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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  March 11, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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to an initiative of the hebrew university of jerusalem and israel railways train passengers are treated to a lecture but some of the universe is but other than the substance. he says joe interested in what was coming in so little. we don't work just as fun. with that the trade the series develops its leader but at the university set themselves up in one of the cars and passengers are invited to join for free. i was dead. i guess i still celebrated in einstein's birthday honor his contribution to the country a member of the early zionist movement. i extend
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this one had its hebrew university and the creatures intellectual property to the institution. besides the senate race series the unique way to reach out to the and allow them to experience firsthand the benefits of research and education. in the top of the investigation published book that i give on debate india is expected to visit the wedding she is on top of the mall to buy pink thing and i watched it all off i met up with the font was thinking to cut it but to top it off default of its market by two thousand and six. by that of what you've done overnight see's with local fight to get to see. we hope that i saw this and just as
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i'm not the knife that is what the conflict than fifty percent and twenty five. but this is is it is. the thought that was fine in his credentials in the indian auto competence after that and the process of setting up manufacturing units and that the fox the president the royal borough of kensington and chelsea police to chelsea from extended run by the royal court to cultural society. the event will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary does he tory labour hundred and sixty thousand bees that is the shame is that the will of god. meanwhile it. to see the queen has a new reiki to visit at the da's. joseph our cities or so from day to showcase new ponds in twenty twelve to celebrate the queen's sixty eight summit friend. a special
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dining tv friends with some details. days five hundred exhibit a space that is entering sunday's day stretching the imagination and inspiring one and i wanted to. i offered him a treat since seen here with that the structure of current sales. most discussed in captures the essence of happy accidents. the event of sensory delights with photos and text is combine to produce breath taking patients. that takes place at the former head of king henry the eighth. so cool to have a stylish as it is not just in a while. britain has a week scouting heritage gardens with all the news. cc has cost of god intends as a history with string cheese to the city in iraq. i did stop crime trust. did project in
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cornwall is to paste a futuristic by james. this is the gateway to the royal botanical gardens. the units can well as heritage sites it's beautiful victorian pump house was built in eighteen forty eight she's a dorm the gardens. the ten storey chinese and that was built in seventeen sixty one he who holds the nazis connection of comics in the mountains. i want. i also hung my head. and they've seen the torrens title. i have done this and see the sights were in the northern state of non stop in india. he remembers a time when so each time they don't want to use it the military that is. farmers may not use untreated sewage water for growing crops and vegetables. so each of us and
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help us. so before besieged you still just like that it used to making the field. he took his rights to mosquito fear that the epidemic in the above effect. in nineteen ninety the government of practice time. established in august on urban infrastructure development project. our iui dp one entity under the urban development and housing department. asian development bank gave financial assistance to the endeavor which provide investments in the water supply and sewage sectors across six major cities in practice. the cards are you white people and built a state of the arts two weeks thinking. john ford the facility treats includes nearly six to two point five million buddhists of silly stupid. water is released
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into chunks and farmers use it free of cost to be the key to their students. the son of a live fire those of the water treatment plant has really helped farmers thick sludge scenes in the fields and the treated water use for it he starts to grow vegetables. i can also eagerly. missing captured from the plant is all seems to generate clean electricity to run the entire facility anti truancy perry says this will save more than three hundred thousand us dollars a year in electricity costs it's gone in the eighty pixels and in the making power which excuse for running the stand. it's you which helps generate government revenues at least eighty one to make the cd costs. and it's in the new one stop shop. it transforms
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solution to water for farming hi this is our tentative and she was saving valuable and interesting. windmill. right to remove the economics of everyday life in china. i'm going to end. last week but probably right. more to consider what kind of feeling that can be. money matters air pollution for the request of the day i was thinking of the desktop and air pollution the e commerce holiday promotion. he was happy about it. finally the building to pay the sheriff. at the recent change. but before all that went to look the top right of life here in china. first up not long way. how about training courses are becoming popular with chinese e commerce sales showed extraordinary figures in
