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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  March 14, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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woohoo . let's quit the club saying he want to pay at least three and off to a jail term for tax roll. rival row is ended at a clash of donetsk. elections in syria which the rail peace talks the un chief peace mediator warms up the in gemini
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the disgraced ball supply immediately noticed the city will quit the club in the wake of his conviction for tax evasion in a statement don't buy ins website. the sixty two year old city would not appeal the strain of coffee a jail time which was handed down by a munich court yesterday goodness it was found guilty of evading twenty seven million euros in taxes on income earned in secret swiss bank can't describe it is the biggest mistake of these life. during his tenure as president and business gem and be transformed by and into one of the world's most successful football business days. woo hoo. us secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart sergei enough rolf will hold on stage talks on ukraine's crimea region today just forty eight alice before its breakaway referendum. kerry's warned of serious steps being taken against small scale of the vote results in a russian
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annexation of ukraine's interim prime minister has addressed the un security council in new york we gauge russian federation. to pull back its military forces deployed in korea. two rocks and to start the real talks and negotiations. now let me address russian federation yep until the bread cubes are continuing in iraq sen diaz to but the rush oh one to two goals. i doubt you'll skewing the three on monday sure i'll give a direct thousands of russians don't want war said moscow's ambassador to the un. we don't want to escalate the situation. but if the united states the second day today dropped resolution that would depress sunday's planned referendum in the gold rush of one of the security council's five veto wielding permanent mendez has made clear it opposes the drop zone is the most you. sonia had escaped the crisis in ukraine
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the united states and russia are and dates to one of them is contentious diplomatic challenges that educates us at the k state john kerry has said that nothing justifies russian minute intervention in crimea. he set to meet russia's foreign minister said the wrapper off on friday in the uk with tensions running high. many owners said likening washington and moscow to play is in a tense game with the case of the cold war the match in which ukraine is increasingly being seen as a polling in it you can use a court battle for influence the kit this week had its peak the constructive donald between the two pallets of wayne carey canceled the trip to moscow and insult gm crops sat down with russia's president that the mitre ten and knead ten minutes that wags of them. i asked you according to the request of the american site to a fine second tuesday john kerry who wanted to come to russia to
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continue consultations. one reason was it was nice. he agreed previously called the bank on site today and told me he got to this but a trip to hooters. did it mean relations for breaking down apparently not. today state to carry announced that in the two would in fact take place. nelson asked at the table under an obama is actually leave tomorrow evening. and fly to london to meet with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov on friday and i would do that even before the ukraine crisis the u s russia relationship has been named to the curtis institute in st and the presidency in twenty twelve despite the fact that a promise administration did stop to that has ten three is i am hoping to reset relations with moscow and even trying to say too much in russian literature on. we
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worked hard in the russian word figured out. it is august this is the updated rules which is which by chance up to hillary clinton's gap. it looks like they could have been a grain of truth in the end of that joke. other than it did drop and then we sat seems to be a more fitting description of today's tension between moscow and washington. dear ukraine's parliament has approved the creation of a sixty thousand strong national gods to be placed under the oak floor to the interior ministry. this was all the minister's controversial bid to try at least some four thousand men after they'd been affected national servicemen and volunteers for an ornament in coordination with police the national double initial safety in all the security and stop terrorism. moreover
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the national guard will perform tasks to tickle the military forces in what you thought it was open yet when you thought that he's going for one year the national guard's this music exercises are to be held close to the compound of the future to the ex president viktor yanukovich eureka is you came from western ukraine to participate in the mud on protests full months ago. he says he's ready to join the national debt as soon as possible. he has valuable needed to service expands it to end in moscow with his new cause and i'm ready to go into ousted in a train assumes office to take up bombs inside of the people of ukraine is close to you towards the cocoa be no war books of my wife and daughter are in russia. this was the glue think i haven't seen them fall off the a a privileged few. some however are not happy with the new fall somewhat pathetic to be on the pianist control of this are uncomfortable to serve alongside troops in photogenic of a chiseled is join them i don't mean you've
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done them and bulldoze the national guard already fits the two thousand people in a twenty thousand fighters will be enlisted in the next two weeks. the first training is supposed to stop. today he says they are putting into the new deal the least to people who don't eat a dozen small contingent of the rifles ukrainian protesters clashed in comments it was the outbreak of violence since last month's open through the moscow backed president hundreds of pro and anti government demonstrators faced off in the city organizes the truth the euro elite which also denounced russia's movements in crimea said two men killed were from the group. as police tried to bring to keep the two sides of politics erratic flight crew built around a central living square and its surrounding streets as the demonstrators began to discuss. mom and him the us
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the us. lol they won't know prices the guessing which way they'll be bitching and crying is referendum and that fall from the only ones he could to move on to moscow's wing in a beach and within narrow ethnic russian majority is easy to get the foundation of the nights we will cost the soviet union in our rush as the act of the soviet union and its policies at the time said to that ideal that e between universities that she is nice as it gets independence plan movement containing the bomb right snipers killed those two states with names on it to yanukovich and riot police got to substantially quiet a section of the population still prefer as being part of ukraine. we do not accept this mini tree intrusion by russia a gap that me and says this woman this type of
