has to be tossed on this. call
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the meeting between the foreign minister in the russian president's each team was basically former celebrity explain the current international diplomacy around the situation in ukraine inkling of washington's latest proposals and why they don't seem to russia according to mr lavrov the main reason for that is that the document passed over our two russians so promo the americans is based on assumptions which moscow simply cannot accept the us secretary of state gave me a token in which we found a concept that we all know bring out the leaves. because everything is being formulated as the actual conflict between russia and ukraine to help others want is to place our actions on the situation created by the and take steps that may be appropriate in this situation. so far la still hasn't officially recognize the new authorities in kiev after violent way they came to power that i'll also throw the russian foreign minister was close to personally meet with us after the states i john kerry in moscow but
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according to the slab role is to carry canceled his visit i just of the saturday also other four minutes added that russia has prepared its proposal on ways of resolving the current situation in ukraine which is based on returning the situation that the framework of international law. it also said that it should be accepted by all groups also ukrainian society. in an era discuss the european court of you would believe him and he's a veteran german politician a former german mp and vice president of the osce parliamentary assembly. the lead decade ago he raised his arm ever disturbing connection to drink mate as balding of yugoslavia. in the nineties in paris for the alliance's expansion. these destitute and then toss together a charter for calm from salinas by the us state department he addressed some of the conclusions reached such as it would be good during mason's card engagement to restore the territorial situation in the area between the baltic sea and i'm a
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total which is not a techie such is existed during the run and how they tell me that's still a plan and the crisis in ukraine as a major role in fulfilling it the old toll on the spot and is that the longer the map in may because dolls and physics aka what is going on in z's days and buildings across was an abundance of oz in the vocal folds of total online bettina me down. and the baltic sea. that sounds a big c and d of rtl. all of that ayatollah is when sauce is a lion should be on our us domination. and to turn it on is the sauces i am semi these uprisings and always in awe someone does and one bc developments since then. it was in a pacific sixty died it was on the time to the inboxes of awe that we asked about the current situation the government in kiev because many as saying even in the day that i was saying that any referendum in
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christ there would be illegitimate because it isn't being recognized by the interim government in kiev stick that you see that government in kiev legitimate i see flaws to polish the coup d'etat oh what's happening in kiev. and she knew me what the legends and heroes the fall. lawyers said he and on the teletubbies surprise felicity and sought international bought these doing both sick in school the disease mostly embarks on a government which is not the good of the loan principal dreamy as has this government is the day on the other morning auntie give the envoy it into a bizarre was keen for the whole bb folded and sewn on a tub was the supreme court here in germany. fighting keep the nazis touches. it is interesting in outstanding that no western government is
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talking of allah peace be with. they need to obey d environments. that's essentially these oust of taunton was and you will ukraine's political turmoil might end up leaving it broke making a cushion of an owl in the country's race against time. or in part by turmoil in ukraine as balancing on the first half before the country's finance ministry sense bankruptcies during the same eating at me as much as thirty five billion dollars in eight by the end of twenty thirteen at storing data is right the one hundred fourteen billion won that's nearly eighty percent of the nation's gdp. yes gas debt to russia has estimated that almost two billion dollars. last year's and this year's gas deliveries so far without cash. he is in the longer be able to keep its energy industry gully cutting gas contracts with you are in danger. now here is how it works a quarter of
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europe's gas comes from russia via ukraine and after numerous warnings luscious as they will no longer offer ukraine discounted gas prices starting at this april. so what if you create the eels to deliver on its gas transit deals whelan been there before back in two thousand and six the pipes were turned off when ukraine could not pee and gas obligations to russia. bb half of europe and the quartz. the winter of two thousand and eight in two thousand and nine brought any other freezing cold fully the same reason than gas supplies for one it began just as the match was at its peak. sticking to ensure a knee injury gas appliance russia launched alternative gas transit routes to your left you'll see new places plain twelve. connex the eu and russia via the baltic sea and that south stream that is planned to be launched by the end of twenty fifty. most
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of that were planned to bypass ukraine which moscow has decided is an undeniable court there. i screamed states and other gets this speech could push him into the financial abyss. with the us is hatching a plan to substitute the russian gas or diesel into ukraine and europe not to do that what you do is preparing to boost its exports to post the white house needs to convince fuel companies to make less money out of europe and the term selling to asia amounting to millions of dollars. second that have to make a fight against medical scientists and then ship it sells rules of the moment is such a costly war he compared to a direct pipeline. haas russia's gas fulfills about that is the key is consumption. it's an amount equal to meet the course of war the us produces and that something good to make sports would hit american households stated that this is a shopping increase and that fuel bills in the medium term when the us fell sending it to him and the seat of a group and will take years to
