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tv   France 24 News  PBS  March 15, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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new new. people all the referendum is trying to improvise to decide whether or not just from ukraine to become a pop and rock show will be used to announce that but as a vehicle deliberately die cuts it one week old malaysian prime minister said his disappearance of life and each three seven zero was not accidental. sucks for the plate number two hundred and thirty nine passengers can take us. the deadly attack on the edge of tyre six egyptian soldiers to kill going to come install a checkpoint in the early hours
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of this update. mobile. when chad user minute opus course hosted the regional crime year is set to hold a referendum on sunday to decide whether all the remains of ukraine or breaks away and joined russia was polling stations across the crimean peninsula gear up for tomorrow's vote. a number of world leaders among the french president will swallow agree it's racing today they will not recognize the results of that which they say is a beagle awful sight of the leather pride is in the ukrainian capital. he joins us now. i got the key effect considers that a referendum to be unconstitutional the steps of guilt or is that taking account rates will the two thirty think it is said that this referendum will be in the goa from the very beginning that today this out today via ukrainian constitutional court a concern that's been eroding and that was funded by a vote in parliament saxony does all the parliaments of the autonomous republic of
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crimea for failing to comply with the request from tfc cancel the referendum set for monday a day to good will that take in all the steps that they can really in order to make it clear that they are recognizing this referendum and that they don't believe it should be being held in seoul but of course all this remains strictly formal the ukrainian government has no possibility to enact these routine since when is already at the five time under the control of the o'keefe when russian troops and to the ukraine yesterday trying in the separatists the small group that could mean separatists to take control of the autonomous regions other than that. hello what is the mood like this evening that in the ukrainian capital kiev. the men didn't yet for the last few days really has that been happening i would say maybe because of what was seeing happening in the east of ukraine where now three people have been killed in that the nest and popped it
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in the class is at its main rival demonstrations pro russians and pro ukrainian unit see the people who were killed what of people from the pro ukrainian unity demonstrations that nevertheless russia's reaction to this has been to say that the situation with that the political spouses ukrainian nationalists that in eastern ukraine is that causing the coyotes and putting people under threat the russians that seemed to be a good and really really a far out with this set so the propaganda i think is the only wet for because i was just in eastern ukraine and i didn't see any western ukrainian nationalists around it's all still with us since russia is using these classes in eastern ukraine to make another note the noises about the possibility that it might be required to intervene that in order to protect russian citizens ought to protect citizens generally these noises coming from the russian foreign ministry up loving people in that she had a great deal not just ordinary people also the president the interim president and some that option off the said today that he thought that the possibility of a russian
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invasion of eastern ukraine was very very real and said some people have been talking to me even from a european diplomat cyclone hit in the key of saying that that will suck very very worried indeed. that said russia's intentions but in times of a minute reduction in ukraine may not stop with tanya the mother crying and she s thank you very much indeed for that updates. bullying most good tens of thousands of anti government protests is marched through the russian capital denouncing the referendum and cried at the close to the kremlin a rival money was held in support. although russia intervention in crime if i catch the balkans the anti war protest as in most games chunks and sunny can't even keep the new revolutionaries. around fifty thousand to two the streets according to president putin to the instruction sheet in ukraine and end the cold war style standoff with the west the joy of the monster
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juices and anti war march and anti war rally. this is a rally against weakness and that some of the pieces of rally for a good neighborly relations with our brothers in ukraine. i believe but who is doing is a disaster for russia and for all citizens of our country the wimpy anyone stands taking in the capital on saturday. much into the team it's a good four sons as one of many supporting the president paid to dc in france. these activists attacked me and make corrections in ukraine's crimean peninsula. you want to come and kick and then boom. when was the wives. we are for the friendship of the russian and ukrainian pupils. the team we want to see a firm no to the fascist movement of that came to power in ukraine. and therefore we naturally want to support the whatcom rates in ukraine. additional reading the riots demonstrations commentator from residents in kindy an
