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we will will will will will will . the i knew in the end the south is coming up. i loved working with. it was the hottest it's been three years. walking from berlin three cars. link me. one
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year. ali. top soccer boxes and looks like he's going to prison early august the president of this to the successful soccer club iron munich has been sentenced to three and a half years behind bars for tax evasion now he'd offered to pay back millions in taxes in order to avoid that jail time accordingly it decided to send a strong message to tax cheats. you learn within the mind in times of the shooting of this but trying to jam and soccer. a man who has won just about everything this ball past offer has been sentenced to prison after admitting that he tried to as a paint ball than twenty seven million units in taxes. a court spokeswoman announced the verdict shortly off to the trial and eight. they come of this young kid
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munich has sentenced the defendant to serena half years' imprisonment for seven counts of tax evasion by eon and six more not been so excited. outside the courthouse disbelief and anger as news of the bad expand among supporters in munich at least many people cannot imagine saying the one time finding a plan and current presidents behind bars. back into. the we are speeding by. yes it's harsh because for me you would even this is a likeable silent it's hard to make amends by admitting his guilt before it can now protected work out the way he wanted. yes blogs and update the nomination this time but not the last chapters done so much for supply and so this is a dry pitch and that's however was not the issue before the judges. they rolled the tennis is attempt to come clean with an admission of guilt was incomplete and the phone not too bad. then this is going to disagree with the buttocks and promptly announced they would seek to have it as it sounds you're the sort i've read it with a robust defence intends to challenge this verdict
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that shouldn't surprise you to do so by means of appeal in order to allow the federal court judge whether the self admission of guilt was valid partially valid were unsuccessful. that is to use it to its. the pollutants in the sun does. tennis remains free for the time being observers say it may be months before the high court rules on his appeal. and we're joined now in studio by our sports correspondent had a sock tied to the question here is what effect if any will thus have on them and the club and their play and has cut twenty oh one said anything. finding quality has been very wise to keep the same counsel for them and he teaches one to beat a position ways defending the indefensible he was wise to begin this week to say in the in the run up to the mexicans also hate the best recruiting week of the body harnesses win this game he has to keep the plan is focused gas to keep as a narrative about a full pullout was going on off the pitch. i think is well the bounds of the school. i'm
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demonstrating at the end of that at the end of the trial will gradually dwindled in number and i think that the dimensions of this that if spider with the aussie days. shopped a lot of people in unknown to me that he respected the fuel company gives you that you have to be seeking justice has been done it's on stone and tenuous that can be yours for the it's now my dear munich is really big business has there been any word from the club sponsors and vast areas what do they want to happen to notice listing date up a blue one and gone right the supervisory board which features the main exponents is aidan's audi added the speed of the faith in me today and we were still waiting on a statement from the middle not certain yet and i think it was that it would be difficult feeling to them. on the tt on day two when having made his show us that the trial would be open and cooperatives that the number of job up against these twenty seven point two meeting you is they'll be thinking more skeletons in the cupboards. i thing that was damaged his credibility with them lol. i'm thinking
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probably still believe in divine brown. but the twenty minute span is tarnishing of the way to success. ok let's set up for that is fully known as the stand down. i know what will future be for by munich the gop is trying to strike the right night between the eco community and being decisive in eighteen forty eight don't want to stop and see what happens. in nineteen ninety two a m at the beach began his retirement in the comp since plummeted down the table they all expected to grow quickly but the quality of love and perhaps but not to send out some of the technical director to do in the long term was seen as replacement the audience that is all happening very soon audience. what has he been here a season still learning the language of culture and to some zany been back to the club's technical director for you and offsite. he will be fasting can see how they plan out i could feel a bit doubtful. right as toppings for that analysis here in cdo there are just three days to go and told residents of the southern ukrainian peninsula of crimea head to
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the polls to vote on whether to join russia. there is a german chancellor to america warned that there would be mass of consequences including sanctions if russia doesn't start constructively negotiating on that controversial but hey she's been taking the lead on trying to calm what has become one of the biggest browse between east and west since the cold war. mcewan said to have a relatively good relationship with the kremlin medical challenge is to take a lead role in dealing with the crimean crises without closing the door on the russians the international community has high expectations the united states wants jamming to adopt a leading role in efforts to resolve the disputes. set the spotlight is on the jam and towns. it opened in london. in this dispute the long haul. but we can make when trying to challenge the euro this is among the territorial integrity of the european deeper in me
