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tv   RT News  PBS  March 17, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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check . the crimea formally asks to be reunited with russia after more than ninety per sample her show their support for breaking away from ukraine in a region wide referendum. the tiny boat and anti government rallies in eastern ukraine prompted harsh response from the interim prime minister who threatens the crackdown well father i activists say he should go nuclear. western nations refuse to accept the ride of crime means to self determination branding the referendum illegal. the i
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get watching crikey that national would mean or even to the outcry me and has officially declared its independence from ukraine ask to join russia after an overwhelming majority in the economist province voted for the unification and storage referendum. over ninety six person and on the population in crimea once the region to be part of russia again less than three percent favor stained with the ukraine has costco government is not recognized by the local authorities and the remaining one percent bounce were invalid the referendum saw an unprecedented turnout of more than eighty three percent and international observers reported she reported no significant violations during the voting. i just bought three years in crimea for us
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what it says a tesco and pasted from the experience of past a poll as you walk down the streets people away from the russian flag. many people actually have the flag draped over the bodies or so cars honking eight points and writing down with the flag onto the windows. the same ut is being experienced in some tropical and at the cities and regions across crime yet with the overwhelming majority of the text to be joined by cech. i was speaking to him and he summed up in the twenty six. we feel like we going home and at the woman telling me that people here have always been much of the miso and they'd be racing for this day to come. and it has also experienced by the international said this has given the positive critique of this paper they did they say that everything went according to plan that they were no reports of the capsule with the snow the ticket cuts and that if we think when sneezing banner our friend alma has been organized by professor now in the process organized according to all that most
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that they seek and moss the man reportedly been nice that's because middle twenties health official gdp independence from ukraine this is something that they say they would do plan to dismiss having dinner and a delegation from the crimean parliament is currently on the way to moscow. the main issue now is to adapt strenuous financial system to russian standards accordingly the use of both russian and ukrainian currencies and energy issue in terms of security in the republic. i can say that we have no problem with providing for enforcement agencies will probably call it a crime in parliament has issued a formal request to the box upon him into taken in the russian state duma is scheduled to hold the section on friday to discuss this the russian president that and it was one also needs to sign off on it except me a face to meet him in crimea where as another cousin's son to death. this is the base date of his life. across eastern ukraine many regions
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on happy where they keep authorities are taking inspiration from crimea. ask a major industrial hub people have been railing for a referendum for more than a week. demonstrators also demand the release of the so called people's governor protest leader who was arrested earlier this month on sunday crowd stormed the prosecutor general's office and entered the headquarters of a company belonging to the new billionaire governor appointed by the us the high cost mass protests have been taking place on daily basis despite a court order banning demonstrations thousand strong rally their demand of popular votes on the region's status as the government and the souls who broke into the office of the ultra nationalist like sector group blamed for the deaths of two people in a recent shooting also civilian defence volunteers in again yes we can say they have intercepted and stop the ukrainian army convoy of vehicles were heading east towards the border with russia as ryan o'neal reports
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the attentions of taking a sadist that said here the next following sunday's referendum. the reports of the notes that the activists stocks and achievements. all soldiers and equipment. you could do the two of the russian part of it activists from the self defense groups from the dough to about twenty trucks were carrying that soldiers as well as nurture equipment including a regular bed on the ministry vehicles. you used to produce or about fifteen to twenty armored vehicles. yes we stop them c'mon does told us there on the way to manage the trail we realize that they were heading towards the russian border. lightly toss and sent back. there were a couple of rounds of negotiations with the creed and laughed enabling against the locals for its railway lines with stockinette so encourages had to stop the transportation on the train ride to its equipment including tanks and other locals have been told
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that all of this equipment is up from gucci at training exercises with us though reports circulating. and that i haven't achieved it with the hobby frock made their way to the russian border there's also a growing suspicion amongst the locals there. there is no achievements in private. kiev is trying to provoke the population to drive and check on what is already a very tense situation in the region. so with these suspicions. along with planned demonstrations across the region will type up for the week. it's only adding to what is a very essence an intense situation there in the city plan. the first time in crimea an anti government protests in eastern ukraine has triggered a backlash from ultra nationalist in kyiv the leader of the reit sector was running for president. i suggest the blowing of gas pipelines linking the russian t u r and is just the latest in a string of threats against moscow coming from people who have significant story gets her good work is going off now reports with sentences line between moscow and kiev ukraine's weight when radicals of importing even more fuel on the fly russia