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effect on my bid to become depressed and debates that was hit by a mouse game that denounced by kiev in its place in our minds as an equal and that by the pen name. as expected rush of blokes a un security council resolution which had been dropped by the united states which branded the goods in crimea is illegal. while russia which has veto rights oppose the measure of china or abstain for the out of thirteen members of council in the late today saved all the trough is an issue because it was not out of the us ambassador to the united nations react. and for you. we are isolated alone and wrong blocked the resolutions passage. just as it has blocked ukrainian ships and international observers. russia put itself outside those international norms that we have painstakingly developed to serve as the bedrock foundation for peaceful relations between states russia prevented adoption of a resolution today but it cannot change the aspirations
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and destiny of the ukrainian people. and it cannot deny the truth. displayed today that there is overwhelming international opposition to its dangerous actions. was that the us ambassador to the united nations in reacting to the two that thirds of the un security council will fall on the un security council but i'm joined here in the cia by will create a bonus scheme is a former ambassador and a professor of its national will and diplomacy the feeding tube. thank you for joining us. this is us. a diplomatic nightmare is not in it he recalls. dhaka stocks is above the cold will be due to two of the basic principles of the united nations said. our opposing each other character and integrity and the difference is that nbc has the right to defend its own character one one hand and the other on the other hand self determination off the people to self determination country to russian unit into an
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ideological interpretation does not include wounded in principle the right to secede the right to secede is something an initial all is given as it isn't a great exception to the end and in moments often forceful is the suppression of the cleansing which is not the case being in the crimea war and in the ukraine present. the danger is that russia is trying to unilaterally and stick to the moon seemed to fit into national law for its an interest in such as the benefits of our sovereignty. the misuse of the response rate to protect its investment. um and and and ethnic nationalism for its own people and creating the right of secession which does not exist in international law the professor that the threat of sanctions is leaning over russia. what was out of options all that out on the table for the international community to put pressure on moscow anything apart from sanctions before we enter the stage of
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saying i think we should go through the motions of engaging in russia in a dialogue we have tried an apostle has talked to me and said very successful but in all we on a new speech to apia. indeed established by russia in which pressure will try to do two minds. this is the ego states that it has created. we have to draw russia into the discussion on two little monkeys us the general assembly of holt in faith all the western tradition we've been making great headway in the second one is to revitalize ensure that creates the scrum that group which has been in the discussions for a long time already. the most in both countries and not only the two the substance of these discussions at the end it on to quote would be a marshall plan for our ukraine and the new ukrainian federation something away from the central structure
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that exists nowadays which would give more protection to minorities and that's what he's wanted by the russians and by the russian government all in all we have to include russia into this because i'll know who killed one can say. and with this dressing station weekend that being a pro to stabilize it off this situation. in and around ukraine. thank you very much that the professor will print it on a ski thank you feel analysis. the spittle or small the world news now in a week as possums the malaysian airlines flight in each three seven zero on rubicon them to beijing vanished off the radar screens with two hundred and thirty nine people aboard. for seven days on there are still no signs of the boeing triple seven passenger plane. besides that malaysian prime minister gave his statement on the plane's disappearance was against jennifer last reports i deliberately disabled. new evidence in the mystery disappearance of malaysia
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rail lines like three seconds he suggests someone took control of the plane intensely cups of contacts and change costs. near the border the tree in malaysia. yet in use. air traffic control. crops. wanda was switched off. his movements. not consistent with all deliberate action when someone on the plate malaysia's trivia stopped short of calling the events the hijacking. we are still investigating all possibilities. so what was then there's the seven zero the eight. for this reason like all the daring seven seven seven vanished without a trace i read today showing a week again. i contacted a traffic control about an hour
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after takeoff. then nothing satellite and radar detection is the plane flew back to the inhalation of before tending northwest to and see andaman islands. and they're thirty save to tip line it could have taken one of two different pots northwest towards kazakhstan south asia the indian nation it's rare for a modern passenger jet to fly and detected if not impossible. a little tricky to the field if you travel in a very low altitude with a new cruise liner or sparsely inhabited or uninhabited area. you can cross the gulf of thailand all to the indian ocean killing and potentially completely change lanes courts do. nautical you what yall. here is now searching the next densely forested islands. meanwhile police are taking place and will keep everyone on board including the pilot tim curry. exactly three years of paul since the conflict in syria began what started as peaceful protests against the government of president
