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enduring doris may rt option still carrying two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut has successfully broken international space station crew bought to add on and called home and sergei has not escaped to london on the step of kazakhstan make history as the cosmonauts to the shore to twenty fourteen and the torch into space right now for my restoring the sleeves too hot the end of lap and then they were poisoned in hunting can be postponed because of the glass that but it went ahead as planned the final total funds have ten to ten pc seeking to uncover a wound to its police were deployed in a time zone to quell the finance. that's her like mines began during a game between the vegies each present at the che and causes for which talks about bonds and when all chicks were
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thrown onto the page and feel as if i had hoped. images have been released of bus passengers who are coming home was not impressed the human nature and lines care less what i can to find as a rainy is seeking uncertain and with one of the train to get to germany officials say there were ninety eight the terrorists still no sign of the battering triple seven which was carried two hundred and fifty nine people one at the next week. i miss or persecution forces in central india has killed up to twenty seven sqm and of course a maoist levels of times that a score of causing wide construction lack is a dense forest. that's considered prime land for mining companies minus nine bolton and decades long bond to again be deemed endowment to
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mounting alarm clock click onto one k's and the pool marxists dc on the way to reveal the true face of global finance deal with whom you i i knew them. i am the evils of inflation and private central banks don't just affect you would say lol recently the russian ruble has going for around thirty rubles the dollar to thirty five nights people in the russian media are now competing with gold dollars or euros but the thing the forgiveness of all this paper money one way or another is doomed by inflation. so to have a few thousand dollars or robles that which do with that many people see that gold is a way to go because entertain value for thousands of years
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appellant has also been in big demand since the dawn of time asking for money in fleets and did nothing but nice big chunk of your surfaces always works but according to wash to post a twenty eleven the us or security system was forty five billion in negative cash flow so that means the snippets of child care because for most of human history your retirement package was your kits so security might not cut it for my generation and last but not least you can still buy and sell guns in the eighteen hundreds for cash. what other things in your house fourteen that much value in over a hundred years so maybe if you are on one of the mega rich guys play currency gains. you can fight inflation but the rest of us gold land kids and saying we'll call
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probably the safest financial options but that's just my opinion. i mm the new the other eye. i did it was. i studied and tried to hack his courses so the british school system and absolutely in some western guidance family. this guy really had any intention on their apartments. this shift they moved her a lot when it came to his comely nine era. artist to have american idol are a lot of my influence as he led the way you can see why it's here we'll post again. i get a positive statement with the kids with him. in the middle east at least ten cars through them. i really feel that the women are
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the most resilient and strong winds and say it was tough to pick up the pieces. i think they're beautiful. there the searing and embarrassed her. i like to try and retrieve back to the flak that beauty and strength as the starter. tried to kill they have hard days and sharia. i hope you and then we can have this basket for it. it's a steely home. a good way to bring people together as opposed to having eaten their own corner thoughts and opinions of the other. i feel that if i wanted to use. when i was successful. i intend to have a vehicle for discussion lately. to the where i was so great that i can bill to die
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alone. hopefully through some stereotypes and misconceptions about and loans and also back in miracles and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. aren't i. so that's really what i try. by tonight you long you will who will the fan. the news the central conflict in the crimea continued sweet research prime minister david cameron condemning russia's move to the troops on the peninsula as completely indefensible and a flagrant breach of its national will. cameron has described the upcoming referendum and funny as the legal and says it will not be recognized by the international community the council of europe meanwhile has pledged its support for ukraine's new government and for the country's sovereignty and
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territorial integrity russian forces tightened their grip on ukraine's black sea can use them. the kremlin released a video clip showing president continue being told by his foreign minister sergei lavrov said russia has drawn up new proposals which will aim to resolve the crisis. russia refuses to accept the new crib new government in kiev. despite the fact that ukraine's entry points to our city yet seen yet is said to be received at the white house on wednesday a man has been shot and wounded. finally we rounded speech went to a decline in spots because the political spectrum ukrainian pretense is counting letters of support and food the ukrainian military units in the province. on command when bella called its interest in uniforms of the disbanded their coats right least reportedly
