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the screen. it's part of the country the hat. new new new new . the eye. i have all this. why didn't i do that. it seems. it's the start box. the spot. it's
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on. the book. it's onto my windshield. the crimean tv station reports that ninety six point six percent of ideas in crimea by joining russia. preliminary results in regions referendum on separation from ukraine show that one hundred million registered but it is cost balance the two options of thing quit to join russia for me writing in ukraine with great aunt only the referendum was held at me and drawn condemnation from the west and the acting ukrainian government meanwhile asian stocks hovered around one month lows on monday as western countries issued fresh warnings of more sanctions on moscow. japan's nikkei led losses with the fall of seven tenths of a cent. now let's update you all know said for the missing malaysia airlines jetliner on. malaysian officials say the sofa fight in the three seventy has been narrowed to two cartilage and has hinted in the face malaysia has asked the soft light asa assistance from
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china the united states and france it aside for me seemed the lead seven seven seven the acting transportation in a scrap piece of wood into saying no to that the plane wasn't carrying any dangerous goods and the possibility of the linked with terrorism because of that was very much also because the place apparently deviate too far off colds and also flea flicker of a bust expanse of ocean it's unlikely that the aircraft intended to target in the ccs this and said that all of the tata sons saw suggests that the place communication systems one question before lost contact with the control tower. the minister also said that was a possibility that the plane may have already landed by the time the last supper my contact was made to authorities generally leave the plane crashed into the ocean with a couple out the possibility he may be on land somewhere. china is losing its grip. only then will the league and that the dnc said saturday it would double the andes trading banks to two percent effective today as i said
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again and pointed at six point one three two one on monday slightly firmer on friday sixth spot and open at six point one five the dollar monday. that's what two nine percent lower than the official midpoint light back in twenty twelve with the v a c doubled are in the spring back to one percent. the entry to weaken against the dollar for a period of time. that title and it was the biggest policy announcement after the two sessions. let's hear what was the site. just a second time that china's central bank is quite the door in peace treaty banning two years that the boc said each was to double the band to two percent of teens to use them organization of dior and the exchange rate reducing government intervention experts say the new policy is generally good for the economy means within the us that is actually good security program. if we let the rmt become more flexible and hottest companies to better cope with the interest
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on its way to preview the painting. what investors are most concerned about whether the group that i appreciate the results the central bank says the new policy has no direct relationship with your in the future. sometimes the congress. we don't lead to the gumbo limbo the vr makes a great us dollars is currently around at the parade. she can experts say that judging by the current situation the r and d doesn't show any sign of huge appreciation the same time because china is actively controlling his financial risks and the lord for deserve your duty is not likely to break the tp she'd either. this indicates that to wait for tuitions could become the norm of the future all saudis are trying to change the perception that the un was a certain one way bet. to see cctv. big weekend in china and china on sunday on the open when i say some classic the twenty fourteen to twenty twenty people in
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critical but an actual new type of a dissection class has a system known as the smith to cds in an orderly not out of my targets have come to bed then does this make up sixty percent of the population by two thousand and twenty. also at that time greatest of business to hold the pose i should account for about forty five cents the government hopes that raising the number of religious lives of innocents will boost consumption and the services sector to fund the advertising to drive the stake council will allow local governments to issue municipal bonds. concentrate the us international trade commission has approved anti dumping and countervailing investigations on common in certain alloy steel wire rods from china. it's a battle but to guess that the us industry wasn't really into it. i think what's on these products. the department of commerce will continue the investigations with a preliminary continental gt determination expected next month and the anti dumping duty to the nation in july it looks in these parts from china was estimated at three hundred and ten million us
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dollars loss tea. ratings agency moody's expects china's anti growth to slow to the seven and seven ha percent range in twenty fourteen to twenty fifty ladies want that rising debts at the local government and the corporate level may drag on but he says in a report that investment will be less crucial to china's sustainable but i will remain an important time of the report also says the possibility of the central government having to offer financial aid to local governments and they can strike some concrete witness. babies change has alex who caused it to stable added fun. china's government opponents who at eighty three but the lessee can access us in a variety of ways. what stories online as well as cash flow and says it is a act or wish to see auntie elsie and ctv news is also on the site facebook and playful now listen to lily for today's asian markets update so i wasn't santa makes each of the people hit my kids to an update on china's consumer rights day. cctv i knew what