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bush are all outside has escalated into a civil war in which one hundred and forty thousand people being killed whereas the conflict enters its fourth year now the syrian government appears to be re gaining ground in a number of areas. troops loyal to the ousted regime are reports have entered the streets of the rebel held town hall to jump through six egyptian soldiers were killed today on the outskirts of the capital cairo are still to come and store them in a tree checkpoint at a thai christiane is waiting on the muslim brotherhood which the brotherhood in the lives of exclusive school supplies and out the scene wanted to talk and rescue workers when they rushed to the scene for strikeouts every shelf but it's small. i mean it really is the only thing on her hands. one accusation the council agreed strongly denies. today unidentified gunmen shot dead on the gulf
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this is a ten minute speech six soldiers were killed like as one of the sheet indicates an inspection of the area reveals an open pending threat. security officers were deployed in from an explosive device in a handbag behind the door of the cheekbone. bomb disposal experts defused the device e g it's been increasingly play calling is to make insurgency since the mitre and three president muhammad mostly unknown stealing three hundred security offices of safe loved and killed in a way to finance which i linked to take a step up. if the presidential race. army chief and conflict hundred cc is warned to expect it to win least seven people being killed and dozens more injured in the nigerian capital of the blue chips today. a softer stampede at a stadium with thousands of people had gathered for a job supreme in fact. witnesses say that such people toward the central state resulted in the crotch the masses were made was by far than any one entrance to the venue was
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the second is now too wants a private accounts. our data that way. did you. in a while. you know. the eye. it will. speaking of stampede in the future. sunday the french government has announced today that limit the use of private cars. it's in a bid to try to address the high levels of pollution across the areas of mormon from competing in the french capital. well the trials for both parties have already announced free travel on transportation all weekend now the office of the prime official knock it till says that as of monday drivers who
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cannot use the cars on alternate days depending on my license plate and sat with them on number four and a number. look results a ritual he is a scorching case the team to respond to shaking off of my cats today we have effects that. multi talented and multi cultural the thing that she was born in lisbon and cnn. twenty years. i think this has been it was horrible. nineteen as
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pulp fiction. in national i'm delighted to welcome there and then watch this guy coming back. in the anti semites for coming in and talking to us today. six new ones film festival which a case of films directed by women. school was recently sent out back in nineteen seventy nine when women. just stunning snake and places had three count he insists that the soul is still relevant and important today. i think there probably are then entered. now i was always very important and i'm very honest and vcat to be part of the festival and i do believe in so much still to be done if a lean mean and that balance between women and men and lucy and i definitely think any. the comanche exterior size is being silly in the competition in this facet of the distilling of
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that the fights for freedom and second stages of the home of the ridiculous hat. when the package and it was those new to the kt said of involvement in the resistance may think they then it's not so seek out critical insight into the army to be false to me again and ran nana become elizabeth and bile acid can say from the people involved in this project. to date as i and the proposal. then on the skin decoration commission in brazil its content than me steve justice and the acting is terrific bloke. also being beamed on in argentina. she then made the i had to ask for forgiveness. to the victims of the cake military dictatorships in these countries and how these people to somehow rebuild themselves on me and the administration bases paying tens of patriots and documents because at the nice
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people and all that lah i say hey you know crossing a blog that it was last night me and begin had a bit past boyd said that they had fake and document said the children born in. at least i didn't have to add to the names of one hand it's still only see the movie and it has and she hates that. and soon i can at any practical value. note that said and very beautiful and thing happening in brazil and so this family. and then headed to credit the violent destiny and bad men were almost all carrots and the terrible torches and dan three generations of women survive. then mom and mother and go to that end now be on a boat to come back to brazil and it's in the country and the beast new identities offered to them and were
