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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  March 11, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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to make trouble. maybe something referred to as occupiers saying the protesters in kiev are the real fascists in ukraine's current crisis eighty yen after contact these incentives are awful the men here prepare for another day on the streets of crimea. reached by their commander. they uphold tradition by a solemn prayer and then hear our fathers grandfathers husbands and sons. the service in russia's military they have less jobs and homes to serve in crimea the service is open ended and they have no vested interest in the political outcome in crimea. but by being here. they say they are upholding tradition. but seeing the changes but it's our families are very supportive of our actions here and very proud of the fact that we're bringing
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the russian presence here to ukraine's revolution stephanie free. cctv central poland. crimea. supper cos excess taking a bath and crime year and a i guess david said that the pretty good at the call stack dance with my. the supply side yes i am again nothing to do that a daunting for taking up the full senate on the lycopene is no time. you know what you write things like telling someone get to disappoint everyone. and instead will build up to a cd like the champions league action with a stop in europe perhaps the more interesting because it down from locales like these often only seen them all except the cover behind if the going to make it to the last rites the paralympics continuing salty add to the all skip the stories metre trial in
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south africa. that was in the eye and a medical scan it and i gel sports league is ready to go. that leads to the stunning upsets at one of the world's biggest woman sounds like the four grand slams but the restart with an all out that the new wells by well known to seventy nine to me a few will he share a private sit down as we join in and setting to ninety one old but i won't be happening at least not the right to the russian break and extended it even after the centerpiece for the fourth for the cycle he fell and all the great treats and maybe even better paulson chill to keep the pressure must be doing a production might be gay. there is in the match last week and eat
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you'll be the next duty to god to be sold. it's been long since we don't have and that's when i first took flight plan. it seemed to put excited about it and see the light from attachment of the nixon and sixty two tuesday. oh well this increased the flight home win of the jenny jones in china's southern province of plane and at the plate too well that can sneak up to a mobile one they'd like to add that john beattie could it be different if not then don't miss the green ball when he was going to be the colors in the opening try in the mail the machine to cut from a patch of st won the b c to
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see the grave. the same street protests and reach goals. eighteen ninety eight season sees what about the problem would read them all blew the crowd enjoying the australians still. now you wanna get one of white film wraps up his place in the extremity of spring with an eight fold right. in the last frightened the mets or trying to show crude own racing and tragic and bunny from india that with the lego building good for my kindle two there is some positional one another to lines easy raids when baking. when applet which essential cheap power and in peak highlights and real sporting tell you when you apply to watching a fight the us. new and new wing will . fan. the sea. the good
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news week sought a share in this week that the soul. for the vaccination program. i asked all. as hundreds the oft on the get on militant hideouts with the desktop. i may owe its facts. now for the dt for new vaccination program will focus on is once again being targeted by militants in pockets on. this time roadside bombs hooked on to the people who vaccination teams. woohoo i'm in the eye cheese or were cute. a dozen people wounded twenty two homes wanted to do vaccination team exploded his team lost to the east to northeast at the beach. our home. this is called. it is she is the deal. he stood up the yuan to a stripper from
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the forum the dumas aired on the torso and other major defecting to the mighty their work if it is actually funny in that issued from the hectic too obtuse to the brood. powerball prize cheese that used in the distance pints of all the jokes just to the school students. new. and all executions in the city. a few restaurants banks has problems with it. and hmm. he said. he said. much to get much less touch of the pool it either the difficulty the i did help. i made it that is a mighty good. what am i thinking. i guess what i've been on the bottom of the fact they the spot
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charges will succeed countries in the boat the spawning a gp who would use to exist the chimpanzee since when is the witness in the pits. it's the appearance of it. yet acquainted with davidson and his chin so that there was no reason that we're doing that you did it the tickets so the trustees and the pentagon in its dependents education the experience. but instead choose to accept that is considered a step up and another important thing is the apartments he says. there must be some proponents mrs says that the team to its open region. teaching students to reach that focus on easy for me put it into the country and abroad. he says rules from two thousand and two thousand the team
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and you want pieces in two thousand good team but only fifty to heal the soul the phill has warned that the shawl or does it all just has a walk off into the light says. sis. the drones and all of the sunny gets half goals to feel and panic among the people from bolivia's and the us being the region fresh focus on ami is tight in toddlers region of north was in the sun set up and fueled real refugees were two fishes and no provision said eye. the stones we don't view it strikes targeting militant hideouts in the tri cities on tuesday. he is the key people in city halls of the table for future use
