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tv   Global 3000  PBS  March 15, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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us. read it. she knew this six pm. i may be worth it you will. will you will welcome to level three thousand we explore how people of the well of that on just about time and one that would affect its soul is not because of the planet's biodiversity. his open house coming up see today measuring up to now biologists what needs protection that in brazil that the blog okay now. we need a mouthful of this instead of fighting to defend that had its own lounge
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watching on why inventing the fall is a good business idea in tanzania. the brazil is the global superpower i intend to buy dye batch of tea. almost one in five species live here. but what used to be to enter this rain forest and now being posted and that's beside the boat hook and eye as one of more than one thousand five hundred protected areas. when nate is not the state from the oil exploration on and on and on the monitor cultures i keep looking into brazil's rain forests. the state of mind to brush with it still has implemented a bio monitoring scheme. if successful it could become a new printer conservation efforts across the country but not like it's the need to establish how much of the region's not all that is a film that protecting. and
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you. we think he thinks he can to get into the trunk of the street has a circumference of a t six centimeters. st a biologist from brazil's nature conservation of florida measuring marking the start the fire dies as a team on the train instead of double tolkien. this still gives me any reliable date on the condition of this protected area. release the ecosystem developing once been the influence of climate change so on. until now. each will beam conjecture. it will mean nothing to cool and we go buy some tree species are very sensitive to changes in temperature and weather the tv i think the novice it's quite possible that certain trees will show less grow or even disappear into the hallucination ecosystem as a reaction to climate change and hope they use the heater. the sentiment that has just won some honor
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student at the knees made to shine with much influence is always neat and clean the far east. we definitely need and have the date she would really believe that all you can see it's the last thing the climate is tropical and few meetings set of double booking. the species that have a tacky. tours of the seven hundred and fifty square kilometers in area it's impossible to measure and count everything he says scientists are using bio indicates its species that also inform them about on the far east and have it too mammals are among them. it's entirely possible that the gender law might stink eye. many of my twenty six and won by the ec tracks unfortunately for them to the team alinghi in my view of the jaguar is a nocturnal animal the sulky. not everyone is lucky enough to see such an alarming sign of love. this environment ministry and nature
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conservation authority developed by and i think if he wanted pink and brown together with the gemini international cooperation agency. the g i say. kind of meaning and not deal with not a condo with a view of the nicely. be prepared everything in the gis its headquarters in brazil two years again. mt then finally in the far east and sam. with the head of the national comp he used to be former team. i then someone me and i started farming fish that twenty vision. somehow or another we ended up in the middle and eight will be on the future now there is scarcely any fish atonement. accompanied by a dozen fatigue can be demolished. of course there's still enough to see. stick insects for instance. i love
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or eat anything so it is. or move. and one tomorrow. when an animal guides into the water here in the park you can still see it and that's because the water so clear. it is of the spectrum is the beauty of the waterfalls the fact you can jump into the water and swim. that's all great. i find it very gratifying. true to the gi city employee. a great run. this is a very special to wear similar to that awesome in an effort but that's part of the job beyond that into you. to my images and you get asked that today is to set up a bunch of slight trend. cool spoon the instruction manual consists of peak demand. you can't relate to local people would use of identity
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monitoring know just assigned texts. i can. i received a lot about the state to be consistent. make sure of the non essential mccain is used as bait. and it was a new home. joel proud of being pioneers of tired eyes as if the money train. he already unleashed on the estate of michael gross and it's really affecting there's still enough to entice me to him he is a small contribution i can die. i'm not going to be read in detail for the home loan. he has to pull him to heal. i know that for the top of him. morning international law. dreams in the office initial information on the state of the system was coming for a few months. in
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this protected area of ministry clearly defined regions with data will be collected every six months the pairing that information was in the results. known the bus was like trance has to be assigned you a change joanne on the way the moment and crosses on top. andrea site. and the edges names the giant sheet also has a tacky tacky it's considered an endangered species. where did the a grade commercial artist the scientists looked on the bus just like traffic recent. gps helps them with you. to me. it's starting to
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rain their love to just ninety minutes. now they have to identify just reached her lines and how many him the obamas it was too cold for this entry. a trading on to address buy into identity money tree field trial isn't just in time. these could be extended to all those present my mind and intimate nature conservation and use the loan has one hundred thirty one protected areas or in this monitoring could be expanded to cover each protected area and the several states that are interested in that one of the opportunity to use the information. this is really a national issue and not sonata. and it's a matter
