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tv   RT News  PBS  March 15, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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is pete over by a ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. i i i i eye. to people are shot down in ukraine's eastern city of part of allegedly by radicals from the neo group that helped spirit how the bloody coup in kiev. ukrainian ring the alarm over the years safety of st attacks grow against the community are to meet some of those who have chosen to flee the country in fear for their lines. while islamic extremism is on the rise across syria as a shattered nation goes into its fourth year of experience try more than a hundred
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thousand people have been killed and nine million displaced. our dear national collegiate one mosque it with me reading catching welcome to the program. the ukrainian sure there are two people have been killed in on the rest. it's now spread to the east of the country new eye. well we've just seen what appears to be modest cocktails being thrown from a building in cardiff and that's where according to authorities. dozens of rebels barricaded themselves on friday night. not just with this is a big shot at pro russian activists outside the building an even opened fire at the city's mayor arrived at the scene for negotiations. after an
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overnight standoff police eventually lead to come out and sees the air weapons. we spoke to witnesses from local self defense groups to find out how the situation developed. i had already written. the relative wounded among both sexes disabilities there was this blue minivan that appeared in the central square and pepper spray directly to see them trying to skype. they started chasing it but ended up being so natural ability. building on the remarks history has to be stricken from the right they started shooting at us through most of cocktails and gas grenades at the local news straight to say it was our squads that the sector's headquarters. but it's not true is the base of the reit sector radicals. it's more here. the chief policeman was sent from kenya and is covering these gunmen. they opened fire on us. guests from different locations they were shooting from the roof and the windows they
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sometimes open the doors and shot from inside the mall to cocktails were also thrown at our guides. russia's foreign ministry special representative for human rights says that the arrest of millet in neo fascist and hike it should mark the beginning of a large scale operation to clamp down on extremists in the statement was made on his twitter feed. well let's now i have a look at what the people accused of the way in a shooting spree and four they barged into government offices with guns and called for thier homeland to be rid of all non ukrainians. do you do it. no one tells us went to bear arms and whatnot. he was and you will keep them to us and you will take them away. all i can easily find these clips on youtube including their promotional
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video for the eye of the people at the forefront of the revolt in the us beer man were seen on the frontline on buildings were stormed an encore and police squads where fiat in kiev during the winter months of the standoff with the government the rights that their time and again rejected offers of interest from residents get a copy the role in the bloody violence has yet to be officially investigated by the insurance authorities in yet. meanwhile in the capital and no matter how deep enough to lure of the local jewish movement the attackers reportedly hit him with backs and shouted anti semitic slogans just want to go the rabbi was seen addressing the crowds in my town. it was traditional to get involved in conflicts not to meddle with power. we must stand aside and pray for the ministers for the government and for peace within the country. well some ukranian seem to have ignored his call for national unity
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as more and more graffiti appears in laws in ukrainian cities like the one just dry here an ultra nationalist a key government posts ukraine's jewish community feels it can no longer entrust their safety to the police articles for your explains. the son of god is empty. the man i was packing his office up. i don't want it and pushed it. no headlights are going to feel safe. oh and my children to go free. to move. people wonder whether think of. as it is. this is not just for me this legend. all of them in. two weeks ago and man was caught on camera. painting swastikas on the goal of the synagogue. an actu was charming. did you choose it's the first time in twenty years the synagogue was vandalized. as you can see that defeat has been
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painted of that. the sami came today to investigate the incident. two weeks off to happen. this earns him a stone to a number of has been attacked while walking on the streets of kyiv. they are about two hundred thousand living in ukraine right now. one of the country's chief rabbis is teaching them to leave. that says minnesota vikings fukuda policy on alcohol to the interim government in kiev. the salad. norwood oval in front of the cost of protecting and below you can do. nowadays there is no law in making known because santa has changed so fast. and don't expect to. would you take the juice of thing happens and cities ukrainian who do not want to keep on taking matters into their own hands. self defense training as nice as it is made. since
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then security personnel. give it a go when you think you need to know hard to defend yourself when you wear it in the raw such training courses i will be happy because people need peace in every place and time. none of those who participated in the training would speak on camera. this man agreed the defeat of the kid's face but within a given that everyone should learn how to defend themselves given the situation that we have here. we know them i doubt it mixes naturalist only israeli soldiers who have experience he knew how to act in this current situation of helping us to get ready for it and know my name is staci neon sign up as clinton balconies gpt prime minister but since the jewish community and says his government will fight against any form of sexism but the people we spoke to do and some optimistic. the always be landing at times and now that sen is not his but the most staying is just too high. many of ukraine's juice here that open access to tax will shift from synagogues to human targets we've seen on t supermodel
