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which is great great success this is some opponent for the time and in afghanistan and new name woohoo . reason the show. fortunately his military said the pro life message is this weekend. we know it. i was in kiev. this
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is the huge tree. or everyone is convinced the finally getting some clue to what could happen about malaysian airlines flight that disappeared without a trace over the weekend. the malaysian military says it has data that shows the plane significantly veered off course before he went off the radar. it basically did a u turn and headed to work the malacca straits where the plane and on down the scope of this search has now expanded both on cn on land that far be on the regional flight path this is tom's goldman instead he simmered in the same time one of defense ministry canes to see the malacca straits for the missing boeing seven seven seven. that's the region the latest in a tree now says the plane had lost radar contact before vanishing. this supports the theory that the pundits
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tend amount of that country to beijing. why did this so that in the case is still unclear. four days after the plane disappeared it interpol initially suspected of linked to to live in eagle pass and is now investigations belief that to you bring in some foliage simply whack illegal migrants heading to europe. we know that. once these two individuals arrived in kuala lumpur. on twenty eighth of february. we boarded. why to three seventeen. using identities the some relatives of the one hundred and fifty three tiny scraps and is still missing now writing from an opal. they note that the charges at the knees of the wind sing like an hour in ukraine the nation's southern region of crimea as for me telling plan on what exactly it will ensue following the big referendum over the weekend. voters will head to the polls to decide whether they'd like to join russia in an issue that's
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been causing one of the biggest diplomatic grounds between east and west since the cold war. on tuesday lawmakers in the crimean parliament set a framework for declaring independence and potentially paving the way to join russia as a sovereign state. india's parliament is no bluetooth that is the public's votes to join russia crimea will become an independent state with that that would be permanent or just a step on the way to joining russia is unclear. either way many voters are in a hurry to cut ties with ukraine. that will stand the mess and i miss it and i will certainly the tree cranny an independent regardless of the parliament decides by it see you at all what the appeal of him was an undertaker are already part of russia. and it's not clear what will happen to people who don't want to. we'll be waiting for sunday's referendum. everybody already knows what the outcome will be. it isn't the distillers
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laziest man. the ukrainian government says holding the referendum is it legal interim prime minister us any outs in your repeated calls for russia to respect ukraine sovereignty and its western nations to defend ukraine us to cubicle. guide me to think how and in what way we can saw this the most dramatic and complicated conflict on the european territory in the twenty first century. it's not as a two sided conflict. say this is nothing but actions by the russian federation is directed at destroying the system of global security the video uses them it will buy you this. in russia else to ukrainian leader viktor yanukovich again declared that he remains the rightful president. he called on ukraine's armed forces not to take orders from the new government and promised to return to kiev said the promise may increase ukrainian worries that russia has its eyes on more than just frightening. i'll ask a
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lot about a corresponding right guy and who is standing by for us in the crimean capital of sindh terrible. i can't explain this declaration by the crimean parliament to us what exactly does this mean the regional government said that it means that said what is the referendum and five days says yes to the shack and anti independence which come into effect them very shiok to stress that this is just the legal framework because according to the ukraine institutions that can see she so here they say that has to be an independence days before joining russia that is a bit surprising because the regional government she hasn't really been very concerned with adhering to the ukrainian constitution so it could be that behind all this is maybe as signed from a rucksack that russia is maybe not so keen to really have crimea jolly as a part of russian federation but that they preferred the crimea to the end effects
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as independent states allied can the events of the sexy a while cuz he added that georgian breakaway republics that only in russia is recognizing these could maybe go down paths that we'd be yet. well can you teach and what his tea and that the areas for example that the person team of us need to decide on the receiving crimea in russia this week but that was postponed to next. i saw lightning and the balance as we head toward his vote on sunday. in the typical sense from the campaign that's going on there is a free and fair work to get the sense that this vote could potentially be read in the ads. i don't have the impression that this will be free and fair that the campaigning suddenly it is neither free nor fair nor balanced. and also we hear that's it no other and said this will be admitted to the poles apart from a russian adds that as we got an announcement by
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the regional government backs at the crimean army which has a new leaf onto a ledge that these elections law protects the lectures howard's calls hit with the weapons and at hand the campaign because this just a full rush ikea then throw the rocks and even suggesting that if ukraine that what's still have crimea would still be lunch ukraine then it would be even a kind of state that would be funded with a sassy cat on this campaign cousins. there's the roof and silent yet there's just a referendum entitled to make some mar i gave make you very much about insightful update. then we turn our attention now to all those stories. fifteen year old boy has triggered renewed clashes in turkey. police fired teargas to disperse demonstrators gathered in front of an istanbul hospital the boy had been in a coma there since he was injured during anti government demonstrations last summer he was struck on the head by tear gas canister fired by