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let's take a look at it now from the comanche this is a dog that could stand. aunty told an allegory which has a squeeze on its feet. last autumn to sundown. he says no i didn't walk all the time when cool. noel esb social freedom in turin so kind to you. you are going to a fiesta going to malls in an announcement on the stamp or is he going to put my hand he knew precisely the nineteen eighties to maintain or some tamaki in a handicap and second team all so i can see from the conscious mind. still many detected in two thousand a co captain has also been shown at the festival. this moment the only tv documentary that tells the story of the portuguese i may seem that the nation
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and tools and spends tens of political injustices. i did a nice new documentary like that something coming out to a co captain was almost like a sequel though mine of course was a fiction and the sun is a documentary and a half since it's on the run incredible that our driver a democracy and free to go this is getting you back in a speaking fee was done by an elite any people but no blackout on danny and his gang peaceful daddy and humanistic and and and this count as abouts reinforcement of democracy something is amazing. you know in stalling and democracy based in the secondary. an important act and reinforcements and democracy and its july and maybe because i'm from that generation. who did that a geek i may soon have a decent meal or cables and got a huge impact on me and didn't see
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that naturally i'm interested to buy a it man. and he started both subjects. that's a sign of presence or the fool in front of the tunnel rather than behind it was the one to change roles. i hadn't. i always thought i would be an either or nineties and finite and that starting soon and i was a bit of a surprise to me day two is an enduring putting direct input to go and a interesting day. tesco says it wants a girl who has a tendency he's saying he's guilty of my korea to conceive me to be into santa so i i'm starting to to work as an act is discovering the world of cinema that i always like the other side too. i don t know. a it's raining and the collar is in the sl i think going into acting by any unites all
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these loves you. i take it and even acting since he retains as a set of foley's iran as the opec can move in the film henry and saying nice nice if it comes to publishing statements and snow the night. because i can't really see. so it makes me dance. i can help. last night i got to do with the match. i presented steve and amy. to get them all i can sell yet. the idea was that incredible resembles and sometimes the use. at meal time is of an ace mean and sometimes mine and they've been expecting you know it didn't mean that the car around the senate sent an email that one could be the other hand is cranked any
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of that. all of the leninist things. it's nice to girls that you recognize who is no valid in the content is pulp fiction as christmas is no friend of the most. nine cents and its friends and an intensity of that yet. what did the grungy feel something well i do. it changes a lot for your teen to a city in an american film of course i'm only screened during an alternate counts. and so called sixteen was one of them you know it's been such an incredible piece of writing. consolidation so region on and i think most of the act is involved in meeting its eyes in peace and by some of them was a sit down and the president is in the sea its uk had was that it had nothing in common with all the content of the room and family as i said your
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whiny to make and i chased you also heard that their talents preventing knees ache listen county hour and a sense of who they said seventy thousand titles is college twenty five thousand tickets is ending its. he said. i'm ready the eu. for me. i do. they sell it in its eighty ce we don't. many states are many disney's sing songs in different phases of this claimant friends. gee she's a different language to
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express different and i still hope he decides. heading into the tin. i'll leave that song by andy entertainment that night to me it is so it represents the duty you dan he learns that a tuesday of this case is in there and so i ve wanted to play at home as my lefty to the fruit that's on my day in this new album ian and i wrote and composed most of the songs then eats too. it's quite a mad taken to holland when sun comes out in english and the ending put dd and i impressive. i wasn't all that i believe the mountains in using up front that it eats and eats too. i think it's a wrap up just to recap we all ate at these insane and a chance to film a cat. john kerry will be different next year. on the conceited and i
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mean very different. i believe every thing is that complimentary they all come home and i love the desert and the team at everything and for instance and i got home last two days documentary and my latest work as a direct attack on some ice on it and called dad to our children. in the alban and eats and very beautiful song brazilian some bacon in the seventies as the editor of the parents to end its resistance and and asked if the game is to get children to be me an lx and sometimes skill. and what i had this big surprise that the tag on them and a theater play from brazil that i mean we're dealing with foi new almaty and why wasn't entitled to our children and it is the other down that same song everything's connected. so much for coming in speaking
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to marry at twenty one tcu containing an intense day to get local tunes on the session a maximum eighteen now. another mediation pacing and there is a musical parents mrs had seen because six of these bits i made for walking we've had big eyes and a tiger and on with out them cool in the wind. this