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crimea. oliver no sign of unrest in crime the residence of the peninsular observing a so called day of silence were no political campaigning is allowed to have the crucial vote on whether to join russia. thus was prompted by the rise of ultra nationalist in the post tuesday along with the option to join russian crime means also have the choice of greater autonomy within ukraine. we spoke to international observers from poland hungary and safe and don't expect any election violations on something. school gets the spot them. i was considering new korean is falling apart as a state that sealed to provide the citizens with basic rights. the people of kenya are holding a referendum to determine the future we hope will be held within the rules lol don't think any violations will have to take into consideration the people's opinion of the results of the school
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tomorrow people will have their say but expect a referendum to be positive under ukrainian law and general democratic rules this is a legitimate ballot and staying with a referendum in crimea people in moscow are showing their support. these are the pictures of around lee in the russian capital the organizers are holding a march against what the state was an unconstitutional coup in ukraine the also want to show their support for the russian speaking population of the country and will be falling how bills obey here on our team meanwhile authorities in kiev have been further tightening the screws on the russian speaking population in ukraine satellite tv provider has just refuse to work with rt thinking of saying they've been threatened by unknown gunmen also several journalists have been beaten for the air and sunlight down the reports and this is one of them to engage romanov he says he was abducted and tortured by people allegedly for one of the right wing groups after he tried to
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interview of riot police. in the meantime find the main russian tv channels have been blocked in ukraine as it comes to them takes on a shooting in our regular propaganda watch report as the ukrainian crisis continues where breaking down some inconsistency surrounding the ongoing steering. despite ukraine's interim prime minister gets a new cleaning the interests of russians are not being affected in the country at all. the speaking tv news channels are facing censorship the osce has spoken out against this the national council on tv and radio broadcasting called on tv providers to reframe from featuring five russian networks until the programming is deemed appropriate. according to ukraine's legal system the results more than half of those tuning in to cable tv in the country don't have access to those five networks one elysee freedom of the press representative called the measure for press in the form of censorship
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moving on. the silly prime minister has made allegations that moscow is preparing to invade eastern ukraine russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov reiterated that moscow has no such plans and intends to continue being nothing less than transparent this is the new ticket to the russian federation does not depend on tough new friends and big east and southern ukraine please. we strongly believe that the rights of russians just like the rights of hunger and love karen's work holds the rights of ukrainians it must be shown to protect the lack of any significant rights violations in crimea commandments is thanks to the additional measures taken by the local self defense forces to prevent what happened on my tongue from happening in crimea. his protests to still have to count on my time in the central european capital mixed cnn speaking of the upcoming referendum and cranny on sunday is chilling these unidentified military vehicles allegedly along the lines of ukraine's eastern border. take a look
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at the mo peter hyde says carriage ukraine. his carriage on the map. and clearly it's nearing the sea so how can these be vehicles set up along the lines of russia sea border with ukraine. a lot of buzz surrounding washington's plans to provide one million dollars in aid to kiev ukrainian his friend fred ministry of steel was in d c to talk business with obama as well as the heads up the imf and world bank despite all these promises and words of support the cash flow into kiev has stalled with the senate going into a week long recess the us is determined not to see ukraine's the armed forces go hungry. the obama news station said it will be providing them with a ration the frenzy surrounding sniper is operating on my done during the peak of ts chaos and classes and those reports accuse the ousted ukrainian president in the context of sending in the snipers pressure calls for investigation. when it leads to the opposition may
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have ordered the snipers opened fire. many are the last drop a subject like a hot potato in the meantime the former head of ukraine's security service release the names of those who could have been responsible for the killings in kiev. one of them is now the secretary of the national security and defence accounts the parliamentary assembly of god the council of europe has not answered russia's request for an investigation into the alleged crimes committed by the opposition germany had supported the inquiry to deal with their staffs have been taken advantage of the rt washington dc. thus over the weekend for our coverage of the crimean referendum here on rt international. and
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i. the off the aye aye aye aye aye aye aye move. zoe really low so we leave the meeting. see bush's security. your party years ago. seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics. only on rte. i can. i eye
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the ceiling. now white artist the new. what you've achieved a national rule sectarian bloodbath. according to the un the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen in decades past the green reality to syria where the conflict has now entered its fourth year radical islamist groups have largely hijacked what began as a peaceful anti government movement while international mediators have so far failed to broker a roadmap to peace while the number of those killed topped the one hundred thousand mark when the wind stopped counting months ago activists and seriously the total could be as high as