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people he doesn't accept cluelessness in particular the referendum which is being carried out without any legal grounds. am i doing. mimi's if the referendum was organized in the right to a thick foreign accent and high quality ballots without throat yes i would've taken conti says. some opponents a baking tray and play pro russian activists statues of lenin of being toppled elsewhere in ukraine but the russian repetition we need is venerated by many in crimea eagerly anticipating role from the kremlin in the un has warned elections in syria are unlikely to scuff up already fragile peace talks. president bush on assets seen visiting refugees in damascus recently has not yet say the people running for the time. but with signs poll preparations have begun the un syria mediate to allow the brahimi said that a ballot would doom
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toll is no longer what it is that seemed to invigorate that is and his is an addiction. murray. my suspicion is that they'll position. all in all positions. we're probably not be interested in talking to them the un is set to return to the stalled negotiations between the asad regime and opposition groups. describing the war in syria or is the worst humanitarian crisis in the well. in a report on friday the party's refugee agency said four to ten syrians have been uprooted by the conflict since it began three years ago. ahead of the official commemoration the sun baked among the stalls of serious civil war sermon these have already taken place in amsterdam a candlelit vigil was held to show solidarity with the syrian people. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. an exceptionally
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mild. she is the position that fulfilling his promise to get you into action to make this team will bring couple will wed that combined with heavy traffic especially if they did that quality authorities say transport will be free from today and throughout the weekend to encourage people to the back cause that of he just has to pay tribute to disheveled detective lieutenant columbo with this catchy wandering into all the time to roll the tv character tonight born in new york fail a test of time gary and ancestry and said his great grandfather could it be in the hungarian right towards politician mix of old. and mm. the overflow
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for good for flying seasonal showing by putting have lost four twelve. the estate. for you to finish second last of the race of the season. well while those demands a high to switzerland. but the result was above the heads of the world cup is too good to know that the two people at the giant slalom silver she won in seoul last month
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the season defending his main rival the area of the week ended on wednesday for the children would straighten that out and crashed before the state resulting in the garrison up to fifty or whatever are the standings. the rice from leaving but let me keep my cool. so putting the final downhill stretch. ralph such great things. the race. i can display the process of the pre season. lacey front row finished the season installed one foot in the men's super g races that is the height of the road to stop the twenty sixth post over to win his third race of the season but the ball to the point was such that they may tell mum that the obama america bodega or rather the podium one hundred percent but the drift. woke up into excellence for the last week and pick up a season long problem with this band but his sixteenth place of zero point one seven to nineteen points behind them in pole position with
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the other voices cycle the giant slalom and slalom races remaining. iran's president has agreed to open up his country's nuclear program as crippling economic sanctions are lifted. it's part of political parties most over not to run to the world how real is that policy debate on that coming up next on the network on your own nukes. well i am off to a harness quits the club saying he want to pay at least three and off to a jail term for tax rule. rival row is ended at a clash of donetsk. elections in syria would be you're alp still the un chief peace mediator warms up. and go. the world's
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nuclear watchdog the iaea to deal with six world powers aimed at preventing the country from building an atom bomb exchange iran is starting to recover billions in assets frozen by un backed sanctions. the trade embargo would remain in place to pressure for a final agreement. critics say all the moves are reversible better i could secretly divert bomb building personnel and facilities deep underground in from airstrikes. he runs into pleasant house on the honey is credited with the initial nuclear deal with ayatollah ali khan and a remaining the supreme leader. it's a conscious bonding time. oh and chris byrne said welcome to the network heart talk with a matrix of news makers wired into this edition here from the european parliament in brussels party at cromer finish an e p a share of the delegation for rove relations with iran and
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cheese with a group of greens european free alliance. from the studio bureau news in brussels his excellence came up with barramundi he runs ambassador to the european union. and from vienna robert kelly associate senior research fellow. he's with the stockholm international peace research institute welcome to all of you have a question to all of you starting with aria. there is a new round of talks going on piano quarter final agreement how serious do you think iran is in opening its nuclear programs in the world or is it just buying time the political will he stand still. my taste nice to see the nice pretty serious than you and think and i slept on the kennedy agency neocon has had input costs the nation they have few points where their disagreements. so my tiffany's. these went to go well if he's serious and we'll put aside its ambassador of how much of political will do you see on both sides going into these
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talks. he knows just who the nuclear program he is an inseparable. a component of the town's comprehensive national development plans and he's proven he's on the head the iaea monitoring and we are up so to see is interesting this program. and in a cast iron on. robert you're over there in vienna or the talks are going on now how serious do you think iran is in the west are in the region agreed. wet finger in is completely serious they've been cooperating with the iaea on nuclear materials market for very long time. don't even need to do a lot more in terms of allowing the line a unique in having a huge concession by diluting this twenty percent material. steve spent a number of years and millions of dollars producing a huge concessions. i think that barristers. ok well then it seems like your great but then what about the sanctions do you think sessions should be lifted out some and some are arguing for that party. i
