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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 12, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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chu you. the us. the us welcome to nhk world is light and you know tommy and tokyo here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. many workers across japan will be giving a base wage increase is the first time in years prepares to throw its weight behind the international effort to find malaysian airlines flight and the tree seventy as patience grows among families of the missing passengers and crew. and students in one class in japan have a special
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classmate and the results aren't science fiction business executives of major firms and labor union leaders in japan and then walked an annual wage negotiations for weeks and now some workers seem to be getting much of what they have asked for they will get a base pay raise something they haven't experienced for years others aren't as lucky. nhk world nice guys are reports on the latest developments. on wednesday morning. labor unions of his has got to get there to find a final read so it's both the negotiations all on a mini meat company is affable far as the tamper with responses. so walker has announced. the spirit. prime minister shinzo ave has been for a string of business leaders who brazenly cheese i barely got it as just did as the chl for predicting what the call was opposed to
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cycle of growth the wage hike so crucial in boosting the small spinning. that only lead to higher corporate earnings. more job's it and further economic recovery business leaders who responded to his call. few pounds the largest business building station on to the companies to raise this holy. it was a part time in sixty years. nissan motor co way to fully meet the union demands. owns operates said walker's we'll be getting the car was set to file a policy of not more in base pay. convenience stores chance. lawson also announced deal for two spots. bought many hours as he didn't want to take the steam era states six leading the electronics makers including the king county and coach about how we need to increase their base pay by about twenty dollars a
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month. that's only half what the unions asked for. we let them order was also among the phils farms. despite its robust outings. union of teachers asked for a hike of about forty parents but management is offering a twenty seven dollars. this is the best we could do when we consider the balance between promoting productivity and competitiveness on sale. my church i'll go before the fall fox the task of making to the er replies by wednesday. forgive these kids they will raise this whole weeks. but only if the old and a week to fully meet union demands. lila we see is how a decline for several months in all roll. in january see were down one
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point eight per cent from a year out here. one major factor is the rise in prices in the past few months. that has made it harder for grants to really appreciate any small pay rates. dear bing we'd throw him here with us says tax goes out next month he called on the stage. this will make it to baltimore necessary to maintain depriving the trend in which crawled into the future. i will miss their dad companies have decided to raise their base salaries something they haven't done in years and it certainly deserves credit. these pay increases are still not enough to offset higher prices and a tax hike to the key challenge is to put in place a framework to ensure wages will continue to go up next year and beyond so we've seen a ghost a chance when i'll go into full swing small to medium sized company. such business these
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constitute seventy per cent of the japanese counterparts many remain reluctant to raise a fire to government is counting on big corporation so high a price that's a one two hundred people so much peace prize to make the call me sweet comedy. many people was to fetal cell lines. i'm not getting much easier. dice k was about eighty two war i know. the international search for a missing inhalation passenger jet entered its fifth day on wednesday. investigators say a few concrete close to suggest what happened to their craft and the two hundred thirty nine people onboard. but today that's a lot of bangkok as follows the story she is an icon from nine countries two part in the said john wayne's the day covering boss harry isn't for distraction from the south china sea in the straits of
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melaka. as far west as the territorial borders of india. southeast asian nations including vietnam and singapore are involved in this and so on the united states and china. the country as a result so today's such we were unable to find any trace of the missing plane the last. eight men that of austria from the japanese government's emergency rescue team arrived on wednesday filing a request for assistance from the venetian government. japan is preparing to send transport planes from the self defense force patrol planes bombed the maritime self defense force and about one hundred personnel. japanese kids got a couple holes to join the sec sch. the agreement we need to consider how other
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nations incorporating with malaysia. the country is an important part of japan we hope will be able to make a significant contribution the majority of passengers on polling day and age three seven and went from trying and in portions economic costs and form a shia government officials from the two countries makes me a condom on wednesday. we exchanged information about this anti assets. haitian prime in the senate to resign is apparently what we did our chinese car maker king and he went on television and promised that many days doing everything in its the last to find the missing plane. not to cut a deal breaker. we want to tell the list and we have deep consideration the feelings and we asked them to understand that this is something totally unexpected. they should know that we are trying our hardest with everything we have our disposal. high. even