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stopped the convoy as it tried to enter the bike seat peninsula. the incident comes as tensions continue to rise ahead of a referendum scheduled for launch sixteen residents will be lost if they want to join the russian federation. campaigning is underway at the bench as russian troops remain in control of several ukrainian military bases and reports continue to emerge for ukrainian demonstrate its being attacked by crime and support says the international community has remained steadfast in its condemnation of the upcoming referendum as a breach of its national mall . i knew the routine use of june more do. we have one color. will they say in your speech. oh australia on a school bus lah though. in. the you did. it
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was. zouk it. a trait sprouted going to treat his release but suggests that iam fight the jets at snow basin west of the country the video showed the sch mates like just taking off and landing at the base amid tensions across the country of eruptions invasion of crimea. ukraine's me that it'll serve release footage of an apple and pear trees units returning from training in an undisclosed location in the country. the video clip showed two hundred and eighteen paratrooper surrounded the base units on boredom and the transport of a tactical exercises. russian forces seize control of crimea without bloodshed on the false pretense of protecting ethnic russians the twenty minute reserve grade restraint resisting any desire to defend the terror achieve our goals in the knowledge that
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the russians have much knowledge on picture equipped armed forces. there have been several standoff between the two minute reserve in crimea with ukrainian soldiers the cake into a series of naval headquarters by russian forces russian soldiers also fired live ammunition twenty twenty minute tree as part of efforts provided that the confrontation. russian warships the built in ukrainian vessels minutes before the service the pool while russian troops have had very limited success in their efforts to bridal chorus the ukrainians to switch allegiances to support the puppet regime moscow has instilled in crimea. as result of the heroism and defines the reputation of ukraine's me the trees grown substantially with the troops why the price for the international community syrian islamist militants many of whom are members of our need a link to mr front
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of at least a dozen greek orthodox have been kidnapped from serious christian town of mama died in december. a convoy of thirty christ is given in to town on monday on to be handed over to officials and driven to syria in what has been free trade as a rare victory for the student government. head of the christian modesty and nodded i think syrian president bashar al assad good for a good appetite government for their abuse not to believe the government forces and elements are from tastefully your blog as close to the suit on and get right with the had been held nearly two hundred and fifty female prisoners will be released in exchange for the greek orthodox according to lebanese general safety agency. the who are believed to be mostly stayed in
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ebenezer worked in the march clock on this orphanage in the case the christian town of lucca where i made the language of jesus is still spoken. they're really stood a little too pasty fears of many and serious minority christian community which makes up ten percent of the population of them being targeted by extremists the more the area since discovered evidence that he'd love to be submitted to the perth airport bus bomb in the toilet. the attack killed five israeli tourists in the bulgarian driver and father also died in attack authorities have recovered dna evidence from one of the perpetrators to the hotel the black sea resort and as a bar the dna belongs to the lebanese born canadian who saw no action so it was reported irresponsible for the logistics of the attack
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he detonated the bomb attack a suicide bomber. the city the hotel and as a bar for a week leaving behind two baseball caps in the talmud silver which investigators were able to extract dna bulgaria had previously identified suspected associates of the bombers two lebanese men to be a bit with has a lot. the suspects remain at large or gary has made extradition request eleven on for the accomplice is but so far they have been unanswered. the year the last july with the armed wing of hezbollah on its terrorism like the convenience of it up. it's a jewish religious law it has come under fire in the uk. the country's top veterinarian called for a band called rachel animal slaughter ahead of the race veterinary assistance an idea
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that animals killed in this fashion experience unnecessary suffering and more humane methods should be adopted. jewish and muslim leaders have spoken out against the talents pointing out that a captive bolt that is used in the uk before the animal was killed because of the more suffering and pain and religious slaughter this is curious european country to tackle the issue of free to animal slaughter market and kosher slaughter last month citing new regulations into law which state that animals cannot be undertaken without stopping them before he ends a move that cannot coexist to customize the market comes from this and in the last year it is led to me became concerned over the future of
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europe's jewish communities and appealed to the european union is expected over the danish band animal rights concerns have also led norway sweden and switzerland today and kosher slaughter for senior jewish communities to import kosher meat from the bride . thus into city marshal arts. that is why the variety of styles and since he is writing self the scenes and combat system cross my god is also making his way. he's riding across the miles said. nothing new on recent visit to the country. maybe not i hear that way. watching watching watching. but just taking a train station run by his writing craft mug on mon state got the new law was an open teammate enough to be missed by the south african