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recent years. many like her owners can find multiple avenues for exploiting their knowledge. the largest online shopping platform in china where everyday ordinary people can find felt good many people need help to her and how to better manage online stores have the training courses have become a trend. most of these courses teach students how thed to promote their product online consumers the commission fees range from to about eight thousand us. around three hundred to one thousand three hundred dollars. according to statistical data from a trained colt about university it's going to be the shortest nearly four point five million practitioners. most the scores are apparently carried out by paul kiel school the only in the country that level practitioners like
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individually dollars. cannot really tell the property market. having a lack of high level talent. next the futon into the comp screen stars are getting big money making opportunities in china korean dramas are incredibly popular in china are not able to make a pot of money in the country and the two korean tv series the air and you came from the start. i've gotten very popular in china to korean music meaning of linking to the un has become very crowded china. chinese you read the rest of the doors of the two stars three doors from the meat co rose to two point five million us one million us dollars for the year. yet he soared to one point three million dollars a year the last saturday. the new
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hope in the hunter to attend in tort for ta bao this uk but two hundred dollars us dollars. meanwhile kim tae young was also offered four hundred eighty thousand dollars to be honored at a super brain. the reality show produced and duncan tv in china. he endorsed the use of the two koreas start the higher the number eight was time to start. chinese media showed that the meeting earnings mentors and are about three hundred fifty thousand dollars for each year. finally from beijing youth daily. debating when to fold government plan to increase the one top of the compensation fee the deputy mayor of beijing yum cha cha. during the two factions of the city government could increase will want help us become the face of the times when
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top hoping to do it the gunners did eat them with a new and rather dollars each month for those who only have one child the competition he will be given until the child is eighteen years old. this means the total compensation people read only three hundred us dollars. compared to the high cost of having a child the bulk of money for nothing that i can promote change. currently only basing that seventy one telcos to enter the past three decades other chinese provinces have already increased or compensation to thirteen dollars per family per month the deputy mayor beijing on top now often called chinese media political cover to give more to go to have no children and their families don't go away because of
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that money matters where talking to a police report they can. wait for about a week now. the robbers contention but the proposals contain the country's largest issue. when the topic of the run up to topple the country's most eminent threat to air pollution the pollution levels in tiny petite continued to get worse throughout the country the capital city of beijing have been recognized worldwide and with the limited scope of chinese media has been trying to mark the damp air pollution concrete dust to order that our pain and the grimy coated when the cost of the muffled by the very common occurance of wearing their children back. the enormity of the problem extends to help with a few individuals across
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the country. the pollution has been closely linked along for respiratory damage heart disease and lung cancer thermal coal mining areas in china to be referred to as canton village and the other high cancer rates. in due time. former health minister had made at about three hundred fifteen thousand five hundred thousand people died prematurely as a result of outdoor air pollution in china. according to the chinese government in february this year. camplin who did not cover more than ninety two when working in china. environmental prompted widespread effect for all to read data from the chinese government had been up three hundred fifty billion square feet of china's arable land have been contaminated. about twenty five provinces over one hundred cities have been affected by serious air pollution last year. the spot
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for nearly thirty on the two sessions. he supported his gift all the time it was done the poor condition the dollar plunged into war that same determination to battle poverty. the npp deluge of russian proposals for cutting air pollution delegates to the government expansion and carry out the puppy is what you can call fire plan that natural gas. the delegate empathize with imported for the winter went to the proposal the coal fired plant including the killings have continued to most of the air pollution the institute for energy research to add that into doubt the cantata generated seventy seven percent late tuesday from coal. the three point six billion tonnes of coal each year in china. at the top with half the global use of coal. the chinese government
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said the police in coal country to forty percent of pm two point five level the one to four other and you don't get many different read the most effective way to curb air pollution additional energy production like all good clean energy like wind and solar power here's me looking and apple got large part of a transition. well and after that not active. the solution he will be an improvement on current poll factory pollution from coal to gas the number of politico. and queued up and thirteen. note to improve their pollution that i need to run with the post in which we call the gas for heating in the winter. over ten provinces implement this policy will lead to a natural got one too many to be. don't
