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will. trading of peace in syria us a good steak george carey says ukraine tensions great effect washington was good we took the play was in the middle east. the cubs in the wake of america pledging support to ukraine's new prime minister do you believe they were able to determine the best of all the bells to support the self examination that he has the leadership but refuses to do the same forty five am people. just about cope with it is also accusing it of the nato ukraine to take her to a warning of consequences sparking criticism of double
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standards at the crime here when compared to other breakaway state. i'm torn you should also know that ndependence from ukraine while c rlers lepolicies of broken promises. also this hour of quakes in the us state of the particles local officials called for the operation and which are proven to be special shale gas drilling method. the much more studious that it was good this is looking to do with the two different day. with even more tough talk from america's top diplomat joan keri says that serious steps against russia could come as soon as monday is crimea goes ahead with its referendum
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even more that diplomatic tensions may a fake peace effort to ward told syria most of the chicken reports what we have hard at it you laugh as secretary of state john kerry basically saying that like you mentioned a series of very serious that would follow if the referendum and cranial were to go ahead. this sunday there will be a response of some gun into the referendum itself. and in addition if there is no sign of any capacity to feel them move forward and resolve this issue. there will be a very serious serious areas of steps on monday in europe and here. with respect to the options that are available to us. he has also said that contingencies have been put in place. i'm just in case russia decides to proceed further into ukraine i very odd controversial statement there because obviously russia's position i had has never been to do something like that and he also curiously i john kerry
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didn't see that sam tension between moscow and washington that are ongoing over ukraine could meet idea of cooperation on. the crises like syria more complicated a cometely different race if that's not the west and russia seem to have been kind of walking hand in hand on at least. police believe god is being used either as an excuse to change us policy or almond maybe even blackmail it's hard to say. now these statements from ten a comma after on wednesday barack obama after meeting with the interim prime minister gets new here in washington d c said that the west would not recognize any such referendum taking place in crazy as this is very curious because the us has been saying that it stands for the right of self determination of the ukrainian people cry to me as i did it involves ukraine and seven thomas republic in ukraine now this latest threat of sanctions from kerry and staff serious steps be taken from after last week the west put in
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place of the use of ad against certain individuals and officials that he deems of responsible behinds to be behind the ukrainian crisis both russians and ukrainians and also with a set of sanctions was implemented by barak obama executive order where on a weight was addressed against individuals and entities that you thought of getting in the way of the democratic process in ukraine. from his push for independence has been dismissed by western governments despite the un shown to enshrine in people's right to choose this over and stay up without another contentious points fr ukraine to british conservative party mp brooke's new mohawk. is it now then for russia to get in any illegally invade another country. the interesting russian going to deny under the sun doesn't suck and again for their many countries throughout the world in which the witch change takes place and there are teams are in governments you know we have to work within the international norms. russia is not acting in international norms is a legally getting in and truly
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taken over part of another country. the question of evil ukraine has now begun by the old shack off to do what it ring a surveillance operation to see whether there are indeed not invasive forces within the crimea that being invited to do that today the russians are saying they've already have a force of course with a trip out on their lead in the day has been real indication of any impatience of why is it to the west keeps thinking that this seems to be increasing evidence of a new entry build up on ukraine's border also went close to about sixty thousand soldiers something like if you find out what to say i agree that these miniature got to the artillery now that could be spring maneuvers call it what you want but i think something else is going on here. i'm an increase in coal seams us troops on the ukrainian border as well second i was given about extremist element within the kids government the aisle is the eu the european governments in the west choosing to ignore that when you know the thing is there are extremists in a frankly not just in ukraine but didn't. elsewhere an increase
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in poland in many countries even in europe up and begin a run for chewing the fat so we don't demand because they represent an obsolete minority of the ukrainian people. reaction to george harrison h is coming true and concrete as head of the justice integrity project don't care is said that call are you ready to talk to me i do that to me. sorted it's a diesel project scientists expect but now that john kerry is that there are contingencies of russia blues he moved to ukraine but muscat says is not planning to do and the fame of the salsa. why would a joke every lead to the conclusion that assumption that the russian dolls have plans to leave home what a lot of laughing going on. everywhere whether in the boxing ring or politics. i didn't even get what you want by a bluffing and an intimidating the vets with a jew. so the idea i
