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going to africa he said. you you will know when will you will eye. exit polls from a historic referendum in crimea sure it will but not to send one to break away from ukraine to be unified with moscow. even the folder that led to wait come to think the white house in the eu came out and said that they will not recognize crimean faithful self determination that's despite acting as she need it most of the breakaway even if it's in the process bob wright jr train essays is aimed at me for pizza with one of the lead as the presidential candidate threatening to blow up pipelines supplying russian
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gas through us. the civilian activists say the buck stops at the ukrainian minutes the convoy image before thanksgiving sending troops east towards the border fifteen saves just fourteen pm the were. appeal of the sea on rt internationally to go straight into our top story this i love the people of crimea have cost the events on the future status of the region at a crucial referendum we expecting to get the result at any time now and save the fifty percent of the ballots have now been content. now the exit polls that show an overwhelmingly chunky of ninety percent in favor of crimea three fixation with much of up to seven percent want the region to remain part of the train
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that's not a good time to auntie's the css he has in action to follow for fries and that he doesn't live now let's see if he can hit me this i do. the race to the test results of. the we just received the first day of prelim the results with that little more than how awful the ballots have and be counted already and it seems that the overwhelming majority of premiums. i have decided to join a rush out of their war of course took questions on the ballot sheets whether ukraine should become part of russia aware that should revert to the nineteen ninety two constitution and get to a large autonomy within ukraine so on. according to the latest big is ninety five point five percent off crying the ins with the seventy nine percent turnout have bolted to a to become a part of russia plus this is being very sensitive issue for the region. all along and the atmosphere now in the streets of crimea in the streets of its capital was super awkward is the toughest abt short while
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ago i went to the central square of the city and filed this report for you. the new pants and top with a capital crime is operating the celebration. thousands are now hit the central square of the city. i know it's gone said. we hit chance russia russia. everywhere shouting everywhere across the square. the preliminary information is that ninety three percent off of the opinion population support the idea of joining russia we know that there were two questions on the ballot seats during the referendum whether crime you should join russell or sit or that it should remain as part of ukraine riveted to the nineteen ninety. we had seen no major violations according to international service but disappointing in this referendum the ring the pope saying he is very sensitive to a simple crimea for the peninsula. part of russia until nineteen fifties when i saw getting pushed off handed over to the ukrainian
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saw that republican up to the head of the soviet union collapsed in mike's ninety one perennial became part of ukraine. now it could become part of russia. it's moscow decides to take the opinion of the crimean laced into consideration. these are the latest pictures from the crimean six pm. well cause i get it on the city's central square with that anyway the russian flags and hunting crap about two seconds of the sixties with this and it seems as though the county contains the referendum one should adopt the president and coo which was set at the front hall often violent uprising in kiev. instead the government also plans to protect the people from the rising ultra nationalist threat in the capital the phils not posting. nice to know that they too will ever think that they often
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want them to get it fitted the bill tabled by the ukrainian is the most ukrainians as well as russians and europeans even as adults you can add great is the same one each in wandering with one country one chair. they do not tolerate any diapers the interim government has six ministers including the dt claimants to the ultra nationalist far mike spoke to depart each one in people because he has over eighty three to question the uk weapons. if moscow does not cease to support the developments in crimea the government's non cute is not legal. and as a catcher is a father only by boom mounted by a desire of people as a captures their own power. on the bias and so the force of cullen point in seats of government buildings and nothing short of homes the company and sixteen bc convincing kid. a strongly
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disagree that those protesting the capital represented the majority of the country's population and refuse to recognize the common took twenty cents which is correct. incoming did when the team. colless to make legal counseling and some language obviously created waves in the south east because that semester but since beating me to increase until all the xanga c ninety seven percent of crime means speak russian the fact that one of the first actions was to stop the russian hundred of its official status. people can be different. fashion has also disappeared from government with sites have also been cases of washington is being denied access to the country. the tissue with a lot when russia gets fifteen billion dollars into any conditions on ukraine. it was for the ukrainians to say that to use the money screen unit gives money to meet the needs to release conditions to read social
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benefits to open mic on its european products. ukrainian coal exports ton of competition from european view in the market like that the qantas deal with the eu has his catastrophic and funny on stage. now the waste is promising economic aid to the international money to fund. with the assistance comes under the strictest conditions and the wind pushed other countries to the brink of collapse. once the auntie some falafel crimea the final results aren't even in the to the eu has issued a statement condemning the bench as in the film. washington also said he'll be rejecting debate in crimea. an association that has more on the international reaction we heard from the white house saying that's not what susan basically rejects this referendum. they have said that's it now barak obama is contemplating a list of individuals russians that would be slapped with sanctions in the form of asset freezes and the bands
