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and topics that could be forcing us to sit on and the nothingness in opposing team and a wound nm one long room . the city says a un resolution on clay me out which would have landed the ukrainian regio of the kids on stage the state is to be illegal. meanwhile tensions of setting up in other parts of the country seeing people like steel reason often says local self defense forces come under attack from spotlight headlines. by steve almond and save some money in my nineties. soto said led to the state. jewish families of
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force to see you claim lining the rabbi is that the assault the trek to get their groceries for syria. it's been three as of bloodshed and devastation with a thousand lives lost in the civil war. oh no. the art students next month for months that you make me vomit it's good to have it complete with us. russia has topped a united nations resolution on the upcoming referendum and crimea which is about to decide whether to remain part of the ukraine. the us just to document such countries not to mention concentrate it is planning to seek and was funny the session the resolution says the upcoming referendum has no validity. but check does not see it that way so it has
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veto the proposed resolution many harsh words were said at the council the u s french uk representative spoke they called the referendum in the gold rush on the other hand says that the people of crimea decide for themselves as they had no say in the recent takeover of power in kiev. here's what is it that it retained the council mortenson was jesus you will we cannot agree to the trust's main proposition which is declared the sixteenth of march referendum which will see that the crime on its side in the future. when he was on the two stars taken by the wolf is that the struggle to get violet some of the main principles and snaps a little lost with the right people on the right to self determination has been trying to talk to anyone of you in chalk on the backs. i mean it's a state it has failed their trucks to enter their elected leader was overthrown to street riots. the russian representative also pointed at washington's role in fanning the flames of the crisis in ukraine despite her phone to leila
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and juices power was talking about dreams. we do why you dismiss them the rights of the crimean peacefully express their williams a referendum on march the sixteenth. the harshest criticism came from the whites which appeals to international norms about non interference in other states affairs. which left many wondering about washington's own record of my leading to what principles. i'm pretty much break into pieces the russian foreign ministry is warning that gunmen from the right to and creepy maybe hadn't eastern ukrainian cities to states that both the cases frame one of the sexes is any act play a one man was stabbed to death in st scratches on their state and with thousands who gathered today full production months. ryan o'neal is a fine tea the protests continued in the test today when a tree thousands of people taken to the streets. there was a breakup demonstration that made its way to the security services headquarters. but demonstrates is a broad list of demands. one of which was
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for a referendum. photo next to the coverage of the loan was for the release of trouble to read. april issue demonstrates that was abducted last week. now we haven't seen the violence that on thursday when no one but that's to stop the death of the police failed to keep the pot for my dime from pro russian demonstrates this but the russian foreign ministry police a statement today warning that there could be members of the old chin ups was five at six that would be making their way to the donetsk and the guns from couples which is obviously raised tensions and says amongst people in the internet's. and the moment he starts breaking down. my husband was tested it and it is in its main afloat. the people who even briefly shown their faces in the media. i immediately
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preference. the home addresses and don'ts of their parents. i posted my second websites along with calls to kill them. what was the scene where two people were killed last night in a standoff getting involved. dozens of them estates is located in themselves into building and throwing them what gets me molotov cocktails down on protesters and police the ukrainian interior ministry confirmed that it was the right of the behind the attacks. witnesses on the ground explained that some of the stevie nicks and they witness the sky the real unemployment among both taxes and duties. there was this blue minivan that appeared in the central square and pepper spray directly to see them trying to skype. they started chasing is but ended up being shot at from the building the building and re mars' history as a base for gunmen from the right . they started shooting at us through most of cocktails and gas grenades at the local news afraid to say it was ours was the exact its headquarters. but it's not true is the base of the reit sector radicals it's more here. the chief
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policeman was sent from kiev and is covering these gunmen ryan o'neal reports in the mouth the rice accident involved in this incident that has become notorious up for you to buy link to me that tactics throughout the embassy ukraine and its breathtaking stunned ukrainians living in the country. though. no one tells us went to bear arms and when asked if he was in sch u wont even talks and you will take them away. this leads to the group's promotional video on saturday to on line at the right side of me. the biggest faction within the former opposition it was at the forefront of the uprising which meant insist on ten posts government buildings in attacks on the on the squats sales of consistency rejects it to the concessions offered by the organization when he was trying in vain to calm
