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all the art scene thus none spoke at the south by southwest conference the nsa whistleblower to lead the offense via satellite to discuss the need for better inspection technology and cruel to you last for small wind blowing survey of one states. the latest just a hat an intention to run a nine screen in ukraine and russia over crimea. so what are they knew what you really and government remains divided across the country to solve all the stops for a resolution thingy. the latest on the events in ukraine coming up. and just when you
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thought the one child at the games were the next day god will take you to russia for me a softy on the big games later in the show. a new. yep the arts can find him in washington d c i has and you are watching rt america while starting off as our national security agency weaker adults noted spoke via satellite to an audience at the south by southwest conference in texas this afternoon. also the southwest is an annual gathering of people from the music found in emerging technologies industries. it's not in the snow and spoke for about the need of better infection in coolum number of american officials for being complacent in an essay at mass surveillance are due course on adrenaline and joined me earlier from our l a studio for a round up to first ask in my snowmen had to use the seven of proxies to speak at the conference
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that's right male edwards noted he is still somewhere in roadshow where he's been granted asylum from espionage charges which she is facing here. and it's in the united states so for him and his supporters still very important to keep his exact location see them. according to the south by southwest are the manager there were some concerns that his video feed that was scheduled for today my aunt had been interfered with our caught up in the end do it that there is some sort of sound delays but on all went off without a hitch and no forum for most of the discussion snow to really emphasize the importance of of encryption technology the privacy on the internet and really highlighting the bolton told downfalls of mass surveillance that the nsa is conducting this the first time zack snyder has spoken out in such a long time particularly to a mass
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audience. so while addressing the technology community rather than policy makers sure well he did talk to the european union last week but as far as south by southwest this is something that's attended by innovators on japan numerous techniques hackers. so to me that you really wanted to reach out to relate to urge it to develop encryption technology to develop protections that would really help usual consumer. all over the country in over the world this year from now you really should and should we force our rights to the standard you aren't when upgrading legislation that directs its net is home the unit. and you know ah. he was and in her
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cereal and she who will require the government that the us. it's not want it. and yes. are you in advance. you know wisdom and protection strategic communications heehee. you are. instead urged invaders in the defenders to our community. we should make sure we're shopping the dangers of the glass railings the us. evolution q
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do you know. since other way onto added that the current us intelligence policy is not only costly but has also been a failure because it failed to catch certain suspects because the dragon it is really catching everybody and not just targeting on specifics. the suspects he gave the examples of the so called underwear bomber and and the boston marathon bombers to point out examples of where. us intelligence has failed. i fantasize about an hour long speech did he say anything now was surprising sure well. it probably wasn't surprising that he would he went on to continually criticize the nsa and its intelligence failures but oh well what's interesting is the way that he explain why your personal information is a lot more dangerous in the hands of the government as opposed to being in the hands of private corporations like facebook in global let's listen to that part of speech. once. around
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one of the united states the reason you may know it's you know you. i didn't eat any they have police powers don't start me into who knew they should there is good companies use them. to show our house to show international treaties and i knew that. but i do. secondly you god for. he is. phill are actually has some cases up the incident. i know this. so i also went on to say that their encryption technology doesn't work because as of right now the u s intelligence apparatus is still not sure of all the documents that he has turned over to journalists
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and snowden and glenn greenwald himself upset that we can expect more weeks to come out now i know congressman mike and pale the creators of south by southwest to rescind their invitation to address known and what the occasion as to why they decided to continue the spine to potential backlash. yellow is representative told caleb to tell the south by southwest to kill the panel saying that allowing students to speed would encourage lawlessness that he and organizer said that they appreciated pop pills interest but their goal is to have an open platform and they say that they would love to have the nsa on for that to themselves that they were interested but their goal was to have an open platform and they very much a welcome snow his message with open arms and having an open platform they certainly did eventually assigned also stop at south by southwest on saturday and journalist landry lots bout today
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the class historically given class to somewhat controversial think errors or is this the first time myself with the typically is known as the offense will that highlights the latest in a failed musique and technology and in the past there had been part of panels as far as how politics and technology to merge highlighting certain liberal and conservative activists but this year the devil has been more of a political tone as you mentioned. glenn greenwald joining us on from week two weeks and we're snowed in and also later in the festival will be hearing from around the manual mayor of chicago former chief of staff for brock obama and chelsea clinton. there's also a organization for god to us which is try to push immigration reform. so then and there also screening the film sees our job is to buy was a very polarizing figure during his day but
