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tv   RT News  PBS  March 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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lulu will lead . ukraine so for what is going to cities were in washington with a visit to secure america's support and financial islamic it's against the law to provide that kind of package to a government that has been overthrown it's a military coup. but critics say washington's willingness to give aid to ukraine's new leadership is actually a contest rules. the g seven to the structure of the supporting climate referendum reading it but ukraine is open to almost got it to europe to question
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the kid leadership that is missing. it's alleged crimes the last quarter of two buildings to collapse. new york cp the dead and several injured in the incident near central park. this outlook for cleanup and the continued contamination free it's almost like earthquake and some roving reporter with is that radiation from the fishing but is still spreading the eye. students' achievements. this is ok to do with the tree for its day washington is welcoming ukraine's opposition leader turned a prime minister to secure american allegiance to the country's current leadership. us girls to seven thousand footage estimated bases and burdened and lithuania by the states to
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enforce exercises in response to the turmoil that in ukraine. the pentagon described to me thus making it crystal clear to the american allies in the region the us stands by them. that is that he does like symmetry russell's appears more wholesome american to uphold the perfect meal to get involved in the crisis list of the chicken has this report. ukraine's called pointed in shrimp and industry. senior constable us capital for a show of mutual affection. this is showing support for the most powerful country in the world to an unelected prime minister who seized power illegally but they hope to gain legitimacy for this internationally. he was the lead in the ukrainian crisis reaches far and wide despite loud words about voting for democracy and the ukrainian people deciding their own future the seals open ukraine foundation has meal and the department of state as official partners and he's a frequent visitor to the west where his sister purportedly prominent scientologist resides on the west coast the politician was discussed
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in the infamous for me to mail and phone conversations where american politicians played out favorable scenarios for the west as if on a chessboard. i can't yet the economic experience governing experience to be the guy you know what he needed to create a tiny balny and i nee to be talking to them what time khe favor cice by vicrian new one reprentg the state department cause the rest of t ukrainian government the new government is loaded with fascists and semi fasci during the chaos on babbling in kiev nato and us officials raided my don history of eating snacks to the protesters a meeting with the etsy new to the fine tunes of italian pop songs by the beautiful future ahead baby you what has already gone in head first into putting ukraine's finances in order. we are already on the ground here on in ukraine stories from the fbi the department of justin and the treasury working with
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their ukrainian counterpart the supporting questionable governments that beaver its geopolitical strategy is nothing new for the last. if you wanted to say that the foreign policy over us it's so cool system and do it it will become natural to open them solose but it doesn't deviate from. for that is still dumbfounded. he and the behavior of the us. i won't be able to go about why washington d c our city's senior is getting a warm welcome from barack obama making appearances at the us congress and spending time with the heads of the imf and world bank. the new prime minister in ukraine is the ims manning key out and that's how it should be viewed. that's been his track record for the last ten years on he's wasn't in the bidding of the imf the world bank the german banks in other words is a point or proxy on the same forces that want to integrate the new ukrainian to be you not for the benefit of the ukrainian people. but in order to make money
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arguably dragons played right into the west's profiteering us dies of an honest attempt to help. is this a shot at rt washington dc. twenty seven scoring russia to stop supporting crimea as the republicans passed a vote on independence from ukraine. the group says it will recognize the results of the referendum russia there was a senior to the play is set into the events which ruled the former opposition to power and investigate alleged crimes. the boycott has the story. the truth and in adelaide. aiden's have called on iraq and it isn't all that sixteen is this a test of the ukrainian on a saturday against ukrainian international will be able to cram things to take action individually and collectively at the same time the net and i am not called the x at the eu has had to sign the preventable cause of
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the association agreement with ukraine as i was next two weeks now. this comes against the backdrop of russia calling on the eu to question the new testament sealed the ukrainian government. i've released around this claim stands one skier has also asked for the ukrainian things he declines to treat aids by the former ukrainian opposition table sat on the map at the desk and see whether one wants peace and the pace to government in kiev. jason likes to find a calling for it and despite requesting this investigation battery still has her pinky at my auntie's into russian and he has been passing through consultations and the council and yet we agreed that there should be an independent investigation long what's happened in the afl's might don go on hold at the center in ukraine during the school revolutionary situation. oh we also believe that there is a concern of a growing concern in all not to be