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that they are not respect the principles of the united nations meeting with a win in the end of time not feeling them. nicole made it out and that there was no domenici option in this for the us for your own. she said the resolution must involve talks with russia. financial aid to stabilize ukraine. and if necessary sanctions against moscow. the sanctions include visa restrictions increasing bank accounts and counseling emergency summit the parties represented in gemini bonus content content of russia's actions in ukraine. but the nest on t olson things you are up to standing to adults can hear its policy on russia. this was it's good to spend this much change in security in europe will not come without russia or against russia will only come with russia sentimental has to tread carefully. she has to find a way out of the crises but also ensures that cannot happen again. the crime and crises could become one of the biggest challenges of
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harassment. his answer more of the story be going out to our pal mr steele were sending young is standing by to summon some tough talk there from tesla michael but how far is generally actually willing to go to rein in the situation. one thing the station the moon is done today was one of the general and the increase in the official opening of the rest to a roman villa man cool. and she said pity for russian doll is and it's the crimea fast in the d home to russia. on the political and economic damage he said it would have grave consequences for most of his relationship with the european union and with the other members of the g eight said ooh that we seeing a general ratcheting up of the pressure i would say of course as you sit in the background there the sanctions threats from the european union to the germans also want to keep donald open. and many people of course the belief that if anyone can influence that can include seem to change course
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on ukraine. it's kind of a miracle. i'm in the us has said that it will impose travel restrictions and freeze bank accounts. what if the eu does it say what's the effect there. one thing carry that weight we se going to seem very imminently these this next level of travel bans and asset freezes on members of the new routines in a circle into gees that said i could concentrate minds that if it doesn't in russia continues to de stabilize you crying the next thing would be a much shorter range of school and economic sanctions and all concerns here about the sanctions spiral that is not to retaliate. things could get no steve and i think the fact that angle america was repeated in several times in that she's in for the long haul she's been paid to see it through with all the consequences and that means that a she was she would be when ready to pay the price and indeed except the political risks that go with that one simon that's the question that those risks in europe and germany special eye on russia for oil and gas
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is at risk too great. will it be that he's initiated in the gym and businesses all moi read about the effects of a trade war. about a third of june in these natural gas imports come from russia are able to get a lot of oil from there. this is the energy the striving and jim and pasted so of course that's a factor in gym and thinking as well. current signing and thanks for joining us. but ukraine's interim prime minister. i said yes and you are doing to address a session of the un security council in new york shortly ahead of that meeting us secretary of state john kerry repeated a warning to russia that it faces a series of serious doubts if it can access crimea. kerry was speaking in front of the senate committee in washington in crimea rochelle armored personnel carriers have been on the new car. russia says that it has begun a new military exercises near its border with ukraine. and in a separate development the austrian police say they
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have arrested one of ukraine's richest businessmen this came at the request of the american authority the new trial if at times has business interests in the energy and chemical sectors. he was arrested in vienna on an american warrant charging him with bribery and other offences. officials say for tax has been under investigation since two thousand and six. would that be. turkey's prime minister is blaming beyond grasp that rocked the country on what he calls charlotte and vacant site at once as his opponents are terrorizing the streets and trying to stir up chaos ahead of the elections. tens of thousands were out protesting against the government on wednesday to it all started with the death of a teenage boy who was injured during last summer's demonstrations here's more. go to philly to get some meds to coincide with campaigning from them is the climax it has been the deciding not to be a referendum on an alliance government of prime minister has begun an offensive against the protest is good
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tuesday. mayor charlie time nothing to do with democracy they do not believe in the ballot box and they can just see what is waiting for them you're doing the title of excuses to demonstrate is wanting to stab a man. on wednesday a funeral procession erupted into spent ten years protests and lead to violent classes with police. we trounced in the street in ankara and istanbul where fifteen year old boy who was married to the teenage and had died in his injuries nine months after being hit by police ammunition in nuanced his anti government demonstrations. there is still no sign of the missing malaysian airline had that disappeared six days ago but there's been a lot of speculation earlier there were reports that chinese satellite images could have photographed possible debris but no the chinese are saying that they stop working after it and that they were released by mistake the white house says based
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on new information and use search area might be opened nearly every navy with a presence in southeast asia is scouring the waters in the region for any sign of the plane with the basics of the surge took my ten page three seven zero the summation apple's claims but don't stop to china said one of its satellites has posted something that looks like the wreckage. again they please and even the director of the nation's civil aviation authority can nail the highlights. this frustrates him. i guess i took many attitudes of the missing are still way too can use it to tony and pacing some according the chinese president she going to do will come like that ok right now i really want to speak with the president. the more important than the lions more than two hundred people. i'll send one to ask she's lying now for your presidency on that plane. how would you