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one hundred and forty six thousand people more than two million syrians have sought refuge in neighboring countries with more than six million displaced inside syria. civilians have been hits the hardest and most of the refugees are women and children. we spoke with one syrian and his family was targeted by islam is for supporting the government and that the there's been a lot of losses and lost two sons and when one is two hundred bridges because i spoke my mind. when the crisis started the opposition threatened to kill my son. where living in our own country and in the opposition came and wanted to kill him. they searched for him and he knew where he was then they came for him but the only succeeded in killing two of his brothers. well this is a picture of my son in a turkish newspaper word promises five million dollars for his death. this is in turkey where they're calling for freedom while syria's
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economy infrastructure have been devastated by three years of war and sixty per se and assyrians now live in poverty and less than half of the population even have a job as you can see it here some landmark sign to me of the clincher easter which called for heritage now lie in ruins. museums have been looted in archaeological sites smashed by shelling one damascus residence hall as his young children are forced to work to put food on the table. he lent me money to earn his team one hundred eighty degrees since the first days of the syrian crisis of them now. let's all aching in my mind and are destroyed region that sits right now. no it can't get my own bread. the struggle for food in the basement steps. i use to be a construction manager. now my children are working. sons and daughters and have someone from a construction work out what my weekend back in twenty twelve
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with very little money in my pocket in my car which i still have to pay off between then and now it wasn't for my kids working and helping me somehow. i would be to defeat them. i was disabled for my house was hit by mortar and destroyed it in my car was also damaged the story can help when it opened because i can walk only with walking sticks. it probably looked fine. i'm disabled and cannot work telecoms and has attracted radical islam militants from across the globe at least two thousand europeans are now fighting in syria france is the biggest source of volunteers with perry's putting the finger at seven hundred belgium and germany have each seen around three hundred people have for syria while the uk recently said two hundred and fifty britons have returned home from the war and now pose a significant terror threat the father of one european islam assist governments are doing nothing to stamp lol volunteering to syria the show fronted by two new radical islam is
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the organization's a somewhat brief window of the reasons why it is that unlike some of the blog on this mobile the studio recording of the reasons but all ethiopian government motors reasons that some people in the middle because again it's the will to be building a mobile because of the five of the week before the discussion that signified the start this kind of things to them because in the name of religion. they know the reasons why young says mobile and nobody's doing something against its the government just watching the accused america's top diplomat of encouraging violent protests that have taken a lie as of twenty eight people. foreign minister interact as labeled the us secretary of state of murder after john kerry said the government's actions were a terror campaign. iraqis have defended the actions of its security forces saying
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the government is facing us back to tamp scores of protesters have been shot down by unidentified gunmen the president ago says were fun to ride writers working with washington support joanne boston an expert on venezuela says it only costs in health situation but the opposition is unwilling to head to the table the sense that washington has been something opposition great seats been offering technical support logistical support. soon they might not have a direct us cents since the tent area escape the argument the government says that this is being a micro see what she is indeed a difficult situation the economy is in american studies she said. but the key way for now is the dialogue and train stations and supports been stressed but not so reasonable and analysts said the organization ranked sites of fortune in the mind and in a position he seems to do that but dialogue is the only way forward. the problem is that in the presidential elections wash it and it was not going to the current presidents and one by one
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point eight cents. and now has the speech he gave the opposition is likely about this dimension point they stopped testing and stuff into the digits noise in the government says is not an hour in the chart is the real weakness but having said that the company's increased by ten percent since that's what elections in december that the rising profile of its theological the sideshow it's a great show. as expected we had to stop the screen to see very very difficult parties and factions together. employees who reads this hour here is your national aged state media says unknown gunmen opened fire on an army checkpoint in northern cairo killing six soldiers. two bombs were found at the scene and if used this comes just days after another soldier was killed in attacks on army box. the military has blamed the muslim brotherhood which was to clear the organization in december a judge has seen a rise in such attacks since islam is present hogwarts he was ousted last year investigators say communication systems on the malaysia airlines
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passenger plane that disappeared a week ago were deliberately deceitful they now say they're focusing a pro on crew and passengers this comes after reports claiming that the malaysia airlines jet was hijacked. it is believed that one or more people with extensive flying experience to control the plane switched off communication devices and steered off course investigation and search for the plane ongoing state of the two hundred and twenty seven passengers on board still unknown. afghan president karzai address parliament for the wet last time on saturday he says that twelve years of war were and that was on his countryman adding that the nation's army can entirely take over security from u s forces bilateral security deal is in limbo and washington's leading presidential elections next month. ken and agreements with the new year america's pulling out of the hands of this year as taliban insurgency continues
