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knew lula will the fan the news. president barack obama is more aggression people faced costs of the ukraine ap continues its inclusion into crimea. he was speaking to face to face school soon you will all be squeaky clean in interim prime minister said that she knew about most of us will continue to sit for a diplomatic solution to the crisis will want to receive discounts which cost the us and its allies will be forced to apply because the allegiance of the g seven nations issued a similar threats. yes he told
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the court is ukraine's like stupid to dependence will never surrender. it is absolutely unacceptable to abortion through some ukrainian crew out to the twenty first century final eighteen points a marshall field's and tt's be stressed. the idf responded with goals to our knowledge of rockets fired from across the street. the israeli side for wednesday's strike the second time it gets here and we ought to do we fight it's the sort out twenty nine dollars gets you into what he called the terror infrastructure in gaza the topics he would rule this out this trip to ikea bought today we strive and fight the enemies radio hosts like going to need me. senior sources said. he's a big cupcake to islamic place is wanted in iraq from the ikea close the border crossings between that causes strip and israel after the power to drop its prime minister netanyahu said that if that is no common to self do with the noise in the gaza strip
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i knew the routine use of june more the eye. the rude guy. bbt. indy mini musical wicked many downtown. it's all too windy. gently on
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the contents. i met a twenty min . the eye. mm mm. i like to re set to begin reconnaissance flights on it apart and the rituation in diapering you crying following the russian invite him into the crimean peninsula. acting on the recommendations from the alliance's top minute to come on to us that foolish general for that great of a watch planes will fly from the flame prices in germany britain and continue for as long as the climate. at the mall and we are ready to reduce the salt ready to execute the order. we are prepared to and we are still training yesterday was so was the train ride. today is trying to retrain until until nighttime. and yet we are ready to go. despite she'd cry not being a nighttime and
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russia's intervention in crime and has a lot my previous nights last week hundred and thirteen speed of light above the side of the union joined the cult will confront a rule which allows any i liked consult other outlaw least if it feels its short is under threat the proposal from mission is to protect on the two allies in the koran than dreaming of. i will stay in the space all from poland and romania all we'll fly in international airspace on the fun on the osce of seven ish and has now introduced a new cry to mum that i'm in a tree and power minutes the activities in the area of being repeatedly refused entry into the crimean peninsula the outlets the tip off the crime and government requested an extension of the mission to eastern and southern parts of you trying to install it though when i'm in a trio power of military activities in the areas the mission was lowest in the eastern city often at a recent walk split between supporters of russia's tai chi bulk on and on their
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opponents. one of the world's greatest ever inventions is reached its twenty fifth birthday to mark the anniversary of the world wide web the computer that was used to create the incident is going on display in tongues and so is busy and into next year said tim gunn as he explains how it all began photos and ninety nine. the internet or interested in sending email below is a website filled with ellie's tp the gym only place open to compete for and this began because i was frustrated to do because these systems do not log onto two of their old friends beyond that my mage and the system we can just take one of the other. and i was so compelling i decided that i wanted to build it pretty amazing he believes the incident is extremely powerful. if you actually think but how are you hungry
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i went around to compare the power of toledo and is trying to come to you and the accompanying york and you just use the code name for coming and you search the web and if the company where the ready meaning to any thought of the china last year or in the african village and you don't have a web browser he called it that you can tell a companion film to close any notice of the offence or else. ms lee now campaigns on issues related to privacy freedom of speech and free access to the web. he has been a sharp critique of the united states is interested in revelations began and now all keys from the cultists on to the rights to protect users from surveillance and intrusion the i hope the international community has roundly rejected the legality of the upcoming. nation with
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western nations say they will not recognize the vote to the united nations security council meeting in ten days on ukraine according to ukraine's constitution only a successful national referendum can allow a ukrainian territory to secede russian forces have in little more than a week taking over and plopped ukrainian military installations across the black sea crimean peninsula. the kremlin installed government run by russian mobster sergei axiom of known as the goblin has declared the region independent ukraine and called the referendum to confirm this. xm as a political party only received four percent of the vote and cranny is the last elections and he has now racks to hold the boat on the sixteenth of march the second time and has been brought forward analysts are saying the ascension the park is back to the scene of the parliamentary votes imposed by the soviets to demonstrate their willingness to join the union. with some studs and a russian soldiers patrolling the streets in the arab hostility and menace is unlikely to result in a