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the context and not the right one of them as infill angel groups in ukraine. it smacks of no axe to its hands on some of us and says it's high time this seemed more tension in here this means and tell him i did the western governments will need to know about the problems they've every denial about it. at some level. some people in the west often said i knew that seemed too nice for example there's a lot of concerned with the way in which a of the great fashions for the golden eagle movements have been getting to kiev. but western governments as such do not want to accept this fact because if they do it undermines the legitimacy of your floor is the etf which they'll support. with a lack of peace and stability and the rise of neo hotline as many are considering leaving the country. now let's take a look at this this is our flights to god along with an
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anti semitic slogans painted on the joke of a senegal knox a month say with a warship and seventies being vandalized it. i'm supposing that is now half of their safety. one thread titled ideas policy. he decided to feed his hand. the synagogue is empty. the rabbi is packing his office up. i don't want it and pushed it no headlights are going to feel safe. oh and my children to the tree. to move. people wonder whether finger visitors. this is not just for me this legend. well i'm coming. two weeks ago and man was caught on camera painting swastikas on the goal of the synagogue. an actu was charming. did you choose. it's the first time in twenty years the synagogue
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was vandalized. as you can see that defeat is being painted of that but the police came today to investigate the incident. two weeks off to happen. this earns him a stone to a number of has been attacked while walking on the streets of kyiv. they are about two hundred thousand living in ukraine right now. one of the country's chief rabbis is teaching them to be huge that says minnesota vikings fukuda policy on alcohol to the interim government in kiev. the salad. nobody will do anything on top of the cost of protecting and below you can them. nowadays there is no law in making known because santa can change and still costs. and don't expect to. would you take the juice of thing happens and cities ukrainian who do not want to keep on taking matters into their own hands. self defense training is being organized and displayed on the fences and
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security personnel. you can go when you think you need to know hard to defend yourself when you wear it there are such training courses i will be happy because people need peace in every place and time none of those who participated in the training would speak on camera. this man agreed but only if we covet his face. but within a given that everyone should learn how to defend themselves given the situation that we have here. we know them i doubt it mixes naturalist only israeli soldiers who have experience he knew how to act in this current situation of helping us to get ready for the nimble mind aniston seen yeltsin up as clinton balconies gpt prime minister but since the jewish community and says his government would fight against any form of sexism that the people we spoke to do and some optimistic. the always be landing at times and now that sen is not his but the mustard stain is just too high. many of ukraine's choose to open access to tax will shift from synagogues to human targets
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we've seen on tv. supermodel crimea. delivering the law on the developments in ukraine and the rest returned from taking at the end what science has come under attack from the radical and satellite providers have been used to wear what i see at the anonymous threats. war stories is still coming up off the plate the eye. a technology integration. all new developments around russia. the future. and
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the us the word the doors stories you can do. changing the world likes. she was eight years. the roads the eye. mr tweed wallace the people of crimea war had sent the polls for the story based on whether they want to remain a part of ukraine
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join the russian the province is now holding the sale sign in with a political campaigning amounts the referendum one scroll down to naples he seems to recognize the need to sit in kiev and call for greater autonomy. with an ethnic russian population of around sixty percent and the question even the mainland which lincoln on the peninsula. it's one of the predicted that the majority will opt for joining russia. this led to some is that solves that as i expecting from sunday spent this will be at the spot of days. considering new korean is falling apart as a steep the field to provide citizens with basic rights. the people of kenya are holding a referendum to determine the future we hope will be held within the rules lot of thinking violations. i have to take into consideration the people's opinion of the results of the school people will have their say but expect a referendum to be positive. under ukrainian law
