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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 10, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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evening will who will the old and welcome to new sign it's tuesday march eleven and kept in comanche into camp. people in japan will cause on tuesday remember those who died in the march eleven to two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami will hold ceremonies and observe a moment of silence. and as we look back on the day when one to note that some dealers may find certain image is upsetting. to deny inadequate off northeastern japan three years ago triggered waves
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higher than ten meters the tsunami hit winery is in the pacific coast until poker and hunter regions the national police agency says more than eighteen thousand five hundred people were killed or went missing in the disaster. nearly three thousand more diet while evacuated from their homes over a quarter million people were still in temporary housing as of this anyway according to the gavin dance. many survivors have no choice as the development of the high ground for relocation plans. blanks behind schedule. three reactors melted down and this cushy midday nineteen nuclear power plant following the tsunami. it remains unclear how much we like the material was released from the reactors the outbreak and the plant is struggling to manage growing amounts of radioactive water use to cool nuclear fuel in the reactors. d conditioning other this cushion the plant would take as long as forty
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years and there will be many challenges in that long process. japanese prime minister shinzo on they spent the eve of the anniversary discussing how to rebuild areas hit by the disaster. he says he's determined to speed things up. me too. old school committee to go over the past year the pace of reconstruction and started picking up after a long been a good one but it's undeniable that many people continue living as evacuees it does in us. i'm sitting still. the government would move about two hundred communities to higher grounds and it killed more than ten thousand housing units for survivors. he said the work would be down at the end of next march. i'm hoping that the year ahead with the no people to feel that reconstruction is making real progress. today i'm determined to make it happen i'm a citizen for not only
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to mean parents that address problems such as population decline the aging of society and what he called the following hours and industry. i then sat with his cabinet ministers to defuse the situation in the northeast she's battle so cool. we must speed up rebuilding efforts for him keeping in mind the lessons of the disaster. i'm looking towards the future. it was assigned to lift an evacuation order for an area around the damaged tissue had died she nuclear power plants residence and then me and callie she just read of the tele density one around home next month. this is discussed the construction of the local expressway high radiation levels have hampered the work in some areas but the ministers say they expected to be completed in about a year. and so the children killed by the tsunami. i selling their local governments bc teachers
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and their children's elementary school where negligence. relatives and twenty three victims filed a lawsuit against the government's ad is you know mikey city and me at the prefecture. they are demanding one hundred million yen about nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars for each victim. seventy four students from the old color elementary school died or remain unaccounted for. i think investigated the dance and blamed the school staff the second principal and teachers were too slow to react and put the children at risk by taking them to a riverbank. the plan to see the staff should have paid attention to announcements and media reports when the earthquake struck. she'll do it. we'd like to make it clear he was responsible for the children's that's twenty one and all that pain it caused. just do it. they did say the school did not have had a quick evacuation procedures in place. they see
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the staff had simply copied many holes produced by other schools and the local board of education. people outside japan are paying respects to the victims of the disaster ahead of the anniversary the five hundred people attended a case that if the city. legislators have held the ceremony for the victims every year since the disaster. aye aye aye aye aye. the descendants once in the new messages from people struggling to rebuild their hometowns in japan. namely the engine. never again. in shanghai. about eighty people gathered to mind the anniversary. attendees included needed so squishy mud and chinese students led to it the prefecture well i made three shillings nice i
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missed it. people who train and other countries in the prefecture has in abundance. and i went there n oso no lasting effects or weasel wonderful mom ski another practice it and send them as insufficient have the power to overcome their difficulties. he called on chinese people to give them support cruise and injured hands down its nuclear plants must navigate high and potentially lethal levels of radiation every day. in some areas at fisherman's ninety they can only wait for short periods of time in town this week at work at all. selanne zinnias are racing to develop a technology that will offer full access with minimal risk an hq was naughty kolkata has the story. after the accident when he has to. in this the vines. it's tremendously high levels of radiation. i need money to make it out
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this meant that allah has his same terrible box disobeyed and a skinny as a crippled months. the utility is needful that technology has placed developers to design wall box they can call ways humans cannot we such as an ingenious are trying to make devices that can carry out more and thus decreasing costs. somehow it ended up commission in january. there are now focused on designing whole lot i can do de contamination one. a small but using the maze of technology to clean up the radiance of some stuff the audience to come from the confines and compete sony's eric and he operates a gift of some substance. then the robot uses of the q tip
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with the comedian kiddos this model is designed to cause to bubble that is lifted inside of the two buildings because of the explosion i moan about what obama and what we're proud of this world but which will be used in areas inside and humid itt where no people can go the most daunting challenge is removing extremely vague you walk to the new me a few from the county's the archives all officials say look the field turned for the thomas reactors and time out but the bottom of the containment vessels. the fuel is inaccessible by now. you see me as i exploring ways to beat it. trying to be built up a fifty meter long robotic arm. it would have special
