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he would one we will . the i have loved to eat a ton of books lately. in the second day. and if it comes to spiders. this flexible job creation. new zealand central bank raises its export rate by twenty five basis points first it felt nice to do so
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rice. and for machinery orders and continuity from one times higher versus forecasts a positive sign that this is the best will start to salivate. saunders is john michael was in a chain. first up china's national people's congress concluded its annual session thursday morning here in beijing china's top legislator passed on to john has stressed perform and rule of law in a speech the nearly three thousand npc deputies examined and approved the government work report national economic and social develop land as well as the central budget deputies also endorsed the work reports of the npc standing committee the supreme people's court as well as the supreme people could drift. the nine day meeting with china's annual parliamentary session which takes place every march right here in beijing. in other words to really could tell the press conference after the closing meeting of the second annual session of china's wealth national people's congress the press conference has been a ritual since nineteen ninety eight and offers valuable opportunities to learn more about china's future policies take a look at what kinds of economic related issues with
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the most pressing for this year. and what the premier also said. the press conference to be considered a supplement to the government work report. many of these said that china will continue and even uniforms as well as preventing the risks. when talking about the list of government debt he said choosing the gym. beyond that we have really good the the result of the staff all that as it is the result shows that the risks are under control. moreover i would get to do is give a show is also below the internationally recognized one in line and we're going to take further steps. moreover most of the dead takes the form of investment. but the government will not overlook potential risks were going to take futher regulatory steps. trinity also said that on the financial risks it as shadow banking and that the photo finish up all the ads will be closely watched. he emphasized that the time that the economy has tremendous potential enemies
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he has. but china has the ability and conditions to keep its economic cooperation is putting the proper range reporter team as you know we said this year's gdp growth car again around seven point five percent to three would be happy in our mind is to ensure employment improved people's lives and increase urban and rural incomes. what we care more about is the life we could offer people a high gdp growth figure and the employment of our people. the high gdp growth. on the housing issue he said china will take a differentiated approach to read only the housing market the honey. there will be published reports to reasonable housing needs for self living and the government would increase the supply of ordinary commercial housing says he would take a deferential approach in regulating the housing market. we will credit the need for speculation and investment purposes and establish a long term mechanism to ensure the stable and healthy for the men of the housing market
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many also said during a press conference that china will strengthen trade ties with its major partners and salt is used only until respect and proper consultation. waldron ten dollars support development and make progress in cross strait relations. cameron and ccp. and diseases question has been closely following the two sessions for us to the past two weeks ago is now with a wrap of the highlights during this year's meeting was in a key topic discussed this year by delegates to the sessions was further streamlining the functions of the government of that of course a key task for this year. walk us through what we can expect in terms of progress on the front. and i grew up in really good sambal to love them i can play a decisive role of government efforts to streamline administrative procedures he sets a new line he admits that to proceed is the team at the front where i feel blessed to hear of the central government's abolished avoid delegated to
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the government's four hundred and sixteen years of travel procedures the twenty thirteen at itself. you are in crisis founded and necessary to turn for the governments and if your local governments found it necessary to turn to the central government and this fear another two hundred out of the procedures will be abolished or delegated to it and it's just that the delegation of power does not mean department would stay out of everything that happens will continue punish the illegal activities including dilution of their competition. anything to mandel intellectual property rights a major set it up and function. the overall question of reforms of course are the key takeaway for this inspiration right now reforms announced last november at the cdc their platinum was extremely encompassing. now that the two sessions have completed two we have a clear picture regarding the future of china's reform agenda. in the distance you see a couple of functional reform the middle east that they were to make this bold and fun as a response via her cards this year in typical admits that they have been slow and build new measures
