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the us refuses to soften its own trick is climbing the steps was a referendum while russia insists that he does right to self determination must be respected. the referendum on self determination. they tried to speak the language from their own future. we're into that routine did not apply to cry me a distance to break away from the play button. and somehow tha ctuay striving to do it and i knew which did get a waste an awful truth own hands the us. street violence
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and also crazy since it's the other day he acts as the protests is to find a new leadership in kiev class with a flat already have many of whom i can support. i had my say on our team to match the american doll makers of seeking to slap sanctions on venezuela owned by ongoing protests that have left twenty eight people deeds the british crime is that they be counted as on some of the seven facial media result into painful wall lights on faith. fan. i am. what welcomed see if it does to me this the nineteenth nationally life hamas to you it's me time on my tree russia is standing for the main issue for full time
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year's upcoming referendum on a wet bed to break away from ukraine. the chevron has ruled out the possibility of russian machine to mention in the country. actually squealed like a has been fighting his last days talks with the us secretary of state in london. to say i wasn't walking around the gardens of the us ambassador's residence that has predictably been no major breakthroughs here in london the us the uk and russia. he looks at currumbin days and hezbollah said a map of john kerry i'd it's like he wasn't budging one bits from the usa east kazakhstan who said that sanctions will work among the up line in process continues to support the referendum and find me at last that russian foreign minister cui to racing that moscow will respect the will of the crimean people to determine that he said in a referendum on sunday and said that russia has no parents rebates just in ukraine the new ticket to the russian
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federation does not and cannot have any plans to invade east and southern ukraine. we strongly believe that the rights of russians just like the rights of hungarian poet of karen's or post the rights of ukrainians it must be shown to protect us at the top off was asked about the recent referendum is that taking place around the glazing he said that back in two thousand and eight it's cos of it was a special case in clay meera is a very special case and said they claim the extra one k is more important in the hopes and ideas are to the uk and to think about the principle of self determination of what's gone is the claim that a referendum on the amount you are a few is the people's right to self determination has never been counted. this is one of the main points of view and charts. and there are many cases with it's right next to scientists go on that site said self determination is something that has become. vettel in the run up to this referendum on sunday and some western
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governments have in the not too distant hospital. the tns appointee. still it's fun to see how the us and that weston pond is the tiniest thing to make referendums and secessionist states the refereum o self determination. i tried to speak airline would be reckoned as more nations around the world shaker date in line determine their own future must take place. like when costs of and takes it to copy itself ounce of sebi act in two thousand and eight this is what the birth of the nation looks like the euro. you read it. in fact us. costa's independence two days before the un judge did was legal and in doing says set precedents. then knelt early on in the bloody conflict ensued on my friends and still haunt the country breakaway in two thousand and eleven to create the world's
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new extra treat to see don the realization of this historic day is a testament to tyler's efforts of the people of south sudan and a search for peace. the ussr its embassy in the cap to achieve at the very same day just nostalgia the case to the canteen at it even at the oakland items that it didn't feel well may need to remain with tips. he is david cameron is selling the argentinian president of the race specifically with the option of president. it's a simple little pays attention to this referendum something the right thing to do. and in britain as the three hundred years of union control and can set you back. being an attitude that on with its heat the union the prime minister says it's up to scott's to decide if you chat. yet both a tool to south contamination tiny as referendum has been denounced as illegal by the team's second clip of the welts
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biggest economies. the us has sent one to jack's place to question to putting them in peyton's in lithuania. it's also preparing sanctions along with bikini to comes to self determination for territorial integrity. your guess is as good as anybody he said predicting which way it's a natural talents will sign it. the biggest need is whether if it's happening in tests when evil intent on to london. while the use of siding with the usl with threats of sanctions against russia. the rocket science and eighty cents mention skin that high on here. the first of march and a team of coffee trade and industry is warning that denied the nation cannot fall to teach me some fun the phrase is the one billion yuan state of the solution to russia is at stake. european commie kids meanwhile could use baby gets mocked it. he is applied as to the eu with the threat