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feel it would be the guy got a dozen countries have joined the search list every alabama's new speculation about flights and age three seven zero eight. it's a fun there isn't a concrete race little left with a rather typical received good news indeed and that this painful uncertainty. take the subway and parents. the sydney has declared transport to be free for three days beginning on friday in the snow for an unfortunate present air pollution has soared in the city and authorities want to encourage her reasons to leave their cars at home to alaska when cold nights in several warm days have contributed to higher levels of particles emitted by vehicles collecting in the atmosphere. the maximum pollution alert has been issued in the french capital the problem has stretched as far north as belgium where speed limits on main roads have been produced. trailer to take a short one minute break but still to come one
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year of pope francis are religious affairs correspondent tells us about what's changed for catholics over the last twelve months on that denmark stay with us it is. and. i do. i did
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the us. one year ago argentinian cardinal what a mighty oak that corneal became pope francis and since then he's energized the catholic church with this humility in the third of its namesake st francis of assisi conferences as tenure has been marked by the simple and frugal lifestyle that he carried over to his papa see from this time as an argentinian priest. it won him many fans. francis has twelve million followers on twitter and on thursday he treated simply pray for me noble friend says as he sees the church as a field hospital after a battle that babble of course being the abuse scandal that shook the church to its core. his
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focus has been on healing series will tell how much healing as pope francis been doing in its first year of office. a stickler the newly elected pope's choice of name was revealing. he became the first pope to take the name of saint francis of assisi. founder of the franciscan orders chose to live in poverty. he is credited. what ensenada brothers and sisters. good evening. france has captured the imagination of millions with his first time preaching first latin american pope said he came from the end of the world. frances creek assessor benedict the sixteenth to resign because he had become too old to lead the church at a time when it was on the defensive to the vacuum leak scandal and numerous child abuse cases. in july twenty thirteen the new poll travel to numb to do was to
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commemorate the migrants who would not survive the hazardous journey across the mediterranean. he drew attention to the plight of refugees. months before the shipwreck off alone to do is enter in which nearly four hundred people drowned. so far. rio de janeiro has been france's only trip abroad. he prayed with millions of young people in world youth day. on the flight back to rome. he commented on an issue that has divided the church bulletin mark a change in doctrine. he was clearly a new tone. wanaka. it said that she'll be eight or persons of the sikhs gone will would like to judge them. francis says he wants to reform the roman curia the church governing body and in the wake of scandals at the vatican bank. francis restructure the whole the seas finances. and establish a monitoring committee. but many other reforms are still waiting. a tall order for any pro. and
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our religious affairs correspondent john garrett joins us now the studio. how has the catholic church changed over the past twelve months. when i could mention a whole list of things have changed it to francis has introduced and most of the news papers today and asked again here in germany bottles. on making this list of things have been caught in sin the confidence of the church be teaming up to the vatican bank. when you lay people to break the bank more transparent. all sorts of things. my interview is the most important change is that he has made it the sea that in the world the real focus of his papacy certified necessity of course it's always been a concern of most times been a concern of christians since the earliest times. but it's almost as if we had. mother teresa of calcutta in the vatican. this is i was just a few weeks ago in a couple weeks getting rum and one cents the effect of
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this song on the cardinals in the church is concerned as you can see a high priority of all for now it's one thing to have a message is another one to inspire action so is this message actually doing work with its message of compassion i think is coming across as quite extraordinary i think the team he owns the praise and not just from catholics. as one might expect. but even from the welcome from tuition jewish journals for example even atheists to be an adjoining in the head of the eulogies. he was quite interesting really is they're really keen on this he's actually said that he finds it offensive being treated as a superstar that's not what he sees himself and when it cuts into pieces and buried the newspapers he started chanting. francesco from tesco. he told them not to quite firmly and they don't pigeon hole. what other plans as francis half of the church
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it's difficult to say of course i do hope to be perfectly honest i didn't have plans to stop checking the existence of the property to organizing things that's when he has fourteen other people like this group of eight cardinals from around the world to reorganize the content of the church and she is a very spontaneous person who is a lot. and in response bristol tennessee to twenty six is the right to appropriate thing to do this week read some book he'd just been carted off a whole bunch of cardinals and various other senior clerics eight even in the box taking them off to a retreat house outside rome will find is defrost and craig before easter. that is quite unusual traveled in income the boxes together and then he told them that they'd be paying for their own ropes. this is the kind of thing abt the us policy he surprises us then dove right into joining us this video. his mother and is now a time as annual people's congress has come to an end with the chinese leadership promising reforms to improve