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this is of course i would be that comes after another set of sanctions was imposed earlier on in this crazy as we do now. curiously that these rejections of course are being announced before any official results of the referendum had even been announced. once that is basically saying that the referendum poses that violates the constitution and that it comes as a result of the invitation it was a moscow court throughout this entire crisis has been saying that the milk of military action would be taken place them in the very last resort and certainly that has been the case on the ground except in the week apart from of ukraine school appointed by the minister of course call this referendum the circus we've also heard from the uk saying that this referendum will not be recognized by great britain on all of this of course causes on saturday the united nations security council voted on a resolution against this referendum drops to me this back so we didn't go through a notch i got pulled out of steam from the boat and thirteen members of the security council
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supported the opposition to this referendum. and the united states is basically saying that the international community cannot stand by watching another country gets into a territory of another country a good example of a very short lived memory apparently of washington dc. the double standard surrounding referendums around the world but seven of the report of my colleagues would like to get back on to see how the us and them placed him on is the tiniest thing to make referendums and secessionist states. the referendum on self determination. i tried to speak their language to be reckoned as more nations around the world shaker dateline determine their own future must take place. like when costs of and takes it to copy itself and six at the end in two thousand and eight. this is what the birth of the nation looks like in
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fact to us. costa's independence two days before the un judge did was legal and in doing says set precedents. then announced early on in blogging i didn't see john. my friends and still haunt the country breakaway in two thousand and eleven to create the world's new west country succeed on the realization of this historic day is a testament to tyler's efforts of the people of south sudan in this search for peace the ussr the embassy and the cap to achieve at the very same day. just last day off because to the canteen and even at the oakland items that it didn't feel well may need to remain pretends he is david cameron. sewing the argentinian president of the race it specifically with the option of president. it's a simple little pays attention to this referendum something the right thing to do. and in britain as the three hundred is a union to land in september that. he
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can add to that on twenty two he became the prime minister says it's up to scott's to decide. thank you chad. yet through it all to south contamination calling me as referendum has been denounced as illegal by the team's second clip of the world's biggest economies. the us to send twenty jack's place to protect deploying them in peyton's in lithuania. it's also preparing sanctions along with the key to comes to self determination for territorial integrity. your guess is as good as anybody he said predicting which way it's a natural talents will sign it. the biggest thing is whether if it's a good tests when a bleak and arts london sydney historian and political analysts and the boys to my link that says washington is guilty of abandoning it same principles anytime it wants specification of us foreign policy is because we say so
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there's really no guiding principle to it the only guiding principle is that is the power of washington you had it as violent is sincere he had al qaeda in syria openly backed by the us government which is supposedly of war with al qaeda has been ever since two thousand one outing a score that simply because those rebels in syria al qaeda's network were serving the interests of washington and the given time. same thing in ukraine nazis great we can work with nazis is long does it accomplish is our purpose it doesn't matter who these people are will call them something else will get the media to spin it to something else will call of russian propaganda. again it doesn't matter who you are what you going as long as you're serving the interests of washington. what a puzzle that mean you live updates on the situation in crimea and were expecting official results often recommend high of the referendum anytime the press buttons as stationed in egypt made a sixty day bringing you the latest on me and the night by the rt tweed to feed and will softly developments across eastern
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ukraine and in kiev as well now this mad chase and the scent easily nineties coverage is and the people on the ground keeping track of the events that will be the new. i am. right from the sea the emerging picture the importers would. you can
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find. now white. artist the news. the stay with us here on our team's national back to our top story the people of crimea have cost the updates on the future stages of the region. as a crucial weapon with friend and when not expecting to get the results anytime now. as a about fifteen percent of the ballets have now become tense. now the exit polls show an overwhelming majority of ninety three percent in favor of crimea to unification. what do i shall cloud just seven percent one in the region to remain part of ukraine. like this not that bad that night she is sad since the fall and that i would be speaking to dr and maddie kept up writing is a senior foreign affairs adviser for the team is in front of the two largest political party. knitting