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is making money by supplying oil and gas to the west or pipeline. so we'll just call it. yes she's the leader of the ecclesial nationalist movement the rights act is along the main engines that will debut its violent scene he pointed a gun or the white adults to talk about it the cable subtitles the stories on you as a legitimate government by the way. that's despite all the farms. most of its bills debts and the fact that the uprising brought a wave of far right extremist pro atheist believes conversation also suggested someone from the new government was behind the snipers fired on both protesters and police in the capital the possible book to arrive are proving in west and ten cities unless they had read the novel
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frankenstein because if they had signaled that the most of the doctor frankenstein created. wiggle out of control and this monstrous threats by the reit sector is in the a grade one for people in europe because i'm nice to start all of the european union's gas supply is coming from russia. even before threatening to blow off the bike lane. yet i should already be in place on an international wanted list by moscow for making another menacing statement publicly called on kitchen to restore money to launch attacks on bush to refuse to recognize steve's new authorities. it is loosely new model also known as the russians in london took responsibility for various attacks in the forties and civilians including the two thousand and ten moscow metro in the two thousand eleven villages are looking for actual airport bombings. over seventy people were killed in
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these two attacks alone watch body will fuel from energy supplies and calling on attack will show was the nuts we still on the arsenal it will be a very different conversation. iran a deputy from the stubble deployed he said he would take if less than a year to build up a nuclear arsenal. we need to see responsibility from the levy will house now to know what's happening in ukraine to look at changes that went on. i too really a focus on the seriousness of the problem now with its ultra nationalists in power in ukraine. the changes that they pose to the beach to the region not to europe as a whole. it's hard to predict what sort of threats may come from a new way queen political elite in ukraine what's clear so far neither towards northern needs that any new facts on the foreign political support in the west you go to school fourteen
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moscow. so aside from ukrainian politicians may sound alarming but just how realistic is it. we've been putting together some facts of the country's nuclear capabilities and here's what we sow. ukraine's an idea comes from nuclear power. so certainly got to know how unfortunately for tea of all that snow is bought from russia and has no way of enriching uranium to weapons grade. on the other hand since i really wanted to take reactor waste to make a dirty bomb but dang this ukraine would not only be breaking its international commitments but its own constitution which forbids nuclear weapons as for delivery vehicles and nuclear payload can be placed in a simple artillery shell or rock and bots can all be done in three to six months the answer unfortunately is yes. hello ten bomb can be put to gather in that timeframe. ukraine's current prime minister has vowed to hunt down separatists and make them pay. rain will fly
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to lose responsible for instigating separatism. we will find them in the eu is to increase the war on trial the very ground will burn beneath the sea. there will be new place and where they will feel safe in the russian going on the beach. he's also planning to beef up the tiny army for starters the government can slash nearly seven hundred million dollars off the country's services budget in favor of the military meaning severe social cuts. the ascii it admits it needs and thirty five billion dollars to stave off bankruptcy and while the fifteen billion dollars promised by the eu. still what a long way off. but the guy seems their concerns western powers who are more focused on punishing mosque at all the popular vote in crimea thirty six ers as the details. well that said racing had the referendum insulting crime in last night and today comes
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the referendum how i made a few nights the kids at the eu have condemned the referendum is illegal and said that a wedding recognize the outcome is a european this is the gang's be meeting today to discuss the citations delhi police had full set of possible travel bans and asset freezes and that maybe the fracas now is getting to be when exactly how far the sanctions bogut and i think the song he'll be pitching for much for the sanctions the business take out the round table to discuss that's meant that many of these in european countries about eighteen ninety cents there any tv souls. i come in from the set at the city of london typical stereotype financial connections. the russian investment as it will in fact i think they will be bagging and lightening thief at the conference will take the exploration update very much well be at the forefront of deadlines i think when they decide exactly what these actions will be at pinnacles mindful of me just how far reaching and like
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the thank you for the day despite hawkish rhetoric from politicians european businesses are taking a more cautious approach warning that the eu itself has plenty to lose from sanctions russia is the european union's third largest trade partner. nearly half of the cars made in as the eu and russia as this eighteen percent of chemical production plus european consumers get one third of your natural gas supplies from gas from and then there's a huge profits from philly and sports to moscow bought. that's only half the story precious contribution to the global economy's ills and not to be underestimated. the adults for example twenty first and of the worlds team comes from russia. i'm an old that is in industries from aviation to jewelry. nearly half the world's palladium which makes your card reader is mined in russia as well. then there's russia's massive contribution in platinum diamonds and many other minerals. so any disruption in supply of those commodities is bound to reverberate across the global
