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tv   Newsline  PBS  March 14, 2014 8:30pm-8:41pm PDT

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seventeen ninety eight election and eight. i knew owner. the cheese stirring dying to self. officials in ukraine's at least two people dead and dozens in tears after demonstrations ten berman in the eastern part of the country. supporters and opponents of it into catholic last just a spoonful of rice and then in creamy and the sizzle be honest if you want to join russia. the ride the girls attending this plan in the city of donetsk hundreds of people gathered in a show of support for the mood to join the bunch opposite them was an equal number of supporters of
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the eu into confidence authorities say two people died and more than fifteen point six. the most innocent center based in cities including current cough and her ask her to stay to be made to release this weekend's principle of the crimean defend them first it is going to get into this as his computer is set to try to use all options should the tennis friends. ukraine's east to the gym. the arts from the united states and russia discuss the crimean defendant could not narrow that to fix this. he was sent to upstage on hannity and russian foreign minister sergei and love from sat down together for a sec silence the old queens loves to talk again. we delayed the referendum is contrary to the constitution of ukraine this cut trade international law is in violation of the vote we believe it is illegitimate. we do lose a
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group of pilgrims to him and the right of the people in crimea. to self determination sweden's we should be respected. united nations charter. this city was so warm. carol water once he called consequences if the russians don't change course. ralf said sanctions would be counterproductive if you'll read as a preparing to step up the pressure on russia by imposing more sanctions learn this simple layout those penalties when they meet on monday. even need is decided last week of high sanctions and state is suspending to accent the stuffy come fall the making of this devotion people and organizations who face and six pieces and terrible bands. they say though that could diminish the indictment officials they suspect of pushing crimean to unite with russia. it serves
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the garment official said welcome to stephanie statement on wartime history it's nice to reminisce to send something is standing by in a comedy to so called comfort women. this is his administration will maintain the position as any doctor instead on japan's history those positions include a statement made in nineteen ninety three. i eventually found a second to see your take on all key and pillage many women were forced to work in brothels for the japanese to treat during one but two. he said some of those women were japanese and many others from the korean peninsula. expense to comedies and remorse officials in seoul said the credibility of climate scientists remarks to parents and future japanese actions
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he listed as one japanese and south korean representatives to join them this month full time national summit. and this a japanese officials went to see what the crime in this town is remarks from the south koreans to take on. thirty six and a costly exception for missing airliner and latching on to acquire the nation officials said the plane since it announced to us up like the south island's updates lost contact with controllers. now i will be many who may be the only people he added. to get money and won't inflammation of the line. indeed as the on looking good to me that well we cannot review the information right now because he's feeling under investigation. earlier went missing over to sarah's tennessee ships and planes from thirteen countries the stirring of the region they've expanded descent into the indian ocean nation
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that is given to date to show their time and may have known plants hospitals to content but the air traffic controllers. the two decades after the philippines as the us managed to leave the country as a preteen find them back. the new deal allowing us troops and sixty for the team in the pb says is a sign that they can help manage the times the going rates at the chinese assent to this. philippine defense and a second gp on them and to pitino announced a deal on friday. its history stearns week i did take a mental talks in washington the second period to allow the sharing of defined envious but separate un forces of the philippines the seventies elements of the last minute. the us sent to mr bases in the philippines until nineteen ninety two. in echoes down amid signs seem mysterious and at the end of the college bowl. u s medal chances in the country has since been revealed to daniel
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joint exercises and what it sets the philippine constitution bands point trips to spain on the soil the current scheme the a's manager has sought to be killed on its alliance with washington in a bid to cut a tiny space center of a territorial disputes in the south china sea. us president barack obama has announced a so called pivot to asia as a response to china's growing influence in the region. washington and manila wanted to show progress in talks ahead of april. attested to by michelle children visit the philippines. mr tan kim may be closer to figuring out why a summons and nice pics about the higher cost base and then decrease think james anderson was still feel that effect on me. lee simmons said the men because they suspected heat damage to the twentieth ave was in a library. the sea since admitted to vandalizing parents and i praise and install stuff around the machine over three hundred copies of an offence
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to ernie and other publications that prosecution of juice the holocaust education sent a huge mess as expected the netherlands concluded an authentic d content tiny. he says the suspect this session she did not. if that's extreme prejudice. the safe return to better understand the man's nurse it in figuring out whether he's mentally fit to be terrorists one for the full cost for seventy cities i wound. ay ay ay ay. i know. age. the road
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easts. also saw a teaser trying to figure out if they can use on the comp for developing good scanner that can then shop at the sas. so
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some of the radiation administration allowed me to the present tense to watch a test flight on an airfield in texas one of six such sites in the country. today telling safety and other factors the approving the use of terms but transporting goods taking aerial photos and other practices. the freight is needed in on the net profit in wingspan of town to meet as they see fit to fly safely in winter conditions over the sea. nato officials are expected to approve the use of cells but carbon credits by about ten ten xt am. the research company estimates its commercial uses almond meal because it is economic benefits plan for me to bid him god is. this
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decision is mine and he got his head down. i don't. i am streaks of its core. this is how to do so. the highest peak. water flowing from the mountain sustains them openly. people offer prayers of grade


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