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special event the international community made it clear not to cross the red mile. all this twenty first two thousand thirteen damascus the distance were victims of chemical weapons france and the us britain
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the heated air strikes. after many days back and forth certifying the chain agreed to destroy this talk of chemical weapons. it's what if washington and paris decide not to strike up a touch of us i've managed to save face with the support of russia. behind the scenes player said witnesses jokes well spent just about the events that almost changed the course of history what did that some flow of funds by cab. i kept on coming. once i got new served as a reminder of our top stories at the eve of the referendum is cry and it prepares to decide whether or not suspect from ukraine in the cosmopolitan russia twelve leaders denounce the feds as a beagle severity as i posted one week culmination prime minister since the disappearance of like an age three seven zero it was not accidental. this sucks for the play than two hundred
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and thirty nine passengers continues. and that three years of deadly fatah says the conflict in syria and its filthy at the ascot government says its re gaining ground in a number of areas including the rebel held town of temporal. a deadly attack on the edge of cairo six egyptian soldiers to kill them to come install a checkpoint helios the sun today morning. muslim brotherhood says it had no hand in that attack the french government announces that it will limit the use of tripe that because that's the bit to try the dress high levels of pollution across northern from its premises offices of the monday dr is the lead up to spec cars. some updates and that the just the second time in twenty nine years on and has won the six nations rugby championships. the self defeating thoughts twenty to twenty here in paris. linda also thrashed italy fifty two eleven in the run earlier in the day on and superior points difference meant that
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any victory in paris would be enough. that system user clicks forging peace the team route. one man. wall. am i lulu. guru. one lives is. we start singing a whole bunch chemical weapons move in
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round one. the er. it sucked it's the old city. if this movie. i misunderstood the meaning of it the law we do stand up and act. pack it's sth to see your team launched its offensive. well before sunrise. one of his twenty first twenty thirteen and governmental forces tried to take over rebel held positions in the quarter area outside damascus. just hours after the first shots were fired. footage of victims of chemical weapons were splashed across social media and tv screens around the world. in all eleven
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sites were believed to have been hit its fifty eight was the pumpkin investments the original. the photo is all they use planes to attack that the un force people to take shelter inside of me kath. he is on prevention week we may use chemical weapons cuddle the little guy opportunity to spend the gas and tiny planes again the fuel and it is a no no no for four. i suspect was really hard because i thought that the team is right now in damascus the team of investigators. it is in damascus sexy looking at evidence and three other places for me was the son into a decisive event and if i am caught up was is a suburb of damascus was pretty close. how could that possibly have happened there in in the town when in the country and their extremist a good thing. i was surprised to know i know that my shoes tied to do anything necessary in order to stay in power. equal. logically
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speaking are going up to the syrian government awarded have had in me was one or get gassy be with us to use chemical weapons use in arcade while inspectors were on the ground. it is so yes it does not make sense of salts. i have an immediate consultations had caught the vice foreign minister who did not really kids love to tell. i pressed him for the investigators to have access to it and then the sector to speak to me didn't proceed to damascus to negotiate with the government access to a code to dvd on the gop from the very beginning was expanded and we get experts to go ahead to investigate. oakland's they even go to this area and if he was not part of the agreement was signed between the second of three general is the most in yet because circumstances are after two days of negotiations that they would give us access to what is the best investigators access so we had our in the meantime plan for the texas so
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the minute we got the green eyed recent feinberg and going in and out so that's the first time either he's ever going to have a new investigation of possible chemical weapons use. within four days it was very very fast. so everything was very fresh. between three hundred and fourteen hundred syrians are believed to have died in the chemical attacks the syrian regime and the rebels were cleaning each other for western powers there was little doubt which i love socks forces were responsible for the attacks washington was forced to take action. back in the summer of twenty twelve from obama had meet the use of chemical weapons or red wine. that would dissuade them from using them. then in the fall of twenty twelve. he began moving them around and in the united states shifted its redline and said well it's not use or movement of chemical weapons test. he is and then. when he began