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high turnout for the vote despite polling numbers the kremlin's propaganda machine is likely to produce the peninsula's a regional muslim residents the crimean touch ours who are staunchly pro ukrainian but now a minority after moscow expelled them from their homeland in the nineteen forties have also called for a boycott of the farcical boat. some unseen huge whoosh whoosh of the word to use the study. the ceiling the most cynical team in history is when people had to make a choice under the gun see when they are afraid about their children their families. there was a similar situation in twentieth century europe. when the aggressors came and forced people to become collaborators. now all premiums have been offered to become collaborators. this is the kind of cynicism the international community must stop it is in use them to put into the slopes of
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the summit. russian president vladimir putin says moscow is acting to protect the rights of ethnic russians who make up the majority of india's population although they have been under no threat from the government in kyiv eu and us have warned that harsher consequences will be forthcoming. the student is not de escalate the situation a ten year old iraqi boy with an outstanding talent of the top of state has been described as the country's youngest professional photo but one local media. come on stream that was received recognition paced offense to install him as one of bullets and bombs domestic type this he's the top three contests towards the street i biked out to capture people and scenic spots with a single camera the same split them into knowledge that his silence. i saw in the beginning when with my father's fake grass rallies sometimes he would let me take the camera and took the camera back. he was surprised by the design so it was so nice james' father a
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professional photographer take the stock to try and avoid feeding is done as soon as his talent. the kind of power and he was then taken on by local news sites and see which began publishing his pictures. you can. this area of the washington dc suburbs is all pretty great in jewish life. but this particular neighborhood maybe the very epicenter of israeli jewish culture known as the little kid books. one of the best ways to gauge the culture and the aspirations of the little kid but cities to visit the schools here and farmland elementary at least one in ten students comes back from israel. three of them. this area. we walked in him. i respond to the case. so we can be close to the tuesday
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spoon and i took my office his tone the cotton agency can block them. weston park and the thing is to be so stupid tuesday's coop selected mvp. coast to holland when the need to come home. in addition to farmland which is a elementary school the privately run jewish day school is just one of many jewish institutions a short drive away. at the heart of the neighborhood its cafes for every one of the few fully kosher restaurants in washington dc area. we specialize in attendance and sandy beach pain inside me that easter bucket of slime off an awful the study patients. a year on the weekend. yes and it's a division of blood uptake of washington. customers come to cafes for reid to pick up the taste of home including familiar is really dishes such as falafel sure of the salad to the salad and hummus with pita. it's one of
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the centerpieces of the little kid that's what it comes from israel as far as i know they start from him. and that team because they feel i get home it's not have enough friends and fascinating this area. and i know that the school is this idiot that kids go to bed maybe get from a spell of the kids the scandal should know she was one of the early converts moving from israel nearly forty years ago to work as the secretary to the passat to shake at the israeli embassy. she raised three children in a home filled with eclectic jewish art collection. it's by that token women who went into the mix and had a nest in the conduct of the people of good will that night now from resigning. that they can afford a panicking and houses and on the stands. any because of convenience because of the ot in the coastal for lack of leads and an awesome to be close to schools synagogues and intuitive to school in uk. i
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loved it and they know folks think that most of the diplomatic move in i now move into this area. meaning our schools and the jewish community center of greater washington. ari brief walk down the street. enabling the community to keep the sabbath which can be a rear advantage in the car driven american suburban culture. one of the attractions of farmland elementary is its program for speakers of other languages the teachers here are especially aware of the learning differences for children raise speaking hebrew. in fact the entire community attempts to honor there is really transplants for making sure id bands are not scheduled to complete the jewish holidays to readily available at church this is priscilla huff for j and one in rockville maryland