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to cut taxes for small farms an area we've heard from central bank governor just out plan that will liberalize its in interest rates is likely to be accomplished. a new year or tilt and the npc also sell the property tax has entered legislation carrots and a pension reform is also going to break the ice film of the reformists are high on the agenda includes government of the tallest hospitals are great sources of energy pricing. many things that are worth watching. in two sessions china's top leaders laid out a number of specific economic targets for the country to achieve this year. beginning with committee to china's government work report he says the country will pursue gdp growth of about seven point five percent inflation rate of three point five percent in twenty fourteen from the station says it needs to create at least ten million new jobs in order to keep the unemployment rate below four point six percent of the government deficit to remain at two point one percent of china's gdp which translates to about one point three five trillion won
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central bank governor joe staunch one spoke about the first time about a specific timetable for industry reforms. this is no safe deposit rates will go to the market size within one or two years that will be the last step of the interest rate mobilization since many other interest rates have already been locked eyes meanwhile the chairman of the china banking by the way commission that's mr shuffle in right there says china will establish five private banks as part of its banking reform trials shows that the cd r c will quote. make a toy from her approach to the trial private banks that is to say each bank will have to be initiated by no fewer than two companies. your finance mr lucy ways is tax reform will be a tough task for his ministry this year the ministry will push for the legislation of environmental toxins as well as a property tax. a few hours ago we got the leaves clues on how the chinese economy is doing. china's industry production grew eight point six percent from a january to february year on year that's much lower than economists' expectations the growth rate was more
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than one percent slower than december's numbers. now the fact we did experience a mild and drop it in the second half of twenty thirteen and continued to fall at the start of this year. analysts say the shows we could grow momentum in china's economy. investment in fixed assets declined eighteen percent in the new eu jin week if every period to reach over three trillion yuan in decatur has been continuously going down since last august coinciding with china's effort to change its growth drivers and china near the massive eight hundred billion yuan in real estate between january february march in a nineteen percent increase from december the number remained a relatively flat over the last few months of last year. and dj read if every period also saw seven hundred billion yuan in real estate sales which was nearly four percent less than december both sales and square meters decline in the second half of last year as the government current housing prices across the country. and finally retail sales. that number jumped four point two one trillion yuan from june to february growing in the twelve percent from last
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december but that is still slower than expected. also today the people's bank of china carried out a twenty eight day for nick bonner repurchase agreement a drain on one hundred billion yuan for just over sixteen billion us dollars from the markets that action means that a net forty doing on has been removed from the markets this week. of course this comes after a seventy billion won net drain. last week. central banks around the world on the steady rates of decisions on thursday new zealand central bank raised interest rates by twenty five basis points to two points and five percent taking the lead amongst developed nations and tightening monetary policy to try to ease inflationary pressures. the move is in line with expectations the rb nz says it sees stronger moments and economic expansion to raise its economic protection to three percent for twenty fifteen the loss of korea's central bank kept interest rates steady at two point five percent for a tenth straight month as expected the decision came as the country on as a slow domestic economic recovery and its low inflation
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the wall indonesia's central bank is also slated to release its own policy rate decision later on today central bank over and tunisia is also expected to keep its key interest rate steady despite the recent trade deficit as the country's inflation paste declined this year while the country's currency to apia. i spent it. an older defend the country's core machinery orders increased in january at the fastest pace in the past year especially compared with a record low reading back in december the cabinet office data showed thursday that core machinery orders jumped thirteen point four percent month on month much higher than december's fifteen point seven percent decline compared with the year earlier orders increased twenty three point six percent in january. the bank of japan upgraded its cap ex assessment on wednesday encouraged by growing shipment of capital goods the japanese government holds high expectations for capital expenditures saying that's essential to pull in the country out of deflation and boosting jobs as well as economic growth analysts say the upgraded figured that suggests that the japanese economy can recover quickly