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with so many countries taking part in the saps the way about santa ana's three seven and remains a mystery information released by the nation that actually has added to the sense of confusion about witnessing croft land. nhk was remedial precious reports from quadruple. the airline's flight three he said has nearly disappeared at around one thirty am on saturday fifteen minutes after taking off on the newport international airport bound for bg. civilian air traffic controllers lost contact with each. government sources in the nation see. many carry reader has identified a possible clue to what happened the object was detected in moving from east to west from the area were controllers lost contact with the aircraft the arch across the many peninsula and
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continued for about seventy minutes before disappearing over the streets of my locker the nation governments and seek analyze the data. but not everything adds up. this signal was weak front passenger jet the object was aussie traveling slower than a normal aircraft. and if the plane did make a unitarian. the wind wasn't detected my cv on the radar all the officials had been unable to identify the flying object that was detected by the mini diary reader that leaves them little option but to continue searching. buy books from the air that stretches of water from the south china sea to the streets of milan. should mean their blushes. and each the world. was it important since am not gonna sun reported the newest an assault on a government building in the southern city of kandahar or three
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attackers died during a fierce gunbattle with security forces ap crude slid open the same. the three men descended on me for my intelligence headquarters in central ca and on wednesday the time and that the media by the grace of god and our enemy's plans were foiled by allah the false sense of some of the sea of mud. i need the space self the time the punishments of the national security forces guarding this again failed to hold back the finance of the citizens of growing increasingly un session about security in the country as international combat treats protect two was told by the end of this yet. i will wrap up i'll put it in time i check the attacks that will impact all. christensen
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crimea will vote on sunday in a referendum on whether to become part of russia lawmakers in the economist ukrainian regions said if voters approve crimea will become an independent republic. members of the regional parliament agreed on the motion behind closed doors the speaker of the day miracles come to know said crimea would declare independence from ukraine and applied to join the russian federation members of the city assembly in some possible have adopted the same resolution. russia's black sea fleet is based there. officials have suspended all flights into crimea sadness due to the center is in terrible acts of those two in from russia. i think bryson's make up a majority of the population in crimea and they've resisted attempts by ukraine's interim government to develop closer ties with
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the west. ukraine's interim prime minister described crimean the leaders as a group of bandits by sydney us into this as they had seized power illegally with the backing of the russian military us secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov got on the phone once again to discuss the situation. but they remain divided. russian foreign ministry officials said lavrov stressed any solution must take into account the interests of all ukrainians. he said the rights of residents of crimea to determine their future must be respected the spokesperson for the us state department said lavrov has not changed his views the goal must be to protect the unity and sovereignty of ukraine time we didn't see that obviously and the responses that we received back. terry and love from say they'll speak again in the next few days the chair of the us senate
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committee overseeing the c i a has denounced the agency for searching the computers of their staff. she was investigating the c i a's interrogations of suspects after the nine eleven attacks director john brennan denies the hacking charges. without prior notification or approval. c i a person now had conducted a search. that was john brennan is word of the committee computers at the off site facility. c i a meaty internal documents related to the interrogations available to committee members on computers that are leased facility. feinstein says the agency later search of those computers in the committee's internal network as well. she condemned the action saying it may have violated the separation of powers principle embodied in the us constitution. the agency chief denies the charges. as far as the allegations of
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being a ci team to use our computers nothing to be for the truth when we when to that analysts say the charges could heighten distrust of the c i a. they follow revelations by former intelligence contractor edward snowden about the extensive us civilians spying program aye aye aye aye. senior diplomats of japan and south korea have reportedly discussed the possibility of holding a summit between the leaders of the two countries and they us but it's still unclear if the south korean side has agreed to the proposal japanese vice foreign minister life at the site he met his counterpart show they don't use all diplomatic sources say u s government officials have proposed the trilateral talks take place on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in the hague later this month psyche reportedly told sean