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the until the close return freaking team salute it by the nazis jordan were uploaded to the descendants of the rolex on a steel ring ceremony organized by the french ministry of culture and communications in paris. it's all for my knee and biden color richness of guess what. isn't it to do with the plane saying that in a toilet block in the first time since june anointing for t3. the painting has been in the hands of the ruling alliance. he was an opponent of the regime nice lady named in the period it was about they want able to take the strongest team. just to get to the house so the house is empty. and also the wall they destined to win back the throngs. the house is empty. he had been taken out of it. by the nazis the comes a time when she was not suited to doctors particularly in the only after revelations last year in two thousand and eleven
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terminal floor. she found one billion euros worth of paintings from some of the world's great to softness in a flat in unit fronds has now given ten paintings to them relate to live in is less than a year as part of an ongoing effort to return hundreds of new to the blokes a jewish owners lost during the will. . reunited to be but no one cares because after the due on the idea that the holy lance bass and festival that till the fashion week is taking off with a t local design is selling off their latest collections under the watchful eye health guest of honor to assist guests is yummy to the editor in chief of vogue italia. silly wanted
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to find out from the city's mayor wrong with the code he sees his city's fashion week compared to other fashion weeks around the world. we are not trying to be like somebody else would i die the city often ended up living out our product to me and i were skewed to learn to use them. exactly like this outdoor fashion week is different than i was a common scene and you'll understand it took two more tonight is the man behind the atf and the spirit of the two of the fashion week so we wanted to find out from him how hard it is for him to keep that caused it to light our door many people. so heavy and at the windows only the beginning. you know for certain is no question. we
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know from every sale. so it's the same year. some of israel's leading ladies in hollywood. iranian especially to their hometown to graze and beyond with the presents and some real glamour as they gave us some of their wisdom of how to love even sent to the hike was obviously a guy is really sad thing is really tired which is which is in the canals that is why this story dealing with. in israel in general the area. a vibrant society the thing out instead they feared the bill there is special for me in very bad for what's to be and the bits that stick beginning on my eye. that's
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me. we can not do it on here it was to the option is to support without asking the kid still on the editor in chief of vogue italia from cassette so knew what she feels is a viable tuesday on but did vibrant fashion week feels like for her. i guess that is in you and see the video content. here is that. i get to it the advocate about the time the delight that the advent of us. and please add to it so i suggest to me the time to get it to go to the top though the ikea to suck on them but to be with you the chili fashion week has undoubtedly become one of the most prominent events happening in the city that menopause is the many sponsors of the event went to make sure it won't lag in
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style compared to the other fashion weeks around the globe and have shelled out an estimated two million dollars to make it an unforgettable affair. but jane one on one jacobson at the opening gala of the twenty fourteen in the fashion weekend to lead. the for blake us national store tea i can see on a mixed it would snow to use to sponsors like that secret as the american supplied its operations addressed the crowd the festival goes out the state's south west southwest impromptu festival snowden who was already living in russia and ten prius all of them did not appear in person the technology conference in austin texas participate remotely via video link from last time when he critiques was current. i'm for my ns i had them rolled in calming and snack on national
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security in the us when asked if he was satisfied that these decisions for the last one and a science might and snowden said. what i do this again. beyond is absolutely yes. regardless of what happens to make this is something we have the relief and i took an honor to support and defend the constitution abolished so that the constitution was violated all my stats kindness i may start to recast to top it all in its favor stocks and designer many snow would try to be off to summer bay st two thousand or ten collection showcasing the line close to sixty ensembles were some of hollywood's twelve team the collection of designers the preseason needed to increase the creek for a nice summery skirt slim pants p states saris long downs widespread applause as
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jackets and mind in trousers a summer affair played about one hundred sq romantic notions were displayed using layers friends and overlapping embellishments hints of pink a new term these stars white and black completed the color spectrum in the collection. playing with the traditional woman's where the designer added physical steps to decrease to saris and chillies which is a blouse worn to the story. for the men's wear pants red's i wanted to know and when terry and larry's to five sets of clothes orange yellow and to sell prints for both men's and women's wear. the shell and included swing coats hands one gallons in a tiny printed three quarter sleeve charlie. speaking about his choice of model for the show stoppers finale hunter said that she likes of lakes or not she carries indian clothes and also denies her work and films. this is the weekend. seas to two visits to the raleigh based