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does so deftly this year. has shown that it has taken a much more of that has been more presentations without a political meaning for sure arctic or spinal and i thank you so much for reporting you bet. well see ukraine our international tensions between russia and the west are flying out the majority of the attention right now is focused on ukrainian peninsula. ukraine's interim government is sending troops into the areas to guard the country's defence bases aparently been instructed not to use force for fear that could lead to an all out war. meanwhile russian and european officials are meeting to discuss the way to move forward. on the diplomatic actions taking place here's our team he worked as an well the meeting between the foreign minister in the russian president's its team was basically former celebrity explain the current international diplomacy around the situation in ukraine inkling of washington's latest proposals and why they don't seem to
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russia according to his lavrov. the main reason for that is that the document passed over our two russians so promo the americans is based on assumptions which moscow simply cannot accept the us secretary of state gave me a token in which we found a concept that we are not very happy with. because everything is being formulated as the actual conflict between russia and ukraine to help others want is to place our actions on the situation created by the and take steps that they deem appropriate in this situation. so far la still hasn't officially recognize the new hawthorn east india after violent way they came to power that awful sold throw the russian foreign minister was close to personally meet with us after states. i john kerry in moscow but according to mr lavrov has to carry canceled his visit. i just of this saturday also other four minutes added that russia has prepared its proposal on ways of resolving the current situation in ukraine which is
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based on its earnings within the framework of international law. it also said that it should be accepted by all groups also ukrainian society. that was our teens in corpus cannot be the middle gave the go ahead today for a common sense planes to fly around poland and romania has borders with ukraine. this as people was in ukraine in to find out about their own future the band brings us this report from the ground in ukraine. will we see right now we don't yet is there on a group of riot police outside of the local government headquarters is that by rotating the entrances to those records is a mrs after that we sold large groups of people demonstrate in sofia but in other cities around the us open prayed that god is also a if at all see the big girls received at the similar type of demonstrations people just aren't accepting the rule of the interim government to put themselves into power in kiev
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had not happy with how the government has turned into the country they will copy what they see as putting in place of god's blessings to you. all the thoughts of the country. it's the he one of the biggest and to build it as st says it's one of the biggest phil steele said it is the same people that are yet to say about what's being done in the at the visual effect that the act. but that was needed to do about that in the future the situation is that we all see demonstrations against the ad interim government that are being put in place even in a and swelled so there's demonstrations people of very upset about what they say that was artsy correspondent peter oliver. only massive hunger strike is currently underway at the northwest detention center in tacoma washington. the strike began on friday and immigration and customs enforcement officials told the daily times that at one point more than half of the thirteen hundred
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detainees were participating or about seven hundred and fifty people in total. this detention center is a privately owned facility that holds immigration detainees during the deportation process. not one more and deportation put out a statement in support of the hunger strikers saying quote there when the bodies on the line to protest the ongoing deportations overseen by immigration and customs enforcement and the main conditions at the for profit detention center owned and operated by the g e l cooperation. now for a little bit of background the geo group is a government contractor that works the rights to one and number of minimum medium and maximum security facility is seattle was the second largest for profit prison operator in the country along with trying to draw attention to their detention status. they are also a demanding for better food treatment and pay on things as of sunday night's officials reported that the number of hunger striker
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side that are currently participating is down to three hundred and thirty people in order to be considered a hunger strike or a detainee must refuse meals for at least seventy two hours. but turn out to collusion of rock or civilians are once again flee the city as a result of fighting between local police forces and al qaeda insurgents on a one hundred civilians have been reported dead and many mart have been injured by what they described as indiscriminate shelling us rt is carrie and maureen has a story. beyond our province the scene of the most deadly fighting during the iraq war. and now the people of falluja iraq are accusing the government of crimes against humanity over six hundred civilians have been wounded and about one hundred caleb has been told of the legs and has been shelling of the city as the iraqi government started selling to lose nine january twenty fourteen at the selling began after the iraqi government lost control of falluja top height and rebel fighter is
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according to the united nations more than thirty thousand families have fled the area in the past two weeks. with tens of thousands of trapped in the crossfire here. it was ten years ago the people police have fled their homes when us forces pushed into the city during the second siege of falluja this marked the bloodiest battles since the vietnam war and the first time the us military not primarily against insurgents rather than the iraqi government for saints. this crucial area is located just thirty five miles from the capital city of baghdad. when families returned home after the scenes ten years ago many founder net neighborhoods decimated thousands of buildings were destroyed. now the citizens of falluja are in their second at cbs. most refugees have i've gone to the sunni region of saliva. others are in the shiite holy city of karbala. the un has been providing aid to those affected by the fighting in