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police. it was also clashes with waiting on for over a hundred steps to the streets to protest the boys correspondent arrange us has been falling all the developments from istanbul he joins us now durian and how serious is this most recent outbreak of violence. it could be that the period in the name of that may be there so that is going on in and throw it at all and the couple are corrupt. i'm at or affiliate hearing a report that many of the major provincial bp took off the heat. they're all from fifteen to help even more but pounds which was even stronghold of the brooding a case of a doubt the report called for protests. i know that the deficit young boys don't play very much in life. maybe considering the heavy handed approach of the week. he was only fourteen when he went out to give them credit for a small tiny but even then a
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fight he had kept them at the top of gdp. melt two of the light from the red cross she and i minded the people of the bowling of its condition and about today is way too heavy for that fourteen kilos in the bank he died that day and it's called a mass outpouring of grief and anger. it does have a history as you mentioned. so give us a sense of the background surrounding this what other issues are people really angry about what is truly started over a protest over a pot and then putting them over to the that every kid in the questionable many people consider deal for terry and the seats of the top eleven at the center of the city. i haven't gone away the key remains to see the photo i found three and the click of the break open at the bottom of the earth on the line that syringe and sentiments to the update libyan prime minister listed on has a law stating no confidence vote you will be temporarily replaced by defence minister of the law of technique. this comes
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after it for a tanker carrying illegal oil from the rebel held the eastern ports managed to escape the media may be a navy spokesman says libyan forces have now taken control of the vessel but the militia of the night the incident is a serious embarrassment to the government in aaa. had some business news now and german exports are on the rise once again that may be good news for german companies but it's not going to please other european union countries or the united states some say germany isn't playing fair and that it wasn't treating balance that is illegal under international trade law and eats be corrected and the money takes steps is turning to bring the team bounced back in line german exports grew at their fastest rate in ub two years. imports grew even faster and four point one percent compared to the previous month. critics have blasted the german economy for relying too much on goods sold abroad. some analysts pointed to strong exports as a reason for
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the input stage. didn't study increase in exports is leading to higher demand among german businesses for intermediate students total this means that german exports to countries outside the eurozone are really driving up imports more than i can also lead to the solid development of the domestic economy especially consumer spending climbed up on zoom on investments are also picking up resulting in strong domestic demand in the national fund for the german economy is still strongly hinted towards exports the country doesn't import nearly enough to balance its trade surplus which reached record highs last year. and that's with germany's your eyes and trading partners to call for berlin to step in and stimulate domestic spending for example by investing in infrastructure. that could generate more business for european firms beyond germany's borders. i was a good day for european stock markets they may opt for a lackluster performance on
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monday has directed all but a summary of today's trading the strong german export and import daytime help the german market to make it the small gains. he states not very good and much stronger than expected to trade a second in the midst of matching been very optimistic forecasts that from the organization oecd predicting for germany a growth rate in this first one else zero point nine percent much more. and any other eurozone countries and in the us. german car maker's sadie today a nice beach at bmw and vw pair and ali had a strong starting today new year. caution scrapbooked performing. dorothy holds a poster reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange now european ninety security firms are flocking to the world's biggest high tech wreck that is underway in hanover this week hoping to benefit from the fallout from the revelations of mass us and british spy and again joined by others in the industry anxious to capitalize on the new tack a buzz word it is being data
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that is the massive amount of information being referred to by governments and corporations. see the big day to day showing off what he can do. this plastic machine sensors can collect millions of bytes of data every minute and that data can be read evaluated and analyzed in real time. it offers a look into the future. they've been in yet been released on the valuation date allows us to service machinery before it breaks down. imagine the kind of a somalian with adelaide is for students and integrates the technician couldn't pass something before it's even still sweating before anyone gets to live less ins don't want to add dimension and i'm hopeful they can die the question is who managed to make a business out of the data. data collection and coalition is no longer the domain of computers and smartphones alone. harvesting machinery is also a network