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of protecting brazil's buyer's identity. each major project that something in the middle of the funnest of him as double tolkien. what i say i still can issue you would probably already here as country music is playing your mind. know what's up with common active opened up a truly global living room to plenty of businesses over the years. this time but got to get a look around. new years. on that. and so on
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we've been dead for thirty years and eleven. per plate dinner you see you all are aware of the wall these are all well most of it is being done by tomorrow. and in you'll be in a row because a i do walk everywhere. and i love the beauty of how the lions three. and so i tried to capture that feeling of home page. and a degradation in the paint. i know. this is where are we the air. after dinner buffet
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one of the things i really love doing in my living room is hosting people which they are a bit hesitant since nineteen eighty nine and with this took about three hundred and fifty people from twenty countries. there's no way i can really explain how important these words are too thanks for coming. a lot to have to come back and visit us we'll be happy to say here in the eye. though the door's always open door is always open and usually listen to me so come back and gis ii janine is a civil war to syria that translates into playing more than one hundred thousand lives lost more than six hundred and eighteen
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thousand ended and millions of people who've been forced to flee their heads the seven numbers inevitably fail to reflect the individual tragedies that lay behind them. like in iraq because its population is trying to stay out of this conflict as far as possible that would increase in the diet front lines. that's the tricky agenda. not forcing the fight to the opposition free sitting on the and both of fighting al qaeda linked islamist groups. i dismissed at a time to keep all of them bought at a distance from the communities in the province of ha soccer now all they say they're the defending their hands some kurdish women have taken up alms and the struggle of relative stability. the content writers of the rocks and more are on an exercise this morning. it is the kind of thing they've already experienced for real and assyrian civil war young women belong to one of
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the kurdish people's defense units. i hear they're practicing how to ambush an enemy fighter. psst. i encourage main enemies in this war are islamis to al qaeda the pre show no mercy to these antics the they do. a man. we take him prisoner and we eliminate them. nothing could have a bomb and blow us up along with the sound fun. as one of thirty five women who do together here is the word
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religion and ethics. for many cows have been finding our society. but this fight as we respect it. if that's the difference between on saturday on the winning run at the end was gone. choosing to try and join the kurdish you like the party. these consciously choosing to live without a husband or children or family. you are either totally or partially helped. telus women's minds here consist of cooking having children and cleaning. any man can tell the woman what to do. these women believe their weapons make the difference. female fighters are free. until the revolution began three years ago kurds had few rights in syria. assad regime discriminated systematically against them. the saints
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seized their rights. today's lessons were unthinkable in syria before twenty eleven and i'm cool. it was like um rates and copy them even happier at the front line of placing less effective. i think it has let me see ah kong resorting to make too much it makes us stronger. we know to try it i never forget their fallen comrades like roxanne who gave the core its name. curious to hear if you want to go until the fateful will he able to look. crooks and was the only one left counting the pennies turning to me had to withdraw. she still could remain in her hands and pulled the pin wheel himself up to become a common street trees to human will is on. retail is fifty thousand syrian kurds are willing to pick up rocks admittedly we can't verify that. a male soldier tells us it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman that both fight
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side by side. trucks and sacrificed her life. in the ideology of martyrdom it's a morally superior deed almost all young women carry a bullet with that. for their final day. being taken prisoner. opal yellow. sit shannon and will quickly get the most. also things to easily capture torture and west. i am for the u s led rather kill myself and fall into bed and sleeping the opposition says the kurds are on us outside and it's true that is air force is not bombed kurdish territories in the north messages on a pro homes. but also has few friends among the kurds. well they say they'll fight against anyone who attacks them including us
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the writer to know folks the pupils defense units are guarding the borders of the kurdish area. it's nice to be done. when she joined the female decent score. she was still a minor. at first she was allowed to roam thirty and trained with them the kurds don't want any child soldiers. tony doesn't really even allowed to stand guard. until recently there was still bottles here and yes more marketers can only get over there with a free syrian army and aunt ida since the two groups of become enemies. he is the mists of disappeared and things are quieter. but no one knows to stay that way yes one person to swim and i must say his dad went and i mean he's one of them come they want to frighten us but i'm not. why should i be when a fighter is buried the current scotia he know my day. the marker lives on the tribute was also paid to sars brother. the kurdish
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fighters are willing to sacrifice themselves completely. for them. it's about something they think is worth losing your life for their homeland. and for the win. it's also about self determination. warm. when i joined the cause the island the real meaning of equality women can defend themselves against ole miss. yep that's really a teacher a woman anything you want. women will in philadelphia and eight the news and go the more you soon. under the tree syrian army colonel said its troops are on strike sometimes with and sometimes against each other. and with every day that he could grow the commander believes syria still has a future the syrians have to be able to forgive each other otherwise how can we get together. as you can do that