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consumer might state got out this weekend focused on consumer products sony china that have quality issues. now on frustrating day after standing for companies suspended trading on monday because of quantity questions less festive table of ten to go hop report says that if we installed mobile phone application provided by tall height that is a shame to miss to become the next uses private debt at the end once the apples install it. it is difficult to fit in. iss however the company has not let the software and has not let it uses person was that both the hyannis haven't got time to come at a state owned company applied for trading suspension on monday due to media reports and possibly facts on the stock price is one thing situation applies to all calm understated colt was subsidiary reported layout so we fished a little oil as baby food and not as messy as any the statement added so it's taking subsidiary in two thousand twelve to the management and back home but no longer
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produces an unfashionable on oil products in the time change and a high multiple belt that is a brand and as a done deal it is reportedly for saving his car's fuel economy data. just in order to meet baby to a standard so far we haven't got any official statement out of time although some may say either applications the treaty would not resume before he finished dark. they haven't the patience. i miss checking out how these are moving stock markets across the region especially in a tiny thing that was the mom probably to at least in the shares are kicking up a new week in the mixed picture now investors have quite a number of headlines to chew over and putting the progress the outcry new situation a new looking placing ipo was provided the financing a way to and sure enough one team in the latest leading back to two percent over the weekend on china's mainland investors choose to listen to the central government's new urban migration plan which generated broad based rally the shanghai composite caused a community one percent at two thousand and
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twenty three points construction related stocks led the way today. tony sim and stored by the day has been immense. the shares was the one time when i was caught up in the upright another wave of fact as a concept pace and then electric car maker the life john six and a half percent financials came at the back for today says that it was a top militant died and six point seven percent and setting came after the central bank put a stop to actual credit cards are not online credit cards citibank was playing during this move with thomas ten cents and i'm about to fall more on today's trading at just as frustrated over to shanghai to speak with the media the height of happy monday. monday night investors could help the weak in the rest of the mullet so what if they focus on the beach. well a second line center block to think what the news coming out over the weekend and also today and now in this scene stealer on just to focus on the bright side such as china's urbanization land
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that was to make apple is what today's rally is to concede property and infrastructure to how this post assembly lines to rally one could applicants to the present temple in state possibly come up with. we present an adequate call extreme and six two point six percent in the kennedy space center pac also a good job of the bible with two percent now basically thanks to local media sweet voice saying that ali baba has invested in the cells. this is a sinopec the league. this would be awful opt to keep a list of reforms of state companies so when all hopes up but the reforms in the us in the game the captain of ten to ten as they can see are selected by nearly one percent and this is also kept on a night on sonic for the development bank. now on this company suspended trading today after news outlets wedding around that the company is likely to acquire some great shots of the markets will be watching out for more consolidation in the financial industry here the last but not least to us
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whitening trading band has dimension is definitely a bit of a banned list for the markets and that has also allows more speculations and watched the pbs his next move will be sexist but it will ease the interest rates. they also love dvr you are talking about the deal at st augustine be the housing market's me after the news about this man and wife in the trading band of the currency or what if i say about the black album the only thing that was actually pretty much new to today nanny was trading at around six point one seven in case the dollar in the afternoon session. that's below the six foot one three midpoint set by the central bank. but there's no way to me of the newly extended to present luo bounds up the scum trading range for today. so obviously the best whitening trading band. he's definitely on us don't indication that doubtful list makers on moving to what will fix the glitzy in ten sixty three speech him. another
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message a stomping they will not get moving. only one way it like it did in the past couple years not expect what to with movements but having said that we spoke to a couple am a list and um they don't really see the vaccinations in a new term. al is at rbs that sample taught us that that it wouldn't be surprised if they do and continue to strengthen its wake. the problem of ubs also says she doesn't expect to be the depreciation in hand with what you really interesting. thank you very much the bidding for us live from shanghai. chinese e commerce time i leave out the group has decided to hole his long awaited ipo in the united states the decision ends months of speculation at the hong kong listing did not push through last year. right now i try to be a nyse in order to ask that could come and win something. what can i say i could raise up to fifteen in interest on the scene this ipo and that would be the highest profile pretty often seems facebook sixteen
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b and dominance in twenty twelve this is seen as the second wave of major chinese in and i killed when a boy and gina not combine the two other key in that for this one for us these things i bought a set on its website might consider any future h macy. so at times investors can share in its growth. well santa many hong kong was dampened by a rising tensions in ukraine held the losses would have to buy a rebound in shanghai market the ship's bell today that by ten cents ahead of its annual results due on wednesday this number was also partly due to audit of the sideshow decision bhp gets also played a lot would say. the index closed today down by zero point three percent actually one thousand four hundred and seventy three points on the site casino stocks collect it from heavy spending in recent sessions i miss a beat in eggs could remain on the week speaking new feature at this time of both the answers and uncertainty into politics to linger for long. and now suing the dot and joins us live from hong kong with all
