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tv   RT News  PBS  March 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and the nothingness in opposing team. wind nm moving more . exit polls from a historic referendum in crimea shed more than ninety percent citing say though breaking away from ukraine and reunification with moscow bob reich the new place to defend it for pizza with one of its lead at the presidential candidates are threatening to blow up a pipeline supplying of russian natural gas to europe. so you have to say it's tough to ukrainian that the convoy and that of course that he is sending its east to west of
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the board of the meat is just one team drills. i could see what direction to take my own eyes. but this war machine that's been here since the nineteen forties and did it ever since. i know allah by ukrainian handset that i've met a russian forces to be seen as obvious. when setting the province of the kids at the western media is this country. our goal. it will welcome tea it is just under nineteen match away to a mosque at you with me. come on let's say two of breaking the story this hour the people of crimea have cost the event on the futures stephens of the region at a crucial referendum the stress and simple show and the overwhelming majority ninety three percent say that
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i'm using re unification with the blackout on to seven percent to one to the region to remain part of you claim that the fatalistic and off to the uprising in kiev which the government to claim the atkinson has to be any legal code mom refusing to recognize the new ukrainian authorities. i did the css he has been flooding the banking and brings us the daily text what has been relatively calm here during the day d the polling stations have already close to adding this historic referendum with two questions on the ballot paper weather. write me i would join the rush job or whether it would enjoy a large autonomy within ukraine a gutsy to the ninety nine to two prosecution. we of course waiting for the result of this referendum according to preliminary exit polls ninety three percent off the crying the ends have voted in favor of joining russia now also we heard from the peninsula's prime minister on the stock still enough that the voter
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turnout has exceeded seventy percent which is unprecedented the hike up for this card off of the world to fall for the crimea in particular would also had no major violations stemming from international observers have been more need sorting out this election. this is a very sensitive issue for crimea until the nineteen fifties it used to be part of russia are lots of blood was spilled on this line when russians were fighting for it over the last several centuries until it was a joint in the ukrainian soviet republic and michael the coca cola cia went into the streets of central point and asked the people why they want to rejoin ross and what of their unhappy with at the moment i in terms of steve's actions. mom didn't know that they too will ever think of it. they often want them to get it fitted the bill tabled by the ukrainian is the most ukrainians as well as russians and europeans even as an auntie can operate is
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the same one each in my mind with one country one check that they do not tolerate any day of receipt the uncertainty of government as six ministers including the did pt creaminess to the ultra nationalist far might slow boat apart each one in people because he has over eighty three to the show with nuclear weapons. if moscow does not cease to support the developments in crimea the government's non cute is not legal. and as a catcher is a bomber on a blind eye to buy it. i desire of people as a captures their own power. when tobias and so the forceful map of college boy named siege of government buildings and nothing short of homeschooling. companies seem decent even seen kid they strongly disagree that those protesting in the capital represented the majority of the country's population the easter break is nice to come in four counties as he discovers
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incoming did when the team hollis jamaican or counseling session language obviously clinton always lose out because that semester but to think you need to increase until all the xanga. i see the ninety seven percent of premiums speak russian the fact that one of the first actions was to stop the russian hundred of its official status. people can be different. fashion has also disappeared from government with sites have also been cases of washington is being denied access to the country. the tissue with a lot when russia gets fifteen billion dollars into any conditions on ukraine. it was for the ukrainians to say that to use the money screen unit gives money to meet the needs to release conditions to read social benefits to open the common european products. ukrainian cossacks post on that competition from european view in the market like that the qantas deal with the eu
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has his catastrophic and funny on stage. now the waste is promising economic aid to the international money to fund. with the assistance comes under the strictest conditions and the wind pushed other countries to the brink of collapse points the auntie some falafel crimea. the identities of the latest pages from other country and sexy up for basketball. the exit poll results have been matched with cheering as the crowd gathered on the city's central square with many weeping russian flags and time to improve the chance to dance. so it seems can be seen in the sixty cents the ballot counting gets underway. i believe the vet's ultra nationalist group of like saying today meets the eye motion has threatened to go up against pipeline running from russia to europe through ukraine and have seen this as this will happen if the russian troops and to
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ukraine. yes it is the rightful president and the new creative team needs has become notorious for its mine into guerilla tactics throughout the address in the country and his sweat psyches and nine ukrainians living thing. in july. do you know what to write that way though. no one tells us went to bear arms when we asked you what since you were given to us and you will take them away. then the nathaniel clock. buddha. though. write the scripts including the group's promotional video on section eighteen online the ride second may not be the biggest action at within the formal position but it was at the forefront of