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since. add to the end the constant gets eighty percent of its annual gas from russia and to london that huge sums to bed to ferry into the city from plunging property sales from russians would be at risk and last but not least for its revenue to supple with nineteen million on a russian is a byzantine countries in the european country in the form of sinn fein is pecan slaying of combat phase of compromise is the totally out of the sand. houdini obey and accede to a new european union accepted kosovo but it's against the referendum in ukraine the situation in ukraine. seriously this is just an antagonistic way but presented to the absolutely different versions of what's happening. seems a european countries aren't even trying to find a compromise from both sides in this conflict the facts are being falsified. they don't want to accept that groups came to power in the ukraine. they say they're democrats. it's all russian propaganda
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german chancellor has dismissed the parallels being drawn between the referendum in crimea and the unilateral declaration of independence impossible. the michaels statement to get chris's of within the german parliament to with blackhawks team and is lashing out at me it's one thing off the price. i could get in and of course the movie opened a pandora's on the books aloud for kosovo we should also allow for others that i've told you that you haven't listened to me. winning the cold war has eclipsed everything you feel about everything else it is the posture ousting why companies make that choice whether they want to stay with us plainly. it's definitely interesting. why come they decide they don't belong to him. of course people living in crime in the mosque in the same thing i think the crimea breaking away to cry he's just the same also. i knew who she
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would use the r and d on the go or at stake. once this led to tensions in creamy and decreed that all is that guy is really coming into politics and power. i actively involved in the event in korea the members of the fascist consistency and someone is gone. i'm very smoothly. and the well times last in america has also want a rucksack. ah but that can damage the massive damage she calls it that if he continues to support the referendum in crimea the sun does not have the backing of the german as rt has been finding out. it goes on this good position so that by themselves. in june initiatives in bold. i think it is thanks to new. i think the sanctions against threshold be like the berlin wall between the east and west along for good and i'm against that but it was in the sitting there thinking what doesn't so i think sanctions will harm both russia and europe. maybe the two discuss and behind
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the curtain first give diplomacy a chance before slamming the door that way it is obvious that ukraine belongs to europe just like the western part of russia allies territory leading europe and that has nothing to do with the eu or nato those of different things chad says activists say so i don't think sanctions are a good idea that they should see down at table and talk it down to see it. anything you claim political differences at spiel about causing street violence in the city of the onion two days writing in support of both knew the ship and get cash would prove russian context is a one man was fatally stabbed as the result. the russian foreign ministry has released a statement accusing from wright himself attacking peaceful demonstrators and indeed all fanatical self defense. lots of things to chaos and sixty wednesday
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that he can't. did you hear he derided the hero and publication when pro russian activists were forced to respond to the violets director. on the eve of the rally there were calls for action to be taken against them. tokyo based company by its organizers called for the ultra nationalist stance of local football club to come to the protest was peaceful paths and firing rockets police were getting orders in kiev just don't understand the people of demands on the inch. we are so upset with the key of how much the nationalists fighters were welcomed to power given weapons put into the government. and now all that has come to work towards people are if you read. all the trees spotlights upon scenes of blood that which now controls several government ministries has been put on the wanted list in brush and prosecutors in moscow ike using the next seat we bought the fight scene on the side of catchment areas in the mid nineties. the sad he's
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received two seats no encouragement from some of the world's top diplomat including catherine ashton added present in the eu and the toe at newlands on the us that says five to seek a new box of controversial costs and that the neo rhetoric of his car. apple custard into the deep divisions within ukrainian society. ah website and i t dot com with the state while the docket in crimea rejects the self appointed his youth. i eye the peel way to administer you can comment to sixteen self sacrificing the bar which was a concept and profits. i have decided not to face a tough stance on she'll get fighting. this
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infuriated the accidents have all that surprising often the shoveling. off the eye ukraine's state is in the balance of regime leading candidate is of dubious legitimacy in the upcoming vote in the crimea in all likelihood puts the country's sovereignty and to question the ukraine. parked the car the new ukrainian fashion should come to our land. it's a threat to russian troops when it is a small republic and russia is a huge country to send us. walking ten and went to a small cocktail was thrown into a chinese custom
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they are defending the law and what do we do it again gregory has never strayed into it and it never will. is yes. he is a welcome to you future attacks. the rebels and syria have admitted to kidnapping multiple people all women and children going to be an ally plan our team you abducted in all the sons of radicals want the exchange them for two thousand opposing find just what kind the kind thoughts not be analyzed consider themselves moderate shiites and tammy got twelve percent of the population. syria's president to have been stacked on the sides and add