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non bar. despite the challenges posed by the deteriorating security environments. however some highs are scared since leaving corridors are getting korean its. but for those who remain in falluja the situation is even more dire. according to congressional research service reports the us and russia have provided thirty eight billion dollars worth of military weapons and training to iraq. mounties forces had sealed off then shall the city. i fear for the safety of its bright birds. un agencies have stopped ancient names in the military is blocking entrances to the city. here's a young boy being treated for shrapnel in his back a hospital in falluja according to local sources maliki forces are dropping cells and this criminally all over pollution of the reports of civilian homes lives and even then general hospital hit with artillery shells
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the conservation center of environmental and reserves in fallujah told turned out he believes the iraqi government is carrying out crimes against humanity and file reports with the international criminal court. but the iraqi prime minister said he wanted to lose the residence to expel al qaeda fighters or face and military assaults. maliki is a shiite muslim and has little support in this sunni dominated the region. what this means the leaders the layout will not commence at the colony was at nights in the crisis by keeping most of its forces out of her money and pollution of allowing local tried to push al qaeda militants out of the two cities. when the us led iraq in two thousand eleven for the abomination and the military reins back to iraq when our security situation has deteriorated the twenty thirteen and the deadliest year in the country since the war the washington d c perry and boring rt. such a rush an owl
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and paralympics kicked off over the weekend us has already started racking up medals including a bronze and women standing down help and a silver and bronze in sydney down now. now u s army veteran ox on a mass tears finished fourth and i am on a smile. a quick look at the men's board to decide what is currently a total of twenty four medals. they also have the most gold and silver medal won its second and third place for ukraine in the us both have a total of seven medals. there followed by canada and japan austria and france for the latest on the center of competition and here's our teens that michael had to go. so two weeks ago russian made history by hosting its first ever winter olympics here in salty. now it's the turn of the will of the best parenting teens to shine the shoes made in winter paralympic games the black sea resort. his indictment was involved in games on the way the spectacular opening ceremony at the stadium on friday. the main themes there
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was breaking the ice age a lot of song and dance as well as of course lots of special effects and fireworks and interesting to note was the ongoing theme what's that to me all the firebirds mythical russian find that that signifies light and happiness and ended with a large scale russian icebreaker made me a four piece that made its way across the stadium the competition started taking off on saturday in by a long cross country skiing as well as round robin games and we'll take a lead and sledge hockey rush to jump straight to call all the metal table and has now a walking twenty four medals in total seven of them gold the nearest rival gemini in second spot only has three sets off on a four to lead team usa has yet to register a gold medal at the games they have won three silver and four bronze in alpine skiing and cross country skiing and of course he's still early days and everything can still change
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the game to watch council will be on tuesday the eleventh of march when he would say take on russian slice. mind you that prices in the new house the competing for his ago and now has come so far taking third place last year the world championships. she would say is the reigning olympic champion. so now we want to watch. generally the atmosphere here is just as it was during the olympics it's happy it's good that has a lot of buzz going around people are really enjoying it a lot of people in the stadiums and the islands themselves on being content with that completely barrier free environment but so too he has created folder. that is of course she sued the futility sealed for tea which i recently found that would definitely be a benchmark for future. back in july two thousand and seven when russia won the right to host this year's winter limping and paralympic games the black sea resort of sochi was effectively a
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greenfield site. if the lack of prior building would ultimately help shape the end result we see today has been used and infrastructure could be built from scratch and designed to be completely dairy free. helping saatchi become not only a uniquely sub tropical winter in the big venue but also a purpose built disabled friendly sporting city which sets a new standard for the event planners across russia. what happens here previous bread overtime in legacy to the rest of russia while it's a great idea that there should be accessibility for everybody and when you can go and do something in your mind free so you think i can do some more with my life i can decide a lot more about what i want to do it online according to the ministry of health fifty million russians live with a disability. which is around nine percent of the population. although medical provisions were available under the said the union. there's a nationwide legacy of
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buildings and transport which lacked lifts and step free access. given the quality of life and opportunities for many people this is why the government launched a multi billion delay initiative in twenty eleven to improve health care facilities. the education system folder options and salty serves as a benchmark for the future. as a safety and as a sporting venue. get when you read here is the problem was that of the supporting infrastructure was there there wasn't any adequate housing and there was adequate housing there was in the infrastructure here so everything is concentrated together which is the perfect model for future generations. sochi twenty fourteen is the biggest winter paralympics in history. over the course of ten days nearly seven hundred athletes from forty five countries will compete for seventy two sets of medals over five sports with our snowboarding also making its debut. russia's mating games are also expected to set new levels and sporting achievement and