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religious issues. since then it's like to do its own it all gets into teaching. let's get started on insurgents in peace negotiations proved on last month. was he sought to distance the team duty. in order to the cds and cd team sports tv to use it the eye it used to. mitchell who installed it so you don't speak just getting to the site and that is deemed to be based on the beaches see this film. it is you'd be just what it looks like today that he didn't let that be. the idea that is it that just within a week then the bodyguard and saw some of
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the industry like this. this death the nationals he said that one did. i know. he's like the heat included. that is the scene. it was also called to tell me. jude. to succeed. read this. as it did cross roads. you don't jump on board. he has to put drops in future tense moments tribesmen georgia was just the boost it because it's just until moist. call me soon going to steal offences this is the target. but god took about two and three. god has given us the better man i am. the us. businesses she's off to the site suggests. it's lined with
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each bite. so at nine. so the end. mm. legal. i asked the school. thoughts of peace this is the mobile suits the system. the shooting leaves this week. cc the title a quick break what does that don't because coming up off to the break since the start of the photos in a set of lysol i'm going just as the hundreds of missing people are able to spot. if your watching news beaks off a ship. win or not. he's nineteen oh one soldier's up getting an attack on and on the check post in eastern upon a star. more and more such attacks unexpected as foreign forces mind of
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the alterations and doggone begins. that is an attempt by the militants to break all week and the mortar of awfulness oranges will be seen not to take the responsibility the new force in east and not buildings. on sunday. instead he nineteen soldiers wanted it to be forced to give this award to go forces in months it is ministry spokesman. so he asked me to division. dozenc and foreign citizens. daddy got to sit down. tourists who can do the go or not. and don't feel so uneasy. one in which he won the award. from
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the command. gee can you shouldn't be too hectic. i just caught me off. yes the man to whom we knew which on that dish again. we should end the tyranny of the nausea and that he calmly asked him can we conclude sunday. to encourage all going. chandler said. we were there to study at me and i just just sitting there. in beijing is ready to fight back and in fact there this fight going on today because the wii since yesterday. it is getting that katie had they were conducting clearing operations. and as a desire to get caught in a two day mini mimi's and death captured weapons and for a different region. and lou whitaker time at the time he
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had this crush on one of this attack was a tragic one. i am so sorry if my colleagues must our lives. i believe one hundred percent at one of their presence from the base was behind this attack. she was a pakistani spy or whoever. otherwise it was impossible to market them what they were all asleep at three am. in unison spokesman for the provincial government said its soldiers. who looks beyond just get it. the song it's the photo says. toss in all creation. he tried to feed the captured soldiers the defense minister did not immediately confirm the order of scotch and sodas
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institutions like the new deal denunciations that the level of interest for selected for the attack. upon president ahmed to sign postponed a planned visit shouldn't go into because the assault. eight what was to spot are running from peter to post seeking information and justice for them it seems that it does but as the mom bought these in different and has been in the media attention you into this room look on all focused on. is it is the focus on the only identity contingencies having four in canton ga campaign is simple and it is us with its activists and on today ethan
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was gone missing in life scott scott province of east and the united nations forehead. after walking across pockets guns five months to draw attention to the night the one she sells on pixels tropics and many more have fun mixing the onset of idiots in the end it did to put it on faith. more on that one of scott's good i'm glad to activists say what does god exist. i'm just listening system that the team and dumped and being judged or independents to stand a chance to honor has to be kids each night. the eu. a start. they shot the breeze from the day. add to
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the point of the file. but it didn't upset when it did the day hardships of the dream it that much time with the chime in. his name you didn't watch that. noble said oh well. this hobby of which i might have had this dream. i did more to the speed limit. what about this. i'm interested to know yet the hampshire into crust my old school he said the us with it. part of me i was on her birthday. which is the only hispanic consumers on the border. lott said the deal was. the students need of giuseppe and five. so instead of a human was going to school. doesn't stop those
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who see the sunday mail has been abducted. he's just the mom bought us didn't think the team. since i started to stall. all students try to feed the kids to get seats. he advocates the cool white swan which was licensed. ma ma i get the notes say this it all from britain not typically considered as a team and happiness what ever since eye. the eagle at me. the eu you can see him and tease him at that. isn't that the people the better of me by god. chief of each year actually i can see she's honest. updates. it's nice
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having the same deal as this debate has just died on satisfy conditions. psst speaking in the text on the night sky. you don't like this could be stretched out and often in response. did it down it's it's it's a spot to spot a testament to what the ancients did the adults brooks. some young men didn't get what she wants to see that i didn't have joined a book from me and expertise to dictate what's the use of
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findings as to the station state. it's sth. we come to the end of this additional music's off a ship when it docked in st with more new is real is an analysis of the sub continent. the night keep writing into a sack in wmc out in my inbox call this is one of us in signing off on behalf of the entire production team off easy thought they should. what's the world's biggest story each day. excludes any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting in your story continues here. seventeen with me thanks to a doting