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content and upset that and the crimea referendum thank you very much for joining us got to be. but what do you doing differently. we only see a story to go head to the ball rolls and ice shows and the mets go the great heights between russia and to be at home. what a busy time people operate that the two as the ink ribbon bows that date back it was so sad for the study bandai and stopped by. but sad that it was a democrat the joints and then the story. but the people it's a very peaceful day people want it to massively
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and that no we know the reason which is quite incredible and i think and i hope but the western wall between the fair would it be fair because we have the message in that sort of agree with the kitchen that we rush out and we hope national stand as an upset but when the team stationed at an international level and getting everything go as any at any action or referendum would be. yes i said something to the show's best i can said if i as a soldier because a was set for the voting station everything was okay well organized with teaspoon of the weekend very friendly and that's everything. maybe you and that the era tuesdays. any action describe what you are right now it sounds like that not everybody having it the finals via words acting is gladly you are right and what's happening around you
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yes it's a fire. the top three. can the uk. this beat it's the sink for one night because i see that the free focus of the board. they should instead they decided to take in their heads that this is indeed the future and that. the reasons that it's hard to choose i'd say it is about choice and seabed said to something as critical. and i hope that the western wall we've seen fat because there's nothing to say has been told to just do it the board has chosen them as the votes in the message this seemed to be re tried to leave russia. what is sometimes said that the west has not come out and said that she did this a tizzy tell you what they use all
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the people you thought that turned out that if the setup that went from this site. so sorry can you read it. so the eu and mary had to say that this that's easy tell you what the eu has seen the people. your reaction to what they said what's that what's your reaction to that the right may reach in the city says it's impossible to say but these boats easier it is the link though. of course it is only going forward because we are talking about three or they remain the wee man. laroche has gone down the street and golf courses there is no legs to his seat at the star recruits to miss it because the attempt to out was that the wallets of russia and wisdom is to those local
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cable to the top choice. this was the best baby ever. it shows due to the sides and said so. it's good. this is the next. that's when it's forty two. as far to see the contents of every excuse the messy way. according to their own insights. thank you very much they add up to and make it to friday. simi of foreign advise that you have full that he got off the front suspension not just political hot tea at nine eleven and an upset about. at the time the adventure ends and anxiously looked. went to an international audience he can be hard to separate fact from fiction when he comes to crime me especially when the reports that and the sentiment remains mins on the peninsula. racking up eight helicopters and planes are in pain ukraine in russian forces had seized by me as airports the u s intelligence community and nato are urgently trying to
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figure out what the russians may do next. from ominous tank columns invading the province to brush and installing ukrainian faces up close the side of such reports have been appearing in the media ever since crimea maybe can bet this loyalties did not align with the interim government in kiev aig's the real cost of of a sound. the conflicting data for us. the media is reverberating with a notional from the set of russian invasion in korea this week the self proclaimed prime minister of ukraine bristol on a acclaim. one of the forces and his country had a brush and bullets. on the ground and russian tanks is unacceptable to the twenty first century. well that's what all of things like this one on cnn have been showing yes those are options so i couldn't check the location though because if they did it was too bad it's actually four hundred and fifty km east of the ukrainian border and part of russia's
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miscarried rails box was either crying over what is there to see if we could find any. fan. well it was an easy half its value but yes we admit we did fine on their minds are known as flying off to my consensus this report what a trip to crimea. i expect to find what i saw on western tv back home. it matches the russian war machine in beating ukraine and the toll to protest their western politicians claiming an invention was taking place right in front of her eyes. i confess i did see one a russian tank with my own eyes but this war machine has been years since the nineteen forties and didn't move ever since. ok so not a full time spot on the second stop of russian troops who are these people are they evil russian soldiers have been flown into town to find the air or at the very least wait for an info fan. of course on the east wind to speak to
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them and find that we are. we are just people who feel it's their duty to protect her native city. the most soulful myself spent my whole life you to maintain order lookout for any provocations to make sure nobody attacked journalists and the rest of the people. so kudos to home i represent a self defense to accompany one of ten companies. every the twenty third since rob and i bade my commander and he updates the command of the crimean strongly and probably will we decided to do these difficult times. what do you think these are the russian military means. the crimean me myself off. is that you must know that they are safe and protected and not by the military by regular citizens like themselves i get to these guys up on like there's a whole function the stereotypes that. well yes cross as the black sea fleet is placing tiny under a deal to kiev. in fact it has been dead for centuries under