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using them. us change its red line again. in the spring of twenty twenty thirteen to systematic use. but then by august of twenty thirteen the number of incidents in the scale of the incidents clearly was systematic and in that triggered the red line after those attacks the prez invited me and senator graham to the oval office the city and three objectives wants to upgrade the capabilities of three chilean army downgrade the capabilities to buy shares dived in to read was to change the momentum. on the battlefield. so that by your side no longer had the advantage unfortunately the president never mentioned that again. it is and it was when he needed a media shock and great humanitarian the committee needed to show serious blood on tv and blamed the syrian government
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authorities massacre has been a bit here's the mess they needed. the text. the united states governments and other western governments. but members of the opposition out of the country. and i and brought them outside to test and we knew that chemical weapons were being used in syria. so took a few days to get some of the samples from the holdup out. and there are those samples were matched with the that the other evidence and that was as firm as evidence as the united states could come up with a bad time. opinion in damascus in paris and washington was still haunted by the iraq debacle. ten years after the iraq war with the us want to launch another military intervention with no formal proof. at the time the un inspectors had yet to confirm the use of chemical weapons in iraq is that those hanging in the room obviously nobody wants to the same thing again and natural understandable suspicion given that the circumstances on the surface seem somewhat
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similar to squeeze in the pacific is that we're told is the current regional suspicion that is what i told mrs cain suspicion. yet that's what i told dr songs in fact that's what i've told everyone at the time the store would repeat the iraqis in our interest on its uniqueness to represent the so called united nations and the so called international community to meet you so don't fall into the trap of being used shamelessly by serious aggressors and pestle. it's long been going. an ongoing iraq war in syria the opposition and the government agreed on one thing chemical weapons were used on august twenty first and scores of series died in the attack. un inspectors confirmed that weeks later but did not see who had carried out the attack the inspectors limited mandate current them from identifying who was responsible. it's like super takes you back to the chemical weapons attack that took place in the tokyo
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subway. it was serendipitous use their ninety seven. i was of a killer for months there and it's just a pure form it evaporates very quickly. his sister that was used in the hotel attack was a lot more sophisticated meaning it's mixed destabilize us so it stays on the ground and no longer needing it affects more people. well intelligence agency had very little doubt they had a variety of indicators first including a south poles and the nature of the bodies they were found there the calculator i think the trajectory of the other weapons in where they would coma from which within the government side not the rebel side. and they concluded just as a matter of logic that made that these were weapons or in the hands of the government and that the rebels had nothing of that scale. when you have a lot of information to sing the internet so you actually can do. things that did say twenty years ago you could
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not do simply because he didn't have access to information so it's no longer the domain of a sophisticated scientist it's been that way i think they are people who it would be able to do it and i would say this exclusive in the domain of the government take a while. i think the regime wanted to challenge voters. does it on everyone. they would do whatever they want to know what the us and send it to never cross this year in military or political leaders markets will use chemical weapons against our own people. cooper. oprah oprah it's crazy. this does not make sense when it comes to toe you ask me again about we use to it that's for the difficult crystal comes can you actually prove in court for years. no you cannot. he and the tiny western capitals end of the pressure. the us deployed its military on the coast of syria. france announced it would take heart that i get
7:42 pm
that strikes you know when the new leading the mets are pushing it. this external remain on onset. ross is ready to punish those who made the final decision using gas is going against innocent people as a business i think you're ready to strike and targets and i know that other countries in the region were ready to strike to say that it was taken very seriously by the military command in all the necessary measures were taken we would have retaliated with all the means at our disposal. just as western leaders were taking media by storm. journalists are focused on his communication. nearly ten days after the attacks foreign journalists who had been kept out of the country were some inflated in large numbers. the syrian president and his ministers granted an interview after interview to the foreign media the serious pr offensive succeed where did the fear of the new iraq