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and general democratic rules this is alluded to go. well world powers continued junkie and then the situation in ukraine and the screws of the titans on russian media in the country. several senators have come under attack from radicals. don't tell to my colleague and when the cost of a bomb threat report says. it should there's a lot of intimidation that there are at the moment only a plainfield examples the first one i'll start with is that there's a big international staff like provider and i can mention the name i like spicy and the psychic they have been out refused to work with our tea. i don't have stopped in fact why was that they claim that they had the candles and then i came in wearing masks and also the work that would carry one pennies and they said that if you don't sell pork and devotion to the tunnels and broadcasting of their their satellite states basically our correspondence before our viewers also understand how this business. we were pretty
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cute and innocent little intimidated to stop working with our kids with all the candles today have apologized to warranty and they said but they still find them so they can carry on any longer and then of course with countless of reports of journalists being attacked by a dose of radicals that was seen on my dance class as well. there is one example to do hill into a shoebox and reports and just because he dared to enter the divine at least what he saw later that we go we can see this is what he actually explains a lot what happens to him and he said that he was flattened and beaten up because again he dared to answer your brights least that's just one example of that others also are to call and they took it even further with him. that's the color. worse it over with the group i have been receiving numerous threats since the reit sector put me on the one that leads on their website offering rewards from a calf tear. and within a few hours the message was a cost of tens of thousands of times i want to think regular people in kyiv. do not support these caps and offered them how to
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shelter me from the radicals and these are the people the people plug on their intimidating and attacking journalists are the people that we see in the western world so forth and back and we are seeing more stories coming out of how these radical is how that went to suppress the truth will come in our spots when it comes from russian media. in fact not call a contest that open up has more on that. as the clean crisis continues where breaking down some inconsistency surrounding the ongoing steering. despite ukraine's interim prime minister gets a new cleaning the interests of russians are not being affected in the country at all the speaking tv news channels are facing censorship the osce has spoken out against this the national council on tv and radio broadcasting called on tv providers to reframe from featuring five russian networks until the programming is deemed appropriate. according to ukraine's legal system the results more than half
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of those turning into cable tv in the country don't have access to those five networks one elysee freedom of the press representative called the measure for press them and a form of censorship moving on. the silly prime minister has made allegations that moscow is preparing to invade eastern ukraine russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov reiterated that moscow has no such plans and intends to continue being nothing less than transparent this is the new ticket to the russian federation does not depend on tough new friends and big east and southern ukraine. we strongly believe that the rights of russians just like the rights of hunger and love caring homes were lost the rights of ukrainians it must be usual and protect the lack of any significant light violations in crimea minute of it is thanks to the additional measures taken by local self defense forces to prevent what happened on my time from happening in india the police to protest is still having the only time in
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the central european capital the bus around in washington's plans to provide one million dollars in aid to kiev ukrainian in turn threatens to hit single was in d c to talk business with obama as well as the heads up the imf and world bank despite all these promises and words of support the cash flow into kiev has stalled with the senate going into a week long recess the us is determined not to see ukraine's the armed forces go hungry. the obama news station said it will be providing them with a response. the frenzy surrounding sniper is operating on my done during the peak of ts chaos and classes and those reports accused the ousted ukrainian president in the context of sending in the snipers pressure calls for investigation. but when it leads to the opposition may have ordered the snipers opened fire. many west dropped the subject like a hot potato in the meantime the former head of ukraine's security service released the names of those who could have been responsible for the killings in kiev. one of them is now the secretary of
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the national security and defence accounts the parliamentary assembly of god the council of europe has not answered russia's request for an investigation into the alleged crimes committed by the opposition germany and supported the inquiry took no further steps have been taken to assess each of the rt washington dc that's a referendum and clammy and now in moscow crowds turned up in the center of the sizzix he demonstrates in favor of the people's right to vent they also voiced support for russian speaking population in the region. right the ladies that also has taken place in the russian capital. this time against miami and even ukraine. it's called a mom of teens and was gatherings to several pounds and two. every weekend full of coverage of the crimean referendum. he's like really
