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you long lulu. the us welcome to nhk world islam and you know tommy and tokyo shares a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. political leaders and ran to their meetings at the national people's congress me an analysis of what the time to leave for china in the year ahead malaysian officials have dismissed satellite images that showed a possible wreckage site for the missing airliner. and regulators in japan have decided to speed up the sci fi screening
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process for one of the nation's nuclear plants delegates from across china have ramped up an annual political gathering they finish this section of the national people's congress politicians have address complaints about corruption pollution and the gap between rich and four the delegates been for nine days in meeting and approve plans for the year ahead leaders have said that economic growth target for two thousand and fourteen of our rounds seven and a half percent. they included bad target in their budget and can also increase spending on defence by more than twelve percent to about one hundred and thirty billion dollars but some delegates didn't agree with the approach to tackling corruption has prosecutors submitted a report on your pet's abuse their power. about seventy percent of delegates who cast ballots either voted again east or abstain from approving the report
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the order. it was. china is a country ruled by a long gone regardless of his or her ranking everyone is equal under the law. anyone who violates the communist party's discipline for the loan will be strictly investigated and punished. we also touched on air pollution clouds of an airborne pollutants test case over beating and other cities the draw when we say we declare war to his devotion to prayer does not mean that we declare war against mother nature knows no season not to vote means we have to change our careless ways of living since producing goods. police said authorities will intensify their efforts to combat pollution he said the government will punish those who violate emission laws and harm the environment this years that the government sessions set ambitious targets for reforms but some policies in the country appear to remain
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unchanged. nhk world community on local reports from beijing. in the closing of the national people's congress the highest ranking member of china news poll jolly good show. kuchma has critically he confirmed that goal and strong determination for change. follow. we should rely mainly on the people and strengthen our confidence stay on the correct path and it can consent to. write a new chapter was in the history of our great cause of reform and opening up. to that chain and tanya i believe reforms are making progress under the leadership of the central government which was inaugurated last year going on and on and on behalf of the people until the government has to further advance measures against corruption although
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discussions for both of the need to push for reforms so's the golden eagles to fill it with a sense of crisis is the deal with smoking issues. the congress to agree for angels the final day. it was a sign that the government had been critiquing it cools off or waste. as always. the number of years and noble on the resumption of protected on the giant screen in the great wall for people to meet and soul with its titles the tv station did not report the assault. to be an example for formal disclosure of information. the practices exist that fueled many administrations is telling me that my being that if there are many noble to forty two the chinese. criticism of the garment might increase
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this book is titled call new sport he tries to hide as much information as possible it might be inconvenient for the puppy. the final day of the congress. no people in china was likely he was only the colton coleman committee chairman john major. but these days. chinese can get themselves on the websites offering media. this could lead to an increase in distrust the government close to his position shipping and other leaders on vault reform and all four of the goal and releasing information may help a lost influence on the stability of china. here we go home which will raise fuel preaching. the us state department spokes person has criticized china for blocking philippine ships in the south china sea. jan said she'd call the act of provocation that raises tensions. she
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said the us was troubled by the report that chinese patrol vessels on sunday forced to philippine supply ships to turn away from waters near this friendly islands. the islands are at the center of a territorial dispute between the philippines and china the philippines ships were reportedly taking supplies to troops guarding an controlled by the country stacie noted that the philippines has maintained a presence at the shoal since nineteen ninety nine. she said there should be no interference with efforts to maintain the status quo. time an aussie and countries including the philippines signed a declaration in two thousand and two in debt peacefully resolving territorial issues in the south china sea. china has been increasingly active in the sea claiming most of it has its own. the top officer of u s marines says planning for the construction of new infrastructure and mom will start early next to it
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that is completed the buildings would post some of the u s marines now stationed in japan's okinawa the commanders of the marine corps james amos was testifying before the house armed services committee on wednesday. the supplemental environmental impact statement. should be complete schedule be complete. towards the end of this year. battle as in the planning for the construction. chief of naval operations jobs in the green areas also attended the hearing. i don't wanna go back to me all the way to the us it's a long way back the inner there to do should prepare and i agree with me i haven't tried at the facility there as soon as feasible the japanese and us governments have agreed to transfer to guam summer reads now stationed in okinawa. but the us congress has a freeze in place on some other transfer related expenditures the obama administration has requested fifty one million dollars for the plan for fiscal two thousand and