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think that's going on and both sides show above what about now bring syria into the frame. why why would the us mentioned syria. well it's a side issue. it's a bit of a distraction but again it's not. it's making it look like the united states in the west have a lot of good options to bring to the threat. but in fact um i i i don't think it would be especially effective because it should be a collaborative process and a to bring inside issues since it's not all clear why that would affect russia's thinking. what about washington was preparing sanctions against russia twirls a hearing that said the eu is freezes on living to the summit battles and sanctions are they really the right way for them to
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these tensions. i don't think they are. i think the right way is for height. each nation to talk to its core constituencies in one manner about what the options are proceed with a clear view of of what the realities are what the costs and benefits of each method is obviously sanctions are better than war of him to play in the short run but does sanctions. i have a cost. that's not being articulated here. when done especially when the united states is advocating free trade. in other contexts. god it's obvious that policy makers know that sanctions do in fact ever cos if inflows he said cos i was much better than the mitre confrontation been yet kerry saying that the sanctions could get ugly. will suck when he says in multiple
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directions. i got some of tangible leagues ovals can we be talking about. while these are yet again bluffing added i don't mean to hold it against cinema and in any way but that's what people in his position too. in terms of specifics. i mean it's potentially an extremely frightening situation of the undone. you can just imagine there are any possible danger a nightmare scenario. it is potentially possible. and though we can only hope that john it is talk and bluffing because each measure on one side then brings another measure for another. and i knew i would hope that everyone realizes and even a thank you so much facial cent increase in
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the justice and to keep our lives and emotions and thinking. well the european parliament is pledging to support ukraine's really does well to melt steel russia's actions on the upcoming referendum in the crimea this resolution comes on the heels of jimmy's child's life threatening russia with what she calls massive damage cheques mosque of deploying troops to currumbin on eighteen international will assist by the rush are insisting it has been a week reinforcements to the region his auntie doris with all this. if a test of the of the adults that all three of minutes to london. i on thursday as foreign minister sergei lavrov rights here at this evening's you back only to talks with us secretary of state john kerry. on friday said before the end of the week that you could tell that he can be a hot topic at the gates at the last judgment on sunday at knuckleheads in a small stone comics has continued to eat this european well stricken in this suggests that she makes her a hug and then
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insisting that this current territorial integrity of the ukraine was big file a suit by a rucksack given to me. back when witnessing a conflict of territorial possession the likes of which we still in the nineteenth and twentieth century. we thought we had a complex like that behind us. evidently we have and it is obvious that the territorial integrity and political unity of ukraine are being violated. this film lacks from the colac and said she's not anyone yet. this is coming in second thoughts what are the causes of nature says that his ex but have found evidence of russian treatment maintain a nuke write me a box. russia has repeatedly stressed and steady level the farm is to love that city starts to get an idea in this week that's been on an extra russian troops in crimea. at that saying that it's in the black sea fleet to that which is common in the states and that of course and any other forces that people have seen a lot in fact you call me ma said the crimean steve organize themselves into self defense groups and are taking
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nearly four days from rocks out on to existing snake that the russian defense ministry has now said bakiyev has said it aimed to vegas playing along the west ukraine board it just to see for itself whether there's any tree filled up with the boss is planning some kind of a sold out from the other from the other side defenseman since it's the same time as they make a statement that its pages made threats and it has nothing to hide it still made these reports coming in at the running lights and presents of the international report says have clean outs in the crimea to see if they can find any evidence. when i attribute to crimea. i expect to find what i saw on western tv back home. it matches the russian war machine in beating ukraine and its hopes of protest by western politicians claiming an invention was taking place right in front of fire ice russian military forces are crossing the border into neighboring ukraine russia is animal in pain it's a russian military helicopters and planes are in pain ukraine the u s intelligence community and nato are
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urgently trying to figure out what the russians may do next i confess i did see one russian tank with my own eyes but this war machine it's been years since the nineteen forties and didn't move ever since. so i sold all the people who are not soldiers. even so they aren't andriy the firm's some precedents in glancing to the rusty red make up the tank. as i have seen there is no marks from moscow the russians diligence on crimea. they are in the same obstacle in my critique brian o'neil s there yet there is a russian american presence and seventh opal i'd be had for ages but that's because it's the home of the black sea fleet which has been legally based in the years. after speaking to people in the streets. it seems to have recently incentive russian presence nothing has really changed at all times the upright stance of us bowled for forty years and sarah. you know this he always so was like militancy you know i think that's it
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nothing changed. what has changed though is the emergence of the self defense groups that are that it could be controlling the checkpoint that we've been going through everyday undead who have sworn allegiance to the regional powers. but he's an all russian troops and everybody here is insisting that the only russian troops that there are those within the committee basis maintaining the black sea fleet is that is being there for over two hundred years it's a placebo and the authorities may not be caught in a situation like this that is the reason our self defense laws exist when i just people who feel it's our duty to protect our native city. on kosovo still pull myself spend my whole life here. we maintain order lookout for any provocations to make sure nobody attacked journalists and the rest of the people have come from ethan and speaking to the self defense groups of it is the i'm the most of all it says that from a new hbo police background was to design its people must know that they are safe and protected and not by the military. regular