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of the cia tells me that taken away. the other nail biter of the session shares in hong kong extent of losses tracking weakness in global markets. not to mention investors continued to be worried about china's economy and that diplomatic tensions in the ukraine. the last recap thanks to a rebound on the mainland but now looking at some of the movers property stocks and financial track the index lower. all the big four banks finished at the end of red and ensure the non fell over one percent as you mentioned stacked accepted early to ten cents was among the worst performers on the hank saying at a chinese tech giant will be reporting its earnings on wednesday the macau casino stocks gained in this down market galaxy entertainment lead the pack and was the best performer on the hang seng today the entertainment will also include will also be releasing its numbers on wednesday so investors will definitely be keeping an eye out for that lady gaga is to
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keep an eye out for us every night and all seven of the tissue of tiny sportswear maker is reported earnings now what i'm saying about the outlook for the entire sector why yes say the chinese courts where makers are actually starting to show signs of recovery remember tiny sportswear makers over expanded and at least eight years since they thought that the beijing olympic games in two thousand eight with fuel demand but it fell far short of expectations. since then sportswear makers have been clearing stocks and closing stores even foreign companies like nike had a difficult time in china but it looks like this portrait sector may be back on track to sport recently posted a third straight quarter of order growth than february's quarterly treat their workers are also buoyant even smaller rivals like peaks portraits improved order figure so what did but will get a clear picture of the industry's health after the name of an ounce its earnings later in the week and that's the latest from hong kong back in the studio they think
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it might sometimes france flight from hong kong the heat of the actions of their now let's go to japan so after we keep ticking the positive territory the nikkei average traded the lead to call stayed on the swing when fighting us twenty five percent at fourteen thousand two hundred and seventy seven points at the yen continued to strengthen today any negative lead from the wa state on how to set the tone of today's trading. what is this person automakers were trading with the tuna lackluster mode and that is that by helping to cut the losses today was my kid had the wits of the bank secret life of the un about the us u s ipo announcement also can make an econ is down at the time and since the tv reported in a setting for the products we are to get what you tell some back and just a bit with all of the common seasonal peacock ain't elkins guilty of the fully packed snow and uconn assistant talk about the of broader market seventy seven she expanded friday steve fossett a soak. jitters over the ukraine location play out in today's market
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though lily uss are only one of the main factors behind the vet's although trading remained pretty choppy throughout the session the index opened lower that briefly visited positive territory in the morning session but it fell back into the negative the one market watcher addie and japanese brokerage said it's not just ukraine jitters. that's of pressuring the japanese stocks of this person says worries about the pretensions fears of a slowdown in the tying of the chinese economy doubts about adding on to these risks are all entangled in prompting investors foreign investors single risk upcoming you will probably take the wait and see stance until they see how us markets are going to react to the referendum in crimea and back to good use for japanese stocks for the rest of the week the one stock that provide support which mention was the fact they rose almost five percent to eighty seven week high on news that chinese east commerce time i leave the bus going to list its shares in the us at the faculty said thirty seven percent stake in
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ali baba living in the finest about me calm. at which the son of the big music today you get from these jets dropped after a cctv program reported on its defective products thus more on that pizza. brian really hard hit by a cctv is consumer show of that criticized the camera maker for having sold defective products in china and denying local consumers fair treatment in after sales service of cctv reported that he caused the six hundred cameras had black specks on the lands and accused of refusing requests to prescribe replace the products and ecan had sales of more than one billion dollars in china in twenty thirteen in the country is an important market for new cars is one of the company's side that accompanied the tenor lead stock index the khan said on sunday that it was seeking the report very seriously and stressed that it's going to improve its after sales network in china but investors are worried that such being the airport could have a long lasting impact
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and as he saw its shares underperformed the market and pay a five week low. xd thank you in the conference from tokyo. the fire breath to see concrete collected some of the major indices from across regions. tests. the most
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watched out the coming weeks not to mention the usf and cnbc wednesday. thanks so much for that. now you can catch us on twitter facebook all played the full stories with tracking the only kid who didn't wish to see into the dossier. the clips and full sense of rush as the lead back. fan. in. the sells. says the way. this ice