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economy. former spokesman for india's prime minister explain why eu and us sanctions are unlikely to last. united states has followed a policy of strategic engagement session do they. he's among the religious among the ethnic society the twenty eighth may. and that they are up. last evening the keystone of videos including especially the investment of one of the show. second you it is both easier and oppression guess the west does not have the money so what is going to happen is that you can make it simpler to sanctions. get into negotiations with russia
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washington's threats against moscow outstripped those from the eu. the white house has of course rejected the crimean tobin said mosque and needs to pay the us insists the international community will never recognize the results of the referendum. some politicians notably senator john mccain has even call to arms supplies to ukraine they are demons behind all this is the alleged russian military pressure exerted on crimea by international affairs expert more samoa from mosque is the university believes that position just doesn't hold water. this of course is completely hypocritical double standard argument. palm the push rod that has been assembled literally. as the iran nie in kiev was under siege by armed ultra nationalist paramilitary and continues to be the one who guarded by them that was done under force of arms of elections in iraq afghanistan libya after us and western invasions that was done under force of arms of her move to governments this was completely peaceful and it is more than obvious to anyone observing it that the crimean people welcome
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the presence of self defense forces and other trips that were on hand in order to secure work of the crimea peace and stability there and then allow this vote take place so that this is a completely ridiculous argument. i am already is around the corner you're if you're a natural cooling a look out whether a link and see one of the wealthiest province is a breakaway. new name. the other eye. you tune into them on the news and knew we would use his will
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obama is today i saw control is not caused a huge number of civilian casualties there are the most part they've been very precise it's like this. this small body on the ground is a little girl and just next to her. it's a little boy of eight. we did some upper seconds. to which other countries. guess it's only one that i can confirm that we are the property. new name this is the only adventure for us. guess it. does the human eye. when we went straight to bugis to me. it's
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like isn't it. there's an accident and six. what's it all wonderful. it's the whole thing is about. watching a t international eastern province of an entity seeking to break away from italy and has a clear that a referendum however roeder has shown no signs of agreeing to suspension and let them take a look at why the region is so significant. downtown is the fifth most populous region in the country with five million people living there bought its main city which is venice is the number one tourist attraction with fourteen million visitors
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every year. it's also one of the richest provinces any elite accounting for campers and of the national gdp. i could reverse cup has more people shared belief that the hard knocks that right for independence. they say they don't want to have role as the bureaucratic entity drooling over them they believe it's simply unfair because their earnings are going over to rome in order to make up for the country's for italy's financial woes that's the attitude doesn't see from italy they're also looking to the eu opt to leave the eu and ali for nato as well it looks like nobody in europe seems to have any idea about the independence referendum happening in advance that the moment but it's not something that has to suddenly crept up as a matter of fact the movement and the idea off the referendum for independence has been floating around in the region for several decades at this point and has been actively in the works for the last several years. once the people in brussels and officials in europe who
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believe that this referendum is not legitimate and therefore they choose to disregard it as something unimportant there's hardly any news about it. mike of course the idea of a friend and in crying yet again. some believe that if this does indeed happen and that it does become independently stomach to a place in its own right. it'll actually change the face of europe as we see it right now in venice in about a skull eighteen the answer by friday but opinion polls suggest that secession is supported by most locals. the referendum itself carries no legal weight but campaigners say that a yes vote would lay the groundwork for the cannons and one of those behind a movement saying sharon will eventually have to agree the majority of people. local dentists at the school had a deep into tonight's he updated so be elected but it's a referendum to take immediate action i've seen already the threat
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of a declaration of independence. scholars working on now and it's almost done when presented at the end of the month also address book was to show them they are just waiting. you choose to rise by a colorful stopping taxes to be out of state to do it to local authorities in bed. some other news making headlines this hour. us special forces have been preparing a while for a raffle held port in we get the operation carried out in international waters off cyprus was authorized by president obama on the news requests the country's prime minister was sacked after the that they did a naval blockade of the hardest to drop last week oil terminal in iraq has been in the hands of the rebels since july twenty thirteen. soldiers in venezuela have stormed a central square in brackets to anti government demonstrators have turned it into tears were trying to use tear gas and water cannon on the crowds which responded with rocks and molotov cocktails. this follows president gore's earlier
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threat to use force to the euro areas occupied by demonstrators. a suicide car bomb attack has left four people dead in lebanon on one of the victims was in the year of the powerful shiite militant movement has belonged. fighters from as illness or front which supports the uprising in neighboring syria said the attack was revenge for hezbollah's support for the awesome government in syria on sunday this year an army backed by hezbollah captured a key rebel stronghold near the lebanese border saatchi has given the winter paralympics ascending opt to remember the fireworks and ran closing ceremony of the time of celebration for the russian team won a record eight emails. the difference was there for tea. this is the culmination of the festivities here and saatchi and last week and more festivities and spend the whole team has broken and very important record. it was