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the olives to the group which is why it matters on being targeted by the rebels in the series of scientific human rights as out of the four two thousand and one of them killed since the war began nice of them soldiers and pro admonition and jonathan steele who has written extensively about syria for the audience as minorities face a grim future if the sun is remains from power. this has become. daddy and me. nestle will in some cases as well. any money rizzo accusing the government establishment and operation sleeping with the cartoon devil. not just something wrong with them on his way to even get into the temple may have a difficult time uses the system is to remain stable sunni fundamentalists to this. who says you need to
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finish the city who impressed by the alliance needs and wants him to give up. also if anyone did it. just another license and christians and to the armenian listened to some parents may have a difficult time to clean. he said. sunni muslims. on line see you in prayer palestinian setting at the top of things to smile for you. this can get behind a body con on these rainy days to find out how that works and the hot seat. the un men's us aerial strikes come under the label scrutiny the pentagon is not racing for fun is all i want to try some more details on how much the spending. you find one on online sites right from the sea the interesting picture
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the importers twitter. just to wear. the animal. the move on. the road. it's me her keys. when that problem was that fit on the appeal site night at the traffic light thingy. it really helped me to do with them. prime minister has under which he become a sensation on which
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to battle the end of the game includes the fun of himself running sliding off into the rough about what the situation in ukraine now the image when clara was selected teams including pet treats to attend the pics den he come up with that in pennies. all of the camera and amy teaches to actually express the unison especially ukraine in crisis with the pm and that's not the only key ups on this backfired on him in the posse days as i see separate report. we were fourth in the conservative caucus just dissipate in the face with appetite thing for the finest is at page illustrates that in a bid to generate clicks. i likes on his face that page the things that when comments are all about reports that i'm keen to cut the results it seems that at the same deal of time and place as any team lacking just a month the gate and the plaintiffs this page was about twenty thousand the likes of mind to keep the finding is that he likes things that page. now he's laugh in front again with
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more than a hunch it affects the thousands who likes to play wii tennis team the consensus was that i hate the advertising to get more lights on faith that what we think about that. good thing bad thing. it sucks the distributors. i didn't use it for some people like you mean it's interesting isn't it like that it's not gonna take a peek. at the taiping which generates like the looks of it ready the singers of the woods it's not giving this comes across as kind of liked. it's dismissed leaving it sounded like his book about that love to see the pace of the reference offered up anything you think daddy is a kind of bull. let's say it when i lived on the button at the cake thank you very much that's a good thing or bad thing. love to give reasons to deal with the side's most of you who do these days that
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we would get fast results. it has to be liked or facebook you know. it's a full third term and that the social media puppy i'd see it that much tv this is a necessary reflected in the polling results and once the finest necessity has his head that it's a film media gas in the pas than expected site would probably have a few more to come in the feature one or the parts he needed to read it and will come twenty fifty but they say show me your likes and he translate it into but it's sad that i see london. the us congress is urging president obama to impose economic sanctions on venezuela. the comes amid andreas has left twenty people dead in the south american country. washington condemning the crackdown on anti government protests correct answer is defending the actions of the security stopped in the face of the year was that the attacks scores of an islet and protests a second shot saved by unidentified gunmen who present a month to assist
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with father michael bryant is working with support from washington. julian box and he has been upset of the sexes in the country for the twenty eight says the us is fully explain a bullet in the emirates the concern is that motions in the states on the opposition great seats been offering technical support logistical support soon they might not have a direct us saint vincent and tyrrell escape the argument that the government says that this is being a micro see what she is standing in a difficult situation the economy is in american studies he said. but the key way for now is the dialogue and train stations and supports been stressed but not so reasonable and analysts said the organization ranked sites of fortune in the mind and your position he seems to do that but dialogue is the only way forward. the problem is that in the presidential elections and wash it nicholas might go to the current president's anyone bought one point eight cents. and that is the speech against the opposition is likely about this is an entry point into the stop testing and stubborn to do just moisten the government says
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is not an hour in the charts has been a real weakness but having said that the government's increased by ten percent since that's what elections in december. rising has found its geological it's a show it's age. it was accepted at the beach and release he returned to his instructions together the run up dolls one else is happening upon the world the princess and scuffles have played out in jordan's capital. that is meaningful that got sucked into a two d and cats. these women seeking the official tried to grab the fire a rifle from sylvia while crossing the border the mine had been climbing on the government to acknowledge his agreement with israel and to deport the country's ambassador thousands of riot police officers are trying to prevent the protesters attacking these are the antics. it sits in gaza have fired rockets into israel during its flights in retaliation. as of this by