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that japan welcomes the proposal and asked for his country's view is also believed to have inquired about the possibility of a range of a summit between japanese prime minister shinzo london and south korean present aquaman leaders in tokyo and in college for my level discussions the pack says she will not hold talks about the last concessions are made on issues related to perceptions of history japan's ruling parties have begun debating new government guidelines for exporting arms the country currently bans the export of all arms in principle but it has made exceptions in the past. some people are calling for clear roles. the working group of lawmakers from the liberal democratic party in the new comey told matt to discuss the proposal. the draft explains when the japanese exports of defence equipment will be allowed. the three new principles call for strict screening and controls the guidelines would ban the supply of defence equipment to countries
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involved in armed conflicts her nose in breach of un security council resolutions secondly they say the exports would need to benefit japan's national security and contribute to international peace. those who receive arms or equipment would be allowed to use them for purposes other than originally agreed. only when proper controls can be guaranteed the same rule would apply with arms are transferred to a third country some participants in the discussion question how to define terms such as countries involved in armed conflicts and weapons of other defence equipment the working group agreed to study procedures to ensure strict screening in the transfer of defence equipment abroad. some newly obtained dna as providing a clearer picture of that nuclear accident physician and itt. it shows how radiation levels in the plant grows before hydrogen explosion. fourteen monitoring posts recorded
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radiation levels every twenty seconds after the earthquake and tsunami that damage the plant three years ago the levels started to rise the following day and it boasts more than five km away measurements show radiation began searching into tan in the afternoon at two forty the readings briefly hit four point six mil receivers for our the highest mark that day and hour later there was a hydrogen explosion that reactor number one. one of them working. information may lead researchers to new discoveries. we would like to get as much dr is possible at the time crews were trying to reduce pressure within the reactor is containment vessel performing an operation called the ban to work in cheadle says. that may have caused radiation levels to rise. a us nuclear experts as operators need to be prepared for accents and nuclear plants. but gregory at school says there's no way to completely prevent them people have to focus more on
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the consequences of the accident. the motorways not just to reduce the chance of an accident happening but to really look at the fundamental design of the reactors. to see what can be done to actually prevent or reduce the consequences that we saw from from the focus human by each accident. yes ghosts and restarting plants in japan will be justified unless the supports the move. all forty eight commercial reactors or offline utilities have applied for government safety screening to resume operations at more than a third of them. i i i. many children in japan have grown up watching cartoons such as astro boy in the door i am all the characters in the stories lived alongside the robots. now some students in total are doing the same thing. they're taking part in an experiment and it's not science fiction and its key roles on tv sets of data reports. the overhaul would
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often get the os the drilling through movie what happened. for this this pattern here. did you say to us. the students take no stitching. even during the current distance and don't you love notes their classmates. he's ripping them to roam sites. she's named easton oval to know booked into the school the job will last a year i won today the scheme is an experiment in suspense. globally is in the studio who must know books to bring up front fees naturally i'm into colitis souls between humans and robots. so why is clicks onto one east on the computer
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nintendo home repo emptied it to his call to chris jones so we seized and boys he's alr oppose the sikhs grade students scored the goal will be used either place. someone sent me a good quiz show. see as always and obeyed. and to look into the house. i think the rule. just go. instead he and his genius. he told us to mom always does. sally's mom like her friends. well we house programs agreed to keep tweezers today. when we see it wool. he shouted to a keen
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interest to toe. we sent to us christians must say yes. i want to see who used to him the number of experienced and we teach christians to back. i want. students who actually asked us to do to heal. not so distance. some students to water when the teacher because you're afraid of seeming ignorant women received two comparable directing the questions to iran by. now some students how to be inspired to create their own robots. even his own program. though it were some unique case shows up you know it. walt's donate and then steamed to go into to it
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once chris are both students to speak at the wilds sometimes the treaties aubree was made to be the scene of the browns typically patients international was that these two top team talk. so we sent as using unites two shows like these. we get out what improvements i'd be. it still finds it hard to process some information accurately such as who is speaking and where they are. we hope the data we collected through this experiment will help a soulful all of those problems is a lot of things. nice try by the school down the proteins used to concede at the time the use of the most sense. teaching english he's a future job last night telling students to think our east into most of the other. he says go