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nowadays. that's why does combine harvester is at sea day. and there's also a big data for wellness. a cushion like this can measure breathing and heart rate. but when that's network with weather and traffic information. a computer could also give a warning like it's too hard to go for long. and the avalanche of data is gathering volume and speed each has a nice now that i personally think the picture d they will extend the lead ego that will be accessed and evaluated in the second is that motown technologies will become more accepted. and it will also be more intelligent sensors and misery going to fit into the game to since opening on time is on the team. but all this will require consumer co operation at a time when many people are already worried about what kind of information about them is being state and waiter. well still ahead for us. c i a spy on u s senators
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get an update from washington and we're also going to have a look at theions league it isa big one and one of the details to stay with us are there ew. climate change is affecting us all. rising sea levels i joined them for
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using want to lie to the streets. oems. and to entire communities. this is their own choice. energy conservation. recycling. and transport. help me jaw line find out what you can see today. the children i thought all. we get there watching the sci test and i got it spot on the us senate panel supposed to oversee its core c i a director john brennan says but it was cooperating with the justice department to determine whether any wires had been broken. he made the comments after senator dianne feinstein accused the agency of the illegally searching sending computer several years ago. the computers were being used to prepare an internal report on a controversial c i a interrogation program well for more on this story has crossed over now to washington twenty w correspondent in the dark storage is standing by me to get to see you dianne feinstein has been very
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critical of the c i ate gelato what she's been saying i think this is a very very big issue is the head of the senate intelligence committee is accusing the cia of spying offer or so. cost is this casino to overlook the work of the cia and now she says basically that she that the ci has secretly removed documents from computers used by hurtful aides to investigate a very controversial insulation program is not clear is she talking about the wall to wall single malt but it might however become a very huge scandal. and she say it's the best agreed that the cia has broken the law if she's got to see harry has also ignored a presidential executive order that prevents the ci from taking part in domestic searches casino the caa has to work only outside of the us. amid all the say of course is denying all of this on the twenty
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tells about what he's been saying. a source of all kinds and all swung apology and she says that she's not taking it lightly so she really wants to see what really happens and brennan said well i'm not willing to apologize because i snuck out with the cia did nothing wrong and if there were mistakes made so i will go first to the president asked him for a piece of advice he's going to decide what i stitched it on a lot so far nothing was going to happen we'll probably see an investigation done by the justice department ard me are gonna start reporting from washington thank you so much for the update. she later michelle bachelet has been sworn in for her second term as president the moderate socialists took the oath of office in santiago standing next to outgoing presidents cannot see and piano. as promised and fifty four in her first
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one hundred days in office including changes to the tax system in education and health care before today's served as president from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten. chile's constitution does not allow the president to serve consecutive terms. now on tuesday japan marked the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that left thousands dead and turned coastal communities into entire wasteland statisticians a lab and then the rocky quito address the memorial service marking the moment. the quake struck our country has been struggling to rebuild dozens of communities and to clean up when nation. shimon nuclear power plants i wasn't even sorrow for the people of japan. three years ago the country was struck by one of the greatest disasters in its recorded history. they mourn the dead. many japanese war in the future. when you
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could put him on the road to travel on the grievance against a woman in one eye so it was nothing left. people who wanted to attend the states on how to be rebuilt as quickly as possible. the voting method we left. my two nine and to see earthquake triggered tsunami in japan's pacific coast on march eleven two thousand eleven. i believe in some places forty meters high priest warned the shore with an intangible force is doing everything in its path nearly sixteen thousand people die. thousands more are still recorded is missing the tidal wave struck several nuclear power plant in eastern japan. but the hardest hit was pushing ninety. there are three grand terrace went into meltdown in japan is still struggling to control the situation millions of liters of contaminated cooling water has flowed into the sea in the past three years and during cleanup efforts. braun sections of the country were devastated by the tsunami the rebuilding effort has been slow. the police that debris has now been cleared
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but one hundred forty thousand people are still living in makeshift accommodations. it still looked at my age i can't get a loan then i'm forced to make do with the modest pension on hand. this is the linking to it. for tickets. a memorial ceremony japanese emperor has no paid tribute to the survivors of the disaster and he appealed to his people for solidarity and as we heard and many people are still i'm able to return to their homes and that's because of radioactive contamination. all one of the town center has been completely abandoned says to me okayy. it's about three hundred km away from tokyo it suffered massive damage from the tsunami and earthquake the town was evacuated on the house on the morning of march twelve when the situation in nearby so she became clear. and since then the town which is