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into the bland uprising began in syria and escalated into full beard stubble the united nations says what followed has been the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen in decades. the one hundred thousands of people have been killed since the war began. the un had stopped updating the death toll free eight in the lead on the verify the facts so the actual numbers it is yet to be much higher more than two million people have fled sudan. and that's just the official number and that
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was six and a half million people have been displaced in the country and the majority of all the refugees. all women and children who spank with the ones to him whose family was contacted by standards for supporting the government's. one of them the there's been a lot of losses and lost two sons and one wonders two hundred bridges because i spoke my mind. when the crisis started the opposition threatened to kill my son. were living in our own country and in the opposition came and wanted to kill him. they searched for him and he knew where he was then they came for him but the only succeeded in killing two of his brothers. well this is a picture of my son in a turkish newspaper word promises five million dollars for his death the us where this is in turkey where they're calling for freedom the civil war has left a trail of destruction throughout syria collapsed buildings have become all too common. and that as he
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concedes. yet many are not science that made up the country's ancient cultural heritage. now i can go in. that museums have a huge event like a logical sized devastated by sending attacks. the company has of course crumpled more than half of the syrians have no worries of any money in the sixty percent live in team. one to match the president told us to his young children have to work to put food on the table. i had a feeling of me and went over his team's one hundred eighty degrees since the first phase of the syrian crisis of them now. i can have a darling all aching in my life and are destroyed region that said going on now if you get my own bread that leads to the construction men. now my children are working have sons and daughters and a half
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to lead the reconstruction i love my weekend back in twenty twelve with very little money in my pocket in my car which still have to be off. between then and now it wasn't for my kids were helping me somehow. helloo people. i was disabled for my house was hit by mortar and destroyed it that my car was also damaged the story can help when it opened because i can walk only with walking it probably looked fine. i'm disabled and cannot work the content has backtracked and radically expand this to not tell from that model from neighboring countries to kill a cat. this a thousand tiny european title fight scene in syria function is the biggest old softy high this supplement is from the heat which has putting the number and seven common in belgium and germany have seen around three hundred people paid for syria while the uk mr key said that's a two hundred fifty patients have retrieved him from the wall and now plays a significant threat to the father of one european islamists as the government retaining the blind eye to
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the situation. baidu radical islam is the organization isn't it. some of the queen and all the reasons why it is that unlike some of the blog on this mobile the studio recording all the reasons but all ethiopian government motors reasons that some people in the middle because again it's the will to be building a mobile because of them the freedom fighters of this kind of things to them because in the name of religion. they know the reasons why don't just move on. and nobody's doing something against its the government just watching when he's in the sala on the rebound in housing will get to fly on and on the checkpoint and often caught up in six children's t bonds with holland at the scene and tissues. this comes just days after the us
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open. i've been on the facts that it is in the muslim brotherhood which has led terrorists organization stm egypt has seen a rise in such attacks since islamist president muhammad was he was ousted last . you take the anti government riots that have adopted wasn't the cause and client. we see stan getz and what they can into this as protest of honoring a fifteen year old boy who died on monday the victims' families say he was buying grade when he was hired. we need to get gas canister nine months ago leaving him to come up out of my minutes add one has defended the action of police and threatened to attendance the only teams in that fill with all the latest financial scandals i'll see her for now
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the end the night. the end the night. and. it is. guru
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long with long will the marshal your worries mainstream cruise route was eroded in stunningly beautiful coastal one. thus the exhibit these are the top story. when security council russia. the legal and ukraine preparations the half. that's why officials say the existing malaysian airline seems to have. it is the cure rate. in the old one at that time world champion he starts that not one


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