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a record set back in nineteen eighty four by austria on which took over seventeen at all smoking russia is taking home an eighty s thirty dollars and twenty eight silver and twenty two bronze it's also worth mentioning i bet as of today i had to rush to steer romantic to scoff has. i'm officially taking home six paralympic gold medals. he now holds the title for that everything has gone off very well here and saatchi on from the weather holding nice and rights to land the organizational and facilities but the surrounding all of the art competitions and the festivities. of course to take my word for it. let's listen to the athletes and spectators. it is this the eleven year reign. once the razor and racing with the meaning of these. team and be a lot of leaders agreed to be there because this is amazing too. so it's
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it's all small to you. so some emotion. it's a pretty good. the beach and security into the top thirty ah the sweet they are. on the net else this is also about a legacy that the paralympics are leaving here in russia and its that of wife beating adversity and ending up on top. plan to break a two hour documentary on america's controversial term program. i am i am. i want to be good to force a tie is right he's opinion pieces but ukrainian milk out hits really close to my heart and affect people i know what i see obama gleefully talking to self elected new ukrainian prime minister just turns his head in a parade. he's throwing hypocrisy gasoline on my fire of contempt not
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only the elite phone call from the estonian defence mr claim that the key of opposition use diapers kids both sides but how the former ukrainian chief of security confirm that the sniper fire came for a building under the control of the protesters at that time. also the lines currently in power and kim clark for germany and useful that cycling shoes and russians with a knife. so america's first black president and nobel peace prize winner was selected by waves of color optimistic lefty liberals is smiling and chatting with a leader who supported by white collar right winger groups that use the murder of their own members to oust a democratically elected government. here william nightmare is not my friends but this just might be. i am you can watch in a sea world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your phone is traveling to access program schedules on demand video. i don't mind saying
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his pee all over it a go. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. in him tombstone contact center in half. since. prospect that has been on my way home first two. two explosions at its that time. it is inevitable and two thousand and ten. a young afghan businessman distant afghanistan from the uk with a mission to create afghanistan's first ever rugby federation. i saw the pope american in the inerrancy and that physical activity in this the big game. i have really
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liked it and the me that the sun and a bit of physics is involved in this game. i say i thought that this the image it take. and for the physical game would be a part that makes fun of ghana some people off to the quiche of the situation they faced the challenge of stopping this in the complete with rugby haven't even been made oliver afghan athletes learn the look of the few sports that means is that i'd be down on the difference. there was that like five people and then then then peep bo than forty people and that in this talk about this one month down. he had and that in and. selected national team the majority of players from afghanistan is nice but the team state that even before death the duration was created to feel all that interested in what beach and watch games on tv. well take a moment to moment when
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the victim of the bin the minimal but not without some small naked. then i met them in a mosque led to the stomach bug. commit to an immortal to the fullest that i can make a name. the bucket of bolts almost in. and by no mojo miles of the woods. now afghanistan is correct the situation is firm established the arm or dictated by affect the clubs and two hundred and fifty to keep this in kabul afghanistan's national rugby team has competed in national and international cities where guest bed and straight at home loans also along with the muffins will do the monthly with the shovel tsonga. the shuttle was with the law but to bomb the village of stalls at the new spoken ill of the moment all was still up didn't love them so the wood tournament the pigeon was going to owe emails unless we allow financial officer though. they go by the zamora i suffer devotion does for the joe wilson best of it the dubai deal with what they do the village along
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the fence laden song to song without words. he was going in. so although he's now a new offshoot sport in afghanistan that the judge of the national teams to state the face of tough challenges like suitable grounds equipments anastasia the coach to train them but they face of all these problems that lead up to the state defender for defeat in afghanistan. loose all of us or who will implement a similar promise of summer boy as well the muslim reason isn't a good busy with intimate to me when will listen yet done but for most of the contest. let me know. in light of the social welfare of the installers along the fence. enjoy the little slip into a day using as much as the so called hidden that will have to say to us or i forget to check the bubble
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afghanistan you knew he wouldn't you. when will you the fan. the news promotion crying in front of me since that day. it's one of the stage in the display. when you come to us and fair poll on the end of the referendum in which an overwhelming to see that if a crime units between russia and break away from ukraine. winston palin's ingredients in kyiv denounce the medics say will not receive international recognition. nice to me is ten times less than he wasn't attacking origin because of the referendum. many say they are apprehensive about leaving ukraine and worry what the future may hold


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