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citizens like themselves many of them. ukrainian soldiers that switched sides after the government here in kiev and has even former members of the outback and special police post of this that we saw involved in the violent scenes in an identical excess etf. but now they say that that they're protecting this region. from what i perceive in the far right that the capital. when it does look like child's merkel has the backing of the german in her criticism of russia's role in the ukraine crisis. eighteen percent of those polled online by job and taking newspaper the most cuz actions are legitimate and think the reaction of western governments is hypocritical what's more merkel's speech for sis bought some harsh criticism of the gem opponent taken us into this. then i could get the job because he opened a pandora's. cos of you should also know for
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others. little does he have in recent years by breaking winning the cold war has been tempered. everything else is he needs to get a posture of steam when they make that choice. i explained that since i have many interesting like how they decide they want. scold people living in the running around asking the same thing. i think the crimea breaking away from ukraine has just signed as possible. i knew that he was talking to a deductible expense of noise for a bbc poll said he doubted make his policies which he believes is the escalating tensions internationally. this must not do evil five and one everything that needs him in the eu could have done wrong things. when we restore tournaments. the u s gm and all the fallen has just claimed that will be my new name this promises to
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the ground. so today was an expansion to end rushes to rectify the cabinet that was the political turmoil in ukraine is helpful to come to service its huge debts. kids are only as russia was to begin dollars to cast that it's already used was still climbing to total for top spots as driscoll going indefinitely. casey building from offseason to capital program. you can elaborate more months. ukraine realize i'm not so full sixty percent of its gas needs a lot of the country during clinical trials and on the brink of bankruptcy. kiev has not been paying its gas fell into russian supply now. gazprom become the cnmi same ella was the best combo on forever she was until today. as of now ukraine and russia more than one point eight billion dollars. and that this is the growing each month each year. we don't want an economic collapse of the country because we want o forty disrupting the gas supply to europe through ukraine. this dance is essentially our thoughts to you crying. we have to have a clear understanding of twenty it will get financial support to help pay for the capsicum cheap well hey i get from
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long ago as a race for its hat into the tea thousand and six. but thanks to the castle today is that you get the kids ukraine did not pay its bills on was cut off the same thing happened in two thousand and nine as well as a consequence to avoid a supply disruption in the future we happy. nor does strain creates a gas pipeline to find posse train and send gas directly into your eyes you see that ad is also the pound sounds came as well though i don't often and take asset to southern europe that is in planning out the mayan a number of studies at europe's largest natural gas supply now. hamilton is keen to keep it that way but still will not halt the forecast of ninety at travels through ukraine. suddenly it is indeed the rocks is knowing your tent astronaut against concrete. you rocked one small ukraine were nailed to be privy to the texts and gas discount that was the day she says nelson and ninety two
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countries. khan on sentencing ask the year of weekly train as each has a country full and to supply does not want a conch is accused of many had been lost by a call about imposing sanctions on russia despite your desire to diversify away from the reliance on russian gas logs to a gas pump supplant the eu reap a record amount what team is a course of the developments in ukraine including shocking revelation of this life is in kiev. one whole advisors metal running the country has confirmed by ukraine's former security chief. always a sign you're not into national title as the party was from a senior israeli official to retake gaza amid ongoing rope exchanges between the state off. city. opting to be knocked unconscious with metal bars big as that no
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anesthetics. it's a big thank you been doing something similar to the market to buy because there's no monetary policy in the bank of england's tool box which can lead to bad debt to sleep that's why the fraud gold stakes on the fixed up now for a walk and drive its rise of whack. thanks to the market tried to defraud the market to say more the door. stories. you can do changing the world likes also pictured. the street. i
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don't the un security council is briefly about the situation in ukraine right now and interim prime minister also the year senior is also the van and he's being given an opportunity to make a speech were to concede was having them live right now because of the un in new york and dust off the afternoon. neither can see that has enjoyed vip treatment in the us is held racing starts with the above read the second stage on kerry and obama pledged his support for ukraine's pushed to the leadership you leave washington also promised a country of haiti and pillows in and day. and just because a regular guest in the us has even suggested to the most desirable easily for prime minister then the conversation recently this is the sickest think retorted with him. and that