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after a sales tax increase in april. those stories and more online of course cctv news is on twitter facebook with law and full episodes of our programs can be found at english got to see mtv dot cn the regional markets we go now lily is standing by the board with an updated now is the market's wrapped up thursday and it seems like shanghai still above two thousand and eight. but the mess in action. those numbers but those numbers could affect some other regional markets but in the middle of this he acted with mount allison morning as i mentioned that the members did not stop chinese mainland shares from the meeting region on the front bench behind composite was in bed by one percent. we were playing in two thousand level i was getting heavy with fun i guess it is reported that time is big for tenders will be the first subjects of a pilot preferred stocks but what good is what i'd like to cook the program as he is coming week we can read up on the link was also sad that two of the big four banks have already bought the new tooling for the program. this is not being good thing come
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from the button was enough to send banking stocks higher across the board to conduct some not banking on top when it's going to bomb the bank was a tough winner among its peers at about three point three percent and is funded by the ethical treatment of time three percent. psycho us to the bank was hit by profit taking july from ten percent yesterday on news that a bank is tapping into the online financial sector in china this is also bought some shares of companies based in the north eastern city of harbin city has been approved to start a cross border commerce and the program monty tells me that he joins us now live from shanghai height of the wii. salam and this time finally came back to my kids see the nod from the rumor about those books that stockpile a program that we're talking about what ails boosted sentiment. bullying not it was definitely on the same day when the station on one hand how my kids listened intently on china's premier league contest news
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conference. i'm basically trying to get more things about the government's commitment to reforms. now from what we see the reactions what positive that this was seen across the board of financial stocks in shanghai up nearly one point two percent mentally fit by bangs as he does mention of the ninety index also stitched by one point six percent energy and property stocks posted some byzantines and this is awesome. share the news that tom and it's the right place at the time is a shares to its been like an index next year. but some help on the flip side that is so quick and ten a gator in the afternoon and didn't always concerns and now white house the mafia thirty days of the wa based on well with fat into speculation that dumped and a mind to cop that sheeple are sometimes daniel wrote in terms of companies him as this work of keeping a close eye on china how investment costs. this is another state company that just kicked off his full issue before the costs of keen on shares climbed by more than one percent of
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these things really. some investors are keeping our eyes aren't on the show the industry which has some strange guy as a matter of fact. what have you got for us and are things looking brighter. while a somewhat we see it here i'm afraid there's not much new light to shine down this industry and effect these local manufacturers in china completed making solo panels and investing in production even doubt that the moms and points his kids bowling in the global markets. simply put lights on some market watchers this too much supply but not enough the market not even in china and that which a crowd to accounts for about one third of the outlook for two months now the thing is local governments found in china are facing at that time deal and not because cutting production means cuts and job said this is obviously a cough. that issue. the lil lady still count on is the fault was asleep and so we know that it's not the only one. investors are
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keeping another company in the wind out of this is by looking skin away at this company just reported a second year of losses this week and alice see in my bead just a matter of time to see his company fail if the problem and allows it. so really we do lots of clowns in the us solar industry here you have more costly one that seems to think about much of the voting for us in shanghai. and with women just honk on stocks were trading with more caution in mourning and shipped after the release of those bleak time economically this country mexico state down by zero point seven percent and twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty six points think i was led by hong kong based property and banking contest on the inside though some may think that adding the rest but come next and then oh and for more details to a baddie rumbling his life from hong kong silliness of the local riding in hong kong continues today. this one is to some of the highlights of
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today straight. don't call shares are among the region on earth under performers today they see sawed between gains and losses by midday that saying was half a percent higher but it finished today. seven tenths of a percent in the red industrials boosted the market today with hutchinson lump alot of being the best performer on the hand saying meanwhile it was a mixed picture for property counters hundred properties is among the worst performers on the hanging saying bob henderson land again just attack in the financial status the solace of the big four banks recover from wednesday's sell off cc be recovered from hitting a nine month low on wednesday while i seek the seat was on the hang seng leaderboard today. sentiment in the financial state was to due to media reports saying that the chinese securities regulatory commission is ready to launch a long awaited pilot program to allow listed companies to issue preferred shares to cut announced that policy this weekend really. not a book about the re listing mystery how we know that many hong