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the country's economic outlook and environment of the communist party plans to shift to cleaner more sustainable growth based on domestic consumption and service industries. party members also declared a war on this month has been talking to many chinese cities congress delegate iraq and they where having endorsed elitist round of the new seat is drawn up by the ruling communist party ninety nine percent of the three thousand delegates supported the government's economic report that recommended measures. china's economy faces far reaching reforms. mini cake i filled out his plans at a news conference he said steps would be taken to east tax burdens on small businesses he also signaled a willingness to see more companies to hold on to get to give the market more influence in chinese economy and increase competitiveness see here cctv that applies especially to the financial sector. the genius encouraging the establishment
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of private banks lenders and china have generally been steeper and providing credit to other state owned companies. private banks to be allowed to set their own interest rates and supply the growing private sector with liquidity the aim is not so much strong expansion but a healthy one. the government has signaled that are willing to accept know what grounds set as its target rate of seven point five percent some business is now in profit for the cons and took a nosedive last year with net profit plummeted by nearly seventy five percent of the company has been facing some tough times and is in the middle of the major restructure and that says we're actually be about the progress so far it looks like the company could be on the right track. they were worded lufthansa stock sending it sharply higher on the day there were clear skies over the qantas to increase headquarters thursday and sunny mood was also reflected lights and
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killing studio stuff. he might be quitting the german airline to swiss drug maker of course midway through an ambitious restructuring program. his meeting with the times on schedule to meet its targets. it's twenty sixteen the council an operating profit of almost seven hundred million euro that's much better than expected considering the level of redundancy payments and fleet modernization costs. his in goal. i know would you please read the great altitude but that doesn't mean we can start cruising yet he said we have to keep developing i'm sure at that. i'm also sure that the content with its leading role in the european market is a better position than others to meet the challenges of this feature and a new addition to working with what's going on and so forth for quite sometimes. qantas says it intends to introduce additional flights during the summer months. it also aims to increase ticket sales by placing first class seats on intercontinental flights with business and economy passengers. and like all the other airlines the country is helping to oil
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prices don't rise as little kerosene cost of treating me to roll in the current financial good use. that is also a day of corporate earnings from volkswagen which is out with a cautiously optimistic outlook for next year to europe's biggest automaker is trying to become the world's biggest by the end of twenty eighteen and it looks like they could be on friday the company is run away. it's reported solid earnings from last year. now that announcement came during what need of you has dubbed e mobility week aaron bird land is showcasing the company's latest electric offerings the old slogan showcased its range of electric cars on the grounds of clinton's former temple hope that looks safe of the environmentally friendly sect is doing well for the company's image than for its sales. april sales hit a record like that. last year the company sold more than one point seven million cars sold stock in most months in principle and expects thousands of jokes be created in the coming years
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this was most often up to twenty eight in the number of jobs will continue to grow particularly in china but also here in gemini. old stock and employees in gemini receive the profits average more than six thousand euro is despite the polls that it's because the company is aware of the challenges its pacing the missus and risks associated with the global economy expanded week eminent among the global war to belmont into it. the russian market is also the cost of consent the ongoing crisis in ukraine is threatening to de stabilize exchange rates which could prove costly for votes. as an effort at the markets and how stocks traded on thursday and it was the daddy of red across the board to sell off on the dax nearly two percent there. the euro stocks fifty was also down by about one and a half percent and that negative momentum continues over in new york with the badgers industrial average is currently down by about one and a half percent as for the euro dollar the general trend has been
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strong but at the moment it's lower one euro will get to one dollars and thirty eight cents the world is getting at first glance of three sumatran tiger cubs who were born in london sale early last month. yet the triplets had in the meantime second opening their eyes and are beginning to support their weight on their length. we see them here now with their mother may lock key on eclipse i'm on monitoring camera so much and tigers are listed as a critically endangered species with the global population estimated at less than seven hundred individuals. they are silky of my leftover messy hair at the journal and join in. i know. i asked what it
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is. like every new thing that time. afterward he said i so choose the week is sixteen. leo but that i can
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not find it on. and all after that. i'm not caught the ball up the walk. watch out. i am. scooter. use. no productivity. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds you lulu
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lulu the country. welcome. so many of the daughters of somebody. and gave them a fair chance. the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact door or something. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage shows that the bond between our two of them. all ever. if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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