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accomplish something. ukraine cannot afford financially but according to kiev western nations opposing much needed loans but they cover the price might not be enough to catch the cranes budgets is part of this gem of a biscuit or as tortoise follow the money. i don't care or are the promised one billion dollars with ukraine which is a paltry sum. it pays to crane's bill for probably two weeks or so ukraine's what action has a commanding thirty five billion dollars. if they get what the european in its promising than the billion euro. there'll be thirteen almost fourteen million dollars. the conditions for the inspectors are going to be absolutely outrageous everybody will live in latin america under the imf structural adjustment for a new or else in the world for that matter moles what that means in the long run. it's all i wanna book ranges and western ukraine as the icing to bed while we have a new government. obama is going to receive our new prime
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minister we gonna get a lot of money from european an imf and so we get to join the eu bye bye forget it it's not gonna happen. tuesday was here all seem to nationalize their most you would tell you about britain's biggest anti track ready in one united states is turning a blind eye to getting the saudi asylum seeker. it is execution back on. the i am. rules are to
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get him to get a jump in anytime he was. really though so we'll either. see bush's security years ago. seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. it's all on politics. only on rte . lol did so under britain's anti trekking we're going to scavenge the most remote demonstration in mind to stop the government sold on the quarterback to take me to getting gas and oil from shale rock vocals come out in
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the numbers to defend their apartment from being sacrificed by any jobs such as hezbollah i am one of the day. we take it to me. i cannot believe it. a while to clean the bath just a few miles away from whitsunday places take place both in most areas this already seen take place. so what is first game. hydraulic fracturing full franking is the conservation techniques for covering gas and oil from shale rock style gas production is already well underway in the us that still leaves about was the contamination and a ten is as a result of fresh king of that to granting consent in the uk. the government to try to win the call for the expansion of the controversial race as i say it could bring seventy four thousand jobs. i'm more than three billion pounds of investment to the country but not everyone is
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convinced. modernism in announcing the troll under the law does not sentence to save my son is going on i don't thing is not meant to say much. lifeline for about six miles of bike. once the residential area. these kids are always in the interest of evidence the goals he's been quite as silly as you stay with the government that meet the height of the industry her teacher living in the uk will keep pushing ahead at it this good friend jenny teach i think i'll announce plans to invest into the extraction wells in the uk. despite that being a moratorium on first game in the same country. but the actual amount of extracts of was says in the uk is as yet still and nine the sentiment eu and the sheen is difficult to play each. a recent poll commissioned by the university of helsinki and it just that support for
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prompting his team decreasing by the iaea. in the uk. by the hundreds of people like him. enjoy the day. holy spirit teach reading begins to take place in the uk. you can see this until now with the small anti freaking maintenance. the cancer finds allowed to police said that they were posing for manchester. we can get more on britain's anti tracking movement adult eagle calm and discover one successes are appealing to the government to think twice before supporting the potentially toxic drink. i had also lied to them in with the israeli team is weighing up conscience over conscription a foot from augusta. if you do with all the uniforms of the violation of human rights in the west bank. last i knew
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chris is scotland's first minister accuses westminster covering up or react to the post office so it makes a bid to sell but ahead of the upcoming independence right from the sea the interesting picture the report. the animal. a saudi diplomat speaking to simon in the us but is instead finding himself modern geopolitics washington is to make this response even then i cut with them and would likely face persecution and torture because of the situation in which the group also was a white house seems more concerned about keeping their
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skills on my site. the saudi radiate the gate could be punished by being hopefully he'll actually saw him jail time. that's the law. four years ago the employees of the saudi consulate in los angeles found out that their colleague. ali akbar the scenery is gay. saudi arabia has spread to syria this diplomatic passport then insisted that in the back of his homeland. i see a return to the us government for simon and you would think washington that claims to be vigorously defending the rights around the globe would at the blink of an eye. hope this day saudi men avoid guarantee persecution bought up to this day. a series that its has been up in the air. and i'm joined by his friends. well we all are but thank you so much for commenting to have a diplomat himself is not willing to speak publicly at the moment. c reid said study team goes back to his country he could be killed in broad daylight as he said. wanting
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to get us started. despite the low nineties states is experiencing that phenomenon with the dp is willing to violate its own domestic laws at two peas the saudi monarchy. this is what the obama administration is going. yet ignored in the same principles that they have a good thing abroad. in the cards by denying was that city that i'd just let up and trying to deport activities forty years after he saw the sky. that will bother the station has ruled that does not speak at what did i just knew little of that so it is full of defeating insisted the keys of the starting lineup. i can think of it. on top of being gay. it's our land has also openly criticize. it's countries where the backwardness of solace the role of what he called militant e maths in saudi society. and that saudi arabia is one of america's strength of evidence and is on like that. next up was an