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crafts my students a maths and newmont not a trait he is friday defense force units in this self defeating system but he also trained to defend often system you can help. i cannot work out more before going on to horses sold it o'donoghue minutes and that's when the mood to do the inspection of the covenant god is great because you don't know because we will have to basically hold of defending ourselves in need of a beam into two teams with us to hold local rink in vienna that krugman has been effected on the streets. that is why everyone wants to know it. today thousands on little guy. the organization and bulldozed like him. there are about twenty thousand people
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there are other similar size to the station is due to his land. we would need to change that. i hope to have a little touch and go without. south africa is the only african country cafe at tuesday the international press coffee duration of the night is said to just hold and feed the teams to practice eco self defeatist eight assists to taiwanese students must neither the taste pasta with grading system similar to that of marshall august. one of the main reasons for boston us visit was to make students the baby on an agreed set to kick it so it can indeed be guided by someone that all i can assist in preventing shoes. and right standing with
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the football over the world the tomb of st on tuesday the use of that it's not hubby and me being there is a lot of baggage is that even if they don't have money and still coming next. the boy who went on today to hold sheehan people. and they still come to society because they pissed and he also defends the distinction between them and the wrist with us. is it that the navy in its own. although statistics silly the time in the country snack to notice the high crime rates the appearance of buying into this little crimes. easton amongst the highest in it and she's not in full steam boil i decided to dance out since been an on time. and in asia
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institute and this time because that is a big problem in south africa. and every day you read about this people going into someone's house breaking and latest types but the best teaching at the time insist that he may need to get the routes need to be apple tea spot to suggest they need to get out of the soonest possible. sad i really think what i'm seeing in these lean times since. comments will be growing in south africa. but for the students may need to defend himself from every now and friday off my com mon said is a big deal. i'm the reason they can't. i am going to name one. on thousands of people all over ukraine who were valued for unity against more than subjected to attacks by pro russian groups street
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violence flared up in seven still go a pretty cream allie had to be called off into next week is about instant impression demonstrators and several people have been physically beaten in eastern kenya city of the funds back over to mom's. dissecting a powerful celebration and team unity around three thousand people saying the ukrainian national anthem and good conduct and can scarce protesters weighty korean flags and chanted picnic at least they made their way down the stairs which were made the mistake the film out to pretend to. in the constant progression protesters broke into a government building increased aggression flag and demanded citywide referendum on joining russia ukraine and the west sees russia of using plate and propaganda to justify troop deployments in the former soviet country and a stocking and rice in south
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eastern ukraine. tensions have been riding high as russian forces take undercooked and cranny of recapturing the korean coast of western edge of the black sea peninsula and military airfield. according to the team defence ministry spokesman said reports estimate that around thirty thousand russian troops are now in crimea ukraine military has remained resilient and unflinching blind cleans capital thousands rallied for national unity in independence square the starting point of mass protests resulted in the deaths of nearly one hundred protesters and the overthrow of president viktor yanukovich promotion cry knew he did say he still has led a sale in use and fair poll in which some forty volunteers was sworn in as members of the new crime unit special forces units. silva told the new recruits that
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they are responsible for ensuring port in the run up to a referendum scheduled for months sixteenth in which i mean residents will be lost if they want to join the russian federation. just two weeks ago it still was a small time crime mean politician whose tiny crew russian political policy was barely able to win four percent of the votes in the last regional election he was a muslim and businessmen them at the cost and became a gold lame. it soon and is now the prime minister and his regional parliaments his critics say it's clear that he's simply a puppet in school by mosque and tt's what has become a russian takeover of the black sea peninsula. the real test of how much support he has to come this sunday in crimea is
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scheduled to hold a referendum on its future campaigning is already under way ahead of the votes in height tensions with russian troops still in control of several ukrainian military bases and reports of our ukraine demonstrate is being attacked by kremlin supporters. united nations representative robots airy was forced to flee crimea just hours after wiping off the heel is threatened by armed men. amnesty international says a wave of attacks against journalists activists and protest is means an international monitoring mission is that something needed to. these national community continues to condemn russia's actions in crimea and is calling for russian troops withdrawal several european leaders have said they will not recognize the upcoming referendum and the ground it's a breach of its national will the day. it's really