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there in ukraine. i have gotten that question and he carries on in government in kiev. this infinite recording a conversation between east and departmental staff he's foreign policy chief catherine ashton the victories of stronger and stronger understanding of the high my first payment because mo temple beach but if somebody from the new british. if confirmed by the estonian foreign students i knew that moves across the west and dna found in the home to fifteen seventeen months and our new agreement to leave ukraine led instead to mind back to that rule for kenneth. two to seven. are you kidding me to sing louder
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in the coming days. will was to governments to nelson crummy is push for independence from ukraine present role of mixed signals because some other examples of when seeking self rule seems flawless contentious in europe. six of them would decide whether to quit the united kingdom the noise from abroad on that one similar sentiments to be bringing catalonia for decades yet spain's prime minister rejects a veto commencing the country's wealthiest weekend the international community's turkey club there as well but one of the three defendants that was successful in europe back in two thousand and eight. but it takes a deep cove itself out of said a decision by washington. but ahead of the important issues of peace and prosperity. since this hypocrisy. desparate for you know for a a mosque l michael mccall was was treating a way that he is not possible that little by former secretary of state has turned in as well. discard the disease in people who supported a lot worse can do in the streets of kiev know all of sudden being. storm's declares for every flight for two ukrainian constitution that point to me is the double standards of the us and hypocrisy of
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the us us was endlessly going on about the will of the albanian people in costs of borrowing. they have a right to express their. their view of their will in any of their own future. no issue with on the other foot in a place that they don't want to break away. other singers sing they're saying something very very different. which is they don't have the right to do these things. so the hypocrisy is more important than whether or not they have the right to do this. washington is also promising ukraine billion dollars in aid to help the country's ailing economy russia's foreign ministry has pointed out that actually goes against us lol america's foreign assistance at the base rate a financial lifeline to a government whose leader was to produce like to welcome the minister of some auntie told us this isn't the first time washington has broken its mineral. let's not forget that the united states still approved a one point three billion dollar loan package asia. and it's against
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the law to provide that kind of package to a government that has been overthrown it's a military coup. but the united states still does not call would have been in egypt a military coup. it is certainly not calling this bad either. this act is a democratically elected government. like him or not was all the throne and now the new prime minister is b is coming to the united states to meet with president obama. from an illegitimate government. so you can see lou international law a local or state law federal law the laws on your site or you want it. the words justice by the way it's being misspelled j ust us just thoughts when they need to use it just is what they want to use it against you. so four days in the ukraine southern region of crimea will decide where its future lives. security is tight ahead of sunday's referendum with unidentified soldiers calling themselves
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self defense course patrolling the streets but several major news outlets things are insistent that they told russian troops assisting taken. russian military helicopters and planes are in pain ukraine in russian forces had seized crimea as airports the u s intelligence community and nato are urgently trying to figure out what the russians may do next. was this is the stricken region of to do's but only to russia's black sea fleet permanently placed that there are no reinforcements. currumbin officials maintain that the most random moment in self defense forces. this is the second a fuel line with what american law does like to work today georgia mission to assist you in what you think these are russian military forces. what i want holly were exactly these guys come from and who they are like initially very soon you'll be surprised when you find out all the air crimean just on crime you too. i'm standing right here because i was laid down by people who were supposed to protect. we don't want a fight with
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anyone but the police are simply unfit to keep order more analysis updates on ukraine as well as people's stories all lucky right now including what the ukrainian may be saved or chairs to quit when he returned from his latest mission. a suspected gas leak as level two apartment buildings near central park in new york killing at least two and injuring dozens more. police say several people remain unaccountable a piece with a porno is in new york. a reported two hundred firefighters are currently on the scene in east harlem battling it out the fire and it actually anyone who may still be caught under piles of debris as of now officials say at least two people were killed after two five story building collapsed around nine thirty wednesday morning at one hundred sixteenth street and park avenue in nypd says the incident is not linked to terrorists and kill
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before the blast occurred on at the city's electric company was reportedly heading to the scene responding to calls about a gas leak that the force of the morning class so strong that it ended up blowing out windows belonging to other buildings in the area. not the explosion shook the entire neighborhood with many people running for cover and others actually began filming out we've heard from one witness who was just one walk away with the incident occurred. the air. i'll let it be happier here and i could eat my weight down. i want to hear anybody do it when people court. i even had the phone for pictures and video. and on each team blank the fire department truck that but they can't get anymore i'm going to be