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kong race to dubai the person reporting her numbers. how would she like chinese property developers are putting more money to work in the race yet. the us market restrictions here in hong kong and singapore chinese developers are betting billions in malaysia a country garden actual property in state back to being green line the purchase of the developers been invested billions in malaysia in the past two years according to south poles chinese investors putting one point nine billion dollars into malaysian real estate in twenty thirteen as for the new double the amount invested here in hong kong but why malaysia become the darling of chinese property developers. what a bunch of reasons for starters the country has strong foreign ownership and funds are fine as accessible as lenders are friendly. let's not forget that property in malaysia is significantly cheaper than property here in hong kong and also in singapore. it also has a vast chinese community. in fact
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country gardens cart country garden which recently reported earnings actually organize a subsidized trips to malaysia for potential chinese buyers but that's the latest from hong kong back to you the thank you very much and i am for a flight from hong kong. head over to get ten now japan's nikkei average finished a very choppy trade today with a us zero point one percent loss at fourteen thousand eight hundred and sixteen points in the end did not provide much support the broad market as it's been broadly unchanged from the level of the day before the big hurt disappointment came from the chinese putting retail sales numbers hurting china related stocks in japan and is often gangs in chicago was on the back of positive core machinery orders data out from japan which surprised well into the outside of what she tells him he couldn't join us live from tokyo hiding and gave us a mini kit which extended wednesday's losses today as part of china's economic number affect trading in tokyo. ray lilley new disc
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read that correctly the market was pretty choppy today chinese tea that putting a damper on sentiments you took of the new cameras was moving in positive territory throughout the session but it erases the days right before the market close as industrial output and retail sales are in china came in lower than expected investors were hoping that the numbers would not these jitters about the chinese economy but that didn't become the case the market was then. trading was lackluster and falling slow and this is a reflection of how many investors of both institutional and individual were staying on the sidelines other still looking for a reason to buy or sell but despite the week is fall the market did get some support from better than expected. she orders that the releases morning providing that the support and one star performer today is soft but bucking the trend that sucked into the pope was ten percent. lily. today's modern era august and showed stronger than expected numbers him gate and that's just didn't have those anime picking up a what i'm saying
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about this. well i called i was talking about it early in the program and it does lead us to say dealers semi conscious but despite that they're the expected number slowly up this nbc nickel security says it's hard to tell from this detail of the machinery orders are picking up on last minute than that i've had a vehicle sales tax hike for the rising of the back of the recovering economy which is the better side of the sedan is known to be quite a volatile in the end it has been like that recently was difficult to see that we're seeing a clear trend of similar comments coming from the japanese think that the state. there's plenty of demand for companies to mr plastic within. however the economic outlook is still looking uncertain globally and with the impact that it has a tax hike still unclear. they say people need to be cautious about the general trend of whether they're aware there are pessimists there are optimists of the strategists said mitsubishi you see morgan stanley us securities says capital will continue to cover because the impact of the tech site will be temporary and that earnings will continue to prove so
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some economists citing quite positive about the machine you are cia actions that only a bit over two weeks into my own chest when a post tax hike comes in japan and the fire apparatus to complete the ten major trading figures from across the region. test. like a ton
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of twelve stars contestant investors are concerned a prefix to wrap up the lead his car production and sales will drop from a month ago that's largely due to the chinese new year holidays but combined figures for january and february show and above ten percent rise in the year ago. the number of vehicles sold in january and february rose nearly eleven percent year on year three point seven five million units passenger cars accounted for most of that increase clearing through all one five million units up eleven point three percent sales of the new bees and suv's kept climbing as consumption fever taken up you in your forty percent and seventy percent respectively how webber china's home built cars saw the market share slip for the sixth straight month. market share fell about five percent in february from a year before raising alarms about