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the uprising. it's tremendous that this film to and because government buildings and attentive on entrees plus sales are consistently rejected the concessions off and back in the pulpit that administration when it was trying in vain to calm the msn now on the device acts as a comp on tv one of the most influential continue trading. british mp just get a license in the west needs to recognize the danger it has its. they have the means and give them that they easily to cut it out soul the west must be wondering at least if they have any sense. just what kind of a frankenstein monster of how they create. ukraine when they uncovered dun find it. a fifty dollars a head of the eighth. the people who overthrew the elected government. destroy the constitution sets off to the government to improve policeman. the possible move to a raw bar for link in the west of jensen is unless they had read the novel
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frankenstein right to the head. cause if they had did know about the most of the doctor frankenstein creation. i quickly got out of control. that's why it's called a monster. and this monstrous. by the right's itself is a very grave one for people you are the cause the theft artful the european union's gas supply is coming from russia. and if the pipelines the blown up then it will one have it. and then we'll be in very serious trouble and eight. whether present a double pipeline income on the heels of an intense sweetness of the times against pumping station in ivf. on saturday thousands of people who identified themselves as ukrainian border security forces tried to damage equipment at a station on the peninsula but by means of self defense team has managed to prevent the attack. and they're done yes the region civilian defence plenty as
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say they've managed to stop but you love column of the ukrainian energy vehicles heading east last minute meal is a feisty tensions remain high in the region on the border of russia and ukraine. as of activists say this money still a column of nearly two vehicles making bracelets. now the activists say that they've stopped to call it that no two vehicles one was which was carrying soldiers and infantry combat vehicles on the other when traveling by rail which is carrying tons of modems which when you listen to. last night that on bass malicious run on the call him approaching its lease or about fifteen to twenty armored vehicles to stop the momentum on this told us there on the way to manage the trail. we realize that they were heading towards the russian border with who we want peace not much of the animations so we politely asked them to town there were a couple of rounds of negotiations with the creed
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and laughed. there are also follows that of a ukrainian american vehicles the products that make their way to the russian border other locals in these regions are being told this is just papa knows the drill so as the people in crime net savings to the polls today to bowl in a referendum that will decide the future then region. but these reports of the millet you build up had taken place near the border of russia is only out into possible the concerns of publication i was unpredictable consequences as though it is can only add to the extremely tense situation we already have in the midst of this country. way which led to his international as a base in ukraine has come across isolation of the plane and manage the vehicles case of the crimean port and the menacing tone to the soldiers some of what the new government in kiev might have planned for them and see what he heard with hot tea then all the ones being pushed into this in fact the soldiers in the crannies like and in any of that. it does on two more that war mongering sentiment here for the private sector
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and into this and i've stumbled a bit of pink and green pushed into a situation by extremists. i'm on organizations and you have to look at it. the key of government say that this is really gonna which has oatmeal elements to its color and uconn delay in crimea for not wanting to be a part of the system in a country which really wants to crush its own culture. i'm back to our top story. exit polls from grimy is referendum as a mentor think the sense of the two that favor of breaking away from ukraine and joining the rush up to tell him all of these event designed to live for months with a black diamond is a neoclassical the stock pot meal. exit polls are saying that that ninety percent of time you voted to join russia now said hospital as not to ignore this fact is that. rhapsody that be the most spirited cures for democracy is a referendum because you with a ninety three percent is overwhelming it is interesting is in the west of sydney says a
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legal one also say they recognize want to be good because it was a referendum in two thousand and six one of the fifty five point five percent but if the separation from serbia. so why was that referendum. ok that this one in crimea is illegal. it's not so this is democracy in action and the current chretien people voted overwhelmingly to say yes to russia the look you know what extent do you think that that the eu and the us will take now that this has gone through and that the overwhelming to john concluded that ninety percent for us agreed that they showed in the last few weeks happy once again a complete contempt for democracy and shared it with their support for the violent and illegal coup which toppled president yanukovich the democrat elected president considering the show that contempt for democracy. there are elections doing for the twenty fifteen like they wait for them. no they supported obama because of that now showing the contents democracy by signing this referendum. i said the most purest form of democracy the referendum. i think if the west continues to say that to come out and say
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the season legally he he he he caught the back. i stuck to that animal feed them or foolishly already ah the people cos you're awake after i go over the world that the us the eu are not interested in democracy. when people can have a vote by the daunting crimea to just dismiss it. and that's all i think that a good choice now but it takes at least to accept crimea joining russia rejoining russia when the mechanic carry on looking steep. i would know how they can decode the internist thus the tokyo the bid of up the sun will see kiat she was and that's happening with the ukraine. matt's father i can think about turning the west indies is against them. i don't think so because of the western leaders to be supported if i like in ukraine that they actually mean we wouldn't have this market without the efforts of the reit sector they would repeat for the fall from the violent demonstrations favor the people were talking government buildings. they were the people for a molotov cocktails at police. i saw it so i think that the idea that the west is somehow ashamed of them. what's needed