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appalling and conflict first responders have instructed residence. and anybody working in the area to stay indoors and keep windows closed because as we just heard this eyewitness say that i smoke and still continues to engulf the entire neighborhood it's not clear what type of toxins may be in the air out what kind of cabrini be floating around on so was probably the bass up for and for everyone seeking to stay indoors. keep windows closed if they do not have to be outside. what's to come here looking to nationalist most could be a battle for british police tried to prevent young people from being six years into the insurgency itself to four people. there are really enjoyed his visit to the very regrettable that the mobile stores with the right the eye
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speedy ukraine with the means to vote on their status the west continues to pray. it was. along with the standoff last. washington already pulling. i know. now right artist the new war stories. you can do changing the world likes me
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also pictured. the rest the oh no. richard good friends she met me. copeland says it might eventually have to dump hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated water into the pacific ocean it's been three years since the new cat does not protect air was still struggling to clear up. with occasional radioactive leak still happening. well she's been falling for this office since it began the eye. they were now well within that which human no go zone with just ten km from the new kid on stage in these houses ravaged by the tsunami in twenty eleven still standing he and
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all we needed to be stolen the frightening things about this entire incident is that there are no concrete down trees that can clearly guarantee your safety. it's hard to say what gets you a creepy or feeling the trail of destruction left by the twenty eleven tsunami all the houses and costly natural disaster but the band and off to the new t rex. a good idea of the consistency right now. revealed three point two nine parker records which is about thirty times what is more than the accepted level but it'll come down here to read this so open about the poet critic and quickly jumped up and still climbing. earlier we can agree to go back and i can buy careers which is about a thousand times more than what is the accepted level of six repeats. slate
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slabs right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. mm mm. the earthquake and tsunami which hit japan demolished two thousand and eleven led to massive radioactive leaks. seas mostly to attend other places much radiation was released from initial estimates. while taylor twenty twelve the oprah detector funny because it failed to implement safety improvements that led to the meltdown in a year ago the record radiation levels were found in local fish. it was revealed three months later the coles was radioactive water leaking from a storage tank. lol school misstep could confess to around three hundred tonnes of highly radioactive water had leaked from sheena since two thousand and eleven see the console researches effects of new cases she says the cleanup efforts of forty men each. many things that they are to me at the casino site are purely cosmetic. to
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me. you have the appearance that there is some kind of bond de commissioning going on. we have the massive amount of water that's being poured and collects in tanks in those tanks are failing and so at some point a decision is going to need to be made about what to get into the water in those tanks because the goal is to keep the workers are deciding responds possible so that they can try to make the game any problems that occur from failures in all their systems thousands have been reading and take it protesting against the new clay industry the results to creep up to three hundred thousand refugees. as to the consumer says that those people might never return. according to the japanese government they're trying to get people back into some of those areas because they've done anti contamination which people will work under the contamination process. it stated it now that it has worked. i think that you know that that is out false information that's being
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perpetuated by the japanese government no way to market writes you to see people's fears. my friend is again on shaky ground this time in the american state of ohio which is why there is a pervert. government support to the dome of the nearby pretty well because special guests expect a message the story is there ought to go cold. last but not one of the agenda mrs quit the american media giant cbs culpable than twenty years of dedicated with. right from the sea the gripping picture reporters were there the animal. the sunscreen
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and a woman on suspicion of having to syria to support extremist forces that are now faced terror related charges to contend with life in jail the horizon such arrests in the uk with police fear returning terrorists will then conduct attacks on the quiche soil. when totally beat two thousand europeans are coupled to a series of flight trials is the biggest source of volunteers with an estimated seven hundred. joey belgium and the scene around three hundred people had to the war torn region. as for the uk police are there around two hundred and fifty british jihadists have now returned back on him and they could carry out terror attacks the chorus with reports from london. what's happening in these lives that that is it seems is that he was seeing someone becoming more more radicalized thinking positive outdated suffice to say whether it be a couple of the voice is still reason to fret. rather than getting to that that is not authentic or mosque which is what they might sit down costs and they carried
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outside what is often a very close knit community. i'm going to the police too often the scene is the sense that the enemy. i'm the kind of records in to the police with all the implications that that brings in the day of rest. nathan tyson imprisonment six all praise for the muslim community if we can call the masses of its staff a whole kind of thing is is that what it's about the fact that people take two fights in syria that this information comes straight from the horse's mouth from the metropolitan police assistant commissioner crested day. she's been talking about the studies reported since the peace that will what it's about somebody we think that they might be that next step might be scared licence area. and as a result of that at least in pots are increasingly seeing more cereal in a taped address injustice post of two thousand fourteen that we thought that we put the hat that in the whole of two thousand and thirteen cents at me i decrease in hope that in this country. i added in response to that that has