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auntie that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. i did seasonal center for artificial eat the beach after its is located in a small building at the tombstones. this year like every year for the past five. it plans to keep the beat around fifteen degrees and culture yesterday this year's first chick hatched. the picture this season. it's all for my life. he was a delectable late uganda. fifty years ago the griffin vulture was very common in israel. more than a
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thousand years tested on cliffs of the negev desert in the south to the goal line in galilee in the door. today on the verge of extinction there are a maximum of fifteen vulture years left excited to see causes include habitat destruction eating poison livestock and electrocution by powerlines the chicks closed eyes at the bottom. and to be pointing up. a big kid again as i've been busy being disturbed. i don't agree with the support group for people to disconnect his parents to come into them. so if the legal defense. this hubris and culture nests are closely monitored throughout israel. what's often observed is yesterday his lead the parents mysteriously disappear. and don't come back when attacked. we don't
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really know what it is so intense. i'll also miss each of the helix and some teammates and suddenly the parents bench. both mother and sometimes both something one of them the key cities to one of them stationed in the next ubuntu because one parent can often be killed for no good sometimes it did vultures found but often not easy little bit. he would be stopped. the good fortune in the kennel to visit often because of that. but the problem is that the oh so cool to room along with syria turkey and don't even know what happens to the zoo's provide some of the aches they're brought to the center have kids come home and those who took the photos in a cell
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with a deadly interest in keeping with its customer list and two in may another day and it's double the chances of picking cheeks that i don't listen to live after incubation. there are two ways a chick like the rates until it can survive on its own in the wild thing that could force the parents the child or just stick to it. this is one of our own country although the hands in connection with the content form and you think it's cute to prevent this special stuff to bolster feature is used with the chicks. is there to feed their chicks and then teach them how to get into the district is home for the next. consider for two months. the chicken. it's
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simple. worse the next doctor two days too. what specifically is going to assume in the final gondola will choose to use the pill photos with a big two days ago. tune into what the i need to be an end to the street. that's when we go all the time. a sydney today to the centers since nineteen ninety eight. in the past self conceit village has two legs wrapped. recently to try to raise the griffin vulture population. all the aches of insults. time for a little water to drink and also to keep the egg membrane which is still attached to the third boards. the blue
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we have become a plywood were an affliction that is often uses to strive to give voice to reach photo possibilities represented by the talented young art. you please change your country the i got the lot. i can last month the business was all still on. when the sun about to leave it to fit in the good. and with them. to make his heart is deceased and young people gathers in caboose but the above quote gardens participate in drawing workshops for making him my son performance is promoted by the usaid funded shipped off to afghanistan and iraq to be. but it was hard. like that. not like that when you read his
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conduct of both. in the minors and intrusions by the artist was wonderful wonderful event. even with the weather we had so many beautiful artistic things going on to showcase their talents to good use of afghanistan. i think it's it's easy just to see pitt and stability. i am. from what we what we see on tv students see this instability. this mosque was off the trip. what is often betrays what we're seeing here today. there are thousands of kenyans with these towns with this positivity and done with his desire to leave there was no shortage of good tv channel which these birthday cards inside and sew to one's own country. she's relying on the younger generation to build it back up again
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the european parliament gave the final approval to the proposed regulations and restrictions of the use of phosphorus in consumer laundry and dishwasher detergent the ep prescription aims to reduce the local fox person europe's wastewater in order to prevent beautification the over growth of algae and streams and lakes which can star fish and plant life of oxygen david funniest ones and he fussed at me as economic development in the job. and what they taste like milk fed to the punjab state will be to me that uses vacation to the have achieved in the city results posting massive game since their inception in nineteen seventy eight. in fact visits have been so great that small and i'm going through the use of a
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bid to supply tidbit with you he needs to be up and consume as with the help of all they did unions. i think the church continues to get extremely confronting stepped up of intense economy at the cooperative movement as a coach you don't update in bringing about to get spots i think that the violence or abuse facility offered protection across the eu after the endorsement of the european protection order by europe's parliament's distrustful. national authorities and twenty seven member states will recognize one another's protection orders issued on the basis of domestic criminal law. also on the head and eight the news. a new the accc
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the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this some sort of. if his arguments don't have a clue as to the opening of the students. i've been told the bottle. the ticket. he has done in time we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the equity in the end of two stomach was going on notice that the mentor you can walk to school tomorrow after bowling ball. this disgusts them hooked up the severity of the decade it's a late day some of the animated series but it's because more snow this year i just need to be. you will


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