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social awareness. with the itc expected global tv audience is sixty one point six million tuned in to watch the band for the paralympics four years ago the difficulty in his letter that he loves people who come to these games. the new russia. the myths about our country will be a race and they won't need any bears on the streets. rush is a civilized country that cares about its citizens russia hospital in the test with flying colors. now the country's paralympics could help its ongoing transformation towards a more than a barrier free environment in every sense estimated two thousand six olympics the top you can get for rosen says. i think the games will not only be great for the russians the entire world the quality has finally come at great athlete is now known as a great athlete. what a stinker such. this for breast cancer support her i miss her supporters in pennsylvania supreme court has rejected an
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appeal from the eastern school districts today that would have banned students from wearing bracelets that supports breast cancer awareness. fans from the suspension of two students while they ran a hawk and thirteen year old kayla martinez who refuse to take off their bracelets back in two thousand ten the school district argues that the presets are a balloon and uses sexual anyone doubts the senate say that the things that free speech all soon after the school district and the bracelets from all schools in that region of southeastern and teamed up with the aclu to sue the district for their right to wear bracelets on her first amendment. mr tanner is a nonprofit called to a price foundation and the son of top twenty and a half in voice and vocal support for the students and their pursuits. so not right now stands in the eastern school district and now lead the bracelets with a pair of proper person whether there are several other school districts across the country
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have also abandoned at a free site. so this ruling could set precedent for the future for those school districts well before we got in free to tune in to larry king now the nine pm it is wwe e a wrestler john c know that larry king's in conversation with him about professional athletes. i've recently come out as being homosexual. what do you think it's going to be like in a football locker room i feel good for both of us think as with everything that school is going to be a period of adjustment. but it does to people. people who can accept unusual for living the life they want to really get one or honest in its own this is still running its eye of an older brother was good. truly he still broke that's the thing i have two choices i can. i can disown him as a human being for what he does or you can read my book. we came out. ruth ache
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to hold you when he came out he actually came to me many years before he came out publicly to hold on him and he came up to me before to twenty years. and. ask me to keep a secret and i didn't have a true seeker for quite a long time. probably another ten years until he was ready to lead western window. and when he did he was in the wool over adversity but if a little italian family lived stubborn all bastards we young. i was there to support him every step of the way. sectarian and nineteen oh nine race here on our team met for an interview i met him up and see red next year and a camp. knew
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neil howe the music and i hear that lady at the state of poverty. at the u s federal government. american activists tried to pair it with the tides in the men's lavatory. i could get her to feel a bit going the official currency. look underneath. the right thing to buffalo for the lakota once the buffalo with everything for their survival of the state food and clothing everything it was their holy county last month according to serve a purpose tired of being dependent on the us economy which hosted an easter is over. every year
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about two hundred and twenty million dollars it comes to the reservations but harrison less than twenty percent that actually stays with the natives in the local economy most of that money come from you guessed it should be no people gambling hurt and read our mail meanwhile the reservation is one of the most impoverished areas in the us according to forbes. so today i found really nice and it's late in the us dollar and culture paris is helping not according to pave the path to freedom so carson the fbi is our dna. he called the voted teacher of mourning that take another pic of currencies will go. this despite the fact that the u s treasury department has indicated that the going is legal. also federal block grants native americans special legal status which is that the argument for a currency that is independent of the us dollar. perez but that one sovereign soil and a half white half month according to. and they're not
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going to have the u s federal government for permission this is when you have children going hungry time to focus. the lakota of rebuilding the economy on their own terms. i for one love that we should all suits the economy is broken. noah just a means for exchange and needed to make up fewer people were wrecked by brainwashing the entire planet into buying into the light of mindless consumerism. that is dumbing down at that. bringing the time our downfall we're just so i say to me to go lakota nation we should all find ways to declare our own sovereignty independence from the almighty us dollar. not many chains that bind us to it. tonight's talk about that by filing the end but as the precedent. the new
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evening will who will the old and welcome to new sign it's tuesday march eleven and kept in comanche into camp. people in japan will cause on tuesday remember those who died in the march eleven to two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami will hold ceremonies and observe a moment of silence. and as we look back on the day when one to note that some dealers may find certain image is upsetting. to deny inadequate off northeastern


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