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prevail. either way on the twenty ninth the british government voted against the military intervention dealing a serious blow to borrow the esperance on top suddenly you had a situation where ten years after the united states and france who ruptured over iraq suddenly france was our closest ally of france with the one we were. most in any agreement on when it came to syria. the idea freedom fries and was out and down britain was the one we have felt abandoned by rather than france. and that of course unthinkable british rule and had fake blood. united states doesn't follow that great anymore. british style of the united states. brock obama himself i think is ambivalent about being involved in yet another middle east war. he takes a walk on them. south lawn of the white house chief of staff denis mcdonough one night. you circle round around forty minutes talking it through and that three
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comes up with the idea that i'm going to the congress and ask them to vote on this will congress in any country can sanction these things what are the sunshine there's something about the progression. because anything that doesn't fit into the framework of the un security council it is enough to progress to accept self defense. some of the ship four days later barack obama met with vladimir putin serious staunchest ally despite the smiles the atmosphere at the scene petersburg g twenty summit was tense. the syrian war in the asylum granted to former nsa contractor edward snowed in. which is some of the sensitive issues. but against all aunts a resolution to the crisis began to emerge. to put a poll has obama side. on the sidelines of the g twenty meeting in a sit down a couple chairs and siren while their leaders are staring over watching them. in this conversation to raise the idea again of cooperation
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on securing serious camera weapons. obama is a shorty skeptical or doesn't know whether it's a serious thing or not. they tell john kerry about it. kerry. it goes out and makes a statement a few days later his a press conference will look in syria due to avoid an attack he can turn over every single bit of this chemical weapons to the international community in the next week. her head up call. suddenly seems like this the real possibility people didn't pay attention to was his next at greece's but that's not going to happen. he was buried. making what he thought was a debating point he didn't actually think this is serious. danny gets back on is plain to use a phone call from sergei lavrov pieces i saw what she said. women make that bozo publicly word actually do this for real the carriers like what we don't wanna play games here this is only a work if you're actually serious about it. novices were serious about a kitty of. the mike carey gave a statement superdome was a dutiful
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through a scheme to fit together. it was definitely something that had been content for the full protection. russia has played in our secretary of state bank of ireland. i think he was terribly mishandled nineteen was an enormous blow to our prestige and influence in the world and i think we see the repercussions of that including what vladimir putin's doing. ukranian in eastern ukraine as we speak the united states for america is on the wane. it was time. according to the syrian opposition israel officially at war with damascus for the past eighteen years and it was also pushing for the us to accept the offer instead of paper with the israelis would think of the content needs to be chemical weapons and we wanted to let go but wanted to ask the us for it the routine again the chemical weapons attack due to israeli president shimon grants said the syrians must give the chemical weapons. i may
7:47 pm
have to be destroyed to dry in between. for rule the donkey me for us to chemical weapons was at one single goal being said what did the rest of the school shifted during the israelis in case they were thinking of using nuclear weapons against this sort of a team is in our new kit called on to. the us gave the russians the green light for the first time the country at war would get rid of its chemical weapons france however wanted stricter framing of the process. the russian us dismissed fences requests decided to negotiate face to face. in october the first time and what things were dismantled and destroyed damascus was given at two thirty if that line to get rid of its arsenal the regime was soon behind schedule. most of the syrian government has today in the destruction of its chemical weapons in the report sore yesterday
7:48 pm
it's dawning on the scent of the chemical weapons had been taken out of syria. as if every devout. it should have been one hundred percent cricket is not true that the rate she's going to double its chemical weapons in syria. it becomes. there's no way to now. if the syrian regime disclose all of their weapons and actually most western governments don't think that these disclose all of the region's that they will keep some as a deterrent against the rebels to release the records of chemical weapons being used recently in which wouldn't surprise me but i think you will very slowly. remove those chemicals weapons which he is starting slowly doing because he knows that there will be no attack on him as long as the chemical weapons were being moved so. it's it's one of the great tragedies the unwelcome consequences
7:49 pm
this is backed by the cool operating with the shell aside to remove the weapons in effect the national community the united states and france are now in effect to call in bed with the eye with a side dish or lawson is very well to his usefulness to the united states europe and russia. and everyone else rapidly drops off after he delivers his chemical weapons after that he is just to the most powerful warlord in syria. and therefore he plays for time as usual. i think it's a shame use the fact that they are removing chemical weapons as a reason not to try to help the people who are fighting and dying as we speak. a new front has now opened in syria. rebels are still fighting government forces. they are not still fighting to heidi's groups that are gaining ground the opposition says charlotte side is claimed the islamist current strengthening these two parties groups to die for western attention to remain