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go with the object will continue to air pollution in china they can. welcome back the china price watch it again. money matters for toddler air pollution in china in february this year china's central government bond fell one point six billion us dollars to play air pollution. the money will be mainly about them that they're severely polluted the youth director at the factory reward them for lowering the mission. but doubled the lead up to bring god back to the city. my ultimate register call the gap though. in november two thousand thirty c on the cool riffs on the problem coal natural gas shortage one hundred thousand families he took them to be protected by the product of the soaring demand for
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natural gas. according to get authority to lead the league natural gas consumption is about two million cubic meters. but in the winter at the end of two dozen thirteen the daily consumption of natural gas hike to two hundred eighty million cubic feet the shortage of natural gas one three seventy million cubic feet of fury. natural gas reserves in china is lagging which is probably the biggest hold up the reserve account for a mere one point seven percent of the more conventional medical doctors are into doubt the thirteen p output of natural gas to china with about four to lead to the peak. the confused about the chewing cubic feet of natural gas the whole year data from the chinese government that time and two point four billion us dollars
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in court about two trillion cubic feet about thirteen this sort of natural gas to reach seven hundred that he believed to be. with more to the start switching from coal to gas. the natural definitely got bigger. in addition cost of switching to natural gas to more than coal these people have to dodge environmental gains above the cost difference. in winter the fifty six cubic feet gas was two for every square foot house intention of giving problem. the jasper conjunction with the thirteen dollars for every thousand cubic feet. natural gas will cost about seventy four cents per square foot for a family walpole prices are about forty the camper square foot the cake in the house about nine hundred tickets were the example of the week of the capex for two hundred w
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ellis use natural gas the winter. they jumped in the acts are expected to weaken but for now the family. thompson authorities released the twenty minute call parking facilities to carry one hundred twenty nine million square feet the government need to provide about thirty nine million us dollars as of today. more changes would require more spending and increased competition collegiate goal and ability to govern would likely have to pay for it. for people who live in cities with that air pollution taking years off to live. the four hundred mb a month to change energy sources would be very appealing. and companies can make the transition easier for those worried about the cost. many in china want to be cleaned and gutted and for their help taking
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pictures. making the switch to cleaner energy to meet cash rich country like china should await my mom. don't go with the odd that her question today when baking hot air pollution. the tent and the piper question today we pay to get their take on issues affecting their lives today we are people that three of their top air pollution. what do people have a thing about the current situation. then back to haunt are coming on a double one think it's good to use gas co wicklow cost a lot commonly family we use gas to go and eat them i think it's beneficial to our appointment the government on taking many matches to hold the employment of problems. i think i have to get to i have
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many benefits to our environment would come into the overhyped economic and policy. wellington the twenty two we have going down you can get to denver co. i'm thinking i should take more measures the union on the issue. for one am on the open and he didn't get too many ptc coldplay he'd be the guest part of the bill some locals have no opportunity to tease of entertainment when did get some don't care about global climate change. oh and pollution. come on. i think i will have that effect on the environment if we just call it what we need to resist using call our leaders concentrated on our air pollution issues. here's the cake air quality in our country will improve life. he made. he hasn't entered into
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and he encouraged people you probably can't repeat amar singh. i can't. we take a look at trends and above the line china. on today's tool that got promotion that will lighten commerce company the saturday market which international one day the road to give the festival was to express respect appreciation and love for the economic political and social achievements of women. even though political significance in china. china will treat of the capital one that can usually get a half day. the kids would've been gone a week and not get many visitors a chance to put that optimal. many chinese e commerce companies have begun to kill promotions a few weeks before the day complete february. e commerce website like tuning