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been tainted to the stock's see other than that says that families can mean a tv trays and beauty is a welcome back to to get that retains that tactics in that kind of fool again the terrorists and wouldn't sit still and socks to bed no don't go brady a talk that some people on the streets. i built a few amazing job on the graces which haven't been all that successful at no cost. iran will benefit some of the global headlines police into the techies major cities the families to get some more to come and the furious protests to the southeast into the streets for the funeral of a fifteen year old boy. he got him on bail today in a coma since june of two being hit by the stig estimates that during an anti government uprising. it's obvious if you go to cinemas in going great. the focus to anger of the big heavy handed response to rallies against the prime minister malaysia's air forces of light frames of a missing passenger jet was seen on radar the opposing from its
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planned route before punishing the air force chief said that it's possible the plane may have tender malaysia airlines flight at age three seven zero from one of them to beijing to zip it all started a mature and thirty nine mobile international said white who lived at least forty ships and thirty four kicked off now the key to being killed in southern afghanistan on to the insurgents fled the store before but in the team's headquarters. top tooth is coming from the security forces had to go to kandahar is the birthplace of the cold light of the treatment minutes and still managed to enter the city. the sochi twenty fourteen paralympics to seeing russia build up a solid lead with a record breaking levels full and that is on top of the winter and epic success whistle the host country restore its gains a reputation when they sold to russia smash its own records to his medals tally to fourteen seven. that's knowing more than his previous top ten to sixteen
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goals are among them. another record high station not seen since it's early in two thousand and six. brush or two on the cutting edge norway on day five will keep you posted on the protest at such a treaty for teens heard gleeson said the phenomenon to stay with ocd national postal called the global tide of war of the ukraine. ay ay ay ay ay ay. feeling like a bad taste. it does not touch he's the hand the next recruitment movement activities. yes he's in charge of the section. it is not down. the money. each
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year through since your perception of the free standing monitoring computer counting method of milk. its a mini. was it. he was a mutual trust just two weeks ago we hit that abilities to our jobs are with us. each ski jump. my cousin h the pwelve. high needs constant pain. the joke even if it's just empty one it allows its return to his tummy. so i move out. though the duties that occurs it will continue and typically includes our financial stupidity. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. i think but a
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decanter the destruction of the new nation. the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny in the yemeni she sucks sometimes. is responsible for the rhp brad adams says kerry camps. all they know. he said all i need to improve living in the mean. the furore over to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only so so well with kidney disease process. we also study the impact on our entire topic. he said. in dangerous situations. i leave with stress. but then very careful and take all of despair. all that went to the county. leave oven on to get a few common situation the animation stars to the tee. almost two weeks
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it's me the award to be used to it as soon as possible to employ a new dangers nation within me bling it up. it's nice to meet funding agencies to complete its intent to kill cost twenty five many new hd programming six hits some has not yet be based on a project manager and ukrainian officials to laurie's. stationed in own grade schools and one the show which is the most is that it is us of the proposal currently in ukraine has the resources in terms of enterprises working in the teaching of the transition industry the main problem is the lack of funding for the operations connect with the militarization. the nine states in the nation of the project. manchester based wanted to cry funding. three hundred and sixty six thousand small homage and i
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went to the straits. number seventy six thousand tonnes of the nation including the mini and anti personnel landmines. a christchurch man saying. but many people's minds is he in this country soon the police who. the key kim wee in the uk. to me with me. my life in this you aren't my children and adults alike will continue to be calm and peaceful. i for one deal this year for exploding ammunition which are in storage. i want peace and to be confident that you neglected to our imagination of usability a machine shop i'm not in one of the state seeking him and this program is very important for our friends he grew into a journal for our gratitude because it's very hard and we wind up speed and ninety
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three. she makes a ton of records. you knew me and moving when will i . so this is the main seal the seams and when a land mine jerry kelly to have us that's the way. what are some stories this hour. a new batch of new priests transitional government with a new offer of an association agreement. still no sign of the missing malaysian airline or no certainty that the search operation is looking at the right place. i am a few of the board of the leeward in protest last year triggered fresh demonstrations in istanbul and


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