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famous for having one of the largest cherry blossom titles in japan is deserted except for one man who returned to look after his animals. we went to meet him place the tombstone to know that these two streets are deserted houses in dilapidated their windows blown out. the shattered remnants of the population that once numbered almost sixteen thousand. oatmeal is only two active against him the indians by everyone except one man from manila to most of what has lived alone and the exclusion zone for almost three years. everyone laughed all the same time there was a huge traffic jam some people were worried they'd run out of gas at all and sundry wouldn't be able to get out that you're within a few days the whole area was deserted. boy it was so into the store hamas now until initially joined the exodus from the nuclear disaster
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area. ignoring government orders he decided to return to his animals. these callous of the last ones alive in the contamination zone. most of the others start today local political wheel i went for a walk around the area that's when i saw the first few dogs. this doesn't mean they were barking. they had nothing to eat or drink so i gave them something. the next house there were more dogs with elmo and the next one to meet them and the whole town was full of animals and said they'd all been left behind and was asked how long either we are taking the japanese government and the plant operators telco lied to the people. he says many antonio had no idea they would perhaps never returned to their homes. neighbors now until the whole stable full of dead animals for them it was only to me. but i got
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here many animals were already dead. one mother and her calf were still alive just skin and bones the rhythm the casket trying to approach its mother for milk and let the mother had none left. she kept kicking her counsel way through. that happened one to three times then the cast got the message. few days later both animals were dead was too much many families evacuated from camille to head to care for at least twenty generations. nuclear disaster destroyed as times note to let someone in the radioactive man who came back to feed the animals he's determined to remain until the bitter end. south africa now where de sac and has wrapped up of the closely watched trial of star athlete ask that the stories was charged with the murder of his girlfriend previous team
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camp while taking the stand in pretoria was the story says former friend karen frescoes at the paralympic gold medallist had a big lover of weapons he said the story is that fired a gun to his car is sure to follow intoxication with traffic police back in twenty twelve and fired a gun the following year in an upscale restaurant he will be back here in germany prosecutors have upped the ante on the second day of the closely watched exhibition trial soccer heavyweights will be going it's now a tax fraud investigators says new documents show that honestly was the president of iron munich over twenty seven million euros on its axis and is considerably more than his admit it devastating testimony for the eagerness the tax investigator told the court that lawyers for the soccer legend had made new documents available only last week. providing details of swiss bank accounts. they were apparently withheld by penance for over a year the investigator said qantas
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repeatedly ignored deadlines to provide information that could influence the severity of the sentence. the iphone the oath i can't say whether the witnesses testimony will be significant in one direction or nothing. but now we have the facts that the witness has presented it and that could mean further evidence will have to be considered. i predict that the idea that the conduct of the venue. the court looks likely to call for their witnesses as it examines to what extent and as for mccain cleanly turned itself into tax officials last year. andy lau by munich has its highs on the pitch tonight the champions league is back in action with the mighty bavarian facing english side arsenal are buying is in a strong position after winning the first leg in london to a nail. but coach pat and forty lessons the team still has to play to win in last year's tournament barnett an elite oh wait the three one lead over arsenal on the loss at home a castle on londoners are so coach arsene wenger
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has described tonight's match as quoted in mission impossible and finally two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut are back on earth after a mission that included the brink of the olympic torch in the state of missouri made the journey home in a soyuz space capsule and landed safely in central kazakhstan now that's just the fact that russian officials considered postponing that landing because of heavy snowfalls and strong winds the man spends nearly six months on board the international space station. and we are glad that they are safe. that's all from us hear the gentle think you very much for watching at the top of the hour
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however it will all walk with god. it's like. holds up defence sources said. true to you. and you. err. these
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the essence. what chore it's a story each day. excludes any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back any glitch. it's like naming washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting in your story continues here. i was seventeen with me thanks to a doting auntie that i can take that steely checked in you and it makes the networks to
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work on in each the ads on tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. windmill and moving more. by the tree welcome. though many of the daughters of somebody and gave them a fair chance the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters twenty five million. in fact door or something. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage shows the deep bond between our two room home however if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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