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a rare visit to the west coast united states. he traveled back and forth between los angeles and san francisco meeting with tech companies and speaking out about iran. it is a regime to do the polls duly for my image. over the moon unabashedly the poll for the annihilation of the juice during his speech to jewish community leaders at the signing wiesenthal center's museum of tolerance he compared that notion to the rhetoric reboot by adolf hitler and in no written before the holocaust and on display at the jewish human rights museum. he said the first threats should be taken seriously then and the rats from iranian leaders need to be taken seriously today these people are often distorted. the section humanity called the jewish
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people. we will not let them we will expose them. and we still played well to reopen toby. he accused iran of continuing to develop nuclear weapons despite an interim agreement with the international community to steal back. he also says iran is attempting to secretly provide missiles to organizations. you just call up the issue. the yuan was going to sneak in. the sun dome. so we loaded with dozens of lethal missiles in the car and that hamas does not have been posted below from oh well even to the side and into gaza. his speech was short and poignant but his entire two day trip to the west coast was more pride netanyahu met with tech industry leaders in silicon valley including the spokes and newest acquisition what's that. israel does
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the very head on the technological revolution that's going on. israeli startups that you know when originally an income of the job world renown. but still it's critical but it's also critical because today that's how you get the message out to the world quickly. rabbi marvin higher founder of the simon wiesenthal center says many of who was smart to meet with hollywood executives. it's critically important that they should have been to a point of view. israel is the only place. when i write this. christians and live in freedom. netanyahu also met with california's governor and signed an agreement to foster more cooperation between israel and california in addition to working together and cybersecurity the two agreed to focus on alternative energy and water conservation and agriculture
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train between israel and california topped four million dollars in two thousand and thirteen. yet not busy busy in the agreement with california's governor will help ensure that the money to any ideas keep flowing quincy mass dance for j and wine lausanne to last the hundreds of city and tilted up in any and all is to connect party and in refugee camps across let them a lot of vaccination complaint would be supported by a number of incidents light and space and the lebanese health ministry medical experts they are always in the party i thought a risk which was eradicated in syria in valentino into fallen recently reappeared instead too many children across the country. keystone eighteen countries participate in serious civil
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war been accused of taking the deceased to the war torn country. serious health care system that in one corner was up to see new sculptures of scum that can separate store to sell medicine struggled to cut. the spread of honey i'd like to saudi militants comes as the efforts to eradicate the disease in pakistan continue to meet kinds of circumstances. it's like bombs in several parts of the country targeted and killed dozens of trucks an excellent post on how the minute they treat us all and to protect homilies health professionals medical supplies. the pakistani taliban says the box a nice income clients as cough up what the next knowledge and kindness i use steroids was glimpsed the vaccinations continue of middle age middle floor to tighten to reach more than twenty million
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children. thousands have gathered in front of the japanese parliament in protest rally of our former japanese canister to attempt i'm sitting there must be eliminated. the demonstration comes days before japan commemorates the third anniversary of the decrease in the disaster. presidents of the city institution that held a candlelight vigil to mark march eleven two thousand eleven in a massive offshore earthquakes and tsunami tearing through villages in north eastern japan to set off meltdown certificate she made eighteen nuclear plant that irrigated a wide strap countryside and forced more than one hundred and fifty thousand people from their homes small towns across the coast of the building but are far from healing from the devastating tsunami that killed nearly twenty thousand people and that's in two thousand six
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hundred and thirty six still unaccounted for. the reactor is tilted down in the world's worst atomic oxygen since chernobyl in nineteen eighty six. she made each plant has been brought in to steal the state known as cool shut down that decommissioning its damage the actors will take decades to cost billions of dollars many of the hundred sixty thousand inflatable never be able to return. i the he's too nice to someone whom i t list of school came out and trying to ten of these fashion week to get a glimpse of them liked his connections from israel's top to sewing and smoking does the photo and since the nineteen nineties the tale of eva's would want to make. good written a good amount


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