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obama warmly greets its ruler they will sit down to discuss the treatment of people like us. saudi arabia it was the site. don't cheat people who are underfunded saudi arabian human rights groups among some of the moment of the situation in the country festival any religion except this land is to hit the tipping crackdowns in secret christian communities and nothing out of the order he is calling for police to carry out all the tree of arrests of those detained including children can be subjected to torture has convicted a huge be punished for lashes or execution. was he going to having women in saudi arabia have very limited rights take on travel anywhere without the permission of their mail and guardian as it cooled and then allowed to drive cars and domestic abuse is widespread. stir in the maturity by rebels is part of the prisoner exchange deal with the rise in damascus and kidnap foreign attack on a christian tell wolf the capital. i spent three months in captivity serious of the war shows no
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signs of abating the christian minority become a frequent target for extremists read. multi national rescue team with thousands of ships and helicopters is intensified the search for missing malaysia airlines jet that went missing with two of them thirty one on board. some of the chief investigator dismissed reports that a pre been found in the sink me at the end an investigation into what happened his own site focusing on two passengers who boarded using stone impossible. the forty s has died off to that boat capsized and sank off the southern coast of yemen thirty others were rescued by gimme naval patrol and crawled to the refugee camp thousands of migrants mainly from ethiopia and somalia who are fleeing unrest and positive time attempting to reach yemen and then get to saudi arabia. the balinese team of more points to the hall from afton on the temple scope is coming up taking on the economic consequences for ukraine in the wake of zakat. aye aye
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aye aye. the air the i am the evils of inflation and private central banks don't just affect you would say lol recently the russian ruble has going for around thirty rubles the dollar to thirty five nights people in the russian media are now competing with gold dollars or euros but the thing the forgiveness of all this paper money one way or another is doomed by inflation. so to have a few thousand dollars or robles to watch each do with that many people see that gold is the way to go because it has retained value for thousands of years appellant has also been in big demand since the dawn of time asking for money in fleets and did nothing but nice big chunk of your surfaces always works but according to wash did post a twenty eleven the us or security system was forty
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five billion in negative cash flow so that means the snippets of child care because for most of human history your retirement package was your kits so security might not cut it for my generation and last but not least you can still buy and sell guns in the eighteen hundreds for cash. what other things in your house fourteen that much value in over a hundred years so maybe if you are on one of the mega rich guys playing currency gains you can fight inflation but for the rest of us gold land kids and saying we'll call probably the safest financial options but that's just my opinion. i mm mm. tokyo speech. this is japan's largest could use money i am refreshed foodstuffs from every part of the country
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the nationwide distribution network to establish the seventeenth century. then possible to bring all kinds of fruit to tokyo from the province. this led to the development of a very sophisticated food culture the extensive range of tastes took in what seemed to it. the japanese approach its subtlety and artistic expression of seasonal thing bridget one of the world's great cuisine. do some maths test. yesterday we just do dishes season. here for the fishing pole to pole will prove to be charcoal grill street. that leaves your lips you enjoy coverage of lights from every region of two the outdoor trips to receive specialist region rest of us
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execution style restaurant that simple syrup stuff the delicacies like such a gift from the beach. probably over into the country. he is the total to eighteen points with unique nor conditions like this. the bigger flavored water. symonds who used to people with heart warming for depends called the reeds the taste of my child to the panel. richard rowe women to college. you'll often find his car. japanese style bar restaurants and of the tracks. when japanese restaurants least every two weeks top. this dish is yet
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to talk. skewers of charcoal really cheap. it also tried various types of tools and seasoned with soy sauce. for me so flavored meat and vegetable stew. perhaps the easiest way to some japanese home style cooking i want to wait to have agreed to give token it is also the third reich the specialty of toto is the restaurants that offer a range of world cuisine some assignment. ancient south american aid to africa great if it does rain to ensure the taste is completely off to come here because like the trustees or more of the world. he also hosts many things to match the suit us
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you want to discover what you think. japanese cuisine restaurant. it really is more my house. ay ay ay. so why don't we see life from the deli here for you and i went awry. it is very much for joining us here in the headlines this hour military standoff is underway in southern ukraine's crimea region less than a week. the decisive referendum on its future international search for missing malaysia airways jet li had no clue i'm the president of soccer giant irony that it appears in court on charges that the baby


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