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we need is any pecans the we don't want anymore lunch and on the bobbin. well not mean that they and he hit it off young women who dance laugh and talk a lot about thirty and ten. consider not afraid of losing their lives. one of them says her story is not over. she's destined. she struck. i was out on is called snakes and other times in the end i wanted to make it much past the age of sixty about the average life expectancy that the thing is pretty far down the international rankings to many people that life is very tough indeed much of the population of subsistence farm is still used basic told to encounter living on the last one file menu the town of months i've had enough of the flimsy imported told he was using to know the hog dry ground. and now he's had to make it himself
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sunset or what. going to sound had cca. it means he is a small area behind his house here he works with the simplest of tools and plenty of muscle power the taco time and told me the sheet into a thousand degrees celsius before when connie can continue. i thought. look look alike. we moistened with water to relate to more easily when the cubicle twenty ten and you will have decided to put a kid comedy and it will make it easier to plough the land to call when he took over when they become willing to fight. when you look into the shoes the ones we went to our eight millimeters thick and empowerment are going out to leaders speak of the most
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impact in the next tooth in his heart on the phone with the ultimate offering guaranteed funding of twenty new face. i'm going in the second unit condo in october after months and only we can wear them when i was welcomed and embraced to rezone the site with the medium appealing. but the kid the deep wounds almost every morning the pounding he ventures out into the fields not soften his image. right now he has to plan to pay his fields for sailing. it's not an easy task for him all the other traumas in this area. not even if they would practice instead of oxen. saul and his partners brought daisy taking after months of drought the need to style himself in his mid teens. nowadays the other promise but their equipment to him. they were impressed by its quality the race season is expected to win soon. the other bombings in the bin the two of benefiting from dupont dd has what it all. still on some of the young man who was because the extra money a day
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one day his son carry on when you feel to it but just as he learned everything from his grandfather. it was ghetto. it then. in. the we didn't really do believe about twice a month and the legions receipt and easy apple has been a regional agricultural commission s are about to teens. i wonder though. this is the latest tips on crop cultivation and new harvesting methods. i was so nice to meet the needs of the fun is in the village so i ended me missing a sheet is in crisis. the boy got to come by. london unit has hardly any money of his own available now for and to give me a sentence and then collects raw material and sew and often next to the scrap
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metal. for me to. we use to make his tools need madden twenty oh nine the who sang it. allow four. i'm not doing it to be pretty cute but only in very exceptional cases is to use a little money he doesn't know to buy new material to film up on bob built me a ticket. must let the district capital. nolen drive from sin on me the media sells the products he makes here is where i'll find a middle name and given it a little and she successfully in his plow blades and not any more robust than the dust really made ones. i don't think she can. the new young adults to go a step ladder. he says his dream is to make a soundtrack to one day. so as tanzania attracted me to thinking. at this point he has an engine lined up and he will be he
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knows that snow told he needs says it would be feasible to know that i'm here. eugenie the ingenious appreciation an excellent list of past november was up to going pretty good. once every season has to be costly because that's what the commas in this region need to plow the console him many areas sittin there wasn't a moment to read well actually mine. his imagery nina has come to him to find out more than they can ruin a boy and i didn't and the media has good news is lukewarm that. you can deal there'll be willing to share lots. but only in certain areas not everywhere but here and there it will certainly rain. the clomid on goma congo. with them when they cease the intensity and
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the rainy season is just around the eye. the young man in the fitting time to welcome the new season accompanied by a young man show tonight should he. each after concentrate on the situation would be tested sort of did me in the hopes that meat is brown. i think it'll be good if the harvest the whole community the hitch. i didn't even do that just rocks that you would like to see this scene again or to what any of the report. you can find it online. but for now firmly in the whole double team thanks for looking at the back
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which statistics. you know it's the too much the us now on dvd. low low. and. it
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is. and knitting with
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the chair. it's evident that all men are created in all it had been there. we already know the direction of about billion on monday he not the pd. rich is the most powerful country. woo hoo. i
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i in . i like you know. in its cage. the blog world it's sunday. he died on the outcome. i watched it i'm quite sure. i might as
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well as some of them. right now. you knew knew who will will. the us. eye. with the bead show in this edition of pocket rocket with coalition and the sun though an italian classic fbi be no spider. most of all the latest news from the geneva motor show i know spring slowly descends on us the automotive steamed the stands of geneva. eager to see what the year


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