7:50 pm
in power the asad regime going back to the hum a massacre of nineteen eighty two had always tried to paint all positioned to. the regime has on the fort inspired jihadist uprising against the state. and he even made it to illegitimate and to help. to fill this prophecy he released a number of silent is the goddess figures who were imprisoned new novel by db of abidjan and use the we did not least she had visits from syrian prisons in the moment that's just wrong it's not credible information in all or nothing the on going. of course are authorities have released a syrian citizen is the focus of media. you should look upon you and maybe there were few is someone who is full of good and does not mean syrian authorities released him on the state's total cornerstones of course is known to have a bath. on
7:51 pm
the sergeant autism on eighth inning the stake center on the news the new business from it. we did. he was in prison. it is predicted that the shirtless of the china times talked about the distance from the very beginning. will it be a bit ugly. since that will in august he tried to create them. it's the duty of the key. they're now twenty six thousand islamist radicals singer. there are seven thousand foreign fighters some of them from france in these people are the most extreme and it interesting that in the areas they control. wash your site doesn't attack was the one fair. we are seeing is sort of loose in the least regarding terrorists on our borders the bottom left is on talking about the presence of eighty thousand foreign terrorists in april eighty three countries. when he stole from easy rider sponsored by the saudi trained by the americans and
7:52 pm
the french. given logistical help you by the turkish authorities etc was appointed to consider its development only remark by agreeing to get a read of its chemical weapons. the syrian regime wanted to show it skips a grade and that it agreed to enter into political negotiations. engineering at the geneva to conference syrian officials sat down for the very first time at the same table as representatives of the opposition representatives that have so far been called terrorists by the syrian government. but the risk of fighting terrorism has wanted to bring the political opposition is another. these are two parallel lines that do not cross hatched a scheme to open up one side cannot defeat the other militarily to have three sons are negotiated solution. but the problem is the asad regime sees a transitional governing body in syria based on the reelection of
7:53 pm
president has led to a third term as president will be over if it does it show it was a guy there you hold elections if you're a democrat convention and everyone respects you despite the circumstances the rebound or you don't hold elections and everyone will be on your case was not criticizing you for not holding elections it's either one is already a joke since it or not we'll get kids in its own does not want president chavez. this is crazy. for millions billions of dollars in the final six million in the country soon no longer have a good mom and a beat up the medical million lives of the region's go how will people cannot see and hear their music has its own heat there is no good option. now in syria. the worst option is doing nothing. that's the worst option model. more change the situation on the battlefield with half measures. he can shoot down those helicopters were dropping the barrel bombs
7:54 pm
you've got an anti armor or weapons that will stop their tanks and artillery otherwise you'll just see a continued stalemate in slaughter. is the custom of the notice was received that i am completely to sleep or when i'm eighteen it is time it's just that he sees him and chemical weapons are awful. they the week tremendous havoc and suffering on the people and effects. but more people incl a commission with them anymore. the mighty chemical weapons and leaving you must not forget that. back in two thousand and eleven. one of the world was still talking about his syrian revolution not a war. western leaders believe the sun would be toppled in a matter of months or even weeks. three years later. the syrian president is still in power and looks stronger than ever. faced with the divided opposition and in international community's incapable of
7:55 pm
finding a way out of the crisis. i was hearing governments. threats of red wine. seems like a distant memory. old i eye. mm mm. you do. ch. the bank. on the twenty third and thirtieth of march france goes to the polls to elect
7:56 pm
its mate. or maybe this is a vote on the performance of president was put on the socialist government what mr told reporters that received two special likes me. eight pm paris time political experts will discuss the results as they come in. you can post your reactions and comments on the results lies and false but gov dot com. for an in depth view of the fridge pulled collections of course ben coutts and of course been kept up call. i know. though
7:57 pm
aye. each. i did. moon. and
7:58 pm
when. the road. i do. in ch
7:59 pm
i like it. i'm quite sure all that i might as well as some. right now. new new ward
8:00 pm
will will will will eye russia beat as a un resolution on twenty l which would have rented the ukrainian regions friends on this huge estates is to be legal. meanwhile tensions of flaring up in other parts of the country. cp like fields in eastern province of local self defense also come under attack. on top of my hotline as he sliced the prominence it is alarming minorities said led to the state jewish


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