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restricted to bring down the avoca beach the government. i think the west is showing a foot long long time not having august in ukraine they showed in syria was at that islamic radicals. syria. people are affiliates of al qaeda. it should be using it to the bay that it will be too extreme for the west where they want to achieve regime change their will to anybody whether they deal with nazis went to the al qaeda affiliates. so i think that there's pretty good shots of the west bank and down all my support the reit sector. this is a government that would just me or not it is courting pf and the west to support the tops of the peak of seeing an outrageous to me. the article is nothing that ukrainian me that she is moving at a time with moving towards the russian border all these out. these men think of all the things coming out isn't so called falcon fan and a half and has alas i've been too harsh on my changes of plan b because i'll continue seeing today they let the people who wanted this thought. oh absolutely but i think that the west. hope to
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do was to find a neighbor took a look of it here this was built on top of the cupboard and russia would make some comments that site is wrong acceptable to do nothing. not all the ppl in the sense of the crimea. they have the full back. this is democracy in action at the west have to like it would take sale of the most peaceful the people would respond to this violent coup d'etat. ukraine is hoping that the democrats did an activity to another call for the desert to the front and back to the dean of crimea this is democracy in action so i think that the west it has cut a good deal a massive scale of the russian space comedy tickets to the west people they could pull this off without any cost. cos it'd be quite large now and i think credibility been lost by america by the eu. i think russia has gained this. he'll clap and did a simple cos i realize that they are with us giving us his son falls on the beams and that's been going on in mid twenty s still on the crimea it's not just crime yet with people i'm not happy with it into remission in kiev ukraine is
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seen growing unrest in the crawl space of provinces have been holding anti government protests full couple of weeks nom nom that said though randy that's taking place in benny as with people demanding the same toys that nine years now have and condemning the self the cake government. this is also abundant in clashes between pro and anti government to force islam as a night when two one st kilda's and into india by half off by thousands of protesters take to the street so with russian flags and some of them also occupied the offices offices of the fall right car keys. on friday nights she'd keep only killed in the sixteen nation team that's been names and write radicals. also a mass of the lad is al sway in the east in the ukraine in the new gods and handed me a poll that asked people of all ages took to the streets expressing their solidarity
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with crimea and caring anti fascist peacocks. well of course will be the new light on things to calm the situation in crimea and the referendum of correspondence all stations in each made a sixty day bringing you the link is on an on line as well as up by at the nineteen twenty feet at all so funny. in the men's across eastern ukraine and didn't get as well not this metaphor shows all the cds that i'd teach his coverage is attacked and called on tennyson correspondence out of the keeping track of the vents for you. i am i the interview. you can dance
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the end. the deal. she was you can use that degree. to access keys off you can do the eye. and it's not only
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cry me a bit exciting if you can then send the rest of the benefits of the region cost and balance on sunday on whether to break away from it to the government doesn't recognize the referendum but a spokesman for the independence me and told us that to the groundswell of support is now becoming increasingly hard to fall right into the tool mature people. local dentists at the school had a deep into tonight's the delegates that the elected but it's a referendum to take immediate action that i've seen already the strength of the declaration of independence ice color is working on. and it's almost done when presented at the end of the month also try to shove and it uses community there. if you trade unions that says they are just waiting. due to my eyes
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by all who will stop paying taxes to be out of state dedicated to local authorities in bed. we were going to follow where we're not kidding. stockton and negotiation we are where they were going to fix that but unilateral steps the first that it is. taking control of our kids to the store. life remains a national audience he can be hard to separate facts from fiction when it comes to climb me especially with western media reports of massive ministry depends on the peninsula. russian military helicopters and planes are in pain ukraine in russian forces had seized crimea as airports the u s intelligence community and nato are urgently trying to figure out what the russians may do next. from ominous sen collins invading the province to russian troops storming in training bases at conference i have such reports have been appearing in the media allison's crimea needy kid that its loyalties did not
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align with the idea that the government in kiev. i've seen so many telcos about brakes on the conflicting data for us. but the western media is reverberating with the notion of ownership of russian invasion in korea this week the self proclaimed prime minister of ukraine bristol on a acclaim. one of the forces and his country a brush and bullets. on the ground and russian tanks is unacceptable to the twenty first century. well that's what all strings like this one on cnn have been showing yes those are options so i couldn't check the location though because if they did it was too bad it's actually four hundred and fifty km east of the ukrainian border and part of russia's miscarried rails box was either crying over what is there to see if we could find any. i am. well it was an easy half its value but yes we admit we did find one german journalist nine off to