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on that day onwards to do the different kinds of foods ties to the slaughter we ate to that system because it doesn't taste that is going to isu and on to this moment you think you can do it. you can't organize my life be full of cherries clothing drumming video displaying designers patients will continue until the sixteenth of march in the grand hyatt hotel in mumbai. up. posters calling for peace in ukraine allow industry to lead into kits independents wet old molly done onto some of the forty countries have come to be a trip to the exhibition pork and elyse by police is the piece you crying and design as an artist collective. the strong messages and colorful displays of the st exhibition which slices onto the pilot kites this day was timed out molly dodd attracted the attention of many a possibility. exhibition or the noise the side that received hundreds of posters for my aunt is all across the way of sending them
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messages of peace. would you not that we're very keen sense of community designed to support this. thanks to them a menace to announce a contest that exhibition in the center of kiev and eight the crisis in ukraine since the capture of the solace of people across the world hollywood's oscar award winning shorts clearly in john you're a and supports thing that angelic politician the idiot am ashamed of wearing it takes to calling her release after time politician on oaks was like a microsoft founder bill writes i'm piecing is taught to richard branson a post i will pull gone with their support for the troubled nights the top supermodels. gracie and hiding inside a house showing off the tree secrets two thousand fourteen summer swimwear on the rooftop pool in west hollywood. this two new designs including online bikini top slightly bottoms and cropped floral tops. and
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tracy ann and fiance of maroon five frontman adam b priestley who sometimes can be consistent and rise as the sterner stuff than you need on circumscribed too nice. standing barefoot in the cleverly decorated rooftop displaying her sculpted to seek after having two children embracing me some tips on how women can and then at the beach and pool. what makes it beats reading stephanie like getting the standpoint of some sports outside even if you skinny guy likes the beach or the bones is like texting will it be an exercise to lags says i eat healthy people lying to like this now and now michael liked what seemed like a face that's how some fruit so did the right size specimens summer days. victoria secrets swimwear line is available worldwide at the company's retail stores five hundred
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surfers from thirteen different nations. some pro others and teachers have descended upon the spouse through the queensland sunshine groups for the world's largest air festival. dark spectacular has become one of the most popular the band's music festival circuit. thousands of spectators gathered to do some incredible performances by hounds and their masters the noosa festival of surfing was founded in nineteen ninety was an amish are surfing competition called the smell of the classic the lab called mentors to bring friend's sister. but the event's popularity among competitive long borders in the club an opportunity to take the events that next level in the nineteen eighty six the professional division introduced. this year's event saw sixteen international backpackers most of the unfamiliar with certainty the crash course are in the midst of deep end of the competition. the noosa festival of surfing began on sunday the ninth of march in
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romans two fifteen. i knew he's going smoothly a repeat offender in her life instruction industry has got the script and updates that actually since the monty nineties. the three day event to put them aside from italian fashion house michelle and eight followed by china to its right to silence. second i featured an old ploy to try from young and promising low cortisol in a league rep in this race he was inspired by iranian talks till it was a rest in her reactions. i can. i mean it ate maggi mee. any money. in his memory. so this post is on the dollar in front at
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present the collection. she say she was inspired by a stroke. i might commit the imports in two cities in the manufacturing of the clients in the two raced bikes. i've used the entire bill. all i did then you can dance. there is there a book that varied in there and you know. and that the forest defence said the nec is my sickening. special guests don't even like in appearance disney support on cypress some iconic mini melts. a special project for the night grace foundation presented a ton of folks i'm sad to brighten any substance to it which is right it does on his taking of a challenge to design outfits inspired by the cult income to the event was attended by many local faction of the sound of children with older profit on the site directed to the michael its foundation in his trial which helps the field of dreams of sick children. zai. will you. do
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will he be. to me. gold. who are. i will the tsar. is he
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the only state that he stands and they'll do something that doesn't get it yet. it seemed ok by me. see that warm. using noon. y'all it's the dog to sit down note the clunky and not the end of the main any team as you go about the meeting that is the scene. when
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chc!vez. says. cheney and to answer taiwan and ten for tang of much wealth eighty ninth anniversary of the death of dr sundance and present of mine joe complied with tradition and paid his respects to the founding father of the republic of china as nestle s a memorial hall during his visit he denounced the toppling of a sign that says statue in tyne and by a pro independence group several weeks


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