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to go. many more of a fast paced news viewers are constantly bombarded with information leaving them little chance to stop and smell the roses. normally tv has responded to the growing need of people tumbling down with so called flo tv the coming and nationwide success. sit back and watch this report. i'd use it for now. my oakley said the win would need cooking show all women chefs and kitchen lights cameras and a fourth largest. except this one program is up to six hours long. today things are moving so fast. the expos to a lot of commercials. additionally impressions old ban on and just sit back and enjoy something in real time sitting in the case of the lives of everyday life it's a wonderful thing. so if you use the scandinavian phenomenon in the words of course normally our costs big sister and say in our
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boat and what i like about that if it's the concealer for me to not waste your phone so you can see i could feel the sun the mountains then you can confirm the tent this could mean the city i won't be long shots from real blue ceiling along the norwegian coast. live broadcast from the fireplace real time tv and much more adrenaline reducing broadcasts. this is where norwegian sports he was warned cameras were present hold on to the whole school board and train and the full seven hour long journey was broadcast on live tv unexpectedly the show was watched by around one point two million viewers when it on the screens at one point or another the man being shown and the freedom to speak norwegian broadcasting corporation which produces quickly realize that slopes he could make fast money. we don't have much to say that this is the fifth. make clear
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what caused it. i think that wants to kill state law who advertise and it would be popular too. that would be a lot going on in this. when you find the right concept no news media broadcasting hours of tv executives sitting and pondering for mass around the desk might be the next money spinner. we're not even sold since its inception in two thousand and nine so peaceful and cool transmissions and you can always use an electronic window to a gym pool. frankly the fireplace is among a personal favorite. you want to know our team boss will normally. a special report on crimea is coming up next art international. if your one chance in the uk it so we're catching the county from going to rent. sabathia i
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know. i am. sure pill cause quite the stir through to twenty fourteen conservative political action conference at her now famous infamous quote about how to deal with russia is flying all over the area at the book's years and years she said. he only needs to be a guy with good looking guy with the deal. to be fair people are taken as cool a bit out of context using that in terms of her fears that obama is disarming the country's nuclear arsenal will part we've seen having a big batch and it sure keeps the interventions of the country. boxer believes obama is disarming the us is madness there's actually no evidence that obama has even put a dent in the military industrial complex also use the term bad guys is an singer backcountry such bad people in them or just looking at things. this is the level intellectual discourse of a kindergarten class you would choose to ban her childlike you will also lead to violence because she talked about it being pressed
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a potent took the streets even mean join a war with russia nuclear war. peel and grate is the worst type of chicken hawk garbage and what is even worse is that there are millions of people out there who buy into the simplistic more i like that stupid bad ice more war rhetoric but that's just my opinion. i am. they signed the eyes of your city. he's sixteen and a minute this tt that is it's fine now. this is dissolving into dc to re act and he expected to be tending to the aid of locals aren't we all strive to be faked. most of the city the city. the above phrase from the district of kuta the move to the pond. our robot heroes. not that bad but the topic of the vote
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new zealand born with indomitable at lsu. the tip of the moment you know that i made a decision on the twenty third. it's a good idea and then caught up with edward cullen i blog about. please don't dump the kiddos to brody. we seemed to honor the brave souls but i'm going to die for. in her room the visit of course i did add the names of the candy beauty god is teaching and dates back saying cheese. it is made to have come to woodstock to its savings back into a nice down. though it was back at our kind. she is dirty asleep at night and she dares to mod and taste as bad i'm though. the basic daily with a lot of the methodical tended to let some of it then they did down there so we too will be on the feed out the bits of its own
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people. he did good enough today this into the void that is not limited to jetty designed by dozens of this cd i bought tickets they may be in either of these. one such instance baby still in this kit is by design and appeal was that because of the scotsman him that the six months to me. the team monday we will miss her a guard of honor we did so badly i might read it yet the logic of the top of the video you can get you go the woman said to forty min ago by newbie. this did not mention dating is not doing a mini digital content. but it's okay that it can be seen at the facts of this tea has been quick dying. it seemed to be changing. in seeking to a detention center today
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it's worse still that the applicant who has signed the legal status did not succeed. our room. when chc!vez would willingly. to relax i it and use their homes. we saw. i love this site which covers a wide variety of topics them all and yet the thought in having some substantive facts and other come to that. they stood the test is coming up next to comfort her the night going down in fact thinking will dangle is still going strong. they sing it with a string of dots that all the facts and his in goal we spend a day


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