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the future domestic brand vehicles. the shrinking market share for domestic auto brands here in china is raising questions on whether a home grown brands are fighting a losing battle against their western rivals the discussion flared up during the recent debate on whether china should remove ownership restrictions on joint ventures the gift was the automaker's more say well we'll find out whether now is right time for that move and how chinese carmakers are rising to the challenge. this is time that the contest. mr remains in a sheep restrictions on to limp into speaking chinese and foreign company. this time. there seems to have sparked some sheen the supposition that the association of automobile manufacturer is great since china's telecom industry any organizations johnny boy. i want every month and is confident the association says now he says she wanted from santa ana. we'll be releasing an issue restrictions now they will be huge problem. that means the chinese side but have to
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complete the distance of their own pockets. this is not a new fixed rate bond comic is a private ones as well. so much help foreign car companies now another talented coach more than fifty percent stake in the chilled me to read the terms of fan don't think such protections are needed for not contained the company he may now be at least two things competition i would say this is more of the government trying to suggest to their car makers why are we not seeing more chinese to vote cards. this mystery of history and information technology said recently that he would not miss in ownership restrictions on books that i think its assets by two middle income in the future this means that roughly speaking the chinese awesome and his team have yet to be making their own pots. i don't mean just added to the sustained development of terms or to meet its maker trying to sell branded domestic car. it's a lot of work a lot of money a lot of
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energy. it's very difficult so let's look at a very successful company in concrete wall. what is one of the most important characteristics of the company. want to have no friends. two grades are concentrated on a niche market of suv's and they only former sen that's a good eye for putting a stop to join benches when now is china's biggest economy the cardboard sign ready to pounce on every wall and musicality to get her mind and strength now we have reached a point where we have to step up the technology development by ourselves. i'm not trying to deny what we've done in the policy going forward we have to shift the blog if u r and d don't need to see multiple increases in investment in basic. in comedy cult our town it has been recently moved into entering terms markets. meanwhile the tiny side is actively seeking solutions to kiss rican response of the rich phones monthly e patients seen it before but i get my comics
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no two tb. and two chinese companies have sent a letter to greet promised and torso maurice that expresses their interest in chile acquiring a fifty five percent stake in athens international airport of course that's a majority stake. irony is that the two live reports from athens the government has announced a wide ranging privatization program which includes gourmet and road transport and parks and sports utilities gaming and real estate holdings. the program aims to help the debt laden company restructure its economy the chinese investor some ong and chua right track in budget week offers three month this is the case management and sends an airport group ceo announced their interest in the county that preys on shareholders about this international airport. however them and we can't work hasn't entered the tender process yet explained cctv the nazis with the iraqi vice minister for development and competitiveness would have not yet announced an efficient than the process then for the visit of the expense of canal and
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the second suffers from something that is pushing the tears from china for the airport the school's baseball for the ju on and the main input. and also was minimal investment. these are saying these people. on the other hand iraq wes is the major problem in the gate cib staff on upper ross commander of the ham many chinese somber and former ambassador of research i believe this period. and for the next fifty years. he's a very good wasn't it. for the investment needed us. one thing that you have to pay attention. did he mean it all that he'll crack called to teach. well griffin was with us. many questions. we don't get me to keep on the chinese in defence to turn the stairs many zealous into a house with a transport for both passengers and their present it gives the chinese consulate in which it took me a getaway for me to figure out the athens international
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airport seems to be the best choice since it offers opportunities for golf and expansion. she's an effort to appease least be that mom picked up five times a sign that we got us into topic of thirteen year he led england to seek the case of mosman is enough to be afraid month a safe investment holdings and participates in week forty five one seventy two percent china aircraft leasing company. giving a second that cctv. i was. and that's it for position will sing in at nine thirty pm beijing time but for now. us. coach lunch
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a small legion of outstanding natural beauty it is to preach and to teach you to make a th. i do legally team became wealthy i just don't exist in the context of these areas the area. slow steady. don't get me going each day. it tasted great too. the air. we made it onto the streets the street in which the slightly crazy. the full extent is true many today the many courts close in age it's part of the country
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