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sensors inside. that was created three d picture. so engineers can monitor his movements you know mom. red's shannon could if at all electronic parts of the robot so we have to overcome that hurdle. the monthly minimum this seems to change is developing fundraiser for the robotic arm. the benji as are working on one that would slice through the field to the new clio fill. it's not extremely hard. they also need them easier to walk under was. the re up this must be filled with one set to shield their emission of radiation from the field the mystic it won an
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experiment using the mafia he has insisted cost into malta to clean out the full tummies are told that the new wooden frickin. then they came the laser at a simulated field and monies to cause some of it. the fuel out of concern of mine is expected to be more difficult to deal with it. some of it mixed with debris when it melted down. making it much harder than the simulated film typical ingenious don't fully understand the condition it's in. his head on. this is a huge challenge. we have to combine techniques in ways that we've never tasted before. some combinations will work but in other cases we will have to make fundamental adjustments there are still many puddles ingenious havent figured out how to make the move the field. and before
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christmas. need to carry out the job in three d artist for now they know the technology they need is a long way away from being put into practice. recall caught up in hd world and i. search and rescue teams has spent three days searching for on malaysia airlines jet that disappeared over the south china sea. malaysian officials say they found no trace of the plane that will widen the starch the boeing passenger jet was on leave from column for it to beijing early saturday with two hundred and forty nine people onboard. he disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after take out. malaysian officials are reading this the rains
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last known location. the crew of the vietnamese military plane noticed a white object floating year where the plane had vanished. but authorities to tenants in one sense did great. another fishing boat on the nhk that he saw a plane flying at low altitude off the coast of malaysia under an hour after the missing plane took off. i often see lanes and nine. i was surprised that the plane was flying at a much lower altitude. the usual flight place in transport authorities are questioning the county and hoping his information could provide a breakthrough. malaysian authorities admit they have no idea what happened to the sea the plane's emergency devices gave no indication that there was any trouble nhk world at the nine years' jail. that has more fun column for investigators have
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found little evidence that is why i am at present there are the only advantage from redder on a saturday morning malaysian officials describe it as the mystery. the army could be because of this though. and if tool to be called flow. what really happened on that but the main gate on these cute faces a tough meeting high maintenance. kraus a minute no disservice to all. their traffic controllers store aisle there are no problems before eighth inning to a vanished the aircraft had ole reached a stable flight patterns. spittle flecked pattern after taking off when contact was lost. it was carrying enough fuel and the weather was clear. there is connection has not seen rolled out. reports of a news conference for malays and
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officials with questions about the two hostages believed to be traveling on the lung pa sport. austria manhattan a tally on man who's boss for stories were not on board and gents. two passengers and stolen passports world and to get two different european cities dear baby jane and alistair now. they block box flight data recorder may contain their best to hold before they all floridians to discover. one up from ceramics twenty seven zero first the inhofe to find it and with so few clues to follow nobody is willing to protect hall will not might think. meyer show and it's their world. whatever form the majority of the people who boarded the flight to work chinese and their families son fred takes an hp
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will still go for singtel reports from beijing malaysia airlines to overhaul its increasingly brutal urban counties missing passengers. they can use to be freed from the gate. this the ways in airlines plane it is also making headlines here in china. the it seemed. any form of transport it isn't really anything. passengers can do to avoid teams the highpoint of course i'm already back line. i need them. the four thousand and two the sixteen million to the national people's congress are meeting in the capital. they're discussing key policies for the year ahead. yes foreign
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minister a long lead on behalf of the government it is one building to which we are deeply concerned about the news. we hope everyone will be safe. i need to receive number of chinese are traveling abroad particularly when the people. malaysia now is a popular holiday destination. nearly one point eight million chinese who visited the country in two thousand thirteen. nearly fifty percent over the previous year. the center on the plane berkeley differs from churning out returning home after an event in kuala lumpur. a number of them can be seen in iphoto. families are growing frustrated with the lack of information on the whereabouts of the us. so i'm going to raise yet in stewart insists. nobody complains. chinese officials had asked the malaysian
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government to speed up the search. prejean has dispatched several ships to the south china sea two cents given the high degree of attention the government is doing all he can to demonstrate. it's taking the situation seriously. that miniscule beijing the russians in ukraine are doing what they can to influence the results of a referendum on their future voters in the autonomous republic of crimea will decide on sunday whether they want their weekend to unite with the brush and the fifty s the russians guarded and train station in the city of sin the roll call. they stop passengers arriving from the capital kiev. they chanted their passports and baggage. their leaders said they tried to prevent extremists close to ukraine's internal governance from entering tiny and some passengers complained that