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the terms of the lease and last i could actually send thousands of war and the summit until either colson last only see a mini dollars a year. i repeat this to progress quickly. you see what's going on in ukraine people being killed. if you come to sell itself only to find peace and stability with this why we need to show that this is this false impression of war is a former managing personnel stationed here. and of course it's being used to undermine the troops. i know what kind of media wars being waged now russia all cute like this territory. no it's nothing like that well we tried really hard to find those options i think i am already heavily armed russian soldiers spots on last week's failed. but what we do know for fact is that there's actually a strong support for becoming part of russia. i've
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seen exactly how many people feel that way. well that's all the popular vote is for real costs are about artsy we love you crave the ultra nationalist group of rights act and the media has threatened to bail out the gas pipeline running from russia to europe to the ukrainian taxi. he says that this will happen if russian troops and the ukraine. yet russia is running for president and the two pizza has become notorious for the buy one can relax acting throughout the contest in the country and its threats against the new ukrainians living in the in july. do you know what to write. what else went to bear arms and whatnot. he was and you will keep them to us and you will take them away. it seemed fitting that
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an instructional video on section eight a long line of the rights that may not be the biggest faction within the home opposition that it was at the forefront of the uprising. it's meant as a staunton toys government buildings and then tacked on honestly squads. they also consistently rejected the concessions offered by the end of this administration when it was trying to invade to come the next stop was and now the price i can become on getting one of the nice thing is going to pitch in ukranian british mp george galloway says the westminster recognize the dangers it poses. they have the means and give them that they easily to cut it out soul the west must be wondering at least if they have any sense. just what kind of a frankenstein monster of how they create. ukraine when they uncovered them from that a fifty dollars ahead of day the people who overthrew the elected government destroy the constitution set fire to the government to improve. policeman
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the possible move to a raw bar for link in the west and johnson is unless they had read the novel frankenstein right to the head. because if they had did know about the most of the doctor frankenstein creation. i quickly got out of control that's why it's called a monster. and this monstrous by the right sector is a very grave one for people you are the cause the theft artful the european union's gas supply is coming from russia. and if the pipelines the blown up then it will one have it. and then we'll be in very serious trouble and eight. while the threats to build the pipeline come on the heels of an attempt to sabotage the guests at the station in crimea on saturday dozens of people like dan to fight themselves as ukrainian border security forces tried to damage equipment at the station on the peninsula of crimea self defense units managed to prevent the attack. my anime
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and the ins and yes the region a civilian defense violent h stop the last column of the premium edition vehicles heading east with ryan o'neal is a fox tensions remain high in the region on the border. i said. activists say this not install a call the place. now the outset to say that it's going to fall into the bowl of warm with carrying soldiers. infantry combat vehicles on the other when traveling by mail the study types of no don't expect you to listen to. last night that on the smooth edges run on the phone police are about fifteen to twenty armored vehicles to stop them. c'mon told us there on the lead in the details. we realized they were heading towards the russian deal with it and we want peace not much of
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the animation. so we politely asked them to town. there were a couple of hours negotiations with the creed and laughed. there are also reports that the vote ukrainian american vehicles have money to make their way to the russian border. other locals in these regions are being told this is just papa knows the drill. but these reports of the millet you build up had taken place near the border of russia is only out into possible the concerns of provocation out with unpredictable consequences that has all his deeds can only add to the extremely tense situation we already have and use of this country. call it a new live updates on the situation in miami and expecting the official results often went there and done. any time don't go away coming up but it's tough when we were in. i am. i want to beat a dead horse but that is right he's opinion pieces but ukrainian milk out hits really close to my heart and affect people i
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know what i see obama gleefully talking to self elected new ukrainian prime minister just turns his head in a parade. he's throwing hypocrisy gasoline on my fire of contempt not only to delete phone call from the estonian defence mr claim that the key of opposition use diapers gets both sides but how the former ukrainian chief of security confirmed that the sniper fire into a building under the control of the protesters at that time also the lines currently in power in key of glorified germany and useful that cycling shoes and russians with a knife. so america's first black president and nobel peace prize winner was selected by waves of color optimistic lefty liberals is smiling and chatting with a leader who supported by white collar right winger groups that use the murder of their own members to oust a democratically elected government. here william nightmare is not my friends but this just might be. i mm
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you knew you knew you. i know the net while continues lynette said monday march seventeen and catherine comanche in socal. there's a class crimea have decided to break away from ukraine and joined rush out like shellfish chills have only counted half the ballots in the referendum but they save more than ninety five percent of people voted yes the leaders of ukraine's interim governments and several western nations have said they won't recognize them is on an hp let's use t


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