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fifteen down from the amount asked for the previous year the reduced amount diminishes prospects that the transfer will be carried out. analysts say in the meantime the u s military is upgrading facilities at a base in guam as it monitors china's increased maritime activity aye aye aye. more countries have joined the international effort to find inhalation passenger jet that went missing early saturday morning. due to gas and joins us with the latest. brooks saddles were concerns about possible by being spotted by a chinese satellite the malaysian authorities sent the information was inaccurate. the chinese premier has called for the ordination of the mission to find and the aircraft. in short the search for anything stop me on thursday alongside
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other countries including pasta nations china and the united states. the next fool proof room on a malaysian military transport plane looks in the north and a lot street. plainfield well in around six hundred meters above the surface while personalities. i'm not used to look for any trace of the missing aircraft. i see one thirty transport plane from the japanese self defense force was despite of the south china sea the fifty four of the two hundred the alarm for the malaysian airlines jet for chinese nationals. premier new coach on tuesday news conference at the end of the national people's congress in beijing to speak about the frustration many chinese people are feeling. when mary the ocean. we have requested that the relevant parties to improve their coordination to find out that caused the disappearance of me. and
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to locate the missing plane to shanghai. then she pulled on cheese toasted to mobile calls and always interns at the youth the city of the season when school china's space to the organization sells the satellite captured in and use of free floating objects in the south china sea. after the plane went missing malaysia's southern chinese report losing my grip and no objects were found in bacteria. it has anything to do. we don't do it this afternoon. the images were released wednesday. just when mr saw malaysia would cooperate with other countries to analyze data that might help locate the missing aircraft. thai prime minister and optionally has suffered a major assault on year economic agenda
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the nation's highest court on wednesday wolf and cub foods and dishes. the plans were unconstitutional. a proposed high speed rail network and other flagship projects we now have to be shoved into thailand's economic woes. wish you well so will not start over ports the tuna was planning to spend about two trillion baht one more than sixteen billion dollars on works over seven years. the leather clear to parliament in november also by state government to follow the money. but lawmakers were not given time to get a date opposition parties filed a lawsuit to block it ireland's constitutional court agreed noting that the government should only be allowed to pass those they get both huge amounts of money. if there was an innocent man. the prime minister said she was disappointed. it's a pity to
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leave no stone opportunity to try the country for it to the head towards setting up a community in the nc in the region and become a hub for investment. i am. we'll know how to review the plans to build for high speed rail lines connecting with uncle chris provincial seat east it has been stressful to minister to thailand to promote japanese students who have trained technology. head over an international tender scheduled for this year china korea and european countries were also expected to bid for the rail contracts a few hours after the poll lead. having announced a cut its benchmark interest rate for the first time in four months. it's the silly idea
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what percentage point two two per cent. so always seems to soak and ten. has expressed concern over the economic outlook tears have been staying away in anti government contest. the bride say come on its ability to also dad's consumption and investment. ford's decision to go the spending bill isn't the best mobile cart and started to come. imac was hoping to sit tight and family contract to become a developed economy. market sources say there is evidence that some foreign companies may now we can see that their clients to invest in taipei so for months or more so in a stairwell and call. that wraps up our bowls and top speed up the sun and heat up
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in the lead as they are another sign that said china's economic growth may be slowing down in both production and consumption in the first two months this year grew at a slower pace than last year. officials at the national bureau of statistics the investor output in january and never come mine rose eight point six percent from a year earlier. the pace of increase has moderated by more than one percentage point compared with the figure in december the slowdown is due to slower growth in production for export. the bureau also released data on retail sales for january and february the figure rose eleven point eight percent from the same period last year was thirteen point six percent in december new zealand's central bank analysts raised its key interest rate for the first time since a major earthquake hit the country three years ago. policymakers at the reserve bank of new zealand increase the rate by zero point two five percentage points to two point seven five percent
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they had kept the rate at a record low of two a half percent since march two thousand and eleven. there was a month after the quake devastated the southern city of christchurch. the center bank officials said they had tightened their grip on credit because the country's economy has been picking up steam. they also noted that inflationary pressures have been increasing. busy lives economy has been growing due to brisk exports of dairy products. instead the post quake reconstruction efforts they said inflationary pressures are likely to remain strong over the next two years. and i each a life insurance one of japan's major insurers by sales says personal data on about forty thousand customers have been misplaced but so far no abuse is reported. executives at dai ichi revealed that the life insurer last two magnetic tapes that store the names and or says illnesses and medical records of customers. they say they discovered that two tapes were missing during a regular