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suggested the situation is unavoidable. doesn't that mean you knew it would be that we have lived in crime and for a long time. without restrictions. a number of students. it's not very nice to be treated like this but wouldn't it be. i did them. i do it. chinese prime minister has said enough. he wants patrols will include about fifteen hundred before sunday tickets are now said bill could take the polling stations from protesters opposed to the referendum the spreads and barack obama and chinese president xi team being done on the phone to discuss the crisis. aides to obama i say the green on the importance of upholding the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity obama until she he wants to ensure that people in ukraine are able to determine their future sound for an interfering. officials with the chinese foreign ministry's a present she said all sides need to remain calm
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and takes his eyes and restraint. what investors are finding countless opportunities to put that money in vietnam. it's run by my kid and ninety million people and a workforce with an average age of twenty nine but many and the enemies are having trouble finding opportunities of their own age humans actually see her now but points from her knowing. in crime and eighteen c in hungary is crowded with downtown sequence. many of them carnage was rain. but then still find the courage to ongoing. in a more than doubled. i wanted to tap in minsk. consultant recommend it. i worked as a key scene in the land. most christians inspire you to high paying job. the foreign company. so when i was disappointed. when
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jake gets me a sample from the carnage homily. fabio and dreamed of becoming unhinged new. most contrary as predicted team. with the tuna i had a very difficult time finding a decent job when you're fresh out of college they didn't have it taken us resume. i need to draw her skills. the companies were seeking someone with your hands on experience. lots of pain. people say you don't create quiet house with stairs and truly as me. a large fund tripled last year and how each one is for current education team economic. a san francesco independence vote in the vt to some prominence by
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themselves. putting concrete nouns economic potential by making foreign companies seeking to educate educate us coaching is fifteen cost us ten o four times in technology is tight turns. on sunday by a high companies including in power and siemens the goal is to improve the safety of the pkk has denied ten students was independent creative minds for. i wear and tear. this bill. you can come to look at the agm. each a ten hundred students in bt timah three hours on line sheets of paper twenty nine thirteen. how to solve problems from scratch
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was no exception. so nice and it seems like an elaborate discussion given in the e learning given them an a in the wall this was not copying from tax. right when we came up with two unique ways this is like trying to deal with copics the command of the beloved email. roosters are wonderful. nurturing creativity and tina i'll definitely use it in bio class is intent on ava. they want. the students that are very much more able to engage with each other to engage in the workplace intended to communicate with their peers to work on teens and pre projects no way for people to ask them things that will jump in and solve problems the job market. spotting a kenyan foreign companies to no fault that no one. piano team focused on training school spoken by the japanese automaker. he denounced from
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the south county can use right away. believe me i would tell in this endeavor i am studying very hard hoping this will help me the future and he got a really wish i'd been able to study at college. but i'm learning now you don't tell it's also a snotty to concentrate e of the second mummy's government crises mounting pressure to improve the commons human resources can make sure why it remains an attractive place to invest i keep going to iraq and you still aren't handling. i now seek a leg and my kc cares the eye. it is. it is it is
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time now for a change of the went there with meteorologists i am already sad and good morning it's sunny here in tokyo. but it feels quite chilly. this morning and three and my sister. including terror are experiencing a freezing morning. for example send i'd use a minus to decrease in the morning. as in why like mid january and the reasons that cold air is still flowing from the north and ice resulting in c effect snow over the western side from the company could happen to hokkaido an additional thirty centimeters of snow is likely that a combined with the gusty conditions as well as thunderstorms and tomorrow because temperatures will warm up snow could change over to paint them a race to
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the appellant's. then the watson family tropical systems one years of the northern areas of australia. this is tropical sign klein. actually tropical cycling for tropical sky fun and bring in some windy conditions it will likely move across the gulf of carpentaria while intensifying. you can get very close to the north coast of the northern territory. by wednesday or thursday as a category one storm that struck in the wings along with heavy rainfall and high surf on likely to occur here this wine had eight will likely move away from australia but the storm on diamonds and then out to on this will be endeavoring to the fire siren was heard to fill the stormy conditions on your thursday that the new actor is old old antiques piercing stormy conditions
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due to the beef roast on a suspended named lucy lucy is now a tropical cycle and i had a great one will likely become a tropical cycling which is a category theory a bit the next couple of bass and ben hecht wars new zealand. it could hit new zealand by the weekend so there's a lot going on across the southern hemisphere ellis said about the americana so it's still in st. it's still green tree and storm conditions are affecting the northwestern corner of the us we're talking about heavy snow showers only very gusty conditions will intensify in the end to dupe the western us in the north east the us where the next several days but to the summit will find fine and the blinds going up to thirty degrees nearly thirty degrees in oklahoma city and about twenty degrees in washington dc best sister through a very chilly denver at four degrees about twenty degrees cooler. the marlins on monday and his extended forecast. i am noon. i know
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the eye. i did. ab's you this
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is you. as. you know. will eye. all i know. it is. i
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will. the ch. when we will or
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