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into the dot com i started promotion. both of them are providing wanted to jump on the piano products like makeup and clothing to reconvene products. and before one day. many make a website like jimmy dot com in the bomb dot com also carry a similar promotion. these activities are planned and until the end of march. about china's largest online shopping platform owned by ali baba. on the other side of ali baba. i can feel fine of over five point seven billion dollars in one day the making of the end of every lead that the lord of online shopping day in the world. with the cute japanese promotion of the bob is trying to make one day become the second single day cover top note no longer just getting around to blogs
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for promotion. the country's working on this industry. as reported by one unit. ali baba that millions of dollars promoting the festival walker went on to the ktv restaurant. consumers would need to spend three point eight us where did you expect when thirty percent of the joe price to enjoy the services. as ali baba want to change people shopping habits from what type of mobile phone at all these activities are only open the mobile phone users many net users speaking highly of the promotion activities. woodrow quo. rich countries like ali baba are really giving benefits to consumers. or treating people to keep drink sing and play with their money. why should they noted that appears to be e commerce company by each other the more than to
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consumers get. for some other users to their prom with the promotion. one commenter quo. e commerce companies you can't get them to compete for more consumers many consumers are happy to do this. they can get more bargain. cover as they pay too much attention to promotion. minneapolis health services are really bad. i mean he wasn't even going to be counterfeit. many executives are actually cheating consumers. many e commerce site to do the trick to get ahead and clean to many consumers complain printed in order to shore up the huge discount. most like you the right to rental prices that i've discounted price. of the market price of very different from chinese shopping site so for twenty eight un report dollars after discount. but on
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the commentating dot com have you been to market price of the dot com is a delicate dance. for only five dollars and t dot com. it means that if the consumer only solve this problem on the com should immediately had to stop it. i did get down to nearly fifty percent off. cover the real discount only ten percent black the other website. many drug companies to look at the rate he would help write up for the track consumers with larger discount. some customers even found the gift of prayer the more expensive than the normal price usually a carpet of low quality products are very common in the promotion. last year's total makeup styling website reported selling counterfeit cosmetic. note to prove that they were still new products
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to consumers receive authentic version. the other not as lucky ones got counterfeit id promotion to attract millions of shoppers it cannot provide good after sales service and all declined. many people get bothered by them that they can give refunds and if john connor. many negative effects for unfair competition. one row quote. i finally realize that any potential to become an excuse for businessmen to promote their products in china. does that mean that from now on we're going to celebrate all of the world by shopping. another day gujarat they have a lot of excuses for the festival is a member of the traditional festival it's not called single day the celebration of commerce holiday when father's day mother's day christmas tree
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festival and the first day of school broken ideas. and they do not have to worry about earthquakes over the bird flu they played mid twenty s are also welcome become very much like i love you and tiny every day of the year has become a suitable date for consumers to spend money online shopping has become a part of many chinese people to live. at the market is newly developed in recent years many e commerce development are putting forth every effort to get a larger market share. the two nations marketing plan. the working committee to much reason for them to stop. moving on out to get the prize. we find out how will begin to understand the cost of living. today we people the street didn't get the cost of switching from coal to gas. let's take a
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look of the guests. maybe it's about three hundred dollars. my family uses gas to supply. i have no idea about the place to go. a bill to keep the news about government is concentrated the chair. many members have made them go to church the light. i want it russian commanders to keep more potent for changing inequality. in college and thinking chilling. now what to make african cricket the plan should be mentioned the school to get caught silicon the oakley teardrop like collar workers hundred and sixty three dollars seems acceptable air conditioning in the city center is open for the time i can read that even though our government has made many efforts to improve the cost of polluting
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factories and power plants which are the main cause of aids there the content. in eighteen fourteen point three cubic. i can be confirmed i'm delighted. we should be more interesting. ancient nation. we can chat about cycling and and when they go on maybe around five hundred to eight hundred people applied to death by the call she still kept the pinnacle of what it was a bit the effect that are not in a negative way. but that it pushes for people decided they should leave the city the bitumen our family heikki. as he can lead to his calling. any team. output began it in one word to ohe city of taunton. the cost


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