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inspection last month and a subsidiary in tokyo. but there's no evidence to suggest the tapes were taken out of the facility executives say they will strengthen the company's information management system local police have arrested an engineer and they believe will lead to industrial secrets. they suspect he passed high tech research data on by toshiba to a viable firms in south korea the engineers accused of leaking the data six years ago he was working for semiconductor manufacturer based in the us. the american firm and toshiba were jointly developing a type of flash memory known as an end police say the suspect copied research data at a plant in japan and passed it to the south korean firm asking hynix. the rest in him for breaking the law that for him it's unfair competition flash memory is one of toshiba its key products it's used in smart phones and portable music players japan's top government spokesman says the country needs to safeguard its
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technological expertise he says officials are trying to help businesses protect their intellectual property aye aye aye aye. japanese regulators have decided to fast track the safety screening process for a nuclear facility mess and i plant in southwestern japan could be the first in the country to pass the tests for a restart officials with the nuclear regulation authority state no speed of screening for the two reactors at the company. it's operated by kyushu electric power company. all of japan's forty eight commercial reactors are now offline they must pass the screening before they can resume operation. send thy is one of six plants in the advanced stages of a safety review the regulators discussed whether to give priority to the screening process of the six plants. you wanna make sure the facilities can withstand more powerful earthquakes and tsunami the regulators will issue a report on the results of
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their review. the last experts for their opinions and hold hearings managers accused electric folk resume operations at this end i plant before demand surges in the summer. still ahead for the utility is the future on site inspections and persuading local residents at restarting the reactors is safe. one of japan's top professional soccer clubs has got a penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior that would allow the reds must play a match in an empty stadium. because some fans showed prejudice against foreigners. the banner reading japanese only. it was displayed last saturday at the saitama stadium near tokyo. the reds are playing a match against saddam colson jamie executives reprimanded the club and ordered their march twenty third heat their home game of the stitching is a test post to be played without any fence in the stands. so do not approve of mine who was in awe
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before and seeing that link which would of taken it as discrimination. i think it is discrimination to let you know you watched. he says hotel officials failed term or the batter until the end of saturday's game. the club had been informed of it about an hour earlier i would do without. the club's present apologize he said the punishment is appropriate considering the problems the incident caused who knew hasan is key. we had not paid enough attention to the problem of discrimination we thought we were ready to deal with it we were not sweet officials gave an indefinite ban two threes supporters food good sign. in the water line the fence to bring flags or banners two
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matches. the world soccer governing body thief i adopted a resolution in may of last year calling for stronger action against racism and discrimination tokyo police believe they may have believed in their search for the person who defaced books related to anne frank and the holocaust they're questioning a man who has reportedly admitted to vandalizing books. staff ready to kill libraries discovered a just war and are cut out of more than three hundred copies of anne frank's diary. someone also damage biographies of the jewish teenager and other books stephen other libraries in japan and discovered similar attacks. last friday police arrested a man on suspicion of unlawful entry into a bookstore in tokyo the suspect is in his thirties. they say surveillance video from last month shows the man walking around inside the shop please say some of what he has to say is in comprehensible. but they say he is admitted to ripping pages from books to libraries
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are still trying to figure out whether he vandalized and frank books. i know the spring grand sumo tournament is in full swing in all osaka western japan are similar reporter hero monica has more. maya surrounded by nintendo is competing at its highest ranking this time. that's because heat is with an impressive record of eleven wins and four losses in that new year's tournament. but in this journey it's been pretty rough going for the twenty three year old wie to see tht the arena for four days and do squats the time has slipped into the being. what they like. he performed like a completely different man
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the key moment of this attack against all ticket sales cycle. he used his quickness of it. because let's be clear i still think that lacks his talent he must stand in his opening taunts to become a real deal. all the good times he'll cut could use another man who was in the limelight in osaka. the mongolian is going to run a promotion to the sport's highest run called the yolk was enough this simple countries to make it to you because there is clear. but maybe not so simple. we were ten kids hello mongolia some of us to challenge him on thursday the offences and makes quick work of total loss. ucla's known quantity goes to forty one and keeps his promotion hopes alive. there's one more man i like to mention and dots olsen not asked the zips and is competing in his third top division torment and he's on a roll. rossi told me yesterday that he's not in top form as he's suffering