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lcct needs to re tell about me i was expanding in asia celebrity chefs of racing to open up their own restaurants as the appetites of fine dining was in the region bought in the face of the intensifying competition was open today to split second to take to please hazel time as how its people yes carl and ellie tory in a shop. the three michelin star chef shows off his new book retailing around two thousand
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us dollars. olivia's favorite classic french recipes meadow is no stranger to asia private investors helped him to open several restaurants including this one. modern be so called stay at this late date to share the love hotel. he knows people are courteous to go yet. surround yourself. and in my mission. i have big steps around me with almost eight hundred chips and well they work with us permanently fine dining is high on the priority list for ages well heeled crowd especially in singapore and hong kong asian diner spend more than six hundred and forty two billion dollars the full service restaurants in twenty twelve with and ws diners and european diners and it looks set to spend even more in the years ahead. but the fine dining scene is getting crowded. lobo show. ramsey out that in all big names in the restaurant business all
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flocking to it. to me on it now. this man is building up its presence in the middle here. british and thorough jamie oliver is acting to singapore restaurant of hongkong restaurant opening this summer. back home some of the star sets eateries are shutting down its declining revenues. but will this trend and your specially in the city like hong kong where rents are sky high competition is intense. i met with a lorry grainy tat she runs to restaurants in the city to find out what makes a recipe for restaurant's success. it's extremely competitive and restaurants common goal. all the time. amen rents are a huge debt. i'm in the winds have not been affected and um you know you have places in hong kong a fifteen million dollars a month that's up to twenty thousand dollars a month in rent. so you know you have to get bums on seats
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so the marketing has to be bribed to eat food has to be bright and management in particular have to know what they're doing. so if you don't have that combination of piano things in a restaurant. you're not going to do well doesn't matter with you. i would have lands perkins another month. labels aid has become the promised land for western celebrity facts but in this pricey an increasingly sophisticated region they will have to serve up a cut above others the key to see customers coming in the door. tiny students are making the last sprint towards the college entrance exams in june and we're alone are not preparing for a vc studied the country's largest of the sea study events that turn into after education exhibition to walk but it still is on sunday in beijing i put nationally has approved by china's ministry of culture the china international education exhibition score is the country's most influential education and
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tends to feature overseas study this year more than four hundred overseas learning institutions from twenty three countries. i'm looking for a share of the world's largest recruitment market. china continues to hold its position as the largest forest country that he was having a boy. and that this is kind of international education exhibition to art this means learning institutions are battling it out with each other offering new and tend to try to attract chinese talents. late comer to the market. france is gradually gaining popularity as recent statistics show that china has become the largest source of overseas students to france. it can even get that many adults don't the year twenty fourteen marks the fiftieth anniversary of the sino french diplomatic ties and chile who aren't obvious french minister of foreign affairs scheme
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container last month. all three new propositions that encourage more tiny students to pc higher education in france for example seems to have a master's degree in france can get aligned year residents can meet which allows them to stack of perfection. apart from francis propositions many of the forty institutions also offer one on one interviews with the students so they can get immediate feedback. in china is hard to get in top school and studied the majors he wants and that's one of the reasons why parents are turning to foreign institutions of the nfl especially seeing my daughter prefers the school over beijing film academy. so she gets her that what she wants to go with julio instead of the often withdrew to have the one on one interview with the school in one pm so we can get direct feedback. if things go smoothly. she can start studying in france to september. along with china's booming economy setting a board is becoming less of the law fury and more about
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reality. and is not just for high education in secondary education as well. what made that day. hope we can and you get on with the highest use in china can be really stressful and says we can afford to send our daughter to study abroad i want to keep for a good head start for the past four years china has in the country sending the largest number of students to the us. chinese state news accounts for almost a quarter of the international students there and that number is still growing. last year roughly twenty percent. and it's true that the is also the largest contingent and so are working with the ministry of education to help students be trusted by its universities to provide the opportunity for steam to electronically attached credentials to the admissions application. he is just the first lack of a twenty twenty in china and national education exhibition color you will open in six other
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cities including shanghai shenzhen and cons before wrapping up on march the idea sammy cctv. for this edition is a shock if you are more about me is a star is unceasing this is on facebook with adelaide block and is a zoo with a balcony at the end
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city. the inhuman. yours
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six. honey to my uti be keen on seeing the inside of them written by big concert began and it's you that this dynamic economy. i think silica based on a good destination. i'm your host or any less thinking that the flood study


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