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the trees called by the palestinian group islamic last three days of cross border attacks have been the most intensive since november twenty twelve on wednesday a barrage of sixteen lock it away by its by islamic in retaliation for israel killing three of its contents. well then responded with a slight scent and five targeting minutes and hideouts in science does i kissed on the eighth least nineteen people have been killed in a series of bomb attacks in busy areas of content echelon. a suicide bomb up in himself out in that market. what was supposed to get meaningful prius and other assaults and expensive dates and bicycle was enough outside to a colleague's this comes despite government interesting piece by piece sons come in time. in peaceful. thousands taking to the streets of sao paolo to protest the gaze of this
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spending on the upcoming football world cup demonstrate to save billions of dollars have been wasted on stadiums meeting in future budgets of all that's impacting the services including how the patient that follows numerous protests in brazil's main street scenes with the constant months most of its cost is free the chilled as industry has been given a boost in the eu and the european parliament as they did for mowbray has rules and all in and gets its duration. the left front came out of the cgt not the links in the tin then put a screw up my itching to take me as a way to deal with energy costs comes with major risks in taking toxic needs into soil and ground quartet and the neo con see you and pete john then and that's it says it's a mom she said of blind eye to this dentist unfortunately agreement
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between flemish to get from carmen with dom member state governments. leaves out the compulsory element is still very much up to the end of the two member states how they can't do that. we think that that's the real ira environmental impact assessments of necessary to settle debts so that you really get on tokyo one of the two go to the circumstances. what do you think that the potential outcomes and that you really give the new lights that before anything goes ahead and so we think that in the revision of the legislation we've got this week. we haven't really gone far enough of this week of the greatest skillt of scrua thanks to ike and russia in the us reach a compromise over ukraine. the company based in costs are down ninety two ay ay ay ay ay ay
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i am. sure pill cause quite a stir at least twenty fourteen conservative political action conference at her now famous infamous quote about how to deal with russia is flying all over the area at the book's years and years she said. he only needs to be a guy with good looking guy with the deal. to be fair people are taking a school a bit out of context using that in terms of her fears that obama is disarming the country's nuclear arsenal will part we've seen having a big batch and it sure keeps the interventions of the country. boxer believes obama is disarming the us is madness there's actually no evidence that obama has even put a dent in the military industrial complex also use the term bad guys is an singer backcountry such bad people in them or just looking at things. this is the level intellectual discourse of a kindergarten class you would choose to pan
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her childlike you will also lead to violence because she talked about it being pressed a potent took the streets even mean drawn to war with russia nuclear war. peel and grate is the worst type of chicken hawk garbage and what is even worse is that there are millions of people out there who buy into the simplistic more i like that stupid bad ice more war rhetoric but that's just my opinion. i him. in a day. he is the only enduring. last time. isn't this a very open space. the chinese. system reviews and acupuncture points to the bell so that
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she always goes back to thousands of years. it is the chinese. to be very useful and children. there are a little broader. there are chinese medicine over to japan in small six inch a japanese them destitute. it's their own on style. feeling so then. it also has a maximum two hundred years this century. and on the gentleman who made it resuming on was named an encore she and the people known as the first time the disco christian school in nineteen twenty five. aah his system when what he calls got two was based on that impressed. what is one
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of his students must not the last sentence yes two which includes more striking than it is more than just the pressure comes with just twenty four. the thought of the united states and europe with very popular and on. in america especially of east and west calls just two years on. ever changing. it's also based on the same. same principles of chinese medicine but it can vary. we can always feel you know it's it's just you know this many styles. what i do is call there's a chance to us yes which is more emphasis on using your feet. on the exams yet to. yes humans. different
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shots. basically based on the senate yesterday was fun but also that and thus far but now coaching. the i am so was done in berlin. eric kelly welcomed additional years of coming up in the next half hour. no common ground on ukraine last ditch negotiations between the united states and russia raised an hour after hour of our ports. going to jail only to those assigned to a president that's as he will serve her sentence the search for the missing malaysian airlines. the plane is extended to the indian ocean as the mystery of its disappearance


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