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from the flu. but by the end of the best. i thought he was having to remain on the tank olson the sea is the only adults to use the run can find up to five days. mookie india was not counted in soho and the hum of crazy make up the undefeated trail heading into day six on friday. ay ay ay ay ay. heavy rains around it and then our meteorologist roberts pena has more on this storm and the weather for the rest of the world robert p s the good news is that early on in the season improving conditions for the overnight hours a lease for western and central japan where you've argued in impacted surround the day here with high winds and heavy rainfall at sci fi locations just south of tokyo on hearing the easy while its wheels got sealed to one
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hundred and twenty six kilometers per hour reported today that put that perspective. nasri around the equivalent of typhoon strength winds now this by no means is the typhoon but it just shows you how strong the winds have been back towards the west we've also seen in coach the prefecture read around three hundred eighty millimeters of rainfall reported over torture co co op was about two hundred millimeters of rain has been coming down you see here by friday morning it's off towards the northeast as a caddy at though we are looking to strong northwesterly winds wrapping around this so the cia facts to me she's gonna crane back on yet again winds of two hundred twenty six climbers proud to be seen with that. and furthermore you see already there. some of that energy is to make its way over towards the pacific coastline. overall i've been in a much clearer but a few flurries could fly in and around tokyo there on friday not the new camera lady. but it is on wristbands can be seen on high pressure will work its way in from the west off portsea ease during its unfair conditions by the weekend. let's change gears the look of south africa where you have been dealing with a tremendous
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amount of rainfall in northern portions of the country and we can see here over the past seven days a few areas of singapore is about three to four even five hundred millimeters of total rain. this is what it looks like on the ground here where the bill. river levels continue to rise the army in taking measures to reduce that but there is still problems. i mean people have been in the meantime people have been evacuated and three people are still missing that's on top of several that some were reported earlier on this week. there's some good news though i precious to work its way in from the west by the weekend in dc rate here at least some improving conditions as that hill and a cold front moves off that's been bringing you down rain let's look over towards the americas so were we haven't seen this still falls fun and more image is not coming out of new york state with school and enroll them where you have seen. ottawa sixty seven years in a few ear is here in the past twenty four hours now it's not so much just an old attic or in upstate new york it's
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the way it was absolute dusty out here. fourteen counties issued a state of emergency and blizzard warnings were put in place and that at least is starting to improve as far as the weather out here for the time being because yet again another systems to move through the recent snow fall for southern ontario but a warming tray out ahead of it and then a cooling trend behind us a little roller coaster ride is rising temperatures in the senior across the northeast to go the trouble trusting york actually tron two minus seven thereby a thirsty but it warms up on friday. and then by saturday a little bit warming trend sing with new orchid and eventually calls back down so up and down also were towards the european union looking at a change in temperatures as well especially across the north i practised on eighteenth century europe is making for some beautiful weather. even these two men are trained to be dealing with thunderstorms that's going to taper off but a new cold front coming through and that's going to drop these temperatures down for many of you stopping for lane even care if you've been enjoying above average temperatures this week. but by saturday in the sunday
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people do that. dropping down to single digits. his accent forecasts. i am to noon. i am in. time i did. bless his
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line was around she meets the needs of its the sydney area. it's cute world's tv of the bcs selection of programs from this week's time. here we go with that person. you did to sixteen is a project that aims to discover and foster the artistic skills of young people across asia. this program is a broadcast of the projects thirty international media festival its theme is home. he left for japan on sunday is less traditional japanese busy. so
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through its recently recognized as a unesco intangible cultural heritage but do if you are japanese people are actually eating it this program looks at the appeal of us children from a foreign perspective so much to their database state of the march eleven disaster world famous artist holding benefit concerts the nhk world tv series tomorrow features artists who have supported mr to the region of north east of and their efforts have led to many benefit concerts including one in strasburg which is the focus of our first music for tomorrow program. police checked the website and podcast canceling your time talent and state tends to be the world's tv. two he returned to the greenpeace japan is quick to me the people to whom who are still working hard to rebuild
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its communities. the world has been falling international journalists artists and researchers who have come to witness the efforts that are reshaping the state. these are stories of recovery. to listen to. i wake up. evan seems a bit at what he has run with information about the peak of eight different scenes at hand last week this deals with programs that cultivate the next game from the white sands. cities i want to sneeze at. we hope you will want to add that the company. or why i knew knew him. new east the only well


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