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the us ambassador to the crane creek we stand he has not been recognized by russia. speaking at the un life of a moment the russian number please. israel says whole week it's been fun frugal as a result of the ball being bowled twenty million tall hits in the palestinian enclave in response to a brochure about sixty roll it into his room wednesday. the casualties reported on by the sudden intense forty. so israel's foreign minister coffers country to retake gaza human rights activist gary graham who's in gaza says the provocative was designed to disrupt the peace prize the ceasefire. what this is not that this is nothing to do it i'd been meaning to do with the peace process. i would order the man does not want peace for us the local court. as if she can still spot on and off california is
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a bit off a bit of a mole old saying surveillance much of the files and video cameras checkpoints in a high tech watch film gizmos may not be safe and secure is living in the cage. the holy see to the community part of a healthy cocoa. we go a little straighter police to more mistakes will have the right to crackdown on protests case in total silence. that was a far from happy about it is it any more. your parishioners in the state of bihar has been suspended because of a series of earthquakes the investigation into whether the trial is recalled by the controversial shale gas extraction method. maybe the us is being rapidly developing it showed gas industry which enables a revelation because of its includes economic profits the downside is its potential environmental impact. contamination of soil water and with toxic materials. green activists sharon wilson says the majority of americans on the side of cleaner renewable energy. or actually has been
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quite a bit of research and we do know that that's wrecking cars is a lot of harm. trekking enabled hurling has tremendous and nations. the methane is bad for our climate. we do know that water is getting contaminated and eighty six percent of americans once clean renewable energy resources anyone to watch what's happening in the united states and in australia and canada would know that there are too many problems to go forward with this at this time. because the lead to the eu parliament is that it's a tough environmental checks of oil and gas exploration costs. it is excluding shale gas that is a very good green politicians insist that the team tracking represents a major setback when the european countries is britain compared to all pushing most aggressively to develop industry which spain and romania following their lead. in other states does gemini from symbolic garrett
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decided to put it on hold bowyer mpg rabbits is turning a blind eye to striking wheel back on the eu the gun toting the agreement between men is to get from carmen with dom member state governments. he leaves out the compulsory element is still very much up to the end of the two member state how they can to do that's how we think that that's the real ira. this is why the state list. i need to really make environmental impact assessment compulsively to sell gas development is a real lost opportunity in the european union. mr ruddock what else is happening around the world at this stage of the day clashes during the few teenage boys to ikea and then. police deployed more to come in and taken some angry crowds in st regis that he's keeping the capital and stumbled across a molding the fifteen year old who died on monday falling nine months of retirement. coffee is great he would apply these to gas
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canister is just bought some rest. it doesn't take the cities to protest is leaving the prime minister as the boys cannot. that is where there is struggling to get the ongoing anti government unrest of the controlled the soldiers in purchases again cashing in the capital. three people died in separate shootings connected with the riots. it takes a number of fatalities in the last month to twenty fully funded nationwide rallies to be getting the kids president mature as the bishop but he says that ultimate end to western backed could. it's what you could see she has appeared on one of the bulls a mosque as vanderbilt to take old cannery pockets full of perfectly good reason. it's the study was to go and build environmental street artist banksy. the meal we went to depict the young syrian refugee. i will just edited the street just off of this during conflict. commercial animation commemorates the lives of the eleven thousand children who don't ride in the blogging. oscar would join other world capitals including london paris and amsterdam for
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the label re creation of going to read the last piece by releasing read blogs. this guy. old from exchange rates the price of gold the markets are riddled with fraud claims makes kaiser is an individual submission as an excellent international lobby that was when he switches to the hof ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. i am. sure pill cause quite the stir at least twenty fourteen conservative political action conference at her now famous infamous quote about how to deal with russia is flying all over the area at the book's years and years she said. he only needs to be a guy with good looking guy with the deal. to be fair people are taken as
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cool a bit out of context using that in terms of her fears that obama is disarming the country's nuclear arsenal will part we've seen having a big batch and it sure keeps the interventions of the country. boxer believes obama is disarming the us is madness there's actually no evidence that obama has even put a dent in the military industrial complex also use the term bad guys is an singer backcountry such bad people in them or just looking at things. this is the level intellectual discourse of a kindergarten class you which is just that shall blog you will also lead to violence because she talked about it being threats to food and took the streets even mean what a war with russia nuclear war. peel and grate is the worst type of chicken hawk garbage and what is even worse is that there are millions of people out there who buy into the simplistic more i like that stupid bad ice more war rhetoric but that's just my thing. i am they do. i do
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leeds. it did. and. team. ch
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we will will will will will will . the i knew in the end the south is coming up. i loved working with. it was the hottest it's been three years. walking from berlin three cars


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