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they need to do it. total eye. there's severe weather in the eastern united states and our meteorologist roberts pena has been falling back robert. yes we'll start off by talking about what is going on around here today with this storm system that is already bringing some heavy snowfall across the ohio river valley extending up was the eastern great lakes and even ahead of it. oh we are seeing a little bit of a warming trend read along the atlantic states but things are definitely getting changing going down to let's first take a look at our front lawn else is here to see all these lines very close together along the northwestern for free below. this is the cold sector costs of lines means a very gusty winds of eighty two on a climate of crowley's could be seen out here gossip two hundred and is possible as well. but you have the heavy snowfall coming down on to the forty five centimeters of total accumulation in some areas actually there in the kit in the red. these are blizzard warnings that means that windows can be pulling whiteout conditions the national weather service
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is actually ask people in these areas to try to avoid travel period throughout the day here on your wednesday as the storm system continues to move off eventually overt wards and new england as the call there continues to awe pushing behind is a lot of people being impacted by the winter weather part of this drought the day but also severe thunderstorms continue to erupt in there. on cross parts awash in dc even possibly over towards new york city up with those high winds in the risk of hail that is half of the storm system behind it we are looking into drier weather but well a very windy conditions in the dust storms are possible gossip two hundred climate proud of their parts of texas. plus that fire weather risk continuing to linger furthermore cross and across the southern california santa ana winds are also in panties there as well so why do people have very diverse weather situation here through mid week later on is an equally off to cobble when the weather there few minus five only for your height noah says in the scene york
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it was double digits for member at wheel of the cooling off. as he was going on over here towards your pill and sunny skies for the most part actually beautiful weather out here actually on your wednesday i pressures kennedy dominating i like to say people no trouble. all that's what's happening out here rained out later on this week were i to see some rain showers on towards the north across the baltic states but for now that is just absolutely up the youthful let's also look at what's going on in japan wary on your wednesday. he did see some high pressure but that is changing a rather quickly and leave storm system coming in from the west ahead of it warming temperatures actually and there is the risk of some rapid snow melts in the higher elevations combined with the rainfall is coming in from the storm systems that can bring the risk of blue river flying something to keep an eye on up about twenty to fifty millimeters total rainfall the look in the living cost of two hundred and ten climbers prior primarily along the southern seaboard to have our storm at the pump
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those wins on shore a high wind advisory is really in place along the school still hears wants to read a six meter high away exceptionally i'm not the day you want to be venturing out towards the beach here on your way out to be on your thursday behind a high pressure will be filtering and in that the pusher storm system unfair of course the east up the chairs look like this though with a high of thirteen and beijing shanghai up to eleven. taipei the twenty two some rain showers there in your forecasts in and of course manila partly cloudy skies deal of talk about cycling lucy rate they're moving away from that i want to off towards the southeast. for now this is a category two cycle expected to intensify but then as you know we can back off again and eventually impact those of you in new zealand be ready for some heavy rainfall and some gusty winds. this coming weekend this isn't a forecast. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. i knew. it
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has. i know. and. that seems
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line for this hour and she notes on intel's chips. asked the sydney area. it's a twelve ep. of the bcs selection of programs from this week's mind. here we go at first. you get to see teens is a project that aims to discover and fostered the artistic skills of young people across asia. this program is a broadcast of the projects thirty international media festival its theme is home. he left for japan on sunday is less traditional japanese busy
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still it was recently recognized as a unesco intangible cultural heritage but do if you are japanese people are actually eating it this program looks at the appeal of us who are from a foreign perspective. much to their database state of the march eleven disaster world famous artist holding benefit concerts. the nhk world tv series tomorrow features artists who have supported the stricken region of north east and their efforts have led to many benefit concerts including one in strasburg which is the focus of our first music for tomorrow program. police checked the website and podcast canceling your time talent and state tends to be the world's tv three years into the greek history and squeaking to me. the people to whom who are still working hard to rebuild their
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communities. the world has been falling international journalists artists and researchers who have come to witness the efforts that are reshaping the state. these are stories of recovery. two minutes until march. i wake up. evan seems a bit at what he has run with information about the peak of a difference in japan lastly lot. this deals with assets of eight then the next game from the white sands the cities. i want to sneeze at. we hope you will want to add that the company. or why i knew knew him. i knew is a a. the west coast of the us. around one


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