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think census and the speed at the time of the final again it's important that deposed by the spokes said the fight to swat the fight. and plus one hand in on photos or snow for this and getting better and will see the sanctions lifted when there's a fine auntie. well ambassador of those sections are are really crushing sheer economy right now would you like to see them go downward you understand that the west who insists on keeping them now in all of the u s sanctions have been could have been an on all footy and down on justifiably and impose okay well but the drop video so some of these sanctions are aimed at preventing dual use kinds of materials from going to iran that could be used to build a bomb so don't you think that the section should remain in place right now. i think i have to be some give and take it for and does things that they have said they will do there should be some rewards for them. in the interim i don't think you can hold everything off until the end. so i would say that the partially the sanctions
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which show good faith on the part of the p five plus one ok but what about critics who say that all this could be reversed or i could actually be actually heidi being a a nuclear weapon producing program the ambassador will how do you respond to those critics beyond is not and has never been in pursuing given me two purposes in its nuclear activities. second the bay of fundy the action plan. and erm i mean everything including hits a year and for all activities could be reversed i'm definitely been efficient calculate what he has gained in the front i can dun want to achieve from now on its auction that the opi it comes out i guess how much do we trust iran and in following through right now it aria how much you trust iraq. i think it's up to drink enough anthony kennedy agency to be able to verify and to have access to all of
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the festivities at it it's it's a program also for them you can on nonproliferation treaty that they still took me a line between what is peace for us and what this means that he was and i hope that data on local been a focus amid it's all about verification. robert you think that there's enough verification going on now yes it's surprising how much emphasis has been pruned trees and leaves daily inspections of the times which is a waste of time and money. the iaea would be able to detect diversion. he ran with him probably two weeks in retirement program. was it online or above months or weeks or years. so i think to that idea has plenty of access that right now and they're using it very effectively. i was a matter of building i guess more centrifuges and and and the elements that you need but what what if iran actually did swing back and start building a nuclear weapon and built ones you think that the international community should further isolate iran attack it or engage in constructive
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engagement party these days no final of the year of post investigation nice decent audi's days to see patients had died now say staff some comments on the lake. they will be a an honest place him in the middle east and then also the fate of the new pin up for today simply he is in jeopardy. the master dough does your country not reserve the right to build a nuclear weapon they are a sovereign country. are you ready to say that you won't build one others said bringing in a previous trip to question them. the un is not done has never been pursuing to mr pepper says its nuclear activities and we are serious and that and the like any other firm talking to the ndp would like to and benefit from the peaceful use of of from the nuclear energy but that's just a little bit wider to the present honey is has been credited with opening up iran be on that aspect of the nuclear program but opening up iran in other
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ways. robert you do believe that's that's really serious you think is in charge enough to pull that you can pull through with that. well cuz i really and here's an engineer talking about the nuclear weapons aspects of things. i don't feel the wind in the position to say what the news to him or not. ok well let's say the overt are yet play a good time. yes i said i think that day in on the scene is about opening up the society i think isolate the society into a day's work he's a very difficult boss he said it's day impedes trade the team consists of relationships ep includes security. so the nice i think steele is about opening up i think also we got this have to be serious about actually having to see scott joined james is in line and feinstein says all kinds of exchanges about the day and thus are what what what about skeptics who say well there's cousin ronnie but there's also ayatollah common name who is seen as more of a hard liner how can you maintain a
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policy of openness would you have to be different. really very different leaders there goals from policy is based on down costs are confirmed in charge from the outside look and act as being to salute the man ever since then present to help prevent a little honey took office the man and relations alone with the board and should be based on of the show respect and on and then he called me just unfair basis. and we would like you to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the book ok and robert i guess this is probably the last question can you. can you tell us really. there are hardliners and moderates in the government you have presently honey you have ayatollah come in and those who follow them. are you seeing this from as an engineer from that aspect is there really. a a sort of competition or a rivalry there that could prevent iran from following through on a peaceful nuclear program. no
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i don't seem to find things the government the room is in control of what they're doing there and that the engineers and scientists will do it for us to do. certainly with respect to the reactor at iraq that they're shutting down now not working anymore and the centrifuges the diluting of the material oh we see the scientists following through and of instructions. so i'm very pleased with that aspect of it. ok robert thank you very much thanks to all of you like to thank our guests started crawling for his excellence team up with our embodied and robert kelly and chris byrne said until next time thanks for connecting with the network ay ay ay fan. i did. each. put me
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through. the un. no i mean
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the union. eye. i know. ch
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as you you leaving you live or we will get one . did i get things that the sign the deal in paris and those are headlines for you this hour. every hour on the l twenty four received a lot from friends twenty four news from headline news updated every fifteen minutes in the morning and evening prime time on it makes a thirty point seven and on the way france twenty four got caught
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it is. sells. says. you
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knew long ruling will the iptv dog. welcome to nhk world news live action of tawny and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. tensions rise in eastern ukraine as people rally in support of sunday's referendum in crimea for the region's future. and executives at a japanese research institute. apollo for mistakes in the study once described it as a groundbreaking. officials in ukraine say at least two people are


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