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my consensus this report what a trip to crimea. i expect to find what i saw on western tv back home. it matches the russian war machine in beating ukraine and the cult of protest their western politicians claiming an invention was taking place right in front of our eyes. i confess i did see one a russian tank with my own eyes but this war machine has been years since the nineteen forties and didn't move ever since. ok so not a full time spot. second there's talk of russian troops who are these people are they evil russian soldiers have been flown into town to find the air or at the very least wait for an info. i of course on the east wind to speak to them and find that we are. we are just people who feel it's their duty to protect her native city. the most soulful myself spend my whole life you to maintain order lookout for any provocations to make sure nobody attacked journalists and the rest of the people
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so kudos to home i represent a self defense to accompany one of ten companies. every the twenty third seed from the beginning o a migraine and are india based command of the crimean strongly and probably will. we decided to do these difficult times what do you think these are the russian military means the crimean. me myself off is that you must know that they are safe and protected and not by the military by regular citizens like themselves. i get to these guys up on like there's a whole function the stereotypes that. oh yes cross as the black sea fleet is placing tiny under a deal to kiev. in fact it has been dead for centuries under the terms of the lease and last i could actually send thousands astonishing deal either colson last only see a mini dollars a year. i repeat this
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to progress quickly. you see what's going on in ukraine people being killed. if you come to sell itself only to find peace and stability with this why we need to show that this is this false impression of war because of all the minute she personnel stationed here. and of course it's being used to undermine the troops. i know what kind of media wars being waged now russia all cute like this territory. no it's nothing like that well we tried really hard to find those options i think i am already heavily on russian soldiers spots on last week's failed but what we do know for fact is that there's actually a strong support for becoming part of russia. i've seen exactly how many people feel that way. well that's all the popular vote is for real costs are about artsy the parallel between a debate in creamy and kosovo's independence has been dismissed by the german concept. the statement was
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met with the santa with that dissent within the gym in parliament. out with the pontoon and is lashing out at units handing off a few. and the city at the edge off costs including opened a pandora's box that is what's allowed to call somebody should also allow for others i've told you that you haven't listened to me it's a way to winning the cold war has changed everything. you don't about everything else is he nice posture ousting like they'd make that choice whether they want to spank me explain. i have many interesting like how they decide they want in on display. scold people living in the running around asking the same thing. i think the crimea breaking away from ukraine has just signed as possible. i knew for instance on to a deductible expense of noise for a child. i'm back to crimea and now with the exit poll results i in up
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to a referendum on the future status of the soft ukrainian province. you're not seeing the light of the pictures from a rally being held in seven stop all the region's largest sixteen. now cody into those exit polls an underwhelming ninety three to send event in full cry me as we unification with russia and just seven percent said the region should remain part of ukraine. the referendum and to the massive turnout of nearly eighty percent according to the authorities now the bacon was a big lead off said the uprising in kiev which the government of crimea can say this to be an eagle can while refusing to recognize the new ukrainian authorities stay with us up all the latest on the mat easy in the eastern ukraine and the referendum in crimea will keep you place ads throughout the day cannot seem to act on hotness that we continue to cover the situation in crimea in a special report. stay tuned for that. i am. sure pill
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because wayne easter increase in twenty fourteen conservative political action conference at her now famous infamous quote about how to deal with russia is flying all over the area at the book's years and years she said. he only needs to be a guy with the tool is a good guy with the deal. to be fair people are taking is called a bit out of context using that in terms of her fears that obama is disarming the country's nuclear arsenal will part we've seen having a big batch and it sure keeps the interventions of the country. boxer believes obama is disarming the us is madness there's actually no evidence that obama has even put a dent in the military industrial complex also use the term bad guys is an singer backcountry such bad people in them or just looking at things. this is the level intellectual discourse of a kindergarten class you which is just that shall blog you will also lead to violence because she
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talked about it being pressed a potent took the streets even mean join a war with russia a nuclear war. peel and grate is the worst type of chicken hawk garbage and what is even worse is that there are millions of people out there who buy into the simplistic more i like that stupid bad ice more war rhetoric but that's just my opinion. i am. inhale. yours the u. i know. the on going
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story. exit polls and twenty se ninety three percent had voted for me to clean and become part of russia western countries say the referendum illegal. what i like. i can get help


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